The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 12, 1918, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, UrCEJIBEE 12, 1918.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readeri
If tcrof the rf?adfrs of the
Journal knor of anv social
eveut or ii-fiu cf iin-n-t in
this vicinity, and will mail
same to t kiis ofhcc. it will ap
pear unrler ttiis lieadtrur.
want all newsivenus F.uiTOn
Mrs. Eliza Youug was visiting
Murray Friday.
Mrs. Joe Cook who has been on
the sick list the past two weeks is
on the mend so as to he up and
around again.
Economy Mjjjg
p' Is Wealth
Economy and banking go J$i&x&&
am '. fSsBsf.
The bank is the goal of the
man who economizes.
This country is waking up to
the value of economy. It throws
back the charge that it is a
spendthrift nation.
You cannot economize un
less you bank your surplus.
Sec us about your banking.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
All business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
Lost A -year-old
l'. Long.
L. I). I Matt was
: ciiur matters t :
;ni-l !'!at tsmout h
red heifer. Ii.
looking after
usiru'.ss in Omaha
last Thursdav.
Tor oiilo Pure bred Duoc-Jersey
boars, price won't hurt you. Also
two Shorthorn hulls. Searl S. Davis,
t'has. Iiodker who has been
numbered with the sick for the past
leu days is now able to be up and
A. L. P.aker and Jim Tilson were
in Plattsmouth Sutiday evening for
a few hours visit with county seat
Mr. and Mrs. James I'.rown ami
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. l'.erger autoed
to Lincoln last Sunday where thes
; i n d the day with the Misses
i'roun who are attending school in j
that city, and at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Steiner.
Pr. and Mrs. (). L Brcndel. of,
.ioiisville. Indiana, are in Murray
this week spending a few days at the
! otiu- of Mr. Premiers uncle and
aunt. Pr. I!. V. l'rendel and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Urendel are on their
way to California, where they will
make a low weeks visit at various
points along the coast.
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511
Murray Exq range
W. II. Puis was an Omaha visitor
('has. Chriswisser. of Nehawka.
was iii Murray Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown autoed
to Omaha Wednesday of this week:
liorn to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mc
Cully, on Thursday, Dec. 4th, a
baby girl.
For Sale or Kent. My seven room
cottage residence in Murray. Mrs.
J. W. Berger.
Misses Pauline and Fay Oldham
and Frank Condon were in Platts
mouth Monday.
Ernest Richter shipped a car load
of cattle to the South Omaha market
last Sunday evening.
For Sale Barred Plymouth Kock
cockerels. $1.50 and $2.00 each. Mrs.
V. O. Troop, Murray phone.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Vallery are re
joicing this week over the arrival
of a fine baby boy at their home on
last Wednesday, Dec. 4th.
Ray Dill and Earl Jenkins came
frcm Rosalie, this week for few days
vi.-it with home folks in and near
Murray. They report everything in
that part of the state in good con
dition, and business of all kinds very
good at the present time.
Frank Schlichtemeier shipped in
a double deck load of sheep last week
that were taken to his home for
feeding this winter, and on Tuesday
of this week he shipped out a load
of fat lambs to the South Omaha
;hteen head of Dtiroe shoals,
weigh about 100 pounds
Murray, Neb.
Christmas Time!
10 and
and should plan early in your selecting appropriate gifts
for your friends and your family while stocks are complete.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs, packed 1' and : in a box. per box $
" pure linen, each - and.
Men's Large Linen Handkerchiefs, each
Soft Finish Handkerchiefs, each
" Silk Hose
three pair in Xmas boxes, per box
' L.i-ie " " " 4i '
Liaie" silk Hoe color brown, gray, white, per pair..
" Fancy Scarfs, beautiful colors
Men".- and Ladle" (Uoves, tan kid, silk lined
Men's Dress Shirts, neat percale patterns .x
2. .10
Toys, Chinaware, Bibles, Xmas Cards and Stationery.
Visit Us and Have a Look!
iatf , Tutt,
Mr. and Mrs. John Farris were in
Omaha Tuesday.
Alex Ilhoden was visiting with his
parents in Murray Sunday.
For Sale Barred Rock Cockerels,
$1.50 each. Mrs. C. F. DeJung.
