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I '
Hawkey e Tires
and Tubes
The Plattsmouth Garage
J. E. MASON, Proprietor
We repair all makes of cars; do all kinds of welding
and charge batteries. Bring in your cars now and have
them in shape for spring. We have two of the best
mechanics in town, Mr. Howard Ralya and John Frady.
Also Do Livery Work to All Parts of the
City and Country.
. Jta rL yNf rs '
JAKE, 12651
Jake Is a Mack Jack with white
points. Was foaled May 2S. 1912.
Is 15 hands high. Sired by Bis
Jake, and his dam was Lady Elgin.
He is an excellent jack, and ha .1
pood reputation as a foal setter.
Weight 1100.
TEDDY R. 97680
r Teddy R. is a fine Percheron
Stallion, black with white hind ftet
and right front foot also white. He
V. as foaled March .10. 1&5: and
weighs 1800 pounds. His sire w.-s
Morton. $7203; by Epateur. !S36.
434B); by Rolivar. 40111
(4462); by Amilcar, (19979); by
Suit air. (4713); by Bayard. '9i9.-;
by .Rstraba. 187 (736); by son of
Jean le Blanc. (739).
" Teddy R and Jake will nnke the
season f 1319 at my home. six rw'e.
west of Murray and six mi'es cast
of Manley, erery day in the week.
Terms tor Tddy R.. ? 12.50 to Insure
col. to' stand up and puck Terms
for -Jakei $15.00 to insure colt to
stand np' and suck. When pariies
dispose of-roares or remove fror. tbe
locality service fee becomes -ir.e and
must be paid immediately. AM care
will be taken to prevent act 'dents,
but owner will not be held re
sponsible should any occur.
-' ." A. J. SCHAFER.
vJ .rHow is Your Complexion?
? A woman should grow more beau
tiful 'as" she grows older and she
will with due regard to baths, diet
and exercise, and by keeping her
liver and bowels In good working
order. ' If you are haggard and yel
low, your eyes losing their lustre
and whites becoming yellowish, your
flesh flabby." it may be due to in
digestion or to a sluggish liver.
Chamberlain's Tablets correct these
Doug. Fairbanks, Gem. Saturday.
Miaow '
Vesta Batteries and
Dry Batteries
Renewed Life in Commerce and In
dustry Will Naturally Follow
Removal of Restrictions
During the Wan
Washington. April 1. Confi
dence in the financial condition of
the country and its ability to float
the forthcoming victory liberty loan
was expressed today by Secretary
Glass in replying to the suggestion
of Senator ('alder of New York that
a special session of congress should
be called to stop depreciation in the
market price of liberty bonds.
Far from agreeing that the de
cline in outstanding bonds might
Jeopardize the popular campaign
Tor flotation of the victory issue this
month thereby tying up credits by
forcing the banks to take the new,
bonds, Mr. Glass declared that he
was assured the treasury's efforts to
solve the financial problems of the
country would have the support of
a "united and victorious people.'
Depreciation in bonds he said, has
been the result of artificial causes
and he knew of no one who did not
believe that all libetry bonds would
sell above par before maturity.
"There is todiy no sufficiency of
credit for the needs of any useful
enterprise or insufficiency of gold to
support our credit structure." Sec
retary Glas declared.
Echoes of the political fight which
occupied the closing hours of con
gress were contained in the secre
tary's reply which was in the form
of a letter to the New York senator.
He quoted from a speech by Senator
Calder on the victory liberty bond
bill in which the senator declared
that he saw no reason ."why we
should not feel certain of the fu
ture." Mr. Glass said there had
been no adverse developments since
the bill was passed, which would
make necessary a special session as
Mr. Calder advocated.
Raster Greeting Cards at the Jour
nal office.
Doug. Fairbanks, Gem, Saturday.
tfh . n n
Paris. ADril 1. Commenting on
the six amendments to the covenant
, of the league of nations suggested
.'by Klihu Koot, it was stated today
.by one of the legal specialists asso
Iciated with Jhe American peace con
ferenee delegation that he believed
all the amendments were acceptable
to the American delegation.
The suggestion that the Ameri
can representatives sign the cove
nant with the reservation that the
United States does not relinquish Its
traditional attitude toward purely
American questions Is apparently re-
jrariled with considerable favor in
American official circles. The dele
gates alsoare well impressed by the
nronosed amendment providing for
the revision of the convention with
in not less than five years nor more
than 10 years.
