The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 10, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    riATTSinoirrn elmi-weekly jouriial
XZbc plattsrnoutb journal
Entered at I'ostofTice. I'lattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter,
R. A. BATES, Publisher
The Ked are beginning
to feel
O wad some powir I lie :iftie ie
us to see the bill collect or before lie
sees lis.
If j said that only G.OOO.OOO
Americans carry life insurance.
C'wau! There is that many asents.
:o: "
A woman's will always prevails,
unless she is rich enough fur the
lawyers to break it after she is dead.
It generally costs a fellow from
one to ten thousand dollars in thN
country to prove tUat he is not
There is -talk about the Crown
Prince heading a tJerman revolu
tion. If he does, it will certainly
be a f liver.
Kvcn after the meek have inherit
ed the earth some blustering trust
ollieial will come around and collect
the rent.
At last there are some slight
signs that Germany is coming to
her sense. Says the Taglische Rund
schau of Berlin
'What we need is a despot to
compel the nation to work. If we
are unable to install him, our cue
mies will send him
That is the plain, simple truth.
I The former kaiser has been at work
ever since the armistice, saying
You may kid gloves and string nothing and sawing wood the n:o.,t
beans, but you can't bull frogs,
I lifer is no solution for the II. ('
I... Kvcn the temperature is unus
ually high.
"I'.eef remains high thought cattle
drop." Apparently the only thing
the poor public can do is to drop
We read that bustles are coming
bark. Woman is constantly enlarg
ing her sphere. If it isn't one way
it's another.
Man wants little here below, a
poet sang with lire; there's only
one comment to make that poet
was a liar.
: o :
The more we study the statutes
tin- more we become in favor of en
forcing all the law;?, against every
body but ourselves.
A carpenter planes the white planks
And makes them smooth and flat.
And children marvel that lie's paid
For haing fun like that.
When you notice how eager and
anxious, and almost daffy, women
arc over bargain counter sales, you
can figure out ' how some of i:s get
grabbed up as husbands.
The electric fan certainly has the
palm leaf beaten for efficiency. That
i. if the owmr knows enough to
u-e it for blowing the cool air into
a room, or the hot air out. instead
of merely stirring the same dead
air around and around.
Londoners protest once more
agaisnt the playing of music writ
ten by Cennan composers. Maybe
they are right. Still. tJerman music
wax the lease offensive thing about
llermany. And most of the Herman
composers had a proper contempt for
Farmers in Long Isl.ind, N. Y.,
are said to be pestered by lo
cn.ts that they can't work. They
seem to be losing a rare opportun
ity. Haven't they heard the ver
dict of that Johns Hopkins professor,
that locusts are good to eat, and
taste like .shrimp? Why don't they
spread the news and supply the New
York market with locusts? Or why
doesn't some enterprising canner
put them up and offer them as
"Long Island Shrimp?"
useful and profitable undertaking
of his whole life. A What the t'ior
man nation needs Is to do likewise.
To make the Allies some small
measure of recompense for the evil
lone them, to restore their own
country to something of its former
prosperity and comfort and to make
their own" future tolerable and re
spectable, the Germans must stop
Congress will soon have to decide whining, stop talking of revenge,
what percentage, of alcohol makes a stop their eternal preparations for
drink intoxicating. What congress- war a,ld to work patiently and
man in qualified by experience to I constructively.
pass on that question? I Honest work is in Itself a cleans-
:o: ig force. Through honest work
Flower beds filled with poppies I and discreet silence Germany may in
grown from seed imported from time wipe out the memory of her
Flanders fields form a part of the evil past and renovate her own
decorations in an Ohio memorial soul. And it will be much better
park dedicated to the soldiers of the for her to do it of her own free will.
great war.
The big wheat crop now being
harvested in Cass count v ought to
help its all just a trifle, hut follow
ed by a good corn crop will help us
a great deal more. Can we slp over
a ringer this year.
