The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 31, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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THURSDAY. JULY 31. 1919.
y Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray nd Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Keaderg
If ti;T rf the readers of tit
Juurmt ki:OT- of ai;y socifcl
freai 01 lie in f i merest in
this vicinity, anu will rcaii
buidp to '.his office, it will at
ppar under tbis hcadirtr. We
w&nt all news Ileum Emron
Warrants Fait
The reports of this bank
show progress and successful in
vestment. Strict adherence to the bank
ing laws, careful transaction of the
business and honest consideration of
our depositors' interests go to make
this institution a safe, substan
tial and reliable depository.
uur record lusu-
fies the faith of our
great number of
depositors and
w insures Drotection. v
Safety Honesty Courtesy Service
Four pa.r cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the Stat Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Luck i'K? -lur luilc. Oldham
t-!irk l'dn.i.
Jcl.n Y.irdhy has been improving
i-lowly. lie is now able to get out
of il.e home seune.
Ray Campbell lort a vt ry valuable
hre !a.: Monday due to tin ex
treme Ii : t weal Lit.
Ilcwi.rd Gra.'ts and family were
ii: Plattsmouth las? Saturday even
ing I.-i 11 their trading and taking
;m th street fuir.
Rcbt. S::rad r aii'l wife n turned
home last Friday from Casper, Wy
oming, where they were called to
attend the funeral of Mrs. Shrader's
Mrs. Margaret Adams, of White
Rock, Wyoming, and I. rot her, J. C.
Giles, of Tut tie. Okla.. spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs. T. G.
Miss Agues Rutherford spent a
vt!i with Lit aunt. Mrs. Dull, and
Mi.-s Gladys Mrasr,k returned home
with her where she will spend a
t'k at the Rutherford home.
Wm. Rice and family, including
Inutile Per.edict, of Omaha, passed
through here lat Sunday enrotite
to V.'e'pintr Water, where they
.-pent the day with their daughter,
Mrs. Fitzpntri'-k.
Thro.-hinir is get tins: under pretty
good h''3di;v in this locality at
this time. Kuy Campbell threshed
a michty pood piece cf oats for John
Vrieh ti;I- we-k. They topped the
yields f this locality. making fifty
bushel-? to the acre
NOTICJO Miss Mae Loughridge,
teacher of voice. Opening for sum
mer term.
S. D. Smith and family, of Have
lock, were here last S in day. driving
down in their car to spend ihe day
at the home of Bert Lloyd.
Jesse R. McVey will depart this
I week for a few months visit back
! in Illinois and Indiana. He expects
to return here for the winter.
Rev. C. C. Kyle sends word that
he cannot fill the pulpit at the
Presbyterian church here on Au;.
2d. as per former announcement.
Mrs. L. H. Puis was in Omaha
last Thursday, accompanied by Mrs.
". H. Puis,, going- up to see Mrs.
Fred Hild. who, is still in the hos
pital in that. city.
Andy Morrow, from Uurwell. Ne
braska, was visiting- with old time
friends here last week. Andy was
for many years a resident of this
locality, living on u farm just east
of Murray. This being his old
homo he sure lias a great many
friends who are always pleased to
Fee hi 111.
Mr. and Mrs. 13. Dill departed last
Sunday for McCook, being- called
there owing- to the serious illness of
Mrs. Dill's mother, Mrs. Georpe
Adams. last winter Mrs. Adams
suffered with a severe attack of the
flu. and it left her in a very weak
ened condition to battle with other
troubles that mizht develop. Mrs.
Adams is well known in this vicin
itv where she lived for many years.
Tloney Saver Specials
Men's fan mixed work sox, medium weight, just
the ripht kind for hot weather, 6 pair. $ .85
Men's Turkey red or Indigo blue handkerchiefs,
good big size, 2 for 25
Men's suspender back, genuine indigo Steifel
denim overalls 1.75
Men's Jackets to match above overalls 1.75
Hoy's Waists, net patterns in blue, brown, helio
itnd combination stripes, soft collar and cuffs
the kind others ask $1.00 for, our price -. - .85
Otto I'uls and laiuily spent Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. You ig enter
tained a number of friends at din
ner hist Sunday.
