The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 19, 1918, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    THURSDAY. DECEMBER 19. 1918.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the Pepple of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
1 f tny of t)ie rs of the
Journal knov of any ttocial
erect or irrni of interest in
this vicinity, cnii will mail
stxe to rb'.s oifloe. it will ay
ytar under tSis heading. e
irut all newsit9iijs Eu:toh
r,- 1,1
For Sale Barred Keck cochc-rels. j FREDERICK OST, VETERAN
$1.50 each. Mrs. C. F. DeJur.g. I OF CIVIL WAS, SUMMONED
Henry Heebner was transacting
Thrift Is Now a
National Slogan
The American people are
waking up. They resent the
charge that they are wasteful.
Bank deposits all over the
country are increasing by leaps
and bounds.
A rc you a depositor ?
If ycu are not, Join the finan
cial preparedness army. Man
ege to lay aside a certain
crr.ovnt cf cash. Vcll be glad
to explain our banhtng system.
business iu the city of Omaha on
Monday of this week.
Wm. Seybolt and wife and Mrs.
J. F. Brendel were Omaha visitors
on Monday of this week.
Fcr Sale Barred Plymouth Hack
cockerels, 1.50 and $2.00 each. Mrs.
V. O. Troop, Murray phone.
E. S. Tutt was an Omaha visitor
Monday where he attended some bus
iness matters with the wholesale
houses. j
Death Came Suddenly Day After
Celebration of His Seventy
Second Eirthdav.
Frederick Ost, a well-known mem
ber of Rawlins, Post, Xo. 23, Grand
.Army of the Republic, died sudden
ly Sunday, the day following the
j celebration of his 72d birthday.
( Mr. Ost enlisted May IS, 1864, to
ferve 100 days and was mustered
out at Camp Fry, Chicago, May 31,
IS 05. He served in ConiDanv K.
Jesse MeVey was a passenger for 1Z4th resiment of Illinois volun-
n a TV T r n r! ra x mftrnino- M-born liD
Oa February IS, 10 Go, he was
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits arc protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Oinj.rm ATnnfiQv mnrninp- wboro
spent the day in transacting , some .
UUMJUS maitt-rfa. j mustered into the service again, hav-
G. M. Minford and Searl Davis iug volun teed earlier in the month
autoed to Omaha Tuesday where they to serve for the duration of the war
were looking after some business iiijar.l was apsigned to Company I.,
connection with the stock market. J j 4 7 1 li Illinois volunteers and was
There will be a Christmas Tree at I discharged January 20. 1S6G. Dur
the Christian church as usual, how-J ins his military service he partici
cver it is announced that a bag of ipated in many encounters with ma
sandy awaits each of the Sunday , rauding bands and guerrillas. When
School children on the eve of Christ-i the war broke out he Avas 15 yars of
east, IVi miles 1 13
40 acres inf
pasture, fair
ing vater, and si
Mrs. E. A. Hoot, who suffered a
age and entered the service before
his 17th birthday.
He was marriedio Annie Schultz
Uisrht stroke of narnlvsis. is fhnwins
wme improvement, and with the ex- at Lincoln. Nebraska, May 11, 1S71.
cellent care she is receiving, it is children blessed their happy
inped she will overcome her misfor- uaion 311,1 llic hri(ie of tllis 'oun-
Lost A 2-year-old red heifer. H.
C. Long.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Tutt were visi
tors at the home of Ed. Leach and
v.ifp at Union over Sunday.
Mrs. John Lloyd, of Fairbury, Xe
br;ska. is visiting at the home of
Mrt I. C. Hhoden for the week.
Mi..s Ogla r-1 iii ford spent Sunday
will: her friend, Clara Young, at
Plat t5mowth, going from there to
Omaha en Monday, where she 'spent
the day.
C liar!cs Tucker was attending to
c:r.e matters of business in Omaha
en Mcndav of this week, driving up
in hi? Ford, and reports the roads
? that time as being very bad for
The little daughter of Ray Henry
who hvd the niL-fortur.e to have both
lmnds badly scalded, by placing them
in a dibh of hot food being jerved
a; the table, is improving nicely,
though her wounds were very severe.