:o: .
iii voluntary penance, under the
compulsion of the nations she has
J committee" the new boss of the
Houseare playing politics with ap
propriations. This committee will
make heavy cuts, without regard
for the needs, and then let the sen
ate increase the amounts given, or
put them in special bills to come
later. Members of the "steering
committee" seem to think it will
sound well, in the coming campaign,
to say that they reduced the esti-j
mates of the democratic administra
tion "one billion dollars." That
would help, republican candidates
for the House in their campaigns.
they argue. But the democratic
leaders will not let them succeed in
any such nolitical trickery. House
leaders will make it plain to the!
public what is going on.
During the debate in the House
on the shipping board appropria
tion Representatives Moore of Penn
sylvania and Britten of Illinois
closely questioned - Representative
Good of Iowa, chairman of the ap
propriations" committee, about the
total appropriated for shipping.
Messrs. Moore, Britten and Good are
leading republicans, 7mt the rep
resentatives from Pennsylvania and
Illinois were suspicious cf the gen
tleman from Iowa.
It was broivght out that the ship
ping board was about to be deprived
of monev needed to carry out its
nlans for a merchant marine. Mr.
Good admitted that there is a
probability this provision for the
shiDDing board may fall, short of
i p 1 1 i
if lih
1 I
i i
!!! Hi
the national joy smoke
.K-.-tii-aJi ft !! .l I H . U'
br ft. J. U.
. lubcc-kj Co.
t.. u.... ....,1 ... : w nat is ansoiuieiv necessary n
pecially high in public estimation
But perhaps the estimate has been
Belgium is buying from the Unit- wrong. Hear what Dr. II. Pierce
ed States army all the machine tools ("lark. New York neurologist, has to
it has in France. They are to rejsay in praise of the profession:
place the tools stolen by the Ger- "Abolish the saloon if we must.
mans. And Germany. oronerlv but keen the bartender. He is iren-
enough, will pay the bill. erally a good fellow, and far better
:o: - (educated, as a rule,' than the pat
unat tto you think of the new ron. When the saloon passes, the
highway just south of Plattsmouth? loss of this genial friend will be
It is a daisy, but don't say anything fet by multitudes of light tipplers
about the connecting link between throughout the country."
the' city pavement and the newly The "education" of the typical
graded road. All that it needs is a bartender may be called in question
whole lot of work, and who is going bv those who choose to aDnlv acade-
to do it?
Public Service Corporation
Can be had in amounts of
Investment Securities
First National Bank Bld'g,
Omaha, Neb.
mic standards; but certain it is
that he is generally an expert in
his knowledge of human nature.
And that, according to many phil
osophers, is the highest form of
The metropolitan nerve specialist
need not be so disconsolate, how
ever, over the prospect. The bar
tender is not going to vanish from
the face of the earth. Communities
I that have alrpaitv cone Hrv have
man says he ' "
found that the good ones keep right
on serving the public, and very
Congress, after making a great
show of its intention to adopt a
budget system, has finally disposed
of the matter by arranging for a
commission to investigate and re
port on the subject, which is prob
ably as much as anybody had a right
to expect from any congress along
the line of business like innovation.
A Michigan hotel
has found that when men don't
drink, they spend more for food.
Which doesn't exactly harmonize larReI the sanle pubHc at lnat' as
with the argument, soberly put
forth by some anti-prohibitionists,
that men. who are used to having
drinks with their meals can't digest
their food without them.
waiters or as dispensers of oft
drinks. In one or two states that
have recently sworn off, most of the
bartenders are said to have remain
ed right in the same saloons, using
their old-time skill in handling
Austria objects to being made I near-beer, ginger ale, etc., and con
"the heir of all the resnonsibilit v of I ducting themselves 'with all their
the Austro-Hungarian Kmpire, of accustomed geniality
winch it was the smallest, poorest. There is no need to be pessimistic,
most, peaceful and most liberal of I Good things are seldom lost, even
states." Poor Austria. All these! in reform waves.
years nobody seems to have realized
what an innoVent lamb she was.
