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    . AG1 TWO.
"Bw j
but which can be paid sooner if desired
No Commissions
We place such loans through the LiitfCOLf
which during the past year has loan
ed over 556,000,000.00 to the farmers of
Iowa and Nebraska.
Ask us
Yi"V. T!n
13. Fornofi"
and ton. I'roil Ir
Ce'.lar (..'reek, wtre
ruanty vhilors ot
r". from mar
ing 1 lif C'a-s
t! e
t it v
ia:r today, -inns: to
t!i-j e::rlv B".r
ii'.irt'Jii tr,
..'irs. Edward Fitzgerald and un,
Frauivy -.e: hew. WLIIiari
S t i-r. will arrive tomorrow
? : r :i i :j i,-.'v: .ri vr. n.trt . Nebraska,
: ::r v.!:cri' th-?y have toon spclt--
1 I' :
: the suuiiucr on tiio Fitzgerald
a h.
."rs. l'a;:l J. jv- linu of S..:i I
co. i.-. ir. ti:o city Or a short
:!o- ii)l.U- of .Miss .It :o
v i i i
II :1-
ert-i:i. 7-1 r -. 1) i , t ;ir
ut3 to
V.'a.-iiiivfi-n. I). C. where she v
... cu;-,. P pert p'.-rr.tittiTr
her husband w!:r. is in serv
with t!io a.rrr.y in Fran?'
W. H. r-.;!.s a::d dungiitcr aivi
p.. :;. I by Louis a::d Fred i'.j-.i:1.
j yi-isr
j- i .t iri-i
a v.
d pa rt ed
:i tri.:
'. Ti' (a
d w. 1;rnska, vii are en
v -.-it at tiie I'u.? lieu'-.
tint ::f terncoa from
.Mr. I t; n :vl daughter
i a th? r.l'tprr.o'-.n r,".rl:i tr
I" -r Omahr! v here they
l?d on .-rme l i:cinc.--3 mat-
VI I 'II Vl.tV'S l:iil;.-.
-Mis.-- CIsie Mo-.-.
k a. where
'ate norma
s-he ;
to ' J
ti.iy tor Fern. .Ne.;r
. pect s t o em er t h
:-:tvrd ih? term f the school. t
iieors-? Ppa-ith ami (Jeore Mc-JieyncM-.
t wo ;i the. residents of
ar Kjok H':;:!."':-. v,r in th.e eity
!'!.!- frr a ft w hour;- I'okii.g al ter
.-eThe trr.d;t:x -"vith t': merchants.
V'ic;i.--t Krjilket.eivr in the
f ;y y.-s'trdy f ir a few ho;ir; from
his e near Mnrray having ae-
- )t7:par if d Mr.--. FTieelk'Meier tin'
l.!" ca i;rr j ii:rn'.v to t : ! 1 n . wher.
r I t- spent t he day.
Aria in ..;e?nniT
ot t :
e ie-;u-Cre;::
ie.i on
r Oma
me rc-
P- i:
t he
farmers oi' rise (
hi orl:cod. lii'uvc in
f ; cav I; i - hem - and
t h i -
arly lPir!i;:gio:i train ;'
u look ruter semiring r
p 1 1 r-i fo
his la'-m niriehtiiery.
-ei.afer and wife oi
v. ho have been enjo
' :diisouri with their
y. t-rrived i! jH. (;-
n a
v ; . ' l
and fami
I i i -v
: i t
J. i'
er cf
leri,ii! :u;l
at the home
Fa!;r. ;;r
Mrs. FaPer.
eil remain for a
o; Mr. and Mr.
Schafer i-; t he si. '
Mro. Eldora Mc('art',v
and arc now teady for
is new locaced in the Piopat Garage building on ihe
corner of Seventh and Vine streets, where we will bs
pleasr-d to meet all our old patrons, as well as all new
onc3 who may have business in our line.
Repairing is Our SpcciaJty
Baitory Charging
EScctric Welding
??co Cars and m
New and Second Hand Cars
3 m mama
cz-SL".3r32 Ei22iE:B.i c: or a: s: ici.i.a:::'!.: :rj;:,.a; .a-cJLiBcrErjr- eizveh
., pi
about it
!'i'oii in tbo city for a short visit at
the home ot" her son. L. I,. McCarthy
and fainilv departed yesterday aft
ernoon for her ho:n at Alexander
Indiana. Mrs. McCarthy has been
spending the summer visiting a
Denver and other points in the west
.John Fi-Tht and vife departed this
lv ore. :n-r to
enjov a vi
- Omaha v.-he-re they vv'.l'
it with their daughter.
for the day.
