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    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1918
L H, '. iV - -- - V '
Special Correspondence
Rabbits Are Frightened Until Their
Hair Turns Gray and Falls
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 12th, 1918
II. N. Dovey, Plattsmouth, Neb.,
Chairman Cass County.
We cannot too strongly impress upon
you and your people the fact that there
must be no slackening of effort in the
Liberty Loan campaign on account of
the publication of the news of Germany's
acceptance of peace terms. It would be
nothing short of a tragedy in American
historv if the loan should fail. Our task
is not by any means finished and Ger
many is watching the results of our loan
just as closely as ever. . The facts are
that the money which is being subscrib-kr0;x
ed to this loan has already been con
tracted and actually spent by the Gov
ernment. Furthermore our Govern
ment has enormous outstanding obliga
tions yet to be met and unless every unit
in the loan organization of the tenth dis
trict meets its full obligations we may
properly be classed quitters.
Give this telegram widest possible pub
licity and wire us immediately to the ef
fect that there are no quitters in your
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
City and Central Liberty Loan
Commute Tenth Federal Re
serve District.
Mr. and Mr.-. A. V. .;. r :.::!
vu,i ii 1 :-on. Ceorise I)''.v, frM
!. .ir Xehawka. were in tin- city i'or
:i few hours l ist Pa t r.-i::iy. (l-nr;
h.-ing in tin- ;:ex :.. ft ch;s.- c.:a
i:g up to make out rora papers and
sifter other m-'.U'T.- - 'iin?t :1
with his entering th" army. While
It' .' Mr. I.;efh k-r v u ,!t';r;;uu
caller at the Jo.irnal :"rc.
::o. ?ac. bu:tch ronia well.
Keep November fith mird iv.r
that is the day of ihe Rig Type P-
land sale at I 'at i He Junction. Iowa, j
at Hodges. It w I
fjoven at the M-rrcttri Pacific
srr.ti.;n. a .ri: r.f them working
:p. the srt !')!'.. ):r;ve ju-t taken ?1.
Fr.'i.fO v.i:;t the recent Liberty I .nan
Train r::inc t J is way t'o other day.
W re all tr do that well the Loan
v-r.ti!I he awry oer the top, and
then some. The-e men are to ho
ctr.i4ra!;-l over their excellent
sdhforin! 'k us fo the hoiuN, and is a
demons t rat inn of their Loyalty ami
IV.'? i ;:;;. r.i.
Jcrxrnal Want-Ads
I Don't forget IJod.Efes sale of liig
j typo p.;-la:ids at I'acific Junction.
I Xoven.lit-r Dth. ltw
Autumn .bays
w ?
M The crisp atmosphere prompts
i one io proviue a ijua tuuiiciiiLiai
sweater for protection against the
chilly winds. These warm sweat-
i ers are to be had in various com
m hinattons and solid colors. Price
i ll V V- l ' M
$3.75 to $11.50
fife Laaies 1 o
rri'T'i WcilDi-f'aV:.- railv.
The hoard of health had pnt the
han on church service, and a crowi
if the citizens of Plattsmouth de
parted at early down for the wilds
-outh of this city along the Uis
j .Muddy. Loading the liartroru trucK
(he merry crowd tlepartet lor me
home of Fred Beil. twelve miles
south, where after having- unloaded
they immediately took for the Lrush,
raid spent t lie morning in hunting.
having an immense amount of sport,
but frightening out cf the country
'what name thev did not kill. For a
while it was doubted whether the
crowd would all come back, for the
roar of the guns, was like the battle
of "Hull Hun." It is reported that
they had a full truck load of squir
rels. some of which were killed when
alive and some dead ones were
slaughtered. Paul Sitzman was the
nilot of the boat which took the
party to the hunting grounds, and
hrouiiht them home again. There
was a calf in the woods, which had
and both Paul and
ho faw it while
running, thought it a jack rabbit,
and tried to get its scalp, but were
not able. A squirrel climbed high
into a tree, and Tony Koubek, think
ing maybe he could coax the animal
down with some acorns, held them
:.hft and kept saying, come pretty
squirrel, but he would not come.
