The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 06, 1919, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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fr-FTitn (-!- -r Trr-oiTT L T V C 1 n 1 1
Children Cry
Q!he Kind Tou Have Always Bought, and which has been
in, use for over thirty years, has borne tht signature of
0 " and has beeu made under his per
zvVta sonal supervision since its infancy.
Vttxaf-yX 'C6C6l& Allow no one to deceive you in this.
. All Counterfeits, Imitations and " Just-as-good ere but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health ef
Infants and Children Experience agcinst Experiment.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
age is its guaranvee. For more than thirty years it has
been in constant us for the relief of Constipation, Hatulency
"Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowe's, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and naiuial sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have A!vays Bought
MNs A:;na Knofieek departed thi
looming for Omaha, where ah is
i i : i : a: the In. rue of friends for
tLe Jar
John Gauer. of liear Cedar Crek.
w..s a visitor in 'his city this morn
int. iiaving svu.e business matters to
U'.tfll'l to.
J. .f Meisingvr went to Louisvi".
la-i irlght to look after the transac
tion if sumo business matters e'.aiui-
i:.z his attention.
Miss ltir:i Gauer. of Cedar Cr-k.
w.s :i it'or with friends in Platts-:v,-.iiTii
tst-rday. returning to her
h.-!:;t- i.i the afreruuou.
J W. IMmoiids of Murray was a
v r in the c ity this afternoon for
a ft u hours, c oining to look after
mine business fur the day.
M. IJ. chapman was in the city
this morning troi:i l"nio:i. and
is; af;er .--ome business fur
T ! . cu;;r lio.i-e. i
Col. J. IJ. Se-;.o!'it of iifjr Mur- I
ray was a vi-iror in the city this
a i tern x ;i navitix kuj!- matters to
h'oi, after at the court house.
A lam Mei-incer. .f near Cedar-lliatters to look after with the
Creek w is a viitor ii: this city this hoard.
'""r"i:i- c"u"" 'lo v,! U !""k afJr' Winfield Swan, of near Cnion. was
..... l.usins at the court houw. ja Tisi;or ,n thist cjt. this mornlnR.
.Miss Maruret Map-,, .departed lastjcomins to look after some business
ex. nii. f..r Cedar Creek, where sh;n the city for the day and also hav
i inp'ovp.l. She was accmpanied j jng buriness to look after at
to th. tatioll by her friend. Mrs. J. j the court house.
J U;l,!,iitli- col. r. k. Youns. the auctioneer
"" ' :,n:i r ioner C. 1. Harris, jilrov tip tbiz tnornins from his home
nejr i ii u.n . a- an jrrivi'l in thr
city la -t evening to met with the
board at l.e ;e.s.-i(.n. which is beinr business matter to transact in the
bei.i today. ,city during; the day.
Frank J. iMviiof Weeping Water; County Com nilsai oner Henry J.
"a- in the city tl:i morn in 5 com-I
iiiK to !o(,k alter .-omo businew? mat -
ter before ;he b.)ar'l of county
J. M. Ho'.vir. of near Louisville. 1
was a visitor in this c;ty for the'
oa... na...;; !;. tiisine-.s at the
court house, and returning home in j
th afternoon. j
Kred .'uenc!iau from Facie wa- a I
!-itor in this citv today. ct:minr to
consult -.sith thu c-junty attorney,
refiardini; some matters, in which
he is interested.
I.. 11. I'.ils of Murray, the sarage
man. wa a businej visitor in
Plattsinuu;h fo rthe day. and nlso
had om mat'rrs to look after at
1 lit- court
Ausuat Krecklow of near Manlev
"Saws Gummed"
Bring or send in all your saws that need
gumming. Wc have a power saw gummer
and arc equipped to put worn out saws, from
8-60 inches In diameter, into first-class
Sheldon Manufacturing Gompany,
for Fletcher's
Signature of
was is tb city t b is morning, coni
ine to meat with tk feard of coun
ty coaiUiiMiestrb. wki ar i sua
sion hr today.