Su II iron and family
Mrs. Fiht
rov. on the special
trai'1 over t'e
f'oii'.iitlnis. (thio.
.orn- weitern tcr
to ?ttend tlie en-
cav.-,pment of the Grand Army of the
nepul)lio. Fniiiemfu'r niofired t;p
vesterdav aftern-H)ti from h:s I'.orn?
near Xp!uv. l;a an. .1 .-(ceutnpanyintf
hi? mother. -Mr.-. Fred r.u elkeineier
had; heme to this city. Tdrs. Etigel
ke:r.r:er has been enjoying a visit
with her fo1: on the old hompstad
where the had ryit-nt so many happy
year? ard has ufeatly enjoyed the
r p;iort uiii'y of tb- old
From KtulfVs Ii.iilv.
.1. Ideisiner earn- in.
:if;er".oou fn.m his farm
.;n:idia:T a fev- hours lnokii"?:
--Ti'p matters f business.
Mrs. Isaac Ce.-';1 departed
t 'iip
cr. Plic win
;ne visiting and
en jo
i r.
(untain country.
Kobert I'rwin and sitter a:id I.
V.'alrp.'.t f.f loMi.;vil!. were in
i ' e city today f,r a fi w h'oir-- lo'.-n-i
alter h-isines-f. a :':': irs in
h" coitti'y toi.-rt.
I.' :ur. K::.haek!-'. wif
rfii '.-i-e !! vesterdav
anI cbild-i-.l
from their f in i : e m-a'
and Fpr'.-.t several honrs h-
-e visit-
with friend?
me trad Liig.
;.nd h.okir.r; al'te
M !
and Anna
:-t.ei-il ; i; ;i
visiting a.t
in t!
) Springs. a:;d
c interest returned
to their heme in this
most enjoyable time.
r point:
i'ftcr a
M:- KitMe Cummins teacher of
flam-. mn!e;i; theory, and historv. cha ,.e lor beginners. Fall
term br-gitiK Sept. S. Fhono 4'..
tin sptemler 2nd, Miss Olive
Ca s v.-ill bcriu the fail term her
hajcla s in mt'sie. Phone 292.
er; n a - :r :r n: a:a.'- s:.: :a ;'ts..:.3!.:,2. -;c :
your auto business!
- f
?g for sale
Plattsmouth Colony at Los Angeles
Joins in Celebrating the 76th
Birthday of Mrs. Boeck.
From Friday's Oallr.
The former residents of l'latts
mouth who, in recent yuars, have
cho:en the land of sunshine and
roses as their home. have always
kept alive the old friendships of
years long gone, back in Nebraska,
and 0:1 frequent occasions they gath
er together to spend a few hours in
renewing their friendships. Such an
event occurred in , Los Angeles on
August I'.lst when the old time
friends of Mrs. Henry Boeck arrang
ed and carried out a most pleasing
surprise on this estimable lady on
her Tolh birthday anniversary. The
st.rpri-e was planned by Mrs. Mor
gan Waybright and Mrs. F.en Elson,
who informed the other numbers of
the colony of the fact that their
friend was observing her birthday
anniversary and accordingly the
me::. hers of the party assembled at
the Loeck apartments at an early
afternoon hour and completely sur
prised the truest of honor.
The party had come provided for
the occasion ami a delicious lunch
eon was enjoyed and the afternoon
snout in visiting and enjoying the
memories of the old days in I'lat tu
rnout li when all were younger by
many years. The afternoon passed
far too quickly and it was late in
the day when the members of the
party departed for their home-; wish
ing Mr..;. IluecL many more
happy occasions.
These who comprised the party
were Mr. an Mr Morgan Way
bright. Mr. and .Mrs. I'.en Klsoii. Mr.
and Mrs. C. K. Wescott, Mr3. Moses
Dodrv and daughter. Mrs. Fryant
and dar.uhter Catherine. Samuel
Hinkle and wife a.i 1 ro:i Raymond.
Koy McKinuey and win, Mr. Logan
Frovn. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoecu
i daughter ami Mr. and Mrs. llen-
ry iie
Fioin Thursoav's Paily.
