The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 21, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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;r: tvto.
Films Developed FREE!
While most everything else has been going vip in
price, we 3re pleased to tell you that by our improved
methods in handling our Kodak finishing, we are now
able to develop your films FREE, providing that you or
der prints made from all good exposures.
The same HIGH CLASS work and PROMPT SER
VICE will be maintained, which has made us one of the
largest KODAK finishers in the country.
Send us your films and tell your friends about our
FREE developing. Thank you.
Olson Photograph Company, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
A. 0, U. W, HALL
New Order of Knights of Columbus
to Be Housed in Building; on
Chicago Avenue.
From Wodm-f da v'jt Pally.
The local council of the Kn'srhts
i.f 'olum!i;s. which was organize!
niy a ihort time a'-r has ;rwn to
such rirr.iherl'.ip as to make neces
sary the seetTins of a huiltliiii? that
couM saiic-factori'.y hoti-e the order
and accordingly the council is con
fiudins th nei.tinf ions which will
give them th.e ownership of the hall
rn t'l icaro avenue owned by the A.
0. r. W. lad.o of this city. Thl
ha!l N pr.rtictih'rly aiinpted to the
r.e of the enlor as it is provhie.l
w ;h a l ire n.hlv l-all and ante
rooms en he c:u.d floor while th;
lirst floor is eiuipjel for a banquet
ha!! and Pr ocial c;at l.erinr?. The
Ki-iclits of t'ci-.iiu'-u- which lias a
l:;r:; a"d rctive mvmber-l'.ip in tlie
c i' ir 1 1. -i city is constantly
rtiv.i!;:; ;::il no.v rank.; anions the
!.ir..-f fraierijal orders in the city.
The local ordor has b, en ni- etinsr in
the r. John's :-ch.ool buiidi.i but
tl.i; arrancement vas far from sat-i-f-.r'ory
and i:i order to have a i:;.:re
sni';.hif hi me it was decided to
Make tie tircha-e of th- A. O. I".
. biiil 1 i u -r wliiii is Well located
r'-id -a.-y .f s:rte-s fri in ail sections
i f the city. It i; eypc'ed that the
forreil transfer ri' flu- property will
h-- c id nrr ve-k s,pd tlie new ord
er :'..- the con'r il of flic build
inr a: id remove their lode proper
ty t i' -- tiH- lior.i.
Since Ms " .;i !.d.:t i :t the Knights
t f oltinibus has .crown info the
1. TeitcsT f'ltho'ic eru..r in the world
;-ud hi;- its pm iKbi-r.hip is limited
to those ef the Rcm-in Catholic
l.iifh. its work f-r ::ood not Ik en
ton fined t thi .--ct a'otie. During
tlte war with Germany the Knight
cf 'oI:iri;l,n-! jierformed a fcreat ser
vice ii; their wi rk with the Anieri
i.:n l".peditic!i:.r l'orcf s in France
."i"! Germany ard their representa
tives abroad were con-tantly op. tlie
x ill after tile welfare of
the fold' rs r-u" r'-: s of their re-li-:i'iiis
belief. The order operated
rcrent,,n halls at the more im
portant American centralization
e Poultry
J 7 K r
A car lead of live poultry, to be
delivered at poultry car near Bar-
IijTSton Freight Depot, Plattsmouth.
Ucbr., oa Thursday, Aug. 21, one day
only, for Wiiich we will pay in cash
as follows:
ilcr.s. per lb. 25c
Springs, per lb. 26c
E'jrk-. per lb. 20c
0'd Inciters, per lb. 13c
Beef Hides, per lb. 2ic
Hcne Hides, each $11.00
Remember the date, we will b$ on
hand rain cr shine and take al!
naiketable poultry offered for sale.
Jp-lnl Altralla to 1JIm- ml U'onci
Eyes Tested and Glasses Fitt.1
Night Calls Answered After Honrt
and Sundays by Appointment
1:30 a. m. to 12:00 1:30 p. m. to 6:3
711 "'Tw ' Plattsmouth, Neb
points where the men were able to
meet and have the full use of the
halls for writing letters home or in
enjoying: entertainment provided for
them by the Iv. cf C". and associated
war work societies. They were al
so very active in athletic work and
ftaped many vefy successful meets
in the army abroad. The society al
so saw to it that the soldiers were
provided with smokes and many
dainties which came to the men free
of cost a.; the officers in charge of
the K. or ( work abroad had set
the seal of disapproval on the sell
ing of articles to the soldiers where
the funds procuring then: had been
donated by the people of the United
"rom Wednesday's Pai!y.
Commencing' this morning the
fieit;ht car repair department of the
nurlingtou shops enters upon a
nine-hour schedule :"cr working u
intf to the large amount -f business.
The men will coiamfiice work at
7::;u a. m.. and quit at ".::.) inste id
of at S and o'clock as they have
been during the pa-1 few months.
The employes: cf the upholstery
department ot the shops 'have beeti
having considerable difficulty in the
last f.'-.v days in getting the ques
tion of the women workers s-rtlei
ynt i.-facf nrily and as a result of the
condition of t bint's a number of the
men mp'oyed there have laid of!"
from work until the qtuMion is
Sfttled. It seems that the v.o:un
employed as helpers are rect'vir.g
Wiies equal to that of the t-kiil- d
mechanic who have. spent several
years in 'earning their trade and
this is not at all satisfactory to th0
mechanics and ;,s a result a number
have laid off in protest to tli;- em
ployment f the women under the
present wage fcale.
Two new llu inobiies. $l.iO').'oi
One ufiv
$1085. oa.
Mode! 00 Overland
I'ancv stationery at this oTir
nifi- or i it r,u in;i;i i:
In the I ,:-t ri' t i ,,, t , t
of I 'as -. N.-hi a-i;a.
Tell ItiMoii. -!.iii,t.Mf. v.-. .Mailha J::!
h. ti. I fmlant.
To the I efeii-lunt. Maltha Iliiion
Von arc hereto- n. Mined tnat on lie
Tth day of 2 J :, v. 1 '. i !. 'ainuf' thd I is
petition jn t he 1'isiij.t lo-art of th--
'onnfv of 'ass. Nel ra.-k.i. the .,h,,.i
and praer ..f u hi. li is fo .-t a-i.".- t,,.
l.on.K of ttiatritiioii v cvisili',' hel v. i a
plair.tiif and defendant: that he lc
Ki:i an ;.l,-olut- .Mmo-... from .p..
f.-ridant and the care. n-tod and
daeatlon of l-aul l;i!lo,i. a Ininor of
t he ane of sil.-i veais, llie i-.s if
said marriaije t,, r.-s id ; n with plain-
Ill ami j.r sii. l, ..ti er im,.! fiitthi-r h-
.- . ,s ja.-t al, I ,e in
i ne premie ,-.
