The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 24, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    THURSDAY. JULY 21. 1919.
jcif r a ;.A 7 y
.'h? Ula. Y..-. Have Always Bought, ancl v.i::.!i has been
lii :tC fcr over tliirty years, has borne th? signature cf
. ana has beea mace '.".nrer his per-
' scnal supervision Eir.ce its infancy.
vr-'-'- v.. xcw no one to deccivj cu ia this.
Ail Counterfeit?, I-nhaticns and " Just-as-j,o. i f aie but
Zzrcr:x.r.?S that trifle with and endanger' t!:c health of
Ir-i-n:.; Children Experience acairst r-psriinent.
. Wast ss CASTOR 2 A
Cast(t4i i.3 a harmless substitute for Caxtcr Paregoric,
Drops una locthiaj Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
i-u-ihcr Opium, IIcTphias aor ether narcotic r-L...fincc. Its
-g2 Ji its suarnruee. For more than tT-.irt ;- -?.-irs ft has
l ee ' in vorartant us for the relief of Cs-tlrr,.:.-:: Malulcncy-7i.-.j
C-Iic and Diarrhoea; allaying Fev.r.' :-.':e:s arising
t :c rcnorn, and by regulating the Stomach oca- Howe's, aias
t'ae asiinaticn cf 5ood; giving healthy an i . au ral sleep,
lie CLiidrcn's Panacea Tre Ilcthci's lrricu:..
sswne j.4S a Ok always
pBears the SlgTiatu:
nil ubu JS.U1 xVCl ty
The Kind Vou Havs Always
be,o. :i rx : 1 i' visit i n ?r :t' th1 li'iiins u
!. r mother. Mrs. J. M. Ymin., and
hi ; parent.:. K. M. Godwin an-! wife.
" i I v.: ii l::t ! r 1. ( f west of MmiTii,
l'r. T'i r.i'-- i. s i rii. i'""" a i . ; r r i:; l'L: tt ?;:iini!ii tlii-'
Mr- !M v ;r.' I.--v. i.-. T 'Wu : . ! -.ruiir:. !iiic sotnr r,.-t --;ir l':y-
v ! h:t i;i i i. ti.i i u j.j r; to f-t im t !i 1
h-r.- for a short t it...-. ri tnri.i- i Jl.i . t :ir-l;i:ip cr-w v hich c:;n'S t ) hi.-
aitr:ioo:i to !.. r li tj i !i u.-i toii'.-'-rr v.
A. I.. I'..ik.r. of Murrjy, was a Mr-. T !. or Ii:lir.. of Orlt 1::-.
vi-itor iri i' -ti-o-nh l.t.-t t vt-;.i:iu. ' w;-i . ;. --n ;.- itiv.z U-r- f r
rov't ::; t ::i l!;- ..;r?ii.i!
. -'t v.- u":n: on.
K. . . -ok. of i ..',:,- Crtt l .'h
v.i.-- a i.-itor i;i i ' . :i i -i;i ' n i i for .". !:
f : u hour.- to.:. .v. .. ui::i: ! n t n. ;.. Sinitii is iiin his lion-
lro' ;l'tir so;-, i- -..-r.
Mr.- !!a!!i 'I - r:. O :.:! ..
ca'i n ti:i- r: .rr.!,'P from her
j- v. !, ainl w !m ;i;iio n n'H i:-!
:!. ' f:-jM-ral f lu-r si t.r. Mr.-. Wr.i.