L. H. Puis and sister, Mrs. Alf.
Gansemer were in Omaha on Monday
of tli is week.
Mrs. Ed. Lutz, of Plattsmouth, was
in Murray Tuesday, visiting at the
home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. L.
I). Hiatt.
Mrs. E. S. Tutt and Mrs. O. A.
Davis were Omaha visitors Tuesday,
returning home via Plattsmouth and
were met by Mr. Davis, driving from
t lie county seat home in the auto.
Riley Dill, from Rosalie, was in
Murray and vicinity Tuesday of this
week visiting the friends of the old
home. He drove to Plattsmouth in
the afternoon with Chas. Chriswis
ser. The W. H. Puis hardware store
has been moved to the new location
in t he large store building, and we
believe is just about the handiest and
neatest arranged little hardware
stores in this part of the country.
It is neat and clean and everything
is looking fine.
Misses Rachel Livingston.
Plattsmouth, but now teaching in
Omaha, Vivian Rhea, of Arlington,
and Gladys Whilford. of Arlington,
but teaching in I'nion this winter.
and all former teachers of the Mur-'Cuns
ray schools, were Saturday and Sun
day visitors in Murray, guests at the
home of Miss Peulah Sans.
There are still a large number of
Hue cases throughout t he country
around Murray. W'e have been in
formed that in addition to the eleven
cases at Ah Murdock's there are
thirteen casese at the Geo. Hill
home, six at Herman Reike's, and
Mrs. Reike is at the present time in
California, leaving the entire family
sick wilh no one to look after them
Mr. and Airs. James Drown autoed
to Omaha Tuesday.
Rhode Island Red Cockerels $
each. Etta M. Xickles.
Mrs. John Campbell was a
Plattsmouth visitor Monday.
Jiio Hendrick and wile were
transacting business in Plattsmouth
Friday. .
Mrs. E. R. Queen is caring for
the Joe Campbell family who has
the Flu.
Lee Xickles and J no. llobsehiedt
were trucking hogs to Nebraska
City Wednesday.
Joe Campbell and family who
have been having a siege of the Flu
is reported improving.
Miss Francis Moore went to
Cedar Creek Monday f rr a few
days visit with- her sister Mrs.
1 lessen flow.
Miss Xita Cook returned to
Plattsmouth school last Wednesday
after being absent sonic time on ac
count of sickness.
Mr. J. A. Crunk who has been
visiting his father A. 1). Crunk the
past few weeks left Wednesday for
his home at Lower j", Mo.
Miss Etta Xickles who has been
confined to her hoim- the past 10
days with fractured ribs was able
to call on Murray friends Tuesday.
Th?re was another real land deal
palled oil' in this community last
we. 5
For Sale.
400 acres of land, three miles
! northwest of Ewing, in Holt Coun
ty, Neb., SO acres farm land, 100
acres hay land and balance in pas
ture; fair improvements.
Green Piggott, Murray, Neb.
I.' V"
u a
ImDlemsnt Oo,
Takes Charge of the Meeting of the
Cabinet at Request of President
and Entertains Members
With Stories.
between C. F. Harris and Alf.
'!i;cr. '1 his time Mr. Gansemer
; purchases the l- acres of land and
I beautiful home of Mr. Harris, south
lot' .Murray on the I'nion road, also
the eighty acres lying just south of
the Harris place, belonging to Ray
1 Frans. of I'nion. making in all I'OO
acres, for which Mr. Gansemer pays
;lhe neat sum of Slir.o.oo per acre.
This is a lot of money, but the farm
is an ideal one, ami worth lots of
'money. We have been informed that
'Mr. Harris intends tu move to I'nion
in tl'.e near l inure wnere ne win
Washington, Pc
with Hie exception of what one sick
person can assist another. Every
effort to secure a nurse has failed.
make his home.
Lester Murdock, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ah. Murdock. died at the
family home, near Nehawka, last
Sunday evening, from pneumonia,
following an attack of the Influen
za, from which all the members of
family have been suffering for the
past few weeks:, there being some
nine or ten of them down with the
disease at the present time. Lester
was about twenty-two years of age,
and born and raised in the commun
ity where he passed away, and a
member of one of the oldest and most
highly respected families in Cass
county. The funeral was held Tues
day at 2:0 o'clock from the home,
the services being held from out of
The Missionary Society Bazaar
that was to have b en given in
Murray on Saturday, Dec. -14. has
been postponed indefinitely. owing
to the sickness in the community.