Yon me re-pMied to answer -aid p
" ' or i,i...e Monday the Mil
i . - ' I i !,, hil'i. or yo u- d- fault
uui i,L- inter. ,1 therein.
TKI.l, Itn.I.DN'.
I h' a i n t it:'.
Y. ,. l.-r::i:i:T.-. '..
'- Airy, fr i- I 'la in I i I,'.
on IVtiilon rr VpiM.iiitmrut of
I lo- Mat- of Nel.raska. fa
I . s s
In the 'o.M'V 'oi-f.
Coll 11-
In the tiia 1 1 r of t h
i-h's.-n ha deceneed
stat.- of lloi.i v
,. n-.i.lins finil (,n,lir the petition of
vln-e .loro-on. T,:;,vieK t..t s, ,i , j,, is.
Iiatee, ol s,,i, estate may he urani.-d
to Alice .lohrison. as Admi n isl i a t ri x '
l.h r, .1. Tict .-'.-plemher 1 ,. 1
ltl' at tea oh;.,. 1: ;. m.. is a ss j
lor oca. i,,- yi,i p.-titioa. when all
p't.-o'is i :t(i.-l.d in s-,,1.1 rn.itt. r may
rrppe.ip .11 ;. I'ountx foarl to I,,, held
in and for said county, and show cans
'Vhv II'.- t-ravep ,.(- ,,. titioner should
ii'd he manic. 1: :, r,, that notice of t he
.endeie or said petit ion arid tho lu-at-ia--
the,. - f ,. five li o all person in
terested In said la alter l,v luilili.-ddri
a copy ..f f Ii i 4 or. I -i- in tho I l a 1 1 s i iioi ; t n
.lonrnal. a seml-w e,-i, v ney. s.ii p or
printed in said co.inty. for three suc
cessive uteks. prior to .said day or
I'iited Aniist 1.",. ltd:,.
AI.I.KN .1. IM'KSiiV.
(.-.air iih-v,. Coiinlv .ludue.
i iM i: or m it ti ui in- '1111.1:
In l.he Idstilel Court of the County
of i.'ass. Neloaka.
Netlie M. llouic I'lainlilT. vs At, I.
jah Har ris et al. I x-ff-iid.-i n t s.
lo the del. -rid. nils. Al.ilah Harris-
Mrs. Ahijah H;irris. Jirst real n.-ime ot,-
Icnown: tli unknown heirw. device. s.
let-ateps, personal reiireseritali ve ami
till other perMons Interested In the
estate of Aldjali Harris, d.-eensed; th
li ri i no w li heirs. :.- i a es. . : t-e:;.
soinil reei ,f enta 1 1 v.' ami all oilier
er-o-s n 1 e; ...e.l (! , estate of
ir. .Mdj.ili Harris, first real name un
known: ten I'M. in (tloek for'v- li..l in liie t-lty of I 'I a t tsirioii t l.
s coiin'y. S'.-I.r.iskn: all nernori.s
l.-ilin!iitr any i.:ttre-r. of nrrv kind in
id real estate or any pirf tl-rcof
i'l tl'e unknown owners and the un
known claimants of Lot ten 10 in
l;!. k fnitv-Hvo K" in tie' Cite ot ,
l'lilt-i) u 1 1;. Cass Nel.ra.'ka , I
Yen ;.rid r.i;'!i nf yon ait- hereby n-ti.'b-.l
t i . : i r on tin- 11th dav of AiiKU.-il,!
A. I . t ! 1 9. pb.i:iti:Y ill-.-.! suit in p. rson- iin-. , sicl In X i - estate "i in the .'niity nl t a sr. -SeiirasKa. ne-
tiiv liistn.t ('unit of fas.-; fount v. Ni'-i Na in y Ja-;-ou. decensed: Mitriltu cause of tin i i- inlvi'i.-f possession by
l-rnska. l" !ii't 1-hiititiIVs: title lo 1 1 o ; , i i :ti'i ri i ' with IClius ti:i-risflvps ai.! their f-i -aiitorst for mure
following ticsi ri bed lot, tn-wit, Lot t ic i ; I, I 1 1 . 1 i.iiDwn a-- Marii:! fjibbs; than ten yiurs prior t the commence
ll.ii ie. Lio.-I; forty-five ;T.). in tli-:iias ;i!!s: the unknown heirs, devi- ( merit of said suit and to enjoin each
'Cilv of ! Ma 1 1 sinou t h, Cass county. No- ...... I.;:. I is. poist-nnl repi -soutati ves :snd all of on iiom having or claini-
l-t'ii'sUa. because of her adverse ms- J i i r a i ot 1 .: persons Interest d in the s; jv ritiht. title, lien or interest,
!mssioii. I.;- In is. if and la r ura n t oi s, . , s i t c ot M.nitta ' i n 1 "i , also known either l'.--;il in- c i n i t a ble. in or t any
for tsi.j.-.' t!:.':i ten year.-: prior to tie a. J!,n,i u tiiPbs. ii . -t ea s, .1 : the mi- lami, or any pari thereof; require"i:i-:ii-, iin r.i of said suit; and io known heirs. dcvN-'os. 1"jraoe, per- on to set forth your riuht. title.
enjoin e.oh and all of voa from ha - . s ona I rc o-. a t a 1 i v es and all other iiaiin. lien or -i.u-rest therein, if any,
; lnr or la iiui:n any r.-;lit. title, lien or , persons i r i T -i .--! d in the csiate of either le-al oi- cm: Ha hie, and to have
: mlcn st. either Ical or eq n i la hie. :i i:!,is iliM.s, ,ii , i;:::ed ; lianiel S. liar- nle same adjudged inferior to the title
I hi- to taiil land or anv part thereof: lo . u,-, :,lso K:i.-,N-n ns 1 . .S. llarnest; f)1- plaintift's and for general equitahie
li-'iuire 'n'l l' --'ct fortn your rilit.
title, claim, lien or int i si ineiein, ii
nty. either l;;al or eiinitatile. and to
have the .-ane a .! .i ud s.; ed inferior io
the title of pl-iintiM and for ,min'r;tl
ei I! i ta Me re! I !'.
This notice is made pursuant t" the
I order of t he court.
Vmi are to answer s.iei pe
tition on or Ik fere Moadav the t 1 1
!av of Hi-1'ili-r. r.ll'i. or voir default
will he d'.ilv therein.
NKTTIi: M. .VoOKi:.
Jd!N .M. l.i:VlA.
als-lw. Atty. for J 'la in t id".
itimcn )i' iiKAiuxc
ca frtitioi f-r p jmI til iin-111
(if Atli.iliilstritlor.
The Slat" of Nchraska, i 'ass 101
1 1 1 the fo only l "in:
1,1 the matter of tl:
estate of Wil-
1 i;i i i .Ml. iii. il'.ri-.iM'ii:
i n ii-; th.e petition of irtcr that ji.Pii in :.-t rat io of
said estat-- i:,av he raet.d to .losejh
Si.radr-r, as A . I in i ti i.-' r:i 1 or ;
IM deled. Tiiat ; t -la cr Mil A. 1 .
