The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 03, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY. APRIL 3. 1910.
Murray Department
g Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
I tny of the readers of the
Journal tenor of any social
Tent or Item of interest In
this vicinity, and will mall
lime to this office. It will ap
pear under this heading. Wt
want all news items Editod
th Liberty Bond Loans
and yours is at the Murray State Bank
at your earliest convenience
Lie Nickels and bii-tor. Miss Etta,
wtri' Plattn.oi.t h visitors last Sat
urday. il. t litiK and little grandson
wiTf I'lai ts-mout h visiur.s last Sat
urday.!l M:-l has lufn sufleriiiK
with at! attack of the Flu for the
past few day.
Mr. and Mrs. .. M. M in ford and
F -arlc Havis went to Omaha Mon
day, where they attended the Short
h n !! cattle sal.- in thai city.
Mrs. Will lK.hacl:. res.dir.i; down
in ; r 1'nioii. has heen quite sick for
the ia-t few days.
Mi.,.-.:, Margie Walker anl Oizhi
Miiii'onl Uiart-l last Kriilay night
for variou-- points in Texas, poins
. iih the Fuller Kami excursion. A
p.oi! number of Plat t :-moiit li and
C:v; county people made the trip.
They will he gone about, ten days.
Mrs. Shoeman. formerly Mis-s
M.' Knsterholtz. has been very ill
for the past few days with an at
tack of the Kin. On Monday she
was in a very critical condition, but
reported some better Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Shoe man reside near
Kouisvi!l .
The ian ladies will hold
v.n Faster Bazaar at the church on
Saiurday. April lltth. comniencinR
at 1' p. ui. Ice cream and cake will
btxrvvd during the afternoon and dinner will be served from
.". ::0 to T:r.'. All are invited to attend.
w. e. YOUNG
Always Ready for Sale
D3tes far or near.
Murray Exa range
Lelephoue 1511
A. Steinkamp. from west of Man
ley, was looking after some business
matters in Murray Tuesday.
D. lliatt has been numbered
with lite sick for the past few days,
suffering with a severe cold.
Charles Hoedeker was looking af
ter some business matters in the
county seat Monday evening.
Mistes Opha I'.aker and Eva La.
Hue came down from Omaha Sunday
to spend the day with home folks.
Miss Nettie Connelly was down
from Omaha Monday and spent the
day at the old home, returning to
Omaha in the evening.
K. E. Moore has rented the Con
nelly place east of town, and will
soon move their family thereto,
where they will make their future
Mrs. Kd Lutz came down from
Piatt smouth Tuesday and spent the
day with her ssiter, Mrs. K. 1). liiatt
and husband.
Searle Iavis has juot planted six
acres to sweet clover. This grass has
become very popular in eastern Ne
braska during the past few years and
bids fair to become an excellent hay
W. A. Scott is making some decid
ed improvement on his store building
this week, in the way of a new porch
new roof and other repairs that are
adding much to the appearance oC
the same.
George Nickels has decided to
build a new home in Murray, and
has bought lots just south of the
Kred Hilil home, and the work will
be started immediately. The lot was
laid on' Monday evening. Young K:
Scot ten will do the work.
We have been informed that our
very much corpulent friend. J. A.
Kohbins is Incoming some trader.
This week he traded two Civil war
cavalry mules for two good horses
and drew some boot. John is ready
to challenge any and all comers in
this line. He will not lay down to
I he famous Kock Llluffer, Frank Val
lery. who has long held the belt for
the champion trader of these parts.
utfcermilk Starting
It is composed of alfalfa flour, corn,
ground macaroni, buttermilk, wheat mid
dlings, genetian root, bone meal and sul
phate of iron.
Just the food you want for the little chick! It goes fur
ther than any other food and you will know from the
ingredients named its value. Increases your production.
Ten Cents per Pound
Hiatt . Tutt,
Kobert Shrader was looking after
some business in Plattsmouth Mon
day. Mrs. Rhoden, who has been very
sick for the past few days is report
ed better at this writing.
Albert Young and Ralph Kennedy
came home from Tekamah last week
where they were shingling a barn
for Wm. Countryman.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred llild and Mr.
.".ml Mrs. Alf Cansemer were Omaha
visitors Tuesday of this week, driv
ing up in Mr. llild's car.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Todd and Mrs.
Wm. Hrowu were Omaha visitors on
Tuesday of this week, the trip be
ing made over the auto route.