Miss Beulah Sans returned home
last week after a few dc.ys visit
with her sister.
Mrs. Uartlett is enjoying a vi.-lt
from her mother, from Hasting?.
Neb., this week.
Guy' White, of Plattsm;uth. .as
spending the day last Sunday at the
D. A. Young- home.
C Y. Gilmore and brother Ciyde.
have rented the Walker place fr
the coming season.
NOTICi: Miss Ogla Minford.
teacher cf piano. c.w enrolling
pupils for summer term.
Wm. Contryman shipped two
cars of rattle to South Omaha Mon
day evening of this week.
Miis Vera Yardley came home
from Omaha last Sunday to t-pend a
few days with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Minford and
family were attending- the Chau
tauqua at Plattt-mouth li.ft Sunday.
Walt. Minniear has rented the
Hunter property, near Flattsmouth.
where he will farm the coming' sea
son. Ray Henry is driving: a new Ford
car, that he bought through the T.
!I. Pollock Agency, of Plat tsmou t h
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Poedeker and
Mrs. Bartlett were Omaha visitors
laM Thursday, driving- up in Mr.
Poedeker's car.
Cecil Pettit is sporting a m v.
Ford car thnt he purchast d through
the T. H. Pollock Agency at Plans
mouth this week.
Miss Margaret Spangler is spend
ing a few days at the home of Mis-
Marguerite .Wiles in Plattsmouih.
also attending the Chautauqua.
Mrs. S. G. Vnlaud. of Kernel . C; 1.. be home some time in August
for a visit with her mother ana
Msters and brothers. Mrs. Fnlana
is the daugrhtcr of Mrs. Peter Perry.
H. C. Long returned home from
Furnas county last week, where lie
had been looking after his wheat
crop. He reports everything: in
good shape in the western part of
the ytate.
Jesse Dowther and family were
down from Coleridge. "Neb.. 1-st
Sunday for a brief visit with oid
friends in and near Murray. They
drove down in their car. and after
a visit with friends here took the
trail for Ohio, where they will ma'.;?
a visit with relatives.
Dr. P. F. j;rendcl. Dr. and Airs.
Will Prendel and Mrs. Mirouartft. of
Avoca. returned home last Saturday
evening; from their two weeks trip
in the west. They visited the fam
ous Yellowstone Park, and other
points of interes.t They report a
very pleasant trip.
Frank Schlicbtcmeier topped the
market last Thursday with a car of
hogs shipped to South Omaha. There
were seventy-five head in the car.
and they brought him $22. 7T. per
hundred pounds. They made an av
erage of 2S0 pounds each, and the
Cfcr brought him nearly ? r 0 0 . This
was the highest price ever paid for
hogs in South Omaha.
Breaks Collar Bone.
Lee Farris came very near meet
ing: with a serious accident last
Saturday while hauling wheat trim
the shock to the separator. He
was on the load engaged in pitching:
bundles to the machine, when he
fell backwards from the loud to the
ground lighting on his head and
shoulders in such a manner as to
break his collar bone. While the
injury was a very painful one he is
getting" along- very nicely with no
permanent results from the injuries
200 acres of land,
miles northwest of Creighton,
braska; five miles southwest
WinetooH. This place consists
: IX
140 acres of farming land and c
acre;, of good pasture; ith runnine
water the year round; a good set of
improvements; new f.-room hous;
cattle shed that will hold 60 l ead A
cattle, with hay mow; Laru for eii j1
he:-d of hott-e; granary for 1.-.
bushels of rrain; double corn crib
for 1.200 bushels; new garage, ..:
lo; two hen houses 12x14; two hog
houses; windmill and plenty of goor
water. All fenced and cross fenc
ed; teu acres hog pasture. All Rood
heavy clay soil. Close to school. f
interested write me at Creighton.
