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From '--Johnnie" Doyle, an Old
Plattsmoutli Boy, Who Has
Been in France for Some
Railway Artillery Supply
Depot, A. K. F., Ordnance
Division, France, Oct. 20.
I.:r Sister ami Frank:
It has been a Ions tim since I
wrote a letter to you. so I will give
you a Ions letter, in the first place
all is well. Maggie writes often
and all is well over there. I tried
to fret a leave to ?ro there but at
present none of us is allowed out
of France, you know the reason is
because we want every man on the
job. until we have completed the
mm to the Kaisers bunch which is
.uoin? alone- swimmingly, they have
decided once more not to go to
1'aris for a while yet. the Crown
Prince promised them a great time
if they could ever break through
and get there and they were about
to accomplish the move at a place
called Chateau Thierry on the river
Marne about the 1st of last June,
but the Yanks stopped them, the
Yanks were not at Chateau Thierry
when the tiling firt started, and
the French and English were about
all in. the English had lost a lot
of their Artillery and lots of men.
the French were exhausted pretty
well, when they called on the Yanks
who were on another front. they
didn't have to call far the Yanks
tw.ce. they rushed there on freight
trains, auto truck, wagons, horse
bark, mules, donkey., shanks mare,
marched, run. .swam, and in fact
they took every conceivable means
h; ii there, and they didn't get
t :? a moment too soon, well every
r.mpany lias rtoks. tailors. slu,e
r.iakcrs etc. in it." but that day the
o..ks and shoemakers, and bakers,
r.nd tailors shouldered their guns.
roHitig i::is. pegging awls, the
tailor:- tt,ik their flat irons, and the
cm: sequences were when they got
through the rrown Prince, .and his
'.inch of Huns beat a hasty retreat
fiward llerlin. and from that day
:t lias been a continuous retreat for
?hm. the Kaiser ctrred the i'nt rain
el Yankee? that day. r.nd the Kaiser
captured a few of them, and just for
to make his people feel better and
otT-ot iiis murmuring subjects he ex
hibited th- f-r.v Yanks he had as you
w uld wild cats in the circus, the
Y;.nks heurii about thai exhibition.
;ir ' th:-'.i they swore revenge, and
t!vv M'.r'.y setting it, you know
;il'i!j. the various moves and re
in a s as well as we do. Clod bless
the American News Service, they
.how all. give ail. and describe all
before the battle is 24 hours old. we
al! feel on ea.-y street now. we have
bar' some sleepless nights, and more
ihan Mime have any idea of, for when
they were not fighting you on the
Held, they wou'd hover over you
during the niuht trying to find your
sleep? n-;;- pities ar.d trenches to liomb
you. we ail have bomb proof tren'h-
for such, occasion;, p little joke
on that subject will be in order
a while back they bombed us here
v.. ore we live at. well the only
thing the air-o-piane lilt was a
r m
We have just received
a large shipment!
Fresh supply of Luxor
George's Cod Fish!
Homc-Madc Bacon
47c per pound!
Try Metzger's Puritan
Dread we sell lots of it!
Fresh Oystersare now
in season. We always
carry a good supply!
Pear Butter it's good
30c a can!
French toilet, well nothing smells
worse than a French Toilet, well the
French soldiers and officers being
woke out of their sleep and getting
a whiff of the horrid smell decided
the German- must have a new brand
of gas, so they all put on their gas
masks, after a while us American
soldiers went around to see what
damage had been done and we seen
the French running around with
their gas masks on and they wond
ered why we didn't have ours on,
they tried to tell us to be careful as
the Germans must have dropped a
new style of gas shell, well they
thnuolii we were fools. and we
thought the same of them, and af
ter a while we convinced them that
the shells were the same old ma
terial that the Chinese used to load
their stinck pots with 2000 years
n.n Ttie French looked a bit
sheepish about the joke for several
days after.