Amendments Carefully Considered
The suggestion for the signature
of the covenant by the United States
with reservations designed to in
sure the safety of the Monroe doc
trine and safeguard American immi
gration laws, it was pointed out. in
volves no new procedure, as the res
ervations would be somewhat simi
lar to those with which the Algivirar
treaty was signed.
Mr. Koot's six proposed amend
ments to the covenant were in the
hands of the American peace dele
gation for several days before they
were published in the Cnited States.
They had been carefully considered
by the delegates, who expressed
their appreciation of this definite
and constructive criticism.
Several of the Root suggestions
are believed by delegates to be cov
ered by the covenant as it now
stands in its amended form.
Socialists Present Suggestions.
Ixrd Kobert Cecil, the British au
thority on a league of nations, to-
dav met a committee from the in
ternational socialist conference, re
cently held in Berne, and received
various amendments. which the
members of the committee desired to
be included in the covenant of the
league of nations.
The committee was composed of
Arthur Henderson. G. II. Stuart
Dunning and J. Kamsey MacDonald
for Great Britain; Jean Longuet and
Pierre Ronaudcl. for France; HJal-
mar Granting, for Sweden, and Ca
mille Huysmans. for Belgium. The
committee claimed to speak for the
socialists of 2G countries, represent
ed at the Berne congress.
Among the principal amendment
that the socialists proposed was the
introduction of a provision facilitat
ing the entry into the league as soon
as possible of Germany and Russia
which they believed to be essential
to disarmament, and the prevention
of the spread of anarchy.
To this Lord Robert replied that
it was impossible to admit states
without stable governments. The
committee proposed the supervision
of disarmament, to which Lord
Robert replied by giving the reasons
which had led the league of nations
commission to reject a proposal for
the continuous international inspec
tion of armaments.
Advocate Election of Delegates.
The committee also had proposals
respecting the method of choosing
delegates to the league, expressing
the belief that nomination by the
governments would not be represen
tative. They said they preferred
the elective system. Lord Robert
explained that this question was for
the various states to decide them
selves. Regarding war, the committee
thought that it should be totally
abolished except where the league
Itself made war to enforce its man
dates. Lord Robert agreed in prin
ciple, but tlfbught that the world
had not yet attained the develop
ment to make it practicable and
Other points presented were the
belief that mandates should be de
fined in detail before territory was
handed over to a mandatory gov
ernment and that no mandates
should be given until all nations
had been admitted to the league.
In reply. Lord Robert said he be
lieved that all mandates would be
Are You Happy?
To be happy you must be well. If
you are frequently troubled with
constipation and Indigestion you
cannot be altogether , happy. Take
Chamberlain's Tablets to correct
these disorders. They are prompt
and effectual, easy and pleasant Jo
Doug.' Fairbanks, Gem, Saturday.
Frci Wednesday's Dally.
The Warga nrothers and sisters
living south of the city last Saturday
evening, held a very delightful gath
ering at their home, at which there
were a large number of their friends
present. The guests began arriving
at an early hour, ami the sociable
event continued throughout the
night. There were games, music
and dancing, with a, delightful
lunch served, which was enjoyed by
everybody present. Thoes who were
present and enjoyed the occasion
being Claude, Vern and E. B. Hutch
inson, Herold Manners. Professor
Seney who was visiting In the neigh
borhood from the Pti State Normal
school, Wayne Wilson, Georgie and
Gilbert Hull, Mary Wilson, Lucy
Stave, Frances Lepert, Jesse Fltch-
orn from .Wyoming, who is visiting
here. Gleti, Samuel and Happy
Fitchorn, Rose, Cora. "Jesse and
Willie Baker, Edna. Robert and For
est Rainey. Walter and Lewis Fur
long, Karl Smith, Charles. James
Albert. Josephine. Rose, Stanzia and
Johnnie Warga. These on their de
parture extended wishes for a large
number of such happy meetings as
those which had been given.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Last evening at the home of
George A. Kaffenberger, were gath
ered a large crowd of young people,
called together to enjoy the occasion
of a reception in honor of Misses
Gladys and Golda Kaffenberger, the
accomplished daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. Kaffenberger. The evening
was pleasantly spent in games and
music. the taking feature or the
evening being a game of progressive
pitch. The playing was spirited
and full of real life from the start
the first prize being won by Mr
Hilt Martin, while the consolation
prize went to Mr. Chester Wel-
shimer. At a late hour a most de
ightful luncheon was served to
which all present did full Justice
n departing the guests expressed
hemselves as well pleased with the
evening's entertainmnt, and cited
he Misses Kaffenberger as being
princesses In the art of entertain
From Wednesday's Dally.