Full blood White Le;
comb roosters, at $1.25
IMP., Murray Neb.
Duroc-Jersey boars, old enough
for service, at reasonable price:..
Oldham Stock Farm.
Harry E. Johnson, member of the
120th Machine Gun Company, died
in England, from an attack of pneu
monia, on October ;th. Mr. Johnson
was born and raised in Huntington.
Mo., but had made this locality his
home for so many years, that he
seems more like a Cass county boy
than from any other locality.
Harry enlisted in the army with
the large number of voluteers t hat
went from Cass county to Camp
Cody, where he remained until the
17th of September, when he sailed
with the balance of his company for
France. Upon arriving in England
he was stricken with pneumonia,
and died on the 0th of October. Tue
news of his death was given by the
proper authorities to his mother at
Huntington, Mo., who has conveyed
the sad intelligence to his many true
and loyal friends in and near -Murray,
where has spent a large portion
of his life.
At the time of enlistment. Harry
was working on' the farm for Tom.
Tilson, but had worked for a num
ber of other men of this community
and has always proven himself to he
a valuable man to his employer. He
was about twenty-five years of age.
He wass well liked by all who knew
PaiiM.uct six-holo range, practi
cally new, also oil heater, new.
Mrs. L. D. Hiatt.
One new "Economy King" cream
separator. M pound capacity.
Price 00. Call at Journal office.
Farms and City Properly!
10. Two more
Amerfcan governmen
tal procedure were shattered today
as a result of President Wilson's trip
to the European peace conference.
They were these:
Thomas R. Marshal, vice- president
of the United States, presided over
the resrnlar meeting of the cabinet,
this being the lirst time for a vice
president to perform such a function
lurim the life of a president.
Wireless communications were re
ceived by the cabinet from President
Wilson and a report of the meeting
was ent by wireless to the president,
this being the lirst time in American
hh-tory for such a maneuver.
Vice President Marshall presided
over the cabinet meeting at the re
quest of the president and the mem
bers of the cabinet as well. The
president, it develops, asked Mr. Mar
shall to undertake this function be-
f; he sailed for France and early
todav Secretary of the Treasury Mc-
Ai o. senior member of the cabinet
in the absence of Secret ry Lansing,
called the vice president on the tele
phone and urged him to preside on
behalf of "he cabinet members.
The vie president having told the
president he would officiate inform
ally at the meetings during the lat
fer's absence, cheerfully accepted
the invitation from Sec McAdoo
and. was on the job at the white
house at "::.10 o'clock, with a big
black cigar and a gavel. To be cer
tain that he should run into no en
tanglements thereby. Vice President
Marshall prepared a brief statement
which he made to the cabinet on
calling it to order, and which he
later' made public. It was as fol
lows: Make Brief Statement.
"Gentlemen: In assuming the
chair and presiding over what is
known as a meeting of the cabinet I
neeui it proper to make a brief state
ment so that my conduct may not be
misunderstood. I am lure and am
acting in obedience to a request pre
ferred by the president upon the eve
oi' his departure and also at your re
quest. ! il I am here informally ami
personally. 1 am not undertaking
to exercise any official duty or func
tion. I shall preside in an unofficial
and informal way over your meet
ings out of deference to your desires
and those of the president."
This was the vice president formal
utterance on assuming his informal
office which he later described as the
function of a "referee." Mr. Marshall
however, made an informal an
nouncement to the cabinet which
leaked out afterward and which went
a long way to satisfy the president's
advisors that he will make no stren
uous effort to assume the presidency
during the absence of Mr. Wilson.
The vice president is authoriti vely
quoted as having said:
"Now gentlemen, this question of
presidential succession has caused
line and many others considerable un
j easiness and concern. I wish to say
it hat there is no longer anything un
j certain about it so far as I am con
icerned. After all the constitutional
lawyers in the country had passed
on the issue, I was still unsatisfied,
40 acres 2 1-- miles soulh cd
Plattsmouth ; S acres of alfalfa;
balance being farmed.
fid acres bottom land, four miles
northwest of Plattsmouth. adjoin
ing Orcapolis; 1 actes prairie hay,
cuts twice a year; balance farm
51 acres, one mile east, 1V miles
north of Murray; 40 acres in
wheat, balance good pasture, fair
improvements, running water, and
some fruit. Pa:idy home.