I have just returned from a trip
of nine days along the front. I was
up all along the Vosges mouutains.
and in Alsace Lorraine and in Ger
man Territory, our boys were using
n nld German Frontier custom
Ii mice for a wireless station, the
Vosges mountains surprised me.
thev "nave better towns in the moun
tains than they, have on the plain.
t he hotels were all steam heated.
. electric lights etc, and scrupously
'clean, and the attendants were the
ideal of politeness, in fact they kill
you with kindness, these are the
places and the people that France
is so anxious to win back, old Al
Face Lorraine, which the Germans
took away from the French in 1870
They hang on to their old French
customs, their language, and their
,' unexcelled way of dressing, they are
! really worth lighting for, up around
IJelfort and further on towards the
German Frontier I run across lets of
! Germans, in fact an old German
woman directed me on my last mil
of my trip where the Yankee Ar-
.tillery were located, the French
soldiers didn't know and she did and
j not making any bones about it. she
'. proudly give me to understand she
spoke German and wanted to know
; if I could Sprerhen Sie Deutsch. I
jtold her Nicht Yer Steh and we
: wagged our ears at each other and
nniled. but the little old fat red
faced German woman brought fond
1 memories of another one 1 used to
j know in old Plattsmoutli. and
! wondered if she was any relation
I then went on and found the lads
where my load was going to and
delivered the goods across the Ger
man Frontier, we gassed up. but
some of Grmanys water in the rad
iator, eat some of our travel rations
and had a smoke, we did all this so
we could say that we had eat, smok
ed, and fixed up our trucks in the
much talked of Fatherland. On our
way back we stopped in Belfort for
the Saturday afternoon and Sunday
m.irninsr. everybody was feeling
their best for the newsboys were
hollering out all kinds of encourag
ing headlines, before I had delivered
this stuff to go up in the Toul Sec
tor and deliver some stuff. I was in
flie heart of the fighting sector, ev-
ervthing was knocked down, the
fields all torn up. there was our old
trenches just abandoned, the boys
had gone over the top a few days
ago. I seen a few of the results in
some of our boys graves with Khaki
painted crosses on them, when they
are Kahki painted it means they
died in action, the crosses are al
ways handy, the Chaplain and a
burial party handle that part of the
war business, well at this place I
picked up a German machine gun.
an American of the latest model, and
one of the French Chauchats of
which the Americans are armed with
some, all kinds of other equipment
laved all around, the reason of this
is when the boys go over the top
they doff everything but their guns
and ammunition, and coming back
or digging in they will doff every
thing but the celebrated German
Lucer revolvers, it is a fact that
when they s.tnrt in, they often decide
what each one is going to get. and a
German Luger revolver is the great
est prize for a souveifir a soldier can
get. there is quite a few got Iron
crosses, for it is another Tact that
the Germans throw them away, and
give them away in disgust, when
they see how they have been duped
by their powers that be, some of
the Germans talks as good Kngiish
as we do. and they tell you straight
out that they have had their fill of
this thing, and they all refer to the
Kaisers six sons, none wounded or
killed, although the Kaiser is con
tinuously bellowing in his speeches
that they will lose the last drop of
German blood before. they will give
up Alsace Lorraine or take a defeat.
Now I must go back to Helfort
in this, I dropped in the Y. M. C. A.
and the place was crowded, and I
asked the boss how he would like to
display my German Machine nun, he
jumped at the chance and loaded me
up with cigars for the suggestion,
the boys certainly investigated that
gun. they took it apart and put it
together again several times over,
then I placed our latest Heavy
Browning machine gun beside it, it
looked like a beautiful strong polish
ed race horse at side of an old plow
horse, our gun is far superior in
shooting, looks, workmanship, and
wear and tear, thanks, many thanks
to our great American workmen and
our great American machine shops
who turned out several hundred
thousand before the scheduled time.
