The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 12, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY. JUNE 12. 1919.
PLATTSMOli rn skmmyklkly journal.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the Peop'e of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
Farm Machinery
If try of tl.e rvacH-rs of the
Journal kiior- of any socil
evt-ut or m-m of interest in
this vicinity, mid will mail
tiaie to this ofiire. it will ap
pear unun litis tirauirjr. e
waul all DewsiLai Kiiitoh
The Offices of Dr. II. C. Leopold a
Easy Place All Patients Get-
ting Along All Right.
Make Safe
The protection of princi
ple should be the first consider
ation of every investor. But it's not
always an easy matter for the ordinary
investor to determine the safety of the
issues offered him.
The character of an invest
ment, however, is usually
reflected in the concern
which offers it. Invest
ments offered through
this institution war
rant your confidence.
Safety Honesty CourtesyService
Tour ps cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Duck vgs for tale. Oldham
Stock Farm.
Mrs. J. V. Iicrccr was an Omaha
vi.-itor over Monday, returning on
tiit- late train.
NOTICK Miss Ocla Minford.
t'jicher of piano. N-ow enrolling
pupils for summer term.
Mr. and Mr.. Wm. Puis vent to
riiiUMiiouTh la t Friday evening to
atttMiil Hit- graduation exercises.
I).trt forrei thai you can gtt a
ill -ii of ire cnani at the Library
Sittiriiay afternoon and evening.
M Milord and ('reamer the local
liutrrs of stock were on the Omaha
market Thursday with a fine car of
Mrs. ('has. Carroll was attending
to Mime matters of business in
I'lait.-iiiouth on Monday of this
Mi'-s Grate Jameson of Lincoln,
came tv Murray from her home in
Lincoln on last Saturday and will
i-p.nd i-ome few weeks visiting at
the home of her sisier, Mrs. Mar
garet Iircndel.
Word has been received from ;he
i:ev. J. A. IJarnes of Viola. 111., who
was lo hive conducted services at
the Presbyterian Church on the will be unable to be present.
However the pulpit will be filled by
the former pastor Dr. Jackson on
this date, and a most cordial iny
taiior, is extended to all to come
out and enjoy the sermon of this
capable gentleman.
Walker Gilmore spent a few days
in Plattsmouth this week, visiting
with Ralph Holmes.
Miss Mary Jameson of Lincoln, is
visiting with her sister, Mrs. J. J
Urendel, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes, of
Plattsmouth, were guests at the
Walker home Monday.
Mis. Jo. Hans and Mr. and Mrs.
W. tl. I'.oedeker were visiting with
friends in Union lat Sunday.
L. I. Hiatt was elected director
at the Monday evening school meet
ing. Iledistricting and the consoli
dation of schools were the principal
talk of the meeting.
An unusually large audience wan
in attendance at the Children's Day
exercises held at tho Christian
Church on last Sunday evening, and
one of the best programs that has
been prepared in years greeted
those in attendance. Under the
careful training of Mrs. Margaret
Hrendel all taking part did excep
tionally well in their parts.
" Mr. J. A. McCracken of Crest on.
Iowa, was a Murray visitor on Wed
nesday, having come to investigate
the possible entering the employ of
the Meier Drug Co. He is quite
well known in this locality having
spent some few years in the employ
of the Fricke Drug Co.. at Platts
mouth. Should he decide to accept
the position here he will at once
make arrangements to move the
family here permanently.
Something to Eat!
The housewife says every day, "What will we
have for dinner?" Now isn't that so? Sure, it b hard
to find good things to eat right at this time of the sea
son. That's why we like to suggest some good thing,
for the pies and desert.
ci iis
Loganberries, one gallon cans, per can
Yellow Cling peaches, one gallon cans, per can
plums, one gallon cans, .per can
r-,nr one fail on rans. per can
Sliced peaches, heavy syrup, ready to serve, per can
ti.i t.t nparhe. nothing better than these, per can
Kt. Hamilton brand heavy syrup peaches, per can -oO
Apricots, put up in rich, heavy syrup, per can -3o,
Strawberry, raspberry and astd. fruit preserves, Mb. glass jars .5
Hiatt" Tutt,
Miss Laura Puis was an Omaha
visitor on Monday of this week.
And the next day it ruin.-d r
the common talk on the streets of
Murray these days.
Miss N'ita Cook. arrived home
from her school in Plattsmouth thh
week. Miss Cook was one of the
graduates from the Plat tsinouth
High School this year.
The many friends of Mrs. John
Hobshcidt who has been in a criti
cal condition for the past two
weeks will rejoice at the good news
of her s-light improvement.