Just then Harry Kuhney getting a
bead on his sruirrelhip. touched the
trigger, and the squirrel with its
feet spread out, came sailing through
the air. Frank Sitzman thought it
a flying squirrel, and after it had
lit on the ground, ran and fired a
shot into it. decL.ring he had killed
it. lie evidently thought it was
trying to fly away, for after it had
hit the ground and he had shot
another charge; in the dead carcass,
he kept shouting "I killed it! I killed
it." Everyone gave Frank the horse
laugh, telling him it was dead be
fore it hit the ground.
Hemming to the house. dinner
wr.s served by Grandma IJeil, assist
ed by Mrs. Frank Sitzman. which
was one of the finest ever served
anywhere, everything possible was
conked and served just to a turn,
which was sure enjoyed by the
crow dof hungry hunters. After the
dinner the men went in for pitch,
and as Mr. Peil is the champion
pitch player of that section the town
boys had but little show. On the
way home the truck came to a hill,
and as Frank Sitzman was changing
gears, on the truck, they come up
with a jerk, which nearly threw the
crowd out of the car. Paul Sitzman
thinking the cor was going to run
away wanted to jump out, and said
he had been in one run-a-wsy in the
'obi country and did not want any
more experience. Harry Kuhney
said "Fxcept you abide in the ship
you cannot be saved". So assured
Paul, that is Paul Sitzman, remain
ed aboard. They arrived safely
home in the evening and were well
satisfied with their day's pleasure.
Those to enjoy the occasion were:
Paul Sitzman. Harry Kuhney, Kay
Campbell and wife with his two
daughters, Dorothy and Violet, Fred
ISeil and wife, Greeley and Ruth.
Miss Pudge Campbell, Anton Koubek
and mother. Frank Sitzman and
wife, three daughters, Hazel, Fran
ces and Goldie. Grandpa and Grand
ma I5ei!, Marvin Stiles, Henry Hydo.
The Smith Side Hed Cros3 meet
ing that was to have been held at
the Uein's home has been postponed
indefinitely on account of the death
of Mrs. Goos.
Miss Mabel . Rummel returned
home from'lJeaver City last Friday,
where she has been visiting with
her. cousin. Carl Rummel, for the
past month. She Reports a very
pleasant visit in the western part of
the state.
In good condition and well equip
ped with extra appliances. Phone
Ed Casey, of Lincoln, was in town
Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rosenow were
in Klmwood Sunday evening.
iiss Grace Bailey, of Lincoln, vis
ited Sunday with home folks.
George Uucknell, who was sick at
Camp Grant, 111., is recovering nice
ly. Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, of
Eagle, were callers Sunday at Geo.
Mrs. George Hall visited with her
daughter at Murdock a few days
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyles and son
Dale S. Doyles and wife, autoed to
Fremont Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Doyles, of
Klmwood, visited with Grandma
Doyles last Sunday.
Chas. Cook, of Plattsmouth, and
Uncle George Cook called on thir
sister. Mrs. Dina Kitzel last Fridav.
Mrs. Ray Cole, of Mynard, visited
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. C.
Keefer, from Wednesday till Satur
The Alvo schools are closed on ac
count of the Influenza epidemic, as
there are several cases in this vi
Henry Miller, J. A. Shaffer, II. L
Dornemeier and Wayne Swarts au
toed to South Rend and Murdock
last Saturday evening.
Mrs. John McDonald, of Ceiftral
City, spent a few days recently with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Jor
don and other relatives.
Mrs. M. C. Keefer has purchased
the heme place from the other heirs
and is moving into it this week.
Some remodelling has been done.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Perkins and
children, of Cairo, are visiting with
Mrs. Perkins' grandparents. Mr. and
Mrs. C. R. Jordan and other rela-
t rves.
In the co-operation with the act
ion of the local school board, the
Friday Club postponed their meeting
on Oct. 11th, as an effort to help
check the epidemic of influenza.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mickle. of
Lvoca. Mrs. Elizabeth Doty, and son
Frank Doty, and daughter. Mrs. Net
tie Amick. of Weeping Water, and
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer spent
Sunday with Mr and Mrs. L. H.
Mickle, the occasion being Mr. Mick-
les birthday. A delicious birthday
linner was enjoyed by all.
Mr. and Mrs. Vallery and Joe
Cook ami daughter, of Murray, Mr.
and Mrs. Wheeler, of Plattsmouth.
Mr. and .Mrs. Cole, of Mynard. Mr.
i:ul Mrs. Will Cook and children, of
Klmwood and Mr. and Mrs. Orest
Cook paid a brief visit to their sis
ter and auntie. Mrs. Dina Kitzel.
