The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 07, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbc plattsmoutb Journal
Un'.-re.l at I osto'Tice. IMattsmouth. Neb., as Bcconl-clai mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Gus:cr.iriioK pilice $2.00
Vi!li..m II. Taft know.: that the j
formation .r a of notions
would h.ile-n
pi nee. and My:
t lie e-onrlii icii t f j
so. Certain r--m l: -
h:'ii -'liafors dooM ' -s have- t i"' i
li.-H- f Imi no' 1.
f : ir:ic-
.1 I
Tlu' auui:.-l ho.l - d' ser.aiirs
Wa hinton wl." h.iv he: n mi it:-j
du:ri.u-ly trying to fin I fault with j
flu- of the p au- v. it "a j
C-ri: :Miy. s'uo.iM u--t i.t touch
ill.. 1 1 ri t i 1 1 i :r :-.. ie. w i ere j
1 !n v iii ti::;' i' ' !'' in i-'ii-j
. r .l wool. I i.n Lr 1 - i-Mii-ry ant .
:: r c ;.e t iiii !! ! ; e
I r;c. !" : ' t : u
if th.e
Man i!
ileijKicra i
em e i':"
i I t.e ;: i r t he '. . ' o of a
pr -idt lit and th" iiii-?-uocrai
;' tc:iat:rs a::.! ri -
re.-ioi at ; '. e -. t!
so!.li r-; ff ll:--have
:;e a-ht
di.-aid.d American
v. orl.l w..r v ': !
:i!!r ;;s regards ;.d? - ',
onate v.ia'i. -ial t Hut the
' i
rt-i uhlican pr.rty cn:ld have p-jtnted J
to au' ther xa'nple :' parry .
cirncy in saviv.' t
nat ;o: s I.:
If Senator I! ir.i'i really w. n;s ;i i ti.- Kmmi" "-' na-
iot;s. :iT:d doe.- "r. pre.-nt a very
inteliiu' "it i ntriutic ensti-
tti'ti." he can l!;in a quick,
answer Lv resign it: -4 his toira and.
reuirnir.'-r to Idaho f.r indica
tion. Perlrtp'- iii- is due
to a recollection of what happened
to Senators Ko-c x- Conklinic and
Thonia.s t'oliit r i'l.itt in New York in I
Cliairttiau Hays fHor- a league
of nation-. f-ors the K'iox re.-o'u-ti'-n
ii'-.d the other oh.-:truetive tac
tics of tiio rcpuhii'.an t (i;a t er.-.
favors th' repuidiran plan (f shNrt
dealinir v. ith o!d1rrs vdl as th-:
partpo r.'.-- that arr
hudership i:i tl; co-intry's indus
trial and icial reccitrur-; :m- in
f; (!. f,iirs :.:: aiiythi".? e.i hap
1o ark WiHio i-b. ot. iii- - all
things to all men.
IHfti the mo.-t unreasonable o
poneni of t bo league if nations,
will admit that tlcrmany would
never have started the war if she
hi d believed Enshind would s'ae.d
!v France and that the
Stntfs iniuiit ever be drawn into
th cinfliet. Threfi rc, with the
nations bound by the covenant o
the It-au". who will be left to start
a war? Or if any nation were left
.ut. would ih" dare? Ask any oppo
nent of the league of nations.
Th' marine and seamen's division
of the war insurance bureau
closes its activities with the record
of l aving operated at a net. profit of
la. re than ? 1 7.000. 0(). This with
the $.,Mtn.n0i appropriated by
congress at the outbreak of the
world war as a sinkiim fund will be
returned to the government. The
division has made the record of op
erating at a profit and of supplying
insurance airainst the submarine
danger to men, ships and cargoes at
a time when private corporations
would accept no risks.
I iiiiiiLX i i sit m
Public Service Corporation
Can be had in amcurdt of
Investment Securities
First National Bank B!d'ff,
Omaha, Ncb.
u I
per yeah in advance
A Ijoii.c lighter can't li-jil a littl
j 1 'i(l ess rs and cnw.s
I foreheads.
'itriosit v
r. i. e l
I. la.'
(..'arden of Kd.-n.
It is awful to he a jacna.-s ami
hive earache.
pur; tied hy v.oina n is a poor
spri a t or.
Home ir.i'I' ice ireatu l::s Ii,i.:er
n;nr;. in n
Mind your own hu.-iin.- and u !
