The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 12, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb journal
Kntertd at l'ustofTice, riattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Dou't wait till Christmas Kve.
IV) your Christinas shopping now.
The War Workers need your .-pare
C!iritrna.s Tree.
t he Municipal
The little tots are counting the
hours till Old Santa pu's in his ap-
peara aee.
Morally reliable advice to irls
can't jn:le make up their
:i.i!-. M irry th? one in khaki.
N'nt i. iiiy ar- t!n' Hermans licke-1
;ii;.l huriiiliated. hut I he world-wide
proiiilut ion i staring them in the
: o :
firr we i.ave h'-alen our sword f!.iv sliears, the next thing v. ill
1 t. -traiizls'en our ork screws into
!.; pins.
T!ie Sueiali.-f iie:nlr of the new
Ci'-rmau Caiinit. thinks the Kaiser
h..s Im .mi purii-h'-d enough. Hut he tould be formed right now in IMatts
wus t!i- only one that thought so. mouth by calling together those who
-o: ! have not had the flu. But there is
We ktM-w the IV Milent was going
nwav. but Mr. McAdoo's sudden!
r -k-t: iti'in in a body loft the roitii
4m-.- : i . . i . : ...... . . . , l . v. 1 1 .
... ...... n,,,,,,-, "'"-jto
k c. .ir. .ic.uoo n'mm ;i le-.isi
I' iv'' resiun-'d one at a time.
The yoi:ng h:j:i airo.-s the way.
who i; alxi f rei'ie!itly in the way,
wants to I. m.w if a white soldier
b:. to ...lute the colored sergeant ? j
!! will have to ask someone higher,
up than we are.
Th" i'ie ns reipnins; in Kurope
rn to be weathering the revolu
tionary period well, (iueens gener
al!y bang onto their thrones longer
than kings. But then queens aren't
alwajs starting something. like
kinu-; are.
Lilly Sunday's I'lattsmouth friends
will .. glad to know that he's still
hitting tlieni up against the center
field feiirf. In a recent sermon Billy
remarked that "the Kaiser has sunk
:o low he'll have to take an airplane
to get to hell."
A man has been found out in the
I mountains who didn't know
there had hren a war. Many people
b not read newspapers, but we
didn't suppose there was a man any-
u 1m re who had failed to encounter
a I-n.inute man at b-ast once a flay,
crn out in the mountains.
The War I leparttnent announces
I hat a new gasoline substitute will
le on fie market the first of Ihe
year, at two-fifths the price of com
v n gasoline. Perhaps it will run
motor cars as well, but a lot of oth
er people will want to know if it
a ill b an gloves and take spots out
of clothing as well as gasoline.
Th I'nited States government, has
im p."e-.,ed upon both Peru ami Chile
ti e "absolute necessity" for compos
ing their differences and keeping
ou f,r war at this time, just as the
r.!h-r nations of the world are sitting
down o the peace table. It is to be
iiop' d that wn will not have to speak
to th'-'- two children again about
their rnfiri:;irs.
Bute of Ohio, City of Toledo.
I.uca County, es.
Frank J. Cheney makes oatn that ne
I aenlor partner of the Arm of K. J.
rir.ey & C.. dolns business In the City
r.r Toledo. County and State aforesaid.
that fall !rrn v,,il Py thc sum ot
o'i: HUN LULL DOLLARS for each
Ln.i rverv rune of Catarrh that cannot oe
""lt-v tho use rf II ALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before mo and subscribed In
jTeT81 lh'3 cASv&yoSttr-
i'i 17otary Public.
ir."'n rnt rh MJctr'S is taken In-
IIMm filter of the S.'stem. Send
fpr ';-:C, cO.. Toledo. O.
fVM by a K .iructs Mnatlen.
Yes, the chautauqua seems to be
ago next year.
Mr. McAdoo's shoes are being fill
ed, one by one and the business goes
on just the same.
The little children are anticipat
ing a preat time at the Municipal
Christinas Tree.
If you have a good job, stay with
it. They will be hard to get and
hold in a short time.
