The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 10, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    THURSDAY. JULY 10. 1919.
iiTHrii:TiMTii: or tiik imted mt.te ghvehxm r.s t
Dated November 1, 191S
DUE November 1, 1933
Redeemable at par and accrued interest on any inter
est date after five years iromvdate of issue. Coupon
bonds fully reenterable and interchangeable. Denomi
nation, $1,000. Interest payable semi-annually. May
1st and Novembei 1st. Principal and interest payable
at the bank of issue in exchange Approved by the Fed
eral Farm Loan Board of the United States government.
. Exempt from All Federal, State, Municipal
and Local Taxation!
This exemption includes the Federal Income Tax and
income from these bonds need not be included in returns
Ohas. . ParmeS
Bank of Cass County
St. U. X, X,
Special Correspondence
Mr. ;;r.d Mrs. Kd Strotmer autoed
to Lincoln Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Drobst wt::t to
I-incola Saturday morning.
John M-trtey v.-as in Lincoln n
business Monday afternoon.
H. A. William"? of Klin wood was
li re on business Thursday.
Wheat harvest is about over a,nd
lie oats harvest is on now.
The Friday club will meet with
Mr.--. J:hn Wood jr.. Friday July IS.
A. Urohst. J. A. Shaffer and Bum
Vawr autoed to ?.,t::h DenJ Sun
da v.
Mrs. Mart Nickel and daughter
l'.frni(v v ere - ? I! - in K! in wood
Juki- Kaliin and I-Vim V.'eav.r
:i'iTt-d to Kirifi la Tuesday morn ins
on b'lsiiit-'.
Ji--' l)'.r:i'iii- f V.Yep'Tijr Water
v :.s transact!!).: bi!ine.-s in our
iriitify Wfdne!;:y.
Mr. Frank Gladf. Iter ( f Lincoln.
vi it 1 l.. r hro'.h-r Oril!e UoV.-rt-fia
and family the first cf the week.
M .: yor ('. I !. (Jib on and family
of Weeping Water v.vre renewing
af iuai:it;::ic - with oi l fri?i:Js litre
tli- 4th.
Mis l'.i.ily Strons: will have
chartr-'of the yrvif' on July 1:1.
lb" topic is "Tin Christian and
His Uecreatie n."
The people ;f Klmwood ar.d vi
cinity turned tut on ioafs? Friday
afternoon and evening to our -4 1 !i
cf July co'ebrat ion.
Dr. I... Muir and family sper.t the
4 tli with friend.; in Council F'-.iff".
having autoed rp Thur Jay. They
returned home Sunda-y afternoon.
The Kpworth League will con
duct a special series of nietiinirs on
"Ktereatioti." every Sunday evening-
thrcughout the month of July.
James McKinsey of Var.dalia. Mo.,
came in Saturday to visit his sister
Mrs. K. I,, rptegrove and daughter
Mrs. Harry Appleman and family.
Mr. sml Mrs. Chas. F. Kosenow
tok Sunday dinner with Grandma
Ilctenow- and were accompanied
home by her and Mr. anil Mrs. Aug
ust Host now. "
Fred Weaver and fn (Hen. A.
Sturenfircr and Virgil Kitrel of
South Ilend tool: dinner at the J. A.
Shatter home July 4. Other fctnjs'.s
were 11. K. Iteitz an'.!, family of
Mr. Ceo. Foreman, daughter Miss
Aurel and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer autoed
to Lincoln Monday afternoon. They
--re r.ccon ponied as far as Green
wood by the former's son Joe Fore
man who went-to Omaha on busi
ness. Mrs .Monte Baldwin of 1'iiiversitv
spent a very pleasant day, returning j Sunday in the country
home late Sundav uight. Other Mer's parents Mr. and
Kuests at. the Oris Foreman home,
where they partook of a splendid
dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Lou i'eef
er, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Keefer and
ith the lat
Mrs. John
Mrs. Stuart McDermctt and
daughter Dorothy Jane, of Omaha
sDent last Wednesday l;er with
children and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence I relatives
Linch and his mother Mrs. Arvilla
Our 4th of July celebration was
held as planned except for the rain
and harvesting keeping part cf the
crowd away until afternoon. Hon.
