The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 23, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb Journal
Entered at rostolTice, FUttsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Quiet endeavor is what makes it;
Save your breath for breathing hard
You can do some real, hard labor
If you do not kick too hard.
And vour friends will like you better
And will haln you "turn the wheel"
If you'll "buck in" and get busy
Without a murmur or a squeal.
A negro woman, in New York re
cently died leaving a million dol
lars, from the sale of a hair restorer
she had made.
An American captain' in CJlad-
bock. Certnany. was wi popular with
the people that he was elected burg
omaster of the town. He declined.
If we had been robbed of fifteen
suits of pink underwear and 4 SO
quarts of whisky, as a Toledo man
was recently, we don't believe we
should have reported the matter to
the police and let it get into the
Aurora will celebrate the Fourth
of July with a home-coining cele
bration for the soldiers ami sailors
who have returned from war ser
vice. The Red Cross organization
will, in a large way. finance this
celebration from funds that it has
at hand and that it has been hold
ing for this purpose.
The business men of DeWitt have
reorganized their commercial club
with a inember.-hip of US and com
mittees will double this membership
in the near future. One of the first
things taken up by the new organ
ization was a Fourth of July cele
bration. J. A. Sire was elected
president of the club, and Floyd
Lea per, ecrctary.
The West I'oint city council h is
t-ecurcd L. M. Wessbr. city engineer
of Fremont, as special engineer to
supervise the laing of the pave
ment in that place. The workis
expected to le started at once, six
teen blocks comprising the iirst
paving district and the estimate of
the cost is $123,000.
: o: -
Columbus is to have a new hospi
tal. The Misses Matzcn. all experi
enced registered nurses, have pur
chase the property in that place
which will be converted into the
Columbus general hospital. The
equipment has also been purchased
so that the hospital can be opened
at once.
-One of them there airplanes cut
capers over my place tuther day
i-oiotoi cian Johnson. It circled
a U vmmr
and flapped and corkscrewed and
squirmed around in the air to beat
the kingdom. You never seed any
body as interested as my fourteen
children were. All the time the
show was going on they stood still
rooted to the spot, as It were, with
their mouths open and their ears
throw ed for-ard. plumb forgetting
MONDAY. JUNE 23. 1919
Fire losses in ID 18 aggregated $
a head for every person in the Unit-I to scratch their chiggers. And
ed States.
was fully half an hour after the
flying machine had slashed on out
of sight before they really came to
life and began to claw theirselves
again with anything like their us
ual ferocity."
ian communists.
San Francisco labor council
votetl. 124 to 40, against joining a
strike in behalf of Thomas J. Moon-
ey, the condemned bomb-thrower.
Several girls, accused of making
tri-color rosettes for the counter
revolutionists, were recently shot to "initios and irentlemen" sonor
death m Uudapest by the Hungar- Dusly began the Hon. Buckram
Bragg, addressing the beauty and
' OZ Mv-ilri' rt TnmHn vltle. Ark., in ad
vocacy of his candidacy for the leg
islature. "I am one of the plain
people. I was born right yur
amongst you. and nerer wore a
b'iled shirt or tasted store terback-
er till I was of age, and earned
them luxuries by the sweat of my
own hands. That there venerable
stump that stands antigoitcllin
across from the postoffice Is all that
is left of the honest old tree that
The bolshevik! bombarded the
Y. M. C. A. and Ked Cross workers
in Moscow on the ground that they
were capitalists and all capitalists
must be put down.
Methodist women in the south
are saving all the eggs laid on Sun
day, in their poultry -yards to do
nate the mto the centenary cam
paign of their church.
Eight hundred and nineteen of m Pa" ol ,,,s
three, four other fellers tied me to
when they put on me my first pair
The Boosters club of Fairbury is
lining up a number of evening ex
cursions to advertise the forthcom
ing Fourth of July in Fairbury. The
plans are to make automobile trips
to nearby towns on different even
ings, taking the band and a few
speakers along with thern and
build up enthusiasm for the tele
The city commissioners of Beat
rice awarded the paving contract
for the large south Beatrice district
to the Abel Construction company of
Lincoln, the company's bid being
approximately $4L00O. Asphaltlc
concrete will be used In part in, this
iaving and the contractor stated
that the company plans to rush work
as rapily as possible.