1 :i l :i. al ln 1" o'ehul; a in. is is-si.-:nd
for ), a: it. sa id pi-lMioii. when
all persons hi teres ted in said mailer
in. iv a;.pea." at a 'otuity t'oiirt to te
lieid in ami for snid umiil ". ami ! o .v
caiis-- wl.v ti.- prayer of petitioner
should iet i..- mauled:- and that iio
ti. e of I ! 1- lidoii. of sa.d petltien
ar,.l the l.t.-ri'i,' th.-iiof h. t;i.-ti i o
all ;., tso-is I. 1.1 I st'd Ml ...lid lllltter
I t-u ill is.ii: a op' "I tl is otd-M :i
tie 1 :att sei..;tii .limn...!, a em i - w ef 1. -v
i.i u spa; ir print ed in sai.5 couiit .,
for three sin i . -si e n ts prior lo
sa i .' da v f In nri;i-'.
I : ted this 7th day of August A." H.
1 :K'.
ai.i.k.v t. r.i:;:.-' n.
(Seaii all-::w. '.iu;.t Jndue.
niuiiit : ni-.:;i.
nail Notice r I'roliaJ- tr ill
I:, t t o. "..i..i : of h'.i.-s i .inii
t. Nh I riisUa.
t..t.- of N.-l. i aska. "..nuty of l'a-s.
si . '
: . : : on I T 1 1 ' f
..I !:';.-m I .ai-.i . f
i . a.Ui.- hi- ! : '
!. .1 in t he
,1. ce.l-cd :
II ef i:.
i !i - i I .1 :io '
I 'a T. ' I e , , j i a 1 'hat t
ti i .1 in this em: i t on t
A ii ;!! I. 1 ' i ''. and pi. : i -i
he '.ih dav d
, to he the
. 1 ' s i n
last will a :.d l - t.n:i
.!. i . ;.-.!. may
a .id T el OI dej
I... proved .Hid Ii liOVen,
- the hist 'AI.l and : . -
t: ii, .-at of K:'. 'i I 'a
that said i as ! l l: : i.-n : ' -,. a''nilt.-d to
;o...i'- . ;-.'.'l tin- a.'.iai'ii iiat.o'i of said
estate he -Rallied to 1 h II. 1 a l; ii;i-!', IU
i'Airl.1 1 ;
It i.s h. rch" oti'. ' -d you jiti i
aii i-ii.-.n.- :i. !- -tid ..i m..:t:r.
ii... and do a r at the 'oi.r.:y
t . , t ! I e i ' . 1 . ; and for -.11 on -I
v, oi: i; hi; 'i day if Au.t.t t A. iJ
't'l' . at '" i. '..(',; a. ' i . I sh.ny e.-n:-'
if ., .'. -,- title h, v. ' ; T ; . p!.l V. . ot f
i. :n : si o-.-ld i.. t he laa-iinl, ami
t ., ; ; .! I . l t t ; ' .,, y o ! ,.1 . -
lit...-! h .11 ! . lea : a t .- r. of
iavi i i:i p. i .-.oi- : i i i i
l:;:itti-!- : ; puh; - i ;i -i a ...... ui t. -; ii the Iha tt.-!iiu::t .. Jo:r:..l. a
. -n. i-wi h ! -. i.." ;i.-r tin. fed in .-...!
ei u t . 1 .. I- t - V. . . e W e .s-
l.-l" i" mi.l th.v of j..:lll.
W :t:;. --
I.' v
i I.
f t
a A.
covri. li. i.-
til o a y o : At,-: n
ai.:.i:n .i. !:i:k
'u:;t '
.1 1. !.; .
. '
in it i : n J.t:.
oi 1 1 of t v. j.u:
In J i
of I'.l-s. I !
-:t i 1 1, s -
tll.-'i ::.-l -I - - I -1
'. e I :.h'... . I
;. . -. P. i .-..'...!
,i tl. ' . .a r, . s
.. . s;i I hi :
! i. i: s. I : -
i : pre-
. 1 1 :. d i-i t !
i-'.. .: h Id, as
i'. l'ar
' i h -. x s .
. I.e.',-
and i ii
:. i L at.
.. 'a ii ov :i
lal iea-
f. :,.
; i -.
:'. !,!. itds. ti...
. . ! - a l e. s-. .. i -.
. : : 1 . . i I 1.I..1 r I i
tie .-hili of '
.:-'.: t h-.- tt a !. no-.
i . ic. i
t i . 1 : I I ... r p. r.. 1 i-
.. ui-;.. ' k .
now n i.t i i-.-,
i i : h-
. . ' . I . .i .;:a 1 1 . i I e.- c a-
:, ; 1 olf-cr l-ets.U'S ial.'I'.'Si
t .. e ;. te of s'.ii'.i i .1. i'nilhe.d.
tie ; h :. I : : II.-". ih-v,..ees,
... i : .--,1.1.1 ,-,i;t 'Ml.iliiis ri-p I
I ; . ! - s I I. ! . -1 . d I .1 I II'
of Aill.-I li 'll..M.-lil. il.eeas-
t ...
,ii...y. t: heir.-, il'-vis.-es. 1. u i-
1 . . I . i- or-.. I i . 'r, .-. n I a I i -, cs ji ud ' !
r e.
A r.n
.-...s i.iiei. e 1 in the ..-tate
i: Ii i
A. 'I 'iuiim ml. ii, i rasci!; t li
re. "a h ! s. ili-l i. Je.-lte. .-, pet -i.:i
re;.i" -ei.lativcs and all other
-o,,-; inter.-, t.-d i-i tie .-.state of
.11 S. T" v', o.! the liil-
,.:.o. -i 1 . ii d.-'.-JsOes. ieaiees, p. t -
Mit:;'! i' ; ; ni.iihi.v and all other per-
.-.'! . mt.-r. j te.j '1 ti e estate of A;l-
r,i- Ih T.oviis. nd. d. ij.-a.-. .l: the ii'i-
k l.oWII h :rs. i Vices. legate. S. pef-
so.-ial r.-pi i sen I ii 1 1 . es and all otio-r p"l-ri.ti--
i :i t r s i .-.I in tl." .-late of Anna
A. V' -WiM !-i', deeeised; John 1'
I i ii: s-ar.-h .1. '; at ; ! .1 1 1 ; tie- n r. 1. in.v.-n
i,.ii-. .-.. - c.-. h---i.e-. personul l.;i
rt -filial i s- ,n, d all nth r i.-l.-ons iii
hii'sh .1 ia I '. .st.ity of .John Catnu
helh ,i. ;;.;.., I; the liliktiowtl lleils. d-:V-is.-cs,
. I, ., personal representatives
and al! i."i son i r: t . rc-te.i In I e
. '.ili' of ."-.iraii .1. I'atnnhell, deeiased;
Win. C. M-ioi.s. Mrs. Win. C. .Moons,
iirst n nl nam.- i, u i; now n ; tho nnknov n
I eir.--. d.-visi Ii u-.itf-i's, i.i rsotiiil re;
i 1,1 ;iies iiid all other person.-; 1 .-t-ttf..i
in th. .slat.- of Win C.