-onio to mind.
WY'T'ien's tears are c;;;:H"l h
huhands and onions.
It is fierce for a lo- anned i. :;.:!
to have the itch.
Th" li' skirt was w,.r?i in Kotio-.
No wonder K' i:." hov. led.
Xevcr put a $l)n ..-addle on a ?."
The Apcstlos were !i i t rmen. not
There are plentiful si;;:'.- that
thousands of American n'-ii and
wdiik ii both within and beyond the
pah of politic;:! parties have ap
proved and are heeding Provider.!
(Wilson's r;'ijic.-t. Hat the lea.-ue o'"
nations he not considered as a par
itisan issue, l-'ormer President Taft.
Kormer Attorney Ceneral Wicker-
'sham and Kormer Senator Uurton
Ohio are anions the notable repub-
i licans who are urrinrj rat i!if:it !.
of the k-iiKiir by the I'nit'd '"!ute
Senate, but they are not alone in
this advocacy.
Ucports frun every section of the
country show tlril imn :. e-. wen-'-n
who doubtless have political pt
crciiCM tire sulvordii.atir.iT the.-1 ;
tl-i-ir love of country; that thir
concern for ieace in the world, m."
ami hereafter, transcends their ;
r;arrl for names and slogans e.'
parties. The Icasiii! has been the
subject of many indorse r.ienfs !.
ot aniat ions representing al!-. : I
everv sort of inter-:.-? and activity-
commercial, indu.-fial. cconomie.
eivic and patriotic. In the mem
bership of these organizations there
must have been men and voiu?u rd
dilTerent and dissident po!itie; 1
views, but they seem to havo been
one in their Ie lief that the league
of nations is an insurance against
war, and one also in their wi-ih to
establish it without delay.
Hostile senators may continue to
attract attention by their vocifir
(ous opposition, but their din is ni
measure of the league's popularity.
There are thousands ttill silent
who will express themselves in a
voice of thunder when they know
t he time ban come.
The victory button coinniemcrat
ina; service in the world war is now
being distributed by the war eb-part-inen
te every man enlisted in the
American force since April 0, 1917.
Two hundred thousand silver but
tons have been manufactured for
distribution to men wounded in the
war. Approximately 500,000 bronze
buttons for men who served abroad
but who were not wounded, have
already been manufactured. Manu
facture of the bronze buttons will
be continued at the rate eif 2."0.000
a week until all the demand.- are
These buttons can Le- obtained at
the various army posts,' recruiting
stations and zone supply offices upon
presentation of honorable discharge.
The war department Is now nc
gotiatiemg contracts for the victory
ribbon and stars and bars t o be is-
ciir.rl t r HinQn whn Kervnrl In uvirlfl
war engagements and those who re- j this process no fair-minded citizen
ceived citations for valor. Approxi- ( to do any injustice to tne pro
niately 507.000 yards of this ribbon ' ducers. The farmers and gardeners
will he manufactured at the rate of
la.iidO yards
a week.
-:o: .
Plans for the rearrangement e f
the Mty-ie.i.r internal revenue "! -
lectinii elMriets have hecn a rni.i't he-
ed hy Cuninissioli.T Daniel ( '. Kon-
er which will slvo to rai-h state.
the e xee id i..n of i. a
1 m rati' collect ton
ilirtrict. Th'
plans also provide for the e t-ili ih-
I nieiil of a permanent per: oiial ser
vice headquarters in every impoii-
ant city in the country.
An executive order signed by the
i.i;'nt abolishes t:n collection
di-tricts and consolidates them wit'i
ten others. If also creates ten ik v.
districts in states which do no! mv
have separate colWM ion dist rict
The ,.rder is efleilive August 1.
The pun ore of the thanue i to
: erve- th. t; xp:;y. r: more Tu-i-"--! 1 1
by peuing dii.-ioii and. -u ' -; 1 i v : -
headquarters it itnporian! eeu,
ers and to t:se the collectors' ofiic;
a; elearing heu.-s and a e; a: nt i i:;
e liter:: for the bureau at Wa:hi:iM-
!i-:i. Tiie plan doe- not (any v.ifr
i; the appi.Tut men? r.f a large num
ber of new employee.-, bu' p-'ov::'.''
for th.'' more ciTee'ivt- utilisation : :
!:, present field force and will ma'.e
f. r !:igher e!!'.riency.