J. M. McCarthy of Lincoln spoke in
the afternoon. The ladies quartet
Fang a group af songs and Lee
Prouty sens a solo. Various kinds
of races- took place. A good frame
of base ball was played between
l'lmwood and Prairie Home result
ing in n score of " to 4 in favor of
Elmweod. Twelve innings were
played. The Louisville band furn
ished some excellent music A iood
crowd was in attendance.
3F H" ( "fi
Mrs. G. V. Pickwell went to Lin
coln Tuesday evening.
Mrs. C. Mooney was shopping in
Omaha last Wednesday. '
Dr. and Mrs. Hornbeck motored
to Lincoln on Tuesday.
Kev. A. I!. Schwab returned 01
Saturday from his trtp to Colorado.
Miss Jennie Baur is visiting h !
sister Mrs. Dan Panska this v.oc!;.
Mrs. Henry Kohrdanz of Lincolr
visited relatives h'-re la-1 -Wednesday.
Mrs. Chas. Lonsr and Mrs. -Mt-Thimiran
were shopping in Lincoli
Monday. Kmil Kuehn and family of IJurch
ajd. Nebr.. srent Saturday and Sun
day here. ,
Miss Kose Ainguert of Counci'
P.lUiTs cp0nt last Thursday wit!
relatives here.
Mis,s Fdith Kelly of PlaUsimutl
rpent t!:e week end with ive.'
at this place. '
A. J. Tool and family mot red t
Weeping Water Sunday evening t
Visit relatives.
Harold Tool and wife. Mrs. H.-tirv
Tool and E. W. Thir.igan motored t
Lincoln on Monday.
Mrs. Kate Mcliunh of Fall; City
Xebr.. i.s visiting with iu-r so;i J rr viciteil with Iit brother lid
icii- and family la.--t week. SV.e , K. MoHuuii and family,
and her son-in-law assis'ttl tv.ov- i Misses Kt ht 1 an l L:.l
it-g Grandma Slonc' household ef-'l.ft Tliursday f
forts to Vniversitv Place Mr-mti-y. ' ;iv-; at C'ay i'
wher-? Grandma will make her
h.trae for the pre.-ent..
Mr. and Mrs. Krnest Conn of Oma
ha and .Mrs. Coon's niece Miss Poit
Sp'-or.ovt-r of Washington. Ohio.
at:to'd out Thursday evening to
fpfiil the 4h N-i t li Kllis C'on aiul
fan:iiy. O.ving to the r;?iti Friday
nion they left immediately after
dinner for their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Foreman ard
peri Joe. of Alvo. and Mrs. Mubje
Foreman and s-on Dick of Lincoln,
antoed t: Valparaiso Sunday to visit
the former's sons. Allrt. Oris and
Geo. P. jr. and their families. They
Sch wal
u visit v. i: rv!a
:ter. Nchr.
Mr. ad Mrs. Henry Guthriur. i ie
tuined last V'edno: day fr-ri t.u-i:
tr:p to (..".:1a hi and T--;s.
Mr. i-ud Mr- Wm. K::s o:' Co-:noi'
lilrffs. I owe. l:t -t Fri lay with
Mr. and Mrs. Auctt P:':i--I:p..
.Trs. JCath.ryn Di n !n;;:.o of (..ah
is vi-diing her parties L. A:: - wer:
and wif- and other relatives here.
Miss. Mary litis h came hor.te frora
Omaha hist Wednesday evt-nin
where site had fr-pont .several v.ech".
Miss Anna An'frwert arrive! horn
Thursday morning from overseas
liaving been in France since jfept.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewi Hite tp;-n:
yssrszTiirs. t'. Airs w&
rrJli Cti' V J H i
w eek M La i- ' : : w ,v i
an,i!S ' ii
1 i
Mrs. Jonn (jakeme-ier and
ter Doroihv Alice, al-o .Mis
L'aur spent a fe-.v day.; last
in Omaha.