Fred Prohaska. Jr.. of Wahoo.
who ha been risitinj in this city at
the i.utie of his parents. Fred Pro
baska. Sr., and wift departed last
evening, for his h&mje.
C. Gautr was a visiter in thU
city ;h: ruorninc from Cedar Creek
and v.-as looking; after some business
for tn? day. htving arrived on the
Ilurlingtou morning train.
Plattsmouth friends of Mr. Gamble
have been interested ia watching his
rapid rise in the commercial world
since Tearing her and will rejoice
to leara f his latest success.
J. YV. Dasher and wife of Green
wood, who hava been visiting in the
city for the past few days, the guests
of their son, C. K. Uashler and fam
ily, departed for home yesterday.
Kditor Gardner of the Eagle Uea-
jeeu. wa in the city this afternoon,
j coining to look after some matters
at the court house and to meet with
the board of county commissioners.
John Gustin and S. M. Cox of
near Murdock were in the city this
j afternoon, coming ta meet with the
i cuny commissioners hainc some
near Murray, and took the early
'train for Omaha, where he has some
Miliar was an arrival last evnins
from his horn rvar Alvo. cominc to
mei with the othr members of the
board of county commissioners, who
afp in session here today,
Koui Bom from northwest of the
'city, was a passenger on the early.
train this mom in; for Omaiia,
v.-here he has some busineun raat-
ters to look after at the live stock
niarket at the south side.
John Bednatik. who arrived from
France, where he served in the Amer
ican Kxpeditionary Force, departed
last evening for Havelock. where he
enters the employment of the Bur
lington in the machine shops.
E. 3. Tutt. Glen Bodeker. V. H.
Iuls. Ora Davis. G. M. Minford and
C. R. Nickles were among the visi-
tors ftodi ITul-ray this toornihg. com
ing to attend a meeting of the coun
ty board oT commissioners relative to
a road in that neighborhood.
Win. Backs, of Eagle, proprietor
of the East Side Garage of that thriv
ing village, was in the city this
morning looking after some business
matters. While here he made t he
Journal office and the editor a very
pleasant call, talking over their past
acquaintance which they all enjoy
ed. He departed in the afternoon
for Lincoln, where he had some busi
ness matters to look after.
From Monday's Iat!y
W111. Spangler and wife of Ween
ing Water were in the city for a
short time today looking after f-ome
J. R. Jordan was looking after
some business here this mornintr.
coming in from his home near Cul
loni on the early train.
Miss Anna Snyder was a visitor
at her home "west of Mynard. for
over Sunday, and returned to her
school work at Omaha this morn
ing. Christopher Miller of near Cedar
Creek, was looking after some busi
ness in riattsmouth today, bavins;
come in on the early train this morn-,
Henry lleebner was a visitor in
thi city for a short time this
morning changing trains from Mur
ray to Cedar Creek where he is
F. W. Gregg, of Grand Island, v. as
visitor in this city today, coming
to look after closing a deal for the
trading of some western land for
Plattsmouth property.
A. S. Will the sttn?k feeder,
parted this morning 0:1 an 1
ar!.. W ;i s
train for Omaha, where ho
looking after some business, at
live stock niarket for the day.
C. F. f'ettis of Howard. South
Iakota. where he is engaged in
fanning. arrived last Saturday
evening, and visited at the home of
his daughter Mrs. J. S. Ben&couter.
north of the ciy for a diort time.
L. G. l-aron and wife were pas
sengers last Saturday morning via
the Missouri Pacific. for Fnioti.
where they visited for the day and
a part of yesterday at the home of
their daughter Mrs.. Reuben Foster
of that place.
Miss Laura Klizabeth Faton.
grand daughter of Or. and Mrs. C.
A. Marshall arrived from her home
in Los Angeles, last evening and
was met by her grandfather in
Omaha, and will visit for some
time in this city with her relative
and friends.