:o: I
Additional paving ordinances are
being created at Central City and in
the near future the engineer will
make estimates and plans will be
submitted for the work. At. this
meeting a representative for Central
City wa appointed to attend the
Lincoln Highway Association meet
ing at Kearney. This meeting is
for the purpose of looking into the
question of how title to right-of-way
property may be secured.
the G.150 Methodist preachers in
the south receive less than $400 a
I i . . -. r , f- a
year and more than one-fourth of UI ine Ul
me toiai less man t,v. i :o:-
The strike and lockout of 3.000
milk wagon drivers in Chicago was I Generally sneaking there are
settled by conceding an advance in! three attitudes for people to take:
wages, and the price of milk thel The first is the destructive attitude.
next day was raised one cent ajthe second the obstructive, and the
quart. third the constructive. The kind of
o: I person you make of yourself depends
Congressman Fitzgerald advo-on which of these three attitudes
cates making $2.2C the 'maximum J vou adopt. You can find good
price for wheat this year as well a j enough reasons, or excuses, for tak-
the minimum price, and predicts anting any one of them
increase of $2 a barrel in the cost I If you choose to be a chronic
of flour. j kicker, a. croaker, a malcontent. VOU
:o: can find plenty of things to find
citizens of Trumbull are antici-1 fault with and to vent your spleen
pating electric lights in the near
future through connecting with the
Hastings municipal light plant and
having electricity carried by trans
mission. The village of Trumbull
voted $0,000 some time ago for
electric light service and if this is
not sufficient funds to equip the
distribution, private subscriptions
will be taken for tho work.
Stingy Tightwad says that he
owes much of his success in life to
his wife, who has never been a
spendthrift. That Stingy is not un
mindful of his wife's help, it may
be noted that last week he pulled
two of his wife's teeth himself, thus
saving her the trouble of going to
the dentist. Stingy thus saved one
nervous shock in the family the
one that would have occurred when
Stingy handed over his dollar to the
At the noon-day luncheon of the
Friend Commercial club last week,
it was unanimously agreed that
Friend will hold an old-fashioned
Fourth of July celebration and make
it a home-coming event. Commit
tees have been appointed and
speakers and other attractions will
be secured at once. The town of
Friend will make the effort to In
terest people for a distance of fifty
miles around to join in making the
celebration a great success.
Hay ward Park will be one of the
new improvements at Nebraska
City; plans for this park are being
drawn and will be submitted to the
board of education, the park being
an improvement, in connection with
one of the school buildings in that
place. In the center of the park
there will be a baseball ground,
football ground and tennis grounds
and a track for track teams. A
large amphitheatre will be erected
and in connection with that will be
shower baths and a swimming pool.
The park will be onn of the most
modern improvements in connection
with the public schools in the west.
on. If you are only inclined to
"think neutrally" and if you lack
the force to be either positively
destructive or poslitvely construct
ive, you can take the attitude of
mediocrity; you can be a dror.e In
the hive; you can be simply ob
structive; you can get in the way
of progress and stay there, like a
balky mule on a railroad track; you
can play the role of the dog In the
manger unable to eat the hay but
yelping at those that could eat It.
The third alternative is to be
eontructive, and this is the privilege
of every individual, low or high,
poor or rich. You can take the
constructive attitude if you so de
cide. You can be a builder, a pro
ducer, a doer. And it Is this type
of men that have made civilization
advance. Real Life.
"Poor old feller " sympathetical
ly said the landlord of the Petunia
Tavern, as a funeral procession
trailed by. "Ho was our last ling
ering horse doctor. For years he
went around hauling open horses'
mouths and wagging his head as if
he had discovered something abso
lutely unheard of In the annals of
horse history. Probably he didn't
really know much about horses,
but he loved to associate with them.
After he had outlived his usefulness
and almost outlived horses he would
go poking, around among the Ford
cars and mattering. And day be
fore yesterday, when he found one
standing alone and unhitched, he
went In front of it and tried to open
its mouth, or something; anyhow,
it gave a snort and ran over him,
and fetched his checkered career to
an end. Well, Doc was a pretty
good sort of a feller, and ho didn't
owe me but $8 that I remember of."
uk it Kit ok hi:hi;
and oiler of I'robntt- f Will
In the County Court of Cass county,
State of Nchiaska, County of Casai,
's :
To all persons interested in the
KxtiiJe of John KJwIn Barwick, dc
ceaseJ :
On reading the petition of Hilihi
Coffmun pruving that the instrument
fite.l in this "court on the lHth day of
.June. 19 Hi, and purporting to he the
last will and testament of the said
deceased, mav he proved and allowed,
ami recorded as the last will and tes
tament of John Kdwiri Hal wii k, de
ceased; that said instrument he ad
mitted to prohate. and the administra
tion of paid estate he granted to V.