This morning
V.. McPride
NeVi a.
hospital in
departed for
Ke-, rnry.
where she will enter thv
th.-.t city t r.-r
tuberculosis from
ve treatment for
which she bus
peon a sufferer for sever! months
The condition of this est iinab!" hu'y
has been causing ber family much
anxietv ior tee pa-t lew menin.s ai o
at la-t it was decilod that it would
!'.o necessary to have her taken to
(be hospital in the hope ot" securing
pfrmanent relief. Mrs. Mcltride
d to
tiie l'.usnial 1 y
Mr. Tv
and he;
i.ier. .urs
I'. (J.
OTe and her t:itl:er.
Mrs C!ay
From lrlday".- Paily.
This af'eriioon at ti e court hoipe
Countv .liido Allen J. was
slbd noon to unite in the bonds
of wedlock Mr. William Stachetzkte
ot Murdo-V and Aitsw Margie Hum
tcl; ot watiasu. ilie jitcice peri rm
ra tne 'eremorv in ins usuai piea-;-
tig manner and following the wed
ding the voung lieonle motored back
to their home to receive the con
eratulntions and best, wishes of their
ieuds. 'Ihe croom has just re
turned from c.verseas where he spent
several months in the army.
From Pr.'day's Pally.
Today marked the opening of the
thirty-first, annual re-union of tlie
old settlers of Cass and Otoe conn
tics item at l n ion and unite a -num
ber from this vicinity were in at
teniiance. Tomorrow will be the
big day of Ihe re-union us it is also
me observance of homecoming lor
the returned soldiers and saikirs of
the world war. The management
of tiie reunion is expecting a record
breaking crowd at the grounds to
morrow afternoon and evening. The
Missouri Pacific. railroad has ar
ranged to have the fast evening
passenger train stop at Union at
7:1ft in order to accommodate those
desiring to return to riattsmout h or
.tfiTH of i( nitron vi io
of 'I hr i'ri!irr ,! ootx-riil It A
soeinll.Mi of l.rrcn vt oil, rlir.
i T' e ,.;,,ne of; t,;K , orpoi a ( ibn shall
'- ' '.'.,1'iie'v JUlou Cooperative As
social ion, of Cret-nwr.od, Nebr.
The pritiei,,i, idace of lians.K ling
the business ot this eorpor.'i I inn shall
'e at Cn. mvood. Ca: -iiritv, Nebr.
J ne business i l (he torporatlon shuil
f li.e b.n.,g and s.iliug for lls. ir or
on coniniissioii. ,u u-,.n i.... ,.r
liani'lii.g and shioiOi,-. 'r..,..
produce, coal, live Mock and larm von..
lies: to pin lase ,o!,, or lease lea I
"late or other leu... ill- f,... il ..r
the orpoi ntion in conduct Inir tM busl
ness; to direct, ow n. . ., i . . . i i,..
operatt; Kiuin elevators, uiiivlin
stotchousc ai,, o'her bn I hi 1 1. l- - .....I le
ne:i:ire proi.eiiv in i..,.,..i.,
ket'l n. e.-SMi ! -v j., cOlidl'lctlliB , l.n.l.
n.sti; to purcl.aso and to hold slock in
oilier corporations; ,,, ,,,, ,u, ,ll:lll(.r
to make, cvecutr. and deliver eonvev-
inci-b aua to seeure the name; und
do. perform and cai-rv on the aforesaid
business in the State of Nebraska.
Tlie anwMint of the cuj'itul sioek of
this oi . oral ion shall be $23,000.(10.
wliich 'h;'ll li- livii!fd inio L'.'iO shares
of $100.00 eaeli. $ 1 .;t,(ioo.00 shall be
fultv pain in at Hit- time of commtnee
ment of business.
This stock shall be non-assessable.
The highest amount of indebtedness to
which this corporal ion shall at any
time subject itself shalj not exceed
two-thirds of the paid up capital stuck.
The term of Hie existence of this
corporation shall commence on the ixth
lay of. June A. L). l!l!t. and the same
Nha.ll continue for a term of tilty .r.0
years from said dale, unless sooner dis
solved by a majority of the stockhold
ers er by operation of law.
The business of this corporation hall
be conducted by the following board
of M-vi n 7 directors until tlie first
annual mectin:;' as provided by its laws.
The seven (7) directors are .loon
ta!e. John . I oist i oug, ("has. Martin,
Harry V. l'.rcher, F. H. tioodfellow,
( . l'eters and John W. Wiedman.
The officers of the corporation are
O. F. l'eters. president: John Dale, vice
president; llarrx- V. luicker, secretary
and John V. Wiedman, treasurer.