Nebraska. R. F. D. So. 3. box 21. r
phone IL'5, inetoon, Nebraska.
(From Minneapolis Paper.)
Drouth extends over the whole of
Montana, and the crops in that slate
are burned out, according to William
P. Kenuey. federal manager of the
Great Northern railroad, who re
turned to St. Paul last night from
the west.
Miss Etta Nickels was in Plaits- "A great calamity has befallen
mouth Tuesday. Montana," he said. "The state
Wm. Puis was visiting- with must have help and not charity. Its-
count v seat iriends la.-:t Saturday. livestock must be sent into otner
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Carroll were state?. One of the first thinss to
Plt tl-mouth visitors ia.t Monday, j be1 done is to get a low freight rate
Mrs. Albert Wil.-on has been : on feed into Montana, and the next
numbered with the .ick for the past i is to get part of the cattle out.
few days. "Montana is a great state and it
W. H. Pals ajid family spent Sun- j ha a great in ople, who are going
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. j to stick it out. They realize the
Jal.e Kraeger. ' state is stricken, but they are full
Mr. and Mrs. Ern Carroll were i f" American pluck, and feel Montana
over from neur Avoca last Sunday j will have the same evolution that
to spend the cay with home folks. ; Kansas and Ne-braska and other
Two ears of v.he;t were t-hipped states have had."
from this station Monday evening, j Plattsmouih and Cass county
So there is now room in the elevat- j ave quite a number of residents in
ors for more grain. : the state of Montana, among whom
are Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman,
who are living near the town cf
Paker. We have been informed
Electric Light and Power
for Happy Farm Life 1
Mrs. K. M. and little
daughter. Mildred, who have been
here for the past few weeks visit itig
with Mrs. -Steiner's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P.erger. depart-d last Friday
for their home in Lincoln.
Geo. McCrackrn went over to
Creston, Iowa, this week to assist in
moving his family to this place. They
have rented the Smi'h property, and
vill soon be comfcrtr.My located in
their M u rra y home
Miss Clara Yonnir returned home
from her vacation trip and visit
with lier sister at Veil. South Dako
ta, last Friday, and resumed her cut
ties in the Burlington shops at
Plattsmouth Monday morning.
Carl Lf.Tip: and family, from near
Springfield, came over last Friday
fir a visit with old 5! array friends.
Mr. Lang" returned home Sunday,
but Mrs. Lang and the children
will remain here for a few days w'th
Murray friends.
The Meier Drug" Co.. have receiv
ed their --oda fountain, the same be
ing sent down from Plattsmouth
Mor.dny evening:. The peoplo of
Murray will soon be able to secure
the very best in the line of s' f
drinks in the future.
The trucks in and near Murray
are all busy this week hauling off
the big- wheat crop, and t lie tru-k
way is much faster than the old
team and wag-on. L. H. Puis It as
had four trucks in the service for
the past few days, and they have
plenty more of the fame kind of
work in sight.
One of the little Hewitt boys,
about six yenrs old. came very neT
receiving serious injuries from a
loaded revolver last Monday even
inn:. The little fellow was playing
with the loaded reolver when t.e
weapon exploded, the bullet flyii:g
wild, but one of the hands of Ihe
little fellow was burned.
that their crops are
burned up and that they may be
compelled to dispose of most of their
ttcck er ship it to some other point
for the vinter. This is a pretty
hard blow to beginners, but Mr. and
Mrs. Chapman intend to "stick it
out." They went to Montana to
make their home, end it will take
more than one year cf drouth to
meke them lose faitli in the coun
try. We hepe they will fare better
than is reported at this time.
I am booking orders for peaches,
to be delivered about the first of
August, if interested call. W. T.
Richardson, Mynard, telephone
Merchants Need A Few Evenings.
We. the undersigned business m.n
of Murray, have decided to cto.-e
our stores three evening's out of the
week at six o'clock. The closing
nights will le Monday. Wednesday
end Friday evenings, and will re
main open the other three evenings
of each week as long as our patrous
desire, allowing- them ample time
totransact all their business. The
hours will prevail during the mcnh
of July and August, commencing
with July 1st.