Mrs. J. L. Mulhall of Oakland
'alifornia. who. has been visiting in
he city, for the past few days, the
guest at the home of her aunt Mrs.
If. Booth, at the Masonie Home
departed this afternoon for Omaha
where she will visit with friends
and also look after some business for
1 few days before her departure for
the west again.
From Wednesday's Daliv.
Mrs. Andrew Kaufmann, who has
been very ill for the past few weeks
with bronchial pneumonia, has been
improving very nicely for the past
two or three days, the continuation
of which means that she will be re
stored to her former health with a
few weeks. This will indeed be
good news to this excellent lady's
many friends in Plattsmouth and
eastern Cass county.
From Wednesday's Dally
Yesterday afternoon Joseph Tucek
a'nd wife with their little one de
parted for the east, where they go
to make their home. They will go
first to Westfield. Mass., where they
expect to purchase a home for them
selves. They have resided on the five
acre tract, southwest of town,
known as the Vorndron Place, for
the past five years. Mr. Tucek evi
dently did not hear Horace Greeley,
when he said "Go west young man.
Go west." Or if he did. he did not
heed for he is going in exactly in
the opposite direction.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
The great benefit derived from
the use of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has been gratefully ac
knowledged my many. Mrs. Benja
min F. Blakeney, Decatur, 111.,
writes, "Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy Is by far the best medicine for
colds and coughs we have ever used
In our family. I gave it to my
children when small for croup and
have taken it myself." s
' Wall Paper. Paints. Glass. Picture
Framing.' Frank Gobe'man.
kaun. Uf-ct. Sliest. Aly RclUM
Friend went to Lincoln Tues-
Ed. Casey of Lincoln was in town
Chas. Appleman went -to Omaha
Ben Weaver spent Sunday
South Bend.
W. O. Boyles of Lincoln was
town Saturday.
Dr. L. Muir and wife autoed
Lincoln. Monday. N
C. M. Jordan returned from Lin
coln, Saturday.
Geo. Clark of Lincoln was in town
Monday 011 business.
Mrs. John Box returned from Lin
coln Saturday on No. 28.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Wylfe of
Denton were in town Saturday.
L. Lauritsen and daughter Miss
Clara went to Omaha Saturday.
S. C. Boyles and son Dale S.
Boyles were in Waverly Saturday.
Jake Kahm was in Omaha and
Lincoln on business the first of the
snavely and Hayes of Lincoln
were in town on business last Wed
Jae Kahm sod lull of his live
stock last week. He went to Oma
ha on No. 38 Sunday.
.Mr. and Mrs. John Rcasoner ot
Ashland were visiting Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Rouse last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Murtey havt
returned from their winter's sojourn
in southern California
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Davis of
Syracuse an toed up Sunday to visit
Mr. and Mrs. -J. P. Rouse.
ine lieu 1 toss received a new
quota 01 Kniiung recently, wincii is
for the little folks of 'Belgium.
Mrs. Hattie Kear is able to be up
part of the time now. She suffered
a severe attack of quinsy recently.
Hubert Strong begun delivering
the IT. S. mail on Alvo's R. F. D
Tuesday. Chas. F. Rosenow havin
Mrs. J. B. Elliott sr.. Mrs. Earl
Slothower and Mr. and Mrs. P. R.
Elliott motored to Lincoln Friday
in the latter's car.
Mrs. C. M. Keefer is very sick
with erysipelas and her daughter
Mrs. Roy Cole of Mynard. is here
taking care of her
Miss Ida Thomas and brother Leo
Thomas came in from Pickrell Sat
urday to visit their grandparents
Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rogue of
Elmwood, autoed over Tuesday even
ing. visiting the former's sister Mrs
J. II. Stroemer and other relatives.
Frank Rathbun who recently re
turned home from over seas army
service visited his brother Walter
Rathbun and family Tuesday and
Mfss Hoffman went to Ashland
Timrsriav to attend the funeral 01
her grandma Hoffman on Friday
Mrs. Hoffman having passed away
on Wednesday.
Ai-tlmr Skinner and family, Alva
Skinner, Delbert SKinner. airs.
