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    nz two.
Children Cry for Fletcher's
Ittte Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
la use for oyer thirty years, has borne the signature of
- and has beeu made under his per-
sonal supervision since its infancy.
w6W Allow no une to deceive vr,u in th;-
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-goou f are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience agcirst Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine aor other narcotic subctpnec. Its
ngc is its guarantee. For niore than thirty years it has
beer in constant use for the relief cf Constipation, 1 l?.tulencr
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverisbnecs arising
therefrcm, and by regulating the Stomach and Eowe's, aids ;
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural 6lecp,
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
genuine CASTOR! A alwav
Bears the Signature of
h Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Wednesday's Daily.
Herman OUerstnn ;iml Motor
wore in I lie city last eevning from
thtir home west of Mynard.
Mrs. II. H. I larger was a visitor
i:i this city for a short time from
I: " home near Cedar Creek today.
Mark White and wife of couth of
oid I lock Bluffs, were in the city for
a r-hrt time yesterday evening look
it: after some business.
Waller Meisinger from near Ced
ar Crick was in the city last even
ly.;: k. mins: in with his car and was
lucking after some business matters.
Sam Goodman of nc?r Mynard
w?s a isiior in Plattsmouth for a
hl:t.ri this morning having
m n:e li'ifinoss tors to look after.
Chase Patterson was a visitor in
Plattsniouth last evening from his
heme? iK.-ar Kock Hlufs, driving up
to look after some business for a
tiiort time.
James S. Pitman of Nehawka was
a visitor in this city for a short
time this morning -looking after
some business matters at the office
of the county attorney.
J. V. Edmunds of Murray was a
visitor in this city for a short time
this afternoon, stopping: here after
having been to Omaha to look after
some business matters.
Paul Roberts the lumberman of
Cedar Creek, drove down from his
home this morning in his car and
was looking after some business and
was visiting with his father.
C. I,. 1'itman of near Nehawka
was a visitor in this city for a short
time yesterday afternoon having
driven up to look' after some busi
ness at the office of the county at
torney. -Harvey Gregg of near Murray was
a visitor in this city for a short
time his morning on his return to
Murray, after having been at brok
en Bow, where he has been vhiting
with his brother Hoy Gregg.
K. A. Kirkpatrick of Nehawka
was in the city yesterduy coming to
look after some busines.s matters at
the court house, regarding the oid
soldiers relief fund of which he i?
'V An 1
rsir2u:.3 - if.-".-,.. . b
$ Good te Hoass
THAT doesn't mean that you
a little moMcy to build one.
hou?c3 av.ay. But wc wanlcd
the next paragraph.
An agricultural expert at the Nebr-?
tim a.70 that a farmer could pay fo
or the Iced he s;ved in one wiTitcr.
statement was made as a result of
of farmers.
don't have to pay out
Vc aren't giving hog
you to be sure to read
rka station said a short
r a S'ood hog house out
It v.asn I a guess. The
experience on the part
And that in real!' only halt the dory. It doesn't take into
account that a good hog howre means more pigs per litter
and two litters a year instead of one.
I Ier is a real investment. A building that mors than pays
for iUcif in one year and then gees right on making money
fcryou. .
n-:t it must lc a srood !io lioue v.-eatS-Tproijf. warm, dry and sunny.
Ar.rl ft-r such a hcu-c VVhit? Fie i"tlic most economical for outside
imrr l.c it d-ocj vol warp, split, t 1. or rot. It's ca.y to work and
nzy .n tor-'s. It coals h littlj rr ere, Lut is cjicapest. in the long run.
Pr.-cliool v.-orkinrj pirns, epeci.c.cilion end hill of material
for the above l.oy Koum or any other type of farm building are
yours for the uitin.
Cedar Greek Lumber Company,
Cedar Creek, Nebraska.
one of the board handling that fund, !
was in the city last evenin? for a
short time, looking after the inter
ests of the 'boys of the civil war.
Mrs. M. Hild was a passenger to
Omaha this morning, where she is
at the heme of John Iliber and oth
er relatives for a time.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Parker who
have been visiting at the home of
L,. E. Elliott left this afternoon for
Storru Lake. Iowa, where, they will
visiting at the hospital with her Upend a few days before returning
sister-in-law Mrs. Fred Ilild who is
recovering after having undergone
an operation some weeks since.
Raymond Galloway of near Ne
hawka, was a visitor in this city
for a few hours this morning, having
driven up in his car, and was look
ing after some business matters for
a short time at the court house.