A. Kohertson, as executor;
It is herehv ordered that you. and
all jK-rsons interested in said matter.
may, and do, appear at the County.
Court to In- held In anil for said coun
ty, on the lyth day of July A. J. VMM
at 10 o'clock a. m., to show cause, if
any there tie, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not he granted, and
that notice of the pendency of said
petition and that the hearing thereof
le given to all persons interested in
said matter hy publishing a copy of
this Order in the I'lattsmout li Jour
nal, a semi-weekly newspaper printed
in said countv, for three successive
weeks prior to said day of hearing.
Witness my hand, and seal of said
Court, this 19tli day of June A. .
Countv Judc.
() J23-aw. Cl. rk.
O It I Kit OK HKltlN;
nml oll-e of I'rol.nlf nt Will
III the County Court of Cass coun
ty. Nebraska.
Mate of .Nebraska, County of ass,
ss :
To all persons interested in the
Instate of Michael Tlmmas, deceased:
on reading the petition of Kosina
Tim in as praying that the instrument
filed in this court on the 20th dav of
I line. l!l:'. mid pat port ing to he ti
last will and testament -of the said
deceased, may le proved and alloweil
mil recorded as the last will and tes
tanient of Michael Timinas. deceased
that said Instrument be tidinitlcd to
probate, and the administration of
aid estate tn granted to Kosina Tim
mas. as executrix;
It is hereby ordered that vou. and
all persons interested in said matter
may. and do, appear at the Countv
Court to be held in and for said conn
ty, on the lth dav of July A. 1 . 1 ! 1 !
at 10 o clock a. Vn., to show cause, i
any there I.e. why the prayer of tit.
petitioner should not be granted and
that the hearing thereof be given t
all persons interested in said matter
I'V pu il isn ing a copy or this Order in
the i'lattsmout h Journal, a semi-week
ly newspaper printed in said count
for three successive weeks prior to
iiiil'l day or rearing.
itio'ss my hand, and seal of said
Court, this ''Otli dav of June A. I
Countv Judge.
(Seal! j.'.T-;!w. Clerk.
mTmTTT V I Jl " I II ,L pp m 1 I
I ".j ''. it -A - 1 ....i.iif- - - I U -"Y ri I I
7 AH "
Don! Decide Until Yon KnowThe Owen
The Owen costs one-fifth as much to operate as other
Units. Cheaper per horsepower than kerosene lamps
Public Service Corporation
P. t i : m
"c m ia mounts or
Investment Securities
First National Bank Bld'g,
Omaha, Neb.
otk i; ok jiKiti;
I "or Drtrnnlnn t Ion f IIHmliiii
In the County Court of tfte Countv
or t .Ni'tiraskn.
In re Kstates of Jacob Carper. Onev
I. Carper. Anderson Lee Carper and
irreil l.emmel nrper. each deceased
The State of Nebraska, to all prisons
Interested in said estates, cieditois
and heirs take notice that Mattie J
Porter lias tiled her petition alleging
that Jacob Carper, a resident irnd in-
aMtnnt of tl:e ounty of Cass. Nc.
luskfl. departed tiiis life intestate on
or about the llth dav of November
f. leaving him surviving as his sole
nd only heirs-at-law, his widow, (imv
. Carper, and the following nnmedl
lilldren. to-wit: Anderson Lee Carper.
i son; Annie Louise I'ltman. nee Car
per. a daughter; Alfred Iemmel Car
per, a son and Mattie J. i'orter. nee
arper. a daughter; that said Jacol
arper was the owner in fee of the
ollowing described real estate, sitti-
ted In the County of Cass. Nebraska:
The south half tSi of the southeast
piarter iSK'i) of Section Town
liip 10. Kamre 1.1. east of the I
m. .in me county of t ass. Nebraska:
Hint said land was the homestead t.f
the ss id Jacob Carper at the time of
his death and descended to his said
hildren In cmial shares, each an un
divided one-fourth, subject to the dow
er and homestead right of his said
widow which terminated at her death
on Mav 1.:, i:19; that administration
proceedings were duly had in the es
tate of said Jacob Carper, deceased.