"The- new plan." said l'ini:i!ii'i'"
e- lioper. "w hen i:i full opera t io;: . '
ci.nteiarlate'S that tl,e pio;:l? e f ev
i ry ror;;i:iunity v to the niimbv'r .
of federal taxpayers requires it.
hi. all be a-sured that within .
reach is a brau'di revenue- olhce.
open at all limes, where the- tax-!
payer ca?i eo for blank:-, advice" am! .
c.pert assistance in making his ta.xj
re turn and payitig his taxes, thus i
sa ving him worries and pcns-.ll i-s.
ami relieving the .service of tie!
pte.-ent ovcrwhe'lming coiige-tioti in j
tie central collection oniev. ;
The declaration made by the rail
road brotherhood.-, that either tiiti;
wages must be- raised again er tie
hive an unpleasant sound te t"a ;
rest of the public, but its e-hect
should be good. For it involve a i il'.- I "t ;l. I at.' of the southwest O-lar-
; ; . i . f li." i-eat hu . - I eiai I. I :
tacit recognition of a fact too ofic.:lsV'.. :.:t of S"iieu nir..te.n i;".
Tou n.-liip tin !". N'M-tn J.ane f .u. I -
lost, sight of
il. r-wt ni.l.
the government strike at the root
this cost-of-living disease instead
haling with mere-, symptoms. ;t
get nowhere. The1 same truth i
fore-cd home by the IVnnsylvani
coal men, who point out that it t- v
e'ue.stion of high wages er low -t
food either alternative' will .sui
t hem.
As a mitltr of fact, the I : : t -alternative
is bvtter in every v.vy
because it is fundamental. Hei:'n'
experience has proved tiie futility oi
merely raising wages as a mean
of maintaining living standard:.
When wages are; raised in one occu
pation, soon they have to be raise'!
in another, and so on, until all
have been brought up to the nev
staneiard. Hy that time the proec--litis
to begin again. And so it gee
in an endless round, wages ati';
salaries always trying to reach th,
vanishing end of the rainbow i f
comfortable living.
It is logical enough. As soon as
wages are raised in any ind;is!y.
the proelucts of that industry e-o.-t
more. This means that the niei
working in other industries have to
pay more of their earnings to buy
the products ef this industry. So
their wage's have to be raised. Then
everybeiily else lias to pay more ii.i
the products of that industry.
Hut back of all thh symptom
treating is the' fundamental indurtr
ef agriculture, the industry which
exists before all others, on which all
others depend. If foodstuffs can be
held down, there will not be tie
same, need of raising pay in the e.. It
er industries. For the basic, need f
everybody will he met. And wnen
it is met without undue hardship
on anybody, the prices of all either
commodities are kept, down accord
ingly. It is understood, of course, that in
and cattlemen and herdsmen must
make ' a living.
But few people
d.inht tliat the produeers would he
assured of adequate returns with-
! out keeping whoU--sale and retail
prices tip to their present level. It
,s , ,)C ri.nieilli,erfl, too. that if
',,,,. ,irit.,.s (r ,)(hpr products could
1(nv(.rrd. ,irodiie-ers would not
' m.(i(, hh a ra(w (f protit ,.,
: s .ves a on,(r , supply themselves
i with the various necessaries and
comforts of life.
j . i-ttia was given se ve:i days
j .o ue- in which to sign the peace
i T'.i:. At th.e end of that tune she-
vimt sign or )ier name will be
hanged to Kauotria.
j The supren.e allied war council
h s decided .to igtmre IMhmann
liollv.rg's pba t rtand trial for the'
.'ormer !c: nuni e'mperer. "Why
-!. n't yi-i; siea'.. for xourself, John?"
Coventor .ie Kelvie received i
ill. i r se v re :lap ein the- wrist riat-
u rd
lr- m the members of the low-
er ho! e
of th.e legislature.
v i: n iti:ins
t.l I e
t.l-.isiwl, '.-!SS
,i: II..'
ill ll
... e
I -.ei; I y
I ! e
llOi I !
of An-
':i, il.
, I-.-..J
. aseii:
. : . I' s
,:ia..l I wri
: I I '"l
I ; I 1 ' I , t . i mi:
:i:ei N.
.. . .. a. o:
.1 .-.,(!!:::,'
. - i - . , with
..i :,' e:et a:'
...I 1 .,- tl..