This is where your money goes to in
which you spend for liberty bonds,
but don't you see the results, why if
we got beat we would never go
back, but you see as I always
propheisied, but I know that you of
ten thought I was simply trying to
encourage you, when I got over hero
things looked blue enough. last
winter was a holy terror, we didn't
have enough fuel, every one was
encouraged to cut everything down
to the minimum in the fuel and eats
line, but thanks to the British they
have captured Lille which means
that we can get all the coal we want
now, that place is noted for coal,
and we have it. the Yanks have a
largo coal area staring them in the
face, but they have a terrible coun
try to fight over, and you know the
Germans have held that for years
and have everything fortified as well
as these experts know how to forti
fy, but watch, before Christmas, yes
before Thanksgiving the Yanks will
have it, they scooped off that great
sector which the Germans had built
summer resorts, beer gardens etc..
because they figured we have held
it four soars, and Me and Gott will
hold it four more.
The last place I was in before I
got back home was Troves, there I
went to a Vaudeville and Movie
theatre, they had on a Mexican
Border play, when the Yankee cow
boys came to the rescue of the im
prisoned American girls, and killed
the fancy looking Mexican bully or
outlaw the audience went wild, then
a girl came out dancing and waving
that great Crrpe de chine dress,
where they throw on butterflies
and flags etc from the movie ma
chine, well they showed the British
flag, it got 10 minutes applause,
then they showed Italy. it got
about 10 minutes, then they showed
their own. it got aliout 10 minutes,
then the Belgian, it got about 13
minutes, then they showed the
American, they all stood up at that
and went plum bug house and they
were still yelling their lungs out
when I was about S blocks away,
they certainly show their regards
and respect and love to America, the
girls flirt and wink and blink more
at an American than all the rest
put together, and the odd part of it
i. all the rest of the bunch seem to
pick up their lingo better than we
do, us fellows cant Polly Vo Fmncais
at all like the rest of them, it is
comical to listen to a genuine Cock
ney Englishment talk French, and
the Irishman is worse.
You know in order to talk French
the proper wa, you must wag your
ears, and wave your hands at an
awful slant up behind your ears
just like a Jew does when ho tells
Ii is son to pull down the blue shaue
I want to sell a green .suit, and all
the girls carry a little Freneli
Knglisli dictionary, and it lias all
kinds of little short sentences, to
when they pass you they will say,
Kirs me quick, and in the morning
they will pass you and say. Good
night, liello baby, and a thousand
other remarks, these girls are all
good girls, but it is a great national
custom to flirt, but they pull this
stuff off a thousand times oftener
with the Yanks than any other, fur
thermore they are learning ail the
American catchy songs, they don't
sing others, at least I never hear
them, I will say they sing Tipper
ary, but that Is the only one, and
the biggest reason of that is we
were not here when that song v,s
so popular, they show their great
love for America above all others
and make no bones about it, the
kids are all trained to salute Amer
ican soldiers, even the smallest little
things are trained, and the very
military way they do it is a cau
Then in the restaurant we have
lots of fun. they are always harping
about where is your bread ticket.
well Americans don't think of. such
small things, you are .su noosed to
go some place and get a bread tick
et, the residents get a hook for the
month for each person, the old res
taurant keeper and me got in a good
uatured wrangle because he didn't
want to give me bread, well a good
looking dame sitting at the same
table finally handed me one out of
ner hook and then I proceeded to
monge, which means eat. and the
eating was fine, it would do you
good to see the French eat these
days, no matter how good looking
they dig in and devour a meal like
they meant business, they don't
leave a morsel on their nlate. and
take particular pains to wipe otT the
plate with a piece cf brad. this is
in every individual case, thy are
trained from this war to do this,
and another little oddity I notice
they do, and I have seen doctors and
nurses and pretty girls do it. they
all lick off the tips of their fingers
lieve it, she will have to go some
though to beat Lillie and Eva, that
is how Lillie won such a nice hus
band I believe, writing nice letters,
she certainly captivated me. Enough.
"Write soon, love to all.
Plattsmouth State Bank
of Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Cliurter No. "ft".