Mrs. Frank Sabatka and son
Vernon, were passengers to Omaha
this uuirning where they will con
sult a specialist regarding troubles
which both are having with their
tonsils, and which they expect will
have to be removed.
W. E. Rosencrans who has spent
several days in the west portion of
the stale, returned home this morn
ing, and while things are warm in
the west crops are being harvested
and the threshing of the small grain
is going forward rapidly.
Miss Gladys Horn oT Omaha,
daughter of Mrs. Geo. Horn of that
city is visiting in this city fer a
short time at the horn of her aunt
Mrs. ('. L. Herger and will later go
to the country south of i'edar Creek
where she will visit with relatives
1'hillip Ilirz is in receipt of an
elegant Hoist ein bull, which he has
purchased from the herds of I). ('.
F.ower of near Fullerton and which
he is placing at the head of his herd
west of the city. Mr. Hirz who
is a tine stock fancier, and a good
business manager, is always keep
ing hi herds up to the best.
Mrs. Frank Keown. who has been
visiting in this city for the pa-t
two weeks at the home of her daugh
ter Mrs. (Mem Merritt, departed this
morning for her home in Iowa, after
having had an excellent visit at
tli is place. She was called here oil
account of the illness of her (laugh
ter Miss Florence Keown. who had
at that time undergone an operation
at a hospital at Nebraska City, but
who has since recovered, and is now
feeling tine.
to their home at Fairbury.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Walter Dyers of near Rock LUuits
was u visitor in this city this after
noon looking alter homo busiiwv:;
Troy Wiles of Cedar Creek
was a visitor in I'lattsnioui h today
with his family called here to loor
after some business matters.
Wil:i I',;:;;
II. G. Stromer of Omaha
been vuitinsc tor the p::st few days
at Weeping Water was a visitor in
I'lattsmouth for a short time be
tween trains today.
Herman Smith from near Nt
hawka was a business visitor in th's
city for the day, having driven up
to look after some business matters
for a short time.
Mrs. Minnie I. w.od t Weeping
Water came in tliis. morning for a
visit with friends, and to be in at
tendance at the Chautauqua, where
her son Master Leland Wood is to
play this afternoon.
John and Will Seagraves and Wi'l
Mickon departed this morning t .r
Kedtield. South Pakota. where they
will work lor some time assisting in
get ling the harvests of that terri
tory properly garnered.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Osborne
and daughter, of Glen rock, motr r
ed to I'lattsmouth and spent Sund iy
isiting at the home of Ora Rhodes.
They were accompanied bv Mr. C. F.
l'ickett. father of Luther Piekett,
who spent the day visiting with hn
son and family, s
This afternoon C. A. Miller arriv
ed from his home near Urn ns wick
in response to a telegram from his
nephew Albert Miller, telling of the
sickness of Henry M. Miller. Mr.
O. A. Miller's brother and ' asking
that he come at once. Mr. Miller just
completed his threshing and was al
most worn out but hastened to the
bedside of his brother, who is re
ported as being slightly better.
ClilTord IJurbridge and fami!y
drove to Lincoln Sunday, where they
spent the day as guests at the home
of A. E. Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Kirus returned with them
and will spend a few days visiting
here. Mr. Kirus has just returned
from France and reached home on
last Friday. While In the army he
was with 'the ordnance department
and his work there was to take care
of the German salvage which was
turned over at the close of the war.
Tiir DiruTO nr pan
int. rt unio ur itiLi
And Were Anxious to Hctain Them
Until Abe Jones Showed Them
the Folly of Their Ways.
I" i l Wednesday's Daily. -
There's no telling how far-reach-ii
g the effects of the war may really
be. Every American soldier will en
joy the new Emerson-Loos comedy
production. "Oil.' You Women," now
boing shown at the Parmcle. t The
theme of the comedy deals with the
caorts of the returning troops to re
gain their jobs which have been
preempted by women in their ab
seence at the front. In the ultimUe
end one among their number, Abe
Jones, back from France a hero, suc
ceeds in showing the women of his
town their rightful place, although
rot until lie has declared war on
a female political ring and denounc
ed men assuming such tasks as knit
ting and tending the babies. Th"
authors have treated the story with
discrimination and the satire is keen
as a dagger b'-.ide. The picture was
seen by a goodly number last night.
Mid will be shown twice tonight ::t
the Parmele, thereby concluding its
two day engagement here.
From Wednesday's Daily
Mrs. Phillip Tritsch of Percival.