Xon-fkid Ilacine 33-4 tire. Find
er please notify the Journal office.
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511
luurray Exa'ianjre
For Sale or Rent. My seven room
cottage residence in Murray. Mrs.
J. W. Eerger.
ould'nt a sidewalk to the Missouri
Pacific ' depot be a fine thing these
sleepy adys? Hang up your stock
ings, maybe Santa Claus will bring
Mrs. Chas. Carroll, who Las been
very ill at her home for the past
week, is showing improvement and
it is hoped that she will soon be in
her usual good health again.
Mrs. Emma' Xims and daughter,
Miss Heie. arrived Tuesday from
their home in Kansas City, Mo., and
wiil sper.d the Holidays with her
sister. Mrs. E. S. Tutt. of Murray,
and her brother, Julius Pitz, of
Mrs. Roy Howard was called to
I'lattsmouth Saturday to help care
for her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas
Y"arner. who have been ill with the
influenza, and while there Mrs.
Howard was taken suddenly ill with
an attack cf appendicitis. Her con
dition, while not serious, is such
that Fhe was confined to her bed for
several days, but at last reports was
improving nicely.
Ben Dill autoed to Council Bluffs
Monday, where he went to inquire
into the condition of Wm. Rice, Jr.,
who is at the sanitarium taking
treatment. Mr. Rice, who is a son-in-law
of Mr. Dfll has been left in a
very unfortunate condition, after an
attack of Influenza; having most lost
his mind, however, the physicians
in charge of his care give hopes that
the j-oungr man's ailment is only
temporary. His many friends here
are honeful for his early recovery.
A Christmas Special!
One lot regular 15c Handkerchiefs, each 7c
20c " " 10c
25c " ........15c
'tine speedily.
Buck Smith, though only thirteen
years cf age, is some hustler, when
it comes to being on the job as a
trapper. This young man took a
bunch of mink and musk rat hides
to Nebraska City last week which"
netted him better than thirty dollars.
'j manhood survives to cherish his
memory. Mr Ost was born in Ger
many, November 23, 1S4G.
I Other survivors are six daughters,
two sous, two brothers and a sister:
i!Urs. Herman Reike, Mrs. A. A. Say
: lor and Mrs. John Lindsay, all of
.Nebraska, Mrs. F. "Wheeler, Mrs. G.
i M. Crawford and Miss' Lucy Ost, all
of Stockton and Henry and John Ost
Mrs. Elmer Fields is in receipt of Nebraska. The brothers and sis
a letter from her parents who reside ter s re Augurt Ost, cf Nebraska, and
i i the state of Missouri, in which jCrrl Ost and Mrs. E. Regener, of
they convey the sad news of the Illinois.
passing away with influenza of Mrs. j e. C. Walk-co bus charge of the
F'ielus' sister. Her death making the funeral arrangements which will be
bird of this family in less than a 1 announced upon the arrival of rela
"ear. two brothers having died pre-jtives from distant points.
viously, one of them but some few
rtcks ago in Murray.
Mr. O-jt was for many years a
mo-t highly respected citizen of Cass
Cecil Pettit. the Missouri Pacific j nnty. residing down near'.Nehaw,
istiu here is taking a much deserv- j whero llis n" :i' old frds vU1
inc vacation from his duties, for the' rTrpt to 1pp. rn of his death. He
first time in four years, which is a
god record for close attention to !
of stations. is in charge of
during the absence of Mr.
left :hi. county in the year of 1906,
movir.'r to Stockton. California, and
wlic-rc he has since made li is home.
The remains were laid to rest on
Tzmz and City Property!
40 acres 2 1-2 miles south of
Plattsmcuth ; S acre3 of alfalfa;
balance being farmed.
CO acres bottom land, four miles
northwest of Plattsmouth, adjoin
ing Oreapolis; 15 acies prairie hay,
cuts twice a year; balance fs,rm
51 acres, one mile
north of Murray;
wheat, balance good
improvements, rurni
some fruit. Dandy heme.
