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    3I05EAY. SOVZHBER 4TH. 191S.
RF fsYfl TP
DL LUifiL u
Just at this time we are in the
no-t critical period of the history of
the World's War. All of the
Americans, irrespective of party
should be Loyal to their country,
and require that in the settlement of
the peace terms, that the element
which has caused the discord, shall
he made to "Fnconditional Sur
render", that a peace shall be made,
only when it guarantees the safety
which have been put forth, for the
censumation of the end of justice,
for all the peoples of the world.
I also desire to extend my thanks
to all who have been in their friend
ship, in any way instrumental in the
furthering of my candidacy, to the
position of county judge, for what
they have done, for what they are
doing, and what they shall do. In
this connection I wish to say, I do
net desire this or any" other posi
tion within the gift of the people
for a continued period of years. Two
consecutive terms in anv office is
of the rights and liberties cf the ' enough," and the seeking and work
v.orld. Should the war close just I ing for a position for a longer period
now which we hope will than re- of years, savors not of Democratic or
mrJzi an enormous amount of work i Republican views but of life tenure
to be dene, and i; will require the j and hereditary office hiding. We
: aerifies of all to adjust the affairs j are fighting a war for democracy.
of all countries aripht. It will take j in the old world, why not practice
i:i-n and money. Let us with a
true Americanism meet these re
quirements. I v ih to make known
riy appreciation for all the efforts
it at home,
their loval
Again thanking all for
support. I am.
Candidate For County Judge.
News of Nebraska Toid In
Condensed Form
In the District Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
William A. Kdniisten. Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that, in
pursuance of an order of the Hon
orable James T. Begley, judge of the
District Court of Cass County.
Nebraska, made on the 7th day
of September, If IS, for the sale of
the real estate hereinafter describ
ed, there will be sold at public ven
due to the highest bidder for cash
at the front door of the Rank of Un
i'.n, in the Village of Union, in said
County, on the 7th day of December,
1!1S, at 11:015 o'clock A. M.. the
following described real estate, to
wit: t lie of the N'K 1 of Sec.
"l Tun 1ft Tf" 1 J ninl 1ft -if-r.-.j the west side of the NW'i of j
th- NW', of Sec. 2. Twp. 10. Rge. j
I I. all in Cass county, Nebraska; j
also Lots 2 and in RIock 3. in he
vilhme of I'nion, Cass county. Ne-
hraska. Said sale will remain open i
cue hour. .
Dated this 4th day cf November,
1 ! 1 S. DAN LYNN.
Administrator of the Estate of Wil
liam A. Edniisten, deceased.
Attorneys. 4-owks.
fstrator of the estate of William
Stotkr, deceased, are defendants, I
will on the 9th day of December
191S, at one o'clock in the afternoon
of said day at the South front door
of the Court House in Plattsmouth,
Cass County, Nebraska, offer for sale
at public vendue to the highest bid
der the following described real
estate situated in Cass County, State
of Nebraska, to wit:
The East thirty-five (33) acres of
the Northeast Quarter of the South
east Quarter of Section nineteen (19)
Township ten (10) Range fourteen
(14) East 6th P. M. Cass County,
The terms of said sale being Five
Hundred ($f00) Dollars on the day
of sale, and the balance of the pur
chase price on the day said sale is
confirmed by the District Court of
Cass County, Nebraska.
Said sale will remain open for one
C. A. RAWLS. Referee.
Attorney. 4-30t
By a vote of 52 to 2 citizens of the
Ilolmoville school district rejected a
$.". 0 school bond proposition.
Arrangements are complete to raise
Nebraska's quota of $-UMMiO In the
united war work campaign Nov. 11-18.
While excavating lor a cesspool
rear Rlverton, workmen discovered oil
in what promises to be paying Quan
tities. Figures compiled at state headquar
ters at Omaha show that Nebraska's
oversubscription to the Fourth Liberty
loan will be more than $1,000,000.
Potato erop failures at nil but two
of the state institutions will compel
the State- Hoard of Coutrol to buy
uboiit U.O00 bushels of spuds to supply
the different institutions.
The r.npual convention of the State
Teachers association, which was
scheduled to be held at Omaha. Nov.
(: to S, has been postponed on account
of the ii-tluonza epidemic.
It is not an uncommon sight to see
A company has been formed, a
frilling outfit is already on the ground
;;nd plans are being made to drill for
oil at Rlverton.
An organization of potato growers
lias been formed In Scottsbluff count.
The crop in the county is exceprion-
iilly good this year.
One man was killed and four Injur
ed when a switch engine kicked into
a box car from which section workers
were unloading ties, In the U. P. yards
t Fremont.
