The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 27, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1919.
page rnrE.
Murray Department
a Prepared in the Interest of the People
We are now ready to assist all our patrons in mak
ing out their schedules.
Wanted Pasture for throe head
of colts. Oldham Stock Farm.
John Kan and A. L. Daker were
IMattsniouth visitors last Saturday
i veimi;4.
For Sale or Kent. My seven room
cottage residence in Murray. Mrs.
J. AV. Berger.
U. H. Puis was looking after
;-;me business mailers in Omaha
last Saturday evening.
pr. . :ail came down from his
home in Piatt. -mouth Wednesday
morning to assist in some of the
work on tin- farm for a few days.
Miss Biulah Sans entertained the
Misses Margie Walker. Villa Gapen.
Oglu Minford. Cora Itrunson and
Grace Bailey at dinner last Saturday
The third Lyceum number will be
xtra good. Mr. Wilson is a good
iiiu.-ician and his flute and faxo
l her.e solos will delight all. Mrs.
Wilson is also a musician.
The third number or the Lyceum
Course will be given March 6th. at
the Puis Mall. This will be an
evming of sentiment and fun with
music, and the entertainment will
be given by J. Walter Wilson aud
Frank Vallery tells us that while
in Grunt he met our old friend
J a me Msrat-ek. who moved to that
county a couple of years ago. and is
doing well. lie said that Jim had
started his com sheller to work, and
was kept busy.
The folks at home are in receipt
' i a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Puis and th-ir daughter. Miss Laura
who are at the present time In
Long Utach. California. They have
taken rooms in that city and will
remain for about a month.
The weather is perfect and they
are having a delightful time. The
letter states that Mr. Puis is home
i,i:ly jiif-t Ions enough to eat. and
si !'.. I!.- has m-t several old Platts
mi ith people, and is certainly en
joying his visit with them.
You know what tho3e words mean, for they have
been before ycu for years. They are the first and last
vords in Foot Wear for muddy and rainy seasons. A
pair of Ball Band boots will save you their price in
shoes in the next few weeks.
Good fresh stock is to be had at our store, and
remember, we are the exclusive selling agents on this
great brand. .
of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
For Sale: White China Ganders.
Oldham Stock Farm.
For Sale: A Rood work hor.-c. Old
ham Stock Farm.
Be sure and attend the library
gathering Saturday evening.
The next Lyceum number will be
March What will the weather
W. G. Uoedeker was looking alter
some matters of business In Platts
mouth and Omaha Tuesday evening.
Jim Campbell moved from the
West place to his new farm home
east of Murray on Wednesday of
this week.
Mrs. ("has. Carroll departed Mon
day morning for Plainview, where
she will spend a few weeks visiting
with relatives and friends.
Philip Mild attended the Hol
siein Cattle sale- at Nebraska City
last Monday, and bought two fine
animals that will be added to his
Miss IJeulah Sans entertained at
a six o'clock dinner in honor of Miss
Villa Gapen. last Saturday evtning.
Tht:ae present were Miss Walker.
Miss Iiruiisoii, Miss Lailey and Miss
Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Puis and Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Hiid went to Platts
mouth Tuesday to attend the Fif
.'.eth Wedding Anniversary of Mr.
and Mr. Adam Mild, that was giv
en in that city at the parental
home on that day.
George Mark, who is now a resi
dent of Grant. N'eb.. and who suff
ered a serious attack of the flu
during the past winter, has been
quite sick since, but recovering
slowly. We are informed that he
has decided to quit farming and
will soon move to town. His broth
er W. II. Mark, from Union, went
out to Grant during the past few
days to see him. The many Cass
county friends of Mr. Mark hope
that he will continue to improve
and soon be restored to his former
Misses Fay and Pauline Oldham
were Plat.tsniouth visitors last Sat
urday. L. H. PUls was looking after some
matters of business in Omaha Tues
day morning.
Mrs. J. A. Walker was not feeling
so well a few days ago. but is re
ported some better at this time.