Sunday afternoon, which all enjoyed
very much.
Friends were grieved .to learn
Monday of the death of Ralph Par-
sell. at 10:45 Sunday night, of Plu
ral pneumonia, followed by an at
tack of the Spanish Influenza He
was taken sick on the previous Tues-
lay. His mother, .Mrs. Joe Parsell,
left Friday night to be with him, up
on receiving a message that he was
in a critical condition. He was tak
ing first aid work in the base hospi
tal detachment at Camp Dodge, la.,
having left here July 22. last. Mrs.
Parsell returned hame Monday and
the remains will arrive later.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Mrs. J. C. (Sarah) Smith, who has
reached the advanced age of ninetv
years, and who has been sick at her
home southwest of Murray for sev
eral weeks, passed to the other world
this morning about nine o'clock.
Mrs. Smith was preceeded by her
husband, J. C. Smith about five
years. .Mrs. Smith was the mother
of J. L. Smith, Irving north of Xe-
hawka. and of W. T. Smith who is
now in a hospital at Omaha. Mrs
Emaline Kniss, living near Murray
Mrs. S. I). Smith of Havelock. P. 1J
hmith ot IMoomfield, Mrs. T. 15
Smith, who has been making her
home with Granuma. Smith. There
nas oeen no arrangements as yet
made for the funeral but will be an
nounced when they shall have been
'A Healthy Yearling'
Farmers State Bank
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
First Anniversary September 28, 1918.
Opened for Business, September 29, 1917.
An Independent Eank with its ownership vested in Forty
five, citizens of Plattsmouth and vicinity.
Loans - ?247.Co3.0G
Ileal Estate, Furniture and Fixtures i 1,834.20
Cash, and available funds 87,311.10
Liberty Ponds, and United States Certificates
of Indebtedness; 22,100.00
Total 1378,898.42
Capital Stock
Undivided Profit es, net
Depositors Guaranty Fund
For Register of Deeds.
A. J. Snyder, candidate for re
election, on democratic ballot for
the office of Register of Deeds. Your
support solicited, and any favors ex-
lenueu me win lie thanktullv re
For Float Representative.
I am a candidate for the office of
Float Representative from Cass and
Otoe county, on the democratic bal
lot. Having served one term in the
legislature I believe I am in a good
position to care for the voters inter
ests in the coming session. Your
support is solicited and will be a
preciated. L. G. TODD.
The above statement is correct,
T. M. PATTERSON, President.
We thank the people of Plattsmouth and surroundincg coun
try for what you have done for us in the past year, and we
shall do our be. 4 to repay you as the years roll on, by con
stant fidelity to your interests.
Farmers State Bank,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
V '. 5" i
- ; n
Special Correspondence
General Pershing has sent out a
S. O. S. call for canteen workers and
Miss Edith Martin has volunteered
for service, and will be sent overseas
in a short time. Miss Martin is an
exceptionally capable young woman,
and is eminently qualified for the
position. She is displaying much
patriotism in Americanism in her
volunteering for the position.
- Among the golden rules for the
days of influenza one of the most
important is to avoid constipation
and keep the bowels active. A daily
hoewi movement increases our re
sisting powers and lends us the most
substantial aid in combating the
disease. Triner's American Elixir
of Bitter Wine is the most reliable
remedy for this purpose. It is not
onl very efficient, but also very
palatable, which makes it much su
perior to the common laxatives. You
will get it at all drug stores, Price
$1.10. Other remedies which should
be always at hand in your home are
Triner's Cough Sedative for colds
and coughs( prices 25 and 50 cents
at drug stores, by mail 35 and CO
cents), because a cold may esily de
velop into pneumonia, and Triner's
Liniment (prices 35 and 65 cents at
drug stores, by mail 45 and 75 cents)
which relieves the pains of rheuma
tism, neuralgia, lumbago, etc. Joseph
Triner Company, 1333-1343 S. Ash
land Ave.. Chicago. 111. And by the
Read the Journal Ads It Payi. way: Buy more liberty bonds!
For Representative.
I take this method of informing
the voters of Cass countv. Xebr.
that I am a candidate for the office
of Representative on the Re
publican ballot. In soliciting vour
support I wish to assure you that
any favors extended me. will be
greatly appreciated.
For County Commissioner.