9 9 acres 3 miles east of Murray;
25 acres of alfalfa; 4 acres of tim
othy; 10 acres of pasture; 6 acres
of timber land; balance good farm
tend; two small orchards, two wells;
two sets of improvements. Can give
reasonable prices and terms on above j
land, cr might consider some trade.
One seven-room house in Murray,
. !
. . i i r 1 V . . .1 !
well and outbuildings, contains two
good lots.
Three houses in Plattsmouth for
rent cr sale.
2 acres; one mile southeast of
Plattsmouth. lays well, new five-room
bungalow, close to E. & M. shops.
Can give good terms, and might con
sider some trade.
Also see me for bargains in Chase,
Perkins and Keith county wheat and
ranch lands.
Murray, Neb.
Hardware and Implement Go,
I am offering the. place where I
have been breeding Duroc Jersey
Swine and Rhode Island Red chick
ens, for sale.
This is a place of 5 acres land,
including bouse 26x30, barn lGxSS,
cement floored brooding coops, ce
ment floored grain bins, etc. Fenced
with a 5 foot chicken hog and
cattle tight fence, joins stock yard?
in Mynard and would make fine
feeding pens for sheep or cattle.
Land is very rich, having been ma
nured several times. Central point
for buying grain for .feed. 3 acres
now in wheat. Easy terms. V. B.
Porter, Myanrd. Nebr. 19-tf
Wanted Experienced bookkeep
ers. Returned army men preferred.
Morton-Greg-scn Co
Nebraska City, Xeb.
affairs i
Pettit. i irnriV'
Mr. and Mrs. Pettit and littio dmrh- i "av.iiii x o -u. o, i.i oiu
ter departed for points iu the state ; lifon.ia. The Journal joins
where thev will spend some time iu j fr;ci-;ls in exte:iling icart-
visiting with relatives.
felt rympatky to the relatives.
Jennie Shradcr, of Omaha, was
here a few days last week visiting
with relatives and friends, return
ing to her home Thursday afternoon.
She was accompanied by Miss Vera
d: Wednesday of last week there
war. a genuine good old fashioned
quilting pr.rty given at the home of
Mrs. Wm. A. Taylor, on the. Rock
Yardlc-y, who is attending Eoyles' j uhtiTs road east of Murray. The
Businees College in that city. andjriffajr v-a3 y,n under the auspices
who was called home owing to the!nr Xie Social Working Society, and
illness cf her father, John Yardley,
Mrs. Tr.vlor w:.s the entertainer for
who suffered a stroke of paralysis a ti10 ami the way she carried out
few d.ys ago. but is improving at j her part of the program the ladies
this time. Miss Yardley has been
making her home with her aunt in
the city, where Uncle Ed Giles has
been living also, but a few days ago
departed for Oak Grove, Mo., where
he will spend the winter.
it 4(
A new lot of toys again arrived, this week. Many fine
gifts are to be found in our stock.
Hiatt & Tutt
MURRAY,- : : :
It was announced last Sunday that
there will be v.o treat gien the chil
dren next Sabbath, because of lack
of funds. The money has been se
cured and so our Christmas exercises
this year will consist simply in giv
ing a little treat to each boy and
girl who is there next Sunday. This
seems best since we could not get a
good crowd for the regular Christ
mas program. If you haven't been
coming, come next Sunday and then
keep on coming.
Regular services on Sunday. Dec-
arc stili talking and boasting. They
were treated to one of the finest din
ners (h the season, and were most
royally entertained in every way.
The following members of the so
ciety were present to enjoy the day
with Mrs. Taylcr: Grandma A. E.
Smith. Mrs. Fred Xoltir.g. Mrs. P. J.
Mnmm. Mis3 CJara Mumm, Mrs.
Chas. Manners. Mrs. A. X. Sullivan,
Mrs. Mike Lutz. -Mrs. W. P. Hutch
infrn ar.d Mrs. Fred Mumm.
The day was sure a very pleasant
one for all the ladies present.
Duroc-Jer.-ey boars, old enough
for service, at reasonable prices.
Oldham Stock Farm.
Banquet six-hole range, practi
cally new, also oil heater, new.
Mrs. L. D. Hiatt.
