The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 10, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb journal
Kntercd at rostofTice, Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Democratic Ticket
For State Senator, 2nd District.
For State Representative. 7th Dist
For State Representative, 8th Dist.
For County Clerk.
For County Register of Deeds.
For County Treasurer.
For County Sheriff.
For County Commissioner, 2nd Dist.
For County Commissioner. 3rd Dist
"Peace without victory;"
I'ie without crust.
Doth contradictory;
Berlin or bust!
The profiteer thrives.
The consumer suffers.
It is a long lane that has no Lib
erty bonds.
An American without a bond is
like a hip without a sail.
An ounce of Liberty bonds will
prevent a pound of defeat.
A profiteer without honor in his
wn country is he who does not buy
Liberty bonds.
Many headline writers have short
iiHii the popular Spanish influenza
to Flu", but that is more familiar
than we care to get with it.
Women machinists faster than
mn." It's a precious good thing
n.cii make good soldiers, or they
wouldn't count in this war at all.
War times are topsy turvy in
i! any respects. Here in America,
for instance, politics is officially
"adjourned." when in reality it is
As a man of assets a man can
hcure that he's worth a million,
but as a matter of liability when
a-krd to buy a bond he's poorer
than a church mouse.
Hut i.n't fixing a maximum price
f $12 on shoes going to work a
prcat injustice ou the dear ladies
who "just can't find a thing under
51 that looks like anything?"
A uniform is exemption from buy
ing fourth Liberty bonds, yet the
men in uniform are eager to buy.
They understand just how import
ant it is that the loan succeeds.
The reason why so many people
are goinc to support Billy Barclay
this fall is the fact that in advance
they are assured that he will make
an excellent sheriff and that he can
be relied upon to be "Johnny on the
tpot" when duty calls.
While th movies haven't quite
n?de impossible things possible,
they' ve made a whole lot of improb
able things seem probable. For in
stance, there is a film now showing
variously over the country, entitled
"The Silent Woman."
$100 Reward, $100
Th rosier of thU pqper wlH b
teased to larn that there Is at least
rr. dreaded disease that science has
t--n ab! to cure in all its stage J and
tnut is ratarrh. Catarrh being: Kreatly
f -)"Tin-'v! by constitutional conditions
r Tilths f-onftitutional treatment. Hall's
f'atairh Mctfivine M taken Internally and
thru the Hiod en 11k Mtirous Sur
t. f til Systerr. thereby destroying
foundation of tii" "i.Mse. giving the
rarfent etrrnyth by buiWms ur the con
joiMsttnn and aism;r nature in doing its
,,.or)i T). T):rpr,tor? have mo much
'iiOi iih -Tiriitiv powr nf Hall's
lrrh ?t..!ii-ir,i. ilat tl-'v offer Ono
t,-..n.j i vi ri 'or t;iy case that It falls
rt'r.' v-r,.i f-r '' 'f testimonials.
A soldier gives you must lend.
Even La Follette is useful some
Too many Liberty bond cooks will
spoil the Kaiser's broth.
A great many things that are
"too good to be true" are not true.
Increase your stock in the United
States by buying more Liberty
bonds. Nothing like it.
Several fellows who are running
for office this year will not need a
windshield to hold their car back
No need to learn German talk
peace with Liberty bonds. The
lleinies understand that sort of talk.
Mr. George II. Moses has been
nominated to succeed the late Sena
tor Gallinger., It is a good name for
a leader.
"Doughnut Day" is coming in the
War Work drive. You don't have
to eat them all just put up the
dough for the doughnut.
Hoover promises there will be no
food ration cards this year. Liberty
bonds insure the owner against food
cards in years to come.
Everybody connected with the
government in Berlin seems to be
resigning. Is it possible this action
is meant to be a delicate hint to the
One thing that particularly jars
Germany is that, having studied
over carefully all the hands held at
the table, Bulgaria has now picked
the winner.