In Tne County Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of.I'aul
ina l'mnmi;in', deceased.
To all persons interested in said es
tate, creditors and heirs at law:
Vou are hereby notified that Frank
It. Cobelniaii lias this "Jlst day of
August, lit lit, filed a petition in this
court alleginv that Paulina Cummings,
late a resident of Cass county, Nebras
ka, di.d intestate in said county on
or about the ... day of lV'S
leaving as In r sole- ami only heirs at
law husband, I. N. "unim i ngs. her
daughter. Minnie Mortenson. and
son. Waller Cummings. all of legal age.
That said d-'eeilent was the owner of
Lots ! Md 10 in i flock M in the City
of I 'lattsinoot h. Cass county, Nebraska
and that the petitioner is now the
owner of said rial estate and prays
for a determination of tjie time of the
death of said decedent, I'aiilina Cum
mings, and of her heirs at law and
octree of kinship, and of tlie ritrht of
i!"roii to the real property belonging
lo said deceased in the State of Ne
braska. Said matter has been set for
lowing on ti e ":!rd day of September,
l; lit, at l(t:U't o'clock a. m.. at the
t'ortntv ("ourt room in I'lattsmouth. in
said couiity, at which time and place
all peis.ins iritereslid in said estate
m.-iv aiM"ar and eoulest said petition.
Pated this Jlst day of August, ll'll'.
Ity the Court.
allkx ,t. r.i:i:sox,
;.-jr,-;;w. County Judge.
ItilKIt OF Ill. tltlMi
I'l-liiion for ptM.itUlilclil of
Slate of Nehraski., CasciMin-
in the County Court.
I -i the matter of the estate of Henry
Mi her l ary, deceased :
t'a leading atoi tiling the petition of
.!iee .lohusiei. praying that adminis
tiatiioi pf said estate may be granted
to .Mice Johnson, as Administratrix:
ordered. That September 1" A. P
l'.tl'J at ten o"t hick a. in., is assigned
:'!- hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in s:i!d matter may
appear at a Countv Court to bo held
in am! for sa d county, and show cans,
why li e prav. r of p titioto r sl-oubl
not be g:;:iild: ainl tl at notice of tl.t
; l iiiteiii v oi' said petition and the hear
ing thereof ie ejen to all persons in
terested i't said malter by publishing
a copy of this order In the I'lattsmouth
Journal, a :emi-weekly newspaper
printed in said county, for three suc
cessive weeks, prior i? said day of
rie.-i ring.
Paled August t.".
(S;:! als-.lw. Counl- Judge.
mith !: oi- m it tii o.i ii:t titi.i:
ft, tin- Pistri-t Court of the c'ountv
of Cass. Nebra -:-..t.
Veil!.- M. .Moon. Ilairti.T. vs. A:.i
,'ai. Harris et a I. pefendants.
To the defendants. Abiiah Harris:
-Mr.-'. Abijah Harris, tirst real b;i:ue un
kiinttn: the UTiktitwn heirs, devisees,
legatees', n l.'uirif.l reoresenta lives and
a!! other ;e:sons interested In the
r'ate of Abijah Harris, deceased; thit
uiiiviiown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal i epresi n ta t i ves and all ttlh-r
persons interested in the estate of
Mrs. Abijah Harris, tirst real name i:n-
knov.n: L."t len i I'M, in block fortv
liiv (l.'ii in the City of I'lattsmouth.
Cass county, Nebraska; all persons
claiming any Interest "f any kind in
s;;ld real estate or any part thereof,
.o.d the until own nv. ions and the un
known elaltlMril:. of I.ot lel (101 ill
Ide.ii fort-tie Mat in the Citv- of
! Ma 1 1 stiion t h. t'ass i-uunty, Nebraska:
ion and cat ii ot you are hereby no
tified that on the 1 1 1 1 1 day of Angus
A. P. 1 1 plaintiff libd her suit
Ihe Pistrtct eui I of Cass county, N
braska. lo ii;i. t plaintiff's title to lb
following described lot, to-wit. I.ot le
(lot in t:ioik forte-live M.'i. in tin
Citv of Ida 1 1 -uiou t ii. I'ass county, Ne
braska, because of her adverse pos
session, by leiself and ner granlors
for more than ten years prior to Hi
eon' niei:ctin.!it of said suit: and l
enjoin each i nd all of yon from hav
ing or claiming any right, title, lien o
interest, either legal or equitable, m
or to said land or anv part thereof; t
reouile von to set forth your right
title, claim, lien or interest therein, il
any, cither legal or couitable, and t
have the same adjudged inferior I
the title of plaintiff and for general
eouitable relief.