C. F. Chapman, superintendent of
the Lincoln board of health, predicts
that the "flu" epidemic in Nebraska
will not be over until the middle of
Three telephone companies in Ne
braska, the Palisade, Thedford and
Union Valley, have petitioned the
State Railway commission for permis
sion to increase their rates.
Sheridan county oversubscribed her
quota of the Fourth Liberty loan more
than Sl'OO.OOO. The county's quota was
$."23,000. Subscriptions totalled ?72.".
LK.O. This is about $75 for evury man.
woman and child In the county.
Scootts Bluff county won first prize
for the best county exhibit, best col
lection of cereals, and best collection
of fruit and vegetables shown by a
county at the International Soil Prod
ucts Exhibition at Kansas City.
The Dodge County War Service
an aeroplane soaring over Omaha
nowadavs. since flying machines have I league, organized for the purpose of
been added to the Fort Omaha bal- I raising and distributing all war funds
loon school for observation work. I with the exception of Liberty loans
' Nearly 1,(HX) persons attended the I will start a drive on November 12 to
ledicatorv services of the 'new Meth-I rtiie $130,000, which is expected to
adist church at Cortland. The church I last a year,
was erected at a cost of $23,000 and It Definite announcement has been
ivus dedicated free of indebtedness. made from official sources that Onmlm
Tnhil nvnenses for running the state will be a hfsrhlv Important division
of Nebraska for the third quarter of I point on the Woodrow Wilson airway
Notice i. hereby given that pur
Fiiant to an order of sale issued to
tn? by the District Court of Cass
County. Nebraska, on the 4th day
of November 191 S, In an action
pending in said court in which
Carey L. Stotler, was plaintiff and
Loren R. Stotler, Sarah Irey, Eden
Ircy. George Stotler. Nettie Stotler,
Walter Stotler, Ella Wayant, Clar
ence Wayant. Mabel Speakmah.
H.trry Speakman, Mary Pope. Joseph
Pope, David Stotler. if living, if de
ceased, his unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees. personal repre; entatives
::nd all other persons interested in
bis estate; J. F. Clugey, as admin-
Smith Hide Co.. Market Square,
St. Joseph. Mo., are paying 19c lb.
for No. 1. salt cured hides. Horse
hides $3.00 to $7.00 each. Write
for free shipping tags and fur
price. 4-tf
Mrs. R. H. Newell arrived in the
city this morning for a short visit at
the home of her parents V. M. Mul
li.s and other friends.
Mrs. II. J. Streight left this after
noon for Omaha, where she wil
spend a few days' visiting with her
Mrs. N. J. Spreacher, Mrs. L. C.
Sprecher and Miss Jessie Spreacher
were among those who spent the
day in Omaha going up on the after
noon train.
Father Leete. accompanied by
his mother left for Omaha where he
will visit over the week end.
Mrs. John Brady departed this
morning for Watson. Mo., where she
will visit for some time with his
daughter Mrs. p. II. Bayliss and
this year amounted to $2.1"9.lo."S.
Nearly $l.H'rfJ.OOO more than was ex
pended during the second quarter.
Coming Just before the general elec
tion the state-wide quarantine against
the "flu" puts a ban on all campaign
tours and speeches and gives Ne
braska the novelty of a campaign
minus the oratory.
Nebraska soldiers who become In
line In service will be cared for at
the three state asylums, the state
board of control has decided. Sixteen
'soldiers have been received at these
nstltutlons In the last six weeks.
The state convention of the Nebras
ka Federation of Women's Clubs will
he held at Lincoln. Nov. 19-22. The
convention was to have been held at
Fairburv. but was called off on ac-
L-ouirt of the Influenza situation.
The Fort Omaha balloon school is to
he enlarged to about three times Its
present size. The number of men to
bo trained at the school Is expected to
l. more than doubled. There are
nbout fi.000 men at the fort now.
Potato prices In Nebraska, fixed by
Federal Food Administrator Wattles Best No. 1 reds. 2 cents. Best
No. 1 whites, cents. Pest No. 2.
2 cents. The previous maximum
r.rice was 34 cents a pound. The
new nrices were made following an
Investigation 'into the supply.
During October NebrasKan ued
2.r.IS.4."0 pounds of sugar for house
bold purposes. With Nebraska's
population estimated at 1,300,000. the
Male just got under the two-pound al
lot ment. it being the first time since
Fugm certificates were issued that the
people lived within the required quota
for a single month.
The State Council of Defense has
net aside November 14 as registration
rtav for all boys who have attained
which will be maintained for air mail
services and other government pur
poses after the war.
The State Railway coinmissb j has
granted the Lincoln Telephone am!
Telegraph company authority to in
crease telephone toll rates 2." p-r
cent and telephone rentals approxi
mately 10 per cent. The increases af
fect 00 cities and towns in the state.