Miss Vera Ki.-enhut e.:me
from Lincoln Monday evening
days Mvhh relatives
1 1 iejiu-. - I
Miss Knth P.aur returie-d Monday
from Omaha, where she ha
visiting her sister, also bavin
dental work dftne.
Mrs. Lena Lett and children ie-!
some j ft
turned Monday to their home ut j J
Council PluHd alter fvverai das:
visit with home folks.
Mr. aad Mrs. C. Gurr went to
l-:imwx;d .K.nday to fp-'-'id the day
with th.cir daughter Fn.-ii
Hackemeyer and family.
Edward Mollugh of Fails City.
Xebr.. and Thos. Wallitir; of Pintts
mouth came in Monday evening f r
a short visit with Jerry i:. Mc!lu;;h
ind family. '
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelly came
down from Lincoln Snt".rd:'y even
ing to visit at the O. K. McDonald
heme. Mr. Kelly retur::e(! Sunday i
evening out .irs. Keiiy reii;aineu uii
Mrs. Hague, daughter Miss John
nie, and little neic? Ktr't liagu,'. of
Ft.- Worth. Texas, who h ve sper.t
Ihe past, month wit'i Dr. I'ornit-ck
ind.v.i:-?, left last Tl.::rsday for
Denver and other wester';
:'or returning to their
1. last year, where
lied Cros- nurse with 1 ::
unit 4 9. S!ie tells tisHn;.
things, having visited !
front, was fhrin;--h 1
aermany, and cjines i
"in1 r.nd sure was glad to te-; back
:o the State-. Thursday was
cet.e of a f:nt!y r. -airi.'i: at
mgnert item, all icin g lictue
ne si'ter Mi--' I.!l'::.u. who
tnr.-o in C:;t:r.cil I.'lu:T? ::ncl v a
l !e .f be pr?. nt. Mi-'; An.ta
larted Th'ir.-day evening ier D.-n
.vlicrt se i-. bi'!ng s. ti! o he
harmed, which s he tliii.ks will
nvir future.
nts in-
I ft
went a-- a j H
-e hrpital j
:ntere:-i "ng t ;-i
me feeling
and it!
1 1
t ie. 4
bnt !.1
mi- !U
As Good- as
on the fact that Rco was a pioneer in
this industry so man of the pioneers
h we failcJ to --keep pare with the pro
gress. BUT. IT JUST IS a fact, and. as the
science of automotive engineering an d
r . 1
inuracturinor progresses, somehow
the van.
you aiways see
Keo in
in th
- - 'm 'i - -'if
Work Clothes for Those Who Wort!
Here are some of the clothes you need for every day
wear. This is not a sale, but a reminder a reminder
that you may save on your' purchases.
Best grade of cotton
wo i k -sox
3 for 50c not a seam.
Philip Shiwcll
0jmtl' i ' '""""Hi Tl
work gloves is our stand
by we pelieve in them..
Our glove customers say
we have the best $2.00
gauntlet t glove they've
r A
SJook Up On Work Shir!s!
We fell the famous
Red Diamond, .
woik shirts in blue, gray and black. You
must have, an honest shirt for hard work,
and if these not honest "they aint none."
Garharii Overall
in waisf or bib, in heavy blue
This is the overall that is guaranteed D3
the makers -to go over a new pair for
you if they fail to make good
Good value in a lightweight union mae
overall at $2.00.
you ur" inttre-,tfi:
. v.-rit!- me, ; :: ! I v
a ml
:nc ri::.
I vi'.i drive
w it ii tin o!
1 :! ; :i
:1 i .t:.'.
rf 1':.'
. l:5U-r----. . ,1
1 truck to your ". i.v.-.i.
. inn s a y. ,- rt .