This notice is made pursuant to the
order ot the court.
You ere reuuired to answer said pe
t it ion on or before .Monday the tal
dav til October. 1 !l 1 M. or your default
ivill be duly entered therein.
tis-lw. Atty. for I'laintilT.
mitki; or Mir i'oi iioip i:
lii lh? Pistrict Court of the County
if Cass, Nebraska.
Tell HiMoa. I'laintilT. vs. .Martha J ti I
b n. I lelendant.
'In the Pefeiidant. .Marti. a Uilloti:
Vou are hereby uotilied that on the
7th day of May, 1!tl!t, pluintitt tln-u ins
Petition in Ihe Pistrict Coo rc ot uic
onntv of .NebrasKa, ine oojeci
and nriioT of which is to set aside llu
hi, mis of mafriiiion v existing between
ob.intiir and deferidant : that lie be
L'lvi-n an absolute divorce from o
feed;. nt and the care. custody and
eri I It'll 1 i o n o f I'anl union, a minor of
the age of sixteen veins, the issue ol
said marriage now- resitting with plain
tiff and for such other and further re
lief us may he lust and euuiuioie in
the premises.
Vou ate required to answei saiu pe
tition on or before Monday me nin
lav of October. 1919. or. your aeiauit
will be duly entered therein.
(Ma fn tiff.
1-lw Atty. for I'laintilT.
In the Pistrict Court of the County
of Cass, Nebraska.
oito H. Hcliurmaii, t;narieH v.. i ur-
mele mill Jumes W. Sage, riainuu.
liie I'liktiown Heirs, Devisees, iega-
ees, I'ersoiial Kepreseiita ii s ano un
other persons interested in ine esiaie
of tleorge . Fairfield, decetiseu. et ai,
To Ihe defendants, the unknown
o ils, devisees, legatees, person! iep-
esenliilives and all other pei sons n-
eiested In the estate of ueorge v.
Fairfield, tleceased; the unknown heirs.
I... iweeu leiratees. nersonai represen-
.,iv,,. und all other persons lmeresi-
' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' ' mi 1 . , . 1
- ' t a . . . I v.
i lo the estate if S.arali J. rairntiu,,
deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees, all
legateef. personal representatives n5
all other persons interested in the
estate -of Alfred II. Townsend, deceas
ed; tiie unknown heirs, devisees, lega
tees, personal 'representatives and ali
other persons interested in tlie estaMi
of Ann A. Townsend, deceased;- tho
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other
nersons interested in me estate oi
John S. 'lownsend. deceased; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons Interested in tjie estate of An
nie K. Townsend, deceased; the un
known heirs, devisees, iegutees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested in tlie estate of Anna
A. Townsend, deceased; John Camp
bell: Sarah J. Campbell; the unknow
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terestet: in the estate of John Camp
he'll, deceased: the unknown heirs, dev legatees, personal representative
and all other persons interested in tht
estate of Sarah J. Campbell, deceased
Win C. Moores: Mrs. tn. C. Moores
first real name unknown; tlie unknow
loirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
teresletl in the estate of Wm.