Mrs. Young and Mrs. Cook went
to Plattsmouth last Friday evening
to attend the graduation exercise:
at the High School auditorium, at
which time Miss N'ita Cook was one
of the class. Miss Cook was one of
the best in her cla-cs. and received a
great many compliments upon her
work during the school year. Aft
er a few days visit with home folks
Miss Cook will accept a position in
the telephone exchange here for tin
The Murray Library Assoeiatioi
have bought the building they now
occupy. This building was owner
by Col. Jenkins, and have paid hitr
rent for the past ix years, and de
cided that they might as well own
it. The consideration was $S'().00
Mr. Latta offered the association a
lot if they would build r.pon h
within one year. For a time it wa
the talk to build, but decided that
it was too much of an undertaking
at this time. Mr. Latta wa:- surely
very generous and the ofi'er v. a
greatly appreciated, even though i'
was thought best not to undertake
it at this time.
Cannot Locate Farm
I. T. Iioyer. trom i.ear Avoca. wa:
in Murray Saturday for a lev
hours looking for a farm that n:i-h-be
for rent, something larger thai,
the one he has been living on dowr
near Avoca." lie was unable to fine
anything here and went on to
Plattsmouth. where he remained
over night. While in the county
seat he paid the Journal office a
brief call, and tells us that ho h
now thinking of moving west, u here
he can secure suflicient acreage fot
the employment of himself and two
sons. He thinks s-'omc of buying s
farm in the western part of J he
state. We have been informed that
there will be a number of good
farmers in the vicinity of Murrey
that will ho unable to secure farm"
to rent next season, and will be
compelled to look elsewhere.
Home Guard Notice.
Upon instruction from the state
Adjutant (leneral, you are hereby
notified to be in attendance fc.r the
purpose of disbanding Tuesday ev
ening June 24th. He on hand to
receive honorable discharge.
Christian Church.
Regular services at tin- Christian
church Sunday June li.
- 10:00 A. M. P.ible School.
11:00 A. M. Morning worship.
S:00 P. M. Kvening worship.
Our Children's Day offering was
$26.00. Come and won hip with us.
C. E. HANXAN, Minister.
Henry Gering to Make Hecovd-Break-ing
Test Trip with United
States Carburetor
Henry Ii. tiering, pre: id'.nt of tin
United States Carburetor company,
of Omaha, and a former Plat tsmoutl
hoy who continues to he well kiicw
in the old town, will Ie;:e Omaha a;
7 o'rlock next. Monday morning i:.
company with Raymond A. Dull, en
gineer and W. D. Austin, in a Ford
automobile with kerosene instead o:'
gasoline for fuel, on a trip to Nov.
York and return. The distance eov
ered will approximate U.COO miles. '
No such trip was ever made in auto-.
mobile history before. j
The machine, equipped with u car
buretor manufacture d by Mr. Ger-!
ing's company, has already made v. '
total of 200,000 test miles, burning
kerosene instead of gasoline.
Mr. Gering will go through Des '
Moines. Chicago. Detroit and Cievc-1
land, carrying letters from Mayor!
Smith to the mayors of thece cit;e;.j
He will stop at the Ford plant in Do
troit for a demonstration and upon
his arrival in New York. Engineer
James Tracey, widely known among
automobile men, will test the car
buretor at ;;;00 Broadway.
Previous trips have' boon mad:,
jsiiig kerosene as fuel, to Cheyenne,
'Vyo., Denver, Clnuiron. Neb.. Kan--as
City, and the la: i tr?p to Wa'
1 ula. Fla.. and return, but Mr. Gor
ing is more enthusiastic over this
latent trip than any of the otiiers.
While in Plattsmouth last Sunday,
in speaking of the carburetor, he
'colored ii will i: ..I.e a saving :'
.we-thirds of the c .-! in uutoinohile
.'uel. The United State.-- Carburet;. r
company, of which Mr. Goring is
president has a lactnry in operation
in Omaha and is planning on exten
sion at once. Mr. Gering says they
iave upwards of 21.0tu orders booi;
d ahead now. ei;i;mh to keep tie'
present factory busy for two year;:.
From Tuesday's Daily.
With the exceller;-' .rk -which
Dr. II. ('. Leopold I .eon doing in
the past and a growing interest in
J his piooiioo. he and a specialist from
j ivirksville. Mo., who was here with
I i! i in yeterdiiy. were kept pretty busy
performing the numerous operations
i hey wore called upon to do. The pa
lieir.s v. ho underwent operation:
were Gu.y W. Morgan, who had hi.-to:..;ii'-
removed; Harry Jordan, who
had both tonsils and adenoids taken
out; John Sanders, a little boy vho!
j : -.iof os.-i'ul!y underwent a double op
eration. Oiive F.oiige and Miss Kvu
j:i!Mi:er. tonsils removed and the 1 v. i
i 1 1 . i tu i- ii (it Mr. and .Mrs. itarry
Crcanie-, who had both tonsils and
adenoiijs removed. All the patients
art.' getting aloiiu first rate.
