The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 06, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Che plattsmoutb Icurnal
Entered at fostofTioe. flat tsmouth, Neb., as seceml-class tnull matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Influenza microbes
Little turnis galore
-Make the doctors busy.
And their patients sore.
The sooner you get through flu
It isn't il-as the l's:Iiiing p
son u ho pu3 the crngre-uttion
Soi'.i'J people expccl you lo S'd.uri
in sil. nee. e ven if ou hae the 1 !
or the whooping couh.
!f tlu-re are not tneugli jobs for
the soldiers they might be kept in
hcrviee to guard the mony some
prtfiTeers put in the banks.
Mis i!ip.le parent had th-' fli: and
his young hopeful was asked by a
neighbor how his dad was gtttiiii".
alon-r. "Oh. he's mitiim bettor!
he's beginning to ngaip.." J
sary for
It seemed rather
the jmiue to ask Victor lierper if li"
had to say before M.'iiifRrt'
was pasted. Mr. Herirer alv.ts his
sometliing lo say i-.n-I that wliy
he is under conviction lor sclitioii.
The President merely returned j
and started a discus' ion. but .Mr.-, i
Wil-on. who for several weeks has
b'-eu in the back:.roi:n:l. has come .
ba'.k and started a nev.- sfyk
: o :
In most races, love and hate tire
said to be kindred p-sions. Th"
(lernian race, however, is the rodly
exception, according to Mot-tor Self.
"It is mi-Merman to hate," he says,
i: it (Jermany loves Kunland like a
: o :
Lorah is trying awful hard to
make the republicans believe he is
the proper man for president. His
opposition to the league of nations,
is calculated that the republic ins
won't even allow him to look in the
convent inn hall.
:o: ;
One of the big pucker?-, says,
"There are liifles when I envy tiie
tramp his ffoiimi frt m care." We'.I.
we are lucky, probably, that all the
packers aren't tramps. The woteeii
would pet practically no work d-ne
at all if ther felt they were forced
to keep the back door locked all the
When somebody- proposed a few
tears apo that the boys oT C.eorgia
form pig clubs and raise pigs, it
was declared to bo a fad, and would
not last. Throughout the '.vest kid
dles have been doing the same,
thing and with profit for years,
and the Georgia kids went ahead,
and figures thow more than
000 worth of pork raised by them
in 191S.
:o: -
The Nation charitably looked up
on Mig Mill Thompson of Chicago
as fine of the numerous accidents ,f
J9J.". but since Chicac) K-pulilica::s
purposely t;ave him a r ajority for
the senatorial renomii.atio.i last
summer, and renominated him for
mavor again last Tuesday, nothing
rcrnains but to accept Chicago as
one of those stubborn Lard lumps
in our melting poi. If Chicago won't
melt, perhaps a few weeks in a
mortar with a pestle wcr.lJ 1: lp.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the s-a.t of thu disease.
:auirrh s a local -Jiseade. vr-.atiy in
flucTired by constitutional t ontiStions. and
in or.-ter to cire it y"vi m-iyt tak an
internal remedy Halls faturrh lie5i
tine 13 taken interna!::,- and acts thru
th" blood or. the mu-iui 8-irf i. -s of tlio
Mvatem. Hall's Cat.rrh iltdi'inr.
p'rti'ciibcd by. one of tlio best physicians
in th!3 country for y?ars. It 13 com
posed of snrre rf the trt fot.;-s known,
combined with pome of V.v t t blooJ
piiriJ!e.-s. The rerf-ct of
the. inarclifr.ta la Hill's Otarrlt Mcdl
' cfn la w-it praties EUc'ti won.lerful
results ir eitt."..!;!- ! ce.icitior.2. rien-i f--r
fs'iT'in'f . 'r-v. . .
jr. j. i.-HKNnr ft '"r.. I'tcrs., Toledo. O.
All imi--xeit. ''- '
Hall's Kjtnilv f -.Uf 'or roiigyaauoa
No more severe cold weather Oil.
: o : -
The girls aren't mad at an t!; lug.
Hie spring styles just demand that
j the hats bo pulled dovn over iic
I eyes that way.
At fi rt it was feared .Mr. .8nn
to might bo chosen speaker of the next
i IJouse, hut the republicans recon-
i-idered and chose a sal'etv.
-: o : -
The mother who t peaks of her
boy as coming through the war
without a scratch seems to have
forgotten about the cooties:
Soiithoncrs wlio fear an over ; ro-
duction of cotton this year, have our
const ut to plant watermelons in-
s?'-ail. but we don't -suppose
t ! ey
"Hats were not worn
ancients." says a headlit't
bv th.
i;o. K-can-
i ing a number of hats liave f. -' n.
j we are sure there hius. be some
mistake al.'out this ileal! ".
