The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 09, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    THURSDAY. JA35TTARY 9, 1919.
I..JU.I U.U..-1
Cloan's Liniment scatter;
the congestion and
relieves pain
K little, applied uithoui ruhhirtz. fHT
penetrate immediately E.nd rest and
eoothe the nerves.
Sloan's Liniment 13 very effective !a
allaying external pains, strains, bruircr,
aches, still joir.ts, sore muscles, lumba
go, neuritis, cciatica, rheumatic twinges
Keep a. big bottle always on hand
for family use. Druggists everywhere.
9fr 3 3fi
Grammar room. Is with us again.
Her sister, Miss Anna, has taken fcer
place since January 1st.
Mr. a:nl Mrs. Elmer Caseman and
parents, Mr. nnl Airs. Charles Rose
now. Dr. Leonard Muir left Saturday
evening for Mil ford to visit with his
daughter. Verna, returned on Sunday ' brother, Dr. J. G. Muir, who recent- ' I
ly returned home from overseas per- fcl
vice in the Medical department with
the Areo division, bavins been sta-
noon after a week's visit at Lincoln
ami Valparaiso. Nebraska.
Mr. and .Mrs. John Krueger re
turned to their home at West Point, tioned in England for several months
Nebraska, on Monday, after being past. Dr. Muir received his dis-
here for two weeks with relatives. 'charge papers n t Camp Funston and
quarantined -vw ill resume his practice at Mil-
at his home with the influenza the , ford.
His daughter, Mrs. L. G.
has just recovered from
past week.
Paul Schewe is just able to he up; in ,a Salle county. Illinois,
again after an attack of influenza, passed to her eternal reward
Mrs. Schewe is down with it now. 1 nour aftc-r the advent
Mrs. R. T. Tool, is with
Lois T,. Curyea, daughter of Alvah
and Olive Warren Smith, was born
one t
Her mother
Carl Schneider left Sunday even
ing to resume his school duties at.
Concordia, Missouri,
Year of lflf) had been ushered i
On April r.. 1SG0. she was united in
holy wedlock with W. M. Curyea, at fj
t ililMMIIh. JlllllUl.t. 1 1M H , F n
after spending a farni for some years afterward, f
James Mills was in Omaha Sat
urday. Mr. Wilkens, of Elmwood, was in
town Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marshall, of
Elmwood, were callers at the Albert
Thiel home on Monday.
A Hne big ten pound boy arrived
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Tool on New Year's day.
Mrs. L. N. Amgwert returned last
Friday from a two weeks stay with
relatives at Council Bluffs.
Mrs. Jerry E. Mcllugh returned on
Sunday evening from Omaha, where
she had been for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Thimgan en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. John Krueger
of West Point, Nebraska, last Fri
day evening.
Miss Olive Bourke, teacher of the
bis holiday vacation with home moving to Ottawa. Illinois, where she
folks. (and her husband united with the M.
Henry Schwab and sisters. Misses K church, which relation she bore
Lola and Ethel, were passengers to ,,ntil the summons or the Master
Omaha Sunday noon, going up to can,i her home. On account of the
see their mother, who i so seriously f(,(.ble health of s-he and hn- bus
ill at a hospital there, 'band, they had been spending the
Gus Gakemeier returned on last winter in Lincoln, where a few days
Friday evening from a visit with i)f.fore her death she was taken with
relatives in Chicago and. since then r,,;Himoiij;i an(i soon passed away,
has been seriously ill with influenza ,;.;;.is jH.r husband she leaves to
at the home of his parents north of ino,irn her departure one brother,
town. Janu s Smith, of Saunemin. 111., and
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Gillespie, Mis- four siti rs, Mrs. Mary Poole, Tlard-
ses Fiddaline Iturdick and Everett, in:r. 111.. Mrs. Sarah Jones. Wood-
I will offer for sale at Public
Auction, at my farm, three miles
southeast of Cedar Creek, six miles
east and cne mile nortii of Louis
ville, and i) miles west of Platts
mouth, on
The following described property
One gray mare. S years old, wf.
One bay horse, G years old, weight
One driving team, 9 and 10 '-cars
old. wt. 2200.
One bay mare colt coming ti year
One bay colt coming 2 year
One suckling colt.
Three milk cows one fresh.
One 2-year-old heifer, coming
fresh in April.
One yearling calf.