Sergeant W. F Siraley arrived
in the city this morning fr.uu Camp
FuiLston. where he ha been .tati o.
ed for some time, and where he was
discharged hut Saturday and is
visiting at the home of Mrs. Lil
lian Baker, the guet of Miss lla.el
Vroinar.. for a few days after which
he will departed for his home at
Michell. South Dakota.
Miss Glads Hall departed Sat
urday afternoon for Oraj.olis.
where she visited with her mother
Mrs. J. M. Hall, who is caring for
Mrs. Jo.-eph Thompson who is sick
at her home at the auto bridge,
and who is very sick, having been
to for MJiiitf time. Miss Gladys
Hall has accepted the- po.-ition of
teacher of the school west of My
nard. Lorea Rainey. of near Miles Chy.
Montana, was in the city for the past
few days, coining on account of the
seriotis illness of his mother, who is
not showing much improvement at
the present time. Mr. Rainey de
parted this morning for Omaha, go
ing up the other side of the river
via Pacific Junction, and from there
will return to his home in the wc.-t.
Kr'm WednesOay's rai:y.
John True of Cedar c.-eek was a
visitor in this city this morning,
coming to look after some busjnos.
for the day.
Mrs. H. J. Schroeder of tvdar
Creek who ha.- been visiting in this
city for a short time reiurn-d to
her home last evening on the train.
G. H. Meisinger who h t bi n
visiting for some time at and near
Cedar Creek, with friends and rela
tives returned home this morning.
Mrs. M. Hild departed !at even
ing for Cedar Creek, where she will
visit at the home of her daughter
Mrs. John Parkening for a short
George Krcager from southwest
of Mynard was transacting busi
ness in Plattsmouth this morning
having ome business alo at the
county eat.
Clinton Andrews of Mauley was a
visitor in Plattsmouth yesterday.
coming to look after some business
for the day, and returning to his
home lat evening.
M. B. Chamberlain with his fam
ily of Cedar Creek, arrived in this
city this morning and are visiting
at the home of their friends Hturv
Sanders and family for the dav. '
Lloyd Gapcn of near Murray was j
a visiter in Plattsniouth last even- j
ing for a short time coming to this j
city to look after some business and
returned to his home last evening.
John Busche and family were
visiting in the city this afternoon,
having driven in with their car to
look after some trading at the stores
of the merchants, and visiting with
friends for a short time.
James S. Pitman of Cnion. ac
companied by his brother C. L. Pit- (
man of Ft. Morgan. Colorado, were ;
in the city this morning, looking;
after some matters connected with j
the estate of their father the late ;
John W. Pitman, from near Cnion.
C. II. Vernon formerly of Colo.,
where he has been farming near
Haxton. has been visiting in this
city for some days past, and was a
guest at the home of P. T. Walton,
being the son of Mrs. Walton, de
parted this afternoon for York,
where he will engage in farming
the coming season.
Joe Wagner. Murray. Feb. 7th.
Jas. Biaha. Plat t unout !: . Feb.
Ilolslein Sale. Omaiia. Feb It.
Feb. loth and 14th Imperial. Neb.
Wm. Kohl. Avoca. Feb. 17th.
Matthews Hog Sale, Malvern, la.,
Feb. ISth.
John Wile.-, sr. Plattsmouth. Feb.
Otto Sehafer. Red Sow Sale. Ced
ar Creek. Feb :20th.
Hugle ii Sprecher, Nehawka. Feb.
21. Horse Sale. Murray. Ft b.
Mrs. L. T. Holland. Xeb. Ci'y.
Feb. 2 4.
Fred Ro.-s. N'ehawka. Feb. :
Wn: Gillispie. Mynard. Feb.
Ray Pollard. Hampshire
Ftb. 27th.
Car Schra.ier. Hamp hire
Avoca, Feb. 2Sth.
I have for sale, two young high
bred registered Herford bulls, four
teen and fifteen mouths of age re
spectively. Inquire of Fred T.
Ramge. Phono.; !')2 and .".::2.