The lit ni::in president. ; uder tie
new constitution, has the power
declare war. I5i:t the 1'eace Cl'
lias the power to arrange
matters so he won't have the
T;;!t t.alay is really the most pep-
hilar republican before the people of
tins country fie.iay. and b- (lett.'t
presj.ieiit easier than any ma:i the
republicans can in?n i ua t , ii" they
only knew it.
A physician says the proper exer
cise for a man between f.o and fit) i,
sw imming and walking. This v ill
sound dreadfully severe to t!:e yoi'i::;
m;tii from "Jl to 2 who is almost ex
hausted after winding the pi.o?:o
.uraph. :o:
One of our esteemed .subscriber-'
says he has a pain when he lies on
his riuht side, and wants to '-now
what to do about it. If he will
into the newspaper 'msiness h can
lie on lKth sides am! it won't ki rt
a bit.
We don't believe tie story that
since the prohibition amendment
was ratified, many who never foii-kt
li'juor before are now buyies; it in
ouart and gallon tiuantities. The
story probably is true and as v are
strong for prohibition wo do not be
lieve it, nevertheless.
The republicans may look to Ne
braska for their vie presidential
candidate. andsbou!d that lie th"
case, all eyes will be on our splem'id
young governor McKelvie. He car.
prove a success in the position us
vice president, as he is proving true
as chief executive of Nebraska.
A lot of folks who never reft! I.-,
awoke to ihe war will open their
eyes at the announcement that it
will tiikc twenty-five years to piv
for it. Many bud regarded it about
as they regard Inning a plier.o
graph on the installtn'-nt plan, S.v.t
the idea that it might be as ser
ious as a piano had never occuricd
to them before. ,
When the country first began to
writhe under the abuses of the male
factors of j:reat wealth, the cry was
"Get the man higher up." Vn
Bolshevism threatens-, it is well to
remember that the man higher up i
frequently the lowest down man.,
Every day for a week you have
read that America is the only na
tion Europe will trust. This is very
tlatterln?. ' It also happens that
America is about the only nation
left which ha$ an5" money; and
therefore is the only nation ICurope
hopes will trust her.
j Another good s.'iiggest ion which
lining momentum day by d:'.y.
along the good roads plan for ibis
country, is working out of a plan
for the construction of national
highways. Whether we go on
building roads 1'roiM one town to an
other, assessing all the expense to
property owners in that rest lifted j
area, or even l etter, part i
in the aid for road conf met ion
offered by our federal governm 'lit ,
there is certain to come out of these
! former two ways, this larger idea
"winch tor convenience at this nm
of The strongesf argtituents for
this national hi!;!iway policy is t he
i eiioriiious interstate traiTle. Truck!
loads of great numbers which are
becoming more numerous as tini ;
gets on; run out of New York City,
crossing state lines, Mich as Con
necticut and New Jersey, and the
(;uestion is immediately brought up.
if this trathc continues this rapid
growth, which seems apparent,
whether or not such highways
i should not be in part maintain.! by
I , - .1... tr .1... I
a rirger : man inai oi ine 1 .:!
district or even state, as would be
in the New Jersey case.
All of the arguments that hnv.
been set forth justifying the ex
penditure of large suns f;,r good
roads building would. of course.
1'iually apply to any national high
way plan, and as time goes on. thi:
inter-state traliic nd only in -commercial
vehicles, but in pha-ure
cars, will continue to grow to nor proportion's. t
This government campaign to
"sco America Firs.t" which ha
been conducted in con j" :'et imi with
their enormous expenditure' i-;
maintainl'iir cor national pir!.'. can
in no wav he so well rut-puned a'
thrcu-h seim- national highway
plan which will serve- 10 no end in
increasing- inter-state travel which
already has grown to big piop.-r-tmns.
Regarding the trucking problem
which is just in its infancy, and
this mode of transportation which
will bring live Meek and card.-,
products of all kinds into the cities-,
it is merely awaiting proper road
construction to make such a tiling
possible on anything like a. Iarg"
An interesting liem come.s from
Omaha recently, showing mat :-;
total of 2 1 ,4 S hogs wer? hauled in
trucks to the Omaha market during
the month of January this year,
with 2'l cars used in this work.
These figures will appear infinitesi
mal in a few years from now. if our
national highway, federal aid. or any
other system can be put to immed
iate use in insuring permanent road
covering this state. Lincoln Trade
Across lhe clover Held a French;
burial piirty was r-lowly mutiny.
Single (muri.s'. their iiands and arm ;
incased to the elbow in balik
canvas mils or guuntlels, wandcied
iilone; the main party du or. stand
ing to windward'of the graves, sur
veyed their task and the " pleasant
sunlit world about th'-ni with the
d--!iiched and .soiio-w hi-1 macaUer
humor of those permit t ep by their
:ire or other Mil iri:iit ie.s i: bv
philosophers. Now and then one td'
the single figures waved his Kunat
lefed band" and a couple t,f ,tlo;rs
started fowarrl him with a stretclk
er. Tim story 01' what baa Tiappent d
there was told in innumerable gun:,
overcoats, belmei.s, papt.'rs, pictures
and letters scattered everywhere.