Mills may sell a year's supply or"
Hour to the consumer now rather th:n
n sixty-day supply, according to a rui
ing made by the state food adminis
tration. Mills also are allowed to ex
change with farmers a twelve-month
supply of flour for home grown wh. at.
More than 7.".OitO acres of govern
ment bind in Nebraska, under t!i"
Lane bill now before congress will be
turned over fo maimed soldiers, ac
cording to estimates made by Oi:i::ii:i
railroad colonization experts. The bl!i
irovide for a house, barn and fence
'or each soldlej
Distribution of the 101S honn food
ards for Nebraska has been posipo'v
d by State Food Director Wattles un
Ml December 1. owing to the Inflin
pideink. In Nebraska "2."i.OOO cards
vlll be distributed by school children
I'nion Pacific crop exjxTts vay Nj-
raska winter wheat acreage will b
!0 per cent greater than last year
ind the quality of the product will be
Arnold Martin of Du Bois, who has
iwmif national)' famous through his
access in farming a 20-acre tract li;
i 'aw nee county, added another laurel
o bis crown when be won the sweep
takes prize for states at the Interna
lonal Soil Products exposition In
vansas City. To win Ibe trophy he
lad to compete with the states of
vansas, Missouri, Texas. Minnesota,
outh Dakota and Florida and two
WHEN you open the throttle
you'll feel that quick, power
ful throb that indicates cl.ean, full
strength gas if Red Grown Gas
oline is feeding your motor.
Red Crown is straight-distilledgas,
that vaporizes readily at low tem
peratures, and always burns clean
ly. It's all gas. That means more
miles, fewer carburetor adjust
ments. Look for the Red Crown Sign.
Polarine 1S a co,d"Prof lubri-
& cant that keeps cyl
inders clean and compression tight.
ps u a t: u y w
jj.a n n ra p. g
the age of 15 years 7 months and up I Canadian provinces.
to IS years. The registration consti
tutes membership In the U. S. Boys
Working Reserve. The two general
classes into which this reserve will be
divided is Industrial and agricultural.
The annual report Just issued by
Governor Neville has colled upon
Director General McAdoo and Food
dministrator Hoover to raise the
irain embargo at the Omaha terminal.
hat has placed Nebraska farmers V.t
he mercy of grain speculators." Tbe
mm type
6 big stretchey bears that are heavy
boned, good footed and smooth.
8 rangy, roomy, Spring gilts, the kind
that will make real brood sows.
8 May giits that will grow big for they
are bred big.
12 big-boned, deep-bodied Fall gilts; 10
that farrowed litter this fall;
6 tried sows that are the prolific kind;
they farrowed 63 pigs last Spring.
Fall pigs of both sex.
PACSFiC junction;
Saturday, November 9th
J Pt:ite Superintendent Clemmons shows I "ederal food administration Is also
that during the prist two years fofty-
two rural consolidated schools have
been established in Nebraska, where
children can get a high school educa
tion without leaving tbe farm. The
report shows that more than $1,000,000
b:is been expended for rural school
buildings In this state since 1916.
Fi'ch building which has special rooms
for agriculture, sewing, domestic
f-ciem-e and other important studies.
represents from two to ten districts,
eost from $45,000 up to .$119,000. and
has from ten to twenty acres of land
for farming experiments. There are
from 1"0 to 2"0 pupils In each school.
From one to ten automobile trucks are
owned in each district, to take the
isked to stabilize the' ratio of price.
f rorn to hogs, now on a nine to on"
'asl!. The administration promised a
hirteen to one basis on November .1.
I'.17. The action was urged by th
Nebraska farmer's war council.
There Is some talk by state educa
tors of eliminating the Christmas and
spring vacations, and continuing school
on Saturdays, for the time lost during
the quarantine period. Some such ac
tion. It Is said. Is necessary in order to
complete the required amount of
school work as early ns possible to re
lease students for work on the farm.
A Burlington passenger train struck
a cmv in the vicinity or Mwiini tn
other day, resulting In tbe engine
children to and from school In some I baggage, mail and express ears going
ra'rs as far away as ten miles. . I j,,to the ditch. No one was hurt.
As a means of combating the Span
ish inlhienza epidemic, the state board
of health Issued an order prohibiting
ell public gatherings, indoors or out
doors, throughout the entire state, un- On account of the stress of work,
til November 2. The order closes all especially with this paper with
Fch'ools. churches, lodges and theatres, which I am connected, I have not
Croation Holding Naval Base at Fiume Proclaim Their
Union With Italy; Battle Continuing and Expand
ing While Negotiations For Armistice Pro
ceed Between Military Commanders
London. Nov. 1. General Diaz,
the Italian commander-in-chief,
handed the armistice terms to the
Austrian commander today, accord
ing to the Evening Star. The terms
of the armistice, the newspaper adds,
will be published tomorrow'.