Iowa, who has been visiting in this
city for a short time at the home of
her mother Mrs. J. P. Keil in com
pany with her mother departed this
afternoon for Huron. South Dakota,
where they will spend some time
visiting at the home of Henry Keil
and wife of that place.
i.i;i;i. miki:
From Monday's Daily.
Mrs. J. W. Johnson who lias been
visiting at Lincoln and Weeping
Water for a few weeks has returned
to her home.
Miss Kathryu Evans, who has
been the guest" of Miss Eileen Mc
Carty. returned to her home at Ara
pahoe this morning.
Mrs. Casper came iu from Hecla.
South Dakota, today and will visit
T.. .Mis. .
lit: k .lown.
;. i f-. : .-.
il !. i
V. in.
. i. I
I : I-
V. ki.
. .1. I.!
1 . ' ,
. (. i
I I : . - I 1 .
! 1 1 1
1 1 li I :
Siiv.l.T, fust ival
:t'- ol .liuni spyoer;
llit Jf If iKiiin--
inw it . I, oil's. ! viN' os. lon;i-
in'.- n t II i " s atnl all
pi ioj i a I i s tl 1:1 Ins f.-lalf,
II. r.iilni. if living, if loioas-
i.i.Kroun ioi!, Ioimos,
,.. i ,,: ..- pt ii i ivi'S and ; il
I . . i : i 1 1 intt ro.-ud in hi.- stiit'1:
H. Sj i.itioii. ii' il deoosi-
ii'ii:ii'W'ii luii.-. ! vis-os. loa
lt i:k ! i 'op! .-i ntat ivi-s and nil
l i suns ii;tor-st-d in his estato;
lis .1. Mii!-r. i: living, if dooo;s.-'-
. .'. I is i.'ik:i"n boil's. i- videos, Iok"-
li is. ' :shki1 ii jjrosoiitatives and m
.diior pel siiii. inti ii stt'd in bis estate
sin iiiiKii'iwH !.oii., n rsonal roproson
lalivos and all P'T-sdiis Interest
ed in the t.-l:-'o d' .ildie ;rinios. ili-
eeaseti: 11. e i : n i; ! i ' ii owners and nil
Mxovn eiaii.i;in:t ol' Hie Miutliw.est
iiiiartei- !' Ir.e nurtlitt'Cft tiuartor iSU'
i MV'i i; t::e port Itwost iiuartcr
H,c s.(iil nwi st i;.i;irtor NW"U SW'UI
:r.o north hjlf of tlio .sou t ii west iuar-
i. i 'n il sun iWisl ijiiii rt'I' IN': i
SW'i I .ill f S-'-elioti liitieteen
i'muis!i'ii ten (tin. North Kailt-'e. font-
lie:! i 11. east id' the tdh 1. M., t'a
nniiiiy, Xi l.i a.- ka, and all persons
elainiii; any of any kind
.-aid leal t state, or any pai l tlioreof
on and e; i ll ol von are lierelty no
un. .1 il. at on tie jMli day of July
1 I a petition was lilid in tl'.e Dis
trn t Court of Cass county. N lraska,
in widen II. !'. Comer anC W. Comer
Aeie plaiiKiUs. anu Mrs. .lolm Snyder
iii.-t leal name niiUnown, wile "1
.1 i Snvder: Sai.fold V. Spratlell, if
:! ni;r. it iiim i a.v l. bis unknown lieii
.ievises li'ualcrs. personal reptosen
lalives a-id aii olni-r persons interest
ed in Ins estate: Win. il. Spratlin. if
:ivinK. if li'i'i'iis'.'il. bis unknown heirs
dev.iseos. leitalees. personal represen
tatives and all other nelsons interest
ed in hit estate- Win. Jl. Spratlon. if
livinir, if deceased, his unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees. personal represcn
tatlves and all oilier persons interest
ed in bis estate; Thomas J. Miller, if
living, if deceased, bis unknown heirs,
ucvi.o s, legatees, personal icprcsen
.aties and all persons interested in
ins estate; the unknown beirs, person
al representat ives and all other per
sons interested in the estate of Addle
wi'inies, deceased; the unknown owners
and unknown claimants of the south
west iua!'tei of the northwest quarter
(SU'd NAV'il; the northwest quarter
of the soutiiwest quarter (SWMi S
1 1 ) ; the north half of the .southwest
quarter of tlie southwest quarter (N
U ''4 SV . all of Section nineteen
1Ui, Township ten (10, .North KanKe
I our teen ll, past of the 6tli 1'. Al
Uass eoutity, Xeluaska; and all pet
sons claiming any interest of any kind
in said real estate or any part there-
oi. wore defendants.