Moor is. ,t ..'.1.M.1I; tie heirs!,
devisees, 1 v.ih-i s. personal represen
tatives end all otie-r persons interest
ed in the estate of Mis. Win. I". Moons.
lust n..l lo.nie 1.11k rio'vn, deceased;
Knhard 1 1. Adams; Maiarei Adatn.-:
tie- ii'iktiim :i he,rs, dev i.-c. s, legatees,
f.-r.-oiial represent 11 1 i vc.-s and all othel
pel. sons iiit.iesied in the estate of ii. Alain:--, defeased; the 11 1
kii'Hui .-in. .', leuat.-c.s-. por
.".:ial 1 '.l oseetat i es and all oili.-r l e' -sons
inl.-rested in lie- estate of Mar-
K.-irr-t Adams, ihieased; Alexander ;l
Ihiri.'tt: A. I.. ISiii iir-rt. iirst 1 e.i I iiani.
iirknowii, ui;- .vliyaiider H. liar
roll; li.c iiiiki'invii loiis, vis-.-. If?.;,
at.-cs. peisonal 1 epi ,-si n t a I i ves ;tt j. II
olhir persons interested in the estati
of Al.xiunli r II. ihiinett l e( cil s ed ; the
IMlKfov.-ii I . lis. i!,isees. .'litt et'S. pcr-
01. ill npiesentatlves and all otli-.r
p.-r.-ons I'il.iested in the estate or A.
I - Ihirn.-I. Iirst r ill nam,, unknown.
le cis-cn ; l-.veni,.' .SWimJell: Swi'l
dell, tir.-1 real name unknown, hashnnd
of Lv.-lf-iio Swindell: the ntiknovn
heirs, devisees, le'.ratees-. personal re )
i''"'ti';it I'. e-i and ail other persons i i
lerestcl in the eslate of Kv.-ijn.. Swin
dell, dec. as. d: the unknow n heirs,
devisees. p u;, t..(.s, personal topics,
In lives and ail ot,r poisons inler-
sW.l in th- etilate of Swindell,
Iirst lea! cam-- u n k no w n, decease. I ;
Hiiiim I. Adains: '.-i t ha 1 1 rn; Adiitna;
the iiiikl'.ow n hells, levi.-. t s. Icvrutf-f ,
ptls-oioil rt-pr. nlalivcs and all oth
er peo-iiiM inlei I in th"- estate jf
Ililam I . Adaiiii. .hi i s., :
known hi lis. ,1,-vis. es, legatees, per
sonal repn st ntallv.-s and all olh "r
persons inteicstcd In the isim
I 'atharirie A.lalns. dt ccjisiil: Sar.di
I . . , . tel.... ii i .
'--. ii. iseesto; ti,e n;i-
k now ii heirs. . . t s-. vutee. p, r
scni.l repl-.s. . .uf IVt,..
I ."out- I'll. : . -I ell estate of
S-uuh,. .h-.-cas.-.l ; t n n k no v. ri
!.cir. I"'VM'I-., I .t f'. .,, ,.".l'll
leseiitutives and all other p-i-sop
I. fi sted in li,.- .slat,. ,,f ii(Ve
1 , .1 . . i . i.i
i n-
v .... ... . i on ii .i a i k son : . ant v
i . i. ...... i .,. .i... . -
leKatees, ptrsoniil rei.resentati ves ar.'i
.,. ..ii, iii. ki, own ii- ru . e I n
Ii !i. ! eit-.oits i ii 1 i'i-i's-1 i'l in the
stale I' .!o! it J,!l-Ksiiii, dci-ei'sid; the
km., i i us-, i!ev:"- ;; iiici-s, per-
i. ri :-. i, in '. ive.s ii ml all other
'.uii 1 !;: i :iest : the unknown lien s,
iii-i-i'.-, lc. . ices, i-Msonal rcpresctita-
i-.i-s ai.d .J! other persons interested
-sti,t..- of Daniul llarnest. ie-
a: e.
1. 11 lc now 11 hen s, devisee."
personal i 1 present a t Iv s and
p. 1 soils interested ill the
i h
;-t;.. e e' . , :i N. liaintst, lifirasiil;
liii a .lane j ; t h v 1 i '. ;re. also known
1 i'l.a let li .h'-ie I .'1 lie rid ire :. Will. T
.:t'.ri!-'.: I1;.- nnUnown heirs, di-vi-:
11 ::. ,- .ii. ... . personal represent;! -tes
rail .11 other persons interested
in llie "si.t.. of i:i;;i .lane I :t herid-.e,
ah; koi- is 1-:! iai h. t h .lane hti.t-r-;.i.;e,
.iii.,-. ..1: the uiilvnovvn heirs,
iii-. ;.- s. h-::tes. piis.iial r.prescn-ti.tic.-.s-
iii.i other persons- interest-
, .1 11 tie 1 - lil.. of Win. T. I-:t heridsCe,
.In Hi-el; Iii, ,i,-i. Sji iff l'ellovvs: Hush
11 Mow s- ,lelheri 1 1. 1'orhes: the
i. ho. 1 e,. . -- .levise.-s. legatees, t - er -
.-. -...! I. iesei !:ities aiai :ll oilier pi r
sors iiilere-i .1 la the .-late ..f Adel
!. 1; ! . i'i... . iieceas.d: idivr l Ty
"r: : Mis. . h:y.r 1'. Tv.-'ei. Iirst r f 1
i:;'ie e ! '-. Too. 11 : the litikliown heirs,
a viso. ;. h; i!e. s. p.-isonal repleselita
rivis and al oiler persons i n t "res i ed
;,, I!.-- ist.ili of Oliver I'. 'r.'..--on. de-
. eas.- i: t;.e 1 ; 1 1 K , 1 o w : 1 i:eiis. ie isi
, ,,,1
h- it. 1 s. p. 1 . a.l lii.i-'i'.'ii I at i v-s
al! other 1.. . sii: ; interested in
st.-il-- - I" M,". oliv-'i- l". Tyson, tiist
1. 11.11 o. a ii li now n. deceased : St.
I.e.'. ...r ie .!:; Miry A. Ih-ek: the 1111
, . o 1 I . :i , !". isei s, lel-at. es. Jier-..o-
.1 r. ;.r. . :;t;iti-.i s- nul all other per-
hit.!.,..,) ill the est. to of St.
