The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 20, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Murray Department
r Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If try of the reader of the
Journal knoT- of any noclal
event or item of in wrest In
this vicinity, and will mail
ime to ili is office, tt will ap
pear under tuU lie ad inc. We
want all news items Editoh
In Banking
We take pride in .the way
our bank is run. Our deposi
tors include the biggest men in
Each individual account it
given special attention.
We are opening new ac
counts daily. Come in and talk
over y cur banking with us. Our
officers will be glad to meet
It is the man with cash in
bank whose voice is heard.
Checking and savings accounts.
Four pr cent interest on time deposit?.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
F'rank Vallery was an Omaha
visitor Monday.
Frank Vallerv was in Plat tc-umuth
I Tuesday eveninp.
j For Sale: White China Ganders.
Oldham Stock Farm,
j Jeff lirtniU-l was looking after
'some business niatters in Flatts-
mouth Tuesday evening".
j lr. Jake Hrendel was in I'latts-
niouth Tuesday, where he was hav
' ins pome dental work done.
There is a good opening in Mur
ray for a pump and wind mill man.
one who will do all kinds of repair
Wanted Pasture fr three
rf ed"s. Oldham Stock Farm.
l.;i't forir--! ihe Wood eniertain
i.:m at the Puis Hall Friday ee.
For iale or Kent. My never room
t.'ttae riience in Murray. Mrs.
J. W. Berger.
Mr.- Walker ii.'tch better and
the nurr r turned home. This will
next ).ciiini numiitr win ie
C. What will the weather
; ed gool tii'tts for Mrs. Walk-
.".- many
.Airs. Oiia I-awii.n went to I'latl.s
n:oUh M( ;iday, !u re she spoilt tli
i:f with her sister. Miss Clara
Young, rt turning home Tuesday
The Armenian I'e!ief Funds are
in irt-iu our surrounding districts.
Murray'? fu'" ;iuta of ? K he-ng
r.ii ed v htle f 1 o I v;'s collected
from the coun'ry districts--, niakil g
'! 'o:a! for Koek Iiiuft prerii ct
Mrs. Lw Trimpey and !ier.
( iiiren'e lirown. came down from
(ir :;l:a Tu sday morniiig and spent
day with Mr and Mrs James
Pr-.-- n. rftu"n :i to their home in
Omaha in th" evening. 'la retire re
to (;naiia h lew months ago
afte several years absence along
the western roat. and is now ein
j.h ye.l ;,t the Fnioti I'acific head
quMrrt rs.
The following f is the financial
f-T n i tri nt of i!ie Red CroJs dinner,
"-upj.. r :nd sah- at Kewiston Thanks
gi vipi':
head j For Sale: A good work horse. OoJ-
j ham Stock Farm.
j The
! March
j be?
James Ik le-dernier and Albert
! V. h eler .-hipped a car load of hogs
to Nehra.-'.a Cit Tuesday of tliis
i w eck.
The Misses ;ra P.runsdoii and
! ("race IJailey were guests of Mr. and
! Mrs. F. N. High of Omaha this week
I end. Ueing entertained in a party
of ten at a dinner danc. fiiven at
the Prettiest Mile Club house Sat
urday evening.
Uri'ving weather conutflons Fri
day evdiing. a hAe crowd came out
o the Pox Social and enjoyed the
I lay. in which the. girls did exeep
tio'inl'y well. In tl "Most Popu
lar Girl" content, the box of candy,
which brought $1S.S. was given to
Miss ("race Bailey. Adding to this
the uni frotu the hnxes and the pro-
A l.'irilltlt
1 ; tieti.-i-
To a!
a n
eied $r.T!.T"
ten' l J".. 00
Porn to Mr. and Mrs. Horace
Urifliu, a baby boy, on February IS.
Mother and little one doing nicely.
Miss Ethel Tritsch visited with
Mrs. J. F. I'rndel last Wednesday
Alf C.anseiiu r has invested in a
fine new cash reeister of the Ameri-
Ican make that has been added to lib"
Flore equipment this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Tutt. Mr. and
Mrs. A. V. Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs
O. .1. Pitman enjoyed Sunday dinner
with Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Oavis.
There will hj no picture fliow at
the Puis hall on Saturday evening
of this week owing to the farewell
pcrty to be given for Mr. and Mrs.
L!oyd t'ap-Mi ami family on that ev
er, int.
P.e jure and attend the concert
givtn by Yelnia Woods and 1. eland
Woods and ihe reader Mr. Faubel.
Friday evening. Feb. 21. Admis
sion L'.'.c and lr.c. Ciiven for the
benefit of the Ladies Aid Society,
t 'one.