How could the world wrong her so?
Why, she hadn't anything more to
do with the war than Prussia had.
Four hundred scientists have met
in California to discuss earthquakes
and the best means of protection
against, them. If they're open to
amateur ideas, vve modestly sug
gest putting a few bands of re-in-forced
concrete around the earth to
strengthen and steady it. Or if that
looks like too much trouble, why
not use bamboo for building mater
ial, as the Japanese do, so that a
little shaking won't do any harm.
Have you heard anything about a
new engine and better equipment
for the local light plant. .We may
have another storm within a few
days, and the result will be another
total eclipse over the city of Platts
mouth, only. We might get some
thing out of the prcsent'company,' if
we can locate the "man behind the
gun." Let" everybody do a little
talking for a more reliable electric
equipment at the home plant.
Arbitrary reduction of appropria
tions ordered by the standpat "steer
ing committee" of the House has
not . taken well with the country
and republican leaders are begin
ning to hear from it. It is evident
that there is a deep sentiment and
desire in the . hearts of the people
for honest, justifiable economy, but
not for wilfull, deliberate, senseless
reductions that cripple the govern
ment and threaten the comforts and
welfare of returning soldiers.
If the House program for the avia
tion service of the Army and the
Tavy goes through the United
Sfates will become a third-rate na
tion in aircraft and airmen. The
action of the House in this instance
is proving a flare-back. The roar
from the press of the nation has
caused republican senators to rush
into print with promises to recon
struct provisions framed by the
House. .
It is charged by democrats that
the republicans of the House, fol-
carry out the program Of the ad
ministration. "I am greatly interested in see
ing this bilf carry enough money to
enable the shipping board to bring
to successful conclusion its desires
for a well-balanced fleet of cargo
and nassensrer carriers." said Mr.
:o: '-
Dvsnensia is America's curse. To
restore digestion, normal weight.
gtiod health and purify the blood.
use Burdock's Blood Bitters. Sold
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NEVER was such right-handed-two-fisted
smokejoy as you puff out of a ''
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1 m
z4$ i
East of Riley Ilotj!. -J-Coates
Second Floor.
all jnM'sons interested in saM matter.
may, ami do, appear at ti.e ounty
Court to ie liehi in and for paid court
ly, on llii l'Jili day of July A. 1 . lyl!.
t Hi oVIoi k a. in. to show cause, il
liny tl:-!- I"', wny me prayer m in-
petitioner should not In- granted and
hat the J. earing thereof Le sjiven to
II persons interested in said matter
Ijy iu hi isi. a eop ot this uninr in
the 1 Mat t sinotit h .Journal, a si-mi-wee-iv
newspaper piinted in said county.
r three successive weeks prior to
aid day of liearinir.
Witness my hand, and seal of said
i "01111. this Oth cay of June -. i
1 a 1 y.
ali.-;n j. I1KKSOX,
fount v Ju lie.
Seal j j::-::w. Clerk.
MITK i: OK Iii:.itl(i
mitk i: TO itK.m roits
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss:
in the County Court.
Jn t'e matter of the estate of Her
man Kupke, Iteceaseil.
To the Creditors or said i.staie:
You are l.erehv notified. That I will.
it at the Count v Court room in IMatts-
on the ljtn day
month In snhl conntv.
of July. l!r.i. and 011 the loth day tM;.-r. a son a:cl Matin
October, 1911. at 10 o clock a. ni. eacn
day. to receive and examine an claims
nsr'alnst Knhl nstate. with a. view to
I "or netermiiuilloi! of llelrlilp
In the County Court of the County
f C;.ss. N. hraska.
In re Instates of Jacob Carper, Onev
I. Carper. Anderson Carper ami
Wfred I.emmel Carper, each oeccase.i.
The Slate of Nebraska, to all persons
interested hi said estates, ireditois
.mi heirs take notice that Mat tie .1.