1 i- la . deceased; the unknown
,1. ir . ! 1 , s, . "., personal ti i--.
s. ii t a : ' . s and ail oiler persons in
t re. 1 - d 'ti e c-tat" of .Miirv A. llei ii,
,.. .1: ". .1: ih.i.i. ! .M-lli"-. also know n
a- I ,1 1 1 . I .M.-ilvoiv: Mafihii A. Mrllvov
k:,..wii as A. MeII-or;
t .. ,11 iai'iv. 11 heir-, ih is. es. legatees,
p.-i-,.rii re; r.-.-eiili' lives and all other
T .is ins ini r. ted in the estate of
;.:!i'. I M I ! vo , also known as lan-e-i
r.'i-1 1 vol ih cea-ed; the unknown
' ,r.-. ..- is. -. 1. -; ii.-.-.-, personal rep
. 1 . , l .' I i es and aM ntln r persons in-t-
re.-led in l' e eslale of Martha A. 5! -llvo-.-.
ito !:.,ow:i as Martini A. Mcll-
oct til .-ed: the llllktloWII lieitS,
,'..;.:. ! .-ate.s'. pt-rsoriiil represen
t.i'ive; ami .,'1 other persons inter, si
,.1 ia I...- . -!. I- 1 f .N'oah K. llohps,
. i - . -i ; I ! ' , -1 k !! . 1 W '1 i.l II ", . IcV i sees,
hiiiii.-s. p. i.-oaal : tpre.-etii a 1 1 ves and
.. ' ! .-t ... r ; t sons lull re.-t, d in t'pe
, ;.t. t-- of A' s. .v.. all Ih Hohhs. lust :,.ii,i.. i(i:i,iini'. n, ih-teasod; Mirh-
1 !' It ii 11 .1,. also known as M. E.
. .a?. in : M r.-. .Mi'tael i;. Ihimi'.n. first
. .1: 1. ;-i!.. ii'd. riowri : the unknown
. ,-s. ,1.. . --, . s. ,;iit.-.s. p. S, .111,1 rep-
-, ; ',-,. :..ll ail otier 'f! sons' itl
t . 1 .-,! i't t : e est ate of M i'o.K I I'..
t : ?i 1: ... ::!-o kitewa a; M. I'.. Hannin.
.'. .a- ..; I :. : :. Uti'.v.'ii heirs, devisees,
t '-.U-.t'. ;; n ; -.- en t . t i vi s and
otl.e: p.;.;-o;s : nt ei e.-te.l ill t he
t :
1 M.s. Michitel J-.. 1 tan run. nisi
n 1:. known, oe, . a seil : the U'l-
l ei!. O'Vi-eeS. 1- t'llt'-l-N, pcl-
pi .-. . -it ; a.', a 1 : oil-., r per-
t . d hi the . stale of John
ta .
... . i i .-.-.I; M.irr Kit -'-rahl.
I..', i. Iht i.r'!. il' i riisi .l;
tl ir.-. .! -v is- . s, l-i;iltees.
. i ii t i in .I a . I i.'.iti r
. iv ed : 'i I he csta te of
,:;.:. :..-.!- d; IMward .1.
I.!.; r -. t'lf'.-.-i-;,;,!. !-is wife;
. i : -
. i,
1 1
.1 I : h
v is. t;. le.-ste-s.
:. .lives Mid all other
i a ti.- i -t..t.- .f lal
.1. ... .-. .-. t ! ; I he i.n-
i . . r . i -i a I i es. pel -
! i : -.
- i - : .
id .1. i'ihi,!'!.
:. I -.; .h
?. .,:,.l ii'l otlt.-r !.'r
d ; :i i : . . "t.,'i' of M.t rv
t- .-s l . .': i: l-'ili'.rterald;
: .d. hi.. i ; c . the ei -
' vi.- h i.i. s. .cr
hliii - a ad ii 1 ! o her per
il n tl-- , i ate of .1 on a
i. . . t.s. -! . i he unknown
:. I. - at. es. personal l"t P-
! a 1 1 ot .er i.- rsoiis- i n -
i ;!:! of '.: a' h'i'.f.-
' t I I
r .. hh
. h v : s .
-t. !i . s :.
;. d i-. ; I
'. '
id : 1 :
. -ed ; W dharn I'a'il Fitx-
" i ; ; 1 i '.' n I Kir zue r.i hi,
".ttt i it known: Mary l.'l
i.ihi; t ! .e it a n " ti heirs-.
'at s. ;. isoiiiil r. i lsei.-
ti i . .; h. : r , i sons i n t er's t--i
.te of Lillian Fitii
. its.-d: li 1 1 1 k now n heirs,
.it.. -. personal repres.-n-
.- i tier peisi'lis titrc-t-
i of She h.ei d leikt . di -
: r i. ... n hell ' . d.-Vis. es.
.a t .
. i i.i.
' et: . i . -. ,. t 'i . a ! i ( r.-s-. :ir a t r v es an
li nl ! ; ,.,. -,i;;- i li l e r. .-1 ed ill til
-;.i!t !' i l,.'e. di e. ; scd ; Mr.
ii'hl i'.i.i;i. 1. '.viiiow: I.hjvd I . Ih-ll
... (i. - .low. r; Al:c- Sam-: V i X 1 iii in
Sii. .-: Mi-. .'i'Iiarn Sate. Iirst r a I
iii.ine t: iik no'.' ii : Karl Saie: Mrs Kjl
S tiisi i-. ;. i ot fi tin known: 'hai
S;.;;. ; .Mrs. t'l-avl s S.iue. filst real
).:ate 1. 1. !. n-ivv n! rtiiil S iltc, widow
A 1 1. ,-rt ."'a.i : Mrs. Sa-j... lust
r i.l i;i ii"- unknown: lininiii Sato 1 ot
i.e.- K'm i.i Siivic. r . .: 1 it. true oth.r tl.a
iifii a Sa." m.kii" .vt: : John I 'oe. ilrt
ii. i n.iii'c itnkiiov.'ti. hushund of Emm
Si l- I 'oe: the ill known lu lls, leVi
. s. l.-.ttcr s, i-isonal represent a t i ve
; i..l ai! olh.r p.-rsons interested ill tli
i li te of H.-irvcv W. Sitfe. ilri i-iis, d
Ii.. nakiiowii l .iis. devisees-, legate,
ei-ona! leor siaf.tiv.s and all oth
;i.r: on. i ut I', s i i in lie state of -:a
,i tut II. Sii.;,-. liit-eiiscd: John Duke
Vii.s. John li.ik e. :ir.-t real name un
ki-own: Citi.iles lmke; Mrs. CharU-
h .kc, ttrst re j i name unknown; Law
rime 1 1 o t 1 1 i 1 1 ; Kmily A. ilorniiiM; th
I'd 1 ow i ii v. ih-.-i i i hed propel ty. to-wit
".a tin net a1-; I'nrty (Ch) rods norlii
if tlie so.nhwest collier of tin"
soiiihAcst tiiiaiti r of the southeast
earlt-r of Section 1. Township 1!