Ph. 1 1 itiimt Ii Ve'i r.-ltwt
Says It Is the Best in the World
Are you looking for a s.ilo. relia
ble remedy for xoughs. colds, croup
and whoopng coo.g!;'?. A. H. McHan
iel. Box ."!. Lindside. W. Va., writes.
"I am glad to tell you that Foley's
Honey and Tar is the best medciinc
in this world. I had a severe cough..
Someone recommended it and before
I used, half a bottle I was better."
Sold evervwhere.
When baby supers with eczema or
ii:iae itching skin trouble, use Doan's
Ointment. A little of it goes a long
way si.d it is safe for children. 00c
a box at all stores.
WANT KM: A tirst class experienc
ed automobile salesman to sell to the
farmers our line of Fordson tractors
and power farm machinery; Fori!
oars ami Ford trucks. Permanent
employment to the right man. Ref
erences required . - - T. H. Pollock
Auto t o., PIaitsir."fi:h. de,w2
hke tlh 'P. Kur of vmp
Ir A-r(-l'l-4'ir:r.TK
1I.ajoM ilIMM) flLI.Sf f M
Weekly Special!
Get a sack of flour milled after the
War restrictions v-erc lifted. Puritan
or Gold Medal.
-lb. sack buckwheat flour 95c
4-ii. sack buckwheat Hour 50c
lu-lbs. corn syrup for 85c
lb-;, corn syrup for 45c
1 lbs. dried green peas 50c
lbs. small white beans 38c
2 lbs. Jap rice
2 lbs. small California prunes 25c
2 lbs. dried peaches 39c
2 lbs. dried pears 23c
No. 2 -j lb can hominy 24c
No. 2J lb. can hominy 20c
No. 2i can oaches 20c
;i No. 2 cans pork and beans 50c
10 bars White Rusian soap 58c
No. 1 can peaches in syrup 15c
No. I can wpricots in syrup 15c
Z cans good corn 50c
No. 2 can apples, per can 15c
2 pkgs. mince meat for 25c
Hulk cocoa, per lb 35c
o pkgs. Golden Age noodles, mac
aroni or spaghetti, for 45c
2 cans canned soups, all varieties25c
hl-,tf--.. r l Kl.mond T(dV
Hlltln Kp4 Ml t.;j r.ri,l,cV7
l--is. ve. I w-ith Kiue Riooon. j
'! hke tlh 'P. Kur of vmp V
V" W T-
i Mfji
a I ill Ji Bm ii' ; ill IP'S 11! ! t I u llHlUHIsIiil li ulliHli!!! ?!isi!H'
rji I is lllliii
tm m
opyr'ji f i7 by
tvUO Co.
To Shelter Homeless People. Says C.
L. Pitman. G. M. 1st CI., in Let
ter to His Wife.
t'rein ?.!;ilay's L'alty.
C. L. Pitman. G. M. 1st Ci.. who
has been in France for about a year.
writes interestingly of the recon
struction work in the devasted war
area, and tells of what is being done
to rehabilitate the land. The areas
where the battles have raged for al
most four years is entirely demolish
id and it will be a long time before
any semblance of the former peace-
. ful homes may be had.
Lille. France. Jan. 10. 1919.
My Pear Wife and Kiddies:
Will start another letter tonight.
This makes about a dozen letters I
have written and haven't received
one from you. We were just getting
settled cood. but now- wc have tp
move to another building again.
They moved the galley tonight, so
we'll have to walk about half a
mile for breakfast tpmorrow morn
We have only about 125 jobs here
now. And soon we'll be starting out
to repair the .different towns of
France and Pelgium that were shot
up. and put up barracks' for the peo
ple to live in. until they can get
their homes fixed up.
1 think this will be an interesting
trip and I'm glad I'm on it. I think
loo. I'll be discharged as soon as I
get back to the states. I haven't
heard how long I will . have : to stay
here, but I don't believe it will be
more than three or four months.