Mr. and Mrs. Spika, of Omaha,
came down Sunday to spend the day
with Mrs. Spika"s parents. Mr. ami
Mrs. Wm. Laliue.
Wm. Sporer is building a fine new
garage and granary on his farm out
north of iown. J. W. Edmunds and
Mr. Sporer are doing the work.
Mrs. Tom Tflson and Margie Val
!ery came home from Council Bluffs
last week, at which place the- have
been receiving medical treatment.
Mrs. 15. F. Drendel returned home
last week from Zkmsville, Indiana,
last w eek, w here she was called ow
ing to the serious illness of her
mother. She reports her mother
getting along very nicely.
Mrs. Francis lirendel. as chair
man and Mrs. Hiatt. Mrs'. Doedeker,
Mrs. Alva Kong. Mrs. Robert Good.
Mrs. H. G. Todd as helpers, served
ihe library feast last Saturday even
ing. Margie Walker as chairman.-Mrs. Mrs. Sans and Miss Reulah.
Miss ISailey. Mrs. Adda Farris and
Ethel and Mrs. Walt Minniear. help
ers, served the supper at the library
on Saturday evening. March
Over $20 was realized.
I. M. Davis and daughter. Mrs.
Earnest Melburn were in attendance
at the Shriners banquet at Omaha
on Friday evening of last week.
While in the city Mrs. Melburn
bought one of the .standard make
pianos from the well know firm of
A. Hospe.
The new steel bridge just east of
Murrey is almost completed. The
road and creek has been straighten
ed out. and it has certainly made a
wonderful change. In straighten
ing the creek the new bridge was
put in east of the old one, and the
old creek bed filled.
George Jenkins was down from
Rosalie last week visiting with home
folks. George has been working
with Earl Jenkins in the garage for
some time past but has accepted a
position with au Omaha firm, rep
resenting the Saxon fars, as road in
spector. He has a good position.
The Columbia Male quartette gave
an excellent program at the Puis
hall in Murray last Monday evening.
It was the close of the season's most
successful Lyceum course, and the
management have already signed up
for another four months' course next
year. There was a good attendance
at the closing number, and all were
more than pleased with the enter
tainment. When Sam Pitman was in the
hardware business in Murray some
years ago he lost a very valuable
Elk charm, and put in many an
hour looking for the same without
avail. He had assisted in the work
of putting in the guttering at the
Hotel lSerger. Albert Young was
j called on a few days ago to put a
new roof on the hotel, almost the
very first shingle removed he found
the charm under the tin. and in al-
most as good condition as when lost
l some years ago.
j Over east of Murray there has
; been one certain piece of road that
! has given the traveling public con
siderable convenience when travel
j ing over it for some year past. We
i have been told that appeals have
. Wen made by the farmers nearby to
j the overseer and even to the com
j missionrs "without results for the
.betterment of this certain piece of
highway. The farmers growing tir
ed of its condition got together a
few- days ago and proceeded to look
after it themselves. They have the
brush all cleared away, and are go-
O -
ing to "do the grading just as soon
as possible, in case the county does
not do it. This is certain, ly a com
mendable piece of work, and those
taking part in it were Gus Splitt.
John Toman. Albert Wilson. Dick
Baker, and Wm. Axeline.
Fairbanks leaves his Nevada ranch
to make a raid on New York, Gem,
- j Saturday.
The L. 11. Puis Garage, of Mur
ray has gone on a strictly cash basis,
and on and after April 1st all goods
and repairs will be cash on delivery.
This will include all repair work and
no cars will be delivered until paid
for, also all merchandise, oils and
accessories. There has recently been
a five per cent war tax placed on
all lines of auto goods and in taking
this cash step we have decided to
pay this tax, giving our customers
the net price on all goods where the
war tax has been added. We have
coupon books that you can buy at
a five per cent discount, a $10.00
book for $9.50. This will make you
a discount of ten per cent on all
lines of goods purchased at the Puis
Garage in the future, but absolutely
for cash and for cash only. Your
patronage is solicited and we will
guarantee to save you money.
L. H. Puis, Proprietor.
Mrs. Fred Ramge was an Omaha
visitor last Friday.
Mrs. Harmon Beck was an Omaha
visitor last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lambert were
Omaha visitors last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yallery were
riattsmouth visitors last Friday.
Oldham's shipped two crates of
pigs to Iowa Wednesday of this week.