Waiter T?ntlil)iin and son and Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Clark went to Lincoln
Saturday evening.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. W
Vickcrs was gladdened last Tuesday
with the safe arrival of a perfect
i.oKv tt Thfi mother and Dane
"J o
1 1 - 11 ..
are doing spienuimj.
T.kP K.ihm sold his residence
nroDerty to Miss Alice isenoyg. n.
... n c
and Mrs. W. H. Suders win occupy
: na ennn ns Mr. and Mrs. R. E.
Reitz get moved to Waverly.
' Mr. Orin Lanning of Eagle and
Miss Laura Vickers of this place at
tended the Golden Wedding anni-
vorsnrv 01 HITS. mene xaiiumti 0
. . . r I T n n .1 1 v rr e
parents in Plattsmouth last Friday !
Mrs. J. A. Shaffer went to Lin-
. 1.
tuiu - '
cousin Mrs. L. B. Lackey who was
enroute to her home at Minatare.
Neb., from a month's visit at South
Bend with her father Fred Weaver
and sons.
A liWle son was born March 2Sth
to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Quellhorst
and passed away Saturday evening
March 29. Funeral services
conducted at the home Sunday an-
ernoon by Rev. M. E. Stair, uuriai
was made in the Alvo cemetery.
' Mrs. J. P. Rouse had the pleasure
of entertaining all four of her sisters
last Sunday. They are Mrs. B. II.
Davis of Syracuse. Mrs. Eva Rouse
and Mrs. 'Ida Marshall from Nuckols
county. Nebr., and Mrs. John
Weichel and they all enjoyed the day
very much.
Mrs. Eva Rouse of Nelson has
been visiting her sister Mrs. J. P.
Rouse and Mr. Rouse the past week
and her sister Mrs. Ida Marshall of
Nelson came in the last of tbe week
to visit at the J. P. Rouse home and
other relatives. She went to Ash
land Monday morning to visit Mr.
ami Mrs. John Reasoner.
The funeral of, Maurice Cashmer,
who passed away in Lincoln Sun
day, was held from the M. E. church
Thursday afternoon at two o'clock
conducted by Rev. C. E. Connell.
Burial was made in the Alvo ceme
tery. Maurice was born in Alvo,
!ec. 17, 1 SI7 and was the son of
Sherman Cashmer now of Denver.
He leaves beside his father one
brother, Alvin Cashmer now in Ok
lahoma, his mother having passed
away when he was a child. The
father and brother attended the
funeral. Their many friends extend
A wild and wooly Fairbanks com
edy full of excitement and thrills,
Gem, Saturday.
Gordon Black was in Omaha Sun
day. Joe Taylor spent Sunday with Ed
Guehlstorff. .
Mrs. Goetz and son Ed Guehlstorff
were shopping hi Omaha Saturday.
Will Schewe was an Omaha pas
senger Monday noon.
Mrs. II. Reeve vnt to Lincoln
last Tuesday evening.
Miss Everett spent Sunday with
Mrs. Carl Schlapoff.
Miss Helen Ilaur is spending a
few days in the country.
G. Baur and John Gakemeier
went to Ithaca kis Friday evening.
Mrs. Mary Williams of Elmwood
was visit iris relatives here last Fri
day. Win. Reuman and his father were
down from Omaha on business last
Mis Hattie Renwanz of Green
wocd spent Saturday with Miss Clara
Miss Margaret Amgwert was a
guest of Miss Gladys Sorick last
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Alvin Neitzel early Tuesday
Mr. Reherelins of Ithaca, Nebr.,
was visiting friends here a few days
last week.
Mrs. F. Lau and daughter Anna
returned from Omaha last Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. George Mills were
Sunday guests of relatives near
Weeping Water.
August Panska and family were
calling at the Fred Cordes heme on
Monday afternoon.
Rev. A. 11. Schwab and August
Panska were business visitors to
Plattsmouth Saturday.
Misses Lydia Weiichineck and
Ruth Sorick are spending t heir
spring vacation at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tool and
children and Mrs. J. Ooehry motor
ed to Weeping Water last Thurs
A few of Miss Margaret Amgwert's
friends were calling on her Sunday
evening, the occasion being her
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Panska and
daughter Helen Irene, were calling
at the John Gakemeier home on
Sunday evening.