..; sai'l
i , . 1 1 ! ! i I J '
: II.'
; t , i i''! i i -1 1 1 ! 1 1 in i .a 1 1
' . i. 'i 1 v . a A u .; iisl I -:i.
I. er i: l''l-'. "
. i . ;o Ii ilay I" I ' iv'
all rl.lltn- al'lli.-t s.'t
i view to tl.i-ir a.ljust-A-
1;.. I line i. in it
i ii la t ien " ;' el a i ii. -
. ; l.,'l'- l-i 1 '.I ' lll"lll I
; i-f An;: us? 1
li!:i,. li-i-ite'i l"i- !''.'
j nil., veif f 1 1 1 1 Mi"
1 ;, a ml t l-e .--I'll 1
'niirt tins 7l!i 'lay "
.i.i.i:n .t r.Ki'"N.
County Jiole.
1 1
Wl! -:- tl
ii !! '"ani -.Inly.
J Hf.'.
(S.all j I 4 - V
l.i:e;i. M.ini.
.1 .0; li m r. ti i 1 re.
lv i : . .,r ' sn 'i' l
: t. -
.! W.
.-p.-at'eii. il !'vi"-- lf
lakn.iv 1 1 :.-irs. oi . i--ee, -.i
i i. " e..-iiOitives aie! a:
.ll.t.- Olt'O'-Sleil 111 1 .is e.-tll'..-
Sorati'H. if livin-. if "le.-. as
:.1l;e..-..-t l.eo-s. .i.-vise . s. b-gi
..-ei'iil .-''iitat in i'S aiel a
. ? !. i e t'-a :a i is e-ta.-
i i'
. il
i. i I.
-. I"
. i i
sea! !':!. if 1 i in--.. O"
aakii wn t.i Jr.-. le
.-.Mi.' i i ' i. O-1 i
-. l.-e i-
a I.. I -'o
- ta Ie
-t :
1,111- 1 1 l I 1' 1 ; ' u ill '
,! X" : , ' -v. : t 1 : vi
e. if '!.-.
! . : , I . .- I i '. i lx T : " i i i
I . . . . -1 - 1 1 -1 1 i ' ' :
ii . . r : .e r.- "li m ' :
vi.-e,-.-, : a -
I ii 1 i a !"l a
1 in iiis e-ta'.e
i ioi
:i I i s l Mi
.1 111 the
. as. .i; t!;.
;,. i .- ..tin i I
, r i i ".'is latere . t
I' .i'.i'. ie ' I l il ies, I..
v M owners iiinl on
1 1 1 e a: inn i. : s
,,- i,.,. ; l,w est i, carter (SA
NW'.i; the ii'iiliW'-st iiiartiT oi
i.uet Iter ( N VV ' I S V ' I I
!.... ill. nl" the t.lli I. M.. e.ass
j i-i 'ii a i .
I a i ai i i
NVLiiukii, ami all er.-on
an- intei'.-t of any liOnl I"
. .( i
l!i ! :'.
i . . t
eal itI.iI., "i- a:i. part iiu ii'o. ,
.nil i o li "f "ii are hereby ii"
;.iat on H e '-th !ay f .InU.
a petit:. -n tile.l ill the I :.--
.1 e i "lino . ..-.w.
,-ti v iii'h !l I-', e'eiii.-i a in- 'i. W.
.. ... .. ..i ; mi i n - : i ii.l .Mrs. .loan
n : !'
e one r
lost i
il nano
..i,L imiu ii. wile i ' '
.lohn Stivil.-i ; Saal.'I'l s-l'iai on. n
rvii-,'. if -a.-. :. his eaknown lno.-.
ti. vise-..-, legatees. I'l isoaal re jwesea-tativ.-s
ai.'i all oi.i..-r ei-"ns in teres. -..I
in his i.i.ili', Win. It. fpratlm. .
livin-. lf el.-eeasi .!. hi- niikie'Wn hens
.l.V.lse.s. legatees. l'l'S'.:i.ll i-.-presen-
tiv-s ami ill! on er persons interest
ed in his . slate: Wia. H. Sprat ten., :l
living, if 'I'-e. a -i-i, hi- unknown h.-ii.-.h
visees, l. -atei s. (leisonal n pres. 11
tative s ami all e.ti er persons interest
. o j,, I if e.-la'.e. Tliomas .1. Miller. It
'ivi'i- if il.-eeas. el, his I, ll k now n la-ir--.
e. -v oc's, legate..-, personal represeti -tal
Ives and' ai! pe-r.-ons intert sted in
his e.-t;ite: tin- mikiiown heirs, person
al representatives and all other I";'
solis inle'iesl.-d ia the- e-tale e.f Ael.ilt-i;riiin-.
eleee-n.-erl : the niikriowu oXMiei .
aml iui1.iii.wii ehiiinaiils- of the south
west iinartei m the riorlhwe.-l niiiirtt.