iiy petition filed In the Countv Court
f the Countv of Cass. Nebraska, on
the 22nd dav of November, 1S72. un-
ler which said proceedings notice to
creditors was duly given and final set
tlement dulv made, but that bv rea
son of failure of said court to make
a finding as to heirship and assign
ment of said estate. it is necessarv
that lielrshji, in said estate be estab
lished; that thereafter on or about the
1Mb day of April, 1 !;, the said Al
fred Lemmei Carper, being the owner
of an undivided one-fourth of said
real estate, departed this life Intes
tate, leaving him surviving as his sole
and only heirs at law. his widow.
Laura Carper, who departed this life
on or about the ltth day of June. l!l i.
and two children. Lee Carper, a son.
who departed thU life May 14. l!i:.
unmarried and without issue, and
Lena Carper, a daughter of lawful ae.
residing at Fairfax. Missouri, and by
reason thereof, the said Lena Carper
is now the owner of an undivided one
fourth of said above described real es
tate; that thereafter on May 10. 1H1."..
the said Anderson Lee Carper, being
the owner of an undivided one-fourth
of said above described real estate,
departed this life intestate, leaving
him surviving his widow. tWtrude
Carper and three minor children, to
wit: Lucian Carper, age thirteen years:
Har.el -Carper, age eleven years and
Inleene Carper, age four years: that
by reason thereof, the said Cert rude
Carper, widow is now the owner of an
undivided one-twelfth of said real es
tate and each of said minor children,
to-wit. Lucian Carper. Hazel Carper
and ir)eene Carper, are entitled to an
undivided eleven thirty-sixths of said
estate. And that by reason of the
foregoing facts the paid Annie Louise
Pitman, nee Carper, and the said Mat
He J. Porter, nee Carper, are each the
owners of an undivided one-fourth of
said real estate
That on Mav 13, 1919. said Onev I.
Carper departed this life Intestate,
"eing a resident and inhalltant of
the Countv of-'Cass. Nebraska, and
Htossessed of personal property there
lnNf approximately the value of Four Hollars (J40n, which san
property was exempt from the levy of
attachment, execution or other mesne
processvand oiot subject to the payment
of anv riehts of said deceased, and
t!:at at the t'rr.e of t.he death of said
Or.ey I. Carper, she left hr
as her sole and onlv heirs at la-R-. her
daughters, Annie Louise Pitman, of
Bradshaw, Nebraska and Mattie J.
Porter, of Union, Nebraska, and the
At last farmers are able to secure the per
fected Light and Power. This plant is the
Owen. Until the Owen came, farmers had
to be content with makeshift units. Crude,
too small, expensive to operate
Still many bought these temporary units.
They could no lender content themselves
with kerosene lamps and the lack of electric
power. Many hesitated, waiting for just
such a plant as the Owen.
Now those who have
already bought units are
replacing them with this
final-type plant. Each
day we are receiving or
ders from farmers who
have been waiting.
The Owen's success
has been instant. It is
a new conception. It
offers you betterments such as have never
been offered by any other plant.
The Owen starts and stops itself. It is
completely automatic. No running down
to the cellar to turn it on or off. When the
batteries are partially discharged, the engine
starts automatically. When they are fully
charged, it stops automatically. When you
require more current than the batteries
should care for, the engine starts automatic- i
ally. Even the lubrication is automatic.
Aside from the matchless convenience this
automatic control offers, it also multiplies
the life of the batteries overcoming costly
replacements formerly necessary.
As a result the Owen costs you but one
fifth as much to operate as other units. It
offers you illumination and power at less per
candle-power than kerosene lamps.
The Owen has a "si
lent valve" engine which ;
cannot leak. Compres- 1
sion remains perfect.
Grinding of valves and
scraping of carbon are
It will light as high as
100 lamps without flick
ering, it nas more ca
pacity for running a water system, churns,
cream separators, washing machines, milk
ing machines, electric fans, irons and
Dozens of such reasons as this should urge
you to know the Owen before you decide.
Come in and let us explain the many Owen
features to you. A post-card or a telephone
call will bring us to call on ycAj.