Washington, July 2S. Carranza'e of Mexico, "is not a govern
iuent but a band of outlaws, both
technically and practically," and
"today it is utterly impossible and
an enemy of its own people first and
America second." William Gates of
Baltimore. an archaeologist. told
the house rules committee Jn its
hearing on the Gould resolution
proposing a congressional inquiry
into Mexican affairs.
Although asserting that President
Wilson was misled in making his
decision to recognize Carranza. be
lieving: the Mexican to be "people's
champion." Gates declared in favor
of leaving the solution of the Mexi
can problem with the president. The
president, he said, had been not
fully informed of conditions in the
southern republic.
Lavt n worth, Kan.. July
I";ji)ing an immediate return to
( !.icago. to be followed later by a
tour 1 the country. William I).
!:: word, former secretary of the
Indvc-trial Workers vi the Yv'.rid,
v ;:s it leased from the federal pris
on vi. bond today, ponding au ap-
... . '
Ke.-i.'irting that he and the V
oth-.r I. W. W.'s sentenced in C '
rn:-o. had not been given a fair trial.
l!.'.v-oou said he would make an
appeal in his tour, which is to b
pin in the east, to "tne working net:
f tie country."
See big display ad of Fred E.
Johnson's in this issue, whereby you
can get auto and truck oils at
have some snaps in lands in
Gage, Pawnee and Johnson counties,
Nebraska with easy terms. It will
pay you to see me for a home or in
vestment. Mockenhaupt Land Com
pany. Sterling, Nebraska. 2G-4wksw
ivien s iiveraiis
Men's Staple Overalls and Jumpers $2.00
' Heave Blue Overalls and Jumpers 2.25
" Firtck's Detroit Special Overalls and
Jumpers 2.50
Men's Shirts .90
" Heavy Shirts 1.25
" H. D. Lee's Unionalls, striped and solid
blue 3.50
TiDon't forget this store clofes on Monday, Wed
nesday and Friday nights during July and August.
Aliothsr nights we will serve you as late as you need
our service.
ALP GANSEMER, Proprietor
All In
No Vibration
No Noise
Endorsed by
For Dependable Service Install The
Electric Light and Power Plant
Everybody knows the advantages of electric light
and electric power. Everybody wants this modem day
convenience. The big question is "What plant shall
I select?"
Take our advice. Select the plant that's silent the
plant that's free from terrific vibration the plant that
won't quickly shake itself to pieces. Install the wonder
ful Silent Alamo.
No Vibration No Noise
In the Silent Alamo there is no noise due to the quiet operation
3i the Ide Super Silent Motor with the rotating sleeve-vjjvc. There's
no severe vibration due to scientific balancing of weight.
Thousands of farmers as well as staid eld engineer experts have
been amazed by this silent plant. Come in and see a demonstration.
Learn why the Silent Alamo assures years of service.
L tin
A number of good red male pi.-;s
for sale, price $20 tt 12. J.
Meisinger, Plattsmouth. telephone
2S14. d&v.
remedy for colic and diarrhoea and
should br kept nt hand by every
Summer Complaint Quickly Relieved
"Alxnit two years ago when suff
ering from a severe attack cf sum
mer complaint, I took Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy and it
relieved mo almost instantly,"
writer. Mrs. Henry Jewett. Clark
Mils, K. Y. This is an excellent
Alv.ays Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exo'iance
will always carry a complete line of
Hardware, Paints, Oils, Farm
implements, Tractors,
We do all kinds of tin work, heating and plumbing,
and will also save you money on furniture orders.
Come in and get our prices on anj'thing in our line.
We will treat you right and save you money.
Phone fto. 24
Will Always Carry a
Complete Line of
If It's in the Drug Line We will Look alter
Your Wants at All Times
f i
jl7-4tsw. R. W. PlfER.