The Library association will serve
supper at the library rooms on next
Saturday evening. You will get a
good supper at a very reasonable
price if you come.
There were twenty-six of the Mur
ray Home Guards out to the rille
practice last Saturday morning. The
boys enjoyed the sport and the shoot
was a very interesting one for all.
Frank Mugay was visiting with
friends in and around Murray a
few days this week. Frank recently
returned home from the service ami
everyone was indeed pleased to see
Guy McGill. who was spending a
few days with relatives and friend?
in St. Joseph, Mo., the past week,
returned to Murray last Friday and
departed Monday for his new ranch
home up near Mcintosh. S. I.
Mr. and Mrs. All" Gansemer en
tertained a number of friends at' an
oyster supper at I heir home on last
Sunday evening. Those having the
pleasure of being present were Mr.
and Mrs. Ted Harrows and son.
Charles; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hart
lett and family; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil
Pettit; Charles Green and A. L.
Joe Wagner loaded his goods at
Plattsniouth Tuesday of this week,
preparatory to moving to their new
home out in Perkins county. The
Wagner family have resided in this
county for some years, and have
made a great many friends who wish
them well in their new western
home. Mr. Wagner purchaiiLil a
farm in this locality some time- ago.
Frank Vallery and Jarvis Kan
caster returned home from a trip
out in Perkins county Wednesday
morning, where they went to look
after some . land propositions. This
was in the locality where Cromwell
i Vallery have been dealing in so
many farms during t'ne past few
years. They have also just closed
the deal whereby they have bought
what is known as Brandon ranch,
near Grant, that they purchased
From a man named t . from
n-ar Hartington. This place con
tains almost "o0 acre, and was
bought at a price of something near
$ They expect to place
it ino smaller tracts and will be
sold to the farmers desiring a home.
This firm also recently sold the
Frank Khoden place and the Louie
Meisinger place in this county, and
both places made the owners a nice
profit over the time they purchased
t hem.
Second Hand Cars For Sale.
We have a number of good sec
ond hand cars for sale. Numerous
makes, all in good condition and in
good repair. Now is the time to
buy a second-hand car right. L. H.
Puis Garage. Murray.
The Scliafer Hoe: Sale A Big Success
The Duroc-Jersey bred sow sale
held last Thursday at the home of
Otto Schafer. and given by Otto and
Philip Schafer, was a genuine suc
cess, and when the condition of the
weather was considered the attend
ance was exceptionally large. The
bogs all sold for a good price, and
all delivered to Cass county people.
Nine f the hogs sold for $111.00
each, and the average for the entire
sale was $90.00 cacht Otto Schaf
er has alt') added two more fine
sows to his herd, that he purchased
from Dave Hoesiger. one of the lead
ing breeders of the state. living
near Court land. Neb. These two
sows are tired to son of a famous
$10,000 boar, and are considered
two of the very best Individuals of
the P.oesiirer herd. Otto has gone
into the Duroc-Jersey game for the
very best results, and to that end
he is buying the? very best blood
strains known among Jersey breed
ers. For Sale.
200 rods of 3T year old hedge in
the tree. Inquire of K. A. Young,
Murray. N'eb. lC-4tw
Bring; in Your Batteries
We are now prepared to charge
our bat I erics, having installed new
machinery for this line of work, aud
are in a position to give you the
very besl service. Our prices are
reasonable and work fully guaran
teed. L. M. PULS GARAGK.
Murray, Nebraska.
If toy of th reders of the
Journal knor" of any social
erent or itm of interest Id
this vicinity, and will mail
nme to this office, it will ap
pear under this beading'. We
want all newsltema Editob
The Sexton horse sale held in
Murray last Saturday afternoon was
a genuine success. The crowd was
large, the horses sold readily and
brought good prices.
Farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Gapen
There were a number of the lady
friends of Mrs. John Farris who
planned a birthday party for her
last Friday. The whole affair was
a surprise to Mrs. Farris, but all
the more enjoyable, as the ladies
had planned a complete program for
the enjoyment of all. and it was
well carried out 'too. There were
several wagon loads of the visitors
at the Farris home to enjoy the day.