Monies, deceased: tiie unknown lieirs
devisees, legatees, pefsonal represen
latives and all other persons interest
etl in the estate of Mrs. Wm. C. Moores
first real name unknown, deceased
(Mellaril 11. Adams; Margaret Adams
the unknown heirs. deVisees, legatees
t,,-rs,oi:il reiiresen ta t i ves and all otht
rursnns interested in the estate of
Kichard H. Adams, tleceased; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other pel-
sons interested ill the estate or .Mai
iT-iret Adams, tleceased: Alexander II
Harnett: A. L. Harnett, first real nam
unknown, wife of Alexander il. .IJa
nett: the unknown heirs, devisees, leg
atees. nersonai representatives and all
other persons interested in the estat
of Alexander H. Harnett deceased; th
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal i eoresentatives ami all other
i.ersons interested in tlie estate of A
1.. Harnet. first real name unknowi
deceased: Eveline Swindell: s-win
dell, tirst real name unknown, husban
of Eveline Swindell; the unknow
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal re'
resentatives and all other persons in
crested in the estate of Eveline Swin
deli, doccasti:; the unknown heirs
devisees, legatees, personal represen
latives and all oilier persons inter
ested in the estate of Swindell
first rial name unknown, deceased
Hiram P. Adams: Catharine Adam
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees
oersenal rei.i t sentat :ves and all oth
er persons interested in the estate
Hiram p. Adams, deceased: the un
known lairs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all othe
nelsons interested in the estate of
Catharine Adams, deceased: Sara
Beeson; Oliver II. Iteesoa: the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal represent;.! ; ves and all otht
Tier-ens 'iitercstid in tlie e.-tate i
Sarah I'.lcsoii. deceased; the unknown
heir-, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons i
teresteil m the estate of Oliver H
Iteesyii. dectased: John Jackson; Nanc
Jackson: the unknown heirs, devisee
legatt es. personal representatives ate
all other persons inteiisted in th
e.tale of John Jackson, deceased; th
unknown heirs, devisees, b-gate, per
s r,.i! representatives and all other
persons initiested in the estate
Nam v Jackson. tleceased: Maritti
Sinn. son. intermarried with Hlias
"ibis nod liiiiwti as Mariett i.liUl
Elins CiViis: the unknown heirs., tievi-
:ee:- legatees, personal representatives
hp! all other persons interested in tiie
.-.t.itc of .M iritta Simpson, also know.i
a:- Mariett Oibbs. tleceastd; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal represent a I i ves ami all other
persons interested in the estate of
Elias (Jihhs. deceased; Puniel S. Har-
ni'st. also known as P. S. Harnest
Ann N. Itariicst: the unknown beir
de j-. es. legatees, personal representa
tives and all oilier persons interested
in the estate of Panicl S. Harnest. de-
e.ased: ti,e ur.Unown heirs, devisees-
li gate s. personal representatives and
til other pet s , ns interested in the
estate of Ann N. Harnest. deceased;
: ; I i ;; Jane Et Lend ire. aiso known
Elizabeth Jane I .t heridge:. Win. T
Et hei idg, : tlie unknown heir.;, devi
sees, legatees. personal representa
tives and ill other persons interested
in tin' 'state of Eliza Jane Etkeridge,
ai'-o known as Elizabeth Jane Ether-
itige, tieceased: tiie unknown heirs
devisees, legatees, personal represen
:atives and all other persons interest
ed in the t stale of Wm. T. Et'icridge,
deceastil: l-biniee Sage Fellows: Kusli
t). F.ilows: AdelU'lt P. Forbes; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
si nal representatives anl all other per
sons interested in the estate of Adel-
hcrt I . Forbes, i't ceaet : Oliver I". Ty
son: .Mrs. Oliver C. Tyson, first real
name ii'; known: the unknown heirs.
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives ainl all other persons interested
in the estate of Oliver I". Tyson, do-re.-ised:
the unknown lieirs. devisees,
legatees, personal representatives and
all other ft-rsons interested in the
estate tr Mrs. Oliver C. Tyson, tirst
reel name unknown, tleceased; St.
Ledger Heck; .Mary A. Heck; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested in the estate of St.
Ledger I'eck. deceased; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all either persons in
terested in the estate of Mary A. Beck,
deceased : Puniel Ale lively, also known
as Paniel Mcilveuy; Martha A. Mcllvoy
also known as Martha A. Mcllveiry;
I lie unknown heirs, devisees, -'legatees,
personal representatives and all other
persons interested in the e'stntc or"
Panic! Mcllvoy. also known as Pan
iel Mcllvorv, tleceased; the unknown
heirs, devisee's, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of Martha A. Me
llvov, also known as Maltha A. Mi ll
vorv. deceased: the unknown heirs
devisees, legatees, personal represen
tat I ves and all other persons interest
ed in the estate of Noah P.. Hobbs. de
ceased: the unknown heirs, devise'es
legatees, personal representatives aip
all other persons interested in the
state of Mrs. Noah 11. Hobbs. first
real name unknown, deceased; Mich
ael E. Hantiin. also known as M. E
Katinin; Mrs. Michael E. Pannin, first
real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of Michae-l E
I'annln. also known as M. E. Uannin,
deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees
legatees, personal represe'ntatl ves and
all other persons interested in the
estate. ef Mrs. Michael H. isaniiin, first
real name unknown, tleceased; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested in the estate ot Jonn
Fitzgerald, deceased: Mary Fitzgerald
witlow of John Fitzgerald, deceased
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees.
personal representatives and all other
persons interested In the estate ot
Mary Fitzgerald, tleceased; Edwurd J.