A man's success must be measur
ed by the means and methods used
io bring about his success.
What about that club of "good
fellows," who will do much good
during the Christina hours.
A Connecticut bride of one month
asks divorce ami L. million dollars
alimony. That poor old chap must
have married a whole houseful of
A most exclusive organization
need of some haste.
If you figure the time it will take
Kvt -haves down
to ten cents
and shines back to a nickle, the per
iod of reconstruction probably will
be a terrible long one.
The capitalists who, since the end
of the war, are preaching justice to
,a,(ljrinf, man S( ,usti,y scom (Q
think they have discovered some
thing new. And evidently they have.
If Doctor Liebknecht persists in
making a Bolshevist fool of himself,
a lot of Americans are going to take
back all that sympathy they expend
ed on him when the Junkers were
keeping him in jail.
There is an organization in Chi
cago known as the Friends of Amer
ican " Musicians. The name carries
with it a good deal of legitimate
news. It is not generally known
that musicians have any friends.
While we do not wish to go on
record as saying that spraying the
nose and throat has actually pre
vented cases of influenza, we are
reasonably certain of a few that
were delayed several days on that
At last the time has come when
people must pay for their newspaper
or do without. It took the war in
dustries board to force the change.
however. Before now it has been
impossible to stop some papers when
we wanted to. '
The American steamship Faith
the largest concrete steamship in
the world launched March II, last
on the Pacific coast, as an experi
ment in this method of construction,
arrived in New York yesterday with
a cargo of sugar from Cuba.
The German minister of finance
says the new Germany has burned
the bridges leading from the old
kaiserism. But the understanding
was most of the bridges in Germany
were of concrete and steel, and were
fireproof. Wouldn't it be better to
go ahead and blow them up?
Several hundred young men who
fled to Mexico to escape the draft
would now like to come back, pro
viding Uncle Sam will handle them
gently. Those young men should be
officially informed that they will be
better off by staying where they
are. Uncle Sam muddled through
tho war without them, and probably
will be able to manage the rent of
the -way,
"You English clamor to get father
and me away from Holland. We are
down and out, and my father is a
broken man. "Isn't that enough
punishment?" the former German
crown prince said to a London news
paper correspondent yesterday.
It may appear to the Ilohenzollern
family that the punishment is
ample, too great, indeed, that they ;
should be down and out and broken.
When Cain was banished, it is re
corded in the Bible, he declared that
his punishment "was greater than
he could bear." Still, justice has
never been satisfied with the mere
catching of the culprits. Had Ger
many won its fight against civiliza
tion, it is not in reason to suppose
it would have been satisfied with
the confession from Franco and
England and the United States that
they were down and out and broken.
The former crown prince also
makes it clear that he quarreled with
his father over the question as to
whether or not England would ent
er the war, which is enlightening
only from the standpoint of the do
mestic relations of the former em
peror's family. But not oven the
differences of opinion between the
kaiser and his son over what might
happen, nor the broken spirit of the
kaiser and his son now that it bar.
hannened. is likely to satisfy the
world against tho crime which they
have committed toward it.
And. besides, who knows but that
the broken and contrite spirit of the
two might bo wonderfully repaired
if the fear was removed of the Eng
lish clamor "to get father and me
away from Holland." K. C. Star.
It is inevitable, that Armistice
day should henceforth be widely ob
served in this country and in every
other one of the countries allied
against the central empires. Its ob
servance may quite conceivably ex
tend even to some of the neutral
countries. It will become an inter
national holiday, if it docs not be
come absolutely a world holiday.
Under the circumstances wh
should not the United States make
a first move by declaring the day a
national holiday of thanksgiving in
substitution, if necessary, for the
present Thanksgiving day now cele
brated on the last Thursday of No
vember? The shift in dates involv
ed would not be of material im
portance. Thanksgiving was set
late in November when we were es
sentially an agricultural people, and
the housing of tho crops was a mat
ter of paramount national signifi
cance. Of course, the successful
garnering of the season's produce is
really a matter of as vital import
ance as ever, but comparatively few
of the people of the nation think
much about it on Thanksgiving day,
md those that do could be quite as
thankful on November 11 as they
could two weeks later. We are in
clined to the belief that a change in
date in recognition of an event for
which we will forever be most grate
ful would serve to give new and
vital significance to an annual oc
casion now too often only perfunc
torily observed or else made purely
an occasion for merry-making. I)e
troit Free Press.