Farticularly there wen ()t rman
tbiiies. Here, for instanc, was a
novel. "A Child of His Time," tell
ing with gloomy sympathy, for com
placent German readers the tale of
a young Frenchman who had
fought in the tragic war of '70, and
ever at'terw.ard been pursued by a
sort of perverse fate'. There was u
Social Democratic newspapers with
the Lacluiowsky Memoir. Of the
attempt to make Lichnowsky appear
can be called, "the national hlnh- L V-J '"'
wav police." ijji kklf'Q M & fcO
In some sections of the country. 'v U -L i ' -j ...-.. !
particularly on the eastern coast, j .VLi)k.U
Cloati's Lin'mcnt Ecat??ra
the congestion and
rclicvej paiii
nttlr, r.pniit ? ztxthout ru':.r, rr'Tl
j penetrate and mt end
cootiic lac r.c-f c;.
Sloan's'nt ir. very -icr.W- :.n paim, Attain., bvxnr
r.chcs, St i'T j o.'nt .;, oie r.iusck, b:n;-:-fio,
neuritis, pciatica, rhcuniM :c t .vi:".:3
Keep a Li b tt!e ahv.-iyr. or. iia:;:I
for fan.Iiy uzc. Druq:.?tc everywhere.
; ;. 1U . i. n
... 1 111 i
this ca
' 1 .". a r.
llK's: ; .1-'
. wiil only
it-,!! re; nils o
': felt, after ''
Tli in
t i) e
tra ;'.y p. op!'- i- !.( w'ii be re
garded wi-e, and the sag. - of tn
cuy will be cases for the patholog
ist." A Herliu Tageblatt only a
Jew days old .-bowed that liny were
playing, 'Midsummer Nigkt's Dream'
end 'Traviata' in the capital. Them'
'as an Ameri; an pirtlire in one of
the IVriin movies, and the advertise
ment carried a e,;t of an Ani.iican
i.i a Hie' on i,:it and the still un
translated eaptg.n. "The District
Attorney," and the Berliner-; were
assured that the film would show
some of the rough riding of the
famous "Cowboys ruis Texas."
Much of i!:e war was a ca-e f
Uwi people throwing bricks across
the wall which hid each from ihe
ether. The open warfare ef the Ia(
ter days was unite anoth'-r matter.
And the woods 'Acre full of tiling.- so
recently thrown down that Com
position and odor .and lhr- vr;y
bends an 1 wrinkles ju tlieni seemefl
to di-eng lge a p rsonal .something
I rum the men . !io had but y.- der-
da'v held them in their hands.-
Collier's Weekly.
' ' .ll'.tV '.
lit: MUM.
:rt ef tl O'linty
it. t1..-
f ''.!-. NV..-:i.sK..
t.l l;.- K-!. (,.- f Mil.'s ". J!ii!-;.-..-i,
-1 lTi(wii ;i- M. . Mi'iu.m. ai.'i
.j..-'- Vi.rtMi !. t;i'h 1 ii i-i-;is."i :
'V'lo- S. i.f X. 1 r.-isk,i. !. .-ill e. r-
,,nv j t , 1 ,. -, .-. , ,! ;., .,;' v:t;,l ,.!:,t.s
-H' 1 ti' !'. !..! i ' 1 ::ri'l li ir t:ik"
1 ' 1 T I , . ! 1 m !..: - lii. 1
. .-; ! ' I iH. I :i ; .M ' '. .
.M-.l ...i. ais-i :i -VI. . 1 .1 :til.
. I Mi'- ;it ; Mil i ' i ' . i i t i ' i I ul' tin- i-.'llli-
iv "f ' i s, X . . .- i : . i . .ii-. I int-siMl" 1:1
i ;. 1 '.1 t i- t , I . . , i . r, .
i'. 1 !! . is.u !.:..: i:rivi'i' ;.s I. is
.It.- ;h.-'I mi'e lii - at Ian-. (!; t.i'!u -t
i; i.:.'1 ! ..-..-.- . to-vii : S.- r.t Ii '
,V-r ;M.- ': v. i i v. is ,v ii ! . t . i ;
!':;.!ik I. M wu:. . .i si'M. nm- !;! -'.
vl"t 'i'l'.nli.i liis :.- i :i t t-s-l :i If ":i
il. Tl! y "! 'i I' l'.ii IIH'I. !.iiir;
i n r i i II ;,: his S:.f JII'il lill!'
ii Jit law. :. rt : ;ele 1.'. M"rL::iii. Ins
'.i.l'iW, ;i:mI .1 s.'ll. I "ii II I ( '. .ln ii.
v...' t;i;.t , v.-i..isi- wifi- is Ktl' l
,:"i.,T,: I i.i v el '. Mui:-:in, a s."i.
v t ' !' is K.;;.' Mi'! ",in: Kre.l 1.