(SV.i, NW',): the iiorthwe.-t iiiarlei
of th- .-outhwest iuarri r (NW 'i s.
',: the mirtli half e.l the s'ulhwis!
(i.i.i!"i- of tie .-out I: west quarter
'. SW'i S'i,i. all of Seetioil tiine'ieei
ilin. Township' ten (I'M. North ltar;"'
toiiit'.ti 111), east of the' nth l '. M
l.'ass eoiuity, Nel.iiisUa: iiu.l a" per
sons eiaiititi'ig iiin ititi-re-t of iin- knel
in said le-al estate "i any l'art tliere
o;', v. t re .lefendii n ts.
I'll.- ohjeet ami prayer of whie li pe
tition aie- to iuiet the title in the plain
tiffs, II. I. Corner and 1. W. Coiner, to
l!:e- south west nuarler of the north
west eiuiirte-r iSW'i NW', I tin- iiDith
iH'M eiualter of lie Mill t Ii west '111111''"'
l.N'W'., SW4I: the north hiilf ol tie
Miittliwest o'liirt.r "f the southwesl
liiiirter (NVi SW'.i SW'i). all of Se. -lion
1 i 11 e te'e-ii i;i. Township ten 111",
North t:aii"o .,i:rt.en I 111. east !
the (it h I". i;., C;i--s ei.iunty. Nehraska.
lie-cause saiil ',!aintifrs have liul the
ae-tuui. open, not'.rious. exclusive ami
adverse possession Ihere-of ;uni ee-ry
part and parcel thereof for more than
ten yfars last 'past prior to the e-oni-t'M-neciaent
of said action. and l"r
egaitiil.le relief.
Yoa iind liii-h of yon arc further 11"
tilie'.l that von ate ie.iiired to an
swer s-iiid petition "n eir liefoi' .M"n
dav. the Kith elav "f Sent em her, l'Jl'J.
11 K. cee.Mi-:i:.
1;. w. ccjmi:i:.
1 'la iii tiffs.
j.lw Attnrney.
1. !-:;. 1. Mi'iifK
To Ke iinett. if llvinw. tf de
'e'aseel. his unknowii hens, elevisees
l Uiitt e-s. personal representatives airl
all other persons i 11 1 ere-st -.l in the; es
tate of William lSenne-lt; Win. il.
Shepard. if living." i f eleei ase-d. Ills', un
ktl'iU'M , ll. lot. ep'isies. h sateies,. pei -M.iii'l
repr. e ntutive s and "Ii other
nei-sons Intel estid in the s'ate 10
W;n. II. Shepard; John ' lOirnhaln. ;l
llvinir. if liiieased. his unknown heir--,
ilevi.-ees, legatees, persoiiiil repre-seii I -lives
and all otter la-rsons ilitere-steo
ill tiie esliite of John H. Uurnliiiin:
Vein and eaeh of you Ule- lierehy
notihed thi't on He- 1 s t day of .I'll',
mr.i, a petition uas lileel In he
trii-t Court of Cio-s e-oimty. Ne hrii.-ha.
in which Anna White, formerly Anna
Voui'ir: Catherine eiape-n. formerly
Catherine Younu; Viola Wiley, form-
ll l i li; ;i s
" " ..'-"T "'.. r.worx.. ' l''
mm vsjll-'.w.
mm few?: IM
e-ily Viola Voiinir; Isahcdle Young, Itur
iii ou.'.e uxii Arthur Younjj. were!
1 1, f n t .-, ami William Bennett. if
iviiir. if .It 1 eased, his unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees. pe-IMinal re-pre-seli-
tative-s ;.nl all other persons inter
ste.l ;! est. He of William li.-n-
, . ti: V:. II. Si epard, if living, if eie-ea-e.,
his unkiiowu heirs, devisees,
legate-. .-', personal re pre-se n t a t i ves ami
ill oil.r persons interested in the
stale "f Win. JI. Sheparel; John II.