InooriMiratcd in the state of Nebraska, at the
close of business. NovpiiiIht 1st. 1H1S.
t-oans and discounts 2!4.'.,:i
Overdrafts -'
Itonris. securities, judircmenls. claims
etc L'..V.r 47
Other assets I.iliertv Itonris 12.inmhi
Hanking houe.f urnit ure and lixttuvs 1.47l (mj
oilier re;il estate 20.UHI IK)
Currelit expenses, taxes and interest
paid ll.i.i'ftui
Cash items 'sXt ',
hue from national and state hanks. . SiM:.".' S4
Currency P)..V. im
Gold coin -'.-'4.- .-
ilver. nickels and cents ' 1.2-7 tt'
so as to furthermore guarantee that
not a taste gets wasted, they pay
no attention to you as you sit across
the table when pulling off these;
stunts, don't forget they have their j
table napkins and they well know j
how to use them and they have a j
million beautiful table manners, I!
just mention these little things be- '
cause you won't see one of our dear
Yanke girls licking her fingers at
the table, all those funny dressed
girls and boys and men and women
who we see pictured in the Ameri
can newspapers and who are termed
greenhorns I see on the trip through
the Vosges, they have the wooden j
shoes we make o much fun of, but
they don't wear them on all occa
sions, they wear pretty shoes to
their weddings, parties etc, and from
my observations they would be fools
if they didn't wear high wooden
shoes when around their daily work,
for most all of them have the barn
on one end of the house, and it is
the height of one of the mountain
farmers ambition and all other
French farmers to pet a mountain
of cow manure outside of his house,
the seepage causes terrible dirty
mud, hesto presto consequently the
wooden shoes, furthermore on wet
and muddy days in the fields where
they work the wooden she? i- the
only tiling to have. Then you see the
man with the funny looking pants
and a red sash or other c-nfor tied
around th'e waist, and a red cap
which makes them look like gypsies,
and all Frenchmen wear a moustache
they say a man isn't a man who
doesn't wear one but Yanks are not
ed for not wearing one to offset dirt
and germs etc. let alone having it
full of soup and chewing tobacco,
and still we make the hit with the
girlies, but take it all in all the
French are wonderful people, I have
seen terrible old men and women,
and thousands of the prettiest girls
plowing, haying, hoeing. reaping,
herding cows and sheep, picking
grapes etc. all t he fighting men
gone to lie front, all soldiers graves
buried in the different fields where
the fighting has been are kept up by
the people who own the land, they
are decorated with najural and bead
ed flowers and with a French flag,
last decoration day we Americans
went all over our different localities
and hunted up the French graves
and placed on each one an American
flag, each grave has a little rustic
fence around it, the different farm
ers vie with each other who has the
best kept Poilus grave, (Poilu means
I have written you this big letter
to make up for lost time, send it on
to Lillie and Eva when you have
read it. I nearly forgot to congratu
late Lily and her hubby about the
baby, niore power to them, hoping
the next will be twins, I have sent
Eva's letter to Maggie and she will
send the baby some little present.
Eva bravely keeps up her interesting
newsy letters. Lily is now a busy
housekeeper, but they are getting
there, which one is next, glad to
hear Pete is still on deck, he must
have come from county Kerry, an
Irishman once told me the people
from Kerry were never at home,
they were always roaming about,
tell Rose I hope she is well with her
baby Dorothy, and the nurse is
naturally on the job these days, and
last but not least Maggie, I will nev
er invite her to my home when she
is on her wedding trip if she doesn't
write to me. Some one told me she
don't know how, and I won't be-
After being closed for 6 weeks on
account of the Flu this up-to-date
picture house has again re-opened
its doors to the public. This is the
house where Paramount-Artcraft
pictures are seen, which are kn6wn
all over the world as the best pic
tures produced. The people of
Plattsmouth and vicinity are to be
congratulated on having such an up-to-date
picture house in their midst.
From Friday's liaily.