The object and prayer of which pe
tition are to quiet the title in the plain
tiffs, 11. J Comer and tt. W Comer, to
the southwest quarter of the north
west quarter (SV'.4 NW'i) the north
west quarter of Hie southwest quarter
t.WVVi SVv4; the north hair of the
southwest quarter of t lie southwest
quarter (.N'A SW 'i S"'4 ), all of Sec
lion nineteen tl!). Township ten O0,
North Kanue fourteen east of
the 6tli 1'. AI., Cujs county, Nebraska,
beHiise said plaintiffs have hud the
actual, open, notorious, exclusive and
adverse possession thereof and every
part ami parcel thereof for more than
ten years last past prior to the com
mencement of said action. and for
equitable relief.
You pud eaeli of vou are further no
tified Unit yon tire, required to an
swer said petition on or before Mon
day, the I5lh ilnv of September. 11.
i I F. COM P..
C. V. t'OJIKR,
5-lw' Attorney
This is the package
with the moisture-proof
that keeps Chesterfield's original flavor ar;d
freshness intact. Your Chesterfields never
become either soggy or dry. They always reach
you in prime shape for smoking.
And, Chesterfields do something for your
smoke-hunger that you've always wished a
cigarette would do they "touch the smoke
zpoi" they let you know you're smoking
they satisfy right down to the ground '
It's the blend that does it, and the blend
can't be copied.
v'-V-. l
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blended
. r VVI j m3 TJ vri ju v s '
t-'ro'.i Wednesday's Ltally.
The paper of the Christian church
known as the "Standard" contains
the news of the ceparture from
East Enid, Oklahoma. a I which
place he has been for some time, go
ing there from here, and where he
has been teaching in the Christian
University, of Rev. A. J. Hargett,
who was the former minister of
the Christian church here, has ac
cept . a call to Boulder, Colorado,
where lie will minister to the
church at that place.
Heavy, impure blood, makes a
muddy, pimply complexion, head
aches, nausea, indigestion. Thin
blood makes you weak, pale and
sickly. For pure blood, sound di
gestion, use tturdock Blood Bitters.
$1.25 at all stores.
Fancy box jper at this office.
To William Peiinett, if livingr. if le
eeased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives and
all other persons interested in the es
tate of William Uennett; all persons
Interested in the estate of Jackson .
Old hum . deceased, including creditors
and claimants:
You and each of you are hereby no
tiH,i tiiut on Mii 12th day of July
loin ! netitiori was filed in the lis-
t -..' curt nt Cass county. Nebraska
in which W. O. lloedcker was plain
if ut,H villi:im Keiinett. If liviner. if
.i...... k.i i.iu iinktinwn heirs, devisees
u,.i' npi'Knnal renresentatives and
nil otber nersons Interesten in me w
into of William Bennett and- all per-
: ... . . . . e i-wL
. i utiirnt n il in i lie hmulc v i
uin c, O d ham. deeeasea, niuuuius
creditors and claimants, were
.1., nt i
The object and prayer or wmc.i j.e-
tition are to quiet tne tme in
plaintiff. W. O. Boedeker. to boi
.n..H.u'nut nnurlpr ISW b 7-4 I Ol
,.M.Uiwn rlfn nd Lot one (1)
in the southeast quarter of the south
west quarter (810 V4 SW',4) feei'tj"
ihiri,. 1'ine mid the west half or tne
..rii',ui nnurtor Vi. NWH) and
ihi west balf of the souinwesi.
vrvv'L'. rf Kpi-tinn thirty
all in 'Township eleven No'JJ1
i ai eouiitv. NftiiasKa. because
said plaintiff lias bad the actual, open.
notorious, exclusive aim buci-
session thereof, end every part and
parcel thereof for more than ten years
last past prior to the commencement
of said action, and for equitable re-
" Vou and each of you arc further
notified that on are required to an
swer satd petition on or before Mon
day, the 15th day of September, 1919.
For a mild, easy action of the
bowels, try Doan's Regulets, a mod
ern laxative. 30c at till stores.
itch, scald head, herpes, ecabics-,
Doan's Ointment is highly recom
mended. 60c a box at all stores.
For any itching
piles, eczema, salt
skin trouble,
rheum, hives,
Wall Taper, Paints, Glass. Picture
Framing. Frank (Jobclmau.
ii hi uouh; tv fc.iv.
C. A.
Subicribe for the Journal.
Farmers Stale