They are sending - the aviation
bunch back as fast as they can, but
I was among the last to come, so I
suppose I'll-be among the last to go
The V. S. has an enormous lot of
material and supplies here. You
couldn't begin to imagine -how much
stuff we have. Auto trucks, for in
stance. They would cover Platts
mouth if ihey were joined together.
I would like to have some one tell
me the U. S. didn't do anything in
this war.
We have a lot of Frenchmen
working with us. Some of them are
discharged soldiers. They eat din-.
1 3
every man game enough
tidy red tin and a jimmy pipe old or new I
Get it straight that what you've hankered for in
smokes you'll sure and certain find aplenty in P. A.
That s because P. A. has the quality!
You can't any more make Prince Albert bite ycur
tongue or parch your throat than you can make a horse
drink when he's off the water I Bite and parch are cut
out by our exclusive patented process !
You just lay back like a regular fellow and puff to beat
the cards and wonder why in samhill 3'ou didn't nail a
section in the P. A. smokepasture longer than you care
to remember back !
Day Prince Albert everywhere tobacco is sold. Toppv red bag:
tidy red tins, handsome pound and half pound tin humidors and
that daer, practical pound crystal glass humidor urith sponge
moistener top that keeps the tobacco in such perfect condition.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Winston-Salem, N. C.
! ner and sutioer with us. and vou
should see them eat. They act as we naval men thought that :ii
though they never had had a good, compliment to vs.
'square meal before' I hail a long -:a with a ':.;. ;;.!
I don't know how much they pay
them, but they don't earn any more
than they eat. It takes them forever
to get anything done.
I was talking to a Frcnchie the
other night (He talked pretty good :
English) and he said there weren't!
many Germans here at the last, and '
they all left in the night. No one j
knew they were gone. They heard 1
a lot of explosions in the night, and
wnen uayngiu came they louud ev
ery bridge across the canal was
blown up and not a German to be
seen. The Dritish came in two day
later. Now there seem to be as many
Prituh as French.
We have muster on Sunday morn
ing. We must be in full dress uni
form with shoes shined. Its about
the only regulation stuff we have.
The skipper gave us a little lec-
ture about our duties here. He told
us about meeting an American wom
an, one who was with the Belgian
Relief. She said she had traveled
all through Belgium and nothern
France and the only Relief Commis
sion she could see that was actually
doing any work was a little bunch of
'sailors ' (get that?) putting up bar
racks for the unfortunates. She said
the greater bunch of the army was
ome in and
open, a
You work hand
f .d
paak tf it will then worlcforyou:
COME IN AND START. rwont. i will 5TART YOU.
TALK about smokes, Prince Albert
is geared to a joyhandout standard
that just lavishes smokehappiness on
to make a bee line for a
idoinir their work i-i .r"ce of ..r-r
' sergoan ;' ninht
some awful thiiiss that l.appi::-.i
this war. Will tell you about i!,
w hen I get heme.
Well. I must get ready l -r dini:
Hope this finds everyone well.
r. i. PITT MAN
G. M. !.-t CI . V. Naval Relu f
Unit, Lille. Frai.ce.
In t!
"f ':i -
ii' t
f M- r
ji.-r -lit .
I' -l, i t t'.UM
--. N !".-V.. t.
in. .lie- .,f -
r I Til mi .
e-'u HI k .
. - : i
!" pie li t! . -
f.l. li.ii.- wn
! I'll-
fn.r.t .I.-.t
Ill-Mlt! . I .i
of t:
! !"
I :
el. l; !
):. l e t i '
Let f.
; . J 1 t I
I., t
' : H I I e f
all in S.
f -
i .
tl V'
i rt i 1
t S.elfi M
-1 I
1 : .
S. t . Tl 1 1 . i , I ! j
twelve i 1 ' l. I I.. T
I et.i.1,1
S.-U.J .--i.i.- t' T.-,
I'ttt-.i :;i-i
L. KM'.'.
1.1 v
.1 ' I s
. f II. Ill
I '.'1.1 1 li 1.1 I I.f I ..
f w- eii ; n : .
Stationery at th Journal ofce .
for vour mnw
tate Bank