Paris, Nov. 1. The Austro-IIun-garian
commander on the Italian
front, in asking General Diaz for
an immediate armistice, argued that
under such an arrangement Vcnetia
would be evacuated without damage
to the cultivated areas, according to
a Budapest dispatch to L'lr.forma-
Austrian Fleet Surrenders.
London, Nov. 1. The Austrian
fleet at Pola, the naval base on the
Adriatic sea, has surrendered to the
southern Slav council, according .to
lished crossings over the stream and
are marching towards the River
Feltre, a town in the Italian
mountain region about 10 niile3
north of the old battle line, was
entered last night by the Bologna
From Saturday's Dally.
The entire family of ,W. F.
Gravett is reported as being confin
ed to their homes with the Spanish
Influenza, and with only Mr. Gravett
to care for them. He has wired his
daughter who is now at Manhattan,
Kansas, to hurry home to assist In
the care of the family. As a general
thing the epidemic Is mostly under
From Saturday's Daily.
On . the train which went south
at midnight on the Missouri Pa
cific last night, Sergeant Chester E.
Welsheimer, departed for Kansas
City, after having visited here for
some two days with his family and
friends. He is to report at his post
of duty on Sunday morning, and de
parted last evening in order to make
From Saturday's Dally.
Today we were glad to greet once
more M. E. Manspeaker, who has
been in Omaha undergoing an op
eration. Mrs. Manspeaker went up
to accompany him home. Mr. Man
speaker looked just as glad to be
back as his many friends will be to
have him with them once more.
St. Luke's Guild Is uow ready to
take order? for tieing comforters.
a short visit with friends at Kansas
a dispatch received by the Central ( City He ,g ,ikip? th(f sprvice fine
and thinks, that he will be moved
News agency.
A German wireless dispatch pick
ed up by British admiralty tonight
says that according to an imperial
proclamation the Austro-Hungarian
navy has been handed over to the
south Slav natonal council sitting in
A gram. ' 1
Copenhagen, Nov. 1. According
to Hungarian reports sailors at
Pola, the great Austrian bafe on the
Adriatic, have mutinied and seized
the warships there.
Croatians, who completely occupy
the naval base of Fiume, on the Ad-
out towards
the east in the near
The csolete Electric Light and
Power Plant
Will give your family all of the
benefits of a cheerful and modern
Tel. D. 5093 Omaha, Neb.
riatic, have proclaimed 'their union
urges that children be kept at home! been able to see a large number of j with. Italy, according to a dispatch
as much as possible, and states that I citizens of this county during this! from Rerlin to the Berlincrske
A dispatch from
The offering, except Fall pigs, have re
ceived the simuStaneous treatment and
should be immune. Write for catalog.
Bartlett, Iowa
the cause of the large number of campaign, deeming a greater ser
do:iths from the disease was on ac- vice tt do wnat there is required in
count of persons afflicted refusing to tne position which I occupy, than
g to bed son enough and attempting cnase awavand leave the work un
to get out of bed too soon. done j tQ extend my appre
The state convention of Congrega- ciation for the kindly feeling and
tlonalists scheduled at York last lion. ioyai efforts of my friends over the
day has been postponed to November county in my behalf, and to assure J that were at Mattaro had laft that
Rome to the
Paris Temps, under date cf October
27, said that the Austrian fleet had
been hastily concentrated at Fiume.
A few vessels remained at Pola, the
I dispatch added, but all the ships
18. owing to the Influenza epidemic.
The government has sent six army
physicians into Nebraska to help com
bat the Influenza epidemic. Several
doctors have been sent into Knox
county, where a large percentage of
the ipulace is 111 with the malady.
Battle ExDandinsr.
them if elected as the county judge port.
for the coming term that I shall en
deavor to fill the position creditably, Rome, Nov. 1. The statement
and in accordance with theK laws, issued by the Italian war office says
And if not so selected I shall bend all the battle is continuing and is ex
my efforts to the work of assisting panding. The Austro-Hungarians
The r.ostofn dermrtmnf w nh. ! keeping this the Best Country on are maintaining resistance from
lngton has granted the request of the. j Earth. Again thanking all, I am Stelvio pass to the Astico.
citizens of Berlin. Otoe county, and I M s- BRIGGS. j Italian cavalry divisions have de-
lii n tA Mi n n mm nf tholr tnwn A I - I
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'stroyed the enemy resistance on the
Livenza river. They have re-estab-
7T 1 1 n
At Piurdock, Neb
November 8th
Will be sold at public auction, terms to suit
purchaser. Sa!e starts at 1:00 o'clock sharp.
VV. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer
Plattsmouth, Neb.