Norlii Canue j::, cast of the lith 1'. M
in the Ooanlv ot Ciiss, Xclnaskii: theri-
lioitii Nil roihs; thence east S(l rods
iii'iice soiiin i., loos; liicnte west o -
rods; tl.ciiee soi.tli ::f rods; tlieiicc
west !"i rods lo the place of I ,!'-: i li n I II
ami known iis lots ., , and in
ili 'ml l h v.-est it'iarler of the soul kcast
'lUiiit.-r of said Section 13, and lots
I'l. L'.;. tlie west 3 Hires of lot Ihs
ht -ii and l-,t "-ti, in the southwest
Hiarl.r of the southeast tiiiarter of
saiil Section Ih all in Township li
N'oith llatiai. l::. east of tho lith I". M
io Ih. Connie of Cass, Nehraska; and
:.ll p. i.s'.ns ha vine: or claiming any in-
tt ri si of nay kind In to h.u.I real
cstnte or inv part thereof; und th.
tin I: uowii ard the unknown
Li i, ii.mis t,i coiiim.-iu iti'-r iin rod
'mi Hi of the ."..i:l hvvesl corner of the
sou I hv, est muiiler of llie southeast
oiiuitir of .Section 1. Township 1-
Norlh Kanue f;. cast of the 6th I. M..
in the County ol Cass, Nehraska: thence
north Ml rods; thence tast 81) rods;
thence oitii Mi rods: thence west -
rods-; thence south .".0 rods: thence
v. est is i(,,s to the- idace of hoBin
Hint.', and known as lots :1S, r.7 nritl ,r,S
ia the northwest ouatter of the south-
last oii.iru-r of said Section 1 -i and lots
.'I. ".';.. l', the wt s( three acres of lot
'-. I'd -t an. I lot "ai. in the Mouth west
Miartei of tlie soutiieast UilItef of
raid Section i:;, all In Township 1 '',
North 1.;ik;c cast of the tith P. "M..
in llie Connie ,,f Cass. Ni-hraska:
Yon are ta reh'. not Hletl thai on the
-Hi day of Aiitrust. I'JK. plainlllTs til
ed their suit j. the listriot Court of
I he Count v of Cass. Nehraska. to riulet
I la i n I i lYs titl to the ahove rloscrlhed
Ixnu. to-wit; Coinmencini? thirty rods
icrih wf the solllliWest i-olfier of the
southwest quarter of the southeast
punter of Section l:'.. Township 1 -.
North iiniiL',. i;:. ast of the lith I". 211..
in the Counlv of Cass. Nehraska: thence
rlh Ml rods: thence enst SO rods;
t.t.-rne si-nil: .".() rotJs: I'lence west
tods; then. .. south :: fod'j" thetu-e West
s .-,,.is i i t,,. pi. ice "f Le innliiir, and
' -:.iw t, its p.; :. .,7 ami s in the
1.1 . : t-.-est quarter or the souliieasi
tnt.rtf.r oi- c.:.i sc.-iiuii 1: iitoi loia "4
z:.. ?r., the v.tst threu acres of lot 28,
lot lT and lot it". in the southwest
it f of the son t iio.-;st quarter of
'said Section 1"., all in Township 1 J,
North L'an-r. l:;. cast of It .th l". M..
This notice is made pursuant to tln
, the court. You are re'iuired
,., ;illSutl- said iet:tion on or hefore
Moieh'c. S. I'teml cr U, 1U13. or your
default will dulv entered tliereia.
OTTO H. Si'in'It.MAX.
si w. s.iuiv,
I-. . . , w .
I'laiiuni s.
v.. a. r:oi5i:uTSON',
aT-.-.w. Atty. for I 'la in tiffs:.
i.i:ii. Mnt'E
To Mis. John Snyder, fust real name
onkuown. wife of Snyder; San
ford . Sprat'.en. if livinir, if deceas
ed, his unknown heirs, devisees, lea-
personal retiresontati ves and all
other persons interest etl in his estate.
Win. H. Spiiitlin, if living, if deceas
ed, his unknown heirs, devisees,
ik. p. representatives and itll
-. th. r nelsons interested in his estate;
I W'ni. M. Sprath ii. if living, if deceas-
. d. his unknown ht irs. devisees, lejra
ti es. personal representatives and all
dliir persons; interested in his estate;
1 Thomas .1 . Miller, if living, if deccas-
i.l.d. l is iM.kno'.vn heirs, devisee.-, Iesa
lees, i.ersona retires, it t a i iv.-s alio an
other persons interested in his estate
she en known heirs, personal repieseii
tativis and all oil er persons interest-
i tl in the estate of Addie 1. nines, de
feased; the unknown owners and un
known claimants of the southwest
quarter ol the northwest quarter (SAV
, NW'i i; the northwest quarter of
t'.e j-oii ; h w est qiiiirler INY i SvV'jl
the lo-rth half of the southwest quar-
t.T of I he southwest quart .- i.N1-. .S 'i
SW' ,) all .of Section iilinleen l!l.
I'ov nstdo ttn i'ii). North llruif-e four-i.-en
liii. east of the 1. M., Cass
-oiuitv. oi :isk;i. and all persons
i hi'tn in;- anv interest of any kind in
-said ra! -.slat.-, or anv pail thereof:
Voa and each of von are herchv- no-
tiiid thai oti ihe J"il!i day of .In I v.
Id a p.-iitio;. w.,s hh d ill the Ins-
irut I'., ih of t js;i ctu'.i.ty. Nebraska
in which II. K. Cotn.r ai.d I. AV. Comer
... ere phi im iff s. and Mrs. .John Snyder,
ir-! lea name uti it.ull li. wile "i
aohn h-r: Sa.foid W. Spratleti. il
iivin,',. if oet t-Ki ii. I.i.- unknown heirs
i -Vi-e. S. h-il.llCt -. ln-i-S'illiil represen-
t.-ttiv. s and all . r p. isoiis i'l'.'icst
c.l in his estate: Win. II. Spiiitlin. it
iivi.ii--, if d. t -cased, his unknown licit
lc v. is. t s. es. p.- is.qial l epresen
ti. lives and all nil i r ; . rsons interost-
.-.1 in i;is .stii'-; Win. li. Spratlen. if
iiviiur. if used, his unknown heirs
levif. es, i.;;;itci s, I'crM' re nest n
liitiv es itn,l all (.t,,. r ;ici sons interest
ed in his tsiii-.e: Thornns J. Mill.-!-, if
Mvi'.t;. if dei-east ,!, his unknown heirs.