Speaking about the suddenness of
these war marriages, we have come
to the conclusion that those who
marry in haste arc just as well as
some of those who marry in evening
The majority of the voters will
bear the reduced manufacture of
corsets with equanimity, and every
one will be pleased to economize as
much as possible on coffins, but the
greatest boon is the cut in talking
Strange how the notion to get
married seems to have struck so
many persons of 31 on up to 4
these last few weeks. Were it not
for his uniform and mustache, one
might mistake General Crowder for
Dan Cupid.
If you asked her about it, Mrs.
Necessity probably would say that
she is not the mother of all inven
tions, by a considerable figure. A
lot of them, she would say, drifted
in from Old Lady Idleness's house,
across the street.
County Clerk Frank Libershal is
clear up to his eyes In business, and
it is very doubtful if he can spare
the least time from his registration
and examination of soldier boys to
visit his friends. P'rank is busy al
most constantly day and night.
Another official suggestion from
Washington: The skirt of a dress of
suitable material can readily be
transformed into a suit for a small
boy. The real problem, however,
is to transfer the small boy into it,
especially if he has any idea it is a
made over suit.
Shoe manufacturers say the new
Government regulation will elimi
nate the tight shoe, and that deal
ers will have to "pay less attention
to colors and more to corns." Thus
does majestic reform march haud in
hand with war, for corns certainly
cannot "win the war."
The kaiser, in his speech to the
Krupp . workers, showed himself
Komethintr of a student of the
Scriptures. Has he happened lately
to turn to Ezekiel vil, 25 and 27?
He might learn something to his ad
vantage by doing so:
Destruction cometh; and they
shall seek peace, and there shall be
The king shall mourn, and the
prince shall be clothed with desola
tion and the hands of the people of
the land shall be troubled: I will
do unto them after their way, and
according to their deserts will I
judge them; and they shall know
that I am the Lord.
A new brand of the disease for
merly known as la grippe, and first
attributed to France a quarter of a
century ago, is back in America
again with a Spanish trademark.
Spanish influenza is no joke, and
there is no inclination on our part
to make lis:ht of it. When the chief
medical men of civil and military
life advise that all places of public
gathering be closed and all camp::
and cantonments quarantined until
the germ is effaced, the humor of
the situation ceases to exist.
The "flu" would seem to be the
only bright spot on the kaiser's
horizon, so it is America's duty to
stamp it out, immediately.
Already it has stopped the call of
drafted men for the early October
contingent, and this is real help for
the Hohenzollerns. The war pro
gram must be put before everything,
so we are awaiting further orders
from the sanitary and medical
But there should be no hysteria
in the matter. A cold in the nose.
a headache or a fever does not neces
sarily imply the Spanish "flu." Let
us not wish this disease upon our
selves for the sake of notoriety
which is far from desirable.
We recall in the dim past the
kissing bug" scaie. Some girl was
bitten on the lip by an insect per
haps a wasp. The press picked up
the story, and in a short time every
harmless beetle that buzzed through
the ambient caused woeful shudders
was suspected of being a kissing
Keep your feet dry and your face
Don't let the Spanish "flu" get
your goat. That's just what the
kaiser wants! World-Herald.
"Uncle" Henry Ford announces
that he will wear no party fetters,
lie believes in a chainless drive to
ward the Senate. No binding plat
form for him, no "specific obliga
tions" of any kind. No definite
principles. No political Ideas ex
cept such as may happen to occur
to him. Just Henry Ford. Those
who vote for him must take him
just like that and because a Voice
from Washington told them to.
But there is a tragic sadness in
his further assertion that he "hasn't
spent a cent, and won't," to aid lib
crusade toward the Capitol. Prob
ably it. does not matter, as there is
another candidate in the field, run
ning on a definite platform and with
a high record of governmental
achievement. It will be Senator
The latest reports from the Ca
nadian Northwest confirm the earl
ier estimates that the wheat crop
will be about one-fourth smaller
than last year's, and lhat there will
be not very much surplus for ex
port. It must be borne in mind that
this result is in spite of a really
increased acreage, and most ener
getic effort in what Is naturally the
best wheat country in the world.
