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Cass County Monument Co
We liavc Watcd in Plnttsmomh to make our borne. We
want t'i qet ncquaimcl with all Ca county jieople, and are
loiihiujT f.,r bn.-ines in our line
The Monumental Line
Monument Co.,
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy in ilic'h.ijran.
.Mrs. A. l!. Hall. Casey-lie. Mich.,
,Bays. "I wih to thank you for your
grand good :r:edi"ine. ' Chamberlain's
Ccuic Diarrhoea Kemedy. We
are never without it in the house,
and I am sun- it saved our baby's
lift- This summer."
Mrs. Mary Carrington. Caseville.
Mich., says. "I have ued Chamber
lain's Colic an'! Diarrhoea llemedy
for years ami it Las always civtn
1' relief."
Your Dollar's
Your dollar's opportunity is now, today!
Set it to work for you. Give it the task
of multiplying itself. In doing so it will
perform its part in the world affairs.
Everyman's money should be making use
of this opportunity. Farmers, for instance,
can not only feed the world; through
businesslike handling of their farms
and businesslike handling of their in-'
comes they can help to develop the world.
Thrift Is Patriotism
Saving is a form of serving. It is one of the biggest
forms of national service service to your country.
Our first president said. "Economy makes happy and sound nations."
The wa7 to start right is
to tart right now! Saving
is as much a habit as
spending or putting things
off. Or.ce formed, it is
easy to continue. But un
like other habita, it is a
good habit.
in, ii
The Baivk Of Css Couivty.
Flattsmouth, Nebraika
33-Year Loan
but which can be paid sooner if desired
E3o Commissions
We place such loans through the LINCOLN
NEBR., which during the past year hasloan
ed over S6, 000, 000.00 to the farmers of
Iowa and Nebraska.
Ask us about it
Bank of Cass Co.,
Sufi'erers from indgestion are apt
to become discouraged and feel that
complete recovery in not to be hop
ed for. No one could make a great
er mistake. Hundreds have been
permanently cured by taking Cham
berlain's Tablets and can now eat
anything: that they crave". These
tablets strengthen the stomach and
enable it to perform its functions
naturally. If you have not tried
them do so at once.
Robicribe for the wonmil
Courier t
Mrs. John Albert left Saturday for
a visit with her sister, Mrs. Charles
Ahl and family at their ranch homo
near Oconto.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stroy and
throe children, Clara, Herbert and
Evelyn, of near Murdock. left last
week in their ttuick for a trip to
Denver to spend a few weeks with
Rev. T. Hartman drove in
day to christen the little
months-old son of Mr. and
George Ilrammer. The little
was named Robert Carl, and
is a
fine and dandy youngster.
Edward Ossenkop has moved his
family back to Louisville from
Cherry county, near Leat. and will
reside on the old home place south
east of town. They were very well
satisfied with their surroundings in
Cherry county but naturally would
prefer the splendid advantages they
will enjoy on Mr. Ossenkop's farm
in this vicinity.
We are pleased to receive cards
this week from Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Worthiuan and Mrs. R. C. Yant from
Estes Park. Colorado, where they are
enjoying a delightful outing. Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Yant and family made
the trip to Colorado in their Buick
and Mrs. Worthman and two little
daughters went out to join the II. E.
Drown family near Scottshluff and
later took a cottage with the Yant
Mrs. George Frampton and her
daughter-in-law. Mrs. John Framp
ton and two children of Lawton.
Oklahoma, are here for a visit with
relatives and old friends. Mrs.
Frampton informs us that her son.
George, has purchased a bank at
Saxon, Oklahoma, and is doing well
in that business. George learned
the banking business in Lincoln and
showed a remarkable aptitude for
that lice and his many Cass county
friends will be pleased to learn that
he has started out for himself and
that he is prospering.
Mrs. Perry Colbert has been sick
for some time with appendicitis ana
an operation is thought to be neces
sary. L. W. Roettger and son, Leon and ;
wife of Peru spent several days the
first of the week visiting friends in
this city.
A. W. Neihart and Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Kilmer motored to Lincoln on
Wednesday afternoon. The two lat
ter remained for several days visit
with relatives and friends.
M. W. Waltz left on Thursday
morning for Ridgeville. Ind.. where
he will visit relatives. He will also
take in the old soldiers' reunion at
Columbus, Ohio. He will then re
turn to Ridgeville for a longer visit
and will also visit his son. Charley,
at Long Island City. N Y.. befora
On last Saturday Mrs. Bert Reber
of this place who has been suffering
with appendicitis for some time went
to Lincoln and at Everett hospital
underwent an operation. The opera
tion was successful and at the pres
ent time she is doing as well a:?
could be expected.