.- ;,' Cit':e;-1 t
i. ... -
1. t 1 ra ..: r
; it l .1 j f j
1 j
- - f - !
u.'! s!kv m-.'i the butee. t !:.'. r-::: : n i
v. all tho truck line-". in;: y.n J
..-Go.oa to .? .V(o0 behnv t .
nial.t having the fa.ue uni:
li:.e Coi:!:i:varai i:ec! S.:;l ;i . . r.
it:ch fratue, firings -Ix"1". T.f
')enr?n axle. etc. Iioa't v. ait
ititil the big Ui:ian'l. as th" he-t
tiiakes will be e.ver
.rchintn. Nehr. Ciiv.
i t v
'-r-?T -r r. V TTfTr--
gards we are considered, by the more
adventurous in the industry. For ex
ample, we stiil adhere to the policy of
doing all our experimenting at our own
expense - not our customer's!
AND WE NEVER adopt as a part of
our standard product or offer to a buy
er, any feature of which we ate not ab
solutely iiure.
coinage and daring.'
DARING is taking chances and depend
ing on bull luck to get through.
COURAGE is the propensity to assail
obstacles when sure cf the ground
- after the most careful survey of con
ditions and with a full knowledge of
its difficulties.
REO. IS COURAGEOUS in that sense
If our engineers have convinced them
selves that a certain principle is right,
our sales department is perfectly will
ing U meet any opposition to convince
you of its superiority.
SO YOU SEE Reo is cor.' ervative -but
progressively conservative.
case in point.
DO YOU KNOW that the very features
that constituted the strongest sales re
sistance when we first brought out this
truck, are now the features that most
..strongly recommend it to buyer;?
this case' also, for the very competitors
who then flouted the very idea of elec
tric starter and lights; and pneumatic
tires; and speed qualities in a truck, are
now Reo's closest imitators.
SO AGAIN the soundness of Reo engi
neering s demonstrated.
Wagon" used, to differentiate this type
of Motor Truck from all others, is as
much the rightful property of Reo as
is the very design itself it is ours by
right of priority.
BUT WE DON'T MIND others using
it imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, and if they find it necessary to
imitate as nearly as possible Reo de
sign, wh' should they not alo take
the Reo term to designate their imita
tions? BUT WE'D SUGGEST to yon as a
vbuyer that an original is always belter
than a copy the real, superior to any
' Speed Wagon" the quality of which
has so thoroughly proven itrelf that
rivals habitually proclaim theirs "just
as good as a Reo" if yoj'rnn get an
original, why accept an imitation?
m tr e j! j jj . a sk
Piattsrnouth, Nebraska
Tor ns here i:i thi- I'nit
.1 S-.; ; !
,Ve hav,'!?
d fron: t!;e war with
ial and erononiic n v cr which five
'ears a"o wot;l.l have' -eetned inrred-Kve-ry
re of i;- e;;n p:-e:i;t ly
this opnewi unity, ii" hi.i enersy i
.'.(.t r.a pi'O.-l by exhaii-iien. Triner.
nj:eliea Iiitter I'.nii.- i- the r i!:etl
-.vhifh, re'ntihts I lie vitality and th-v
nersj'y. It in:Uires healthy fle..;i,
!riehte ns the mind an 1 therefore, i -
especially now, in ht.t her, an
invaluable st renr-.thener. For tsprains.
strains, fatirned r.r.sscles and fe-i.
etc.. Tr: iter's Liniment is the be.-:.
rentedy. It penetrat.'.; to the root of
the jiains .and fives a ouiek reli.-f.
For threat tro.iMes Triner's Anti-
pntrin is the best parule. It is al-o
.to MKisemie lor toe cieaiiL-'insr
wound.-?. Ke..-p it always on hand.
i. very drt'-urt has 1 niter s reme-
die-i on fctoc-n.-- J5"ph Triner t -nni-Ian"v,
.",4:: . S. Ashlanri Ave.,
Chieai-a, HI. jK'.
bed in 1
untler tht laws ct li: ; r.tatr oi
hraska, a vak !:ih(" -.-f the Aniern-ati
Feilt ration of Accredit -d Ceinmerrtal
sclny.l:'. ant1 the
! II !l p--.- n n n r n n
7f i siyj u li
Price is F. O. B. Lansing and the Special Federal Tax must be added.
t peratio;i for appendicitis and now
her friends will be plad' to note she
; ; s.-i;rrU'iently recovered to perroit o) returning home. Mr. Rolirdanz
will cjine eiown tc.niqht on .u. -1!,
driving from here to their far. a
ho:n? southwest iii the cool, pleas
ant hours of the evening-
josrpininj uEimcir goes
tir-t v. tern f-cho.ii
to prove? that! "? coiild !
guaranteed end s-eetired fi r jrrarlu
ates. Send for free catalogue. A:-
LTj j t'.ress: Grand Island Crriness Col
Grapd Island. Nebraska -Xe-
braska's: oldest, largest af.d lead in .t
Dullness Training Ftb.ool.