'.: acres 2 '4 miles east of Murray;
'2Tj acres of alfalfa; 4 acres of tim
othy; 10 acres of pasture; 0 acres
of timber land; balance good farm
land; two small orchards, two wells;
two sets ot improvement, can kiv'so j p.0pjf.,i to appeal to the wisdom
reasonable prices and terms on above' of j. ol(1 comrade. Constable Newt,
land, or might consider some trade, i ium cf Indiana. I asked Newt, by
We can get them out for you in
eight days. We guarantee satisfac
tion, or we will not keep your money.
Remember we can make your pic
ture, rain or shine. Always open,
night cr day. Sunday sittings by
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Coates Block.
One seven-room house in Murray,
Nebraska, in good shape, with good
well and outbuildings, contains two
good lots.
Three houses in Plattsmouth for
Tent or .sale.
" arrra. one mile southeast of
Plattsmouth, lays well, new live-room 1
bungalow, close to 13. & M. shops.
Can give good terras, and might con
sider some trade.
Also see me for bargains in Chase,
Perkins and Keith county wheat and
wire for his opinion regarding my
) duty in the president's absence from
the country. Newt, responded quick
jly and stated in his opinion that in
going to Europe the president un
jdoubtedly forfeited his office, hut re
tained his salary, whereupon I drop
ped all consideration of my right to
Some Good Stories.
Shouts of laughter were heard in
the executive office corridors coming
from the cabinet room, and at f re-
ranch lauds.
Murray, Neb.
quent intervals during the hour and
a half of the session, there were
audible evidences that the vice presir
Hardware, Stoves, Paints and
Farming Implements!
Wc Will Try to Serve You in Both
Service and Quality!
dent and members of the cabinet
were enjoying the meeting.
The merriment was explained by
Mr. Marshall at the end of the meet
ins: when asked how he enjoyed his
novel experience.
"I had a very good time." he said,
"it was very eyjoyable listening to
what members of the cabinet had to
:ay and quite a number of good
-tories were told."
"Can't you- tell us the best story of
the lot? the vice president was ask
ed. "I would not like to do tha be
cause I told a few myself
president replied. As to
cabinet did otherwise, none of the
tit i.:ber--. other-than the vice presi
dent had aryihing to say. On De
cember 1 '. next M'Mola. McAdoo
will turn over his ollice to his suc-
, o ssor. Representative Carier Glass,
i of Virginia.
Gict for
"I had
Flu" and "Grii" Coughs
n awful cold ihat left m.
;i dreudful cough," sas Mrs. M.
I-. Smith, Denton,
ey's Honey and T
and it cured me
La. "p.-ught Col
ir of o,:r druggist
completely. Tills
grand remedy should be in every
house-bold at this time wh'ti influen-
the viceiza. grip, coughs, and colds are so
w hat i he 1 prevalent . Contains no opiates. Sold
e erv where.
"artcsss-- -
3 en
lighting andMffy? ffff U
power plant ZMiLMijL
.IT,- 7. l.T'l 'T I T
you have been wait
ing for. It is the
perfected plant
a single unit
that runs with-
OUt Vi
bration or
noise and
p erfectly
balan c e d
"f. I 1 -m I K
XJjbi rtwfttc Vn't riinrlTJsniitW load
itauut ierlui t 'u:idution.
AH the Light All the Power You Need
Ccme and see it. Compare it, in every way, with
all others. Make us prove tr ycu where it is. better,
and more complete in fact, the plant you want.
PI I 1
Clothes to Keep You farm!
Men's Sheep Lined Moleskin Coats al $13.50
" High-Top Shoes al 4.98
" " " " Wanagans at 3.25
Fleece Lined Kid Slices at 2.98
Women's " " " " " 3.00
Fioisr and Feed!
We are receiving a car load of Flour, Shorts and
Brand and are making special prices, to be delivered
out of car. You are now allowed to supply your needs
in flour. Phone in your orders if on the markel.
he Serel
ALFRED GAriSEMEr?, Murray, Neb.