!. ivari'.l lh.-t tvenii' l.r
i:- ih" w-t.
h i.l :-t..).l- i" ir.-il ?;!uf;s. ami
i::u!;v hn !.': :'' thoro. w!
ot'uaf in t!:o carpctitor lusi-
r..:ss. haviiis? rerisiu d hi'; pcition in Wn. F;.s.:rror was - ;: s.-iior. in
the r-'irliiivto:'. tlioj.. r'.iiiLiici;;1) frr;i; ii'-nic n.'ar
J. P. Falter. wI,o has bet n ..pon-i-! Miitr: y Saturday t.
iii.i :-ciuc ti:;i: at I vils l.:.k-. M:;in.. . K. H. New ai;d little .sou
. here he was cujeyin a brief out-, arriveJ this inornliiS from I.onis
iuur. returne:! home this afi ern('Oii. ; ville atii are vi.-itini? with friends in
having lial an e.'ellont tiuie. Jal"this iiy.
d: 1 :ioi tell i:s h(w many rh-h he) j;irpy was :i Jni.-iuess visit
eiuifcln. J or j,, tj..js ..jty frui;i his hn).- siutii-
Charles K. Mitt and wife dt-part.-.: j we; t of My-tard. eouiir. in to do
t'sii inornitii, for Uroken lluw, when-1 ?Mhe trading.
they went to bejiin work on the! A. (iainliu was a visitor in tiiis
house and barn for t lie l'arnulo riiy fn-iu his home at '"uiioui this
brothers, on the Parniele ranch. i!'o-:i;i;--. eoniinsr to loik after tome
which is to be usd by one f the l l.j.-i;iws matters.
renters. I I'Hriie Kii'.in who ha-- !"n vh-it-
h'.ie r t u r:i -"J I'::- i : i":j.!o:i
t-ar i i-r In; is
T!:. :a;iN Yonn.r. v!.o formerly liv. 1 v -:y on a farm.
!:rro. ht:t wh.o eo-ik time v.y.a moved Miss Mabel of Mai'.by,
to Omaha to reside. Mr. Koheti had wa a visitor iu Plat tsnii-tt h last Sat
emae from Minneapolis yesterday r.r.-'av. ret'.irnin.iv home via Uouis
inoruinjr and tells of their bavins a 'ville o:i the aftiT'ioon train.
:::;d heavy r.'.in there ar.d every-J ;.;;s. Jo-in TI..iro!f ; ru eliil lren
tiling lookius fine. ,,r c.-hir (."reek were visltin:; in
Mr.. Ccuii? ("uu'.tin.cham and ;-i;n.jti;!J city for the day, .:.;;:is down
liarr.i-. of trhenan.Ioah. armed iiijen the Curly p.vrlinsto:' train,
the city b'ft evening, and aie vi-iv j , s 1Mtuan of e;- Ncimwha.
J. C. Kohen. of Omaha, arrived in iv
the ity yesterday, comins to s-e-eji' Se;ti: Pend
in-v for a thort time at the home of
Mrs.;h:; ni's i-i.Utr, Mrs. S. L
Co'iu-r. Mr. Cunningham, who is a .,, . afur busines- at ti- court
was a v;-:itor it: thi.? city for a r.liart
': lp-t Saturdav v fteraoou, look-
pl.'taber iu Siu xih, had the h,: -fortune
to run a nail in one of hi.
feet, wlwch is ma'.ine, it very incon
venient to work, although lie is .e"
tia aloni; nicely.
I.ouis O'Neill, of Mt. ("hire. N. .1 .
arrived iu the city yesterday mora
ine, coming for a visit and v-heily
unaware of the death of hi sister.
Mrs. Win. Herold. who had be n
buried ks.v than a week. He wa -uxtatly
.'tirpris 1 on arriving htT
to learn of her demise. Mr. O N. hi
will visit here for ome time ai- well
as with oilier relative-; in the- v.esl.
bet ore ret ttrnins to his koree :n t;:e
t. where he is t:i:;a. d in th.e
auiomobih' leisiness.
--I., II. Puis cf M-:rray was a visit
or iu thid city for a short time to
day, driving up with one of bis
track5, with which Le was hauling
a load of hogs to Omaha and stopped
here for a short time on his way
Kiul.en Poster and family and
Mrs. L. C5. Larson, who have been
visiting in Vnion with the Foster
family came up last evening driving
in Mr. Foster's ear, they visiting
bore for the evening and returning
home while Mrs. Larson remained.