Kfom itpnilny's 3;ii!y. '
Mi.-s Jv.-ephir.e I'lilrich, who we
made nieutir.ii of last t-prinj; as ;ro
in.s: down to Xew; York with one c.f
the iar,e millinery houses to pre
pare herself for a position at the
very top of the millinery line, has
now returned to Chicaso. She i
still in the employ of Gajre Broth
ers antl now located in one of their
In rsb stores on Michigran Ave. Her
position is that of a designer, and
in charge cf a larare circle of co
workers for tbi large millinery es
tablishment. It is needless to say
j that this petition carries an excel
lent salary and requires her atten-
who was i xi the service for ahou'
two years re -Xirned home last week,
bavins jnst been difchargod from the
.service at Caiup Dodee. lie return
ed to the states on Jur.'f 27th, but di I
not get his discharge until the ".nd
cf Jul', j.lthottzh that is speedy a-;
compared to the length of time af
ier arrival in the U. S. It takes some
;f the boys to tret out.
Joe says bo is sure ulaii to pe t
.ack to the I'nit sd States and that
he would not trade Plattsniout h for
the entire country. People live there.
;te savs, btit it is not like the l'i;it?d
states nor are tne customs ol the
people. All tney desire is to ijeL a
ioaf of rye bread and a little to
drink. lie declares that France i
rertainly behind tiiis country in ev--.-rythins.
Doan'o Restulets -re recommend
ed ly matiy who say they operate
easily, without frripintr and without
bad after effects. :j0c at all drtr;
Live Poultry
rtrpTTiv. ' 1011 -" J'-r rcund. Her many
PTft f s-jntnith friends will be pleased
Prom Tuesday's I"):iily.
This morning Mrs. Helen Wal
lack, who has been the chief oper
ator at this place for the Lincoln
Telephone and Telegraph "company,
departed for David City, where she
goes to supervise the work at that
Wholesale prices on Work Shirts and Overalls have
started back up the ladder, and they are going to continue in the sarnie direction. A
raise in the retail prices of these goods is certain, ir. the near future, so you're doing
yourself a bit if you don't buy at present prices.
t From Ttif sda jf's Hall).
i John Hohrdan?, of west of M - line cf w ork.
;... nard. was a vi.itor in 1'lattsmouth
. .. t i. . . i. .. I
, , j u-.n, ut-. Mxee i uer ceioseu , , Mrg vallach is an expert on
switch board operation, and is fttlly
p this morning, taking the afternotoi JOSEPH J. STANEK AR-
Burnngton train for Omaha, wher; EIVES FH0-I FJtA2?CZ !
L'i be goc3 to meet and accompany his .
competent for the work for which
she has been selected.
daitghtcr, Miss Vera, horr.e. She has From Monday's Dally. -1
been in a hospital in Omaha - for Joseph J. Stanek, who has brer, iu
3 time, where she underwent an France for about nine-' months, 1.
! For any pain, burn, scald or
bruise, apply Dr. Thomas' Eclectic
! Oil the household rertedy. Two
t sizes COc and COr at all dru:r stores.
A car load of live poultry, to be
delivered at poultry car near Eur
lingtcn Trsight Depot. Plattsincuth,
Xebr., en Tuesday July 17f!i one day
only, for which we ".vill pay in cash
as follows:
Ileus, per lb. . 25c
Springs, per lb. 32c
Old Roosters, per lb. ' 13c
Ducks, per lb. 1 19c
Beef Hides, per lb. 23c
Kcrse Hides, each $12X0
Remember the date, we will be on
hand rain or- shine ard take ell
care of all poultry offered for sale.