John Amgwert went to Burchard
Nebr., last Friday where he will do
some papering and varnisning ror
Emil Kuehn. and expects to be
gone about ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sanders and
daughter Gwendolyn of Wann, Neb.,
Mr- and Mrs. John Gakemeier and
daughter Dorothy Alice, Misses
Helen and Jennie Baur were Sun
day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Emil Kuehn returned to his home
tt Burchard. Nebr.. Monday. He
of tJje (o
take Mrs. Kuehn and children to
their new home. We hate to lose
this estimable family from our midst
but our very best wishes go with
them to their new location.
Mrs. R. Lawton came in Thurs
day fro Davenport, Iowa, where she
has been visiting relatives. Mrs
Lawton has just returned from Vir
ini wi,ere she has spent the wint-
&nd after vjsjting friends here
for a short time went to her Home
jn Wabash.
Cut This Out It Is Worth Money.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with &c to i-oiey v
2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, Ill
writing your name and address
clearly. You will receive in return a
trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar, Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup. oiey iviu
ney. Pills and Foley Cathartic Tab
lets. Sold everywnere.
Doug. Fairbanks, Gem, Saturday.
From Wednesday's Dnlly.
The funeral over the remains of
Eugene Williams, who died recent
ly at Lincoln, and whose . remains
arrived in this city Monday after
noon, were held at 4he home of his
sister Mrs. Leonard Jay yesterday
afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev.
II. G. McCluskey of the First Pres
byterian Church officiating. The
burial was made in Oak Hill ceme
tery. Mr. Williams has lived in
Plattsmouth all his life, and was
engaged as a barber and had been
working for E. G. Shellenbarger un
til Just recently.
who has Just re-
turned from the Third
Annual Del-
co Light convention at Dayton, Ohio,
is a membei of the Delco-Light Kilo
watt Club.
This club is composed of the first
rank leaders of the Delco Light sell
ing force and the local Delco Light
representative feels greatly honored
in having secured a membership.
Delco Light, as most of our readers
know, is an electric light and power'
plant for farm homes, and the
"watt" is the unit of electrical work,
which explains its use in the name
of this Delco Light salesmen's club.
For each unit of business of a fixed
amount a Delco Light salesman is
credited with "one watt," and when
he has one thousand such watts 'to
his credit he automatically becomes
a member of the Kilowatt club. Out
of a total selling force of 2700. there
are only 52 Kilowatt men for 1918.
which indicates the high standard of
the contest and is a measure of the
honor conferred upon the local man.
Mr. Rosenthal says, he finds mem
bership in the Kilowatt club so big
a thing in the Delco Light organi
zation that he intends to make an
even better record for 1919 and thus
become a Kilowatt member for this
vear as well as last.
Doug. Fairbanks, Gem, Saturday.
The undersigned will sell at Pub
Auction on
The following described land and
town lots: s
Sixty-six acres, more or less, ad
Joining Oreapolis on the south. 16
acres in prairie hay that cuts twice
a year, balance farm land. Also
joins the Omaha and K. C. AutcT
road on the west and is four miles
northwest of Plattsmouth. This
land will be sold to the highest bid
der at Oreapolis station ct 1:30
o'clock Saturday afternoon, April
12th. Terms, $2,000 cash, balance
on terms that will be announced at
sale. Possession can be given at
once. This is an ideal piece of
land, no better producing soil In the
State of Nebraska. If you want a "
good piece of land don't forget the
date and attend this sale.
At 3:00 o'clock, on the premises.
lots 1. 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12 in block
7. and lots 3 and 4, in block S, of
Duke's Addition to Plattsmouth. will
be sold at public auction to the
highest bidder. Terms, half cash.
balance on terms to be announced.
At 3:30 o'clock, on the premises.
lots 5 and G, in block 5, of Town-
send's Addition to Plattsmouth, will
be sold at public auction to the
highest bidder. Terms, half cash
and balance on terms to l
nounced at sale
W. R. YOUNG. nn.
Rid Her Of All Her Pain.
;Mrs. L. Wavue, 27 2 C 3rd
iff . T- 1 m a
uqean rarit. 1 aiir.. writes: "I am
thankful to say Foley Kidney pui3
rid me o fall my pain. I advise any
one to try then after the good they
did me." - Bachache. sore muscles
stiff or swollen Joints, rheumatic
pains are Indications of kidney
trouble. Foley Kidney pju, are
safe, reliable. Sold everywhere
I have a few cpmlng
Short Horn bulls which
Which o .
tered. and are for sale.. Call C T
Peacock. Phono 2505 Plot. "
xru. ' 1 la,tniouth.
ni20-27d 2tw
People who think thev d
moving pictures should see ti'