The farewell gathering at the
Puis hall on last Saturday evening
for Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gapen and
family, was sure an evening of great
pleasure to all. Most of the ohl
friends, and young ones too, of the
entire community were in atten
dance. The evening was spent in
the playing of various games, mu
sic and sociability of various kinds.
The usual big feast for an occasion
of this kind was the main feature
of the evening. There were over
200 people present, all mighty good
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gapen, to
tender a farewell to them. During
the evening a program was render
ed by Miss May Barker, pianist;
Miss Cora Brunson, reader and Mrs.
Vance Todd, vocalist, that was great
ly enjoyed by all. Mrs. Gapen treat
ed the crowd to chocolate candy and
Mr. Gapen furnished the cigars for
the gentlemen. Mr. T. S. Barrows,
as president of the Commercial club,
in a few well chosen words express
ed the appreciation of the Gapen
family by this community and Mr.
and Mrs. Gapen responded in a very
efficient manner, telling of their ap
preciation of the good will shown
to them. This will be an evening
long remembered by all present. Mr.
and Mrs. Gapen will depart soon for
their new home in the western part
of the state.
New Convention, Foch Says. Will
Contain Clauses Concerning Finan
cial and Territorial Questions.
Paris. Feb. 25. Marshal Foch.
in discussing the diplomatic situa
tion with a representative of the
Havas agency, said the new armis
tice convention will provide for the
naval and military disarmament of
He declared there was no doubt
that the supreme council also
would add t the new agreement
clauses concerning financial and
territorial questions.
Lays Basis For Peace.
In that way the ramistice conven
tion, the marshal said, would com
prise also the basis for a preliminary
peace treaty.
An oflicial statement today says:
"In behalf of the interallied
financial commission M. Urespi
(Italy) explained the measures to
be taken to avoid the ( nonpayment
of coupons of the Auttro-Huugarian
debt falling duo March 1, in the ab
sence of an agreement among the
different states of the former
Austro-Mungarian monarchy. The
commission's proposals were ap
proved. Troops For Poland.
"The question of the transport to
j Poland of the Polish divisions in
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exatange
France and Italy was examined. I
Marshal Foch taking part. The
conference sent instructions on this
subject to the interallied commis
sion at Warsaw.
"M. Perotti, of the African de
partment, explained the demands of
France in the direction of the sup
pression of the act of Algeciras and
the imposition - on Germany of
necessary guarantees to prevent it
from ersuming the hostile action in
Morocco which it has taken against
France during the past 10 years."
Protest Deportation.
The German armistice delegates
at Spa have protested against the
deportation of Germans from China,
which country expelled two ship
loads of Germans and sent them to
Australia in January, and is pre
paring to send others to the central
powers direct.
The total number of Germans and
Austrians in China when she de
clared war wat not over 3.000, many
of whom were interned after a long
The Germans sent to Australia
are unwelcome there outside the in
ternment camp and probably will
be deported to Germany before peace
is signed.
Lincoln, Neb.. Feb. 25. The bill
providing for licensing the sale of
cigarets in Nebraska passed the
third reading in the lower house of
the legislature this morning by a
vote of 52 to 32.
The measure is designed to leg
alize the sale of cigarets to persons
in the state who have attained the
age of 21 years. The license to be
paid by dealers will be fixed with
reference to the population of the
city in which the traffic is carried
on. In Omaha dealers will be re
quired to pay an annual tax of $100.
For Sale
One acre of ground with bouse
and outbuilding, one-fourth mile east
of Murray. Inquire of A. C. Long.
Fancy box faper at this office.
As we are going to move to Chase
county, we will hold a public sale on
the farm miles north of Ne-
hawka, 4z miles west and 1
south of Murray and ' mile west
and 'i north of the Otterbein
Church, on
Beginning at 10 o'clock a. in., the
following property, to-wit:
20 Head of Horses and Mules.
Team black mules 5 and 7 years
old, weight 2500.
1 dark gray mule 5 years old. wt.