V - " in. a s. ii. n I. w in- is Mil'lit- I
X'. M .i-L-.ui .l.niftt.- I i.
.-'.!; ll at :. i I! I im.- of l'.t- tl.-aii;
I If .-a I Mil.'.-. Y. '.P.raaa. be W'S
l'if "li'in-i in iff ul" la.- I 1 1 1 . .-. ii, 1 1 , --
ri in I : ': i I y. I i w i t : Ti i f s i ' t i a a - t
i . r. i i : i S i '. 1 , i i . f ''if f a 1 1 1 v. a .- i uu;,i -iff
."s V ' i ft Sr. imii i hi 1 1 -.- i - i.
.'!! ilil ul' I-"' .-Vrll lT) 111 St' I !il
t: lily-si. ("ail. ia 'I', i v. n.-. . i ;, tl'ii-
l'-iti il::i. la-iil' ::i!ii;i' tl-irt'-'a (I. It.
'.-I ul !l,f i.t I I". M . ia I! f . 1 1 1 1 1 " i.r
f-e-. Xilaa-K.,. :.,.l also 1 1 , 1 . . i I . . w i :"
tsi:i!..-it i.!i...-i' iti l::e 'l'.;v "f
. lie. ill f. i 'a i-'fMilv, X'-i.i asl-. a,
' "- e " l.'.t e'.- illi in I'iiik i.e..
l"i":'!i-i'l si -i v-a,.- (li'..".i: l.uls i U-m ii
'11' a .. 1 1 1 I i i x i i I. i , i a I ' 1 1 1 - - ! t ii i i I -
i.i -I i.a ! 1 ( '. 1 - ) I !"
U I'. !;. -I 1 1 a I ! : .
, .: aral l'nur 1 ) in
i ' .' i , .a s.i i I it;-.' t.l
. .;. t a :
- ' .1." a - - , IS
. .i i ' it.-- . ".I'm -
!.. 1 r
I .1
, im
1 :
- I V 1
! I'l ai,'-. .1. .Mo a ! -.e i !'.-. :! Ha
' !;. Miir ".hi: I ':. iti i M. rv. in an-1 wit
t .it.. M.iIlmiv I'l,-. I ;. M,.;-!;aii aa-l
"!. :til.:re. v. ;i.UL-an a ml .lain It.
I'. Miif-ain. :-ia,,l--. i ' ll ve etl tin: wit
'all' i V'-.. i .a .i. i iv. I.",) in ll'n' k
I". I . - I'll' i I.", i. in (iif I'ily to' P'all--I'l'iiitli.
Ni-.r.-isl;;i (i nie- .1 .1 lilts W"
r:.'i'f, ; till I Inii a 1 1 '-r. mi August 11.
l!ill, -ai l l-tii.-. i.t-.t (In- s.ii.l J'tank
.1 .M'in.'ii i. t!u n .1,11 ast-il, vvlios" In-ii .
;-rliia!f i;. Mai-.-in aiei 1'anl t'.'M't!'
!. linn a !Mn i n if!, .i.a'at-il in sa'.l
I- t- I, iimivi -t-ii 1...I-I M-n i" .'lii. I
'".i i- ill. ia k ffrt.-tui. (1J. in
lit-. !' !! a' t iii'iui I.. Xfl'iaska. ti,
ft .Jul ii Siviiik hi: I I an a I Ii r. s.ii.l
'a irs. ii itnulf I'.. Jlmaa,
Aiiinw: I'm;! ". . . n -a ti.", l-einir
I! - la-iis ul' l'i , ik .1. M'iiv;an an l
i'avitl ' MfiL'a:. aial Wife, K.ll" Mr--an.
a ii 1 i'li-. I ;. .Muruan are! wii",
ili'ilit d X. t mi veyeil I.-ais
ii.xiii ill) ;ti. iwi-lve Ul'i, in Hliek
I liii 1 i -st-e t n t:'.7i. la t!a'i'lt' nt 1'latt:.
ni'i'ili!. (as eiiiin(-, Xi-1 ira c ka. lit tl.e
aiil .Jarieljf I i. M'jimin, ivlm is iiuw
I in- ti hi r t I t i-..! .