Fitzgerald: Mary Fit.gtuald, his wife;
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatet,
personal representatives and all other
persons Interested in the; estate of Ed
ward J. Fitzgerald, deceased: the un
known heirs, elevlse-es, legatees, per-i-unal
representatives and all other per
sons Interested In the estate or Mary
Fitzgerald, etccoased: John Fitzgerald;
Zmiie Fitzgerald, his wife; Hie un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives ami all other' per
sons Interested In the estate of Jonn
Fitzgerald. dece'used; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, nersonai rep
resentatives and all either" persons in
terested In the estate eif Zorae Fitz
gerald, deceased; William Paul Fitz
gerald; Sirs. William Paul Fitzgerald
first real name unknown; Mary Lil
lian Fitzgerald: the unknown heirs,;
devisees, legatees, personal represen-1
tatlves and all other persons Interest-:
ed in the estate of Mary Lillian Fitz- '
Kern Id. eleceased; the unknown heirs,
tlevlsees. legatee, personal represen
tatives and all other persons Interest--
ed In the estate of Shepherd Duke, de-.
ceased; the unknown heirs, devisees.
. ' v. i, .1 i.iiu liril o. VIV. , ,.3 .
r ., 1 niri:nnal rAiiracanlalh'Au o n.l
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estate of Leviria lmke, deceased; Mrs.
1011a I'ooper. widow; Lloyd I . Hin-
Sa ge,
Sa gi
ll. -i mi
uiiiower: Alice .Sage; William
Mrs. William .Sage. first real
unknown: Earl age: Mrs. Earl
first real name unknown: Charles
ills. Charles age, first real
unknown: Martha Sage, widow:
Albert Sage; Mrs. Albert Sage, first
real name unknown: Emma Siige l.ioe.
nee Emma Sage, real name other than
Emma Sage' unknown: John loe. first
real name unknown, husband of Emma
Sage Eeie: the unknown heirs, devj-
ees. legatee:
end all other
P rsonal r preseiitatives
persons interested in the
state of Harvev W. Sage, deceased; j
the unknown Heirs, devisees. leg.'ities.
personal representatives ami all other
persons interested in the e-state of Eu
gene 11. Sage, tleceased: John luke;
.Mrs. jonn mike, first real name un -
known; Charles Duke: Mrs. Charles
ciiKt, tirsi real name unknown; Law -
rence Horning: Emily A. Horning: the!
following described property, to-wit:
Commencing thirty CPM roils north
ot the soullnvest i-orner of Inei
soiithvvest tiuarttr of the soutl,easl
cjuarttr of Section l::. Township' 12,!
North Eange l:;. east of the t'.th 1. M..
in the County of Cass, Nebraska: thence I
north so rods: thence east !' rods: I Vou are hereby notified. That I . i I
thence south oil rods: them e west :i" j sit al the County Couit roi-iu in I'hnts
rods: them e south re'ds; thence t moil t ii in said county on September l':.
west tS lexis to the place of beginn ing. ! J !t I :t. and December ::n. lfllii. at 1H:'.H
ani known as lots :!S. a7 and T.X. in
Ihe northwest ouarter of the southeast
ouaiier oi sain r-ecuon J ... ami iois
i. ;. .ii. ine wesi ;, acres or lot '
lot -'9 and lot
."G, in the southwest
southeast tuarter of
, all in Township 1 .'.
east of the 6th 1. SI..
f Cass. Nebraska: and
,'i;arter of the
I Section l::
North ISange 13,
i n t he 1 mint y i
ill pe'rsons having or eJainiing any m
eiest f aii.v kind in and to said reai
estate tir any part thereof; and tiie
unknown eiwners and the unknown
claimants of e-eonmeneing ::i rods
north eif the southwest e-orner or (he
oinhwest tpiarter of the si'tithejist
piarter of Section E!, Town-hip IL'
North Eange 1::. east of the Hth I, it.
in the County of Cass. Nebraska: them
north S') rotls: thiMice east rod
thence south aO rods; thence west I
oils; thence south :!0 rods: thence
west t-S roils to the place of begin
ning, ami known as lots ,.s, .n anil .