The cause is simply phenomenally
bad weather; a season more un
propltious in many 'ways than any
hitherto recorded. : i '
It !s a lesson in the hazards of
farming and food production on a
large scale. It ought to be enough
to show the need of accumulating a
Give way before the pene
trating effects of Sloan'a
So d.- those rheumatic twinges and
the loin-r.chcs of lumbago, thenrrve
Inflar.imation of neuritis, the wry neck.
the joint wrench, the ligament sprain,
themuscle strain, and the throbbing
The case of applying, the cju'eknesa
rf relief, the positive results, the clean
liness, and the economy cf Sloan's
Liniment make it universally preferred.
great reserve before we begin to feel
safe' or even mildly optimistic as to
our future food supply. The lean
years come witn mo lat ones; it is
the long average that must be con
sidered. Let us be thankful that we
have done as well as we have but
keep on saving. And, far more im
portant, let us find some way really
to increase acreage and production.
By their deleat of ardaiiian ot
Mississippi the other day, the demo
crats did in their senatorial prima
ries what the republicans of Nebras
ka ought to have done to Norris of
Nebraska, who was a candidate for
renominat ion to the seriate. Having
nominated Norris, however, the re
publicans of his state have forfeited
the sympathy of Americans every
where whose hearts are in the war
and have been from the first. "W
are going into tins war. Senator
Norris declared on April 1, 1117.
"upon the command of gold. We are
going to run Hie risK oi sacriricinr.
millions of our countrymen's live-
in order that other countrymen
mav coin their me uioou into
It mav be that the Nebraskan ha -
undergone a change of heart simo
he uttered those indefensible words.
but we are not so novertv stricke?'.
in leaders today that we are calleil
upon to turn the senate n in-'
I'nited States into a political re
formatory and retain there soiia!i'r:
who at any time thus felt or spok
about the struggle .overseas. It is
much more important to have :
"lighting" senate than it is to haw
a republican or democratic senate.
The following proposed amer.dment
to- the constitution of tho State of
Nebraska, as hereinafter set forth It
full. Is submitted to the electors cf
Ihe State of Nebraska io be votci
upon at tho general election to ba
held Tuesdar. November 0th. A. D.
Section one (1) of Article seven (".
of the Constitution of the State of
Be it Resolved by the Legislature of
the State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That Section Ono of Ar
ticle Seven of the Constitution of th i
8tate of Nebraska be and the sama
hereby is. amended by striking out tho
following words:
Second. Persons of foreign birth
who shall have declared their inten
tion to become citizens comformably
to the laws of the United States, o-i
the subject of naturalization, at least
thirty days prior to an election."
And inserting in tho place of thn
words so stricken, the following
Second. Persons of foreign birth
who shall have become citizens of tho
United State's by naturalization or
otherwise conformably to the laws or
prior to an election. '.
Q0, Th.t of th ronpnl rlnr-
Hon nineteen hundred and eighteen
(1918) there shall bo submitted to tha'
electors oi tne siaie ior muir u pi u vci i
amendment to the constitution relat-
lne to the richt of suffrage. At such
election. on the ballot of each elector
votimr for or ajrainst said proposed
amendment, shall be written or printed
the words: "For proposed amend
ment to the constitution relating to
the right of suffrage." and "Against
said proposed amendment to the con
stitution relating to the right cf
C T .monument ha
ha annrnvaA . mnlnrltT nf all
electors voting at such election, pal l
tmendment shall constitute Section
One (1) Article Seven (7) of tho Coi
tltution of the State of Nebraska.
Approved, April 3, 1318.
Attest: Governor.
Stre:ary of State.
anil pi ihbim pi n i Hi, i
r cm
We win be at Plattsmouth, Web., rain or
shine to buy your horses and mules, on
Wc want all the fat mules from 3 to 9 years old we can get.
5Mo thin or bad haired or little horse mules wanted bring in
the good ones.