..ievi-te.-. legatees. i-rsnal Icprestn-
t.u.its :.nd ii':! persons interested in
i. is estate; the unknown heirs, person
al 1 1 : : sen i a 1 1 v. s ami all other per
sons interested in the itale of Addie
liili.ics. Pleased: the unknowi owners
nr.,1 unknown tlaimants of the sonlh-
.v'esr ji i : itii of the northwest q::artei
SW'i NW'i i; the northwest quarter
,f 1 1 ,- southw-st quarter (XW, SW
't. i he : orlii half of the southwest
'itiurler c " ti e si uthvvtst i;iiaiKr (N
t, SW', s A ' i, nil of Sett ion nineteen
i in i. Tuw-isliip ten (lu. North lian
foiiilecn I4, cast of the th I'. M.
Cass county, .Wl.iaska; and all per
sons t I;i im iijr any interest of i-riy kind
in mi i.J .-;il -.state or any part there
of, were defendants.
'The oljet t pi aver of which p
'ilJon ;,r.- to o-aitt the title in the plain-l-.Ts,
!i. 1. Conor mi. I I. V. "omcr. to
tiie southwest oiii.rtcr of the north
west .mailer iSW'i .NW',1 the north
west q .aiier of the southwest iiiart-r
i.W. ', SW'.i. the north half of tlie ouailer ,f the southwest
Uitrt' r ( N -l SW SW'., all of Sec
tion nineteen tl9. Township ten (101,
North K:uii-e fourteen 114), east of
'l.e tith 1". M., county, Nehraska, said pi.iinlitt's have hiid the
tiiiil. tien. riottu ions, exclusive ami
.idvtise possession thereof and every
pait and paict! lutfeof for more than
ten years last past prior to the coin-iii.-n
. t-nicnt of said action. and for
eqtlitaMc relief.
You and each of you are further no
tilled that yon are required to an
swer sitid pe-itioii on or hefore Mou
i'.iv, the lith dav of Sept en: her, ll.
II. '. CO.MKl:.
C. Y. ChJIKi:,
1 'lain tills.
jJS-lvv Attorney.
i.i:;ti. MiTiti-:
To W iliiai.i le nnclt. if living, if de
ceased, lis unknown heirs, devisees
legatees-, ptrsoniil reprtsentati ves and
al! other persons interested in the es
tate of William lh-nnett: all persons
intci t sted in the estate of Jackson O.
'Jld ia 111. .i.-L-i iiscd, including' creditors
and da una :it
You i'litl ej'.ch of you are hereby no
tilled that :i Ihe ll'th day of July,
HM.'. a petition was tiled in the IJis
trict Court of Cass county, Nebraska,
in which V. J. HoedcUer was plain-
1 1 iT ami William Dennett, if living, if
deceased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, persiuial representatives and
:ill other persons interested in the es
tate of Willinm Dennett and all per
sons interested in the estate of Jack
son i. Oldham, deceased. including
creditors and clainuuit, were defen
dant j.
The object and prayer of which pe
tition are to quiet the title in tlie
plaintiff. W. !. Doedekcr, to Lot two
CM in the southwest iuarter of the
southwest iiarter (SW, SW1,) of
Section nineteen ( I'Jl anil Lot one 1)
in the southeast quarter of the south
west tpiarter ISl-i'i SW'i) of Section
thirty Ctm; and trie west half of the
northwest tiiiarter (W"a NW!4l and
the west half of the southwest nunr-
ter (WV, SW'.I of Section thirty CiOK
all in Township eleven (11), North
Dance fourteen (11). east of the btll
Al.. Cass counti. Nenrasha. because
siiid plait. tiff hiis had the actual, open.
notorious, exclusive and atlverse pos
session thereof, and every part ami
narcel thereof for more than ten years
last least prior to the commencement
of said action, and for equitable re
lief. You ami each of you are runner
notified that yon are required to an
swer said petition on or before Mon
day, tho diy of September, 11.
w. l. liUtii'J.ivr.ii.
jl-l-Cw Attorney.
i,i:cai, Mint'i:
To William ltennett, if living, if de
ceased, his unknown heirs, tlevisees
legatees, personal representatives ami
all other persons interested 111 tlie es-
Inte of William Menticii; "
Shepard. if JivliiK. if deceased, ins un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives ami all other
persons interested in- the estate of
Wm. II. Shepard: John 11. Liurnliam. if
livlnr. if deceased. Ills uiiKIiown iiitim,
.i... o.,... 1.0.-. r,.es oersoiial reiuesenta-
tives and all other persons lnteresieu
in the estate of John If. Buruham:
You anil each or you arc iieiroy
notified that on the 21st day or July,
ID l!i, a petition was tiled in the Uln-
rict Court of Cass county, .xeuraaitd,
in which Anna White, formerly Anna
oiiiik: Catherine Criipen. rormenj
ntheriiiA Yoiinir; Viola Wiley, form-
rlv Viola Young; Isnbelle Young, uur-
.... vimmr 1....1 Arthur 10UI1E. were
cfeinhints. itml v illlam i.enneii. ii
living, if tteeeusetl. ins unKriowu iienf,,
.i io.,., i,.u Tiersonal reuresen-
tatives'and all 6th ir persons Inter-
Ths Hind You Ea-ie Always Boagat, cni i
la use for over thixty years, has bcrr.c '
and has bce.i nuJ -; ,
J ifi RTrrinl citnumirt.n
All Counterfeits, Imitations
x-xperiments tnat trme witb
c What is CAStCel
Castoria is a harmless substitute ior Castor C -
i):ops and Soothing Syrups. It is pl-Ji,i . -
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic . . t
aee is its guarantee. For more thsn thi':: - -
?eer in constant use for the relief of Ccuf-tlr-.-' ..." '
V.-'incl Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying I'cv . ;
ILcrsfrcm, and by regulatiner the Stomach - . - ' "
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy
'Ihe Children's Panacea The Mothers Jri.a-i.
Bears the
Use For Over
Kind You Havo Aiways 3r.ught
TH K C C NTAUP O W A , N F M VO4K rirv
esl.-d in lite .stale of William Ceil -
nett: Win. II. Si.tpitr.i, if iiviie-, ii ;-
c aseti. his link iiovvn heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives a mi
all otlt.r i.tist.ns Interested iii tiie
st.-ir.- of Wm. 1 1. Sl.epard: John H
Uui rihani, if living:, if deecast d, his
un':r.own heirs, devisees. I craters.
,'! s'ljiKi I rt pi -: .-iitii 1 1 ves and a!! i-il.i r
;-. rsous interesled in the state ol
.loiin II. liui nhum, were defendants.
j ne ami prayer or wim-ti pe -
fit ion ure to quiet the title in the
:i.:i i.itifi s. Akiiil White, formerly Anna ley, i;' if dieascl, the i.nU'.ovvn
Vu'injf: Catherine Capen. formerly j heirs. d--vi .-s. le--;. t - s, p.-i.-.n.-.l rep
C&therine Vinini,'; Viola Wiley, form- I i t-s.-n t ti ! i yes and .-ill otmr p.-rs..'is in
erly Viola Younjc: Isabel le Youns, j t rested 1:i the state of .In.n s. I a r
H.irton Younx ami Arthur Yuuii-, to) ley; Saiirion ihirtriini, if livit, ;. if .ie.