One white faced bull. IS months
Two Duroc brood sows.
Fourteen head of slock hogs.
One Newton wagon.
One spring wagon.
One hay rack with truck.
One MeCormick binder, seven
foot cut.
One Standard mower.
One hay rake.
One Osborn disc.
One John Deere two row.
One John Deere riding lister,
good as new.
One John Deere corn planter, SO
rods of wire.
One Avery cultivator.
One Janesville cultivator.
One Badger riding cultivator.
One walking plow, 14-inch
One Grandeteur gang plow.
One Sterling stalk cutter.
One corn drill.
One 3-section harrow.
One bob-sled.
One" hand corn sheller.
One feed grinder.
One Winzelmann corn elevator.
One hog oiler.
One horse clipper.
One galvanized tank with heater.
On Great Western cream separa
tor. One Old Trusty incubator and
Three set of work harness.
One set cf buggy harness.
One single harness.
One saddle good as new..
One grind stone.
Many other articles too numerous
to mention.
are ail entertaining the flu at the
present time, as are also John Bor
nemeier and family. Will Kueman,
Fred Iirunkow ami son. Vernon.
Wc are grieved to write that Mrs.
A. II. Schwab is very low at this
time. She was taken to an Omaha
iiospital a week ago, an operation
was performed on Saturday and since
then the doctors have hdd m hopes
for her.
Mr. ami Mrs. 0is Miller enter
tained at a New Year's dinner at.
their country home north of town,
when those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Backemeyer and child
ren. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Miller and
:;on. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Thim
gan and son, Victor, Mr. and Mrs.
Chris Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
G. V. Pick well received word last.
Friday of the death of his son-in-law.
Charles Shelton, of Lincoln, who
died of influenza. The funeral was
to have been held Sunday in the
Wabash cemetery south of here, but
was postponed on account of the ill
ness of Mrs. Shelton, who is also
sick with the' same disease. There
are two sons in the family.
inur. III.. Mrs. Sarah Jones.
stock. Iowa; Mrs. Olive Curyea. Alvo
and Mr.;. Oscena Hall, of m ar H.ird
ing. Illinois.
Sister Curyea was a woman l" 110-bh-
character, taking great i:t'rc.t
in the welfare of th Master'.-, king
dom, many times doing beyond ). r
strength to assist in the work of
til.' church. She was a patient suf
ferer, being afflicted in her liinl.-.
which made it difficult to get abou.
She will be mi.-sed by many loving
friends. Funeral services were held
from tl. k. church at Alvo. Ne
braska. Friday afternoon, January
"-I. conditc:ed by her pa. ior, Kt v.
'('. E. Connell and the remains were
laid to re:t in the beautiful Alvi
cemet" ry. The bereft husband a:i 1
other relatives ir- to ex pre.-.-; ih'.ir
sincere thanks to their friends who
i-ssisted th'iii in their hour of sor
row, and for the beautiful flora! of
ferings. Those from out of town in a' ten
dance at the funeral were Jack Cur
yea. Omaha; Kile Thompson and
Mrs. Brown. Lincoln: Mrs. Manima
Curyea, Ben Landis and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Cooh-y and Ralj.'i
Daft, of Waverly.
ji 3f Ct fr P 9
. i
: VJ
ion. z
ral j
R. W. Stewart went to Omaha on
business Tuesday.
Mrs. C. M. Jordan returned on No.
3S Tuesday from Lincoln.
Jake Kahn was in Omaha a couple
of days last week on business.
W. O. Boyles, of Lincoln, came in
Tuesday on No. :1S to visit relatives.
Fred Dei k ma 11 n went to Lincoln
Saturday, returning home Monday on
No. hS.
Uncle George Skiles came up from
Murdock Tuesday for a visit with
relatives and friends.
A. I. Bird and children. Wesley
and Marie, went to Lincoln Monday,
returning home Tuesday.
Henry Miller was a passenger for 0:1 1oj. IS. IMS. from Genoa. Junc
Plattsmouth Monday, where he poes.tion. Wis: "I suffered so from
on business and to vi5it relatives. rheumatism that 1 could r.t leave
Mrs. Dale S. Boyles returned home ! n:y bed for a whole year. Now Tri -Thursday
from York, where she at-j nur's Liniment set me 0:1 my legs,
tended the funeral of her uncle, J. 1 an 1 I recommtnde it to anybody who
V. Hyder. j suffers from rheumatism." At drug
The Misses Iva and Ida Thomas, s,(,"i,s. ami c.-.c, by mail 4". and
of Pickrell, came in Tuesday to vis- j "r'- J-eph Triner Company. 1
it their crandDarents. Mr. and Mrs.; 1:14:5 s- Ashland Ave.. Chicago. 111.