Yum- 'ft it im,t r f ml la. l I uts
ti at ll e sal'i Salali ' Mmcuii. wi'lmv
t.l II... sai.l Mi!.- V. .Muriiiili. il.'.-fus-eii.
l.-einir a I'-iltnl aral i n i ai I ii t :t n t of
Ike . - 1 1 n t ' if I'ass. XflnnsUa. ilr'iartiil
this HIV intestate "i t'ln.- l".tli day of
June. ltfivlrm li-r surviving as
In! stili- a a. I m;y la its ill law I "Hill '.
.'Imuaii.,- viif is l-;ilit-l Jlorunn;
liail I '. .Mnif.aih, wlaisi' wlft- Is ICiiIp
Moruan: Frtil ( ;. .lnrgan, wlaist. wife
is M-iltlieil X. Jlnrniin HMtl .Janette 1.
.Muraj.ui. .siii'-ili'. . -a. Ii i.!'aii lieirs, t'i
(?. I'aul ' M.ii mi p. iail ('. MurKnn,
T'l'ttl ' MniKilii n ti tl .lanelte I . M'M-i-
ii it. an ii'.i iii'V of an utiiliviili !
one-fourth in the estate of suhl Saiiili
(' Miiruiin, 1 1 ei a .i.s. il.
Tlijit lit tlif tieif ef Hit- tleatli ef Ike
siuU .itali ('. Muran, sl.f was- !ln
owner ef a mm tuiie for $!Mn, ilati-it
.lime '-'I. lull, jtivt u by JI. I., ohlli.-im
itiiil Siitlie till lai if. "ii tl.e .smilliwt-st
tinarltr ef lite a ai I lit-iis I t Hit It ff nt
Si'i-li'in li!(eeti I'M, T'l'A ts I; I i elf Vi n
'111. itiulli Uiiriuo i::, east of the i.tli
' M. in th" ft.iit.t.1' of fiivs, X'elira s I: i.
tine .Inne "a, 1H1T. Willi Interest ill six
per ei'til per aniiiiiit. wl.ieli saiil niiiil
uaK'1 is rt-f ijiiled ill look 40 of tl;
iff. -ti i f furilr .if t'iiss etiiiul', Xehrfis
k.i, - nt p.iKe , 1 JS. nri'l tfnit by fcanui
theiiMif. the i-aiil l'niil'O. JlniKali, laviil
C AlorKan, Fred O. Morgan and Ja-
i nP1 fc7K"yr-''Tn-rr rrz - - -. .
nlt- I). .Muiiiii ;u ttie owners of
.-;ii nioi tea ;?e atve deserilpfil.
Ti!:it I'v i' !i"!i f tlx- t'.re.:roi!iiT
t;t lr. !i. us to-u it. I'iinl : Mor- ;unl .l.iii' ttc ) . Morgan sire n"'.'
I !;e '.', kits in !'. (o tin- o : 1 1 ! : i s I.
. 1 1 ; rf . - "f I si:;t Ii wi-yt I m : r! r :i;pI
l.i. t 7 in SV( ti! 'rnvn.-liii I't, Kan;.;
! !::. in tin- ntv ( Cast--, N'cliraska, 1
am! Lot 11 in JiJoi k lii ,. in tin' city
of I 'Lit t Mil i i I h, 'ji'S eouiitv, NcImiis- !
Ka. ai-li an i on ' i i'ti-il urn- Con 11 Ii ,
ll.eifol. tlie in(r;-t of tfi- ;.-iM fa ul i
Mnr;:,!ii tlii-n-iti Ixiiil; s 1 1 1 .!. t to,
the i.-'- int'-l'-sl of Ceririiile i:. Mr- j
;:an llir. in. ami tbat lv r'a-'on of ):.o
1 or, ; o i u.-; la. t: 111-- .--ai-l .1 a I j 1 1 1 . 1
M'M-yaa is now tin' ov.-m-r of (In- !' '
flo. lv
ill.. t i , ,1 II 1 ' I II I
. in i ; : ." o i' "la 1 1 smou I i..
:.- i"iii'.', N"lT"a lea. iri'l all t1'"
i 1 1 1 ! i , iitrlil, till"- a:ul o; saiil
Atil.s V. Morgan, also known as .M.
Jliil-iiii. Hai a!i .MiO::,n and (In ir
.-:i-- in and to all of tlo- olloo- lots
li.-:a-iii ile. ri ! d i-oii'.-i-yiMl iy said
i.i-ii.. haNin-.r liii'Ti t ra ns f ci roil liy
(.;, s.ii, ,if 'ai.l conveyances
T!i.' 1 more tii.ia t .. years have
i.ii's. d sine.' t!.e date id' tin deaths
ef the :-a,'d Mil. s ". .M'o uan. al.o.
! l.oi-. i. ;,fi 1. . .!iir;-aa and Sa ra ii ( '.