Miss Lulu Leek, of Glendale. Cal-i-ornia,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Leek, died at the home of her
parents at Glendale. at 1:30 o'clock
on Sunday! Dec 15. Miss Leek has
ember 22. At ten o'clock, Sunday been in poor health for several years
School and treat. Morning Worship
at eleven. Subject: "Love's Labor
Losa." Evening Y"orship at 7:30.
Subject: "And the Spirit and the
Bride say. Come."
Come to the church that has a
message and a welcome for every
one.' C. E. HANNAN.
- Turkeys for the Christmas narket.
Nice, -nrime ard fat.
Etta M. Nickles.
and having been bed fast for almose
a year, and about three weeks ago
she contracted pneumonia, from
from which she died. Miss Leek was
raised in Plattsmouth, having moved
away with her parents about nine
years ago. She was about twenty-
;eight years old. Well loved and re
spected by those who knew her. The
word of her death has been received
by Miss Clara Minturn, her close
friend, of Springfield, Nebraska.
Lulu Leek was for a number of
years an operator at the Tlatts
niouth telephone exchange, and her
friends around the old home .town
will learn of her death with sad
ness. . v .
Kcw about those . Christmas cards
that you have been putting off to
buv? You had better select them
now while the line at the Journal
r.' "I 1 T!.
Olace IS complete in ever way. me
s,ee separator. s-oo pound capacity, lareest line to eelect from that has
'Green Piggott, Murraj-, Neb. 4tew J Price $54.00. Call at journal office, ever been shown in Platt6mouth.
Fcr SrJe.
I 4 00 acres of land, three miles
northwest of Ewing, in Holt Coun-
jty, Neb., SO acres farm land, 1G0 ECE SALE,
acre hay land and balance in pas-J One new "Economy Jving" cream
Telis His Friends and Neighbors Of
His Experience.
Every Tlattsmouth resident
should read what Mr. Starkjohan
says, and follow his example. He
has used Doan's Kidney Pills and
speaks from experience. Is there
any need tq experiment with imita
tions or untried kidney medicines?
Tbco. Starkjohan, retired farmer.
Locust & Ninth Sts., Plattsmouth,
enys: "For several years Dean's
Kidney Pills liave been used in our
family for backache and kidney
trouble and they have always prov
ed to be all that is claimed for
them. When my back feels a little
lame and my kidneys are not act
ing as hey should, I take Doan's
Kidney Pills a few days and they
never fail to do me good. Doan's
can't be equaled and anyone having
kidney trouble should use them, for
they are reliable."
Price 60c, at ail dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mr. Starkjohan had. Fostcr
Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
We can get them out for you in
eight days. We guarantee satisfac-;
tion or we will not keep your money.
Remember we can make your pic
ture, rain or shine. Always open,
right cr day. Sunday sittings by
appointment. -
Telephone 645. Coates Block.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Hardware, Stoves, Paints and
Farming Implements!
We Will Try to Servo You in Both
Service and Quality!
Alfalfa -Molasses Feeds!
The best and most economical feed for live stock.
Write us for description andjprices.
Omaha Alfalfa Milling Co,
Omaha, Nebraska
Farm Light
B 8 ngnting anu eyaa
power plant i3
xrrvn havf nn wail- w n i-a
ing for. it is the fi
perfected plant M$3ik
a single unit 10
that runs witn
out vi
bration or
noise and
requires no
e iect ric
All the Light All the Power You Need
Com and Bee it. Compare it, in every way, with
ell others. Meke us prove to you where it is better,
and more complete in fnct, the plant you want.
Aiiuco CTorlrlr Vnlt ninrlri vnler lo&4
without peiaij founUallou.
mn fin
WW, "L
a. a .
Clothes to Keep You Warm!
Men's Sheep Linetl Moleskin Coats al $13.50
" " High-Top Shoes at. ... 4.98
' " " " Wanagarfs at 3.25
" Fleece Lined Kid Shoes at 2.98
Women's " . " " 44 3D0
Flour and Feed!
We are receiving a car load of Flour, Shorts and
Brand and are making special prices, to be delivered
out of car. You are now allowed to supply your needs
in flour.' Phone in your orders if on the marke?.