I'orter' lias d l;.-r petition allesm
that Jacob Carper, a resident and in
habitant of the County of Cass. Ne-
raska. departed this lift; intestate on
il.out the litli day of November,
l.s7. Iea iir-r him surviving as his sole
nd only heirs-at-Iaw, his widow, Omy
I. CArper. 1 ami the following named
hildren. to-wit: Anderson t.arper.
son: Annie Louise I'liman. nee ( ar-
per. a daughter; -nreu i.emmei ai-
,1. 1 'oiler. IU"-
irper, a daughter: thai said aaeoo
irptr was the owner in lee of the
1'oilowiiiu- described real estate, situ-
I'orter. of Union, Nebraska, and the
following named jrrandcliildren: Lu
cian Carper, Hazel Carper and Ieleene
Carper, children of a deceased son. An
derson .Lee Carper, and Lena Carper,
daughter of a deceased son. a urea
Lemmel Carper; that the said Annie
Louise Pitman and Mattie J. Porter
and the said Lera Carper are eacli
entitled to an undirided one-fourth of
tin- esiate of oney J. Carper, deceas
ed, and the said Lucia n Carper, Hazel
Carper ami Jieleene Carper are each
entitled to an undivided one-1 wel It li
of said estate; that more than two
yen is have elapsed sitice the death of
each of said decedents save and- ex
cept the said Oney I. Carper, whose
1 "talc was exempt lrom the levy Of
attachment, execution or other mesne
process; that ".no application for ad
ministration of said estates lias been
had in the State of Nebraska; that
each of said decedents were residents
of tbe Countv of Cass, Nebraska, at
the time of their death and possessed
of property therein, and that said p
titioner as the daughter and sister 1
said decedents is entitled to an ut
divided one-fourth'of all the said pro
erty, and .praying for a determinate
of the time of the death of each
said persons, to-wit: Jacob Carpe
Oney I. Carper, Anderson Lee Carp
and Alfred Lemmel Carper, eacli d
ceased: a determination of their heir
the decree of kinship and the riftht
descent of the real property heloriKfu
to said decedents in the State of N
bra ska. and for such othfr orders t
may be necessary in the premise
which said petition lias been set t
hearing on the 'JSrd day of July, 191
at 9 a. m., at the County Judge's ol
tice in the court house at I'lattsmout!
Cass county, Nebraska.
Dated at Plattsmouth, Nebrask.
this ilUth day of June A. L. 1919.
County JudKe.
(Seal! j.'3-ow. . Clerk.
their adjustment and allowance. The.;ti.l in t'e County of Cass, Nebraska
time limited for the presentation of -flu- south half S!-i of the southeast
claims airainst said estate is four quarter (SK'i) of Section Town
months from tbe lOtli day of June, -hip m, Kanqe l::. east of the 6th P.
A. 1 1. 1!'19. and the time limited for u. ,j the County of Cass. Nebraska:
T:ivment of debts is one vear from 1 Vat said land was the homestead of
said loth day of June, 1919
Witness my hand and the seal or
said Countv Court, this 10th day ot
June, 1919.
ALLLX J. Hl-.l-.s! .n.
(Seal) Jll-4v County Judge.
OltDKK ok iii:hi
lowing the advice of the "steering 1 mas, a executrix:
1 It is hereby ordered that y
nnal Nollce of ITobnte of Will
In the County Court of Cass county.
State of. Nebraska, County of Cass,
ss :
To all persons interested In the
Instate of John Kdwin ISarwiek, de
ceased :
on readintr the petition of Hilda
Cofl'man pru vinsr . that the instrument
liled in this "court nn the ltli day of
June. XII!'. and purporting to be the
last will ami testament of the said
deceased, niav be proved and allowed.
ind recorded . ns the last will and tes
tament of J6hn Kdwin Harwick, de
ceased; that said instrument be ad
mitted to probate, anil the administra
tion or said estate he granted to .