Agency of Cass and Otoe Counties
Office Phone No. 650 Residence Photic Nos. 487 and 50;
t Mr. Fnffl
v - -
In May, lSiil. IS. H. Compton of
t'etlar Creek foiniil a land turtle on
his plate ami carvctl the date on its
shell. Twem y-ono years later he
found it a sain and added 1912 to
this shell and released it. Five
years later he found the same turtle
iduddinir along" and added 191? to
the list. On .May ::o this year,
following n;iF!nl gi a ndi-h i Id i en : i.u-
ciau Carper. Iln.d Carper and I -lc -to-
Carper. i -! o! a deceased son. .n-
lersou Lee Carper, and Lena .n
daughter of a deceased son. .Ml led
l.ennio 1 Carper; ti.iit the said -yrue
Louise i'itman and Mattie .1. I'm tor
iind the said Lena Carper are e.n li
entitled to an undivided one-fourth of
the estate i.f "in-v 1. Carper. ie--cas
ed, and the said Liicuin Carper, Haze!
Carper and 1 eU-ene c.i i per are cm li
entitled to an undivided one-twe'ft-i
of said estate; that more than two
years have elapsed since the litath el
oaf I: of said decedents save and ex
cept the said onev I. Carper, whose
state was exempt 110111 the Icy m
ittacl.ment. execution or other mesne
process: tl:at no application lor :m
ministration of said estates been
had in the State of Nebraska: that
each of said decedents were r ,-iilen ; .-.
of the County of Cass. Nebraska. : t rTTtttt'tth'iAlSBSSiSl
the time ot their death and posscss-Mi , bi
.1 : I ,.l ... if
01 piOM'll lliCICJJl. illlO III. II .-.tin 1
tltioner as the daughter and sister 01
lid lecdents is entitled to an un
divided ono-foirvth of all the said prop
erty, and praying for a determination
of the time at the death of each of
said jiersons, to-wit: Jacob Carper,
onev- I. .Carper, Anderson aipei
and Alfred Lemmei Carper, ea li ile-
ceased; a determination of their l:eys.
the decree ol kinship and the riht 01
dcsient id" the real piopeitv lieloiiu ing
to said decedents in the Siate ,e-
nrasKa, aim lor sin n oicei 01. 01.-
may be neo. ssary i:i the prcmisi .-,
wnicii sunt peimon nas i.een .-i
hearinir on the .::rd tiny of .1 1 : 1 . I.'!.'.
at i a. m.. at tile County Jiolircs of-;
lice in the court house at I '1 .1 1 1 -1110 a 1 1 .,
Cass county, Nebraska. '
liated at i'iattsmoulli. .e ni u.-i.a.
this "0th day of June A. I. I''!:.
.I.LI:.. .1. nr. r..- '.
County Juili;c.
i5v floiu;nch U1IITI.
fitulinpr, he found the turtle ol
more and atlded 191J to the dal
He discovered the turtle within
radius of a quarter of a uiilc e
time. Some fast life a turtle Iivl
twenty-cislit years after the first of his relatives
An old man who recently died
liurlinKton, vt left $14,000 t
college and 10 cents apiece to
(Seal) j-3-oW.
The State ff Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss:
In the Count" conn.
In the matter of the estate ot li-i-
nian Kupke, 1 leceased. ......
To the Creditors ci sain .
Von a i-,. lien bv notified. That I m
sit at the County Court loom in I niiis.-
mouth in said county, on the da
if Julv, 1 f 1 'J. and on tin- i-m ;i
October, 191!. at 1i o'clock j
lav. to receive and examine ;
iwainst .said estate, wiin a
Li;' II il(I,MIl Micill cin- -
time limited tor the pi c.-eu . . ......
claims H'.'iiinM sail oi""
n i!tr. and tiie it.n
The entire attractive scheme of Rocky Mountain
and Pacific Coast Summer Tours is now available,
wilh circuit routes that embrace the West's mag
nificent scenery.
of Jane.
limited lor
moment of 1'''VsT.'r.,..
said nun oay oi ........
Witness mv liaiel and tho
said County Couit, tins
June, 1D19.
(Seal) J14-4W
. il of
lotli day ot
County Judb'c-
m m m
Lawyer. V
. v
Est cf Rney HolS. V
Coates block, , r
Second Flcor.
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I'm Mo, the gateway to hundreds of mountain
vacation resorts and for automobile tours. Very
favorable fares.
Touiibt fares to the Hot Springs resort of the
Hills, to Sheridan and Handiest er, in the Hip
Horn mountains, and to the Cody Way ranch
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