Henry Thomas.
There is a deeper sense in the
words "to save." It means lo buv
only flings which have most of t'n
desired properties in thorn. That
the grcpt le-son war has taught u '.
and it applies especially to rem
edies. In case of stomach disturb
ances, constipation. indigestion
headaches. nervousness, gene
weakness, etc.. reieet nil cheat) and
inefficient preparations and ' a-'j
only i rim r s American Klixr ot ;
Bitter Wine. Its ingredients are so
conbinei as t clean the stomach. ;
to help indigestion and strengthen'
the entire svstem in a thoroughly .
reliable way. At all drug store-.
$1.10. Triner'-s Liniment is the
beat remedy for rheumatism, neu
ralgia, sprains, swellings, etc. This
is a fact founded on what is happening-
day by day in hundreds of
cases. Mr. John Vratnik m
?drs. Hattie Kear and sister, Mrs.
Jesse Hardnock, left on Thursday
evening for Grant, to pack and ship
Mrs. Kear's household goods.
Mrs. Dr. Paul Thurreson and lit
tle daughter. Maxine, of Chicago, ar
rived Monday afternoon to make an
extended visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George P. Foreman.
There are more pupils in school
this week and no new cases of sick
ness and everyone feels greatly en
couraged that school may continue
uninterrupted through the remain-
Tha Housewife Who Cares tc Save
Carries Her Grot cries a::d
Traaes At
der of the term. (
Mr. and Mrs. Fr?d Clark returned 2 lare c;ins T:matoes
Ivory soap, 4 bar.' "oc
Bob White Soap, 1(1 bars ,a?
Pearl White Soap. 10 bars f.r.c
Palm Oil soap, 1. bars ;if,c
1 gallon can White Syrup $1.00
2 larrje cans peaches 4 0c
2 large cans Apricats 7,0c
jhorne Monday from a holiday vaca- 0 Pounus, cocoa
ition snent with their daughters at rrem'um Coffee, per pound :'.."c
SALE WILL COMMENCE AT 10:00 Republican City and Guide Rock. : 8 1,JS- 1ure Lnckwheat lloru$ 1.00
Lunch will be served by W. A. Scott. ;While gone they attended the fun- 4 1. Pancake flour 40c
All sums of $10.00 and
leral of Mr. Clark nephew, James Daldwin rer peck.
,i c
cash; all sums over $10.00 a credit
of 12 months will be given, pur-1
Ford, of Hebron.
Dinner guests at the Charles F.
Rosenow home on Sunday were Mrs.
Vicr Mrlnp p-nod bnnVnhle note.
bearing 8 per cent from date. All Skinner. Mrs. Bertha Shelton
propertv must be settled for before and daughter. Lela, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
being removed from the premises. Clark and daughters, Rose. Beth and
GEORGE L0KNES Emily Berdeane, and George Clark.
COL. W. R. YOUNG. Auctioneer. ' The occasion was little Berdeane's
A O. AULT, Clerk. firs- visit to the home of her grand-
Scotts Bluff Potatoes, per peck3Sc
' And many other articles too nim
erous to mention.
Deliveries made hi
or oyer.
Call and see me.
1 Ki tj n
"PA -
i li
w i
S. f .4
fj!3 ft
kA v.- i? l-
!.: - M Wvy
. litl
;'. :.i MM;
'' J
.-" t "i-
41 Uli 1
IN :
Wearing Apparel!
C Mny who Itave been eagerly avvaitinc? tliis January
Clt.a.ance Sale, arc findinrr in it an event that more than
firlij;'? i.hcir fontlest expectations. This is one event you
miss if von xlsh to realize important savings
1 1 j
f LOltltin t
on i-M c!as.-e cf Grade Merchandise. We have
thrown in, wi'hout regard to former prices, our large
stock of Ladies Suits, Dresses, Skirts and Waists, in ad
tlil'on to the Coats and Sweaters and offer thern all at
the s-.T.e sharp reduction in price. Truly, you will find
in offering exceptional values and because they
arc 30 extraordinary you may be sure they will not last
f r fly
buvinct is the only wav to avoid possible
1 i s a p p o i n t m c n t .