G. K. DeWolf. superintendent of
the lity t.rhools. departed Saturday
(veiling for Lincoln, where he vis
ited with friends over Sunday, re
turning to resume his work this fore
noon. S'i;i;- Me Wolf has about com
pleted his work of conducting sum
mer school and will depart soon pre
paratory to entering college in the
et in the fall, lie is a most pleas
in'r eentletm.ui. and has made an ex
cellent ruperin'.endent during the
I wo years he had charge of the
bL-al schools.
to secure thr.t desired comfort
ct.'oiness during tltete hot sum
mer days.
A b ttcr froei Furl Sh .r!. who h:
I e. n ov.-r.-ea.'j f.r setee time and
a Mm cf Mr. aid Mr. J. II. Shor
t::'d t!:t iie .v.:"I 1 le '. the
ho.r:d f.,r home on the L'l.'th of .Tel.
which v:i-? last Sunday, aiel th; t !
..... . . ! C . . .,..1 t-x -i. T-1- r f i.r
future. i !.is i tee lourin son idiiiu-ii. jji .
". am fr en the sorvice, he l;ei;i-; . . - i
l-'r-.-.-.c rrr- nrrht nnri its nilJ
t I :. : to t'-' l a- e'i a : .u. in: v , i - - homo 1- r a visit as soo.i as h business to Jit 'OU Tlht.
reieaseil and will probably man:
Platlsrnouth his heme.
j't- h ive doT:e our part to as
sure vour comfort by having on
.jhand a complete s'ocl: to select
Fftn M'n l.ivs Imity. -
M:ss MaM" r;-iiur:-.-r ir :.i near
Mrniey was a i.-:tor in tlii.; city for
i short time this afternoon.
From irieslay' l;iilv.
Jidiu Kduard Johnsun of Weeping
Waier spent the day in town at
tending to some matters of business
among which were naturalization
Mrs. John Spec':. of Casper,
Wyoming, arrived in this city last
evMiing and b; visiting at the home
of Mi--.; P. He Speck and other raem
b rs f t he family.
L. D. Hhitt, of Murray, was a
visitor in the city for a short time
today, while on his way to Omaha,
where he is looking after same busi
n. . s: for the day.
Mrs. M'Crary. of LaPiatte, was in
te.-.v:-. this morning, attending to
f 'laa bra-ine.-s matters ith the lo
c;' merchants. She returned to her
hi .lie on the afternoon train.
Mr. Miufard . of Murray was a
vi ito ia this city for a short time
la. i evening stopping after having
vi irel at Omaha for the day and
where he was looking after some
business matters for a &hort time.
Mr. and Mrs. Major II?1I were
v: iters at the home of Mrs. Hall's
p.-rrr.ts. Mr. and Mrs. G. It. Sayles.
Tkty are now living at Pacific
Janet ion w here they returned after
(heir brief visit.
Mrs. Mary Peterson, who was in
!.c'n today visiting at the home of
ie - daughter. Mrs. Owens, returned
L" I'.'llevue on the afternoou train,
v, ' ere she is living with her sister
at the present time.
RAH lii
i m-- tf.
Dated November 1, 1918
DUE November 1, 193S
Redeemable at par and accrued interest cn any inter
est date after five years from date cf issue. Coupon
bonds fully registerable and interchangeable. Denomi
nation, $1,000. Interest payable semi-annually, May
1st and November 1st. Principal and interest paj'able
at the bank of issue in exchange Approved by the Fed
eral Farm Loan Board of the United States government.
Exempt from All Federal, Stele, Municipal
and Local Taxation!
This exemption includes the Federal Income Tax and
income from these bonds need not b included in returns
Chas. G. Farcirzeie,
Bank of Cass County
Miso Claire Creamer was a pas
senger for Omaha this mornine.
where she goes to visit her brother.
Edward Creamer, who is in the hos
pital, having undergone an opera
tion for appendicitis there a few
days ago.
J. C. Ceuiitoek. of M',eresilh
?.Io., who has been visiting in thi
city for the past few days, a gue t
t the home cf hi;; shuer, Mrs. T. W.
lluggins. departed la?.t evening for
his heme, after having had a imi.l
xreilent time.