in the northwest tpiarter ol the south
ast ouarter of said Section 1:1 and lots
24, 2a. -ti, the west tliree acres of lot
s, lot -'J and lot !. in the southwest
quarter or the southeast tiuartt-r ot
said Seetion 1:5, all in Township 12
North Kange KI. inst of the tith I'. SI.
in Ihe Fountv of Cass, Nebraska:
Veui ai'e hereby notified that on the
th day of August, 1919, plaintiffs til
ed their suit in the District Court of
the County ef Cass. Nebraska, to tpilet
la in tiffs' title to the above descri be'd
and. to-wit: Commencing thirty rods
orlh eif the southwest corner ef the
outhwtst tjuarter of the southeast
marter of Section 13, Township 1 '
North Kange 1.1. east of the th 1. SI.,
in the County of Cass. Nebraska: thence
north SO rods: thence east SO roels:
thence south .jO rods: thence west u2
rods: Iheiice' south rods: thence west
IS rods to the place of beginning, and
known as lots :!N, a7 and C8 in the
northwest tpiarter of the southeast
ouarter of said Se'ction 1;!. anil lots 2t,
jr. jr.. the west three acres of lot 2S, I
lot 29 and lot ati in the southwest
quarter of the southeast epiarter of
said Section 13. all in Township 12,
North Mange 13. east of the tith I'. SI.,
in the Cemnty of (.'ass. Nebraska, be
cause of their adverse possession by
themselves and their grantors for more
than ten years prior to ti:e commence-
, FGi!C
So? Fletcher's
!3.?j:iJ G3 tJ Ak:-t vit --
--- ",,iiiuie ci
nas ceea made iin-ier his -:tr
fA wi .ujivnuiuii tire-
' Allow no one tf) riereiv., t",. .
j o w elii.j.ii
Mother's Friend.
Signature of
, n Ml1
liient Dt said s
and all i' cii
ing any rigut.
i-ilht r ! gH ! or
uit and to enjoin e.ieli
1 1 "ii ii having or i la mi -t
i fie. . I ic a or interest,
equitable, in or to anv
land, or anv part thereof; lo reiiuire
you to set forth your riL;!,t, title,
clciini, !i''ii or interest tl.eiiin, if any,
either legal or i i 11 i t a 1,1 e, and to hai
tie same a liutlgeil iiit'erior to the title
"! t 'la ' ill i '.: . ami for general etiuitabie
'ibis notice is made pursuant to the
order of the court. You arc- reunited
to answer said edition on or before
Monthly, September .'J. lit 19, or your
default will be duiv entered therein.
iTTt H. Si'lU KMAN.
'h.i;li:s c. faumele.
w. a. t:t )i:i:i: i si n.
Alty. for l'laiiitiffs.
mu m i:
State of
' .
the f'ouiitv t'ourt.
the lllalter of the l-.'s 1 M t e of II. If.
A. Sharp, deceased,
tin' creditors of said estate:
a. in. on each dav to receive ami .v
. ,,ljih,. , a ims aga inst said .stale
. . ., vi,..v ... ti.,.j.. ;.,iil(s,.n,
view to their adjustment, ami
allowance. Tlie time limited tor tl'-
presentation of claims a-ains; said
estate is three months Iron the 291 h
day or Scot. 'iii!, er A. I . 1 1 1 9. and the
time limited for payment of tb l,s is
one ear from said 2'.'th day of Sep
tember. 1919.
Witness my hand and tie seal of
said County Court this 27th day of
August. 1919.
Countv .lunge.
My I'l.t I ; EN'CE WHITE,
t Sea! i Clerk.
The Stale of
Nebraska. Cass
i iiini-
ty. i:-.
In t In' Con ii I y
In the matter
'mi rt.
I, I the
-tal.- oi r : 1 1 1
Danihi't". deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
Vou are hereby uotilied. That I will
sit at the County Court room in I'iatts
niooth in said countv on llu- 11th dav
ot tictob.i-. 1 J 1 :. ami 1 1 ! i dav of De
cember. 191:t. at the hi. in- of ten ilei
o'clock a. m. eaeli of said d.ivs. lo ie
ceive and examine all claims i.gaiiist
said estate, with a view to their ad
justment and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presenta t ion of claim
against said estate Is three monies
from Hie 11th nay of September A. I '.
1919. ainl the time limited for p.ivioeiil
of debts is one vear
from said
lav of August, 19 19.
Witness my hand ami
said Countv Court, this
'.lit h
August, 1919.
tSeall sl--Iw. County Judge,
II lKI(i
1 1 : . i ; . ic rii
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