The collapse of the German em
pire carries with it a lesson that
Americans can afford to profit by, for
a belief in the e'licacy of Jluff is ono
of our besetting sins. tTseful it may
be at the poker table and sometlnuis
at the critical or emotional turns
of life, but to rely on it as a regular
means of livelihood is to court in
cvitable diseaster. And when we
bear it said of an expert bluffer that
"he irets awav with it' even as
the burglar with the plate we may
be reasonably sure of that bluffer's
For years the kaiser, to employ
the idiom of the unthinking, "got
away with it," as has no other bluff
er, gentle or common, of all his con
temporaries. The efforts of the var
ious sovereigns and statesmen asso
ciated with him in his criminal ca-
reer were transparent and ineffect
ive in comparison. On his own
blasphemous assumption that the
Supremo Being was his partner in
crjme, looking with the eye of ap-
proval on his reckless violations of
every one of the divine commands,
he erected the hollow pyramid of
vain pretense that came crashing
down to earth when he himself fled
from the wrath of a people whom he
ha(i brutalized. Among the ruins
may be discovered the broken frag
ments of his financial, food and
"unconquerable army" bluffs. The
"divine right of kings" bluff has
been smashed to smithereens, to
quote from the Irish lexicon.
It is gratifying to know that ot-r
own nation was instrumental in
calling this mouumental bluff. We
can profit still further if we take
heed of the sermon that it preahce3.
New York Herald.
The Bolshevik have been making
war on "reactionaries" of all types
in Russia without quite explaining
what their idea of a reactionary is.
Apparently, though, it is anyone
found with a clean neck and a white
The railroad administration has
abandoned Hie excess Pullman fai;e.
but reducing the rate in sleeping
cars doesn't make life any easier for
the mother and five children squeez
ing themselves into two seats up in
the day coach.
They are now talking about sink
ing all the German war ships. That's
tho stuff, and the. way to preserve
the freedom of the seas is to sink all
war ships, both German and others.
If we are to have no more war,
what's the use of them, anyway?
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Lisle 40c
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3 Has 4 -cylinder Case valve-in-heu.l
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prevents dust and grit entering
i Cut steel heat treated transmis
sion Keurs. endowed nd running
In oil. Hyatt Jiollcr Bearings.
C When plowing, nil wheels travel
nn unplowed pround. C'oml'ined
tire width 32 indies. AbHOlutely
no tide draft.
6 Fri'-tion dutch pulley with Lralce.
regular equipment. Urivr.s OxJ'I
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ua an extra driver.
i.i i. not mi-:.
Th' Plate f Ncl'r;isk:i, ":iss I'olill
tv. ks. Ill Hi'1 t'ounty '.hit.
In tho M.itU'i- of the Kstate of
J'uviil Sti.tlir. 1 r.i;is( !.
n r:i'l:ni; arnl lilinxr tlio i t it i ri
of MaMo Stakinan prayltii? A1
lulnisti ation nf tlstatf may I"'
Ri-autt.i tu John M. Nurlin as Alminis-
i (U'rei. Tli.-'t l")or nn 1.t 1 A. I
10IS, at 10 o'il'k A. M.. is nssiKiiol
for lioarinK saul petit ion, when all
lu rsnns lnli-r-sieu Hi saii irauvr in.
l.poar at a County rouri to oe m-io
in an. I for said Oonrity, nn.l show
rau.-e wh the 1'iayer r petitioner
slioiihl not l.e Kiatited: ami that noise.-
of the petnlerrey of said petition
in-1 the hearing thereol ! Kivi'tl
.11 t rsons interested in said matter
1- ii il ish i iicr a eopy f this order in
the I'iattsnioiith .I-nirnil, a weekly
nexvspapt r printed in said .os.un, 101
tliiee smi-essive weeks, prior l ssihi
i!av ii" iieaiiri:.
iated Noveinher "n. 101S.