From Monday's lait.
Judge to our surprise this niorn-
ng. as the flock of peopie alighted
"rem number four of the Iturling-
iin to see our friend Leon Stenner
'iop off and grasp us by the liM'.d.
when we were of the opinion he
was in France, and would be for
;ome time. Leon was one of the
members of the former Loyal Sous
hiss of the Christian Sunday school
nd was a close friend of the wrir-r.
lie was in France one year with the
exception of three d;ys and arri'. -Hi
in this country on .May 2nl be
'ng discharged at Camp Grant las:
saturdav. He v. as in the motor
ruck transport;:! ion corps and was.
in the most severe fighting of the
rnmpaigns of the western front.
Leon is an excellent young man. and
iow almo-sf a six footer and mag
nificently proportioned and looking
fine as he could desire. We were
zl:d to see him heme, and we are
lelieving that the meeting when hi
arrived at home, was one of much
joy. as his mot her . wi, ile she knew
lie v. as in America, did not know
when he was to arrive at home. He
was a menilx-r of the I'.t'.rd division
nr the former old Illinois National
"rem M.uiiln v's p-iily
This is the advice that you wili
!'iul elsewhere in the columns of
I::.', paper. . in an advert isomer.:
Torn tl'.e punk of Cass County, bu
:t the same time if .you must dis
pose of them they are ready to buy
t the very highest price on the
New York market. There is no
better to deal than with the
home people, and our home bankers,
are ready to give you all there is in
your bonds at the present time, and
perhaps a little more.
The Ijank of Cass County would
also Mke lo explain how you can
dispose of your bonds at the-- time
Lit par. See your home banker be
fore disposing of your bonds.
From Monday's t'ailv.
Last Saturday evening Mr. Kk'h
ard D. Gammon, aged 4S. ami Mis:
Leonora Lwein of Winner. South.
Dakota, arrived in ibis city on the
evening train and after having
nought out the county judge's office
--rnred a license and getting in
structions where to find the parson
age of the Christian minister, wond--d.
their way thither and had him
proceed with the marriage cere
mony which was to bind them for
life as man and wife. They depart
ed on a later train for Omaha, and
from there to their home whore
they expect to o-urprise their friends.
La; t evening a large crowd of
people that ta::"d ti e capacity of
the church building to accommodate
listened to a very excellent play,
which was given by the chiid
ren of the Christian Sunday
iohool, and which was given
under the supervision of Me:-dame;
P. F. Khiu. Levi W. Scott, John R
'"tine and Olivr C. Tlmh.on.
The church 1 rid ben placed in
a very !r.v!in- condition by the
elnbora'e anil beautiful decora t ions,
which denoted the work of skilled
hand- for many hours. The place
was a. bower of beauty, when the
exercises began. The program
which followed war1 one of excel
lence throughout and was e-omposed
of songs, readings and a short play
challenging attention to the people
to the need of looking after foreign
missions. Following the exercises
an offering waa received for the
furthering of this wrork.
i-'rutii Wvd msd.i y's Iiaily.
While returning last Sunday from
a vitit at Glenwood. whore they had
lion; the Saturday evening with
friends, the roads lining so bad thai
the i'ouoin s:re:th could not bo
traveled to the river crossing. The
party which consisted of Kenneth
McCarthy. Mrs. Gladys Richardson.
Claud-' Ri'-hardson. Floyd Kiehard
x.n. Mrs. Ldv. aid Mci'uiloy, Mi:.:;
Caroliii" Lahoda and Ralph Alb-u
took the ridge road from Glenwood
to Cov.rcil Llo.tis expecting to oro.s
that way and return via Omaha.
When about, t v. o miles out of Glen
wood the car which seemed to have
some defect, skidded and turned
completely, over, throwing seme of
the parties' char of the car. while
others were caught under the wreck
age of the auto. Mrs. Gladys Rioh
ardson and Miss Caroline Lahoda.
and Kenneth McCarthy. were all
pinioned under the ear an! were
bruised considerable. That they
v. t re not injured much worte than
they were is due to the fact lhat
they were going at a very moderate
rale of speed, traveling about 20
miles an hour. Also that in the turn
ing over, they were cought in the
friendly "meshes of a wire fence,
thus allowing the car to fall with
less force when it turned over.