1:1:1 nh.i:.!. if livinc-. if electa sed. Lis
imkm.'W i heirs. d visees. legatees.
'er-en.i 1 re.i-is.:i t a 1 1 ves and all other
; rs"i.s ; .1 lei est e.l ia the estate of j
.I01.11 il. r.urnham, uere dt fendants.
Ti e ol j. i t and prayer of which - ;
..el .-.r- to .;:iiet the title' in thej
.hi in t i . Anna Wiiite. forme-iiy Anna!
Vniii'.j; Ci.therine ctapon. formerly!
T'atiurine Viola Wiley, form- I
rl .- Vjolii Yoiin: I-abelle Yoiiii'. j
Hilton Vn!!ii' and Arthur Voutiir. to!
i.nt four 111 01 the southeast eiuartc-
f the sou tii west iniarter (SK'i SW1);
Lot five (.". in the northeast quarter
.I tl.- sunt hwest iiaarteT (Nt;1, SWt):
I,, t linn l"'i (li' in t.:e north, ast
:; iiil.T of the- s.utl:e:ist iiuart. r i.'K:i
-!:'; 1; l..t lilt. , n (!.') in tne nortu-,v..-t
"iiiiiiter of thi; seiiiriienst quarter
NW4 SK't 1; the south half of the
-e.utiieast iiiliirti-f iS's SK'i . all in
: hoi thirt.en ll"). Townsliip eleven I
.111 v.hii 1 -. 1 ii.-.. 1 1. i 1-1 ..en n:ti t.: r
of the 1.U1 P. M . : also the west h;i!f
f lie southwest ipiarter eW' SW1,!
ef Sect ien t iul.teeu I 1M, 'j . w n s 1; i i
.-!eeii ill'. North Kanire fi)i'.rtee:i (14)
.list of tie- tii 1. M.. Cass county, Ne
hrasha. hee-ause said jdainliffs liave
I ii.i the io luai. oiii-n, notorious. e--eliisive
and adverse possession there
'll', and everv part and parce-1 the-reef
for more thiin ten years last past
5 - (J. LJ ;Z2J7
Fulton truck
mean profit fr
business also.
smokespot with Prince Albert it hitn
you so fair and square. It's a scuttle full of jimmy
pipe and cigarette makin's sunshine and as satisfy
ing as it is delightful every hour of the twenty -four!
It's never too late to hop into the Prince Albert pleasure
pasture! For, P. A. is trigger-ready to give 3'ou more
tobacco fun than you ever had in your smokecareer.
That's because it has the quality.
Quick as you know Prince Albert you'll write it down
that P. A. did not bite your tongue or parch your throat.
And, it never will! For, our exclusive patented process
cuts out bite and parch. Try it for what ails your tongue!
Toppy red bags, tidy red tint, handsome pound and half pound tin
humidors and that clever, practical pound crystal glass humidor with
sponge moittener top that keeps the tobacco in such perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
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act i
r to t!:i' e oinnienee r.itnt of said
e.r.. and for equitahle re-Iief.
on ami eji'di of yen are further
irie.i tinit ou are re.uireel to an
i said p.-tilion on or he-fore Mon
, t. e stli dav of Septemhc-r, 191!i.
Oil V
Formerlv Anna Young
Formerlv f'atlierine Youtiif
l-'niniHi'lv Vieda Young
isai:i-:i,i.i: yocnx;,
i;ci:tn Ydrxn,
AltTHl'i: YCiL'N'i.
A. KAW1.S, Attorney.
To Cili li A. Vt'oolnian. if iivimr, if
deeeased, the unknown heirs, devisees.
!e-.,t-es. personal repreen ta ti vci ami
all otl er lei.-ems iateiestel in the es
tate of Caleh A. Woolman: Susanna
W'oi. Mnan, if living, if eleeeased, the
uiiki.own l-,e-irs. elevisees, legatees, per
sonal repress-n tit t i ve s and all either
persons interested in the estate of
Susanna, Woolman: Augustus C. Wool
man, if livinsr. if eleeeased. the un
known l.eirs. devisees, letra te-e-s, per
sonal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate e.f
Augustus C. Woolman; tiie unknown
owneis and unknown claimants ejf
the southeast i(uarter eif See-tion eicht
S) , Towns;liiji twelve (11), North
llaii-e' twelve (12i, Kast of the lith
V. M., I'ass et.unty. Nehraska, and all
persons i'!uiminsr any interest of anv
kind in said re;il estate, or any part
You and e-ae-h of von are lierehy no
tified that on the L'Srd elay of Jane.