The announcement of his arrival,
has reached this cifice this morn
ing, although he made his appear
ance, some two weeks since, arriv
ing at the home of his parents Mr.
and Mrs. Dewey Zuckweiler, near
Miller, South Dakota, on November
first. You can imagine the joy in
the household of the parents. Of
course. Grandfather and grandmoth
er Henry Zuckweiler simply left
their home and went to the home
where the little hair was. 'All are
doing nicely, and the young man
who weighed seven and one-half
pounds, is the light of the home.
TJPPEARANCES are of course
-deceiving at times, but as a gen
eral thing a man gets more consid
eration in any walk of life if lie takes
particular care of his personal ap
pearance. We are able to give you the 100
look when it comes to overcoats.
If you need a coat come in and look
they are priced at
$15 to $40
tPliilip 3Tu&wii
From Friday's Pally
Word was received here today tell
ing of the death of Miss .Wanda
Ramsey of Omaha, of pneumonia, fol
lowing a case of Spanish Influenza.
Miss Wanda Ramsey will be remem
bered as having been a student in
the High School, and was a very
nice little girl. Her father Frank
S. Ramsey was employed with the
Dovey store here some years ago,
then moving to Omaha from here.
The many friends of this popular
young lady will be grieved to know
of her death. She has been sick
for about a week.
i.i-:;i, mitick
fKVi.::'.':: so
Capital stork paid in $."0,000 00
Surplus rutuj lo.uoo 00
Undivided profits I..,:: sit
Individual deposits subject to check 1 14
l .'C. on
16.. i..; 14
3.:tv. :h
s.tiio sr
. f;tw.:Kvj so
Iittnk, do
Iemand !( Ifirates of eHit
I line certiticates or
Cashier's cliecUs outst iindins;. . ..
Depositor's guaranty fund
County or Cass f ! 1, It. A
cashier of tin alov i amed
hertdxr snpar that the mIm v statcmrnr Is a
iDriwl and tint ropy of Me iftit ii:uiie toj
the Stat H:mUiiu" Board. 1 1. A. Srn. kiiikh.
.1.1. M. Korkh-iS. IMrvrtor.
J. H. BtCKKH. Hlm tor. 1
iubsrrllied and sworn to lefor m Hi's 13th
day. of N&-enitxr. 1S1. K. B Vwxpham.
I Notary Public.
Jsal My comaiission expires Oct. Yi. lP'Jl
Subscribe for the Journal.
"Following an attack of nervous
prostration eleven years ago I never
knew what a well day was until
Tanlac set me right." said ('. A
Crawford, the well-known contract
ing painter and paper hanger, liv
ing at 2:123 & Street, Lincoln, Neb.
recently. Mr. Crawford has follow
ed his present line of business for
fortv years, and came to Lincoln
from Auburn, Neb. in 190C.
"There's bound to be something
unusual about a medicine that will
straighten a person up who has been
completely knocked out for so long,"
continued Mr. Crawford, "I was a
total nervous wreck, couldn't sleep
cood and mv stomach was so out of
whack that it needed making over
Nothing I would eat agreed with
me. and I lost weight until I was
just a living skeleton. I was laid
tin everv summer for three or four
months at a time.
"I finally bought me a bottle of
Tanlac, thinking if it was doing so
much for other people, it might
help me, too. Well, when I first
began taking it I just weighed one
linndrod nounds had fallen off
from one hundred and thirty-five-
so this will eive vou some idea of
my terrible condition. Tanlac woke
up my appetite in short order, put
me to eating hearty, and started me
. . . i .1 A.A 1
tip mil. I nave aireaoy kuhch oml.iv
sixteen pounds of my lost weight
and am still gaining right along. My
nerves are so much stronger, and I
have improved so much in every way
that I feel like a different man, I
have been working hard all day
long every day this summer, sleep
good every night and feel fine all the
time. I am now full of life and
energy, and I don't hesitate to say
Tanlac has done more for me than
everything else I have tried put to
gether." .
"Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. (1. Fricke & Co., in Alvo by Alvo
Drug Co., in Avoca by O. E. Copes,
in South Rend by E. Sturzenegger,
in Greenwood by E. F. Smith, in
Weeping aWter by Meier Drug Co.,
in Elm wood by L. A. Tyson, in Mur
dock by H. V. McDonald and in
Eagle, by F. W. Rloomenkamp."
pext iefi;ndants thkii: r.-
To tit-urxe Oavis, if livinK. if deceas
ed, the unknown heirs, devisees, lega
tees, personal representatives and all
persons inteersted in his estate;
Charles VoKt. if living, if deceased, the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other
persons interested in his estate: Abra
ham Dcyo, if livinsr, if deceased, the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, p r
nonal representatives and all other
persons interested in his estate;
Augustus Krnns. Kemper Klaus, La
vina Wolfe: Kmma Cross; Joseph .Sans
;;nd Susie Sans.
You and each of vow are herehv noti
fied that on the 24th dav of October
1918. a petition was filed In the Iis
trict Court of Cass County. Nebraska,
in which Flora F. Sans was plaintiff,
and you. together with others were de
fendants. The object and prayer of which pe
tition is to iiiet the title in the plain
tiff and her grantee to the following
described real estate to wit:
The Kast half of the Northwest
Quarter; also the West half of the
Northeast Quarter; also the Northeast
Quarter of the Southwest Quarter: al
so tiie Northeast Quarter of the South
east Quarter: also the Kast half of
the Northeast Quarter of the South
west Quarter: all in feet ion seventeen
1" Township eleven (11 North
Kanse fourteen (14 Kast 6th I. M.
Cass County. Nebraska.
You are required to answer said
petition on or before the' leth dav of
December 191S. FLORA F. SANS.
C. A. RAWLS, Plaintiff.
Attorney. 28-lwks.
CKSSORS. To K. V. Heimberfjer. first real name
unknown, if living, if deceased, the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all other
persons interested in his estate.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that on the ISth day of October
191S, there was a ietition filed in the
District Court of ''ass County, Nebras
ka, in which Joseph Wnrgra was plain
tiff, and K. V. Heimberper. first real
name unknown, if living, if deceased,
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal representatives and all other
persons interested in his estate, to
gether with others, were defendants.
The object and prayer of which peti
tion is to quiet the title in the plain
tiff Joseph Warga. to
Lots five ' six (fi) seven (7)
and eierht CS) in niock thirty
seven (37) in Younsr & Hay's Ad
dition to the Citv of l'lattsmouth,
Cass County, Nebraska,
because said plaintiff has had the
actual, open. notorious, exclusive, and
adverse possession thereof, and every
parcel and portion thereof for more
than ten years last past prior to tli
commencement of said action and for
equitable relief.
You and each of you ai'e further
notified that you are required to ans
wer said petition on or before Mon
day the 16th day of December 101 S.
C. A. RAWLS. Plaintiff.
Attorney. 2S-4wks.
From Friday's Dally.
A letter from Frank Marshall who
is at Camp Itaritan, Meutchen, N. J.,
tells of his having been appointed
1st Sergeant and instructor in Mot
or Mechanics, as an expert. This
gives Sergeant Marshall a good posi
tion and one which we are pleased
to know of his having received
through merit, and application to
the work which he has been given
to do.
Here's to you. Sergeant Marshall,
the best of wishes for vour success.
Tin: nivntir
nil Tt ,
t on iit or
m:iik k .
the matter of the Ciiardianship of
Henry Eikenbarry, Mentally liicniii-peter.t.
Order l'nr Hrnrini: Pol i I ion l'ir ?nle
of !:; I l-Alnlr liy t.linrtliHll.
Now on this i'nd day of November.