Many f the party are carrying
some sore spots yet. and judging
from the di-coloratioiis the impact
at the time tif the accident was
severe enough to suit the most fastidious.
Do you know lhat we have a complete line? We
make a specialty of the famous John Deere line and it
is complete. We want to figure with you on all your
farm needs this spring.
Cur stock of staple and heavy Hardware is in ex
cellent condition lo supply every demand. Come in and
see for yourself.
: .r.:::s- :sr : ;i.:b .2 ..:?3 '. a i.a . a :: : s - - x v , o : e
From Wednesday's Pally.
This morning C. L. Pitman ar
rived home from overseas, having
been in France for some nine
months. Mr. Pitman was a mem
ber of Engineers corps of the navy
aviation and went to France in
August of last year, and returned
arriving at Newport News. Va., on
May 2tth. and was discharged from
the Great Lakes on Monday last.
While in France Mr. Pitman, was
engaged in larpenter work, and
wa.s located most of the time in
southwestern France at a town
named Pauliac. Of the southern
portion of the country he has not
the best opinion as he says the
people have very little energy, and
are contented with raising a little
grape vineyard, from which they
derive enough to keep them eating
a portion of the time. Other por
tions of the country he speaks well
of and thinks Paris a great place,
and is all the country northeast of
there, where the battle was raging.
Heaid he was content to remain in
the country while there was some
thing to do. during the war but
aftei the armist ice was signed he
was very anxious to get home again.
He was in charge of a crow of
carpenters who -were reconstructing
the devastated places and building
barracks for the citizens to live in.
Wi" Always Carry a
Complete Line of
If It's in the Drug Line Wc will Look after
Your Wanis at All Times
E. a B B Bl X E B : O C U EL S S BUB -.'B.. B-...R . B .
' R. f
for tile past couple of weeks with
an aggravated case of rheumat is n
said to be caused indirectly from the
condition of his tonsils, had the of
fending organs removed. As a result
of the soreness following the opera
tion he has been forbidden lo talk,
and so carries a pencil and note tab
lot to make known his wants. Under
favorable conditions, ho expects to
gel back in the store again by the
hitter part of the we;!;.
From Tuesdays Iuiity.
Wayne Propst and Edward
Creamer are expecting to start to
day via auto for the western por
tion of the state, where they will
visit many places of interest, and
seo the country. Their object will
be Perkins county and they will be
away f i r several days.
E. II. Schulhuf departed on the
early train of the Ilurlington this
morning for Glenwood, Iowa, where
he is looking after une business
matters regarding his line of piano
work, and also giving instruction in
music to his classes in that city
and Pacific Junction.
Fancy box paper at this office.
Always Ready for Sal
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exa :ange
FroTi Tnesdav'fi T'aiU.
Henry A. Fisher of Pocatclla. Ida
ho, and Miss Marie S ohlmart of
near Louisville were visiting in this
city this niorninr and while here
dropped into the f!ire of ttie coui:ty
judge, where they Feeured a Uconr-.e
to marry. They did not choose to
?ny when or v he re they v.oul'l b
married, but expect to return to the
we-t to make their home near Po
catclla, where Mr. Fisher is en
gaged intho ministry.
H C5 E S !
We have a very large line of shoes for every .nem
ber of the familj and bought at a price considerably be
low the present market price fully from 75c to $2.00 per
If You Buy Now Wc Can Save You Money
on Every Pair!
A Few Broken Lines to Close Out at a
See Us for Your Spring and Summer Shoes
Right Now!
The Service Store,
Drs. Mach & ftlach, The Dentists
The largest and Left equipped dental offices In Omaha.
Experts in charge of all work. Lady attendant. Mod
erate Prices. Porcelain fillings jast like tooJi. Instru
ments carefully sterilized alter using.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Yesterday' our genial di?po?it ioned
friend. Guy Morgan, who eondnofrj
the ice cream parlor and confection-!
ery store across the street from the
Journal oflice and who has been Eick
Fistula-Pay Wherf Cured
Itf. I I V7:"k uiuu argirill ucauucui (COI CUIOI I-IIPS. I MUfl and
Ii L2 M Vv-?2 other Kecta lDiacBi'58 in a short tinie. without a invert: tur-
fcTL S i2 NdSivSi 8ica 1 c,-.eration. No Colarofarm. ttber or oilier general
, . . ... usu . curt guarnniesa 13 every case atxpted
lor treatment and no moiT to fee paid csti! cured Write for bock on S ecta I Diseases, wuh uaie
cad tesfircon-'als rf more LtaclOO prominent people vho tzrz Itr.a pcraianEntl-y cured.
D3. E. R. TARRY 240 Be Bulldlns OKAVMA. NEORASKA