;:,i), taeii d'-' e..d. .'Mid that no
; -1 J ' j has !. ti made in the
Mate of 'e i i a -1; n lor he a i po i v. t ni'-n t.
el ;:n a d II i i I . i ! la t o f el' 1 ' i . ill tl I'lllill.o
i if II.- I., j.-:-- of the nilii Miles W.
V 1 T 1 .
I . I
Ul. al.
" in. 1 1 i
V. X
::. i
O M :
" ki
ef I
of N.
Ig I..
known M. V. M,,r-
;! I pi a ing I or a
1 "f tl'i- tiaie ot t i.e deaths
M'U-gan. also kn"v.n
: t .1 'i. ate! Sa riili t ' JI11I-!, a a I a . I'-t ' i ' 1 i 1 .a -
I r . " I O.'i ! I. ! I :, t ! ; . i e -
i . - - , . I I !, e e i : - lit til tli -I
!' ! : 1 V I .e I 1 1 II : II g- t
i( 1.. a in I le
1 . 1 .' . aiei t.r a .lec'.-e
.-. Ti'.a t C'-.i ting of sa i'l
i ;
j "
! . .1.
I a 1 r
Ml I e I :: I ;! ; III. I f.llirt -.l
'j I :. a t :i '. i".-!: a. m.
a! I'lal l.-iin'i-i I:. N'clTaska.
igo.' "I" !' I'l Kin . IIHIi.
I .M ' -I
t'li V t i 1
.u.i.iin .1. ni:i:s in,
r.v ri. wiiitk.
a : -.; v.' t "i. 1 k.
Guard the Children's Health.
Mr.s. Kl'av.'. l; Jii. llentnit. Wis.,
write-; " vVt- have always used
Foley's Ibmey and Tar for colds and
lind it great. Th" children all run
far ir when they see the bottle and
a.-k for more." Contains no opiates,
safe, m:i1 harmless, but gives prompt
relief to coughs, colds, cror.p and
whooping cough. Hold everywhere.
K. It. Todd Hoine.stead SO
:cre ii'iproved faun
miles west
of 'i:;t!-t,!o;;!1
' Ii,
now owned by
Ku-'se! Toiid. l'ric
acre. T. If. FolNc
S-2"i0.0' per
I'laitsmouf h.
The- iiii.l' r.-i - ned v. ill oh'er for
ale at Public Auction at his farm
honic, tiiree and one-half miles west
ei Murray and i iiiiies north of
Xchawka, op. is known as the
J. A. Davis farm, on .
Tlie folluing described property,
to-w it :
One blac k mare. seve u years old.
with ft al, weight 1 4 00.
One bro'.Wl Itadl'e. MUOuth lllolii!'.
weight i::ou.
One jia'r 1 uckskin mules, .i and
1 0 years old. w t ight Htno.i.
O.i" pair bho k i iules, secn years
Old. v, ,'ig,t -2 I v.).
();!' black :.!i;le, f.-ur years old.
broke, weight I '!''.
Throe yearling calvv.,.
One sow with four pigs at side.
Out" Du roe gilt.
lrr.lir.p, Ira !c::iciits. Etc.
O ie Newton w a gen, tietv box.
("i" truck wigfiii with hay rack.
One John Deere' wagon j tck.
One set good l'l-iu. h.arncss.
Half : et l-i-in. harncr?, new.
tine ll'-in. Deer' gang plow.
One ll'.-iii. Deere stirring plow.
0- ie ;-:-ect ion Deere barrow.
One !5radbv combined lister.
One Sat'lt'y -row cultivator.
One ::a-gal. butchering kettle.
On" Fcunomy cream separator.
One Champion pros drill.
One w;;gon.
One gear jac!:.
Tiii ' e sets-cord fly nets.
1- 'ight tens prairie hay.
Tv. o t'uis oats straw.
One King- wheat, drill.
One T.cver feed grinder.
ISO rods spool hog wire.
S.)a:e! goeul lumber.
One tank heater.
One grindstone.
( iii' 4 li -in. steel vise.
One f'-ft. Chum (ion mower.
One C-ft. .McOormick binder, cut
only I'll acres grain.,.
One o2-tt. Hart corn elevator.
Sears i Roebuck gas engine. 4 h.
One Velio spring wagon. . geiod
ll'd rods '2-u. American wire.
."( lbs. .McCormick binder twine.
One 100-egg Old Trusty incubat-
One light sot blocks. 70-ft. rope.
One VOU-lb. steel faced anvil.
One Great Western heating stove.
One upright Quick .Meal gas stove.
One Deere 2-row stalk cutter.
Sale Commences at 10:C0 0'CIock.
lunch Served bv W. A. Scott.
All sums of ?10 and under, cash
inv hand. On sums over $D) six
months time given on bankable
note bearing eight per cent interest
from date of sale. All property
must be settled for before being re
nun ed from the premises.
RAY P. DAVIS. Owner.