(Seal) ALLKX .1. HKKSOX.
Countv .tndrjre.
Dv Kloren. e White, Clerk.
lu the District Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
William A. Edmisten, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that, in
pursuance of an order of the Hon
orable James T. Degley, judge of the
District Court of Cass County,
Nebraska, made on the 7th day
of September. 11)18, for tbe sale of
the real estate hereinafter describ
ed, there will be fold at public ven
due to the highest bidder for cash
it the front door of the Hank of. Un
ion, in the Village of UnioP. in said
County, on the 7th day of December,
1018, at 11:00 o'clock A. M.. the
following described real estate, to-
wit: the K'2 of the XK'i oi tec.
20, Twp. 10. Kge. 14, and 10 acres
along the west side of the NW'U of
the NW'U of Sec. 2S, Vwp. 10. Krc.
14 all in Cass county, Nebraska;
also Lots '2 and C. in IJlock 3, in the
village of Union. Cass county. Ne
braska. Said sale will remain open
one hour.
Dated this 1th day of November.
19is. DAN TA'NN,
Administrator of the Estate of Wil
liam A. Edmisten, deceased.
A. I,. TIDD,
Attorneys. 4-5wk.
Ml KM 1 1'-!-" S AI.i :
i;v virtno of an Order oT Sa o is
sued l .lames Kohertson. Clerk. ot
the Distllet Court within and for
Cass countv. XrlirasUsi, and to me
dir'eeled, 1 will on the Kith day of
Veeemher. A. J U1S at 10:0') o Ho-k
M of aid dav at the South Door
of tile Court. House in said f'iitity.
sell at pnhlie aiKtior. to the hlKheat
bidder for eash the fo"-inK,;:o'')r1-tv
to-wit: Lots 1. 2. arid J in Hock t,
in I -leas-suit Hill Addition to the uy
ef 'lattftnf.iith. in Cass foiintv, .Ne
braska The same l.eititr levied upon
and taken as the property of '''
AV. Wittstrnek and Anna I . '.s.ter
formerly w ife of Oorse W . itt
itruck. IWendnntH to -satisfy h J 'mo
ment of said touit recovered h.V Tlie
T.iv nsston Loan & ISuilclini; Associa
tion, riaintift against Fajd liefend-
""jJlattHinouth. VNlrQuVxT0j:D
Sheriff Cats County, Nebraska.
A. Ij. TII)I.
A household remedy in America
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10-18 and 1 0-20 Tractors Now
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nn. w i l i i"ni!Hinmmniiinniinn '""-J
Sealed proj.osals will be received by
the county clerk of Cass, county on or
before noon January 1st, 1U1!. lor fur
nis'.iincr the following Hooks. Hlanks
Stationery for said county during
rear of 1 0 I : ;
i 11 ire Chattel Mortgage Kecord
( printed head ).
Tax Lists Ilecords with tabs year
in is (printed head)
lit ire med. Ieed Kecord (printed
in i re
Deed Keeord (loose
Mortgage Keeord
quire rued.
tprintcd page),
puire med. Miscellaneous
Keeord (loose leaf),
ouiie med. Mortgage Records
(loose leaf).
tuire Ceneral Index to Deeds
(printed page).
uire (Jeneral Index to Mortgages
(printed page).
ii:;re mel. Probate Fee liook
(printefl page).
All records to be extra bound of No.
1 Linen Ledger paper, Hyrnn Wes
ton's I-erger I 'a par or Whitings
Ledger paper.
Lubber Lands. No. 11, per gross.
Penholders. No. ""(i, per dozen.
Writing Fluid Arnold's, per quart.
Erasors. No. 104. Faber's, per dozen.
Install! will's No. 01S pens, per gross.
Congress Tie Envelopes, No. 10 1-1
thick, per ion.