Lot four IM in the southeast quarter l ceased, tn,. uitknovvn heirs, devisee:-;.
f the southwest quarter SE4 SWi: J leKUtees. l . ;.r.-s . :.t;i ' . v es an i
Lot five 1 5) in the northeast quarter I nil other rsons Interested ii t he s
if the southwest quarter IN'LU SW'.,); tate of Si';!iieii Diirtriuri: Alary Jam
Lot foiirtceii (Hi in the noitinitst' I.urtium. if livinu. if sc. I. ;' e
qparter of the southeast quarter (NK'j j unknown In ivs. .:. v .s. es. l.-ir.i t. es, per
SlO1,); Lot fifteen (l"i) in tlie north-! s-mal rt pi es en-m i es and .i i 1 mi i r ei
vesr quiirtcr of the southeast quarter j sons inleicsTe l in the est.ite of il.try
i.WY'i SIC 1 4 l ; the south half of the . .Lute 1 !m- ; :i: : the i .uknou n o.vr.eis
soil I heasl quarter IS1... SK',i. iill inii.nd uhl.iiov.n claim. Mils td the north
Sect ion thirteen (lo). Tovvtiohip eleven' eat quarter iXi;1, i of Sect'on n.m
llli. North liange thirteen ii'.). tast teen (1!i Tow iisiiip tv.-ce il-i. N'orio
f tlie 6lh 1'. il.; also tlie west half Larie thirt-n (1: I. e.i-t of the .itii
f ti e jtoutnwcst quailer (W U SU't )
f Section iiiteeu llsi. Township
leven (11), North l:anK" fourteen III)
ast of the Clh 1'. il.. Cass county, Ne
braska, because said plaintiffs have
had the actual, open, notorious, ex
clusive and adverse possession tl.ere-
f, and every part and parcel thereof
for more than ten years last past
prior to the commencement of said
action, and for equitable relief.
You ami each of von lire lurliier
not tiled that you are required to an-
vvt-r saitl petition on or before JIoii-
lay, the Sth day of Septembe
r, lDli.
Ktrmerly Anna Young-
Kormerlv Catherine Young
l-'ormerlv Viola Youiio
I iaintilTs.
A. I: AW LS. Attorney.
Tf tiie unknown heirs, devisees.
letCiitt'Cs, personal representatives, ami
ail other persons interested in the
estate of lianiel N. Destor: Miss Mary
.lane Jloore, if li v in ir. if deceased, the
unknown heirs, devisees, "eiiatees, per
sonal l enresont it i ves a'ml all other
persons interested in llie estate of
Miss Alary Jane Moore: John S. hurlity,
'f Iivi'ir. if deceased, the unknown
".eirs. tlevisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of John .S. Hur
ley; Salmon Dtirtrum, if living-, if de
?e"ased, tlie unknown heirs, tlevisees,
etjatees. personal representatives and
ill other persons interested in tlie es
tate of Salmon Durtrum: Alary Jane
Hurtrum, if living, if deceased, the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and ali other J.
Persons Interested in the estate of Mary
Jane Uurtruin: the unknown owners unknown claimants of the north
east quarter (NIC') of Section nine
teen I !!. Township twelve (l-'l. .Noi 'i;
Hanse thiileen (lo, east of the lith
11 1
P. M.. ;ass countv. Nebraska, ami alii
other persons claiiiiin-r any interest of1.?,
any kiml in said real estate, or any
part thereof:
You and each of ymj are Iiertli.v no
tified that on the 12th day of July,
1 1) 1 3 , a petition was iiled in the Iis-
B ii U
r . , . ........ .r
"" :4
V, i
" v,cen
'"'. lure cf
. -.!' his iet'
113 iifar.-y.
7-u t.V.5.
'' arc Ltt
--s- y e. ... a
no one to do
and 44 Jr,t-a.
and enda;
V T, '' ;'
. r j ' i i '
K. l fc' I L.
Signature oi"
1 1 vr
; tii. i Com i Cn-s ;i,;.. .,
. , ;.(ci. ti.. I' I .-t o. c ..ui,
i H'-.-ior. 1 1 j y il. le -..r aiid I'l.i'i
!'.', -. : . ri- ti. mils. ; ;,, i;,
j h.n.v. n i.e,is. !". ,.--ei s. , li pi t s. i, ; ii t i , . ? : :.:id i,l
! pel s"ii-c i n I . i --: .1 in ti.t oia
! i : r. ' I X. !!-:,r: M.-- M.i.-v
' . i -
.dooi-.-. ii i:.i.,:r. ii ;, ,
, K.'.i'U.i ; , it-. le vi --.-.,
Jsona! rej r.-setMii; ive.-
1 1
i n I a .1 o t ! 1 1 r
i p-i sons mtci-t il m
'Miss .Mary .lane .Moore; .I'd ..- ji;li
I '. At.. ( 'a.-s count.-. X- ei iis'ua, ami a. I
other persons claiming iiav int. -re. t
of anv kind in said real estate, or
any part there -f. w.-ie ii' f einla a ! s.
The r ai. i piatcr or who', pe
tition are to qii,et the title i.l th
plaintifis. Ada ih i: sto. Charh: K.
li.stor, (luv li. Ilesior and l-'raitt-i.- M.
Hcst'ir to the n u th.-ast ouarter N IC 1 1
of s.
tion nirK-letii (li'i. Township
l 1.1, North Datiue thirteen ( 1 ; i
east of tlie ;:h I'. -vi.. a-s t .unity. .c-
! braska, l carse saitl p'.iiati'fs have
hotl the aciuai. open, n .torn., is. tiu-
j s:v; arm a.iverse possession ih-rco:.
ami every part and parcel thereof f. r
more tli.-in ten years Inst past pr ior to
the en. n: . ii'-einen t of said action, and
for equitable relief.
Yor; and each of yoi ai" farther
tioli'it.i That voq a i e required to an
swer said petition mi or I t f Mon
day the Iirst day "f S. t.t . in It i . I'.'iy.
ADA I :. HK.r.iil:.
ciiALi.Ks k. i:i:sTor:.
(Jl'Y II. DKSTol:.
fi:ancis ai. DicsToi:.
l'ia in tiffs.
jlt-Otv. Attorney.
im Lawj'er. v
East of Riley Hotj!.
Coaies Elock,
Second Floor.
J Don't forget us wlien you
-I- want meat or groceries for
I harvest. We can l;:Ke care of J
you. just phone No. -1, ami we -
will have your order Up.
1 1 ATT ic SON.
t V 9