Mi.-s Oirla Miuford and Mrs. Mel
born entertained , a larpe number of
iheir friends at the home of the
latter on last Saturday, in honor of
Miss Villa Gf pen. who will so;ti de
part for the new home in the west
ern part of the state. The after
noon was spent in the uMial social
way. with refreshments and lunch
eon, and it was a very enjoyable af
fair for all.
Mis. Hull. Mrs. Satis and Mrs. H.
H. Hiatt entertained the Ladies Mis
sioncry Society at the beautiful new
h rue of Mrs. Sans in Murray, on
h:.-t Friday afternoon. The meet
ing was well attended, and all the
ladies enjoyed a most pleasant aft
ernoon. An excellent luncheon
was served and ihe usual amount of
reeds from the coffee and doughnut
stand $so.OO was realized.
The Mefdames Margaret
Francis Hrendel entertained the
dies Aid Society of the Chric
Church last Wednesday afternoon.
There was the usual large number
of the members present, and a most
enjoyable afternoon was had by all.
Kcfrpshments were served at the
customary hour, and the usual
amount of god work for the inter
ests of the society was accomplish
ed bv this meeting.
e sr.r.-i.To
mount ha- been divided
betw-eeii Social Workers
Murray branches of the Red
Home Guards Target Practice.
The Murray Home Guards will
meet Saturday morning of this week
for a few hours target practice. All
members are requested to be on
deck and enjoy the sport. lie on
hand at H:00 o'clock sharp.
to their
How About It?
need a Pair of Overalls?
WLctiier you need them or not for immediate use,
it wil! pay you to buy at the prices we are offering you.
You won't again have an opportunity like this very
soon and it will be many a,day before you will, if ever,
see them down to pre-war prices:
ilen's Stifle stripe Bib overalls $1.75
Ken's Stifle jacket to match 1.75
Hzn'z Express stripe Bib overalls . 1.98
Lien's genuine Indigo blue Sib overalls. 240 Wt 1.93
Men's genuine Indigo blue Bib overalls, 220 Wt 2.29
I.len's genuine Indigo blue jacket, 220 Wt 2.29
Bojs' genuine Indigo Hue overalls, ages 3 to 7 1.00
Toys' genuine Indigo blue overalls, ages 8 to 13 1.25
Boys' genuine Indigo blue overalls, ages 14 to. 18 1.45
Hiatt Tutt,
work fo" the l'ihii of the
a s taken care of.
Mr. ami Mrs. James T.
the newly-weds, returned
Murray home last Tuesday
and are now comfortably settled on
the farm west of town. Tu'-day ev
.nir:; they were met by a genuine
old fashioned charivari party, the
dish; mdin;,- of which was surely a re
lief to the entire community. After
the visit with Mr. and Mrs. Earhart
they wet:? over to the Chester Min
r.iear home, where they rendered the
same classical selections until 1 he
cigars and treats were forthcoming.
There was an old fashioned dance
given at the Pels hall in Murray on
Monday evening of 1his week, in
honor of Guy!, who will soon
deparl for his new home in South
Dakota. It was a mighty line time
for a'!. Win. EaRue. Ralph Kennedy
ami Mr. Atuick furnished the music
for the occasion, and for an old fash
ioned dance it was right up to the
minute. Mr. McGill departed Tues
day for a few days' visit with his
folks down in Missouri and will re
turn here by the first of March, when
he expects to leave for .Mcintosh. S.
H;fck.. where he has taken up a claim.
Guy lias a great many friends here
who wish him success in the new
In Honor of Mrs. Gapcn
and Daughters
The Oldham Home presented a
very pleasing appearance Tuesday.
Feb. 11th. when Mrs. Oldham and
her daughters entertained for Mrs.
Lloyd Gapen and Miss Villa Gapen.
Covers were laid for 4 0 guests and
a o-course luncheon was served. The
guests arrived promptly at one
o'clock and found their places at
the tables. A number of Kodaks
were in the crowd and a good niany
pictures .were taken that will be
appreciated more in the years to
come. ' The community regrets very
much to lose the Gapen family from
their midst aus they have always
been ready to help in all worthy
enterprises and always for the up
building of the community. Their
places will be hard, to till and the
kindest feelings from Murray will
go with them to their new home.
Fred Condon was an Omaha visitor
on Monday.
Pauline Oldham was a Plattsmouth
visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hild were in
Omaha Monday.
Minford & Creamer shipped a car
load of hogs to the South Omaha mar
ket last Friday.
You will miss a rare treat if you
don't hear the Woods children and
Mr. Faubel, Feb. 21.
Mrs. Earl Barger and sister. Miss
Barger at the telephone central sta
:ion. are down with the flu.