On Monday a deal was made
whereby J. D. Durbin sold his fine
residence property and ten lots to
Mr. Mateer. the purchase price be
ing . $4. 700. 00. The Durbin family
will live there however until March
first. Jim says he does not know yet
what he will do. The Durbin fam
ily have lived in Elm wood for 22
August Rosenow brought up town
on Wednesday a curiosity in the
shape of an ear of corn that has all
the patriotic colors the red. white
and blue were plainly visible. The
ear of corn was taken from his
mother's. Grandma Rosenow, garden
in the north end of town and prov
ed quite a curiosity to all who saw
Elmwood added three more victor
ies to her already long list. On Tues
day they played Eagle, winning- by
a score of 4 to 2. Picnic day they
rolled up a score of 6 to 4. On Sun
day with Louisville they won by a
score of 5 to 3. These were good
fast games rand Elmwood can well
feel proud of her team. They have
developed into a real team and can
play ball with any of them.
I have about 300 bushels of 1918
white ear corn left on my farm that
I would like to sell for feed corn.
Anyone wishing any. leave your
order with me at Farmers State
Bank, or call at J. C. Meisinger farm.
29-3td2rw . L. MEISINGER.
Miss Josephine Plttman went to
Union Sunday to visit her sister
whose husband had the misfortune
to get three ribs broken when in a
tip-over with a load of hay.
Dr. M. U. Thomas was operated
on last Saturday at a Lincoln hos
pital. The last reports," as near as
we learn, is that the doctor is 'get
ting along nicely.
The new engine for the electric
light plant arrived the first of the
week. A place for installing it along
side the other two engines is being
gotten in readiness and as soon as
the new generator arrives the new J
equipment will be gotten into use.
John Bourke went to Omaha Wed
nesday morning to attend the de
tails of getting their new home
ready as he expects to move his
family up next week. His daugh
ter. Miss Olyve, underwent a minor
operation at the St. Catherine's hos
pital Monday and is getting along
very nicely.
Joe Tuma. wife and baby; also
Miss Bessie Tuma, of Omaha are
spending the week at the home of
their sister Mrs. W. P. Sitzman. Mr.
Tuma works in the post office, while
his sister is in a telephone office, and
they are both having their vaca
tions. Mrs. Emil Shonbeck received a
message Saturday from her son
Louie Paulsen stating that he would
be home in a couple of weeks. Louie
is in the navy and is on a destroyer.
As the message came from New
York, it is presumed that he has
just returned from a trip across.
J. M. Teegarden and son William
were Lincoln passengers Wednesday
morning, going up to see about a
room for William who will at tent1
state university this year; and alsr
to accompany home Mrs. Teegarder
who had visited her daughter Mrs.
Edwin Steckley since Tuesday morn
ing. The Misses Tressie and Gladys
Ward returned last Wednesday from
a seven weeks' visit with their unci
Tom Williams at Carlsbad. X. M
Mr. Williams came up . here for e
few days and took the girls hack
with him. They made S00 miles of
the trip in a car on the way down
to New Mexico. The girls report a
fine trip and they liked the country
Mi3S Marie Philpot and her cousin
Lloyd Philpot came in.Xrom Venan
tro. Nebr.. where they have beer
i during the threshing season. They
I also found time to take a few days'
to Denver by auto, which more
than made up for the work at
threshing time. Miss Marie was as
sisting her sister. Miss- Lena, with
the cooking on Albert's ranch and
Lloyd was driving a tractor and
hauling wheat around Venango and
u .
i .1.
Mrs. Trimble went down to Fair
mont the first of the week to visii
her daughter, Mrs. Stewart, am
also to attend the big home-coming
celebration at that place.
The Cass county teachers' insti
tute is in session at Plattsmouti
this week. The only one preseu
from Eagle, so far as we have beei
able to learn is Miss Jeanette Adams
Ed Peterson returned Saturda
morning from Lexington, where In
has been for several weeks assisting
Jess Wall with his threshing. Hi
says Jess went on to Denver for l
little auto trip.
Mrs. John Peterson returned or
Live Poultry
A car load of live poultry, to be
delivered at poultry car near Bur
lington Freight Depot, .Plattsmouth,
Nebr., on Thursday, Sept. 4, one day
only, for which we will pay in cash,
as follows :
Hers, per lb. - '. 28c
Springs, per lb. 28c
Old Cox, per lb. 15c
Duck, per lb. -23c
Horse Hides, each $13.G0
Beef Hides,- per lb. 33c
We will be on hand rain or shine
and take care of all marketable
poultry offered for sale.