W. IX. YOl'NO. Auctioneer.
V. G. 130EDEKER, Clerk.
Children Cr
She Kind You Have Always Bought, and vhich has been
in use for over thirty years, has borne the signature c
- and has bee-i made under his per
jf&rfTTT, ,;nal supervision fince its infancy.
WtVX" 4e,tcUl?. Ayjyy no one to deceive ycu in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-cs-good ' aie but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants' and Children Experience agairs. Experiment.
r What is CASTOR J A
Castoria ;s a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregcric,
Drops and Soothing Syiups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Cpium, Morphine nor other narcotic rubstance. Its
yge is its For more than thirty 3'ears it has
been ir- constant us for the relief of Constipation, I latulency.
'Wind Colic arci Diarrnbes; allaying Fevorishnejs arki::
t.uj. ,-e.rcm, and by reu-atia? the Stomach and Dowels, aids
ihe assimilation of i-ood; giving healthy and naiural Elecp.
2he CLilircii's Panacea lbs Jlothei's Friead.
-cOBeara the
. tr
i f- r
; IT"
': if
Mini i;
f X.-I.iak;
'iftlity r ',
in Ii- ft"!',! v ("nart.
la l! tna Hi r fl' t I.f Ks (.,! t-i" '.!!.-
lie- I.. !:.-. il. 1 i.a-.-as.'.l :
T'. Maiut't i:. M".iMii;'ii. 1-la T. !:..(
'its. I : : 1 1 1 1 -1 Ki".-. "!.:tt P s f. lie 1. and
i JI '!'' littiT .-; iw anU tt '..-r ji'-isnis
it !i-i i-st'-.i ill tit j;s!iitf of C'al : j.'if j.
C. "i. 1 i. .-, as... I :
Yttit :ir.' lar.'l.v i,i t i ticil mi t!f
.'"tii .lav ff !", i.r'aa t -. 1 I . I.-ath-r .1.
Ilali '.':f' !:is I'.-titi-.'ti in t I CmmmIv
i '.ia r t of ("ass count v, Xclaaska, iill.n
tha.t I'iirtcinf I.. K". .1 .l;e,i iar. -
'a:., in sail i-.n-ntv in tin- lv.;l.
1 .tvirig i.a en i i .': ! i.a.--!!:!' i-it.-ri-f
id tl f v.f--t ha'f of ti." vOMtl'.wcsr iaiar-i.-r
Wj. S W,l ff St-.tiori tw.-it, -t
ij.e i ":' . in Ti .v its h i . it-n ( 1 fi i . I ;n le-re
li'Mti i"i ll", in t'ass tiiit "'". Xfiaas-1-..1.
M Ii l that sio .t in tail iii'rs Pave l-t.'i
'."..I tn- oni rr.ftii -i ! in s:ii.l fouiitv ft.r
atolai" o! sit 1 It let HI or est at". I
an.! ti nt t!is Tt'titiftitr has an in l ore.-t
mi sal'l ma iter bv reason of l.e'r-sr nitr
'.haser of tl f s."i.l l-'-'iil estat". I't-tition-fiittltr
alleges that ('iiroiine I..
Ktt'.s sule ,-Mi'i ti!- li.'i rs-a I -law a:.-liar-
i-t 1-;. Mn.'ianan. J-!a I.. l..i'-i-:i.
i;!a.i'ii l:iic arei ("liatl-s (". Ileeil; tiiat
I'." inter, .-t the sai.l f.-iroliTi" 1.. I :...!
i.i'l in sai'l li:l estate w ii s ;m,I is
.vl-oi! v i'Si tn ot lini'i att:ifti':!eiit, e e-
''Mi.fl i-V Otl'ef 111' -III- pi Ce.-SS i'tfl II'll
liai.le for payment of iia.e tii-h's ,.f
sii ,. ii. i .imiI aiei thai a"! clahas
i--aiist the sai.i estai" are h.arriil y
I iv.'. "iiii are fii'iin-r to. til1. . 1 that mi
tii.- j.'.th ila of Mar a. l:n:'. Pel w. "n
i !, tint's of .ii o'clock a. in. aial i
't-iin-'v ji. in., the pititioner wiil take
'la. (let'...-it i-.ii of Kit-.., h.-f.ire
l:. I., l-'ii" i.-h-". a X'.'lary l'lihlie. at, his
ff! i in ."S i t a ; . . .Tohasfp .-..antv, .'.--
'Mil -I'l le 1'S. . us c
at the
iie.iria-" in :-abl laati' -r.