Ted Barrows and ('has. Spangler
were attending the Reconstruction
'ongress in Omaha Tuesday of this
Dr. B. F. Brendel and Crede Har
is went to Omaha on Wednesday to
onsult a specialist in regard to Mr.
'larris' health.
Mrs. Louis Plybin went to Omaha
Yednesday morning, where she will
lave an operation performed for a
nalignan tgrowth.
Mrs. Wm. Rice, Jr. and Miss Fern
'Mil were in Council Bluffs last Mon
lay. going up to spend the day with
Mrs. Rice's husband, who is in the
lospital in that city.
Charley Kennedy returned home
ome few days ago from the service
f the I. S. Charley has been in
amp for some time past at McClel
an. Alabama, at which place he was
mistered out about two weeks ago.
"he people at home sure welcome the
toys back and gladly hasten the day
vhe:i all the boys will be returned
o their homes.
H. A. Young is in receipt of a let
er from Ed Hesser. at Los Angeles,
'alii'., in which he states that Mr.
;id Mrs. Henry Boeck are at their
ionic and -are enjoying themselves
ery much. He alsv states that the
'ebra.-ka people are now preparing
or their annual picnic, which has
iecotue very popular among all Xe
lraskans in that state, and it has
Town to be quite an affair.
Henry Baxter has accepted a posi
ion with the T. H. Pollock Auto Co..
.n Plattsmouth. as salesman and dem
mstrator for the Ford cars and the
'ordson tractors. Mr. Baxter will
nake a good man for Mr. Pollock, as
ie is pretty well advanced along the
Machinery line and it will not be al
ogether a new game for him. He
vent to Plattsmouth this week and
vill enter upon the duties of the
iew position at once.
George AY j ley returned home on
Monday from the hospital in Omaha,
vhere he has been for the past few
lays recovering from an operation,
in which all the fingers of his right
hand were removed at the palm of
the hand. George had been working
vuit near Imperial and got his hand
caught in a corn sheller and the fin
gers were so badly mashed that am
putation was necessary. His broth
er. AYarren. went with Dr. Brendel
to Omaha after him. He is getting
along very nicely at this time.
The New Hope War Savings So
ciety of District No. 0 will hold its
monthly meeting Saturday evening
February 22ud. at 7:30 sharp at
tho school. A patriotic program
is being prepared by the entertain
ing committee consisting of Mes
damea Tom Tilson. Frank Marler
and Miss Myrtle Rice. Lunch will
also be served by the ladies. All of
those who were unable to attend
the last meeting are urged to be
present and also sign the pledges for
the coming year and help make our
society the best in the community.
Bring in Your Batteries
AYp are now prepared to charge
your batteries, having installed new
machinery for this line of work, and
are in a position to give you the
very best service. Our prices are
reasonable and work fully guaran
teed. L. H. PELS GARAGE.
Murrav, Nebraska.
For Sale
One acre of ground with house
and outbuilding, one-fourth mile east
of Murray. Inquire of A. C. Long,
For Sale.
200 rods of 35 year old hedge in
the tree. Innuire of R. A. Young.
Murray, Neb. 13-4tw
17. R. YOUNG
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exoiange
Success May Crown Efforts of Peo
ple to Make Themselves Heard
in the Legislature.
If all reports and signs prove true,
it really looks now as though the
new Government road was going to
run through Murray on the first plat
ted road and known as the high line,
with the exceptions of a few minor
changes. According .to the latest re
ports the road will run west from
Murray to Murdock. then to Elm wood
and on to Eagle, and just south of
Eagle will strike the O street road
into Lincoln. This was the report
sent to Murray Tuesday by Mr. Searie
Davis, who has been one of the most
ardent workers for the Murray route,
and who has been in the capital for
several days in the interests of the
road. There were some thirty-five
men in the delegation that went to
Lincoln last Wednesday to meet with
the committee, they being from Mur
ray and along the line west. Numer
ous convincing arguments were put
up in favor of the present line, and
in fact many of those more interest
ed in the southern route were com
pelled to admit that the center-of-
t he-county line was for the best in
terests of all of Cass county. The
three commissioners are strongly in
favor of the center route, and real
ly it looks now as though this would
be the one that will be finally chos
en. The road that will benefit the
greatest number of taxpayers and ac
commodate the greatest number of
people in the county is the one that
should receive the preference, and
that road is certainly the one thru
the center of the county.
Heating Stove
and we want to tell you that we have a com
plete line to select from- Come
in and sec them!