Lslbrook's No. 79 pens, per gross.
Congress Tie Envelopes, No. 10, 1-1
thick, per 100.
Congress Tie Envelopes No. 10-', thick
per 1(10.
Mnscilage. Carter's Arabian, per quart.
Coneress Tie Envelopes, No. 10-1. thick
per KM).
Denison's Notarial Seal No. 21, per 100.
Congress Tie Envelopes, No. 10, 3-4,
per ino.
Pencils, copying, per 'dozen.
Penholders, No. 1 Crown, per dozen.
Cillott's No. t;oi pens, per gross.
Congress Tie Envelopes, No. 10. 1-2
thick, per 100.
Pencils, velvet, per dozen.
Kiibber Lands, assorted. No. 100, per
Led Writing Fluid, per quart.
Separate bids must be made on each
class of supplies in tin; estimate.
The commissioners reserve the right
to reject any or all bids.
I lids will be addressed to County
Clerk and nn' iked "Proposals for
Looks. P.lanks and Stationery."
Itidders must file good and sufficient
bond for the faithful performance of
their contract.
Hids will be opened the first meeting
in January.
FLANK J. LinELSHAL.. . . .
County Cl?rt.
i.i:;.i, notich.
The Slate of Nebraska, Cass County,
s.s. In the County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of John
Mlcin. receased.
To the Creditors of Said Estate:
You ore hereby notified. That I will
sit. at the County Court Loom in
Plattsmoutb in said County, on the
Jlst da- of December, 1!)1S. and on
the 22nd av of March, 1910. at ten
o'clock in .the forenoon of each day,
to receive kand examine all claims
against said Estate, with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the presentation of
c'aims against said Estate is three
months from the 21st day of Decem
ber, A. I. 101K. and the time limited
for payment of debts is One Year from
said 21st dav of December 1918.
WITNIiSS mv hand and the seal of
said County Court, this, 19th day of
November, - 1918.
25-4 wks County Judge.
drs.- nncH & r,iAcn,
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w ;n ii
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it: Liug)
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and testimonials ot more than 1000 prominent people who have been permanently cured. m
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Dee Building OMAHA, NEDRASK.1
j Notice is hereby given that pur
suant to an order of sale issued to
j mo by the District Court of Cass
I County, Nebraska, on the 4th day
j of November 191S, In an action
j pending in said court in which
Carey L. Stotler, was plaintiff and
Loren Ii. Stotler, Sarah Irey, Eden
Irey. George Stotler, Nettie Stotler,
Walter Stotler, Ella Wayant, Clar
ence Wayant, Mabel Speakman,
Harry Speakman, Mary Pope, Joseph
Pope, David Stotler, if living, if de
ceased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives
and all other persons interested in
his estate; J. F. Clugey, as admin
istrator of the estate of William
Stotler, deceased, are defendants, I
will on the 9th day of December
1918, at one o'clock in the afternoon
of said .day at the South front door
of the Court House in riattsmouth,
Cass County, Nebraska, offer for sale
at public vendue to the highest bid
der the following described real
estate situated in Cass County, State
of Nebraska, to wit:
The East thirtj'-five (35) acres of
the Northeast Quarter of the South
east Quarter of Section nineteen (19)
Township ten (10) Range fourteen
(14) East 6th P. M. Cass County,
The terms of said sale being Five
Hundred ($500) Dollars on the day
of sale, and the balance of the pur
chase price on the day said sale is
confirmed by the District Court of
Cass County, Nebraska.
Said sale will remain open for one
C. A. RAWLS, Referee.
Attorney. 4-30t
1 red sow and' three pigs and one
that weighs about 75 pounds. Stray
ed from my home. U. E. Barnard,
I Lawyer.
J. East of Riley Hotel.
l- Coates Clock, J
1 Second Floor.
the dentists
. Fistula-Pay When Cured
avatm f V. n . T : . M
other Recta 1 Diseases in a short time, without a severe sur
fiical operation. No Chloroform. Ether or other Rene ml
" . - '