1 dark brown mule 8 years old
wt. 1200.
Team black Percheron mares S
and 12 years old weight 3200.
Team bay and brown coach geld
ings, coming 3 and 4 years old wt.
Team black draft mare colts com
ing 2 years old.
1 black mare colt coming 2 years
1 bay mare colt coming 2 years
1 black Percheron horse coming
3 years old wt. 1250.
1 black Percheron mare coming
4 years old wt. 1250.
1 saddle pony 9 years old.
1 saddle pony smooth mouth.
Team brown mares 5 and 6 years
old. wt. 2750, in foal.
1 bay gelding coming 4 years old
wt. 1300.
1 black mare coming 10 years
old wt. 1500.
13 Head of Cattle.
3 milch cows 1 was fres-h Febr.
6th. and 2 fresh February 17th. 1
heifer fresh soon. 1 Brown Swiss
milch cow f years old. Just fresh. 4
heifer calves yearlings in spring. 1
Jersey bull.
31 Head of Hogs.
21 Thoroughbred Hampshire sows
bred to thoroughbred boar, all im
mune. 9 Duroc-Jersey bred sows, 1
registered Duroc-Jersey boar.
Farm Implements, Etc.
1 corn elevator dump and jack,
good as new.
1 McCormick binder.
1 Deering binder.
1 Independent manure spreader.
2 McCormick mowers.
1 6-H. I'. gas engine saw rig.
1 2-H. P. gas engine.
1 I. II. C. Wt H. P. gas engine.
2 iron wheel wagons.
2 high wagons.
1 truck wagon.
2 good hay racks.
Sterling disc good as new.
2 discs.
2 Janesville riding cultivators.
1 Western Bell Lister nearly new.
1 Moline 2 row machine, good as
Heating Stove
and we want to tell you that we have a com
plete line to select from. Come
in and see them!
Let us tell you how
money on all kinds
W. H
Farm Light
x power plant
wnn navp hpn Wfllt-
in for. It is the
perfected plant
a single unit
that runs with
OUt vi
bration cr
noise and
requires no
p erfectly
. All the Light All the Power You Need
Come and see it. Compare it, in every way, witb
all others. Make U3 prove to ycu where it is better,
and more complete in fact, the plant you want.
Jennylind cultivators,
ltt-inch walking plow,
hay loader,
hay rake.
3-section harrows IS ft.
spike tooth alfalfa disc,
broadcast seeder,
wheat drill.
Sterling stalk cutler, good
Janesville corn planter.
No. 9. Bowser feed grinder.
Watts cylinder sheller.
Janesville 4 wheel riding lister,
hole corn sheller new.
5-hole wheat drill,
bob sleds,
hog waterer.
hog oilers.
100 rods woven wire.
1 50-gallon gas tank.
50-gallon kerosene tank.
50-gallon gas barrel.
50-gallon kerosene barrel,
If you are in need of Shoes it will pay you to come
in and look over our stock, as we have the largest stock
of Shoes we ever carried to select from and at prices
that will interest you.
We are also receiving our
Spring Ginghams,
Percales and Calicos,
which will soon be ready for your inspection.
The Service Store
we can save you some
of household futniturc.
nrtrle roll runnlnc undrr 1
wiibout tpacUtl fouuaiUOK.
C sets work harness.
Some Iteid's yellow
dent seed
5 to ton of timothy hay.
1 Iowa cream separator good as
1 Great western cream
good as new.
1 Home Comfort ravgc,
3 heaters.
1 oil itove.
1 ga.4 stove.
It", gallons hog dip.
Lard press.
Iron kettle.
Other aritcles.
Sums under $H cash.
.pa rat or.
over $10 a credit of mx months will
be given on approved notes bearing
S per cent interest. No property to
be removed from premises until
settled for.
L. G. & H. A. TODD, Owners.
V. It. YOl'XG, Auctioneer.
F. A. UOEDEKKU, Clerk. 24-2tw3td
mm m i m
! ( rive t t!
r&: Vi?J 111 I t
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