Having received the nominatior
en the Republican ballot for the of
fice of County Commissioner, Sec
ond Commissioner District, I hereby
.solicit the support of the voters ai
the coming November election. Your
support and any favors extended nu
will be greatly appreciated.
Miss Leona Rush of Lincoln is at
home this week.
Little Miss Edna Pauska has been
lUite side tue past wc-eK.
Mrs. H.nrv Tool is visiting rela
tives in Stratton. Xebr.. fo
Miss Gladys Sorick went to Lin
coln Saturday evening, returning
home Sunday.
Louis Xeitzel. Alvin Xeitzel and
familv motored to Omaha Sunday to
visit relatives.
Those who have had slight cases
of Spanish influenza are now able
to be out again.
Mrs. Wm. Rush had the misfor
tune to get her hand mashed in the
json Lawrence of Plattsmouth were
Sunday guests at the John Amgwert
Mr. and Mrs. C. Mooney and
daughter Mrs. Homer Hess, Win.
Schewe and family were ' Sunday
evening guests of George Mooney
and wife.
Clark Edsel arrived Oct. 9 and
will make his home with Mr. and
Mrs. Emil Miller till he is at least
a few I twenty-one years old. The proud
: parents are receiving congratula
tions from their many frienis.
uesUnv morning.
The nomination for county clerk,
having been given me, and being so
busy with the work of the office and
the additional work caused by the
Local Board. 1 will not have time
to leave the ofiien during the cam
paign, and hereby announce mv
candidacy, for the position of coun
ty clerk. Thanking those, who so
kindly supported me for the nomi
nation, and for what they may do
at the election and assuring all that
I appreciate their support, I am
Democratic Candidate for Co. Clerk.
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuehn and
hildren of Duel county is visiting
relatives and friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. McDonald and
children Marguerite and Robert
visited relatives in Plattsmouth Sunday.
Millard Schewe had the misfor
tune to have his arm dislocated at
'lie elbow, while playing at school
last Thursday.
Mrs. C. F. I lite. Mrs. John Amg
wert and ?on Burton, motored to
Alvo Monday afternoon where they
were calling on friends.
Mr. and Mrs. George Scott and
laughters Norma and Wathcna and
Big White Rock Cockerels $2.00
during October. Mrs. Ira Bates,
Cedar Creek, Xebr. 17-4tw
You can get those big fine gilts
at Hodges, on tried sows at Pacific
Junction. Ia., Nov. 9th. They are
immune. itw
From Monday's Dally.
A matter between Lee Noble Han
sen and J. E. Wheeler wherein the
plaintiff had sued for the voidance
of a contract, and the return of the
property, to the former owners. The
property in question being a livery
stable at Weeping Water which Mr.
Wheeler, had traded for a farm near
Pawnee City. The plaintiff Mr.
Hansen has sued to have the trade
made void, and on hear, the case was
dismissed at cost of plaintiff, the
court not interfering with the status
of ownership.
la'fli ' WV'J
Having received the nomination
for the office of County Sheriff on the
Democratic ballot, I hereby announce
my candidacy, and solicit the support
of all voters of said county. If en
trusted to my care the duties of the
office will be performed to the best
of my ability.
The undersigned being a candi
date for the office of State Senator
on. the' Democratic ticket, I take this
method of announcing my candidacy
to those voters whom I will be un
able to meet personally before the
election. In soliciting your support
I assure you that your best inter
ests will always be looked after in
the case that I am your choice at
the November election.
Dunbar, Neb.
- A
For County Commissioner.
Realizing that I will be unable to
meet all the voters of Cass county
before election, I take this method
of announcing my candidacy for the
office of County Commissioner, on SI
j t;,, v.nll-t Tn cnliri t in tr I 1
ine ueuiuti n . . ,
j-our support I want to assure you
that I will look after the duties of
the office to the best of my ability,
and tha.t I will be commissioner for
the whole of Cass County.
These Cheney
ties are so much better
than ordinary ties that its
difficult to make you see
the difference until you
have tried one.
You know how quickly the
ordinary tie wrinkles out of
shape these dont why?
because they're made of
pure silk and the interlin
ing bar tacked. Cheneys
are the greatest silk manu
facturers in the world. It
naturally follows Cheney ties are best. Price 75c to $2.
WimiiimiinniiiiiiinU. 'ifi"iiiHnii'HnHttim
iu.iiuiu;tiiiuu'.ul'.,!!;. ff-.uin
C. E. Wescott's Sons