Attorney Matthew Co-ring depart
ed last evening for Peat rice, where
he goes to get the judgment set
aside in a suit for divorc and ali
mony, because of evidence wi'eh j
claimed will defeat according to the
statutes, the granting oT a judgment
with the consideration of ulimeny.
Louis O'Neill, who i; vLiiinir here
frem his home at M iinit Clare. N. J..
departed last oven in?; for Clkeiwood.
Iowa, where he '..ill visit at th-j
home cf Art Mva;i-, Mrs. Fvans be
it:e a niece of his. After a s!iei
time spent there, he will return her
and go to the we.-t and northwest
to visit with other relatives.
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Fioii; Tim S'iay'.s I'ail.v.
C. Mof kenha apt , who has been
;i-.ll'ig nith his brother. Ilenrv
Mocketihaupt. at Steiling, for I h
pa;t wee',:, reiuriM iI home last ven
ii". Imviii- had an xcelb-nt vi'-i:
while avay. Jb-nry is in the real
estate I-a-.-.inets and in the p-irsuit of
!r- aoeali(ii. huds, it noce.-ary t
travel (j-.-er much country. One d.iy
la. I wei !:, with his brother as hi
. ue-i. he drove his car I'.'.'i mil
over three adjarfut -ounties, visit
ing re pi'ct : ' . Tec in:1 -eh. j-oiin!1.--'at
of Je!,!;.-).j eoiinty; Peatrie .
eo-.:i;iy :at of Cage county. and
l'r. ii. e City, coiuity Mat oi I'awni'-
o-!i:t. t C"ili-r with the intervet:
in.'T cnr.try and back to his hon..-
t Fteriine.
Chris dei ht;a j he saw more good
farm hi:: I rovi red with excellent
T'-p ; than In- has ever belore seen
In a sincle day. His iiuat ion of
Nebraska as a fait or for feeding; tl
world b;e, fi-rip. a pn-a' impuhse.
Henry Weidman -,.s a visitor ;i:
'! e home of his ? e;ter. !r M'a';
i' r. !! is at present making his
heme in Cliicapo.
-V; :eVi Vet
-.1 U'-.-.-Ok !-:
vzzzxz?zi ijrzti vA
iii iy ll"7 Yifi.
-: - -
k j . v i. ..... rr-V
Willi l1 11
: if - : . : T J V- v v- ---'"4
, "'-''S-i'if" ..'v.S TA'- '"''-'-''-5"f
4 V-'-i ' '' a-'.sV g.iY; y
5S" 3auTi ,r jTf.Ors.tT'aiOfl
, y-t . rv -r-x -s. Bv.rvrv?a..itkifcAAi
'-9. l-l k o,
t-ii L'J
Farmer Tells Bankers and
Lawyers What Consti
tutes Happiness
Lr-' v : ' -
... jr.
e,.v' i-.
v.. l -V
fv'f. Ve
c- ..;-.t
i vr i :
r. ' '-
i.-s.;v t--i-.?
. "TT 'C ....
I "' !
H". ? i- '-y
cm "
; '
-3. j. am.."; v
. - :.:.i?-" : ';Mf
Famous Impersonator. Hear
him second night in his rendi
tion, "A Message from Mars"
He'll tell you "The t Way It
Looks from the Read." Laugh
v.'ith Bob on opening night.
Piattsmoulli is to be given another aim v id treat by the Chautauqua route. To make this
a success, cs in forrrer years, it is necessary that everybody in this community boost for it, talk for
it, do all you can for it. It's good for you and it's rjood fcr ycur children. It's the cleanest of enter
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A season ticket at $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children (plus war tax) entitles you to
both afternoon and evening performances. Were ycu lo attend but half ihe numbers you would
sill be ahead financially if you purchased a season ticket.
WE WANT THIS LARGE TENT FILLED and if the committee lias not called on you
as ye!, go lo one of the following business firms ar.d purchase a couple of season tickets:
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