'!'! Tir:i if sai-i jtlili"'i is that
the Ciiiiri make iitol enter a liei-ree
rii-.iiim' aiei t at t rm i n ' n who ;m- the
sail- h.-irs ttf sai.l th-.-i aseii. aiai tieehic-iiiu-
. 1 : ej ;ii ins against, said estate har
: etl hv law.
iaalMlJ" llai.ll the ;l ! i t a t i " I! - I'tl-l
;.i;ier ef sah! T . r i t ; 1 1 will he l:-il he
'I. the I'mii'fy .liala" at his "i!ee iri
(!:t I'miit Hons.' ia I 'la t I sun ai 1. 1:, "ii:-
itmiily. Xeiras'a. at ten I 1 n i u'i ii k
a. in. on tl" L'-Jiitl iav of Maith. I!i1'.'.
,r,ii ail ol iect ions to sill. I petition Must
I.f lil. il in .-ni l "ontt on or In lore sai.l
.ia' anil hmir of ln'.-ij ini.', or (he .;n i-r
af sai-i pi titloii wi l he ui'aiiteil anil ile-
i i i n : "i t l a t oiali n g 1 v.
liy the" Colli t.
-m.i:x .t. i : i x.
Coutitv .lii.lKe.
liy Fi.(t:i:xe"i: wjiiti:,
i .-eal Clfi k.
n.s. i,. oi:ayi:".
Attorney for I 'et i I inner. ( f J 5 -:) .
Read the Journal Ads ll Vays
Clear Your Land!
Parties wanting land cleared of stumps, trees,
hedges or boulders, should know what I can
do in that line with the aid of dynamite. I also
bust up alkali spots so it can be farmed like
other land. Knock the bottom out of Lagoons
ro Wei Land so it will drain itself. Cellar and
Wall excavating, Deep Tilage, Ditching, Post
Hole making, Tree Bed preparation (for
planting trees), Killing gophers.
For results in Land Clearing, etc., see what
I can accomplish with dj'namite.
Alfalfa-Molasses Feeds!
The best and most economical feed for live stock.
Write us for description and prices..
Omaha- Alfalfa Milling Co.,
Omaha, Nebraska
$qv FSetsiser's
& Ul
1 AJ tmvcT
a is
3 51 c u u t; a
Signature of
1 Xf
-t. vfA -I 3
k'Jt;.""ii" - v'
: n K c i v
Spring Cleaning Time Is Here.
If a house i;eeds spring cleaning,
how rtb-tut the human body after a
winter of indoor liie and heavy
f ' jd ? Don't sufi'er froi.i indigestion,
biliousness, bad breath. bleating,
gas or constipation, when relief can
he so easily had. Foley Cathartic
Tablets clean Momach and bowt Is
and tone up .the liver. Sold every
ill sell at a great sacriiice on
terms or cash, beautiful Schmoller
i Mueller r.iinn. rather limn to rr-
ship'it. Schmoller it Mueller I'iano
Co., 131 1-1 :; Farnam St., Oniahi,
Xe'ir. 4-::tdltw
i : i : i e r iii:kim;
"T lllioi! for iMioin I mrii t
ff ttmiiilsl rut ri .
it.- fl .Xel-i a ska, e'.tss ('
t .
l:i the l'i unity I'onrt
l'i the eiaitti- of the INta'., if A e ! " n
K ii n 1, :i , I lee, a st il.
"ii lea.ii:,"- -nil !',lia- tie .,tili"!i ff
K ii ;-. .1 i a.- r.ra-.iier that A.lfiin
istlatioe ..I -ahl lal.n.. e,a . 1... ,,-.,,(.
tl I" A-ie.'i I'itti'a.n. as A . i e i ; a , -. . a 1 1 i ;
i llVt-n-i), Tim I Mar. ii l.lh A. 1 i. 1 : 1 !.
al !i a". h., k ;i. in., is iis.-iutf il tor I i ilia-.;'
.-.iff I't-titimi w'tn all persons in-tr-resi
e. j,i Tii.itrer fn.'iv ;iiitiir at
a ('"iirty I'.-iirl to I hehl in im,! f..r i-iiiinn-, jiji.I show (iiuse whv lh-l-i'.i'.ii-
if ;.t t iti'.iii r slanihl not he
'-a I'lii.l: iiial that notice of the pi n
i i ' a - of sai.l petition an.1 the hearing
lie-rot' h,. "icii to all persons inter-.-lt'l
in sai.l matter hv pti 1.1 is hi n g a
ioy.v of lii- itriliT ill Ihe i'lilttsmmit ll
I en i mi I. a sem I - wet 1; I Ii e s p;, pi r.
piinttal in s.thl cmint for three suc-
cT-.-slee weeks, prior to .-iii, ,).iy of
hea rin'-r
Date.i I'chnarv 1". 1 ! v
ali.i;x .i. m.i.sox.
' M a! I -fi' t -:, . I 'tnnity Jiite.
Impure blood runs you down .
makes you an easy victim for dis
ease. For pure lihgd and sound di
gest ion Uurdock l!lood Hitters. At
all drug stores. Price,