Yours truly,
Tuesday from a visit of a v.oek with
relatives at Harlan and Irwin, lowi.
Her nephew, Loren Blair, who has
been here with her during his vaca
tion, went home with her.
Mrs. (J. J. Reitter aii son from
jlendo. Wyo., who have been here
visiting. left last Saturday for
Rock Island, 111., to visit her broth
er, Percy McCallister. . Her mother,
Mrs. P. H. Dickson, of near Palmyra,
went to visit at the same place two
weeks ago.
Mrs. Lawrence Spoonf-r left Wed
nesday morning lor Jacksonville.
Florida, to see her mother, who is
seriously ill at that place. Mr.
Spooner's mother will remain here
and keep house during her absence.
Mrs. E. E. Champion and three
of Cando, North Dakota,
arrived in Eagle Saturday night for(
a visit with her parents. Mrs. Cham-j
pion is the eldest daughter of the :
Beacon family and this is her first I
visit home for two years. Her hus-j
band expects to come about the first'
of the month, and it is their present I
intention to proceed to California!
Frank Boedeker and wife return
?d this afternoon from a month's
racation in the west.
The heavy rain which fell here
Tuesday morning was greatly appre
ciated and will make plowing
ami ch easier.
Nick Klaurens returned last
veek from a trip to the western
?art of the state, where he has land
The Messrs. Ruffner and Reed, ac
companied by the Misses Hunt and
Carr. of Omaha, were guests at "the
borne of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kirk
oatrick last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Sturm and
laughter Gertrude, who have been
njoying an outii.s the past six
A-eeks at the principal lake resorts
if Iowa and Minnesota, returned
ionic Friday night.
Malcolm Pollard underwent, a sur
gical operation at his home two
niles southwest of Nehawka on last
Saturday. The operation was per
formed by Dr. Jonas of Omaha and
issistants and was successful. The
patient is getting along as well a:
t is to be hoped.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schwartz re
urned from a week's vis;t with
heir son. Otto and family today,
Aho live at Merna. Nebraska. Mr.
Schwartz brought back samples ol"
orn and Sudan grass grown by his- j
on there this season, which would j
ndicate that Otto has splendid j
:rops this year. This is his first
ear there, the family moving from
N'ehawka last March.
A very serious accident occurred
last Thursday when Ray Galloway
-as riding on a load of hay and the
rack upset. Instead of falling with
the hay he jumped to the other
ide and fell on a wheel hurting him
self inwardly. Dr. Barritt 'was call
id at once and for several days Mr.
jalloway lay in a doubtful condi
tion. He is better now, although
tie still suffers greatly from his in
juries. Efforts to get a nurse were
lseless until Saturday night when
me came down from Omaha. It is
noped by his many friends that ho
vill have a speedy recovery.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun-
'' "s" , .
In the County Court.
J it the matter of the Kstate of Har
riet A. Sharp, tlec-easeil.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified. I will
it at the County Court room in Platts
mouth in said county on September !'!.
1919. and Iieeember 30. 1919. at 10:00
a. in. on. each day to receive and ex
amine all claim afrainst sakl -state.
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time liniitnd for the
presentation of claims against said
estate is three, months from the 1:9th
lav of September A. r. 1919, and the
time limited for payment of debts is
ne year from said 29th (lay of Sep-temtei-,
Witness my band and the seal of
said Countv Court this L'Tth day of
August. 1919.
Countv .Indue.
Scall Clerk.
oTirr. to KKiiiTmis
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
tv. ss.
'in the Countv Court.
In the matter or the estate of Ellen
Daniheu, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
Yon re hereby notified. That I will
sit ft the County Court room in Platts
tioi1i n sad countv on the 11th day
fcf October, 1919, and 11th day of I e
oembT. 1919. ft the hour of ten 110)
Vcloek a. m. eacli of said days, to re
ceive and examine f" claims asraint
aid estate, with a view to their ad
,istrncnt and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presentation of claims
nsrainst said estate is three months
from the 11th dav of September A. I
1919. and the time limited for payment
of debts is one vear from said ::ntii
da" of August. 1919. -
Witness mv hand and the seal of
said Countv Court, this SOth day ot
Ausust. 1919.
(Seal) sl-4w. County Judge.