Let us tell you how we can save you some
money on all kinds of household furniture. .
a u ud
Murray, Nebraska
Clearing Out Timber
Elsewhere in this issue of the
Journal will be found an advertise
ment for W. J. Partridge, who is now
making a specialty of clearing timber
lands by the dynamite process. He
also sends u a photo of a large tree
that he has raised by this process for
Pete Furgensen a few days ago. The
tree measured sixteen feet around
and was completely blown out of the
ground with all large roots attached.
This seems to be the only way to
clear land.
Murray Christian Church
Sunday. February 23. Regular serj
vices, including Bible school at 1U a.
m ; morning worship at 11 a. m. and
evening worship at 7:30 p. in. There
will be an illustrated talk to the
children at the Sunday school hour.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all to come and worship with us.
C. E. HARMON. Pastor.
Frank Schlichtemeier shipped a
double deck car of sheep to the South
Omaha market last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Gansemer and
family and A. L. Baker took Sunday
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. John Far-ris.
Fiom Vuesday's Daily.
The Ladies Toggery is advertising
advance showing of spring suits and
coats this week and invites all the
ladies of Plattsmouth and vicinity to
call and inspect the late styles in
spring wear. A shipment of the
popular capes that will be so much
in vogue this season arrived last
week, but the stock has been badly
depleted by heavy buying on the
part of Plattsmouth women and a
second shipment is now on the way.
The Toggery keeps a most up-to-date
stock of merchandise at all times and
the styles they are exhibiting are
fitting criterions of what will be
worn by fashionably gowned women
in t he east this year.
rrom HI. nday's Daily.
This afternoon Carl G. Fricke. t he-
proprietor of the Fricke Fuel Yards,
departed for Lincoln, where he goes
to take some higher degree in Ma
sonry, which will make of him a full
fledged Scottish Rite Mason. There
are an increasing number of Platts
mouth members of the Masonic or
der who are climbing higher.
A Woman's Recommendation
Mrs. D. T. Tryor. It. F. I). No. 1,
Franklin Ave., Otsego, O.. writes: "I
realized so great a benefit from the
use of one box that I feel safe in
recommending Foley Kidney Pills to
any kidney sufferers." They relieve
backache, sore muscles, stiff joints,
rheumatic pains and bladder ail
ments. Sold everywhere.
John Sheel and wife from near
Murdock, were in the city Monday
of this week. AA'hile here Mr. Sheel
called at. the Journal office for a
brief visit.
Mrs. Lester Burrow;is departed last
evening for Louisville, where she
will spend a few days visiting with
friends, going to be a guest at the
home of Mrs. Herold Koop. and
other friends there.
Farm Light
tr" ii:s-!u::5l
f , 1 "a
2 -V lumi
KW I . . I ll &
1 Power plant UUJM S3
you have been wcut- ; i;'J &
ine for. It is the fes Nc5
perfected plant
a single unit
that runs with
OUt vi
bration cr
noise and
requires no
, The
p erf ectl y
balan c e d
- All the Light All the Power You Need
Come and see it. Compare it, in every way, with
all others. Mke us prove to jou where it is better,
and more complete in fcxt, the plar-t you want.
llama nvtrle VnJt rtint.lnr ncder Ion
It llUUt BpVCljll fOUI.UJlLUtt.
Mrs. T. T. Smith and nephew. H.
F, Comer, from near Union, were in
t lie city for a few hours Monday.
While here Mrs. Smith paid, the
Journal oflice a brief call, and re
newed the subscription of her moth
er, Mrs. Grimes.
Stationery at the Journal office.
Miss M. J. Pitman, of WVi-pini;
Water, and sister Mrs. Ray Gallu
wav, lo;u near Uni-.m. were in Un
fit v fur
few hours lu.--ir Monday,
looking after some matters oi bur
JonrnEl Want-Ads
Shoes 2"Sp
If you are in need of Shoes it will pay you to come
in and look over our stock, as we have the largest stock
of Shoes we ever carried to select from and at prices
that will interest you.
We are also receiving our
Spring Ginghams,
Percales and Calicos,
which will soon be ready fur your inspection.
The Service Store
Drs IVlach & RSach The Dentists J
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Orr aha. ,
Experts in charge of all work. Lady attendant. Mad- I
erate Prices. Porcelain fillings ju:t like tooth. Iactru- 2
men's carelully sterilized alter using.
, Fistula Pay When Cured
A mild system o: treatment that cures Filfa. Fistula end
ethr Recta 1 Discs Rf-s iii a short tinio. witl.nut a nevrre su
Cical operation. No Cnloroform. Ether or other genera!
finasthetir im-H A rari fn.or.tH.H tn vrv no.n
for treatment, and no money to he pcid nil ti I en red. Wrirefor rmofc on Rerta I I'iseayg, w;!.L Danir
aDd testimonials of more than 1 'WO prominent peopie who have been permanently cure j. A