119. a petition was fileel in the J'is-
s A.
i -.s "V -r-
- "7 - " . ew t
WHEN mnd or ruts are deep,
then comes a hard test of
truck efficiency. Fulton Trucks
are equipped with the Internal-Gear-Driven
rear axle. They have
greater road clearance, sturdier
axle construction to meet the
strains and 92 per cent, of the mo
tive power is applied directly to the
rear wheels.
Unfailing road ability has made
Fulton the choice of great national
concerns such as Standard Oil Co.,
Borden Farm Products Co., Jones
: Laug'hlin Steel Co., and others.
YOU can't help cutting loose joy 'us
remarks every time you flush your
trie-t Court e.f Cass e-m.'l.t v, Ne-l.ravha
it, whiih IMwiM'l vi-:.i. r vsas p,iu
n -
lift" and ("a!. '.' V. '. eo!t!i:i'i. if In n.t.
if dee.-Hse.!. tl.e l:l,kliO !l hells. I ' . I
1 .'Lra t ... -' i. i-i .-eii.i! i t iinst'ii t a I 1 ''
and all "tier " i -m-i.s in. er. -I. d in the
estate .,f I'ahl. A. V,
W oi.iiiaii if ! . '. i ' .
e ' I i 1 1 r 1 1 . S- 1 " - .
i li ii.i
t I O
if .:. t.
unknown l.eiis. .1
s. h '.'.it. .'.-, i" r-
s. mil 1 re or. s- ii I a I i v. s
lla i 11 ' I e.ti. el
J .1 I S ' ' 1 1 lli I i.- it .1 in . .
Susiiima Woolinari. Aimu-liis ( '. Wool
I in
mail, ti ii.iiir-. ii ......i- ... ..
known l.eirs. iiev I se.. - le;., .
lUll l el'Vesel;! at i
lit I
T'ersons i n i p ie. 1 1 d .n tie- t.-tat
A UiTUStUS '. Weeil'ia 11 ; If
owners and ch i nia 'it .- of
east ej lav'er ' i ' ' . ' "1 S
(Vi. To wrs h i p t wel ' e
1 .a mre t we ! e I 1 1 I. I ai s t
n k now n
t .. ei i'i;
: hf
1. . N'Otli
"I the I, I,
1 M. Cass- eonnl v. N' l'i aska. iind
persons ila:nii!i a:i- irittr.-.-t t.f au
ktnd in said leal estate, or any pa i t
tlli-ieof. Wile lie I.-Ilull lll."
T! :.. . 1 1 i. a -111 t '7-;i Ver
f wl.hh p
tition are- to ipiit-t the- tit!
t h'J
1 he
plainti'T. I.dwar.i
.".' i,. r to
,i.uaii. .ti i . i i ii '.ii . . . ' i n
i-inlit i si. Tow lis' i p t v. e i ! J i. N..i!li
Kaim.- t.ele- (l-i, I last of th" '.th
. , . v . i ... . i. .. i
t liea.-l
after ( S I-; 1 , 1 i S. i I ion
1 . . l ., a s s ..eiiii. ii ... I.... -.'.
said phiintilf has had the a.-tnal. op.
notorious, exclusive i.tid adverse
session lh.-ie.'f. and c ;.' s 1 1 t
panel thereof, for lil'ii" I ! .. leu .
last pi i"r t" 1 1 e-.-m'-i. i" eiei.t
.m t
a r -i
said action, ami f"r e. p 1 1 1 a : ' i r-1 1 r
Von He. I eaeh of I e flirlher
muiti'd l.'.at on it if re'iii:.l to an
swer said petition i"i or I . , "if M"ii
dav tilt- lirsf dav id' S.-et- m h t . 1'.' 1 'I.
i:i)v.i:ii wi.i;i;.'Ki:.
C. A. JhWVl.S.
i ji 4-sv:;'i.a s. At tort., y.
! $7.
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