A. I .. 191v. this cause came on fur
hearintr on the petition of Alice John
son, guardian of the person and cstalo
of Henry Kiken harry, mentally incom
petent, praying: for license to sell the
following described real estate to-wit:
Lot number four (l, in the Northwest
Quarter of the Southwest Quarter:
also Lot five ( ." in the Southwest
Quarter of the Southwest Quarter,
all in Section Nineteen IPO in Town
ship Twelve ilJi, IlaTijre Fourteen
(I4 in Cass County. Xebraska. con
taining' twtlve and seventy-liw;
hundreths acres, more or less, ac
cording to the survey of said lots.
for the purpose of maintaining the said
Henry Kikfiiliarrv, mentally incompe
tent, and the cost of tins proceed i icy.
there not being sufficient personal
propertv to maintain said want.
all persons interested in the estate of
said Henry Eikenbarry. mentally in
competent, appear before me at the
District Court room in the court honso
in Plattsmouth. Cass County, Nebras
ka, on the $th day of December. A. I ..
lifts, at the hour of 10:M1 o'clock a. m.
of said day. to show cause why ;l
license should not be granted to said
guardian to sell the above described
real estate of said Henry Kikcnbarry.
mentally Incompetent, or so much as
may be necessary for his maiutain
ance. it is fprthki: oi:dki:i:i. that
notice to all persons interested in the
estate of Henry Kikcnbarry. mentally
incompetent, be given by publishing :i
copy of this order for at least thrco
successive weeks in the Plattsmoutli
Journal, a semLweekly newspaper
printed and in general circulation in
Cass County. Xebraska, prior to said
date of hearing.
hereunto set my hand this nd day of
November, A. D.. ISMS.
Judge of t lie District Court, J
From Friday's Dally.
Wray Nordell and wife who have
been visiting in this city for the
past few days, guests at the home
of Will Krecklow and wife, Mr.
Nordell being a brother of Mrs.
Krecklow. Mrs. Krecklow accom
panied them as far as Omaha, and
with them will go to Ft. Crook
where they will visit another broth
er Edward rsorneu wno is in tne
service and located- at that point.
Mr. and Mrs. Wray Nordell and
wife are returning to their home at
iiead the Journal Ads It Pays
mitich to ritivniTnits
of Nebraska,
y of Cass, ss.
In llir County Court.
In the Matter or the Kstate of William
K. Fox. Deceased:
To the Creditors of Said Kstate:
You are hereby notified thai I will
fit fit the County Court room in the
City of Plattsmouth, in said count v,
on the IS'th day of November, ISMS, at
10 o'clock A. M.. and on the I'dth "dav
of February 1919, at 10 o'clock A. M..
to receive and examine all claims
against said estate with r view to their
adjustment and allowance. The timo
limited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is three mouths
from the 19th day of November. A. I'..
1918, and the time limited for payment
of debts is one year from said 19lli
day of November. RMS.
Witness my hand and seal of snld
County Court, this 18th day of Octo
ber, 1918.
Seal. County Judge.
Ry Florence White. Clerk. 10-i'J4w
Now is the time to joiii the War
Stamp Limit Club. See Chas. C.
armele for particulars.
Sleep and Rest.
One of the most cefc::i)on causes
of insomnia and restlessness is in
digestion. Take one of Chamber
lain's Tablets immediately after sup-;
per and see if yon do not rest better
and sleep better. They only cost a
Plattsmouth, Neb., Oct. 28.
Banker's Automombile Ins. Co., Lincoln, Neb.
Gentlemen: On Sept. 28th, I had the misfortune
to damage a Dodge car owned by L. L. McCarty, of
this place. Your adjuster, after investigating the acci
dent gave me a check covering the damage to Mr. Mc
Carty 's automobile. I hold your policy No. A. N. 229,
on my automobile covering fire, public liabilty and pro
perty damage. Yours truly,
. Ask our agent, Mrs. L. V. Egenberger, in regard
to our complete coverage policy and special farm car
rates, covering your car anywhere in the United States.
Lincoln, Nebraska.