A. Hobertson, ns executor;
It is herebv ordered mat you, ano
all persons interested in said matter.
mav. and do. appear at the Counl
Court to be held in and for said coun
tv, on the 19th day of July A. 1 . 191H
at 10 o'clock a. m., to show cause, if
any there he, wny me prayer m n.e
petitioner should not be granted, and
that notice of the pendency of said
petition and that-the hearing thereof
be iflven to ail persons Interested in
said matter by publishing a copy of
this Order tn the Plattsmouth Jour
nal, a semi-weekly newspaper printed
in said countv, for three successive
weeks prior to said day of hearing:.
Witness mv hand, and seal of said
Court, this pull day of June A. I.
Countv Jiidjjo.
(SMl) jJS-oW. Clerk.
iml .Notice of I'roimle f A ill
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
To all persons' interested in the
Kstate of Michael TImmas, deceased:
On read In it the petition of Kosina
TImmas prayin that the instrument
filed in this court on the 20th day of
June, lf19. and purporting to be the
last will and testament of the said
deceased, mav '-: proved and allowed,
and recorded" as the last will and tes
tament of M.cliael Timmas. deceased"
that said instrument be admitted to
nrohate ant tbe administration of
sajrt estate be Granted to Kosina Tim-
the raid Jacob Carper at the time oi
his death and descended to his said
hildren in final shares, each an ua-
livided one-fourth, subject to the uo -
- find homestead Iluhl 01 JUS said
ividow which terminated at her deatii
n May l::, l!i:: that administration
proceedings were duly had in the es
tate of said Jacob Carper., deceased,
by petition tiled in the County Court
of the Countv of Cass. Nebraska. 011
the L'l'nd (lav of November. lT.'. un
der which said proceedings notice to
creditors was dulv niven and final set
tlement dulv mad.-, but that by rea
son of failure of said court to make
i finding as to heirship and assign
ment of said estate. it is necessary
that heirship in said estate-be estab
lished: that thereafter on or about the
ISth dav of April. ll0.!. the said Al
fred Lemmel Carper, beinn the owner
of an undivided one-fourth of said
real estate, departed this life intes
tate, leaving !iim surviving as his sob'
and onlv heirs at law. his widow.
Laura Carper, who departed this lile
on or about the 14th day of June. 191"..
and two children. Lee Carper, a son,
who departed this life May II. 191!'.
unmarried and without issue. and
Lena Carper, a daughter of lawful aso,
residing at Fairfax, Missouri, and by
reason thereof, the said Lena Carper
is now the owner of an undivided one
fourth of said above described real es
tate: that thereafter on May 10, 191. 1,
the said Anderson Lee Carper, beiriit
the owner of an undivided one-fourth
of said above described real estate,
departed this life intestate, leaving
him surviving his widow. (..ertrude
Carper and three minor children, to-;
wit: Lucian Carper, aire thirteen years;
Hazel Carper. ai?e eleven years and
Deleene Carper, nse tour years, mat
bv reason thereof, the said tjertrude
c'mper, widow is now the owner of an
undivided one-twelfth of said real es
tate and each of said minor children,
to-wit. Lucian Carper. Hazel Carper
and Ie!eene Carper, are entitled to an
undivided eleven thirty-sixths of said
estate. And that by reason of the
foreiroing facts the said Annie Louise
Pitman, nee Carper, and the said Mat
tie J. Porter, nee Carper, are. each the
owners of an undivided one-fourth ot
said real estate.
That on May IS. said Onef I.
fs.rner lenarted this ilie luiesirtie.
beintr a resident ana
the County of Cass
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TO HH'.r
K -
Inhabitant of
Nebraska, and
possessed of personal property there
in of approximately the value of Four
Hundred Dollars ($400). which said
. .1, Im. . f
propertv was exempt, irwu me i. . j -attachment,
exeoution or other mesne
rroc-ess nd not subject o the payment
of anv debts of said deceased, and
that at the time of the death of said
Oney I. Carper, she left her surviving
as Tier sole and only-heirs at law, her
i r.. Mhiors Anntf Louise Pitman, ot
and Bradshaw, Nebraska and Mattie J.
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