TEI.I-XiU A 111 V
We have taught these branches of busi
ness trsiiriinsr for 20 vears. Positions
for everv graduate. UapicU promotions.
Low tuition. Students work ror tneir
hoard while attenoiug. abk. tor tree
Catalog A.
Boyles College, Omaha, Nebr. jj
I will pay the highest market price for
Poultry, Eggs and Cream!
Remember that I buy every day in the week. Please
call me before selling your produce. I am ready to
buy at all times.
Tril.LT'MMNli H)S.
Plattsmouth Produce Co.
Sixth Strekt
Frcm Saturday's Daily.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Meisinger in Eight Mile Grove pre
cinct has been gladdened by the ar
rival there on Thursday evening of
a fine little son and heir. The moth
er and little one are doing njcely
and Henry is very proud of the ad
dition to the family. The friends
in this city will be pleased to learn
of the good fortune of Mr. and Mrs.
Meisinger an trust that the little
son may live fco be a joy and com
fort to the parents in their old age.
Just What She Needed.
"I used a bottle of Chamberlain's
Tablets seme time ago and they
proved to be just what I needed,"
writes Mrs. Volta Bankson. ChiMi
cothe. Mo. "They not only relieved
me of indigestion but toned up my
liver and rid me of backache and
dizziness that I had been subject to
for some time. They did m;: a world
of good and I will always s-peak a
good word for them."
There Are Parts of Nebraska
Look over these choice Cass county farms we are
offering for sale at prices that are attractive to the pur
chaser. Every one of these farms will be worth more
money before spring:
104 acres located at the edge of a Cass county town, 1i mil
from elevator. There are 1; acre;-: in pasture ar.d the balance is alt
good farm land. The improvements consist of a good eight room
house, big barn, corn crib, hog house and other small buildings.
Ycu have a market practically on the farm and situated as it is it
will make an ideal place to handle stock profitably with the least
work.' The price cf this farm is ?C00 per acre and the owner
will give good terms to purchaser.
JCO acres located miles southwest of .Louisville. The
land consists of 50 acres of . good pasture with running water fed
by spring, and 110 acres of choice farm land, all in a high state
of cultivation. Thd improvements consist of a good two-story Ft on?'
house, a baesment bam for JM head of horses, with granaries built
in above, double corn crib and other small buildings. The im
provements could not be built under $10,000.00. This is un all
around goo(L-farm and is bound to be worth more' in six months
than we are asking. Price $225.00 per acre. Will give good terms.
4S2 acres six miles west of riattsmouth. Nebraska. miles
from shipping point for both grain and live stock, and 10 miles
from the South Omaha market. This farm consists of 225 acres
farm land, of which CO acres is in alfalfa. We have already put up
19 big 10-ton stacks of alfalfa hay on this farm this yar, and the
third crop is now ready for cutting. The stand is perfect and free
of any weeds. The balance of the farm land has been teeded down
in the last few years and is in excellent shape. The improvements
consist of a good house, large cattle barn, 48x60, horse barn, hog
shed 120 feet long, cattle shed, good big granary, corn cribs, and
other buildings. All the land is well fenced and cross fenced, two
big hog pastures fenced hog tight. The pasture consi.sts o.' blue
grass and clover and is very fine. 0 acres of it in the bottom.
This is extra good pasture and not affected by dry weather. There
is a good spring in the pasture furnishing an abundance of good
water the year around. Where the improvements are there is a
goo' well and large underground supply, tank from which run
underground pipes to self waterers for all the live stock. Lots of
this pasture land, especially that close to the improvements, could
be farmed with very little work, and it is as good as any land you
can find anywhere." The price of this place is $75,000.00 and good
terms can be arranged with purchaser.
These farms are all for immediate sale, possession
to be given March 1st, 1920. It is time to do your fall
plowing so do not lose any time investigating these
good propositions. We will be glad to show you any
of these farms at any time. t
J. P. Falter
Phone 2S
J. M. Palmer of Nehawka was in
the city today for a few hours en
route home from Omaha where lie
has been with sev-jral cars of hogs
on the market. -
George M. Hild, the Perkins coun
ty land man. accompanied by Chris
Tschirren and Rex Young, returned
home this morning from a trip out
to Grant. Nebraska, and vicinity,
looking over the land.
The carji-lete Ceclri: Light and
Power Plant
j Pumps tbf water and srrind-. the
feed. An extra hand at chore
t hue.
Tel. D. 5093 Omaha, Neb.
1 f