Mrs. Walt Sans is reported as hav
ing the flu, but is better at this
t ime.
Mrs. M. L. Craig, of Gardner. Kan
sas, is spending a few weeks at the
Oldham home.
I. M. Davis was looking after some
o.isiness matters in Plattsmouth on
Remember the supper at the Li
brary next Saturday evening. Be
: -ire and attend.
Guy Stokes, from near Union, was
calling on his many Murray friends
l ist Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Schlichtnieier
went to Genoa last week for a visit
with friends and relatives.
Dwyer Todd has moved to his farm
cut near Elmwood. and will look af
ter his interests there this year.
Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Gilmore
and children spent one day this week
with Mr. and Mrs. Walt Minniear.
We are informed that the entire
family of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Rhoden
have been suffering from a siege of
the flu.
On Tuesday of last week Mr. and
Mrs. John Rutherford and two sons,
and Mrs. Baumeister, came down
from Plattsmouth to spend the day
with Mr. Dull. Fred Rutherford
had just returned home from France
where he was in the service, and
the day was one of genuine rejoicing.
Family Gathering at Puis Home
There was a family gathering a
the home of Mr. and Mrs. William
Puis. Sr., last Sunday. This excel
lent old couple has just returned a
few days ago from California, where
they have been spending the winter,
and the children gathered to spend
the day with them, being more than
glad to welcome them back to the old
home. Those spending the day un
der the parental roof were: Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Puis and family.; Mr.
and Mrs. Alf Gausemer and family;
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hild and family;
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hild and fam
ily; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Puis and fam
ily and Miss Laura Puis and Mr.
and Mrs. Ixmie Puis and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutz and family.
The day was a very pleasant one for
Strawberry Plants for Sale
Progressive Everbearing Straw
berry plants. $1.00 per 100. Postage
extra. K. L. Kniss, Murray, Nebr.
Farming: Implements For Sale.
Having just quit farming. I have
a number of implements for sale,
that the price will be made right
on, if taken soon. See me for par
ticulars. Green Piggott. 27-3t
For Infans and Children
Jn Use or Over 30 Years
Always beam
the cf
Within Two Months Time, but the
Proposition Not Acceptable to
Premier Clemenceau.
Eeari the Journal Ads It Fays
Paris, March 31. The Japanese
general staff has offered to Clemen
ceau to stamp out Bolshevism thru-
out Russia, but has asked as the price
that France give Indo-China to Japan
in return for doing the job. It is
learned on the best of authority in
Paris that when the United States
refused to sanction an inter-Allied
expeditionary force against the Bol
sheviki, Clemenceau asked Viscount
Chiuda what Japan could do about
crushing out Bolshevism.
Slice of Siberia Not Enough
Chinda cabled to Tokio and re
ceived a reply that the general staff
could map out operations for ending
the control of Lenine andTrotzky in
Russia within two months. The
French then asked the Japanese if
a slice of Siberia would be acceptable
as payment.
The Japanese replied in the nega
tive, stating Japan is friendly to
Russia and does not want to incur
Russian territory but would stamp
out Bolshevism and set up a stable
Russian government which would
repay the French loans and protect
French finance in return for France
ceding Indo-China to Japan.
Thorn in Japan's Side
This proposition was not accep
table to France, so the deal was en
tirely off. It is understood Indo
China is one of the thorns in Japan's
side, rince Tokio does not relish the
French possessions there.
It is reported Japan has offered to
England to send troops to Russia
and bear the expenses of the expe
dition alone if Indo-China could be
made a Japanese mandatory, giving
the French the former German colo
nies as compensation.
The fact that both Germaqy and
Japan are openly flirting with the
Russians to obtain them as possible
allies is, regarded as interesting, in
view of announced apprehensions of
certain military experts who see the
future military alliances between
those three nations and Great Brit
ain, America and France.
Public sale will be held at the
Twelfth Street Feed Barn in Nebras
ka City, rain or shine, on SATUR
DAY, APRIL 5TH, commencing at
12:30 sharp. The following is the
list of property to be sold: 14 head
of mules; 20 head of horses and
mares; two pedigreed Percheron stal
lions; one Mammoth Jack. These
horses and jack are guaranteed
breeders. 75 bead of cattle and 2
Shorthorn bulls; 25 head of sheep;
farm implements and 400 bushels of
good seed potatoes. If you have any
thing you wish to sell bring it in
and we will sell it for you. Terms
of Sale: Sums under $10 cash. Over
$10. six months time will be given
on bankable note at 8 per cent in
terest from date.