A Visit Will Prove the Merits of These Goods
It it-. quite natural for everyone to want to leek their best, but
31 -it eo t .sy of accomplishment unless one has the advantage of
1"-::.;, -lo-Wer !isplas like these. The most authentic modes are
vr ;:e:netl and all offer in 2-s are priced at the lowest possible figure.
Select ion from or.r Sales Stock means satisfaction as long as you
v.-car the Garment purchased.
V 1 vo
11 J
ikese E
: : r.rcc
It is seldom one his o;v,-, :):iu:ilty
to p;irci:a:e uiesces ot
ar.d v.-..l!.l;nov.-n pattern a 3
Dare" r.t ati'v 'ur? nvw
redactions vc ar3 quoting, but the
. 1 . , ' 1 1 , - ,. ? T - r ?
l"t .1j ,j: ?-l'.r 11 . C i- i u -t-Clw
ward ciles season and va are de ter
mined to cloce them out now. Here
yen will find dresses i:i which the
r-".;rh as th? Jfalc rric
o!" r.:.'.cs.
- j
IiL-Ti.arixable barsai:1.? i:i silk
to:-, v.-i'il Jersey, s;;ti'i-.. wot
Preach .-ori?" -. a::d veiv-t drc:
uii'.nv trirr.HH'I with friuv.".
C Hi!
'T-' e.ia j)c:c i.
i, is e.
, , ;
; . ; . :
w yJ
M Car entire line of smartly tailored
Suits in all the popular materials
jd and shades. Beautiful models in vel-
t vet, wool velours, gaberdines, broad-
S oloihs, Silvtrtones and Duvatines, in
K both tailored and fancy models. All
b aie strictly this season's models and
,!. are genuine bargains.
1 We have also reduced prices on
(i our entire stock of Waists, 25 per
cent. Your golden opportunity.
Red "Sale Price" Tags
IcN the Story
Children s ijresses
I HJ fiq rJjP An elegant line of
Ltl Uul. an.woci erg3 dres
ser, in poonlar colors and styles;
1 ro 10. Tormer price of these
sos v?.s $3.00 to $7.50. You can
buy Uhm. here now at the
low i rice of
. : i : x
Sweaters Below
Cost Price!
We are heavily overstocked on
SKIRTS y3 OFF: All skirts go at
one-third off beautiful models and
Maierials, all the latest styles and
combinations. Velvets, velours, silks,
series, plaids and stripes. We invite
I HT KfJ PVn Equallv attractive
L-' ,VJ' ,"U all-wool serge dres
f:?, 5-ics 12 to 1G. Winter warmth
clpc.i;b on nothing quite so much as
v.i.,:tc: rancents.
S7.75 to $12.50
All-Wool Slip-Over and Coat Style
Sweaters, and are determined to close
them out even to the last one, re
gardless of original cost price. Sweat
ers in all desirable colors, formerly
priced as high as $16, now offered
at from
$3.35 to $7. 75
An especial bargain in Children's
All-Wool and Silk Sweaters, priced
at $1.85 to $2.75
' , n "1 s- Z p H U CV V
Afternoon Specials!
$2.25 and $2.50 Voii. Organdie and Wash Silk Waits at $5.00 and $10.00 Skirts -some very desirable ones
Vi? v Vi
&3 79
This Sale is
for - $
KB VT TWrrtlT TTTT Tl TTl'.! 1
Tl 9
i ggery
PIcv ttmovitli.
No Altera
tions at
These Prices!
From Mim.lfiy's Daily. .
Saturdaj' the little four day.; oi l j
snn of Mr. end Mrs. Ii;i?sell Bland- i(
civc.i n
T' v.
t i!ti-r a-e.
li (. iiid be
rl.ill vliicii r-oon
ia, fcr w'ricii with
there was nothing:
done for the; little
in ih? way cf treatment. A
er, died of pneumonia, the li'.tle iiliyrician was culled, but, there was
nothing- which could be done,
burial was had yesterday.
IIow is the time lo join the War
Stamp Limit Club. See Cbaa. C
Pannele for-paiticulaie.
1 red sow and three pigs and one
that weighs about 75 pounds. Stray
ed from my home. U. L. Barnard,