Cols. Ilerzog, Clary & Hall, Aucts.
Fred Hellier, Clerk.
"My father used it until he was
relieved of his troubles. He highly
praises it." So wrote us Mr. Matt
Molek, from Silverbow, Mont., on
Dec. 26. 1918. "If means Triner's
American Elixir of Bitter Wine, the
best remedy for all stomach troubles.
constipation, indigestion, headache.
megrim, general weakness, etc. Good
remedies are always appreciated,
and we are glad that in spite of the
shocking prices of some ingredients
and heavy tax on others we are able
to avoid a noticeable advance in
prices of Triner's American Elixir
and Triner's Angelica Bitter Tonic.
The advance is only very slight. Just
enough to save the excellent quality
of these remedies. Triner's Liniment
which is known as the most depend
able remedy for rheumatism, neural
gia, sprains, etc., and other Triner's
remedies are sold for the old prices.
Joseph Triner Company, 1333-43
S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, III.
Farm Machinery
Do you know that we have a complete line? We
make a specialty of the famous John Deere line and it
is complete. We want to figure with you on all your
farm needs this spring.
Our stock of staple and heavy Hardware is in ex
cellent condition to supply every demand. Come in and
see for yourself.
W. 00. PUL
Fairbanks leaves his Nevada ranch,
to make a raid on New York, Gem,
I The Meier Drug Co.
Complete Line of Drugs, Paints, Oils and the
Usual Up-to-Date Stock of
Tell US your Drug Troubles This will be OUR Line
f BMi B;'BniTan:Bi:!,Bi" w;;: i! mmmMa. xm a 1 m : : ;;.:;m -m? a:: a i a " e r"
Let the Children Grow.
Coughs, colds, "snuffles," that
hang on tend to weaken the system
and a suffering, neglected child
spends so much strength combating
a cold that the little one cannot grow
as fast and sound in body as when
free from affliction. Foley's Honey
and Tar is splendid for coughs,
colds, croup, whooping cough. Sold
Fairbanks leaves his Nevada ranch
to make a raid on New York, Gem,
Attend the demonstration of Heinz
"57" varieties at povey's store Sat
urday. Special discount on these
popular goods in case lots.
Heinz "57" varieties will be dem
onstrated at the E. G. Dovey & Son
store Saturday. See their ad.
See the Dovey store ad on another
page of this paper announcing Heinz
"57" demonstration for Saturday.
He Escaped Influenza.
"Last spring I had a terrible cold
and grippe and was afraid 1 was
going to have influenza," writes A.
A. McXeese, High Point, Ga. "I
took Foley's Honey and Tar. It
was a sight to see the phlegm I
coughed up. I am convinced Foley's
Honey and Tar saved me from influ
enza." Contains no opiates. Good
for children. Sold everywhere.
Heinz "57" demonstration at the
E. G. Dovey & Son store Saturday.
A wild and wooly Fairbanks com
edy full of excitement and thrills.
Gem. Saturday.
To tb& Trade!
All indications are that the present high market
on wheat will continue to advance. With this advance,
all wheat products must continue to go higher. Our
prices must be raised in a very short time unless there
is a change in conditions which we cannot at this time
foresee. We will quote you cash prices on our lead
ing brand of Puritan flour every sack guaranteed to
give satisfaction or your money refunded.
Per Sack of 48 lbs $2.90
Per. Sack of 24 lbs 1.50
The above price good until our present stock is exhaust
ed, as we couldn't quote these prices on today's market.
Highest Price Paid for Your Cream
Phone and Get Our Quotations
TP TV B I if A
WU U IVv ttVB His a,
. Fistula-Pay Wherf Cured
A mild system of treatment that cures Piles. Fistula and
other Recta 1 Diseases in a short time, without severe sur-
I Kin rKlnmfnrm f t K r9 nrh.a nmnm.. I
ansathetir! nit. A cure floa run teed in every case accented
for treatment, and no money to be paid nnti I enrpd- Write for bonk on Recta 1 Diseases, with names
and testimonials of more taaa 1000 prominent people who have been permanently cured.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Bee Building OMAHA, NEBRASKA
I ' j n I i 5v
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Experts
in charge of all work. Lady attendant. MODERATE PRICES.
Porcelain fillings just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized
after using.