We will also want GOO IV-arcs to go South, from 3 to 10 years
old and weighing from 800 to 1200 pounds. They must be good
Thousands of democrats will vote
for the re-election of Senator eeks
ol Massachusetts hecause lie lias
been everlastingly right about the
war. i iiousanus oi rcpuniican can
surelv be counted upon to vote
:i:':iinst the re-elect loll ot fv-nator
Norris in Nebraska bec;uise he was
wrong anon: me war, as nio v.tuu.-
. . , i i .
clearly prove. We are not aciauint
r -1 1 with hi.s democrat ic opponent . but
there is every assurance that he is
more deserving of succc-k.; ror-
l is. I lie Killer is t;uu u ne .i-
.... . . -i ... i
peiiling for tin- .support ot Kooseelt
and Taft. Surely his appeal wiil
fall on deaf ears, lb' is the repub
lican Vardaman and deserves t iu-
late at the .ovenuier eieemni im.u
overtook Vardanian in tlie Septem
ber primaries.- Boston iranscripi.
rep. )
ti .!; Tuesilay s I :i ny.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Lucy A. 'W'ill-
h,m was held at the residence ol -Mr.
A. I!. Smith, Monday morning at 10
oVlock. the Hev. II. ti. luswcv
Ofliciat ing. A quartette composeo
ff 4Mrs. DeWoIf, Mrs. Farley, Mr. and Mr. Mc( lu;ey. accom
panied by Miss Cummins, :-nng the
favorite hymns of the dt censed, as
marked in her own hymnal.
The Rev. McCluskey preached up-
on t no worus ti ri. ".
whether wc live, we live unto the
Lord: and whether we die wo die
unto the Lord: whether we live
therefore or die, we are the Lord's."
riw. t:ill bearers were Messrs. Coo.
; . FHyrr j. Roberts. V;;I
i iii.r-L-i w mi Oliver and lr. v. i-
i '-
('ummins. A largo numuei .
friends assembled to pay their last
r,.uf.. to Mrs. Vil!-,n
jjUcy A. IJigelow was born in
Westford. rrmont, Auut -l.
and entered Life Llernal. t)c-
hoiior ".rd. 101S. On May 1SG1,
r;ho was united in uojy vsemoch. m
Mr. C. S. Smith. Mr. Smith died
December 24, 1S74. Of this union
were born five children, all of whnm
survive. They are Mr. A. u. smuti,
Plattsmouth, Nebr.. Mrs. Flora L.
lliveuc, ."""iiuiiv,
If 11 m Ml i 11 5. Omaha. I(?lr., .Mf. .UIO 1
Smith, Heaver City, Nebr.. and Mrs.
Marv K. Young. Lincoln, Nebr.
Some twenty-one years ago flie
was married to Mr. Willson. A lov
ing mother, a staunch friend, a true
Christian, "well done tuou pnou
and faithful servant: enter thou into
1 M
w4 ciL sss ML
the joy of the Lord."
i y iyj
V5 .
. v:.
. I. J '
Yesterday morning, Mrs. Carl
Halt on received a cablegram from
France announcing the safe arrival
there of her husband, the cablegram
announcing, "Safe Well" not much
of it but telling a lot of good news
and creating a world of satisfaction,
for the suspense while one is going
over, is great on the friends who
await for word and it a long time
coming. The many friends of both
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton will rejoice
with her on his safe arrival.
iriii i: ici:i i:ii:irs si.i:
WjiKit . Moliliiiiiini,
iCiiltli (miiii, ii Minor.
N"(i-f is Ii.Tf'iy jiivrn H:it ly vir
lii" !" :h ri!.r nliri"l in tin- fni'c
v.inir rntitl'tl :n;: m tli- i I Ii v!:iy
.t' .l ):. H'1S. Iv t!-.c Pistrict ourt
"f C.iss I'niinly, Nel'i;i'-l;i. J, thf nil
tlviviirneil. liarles 1. Marlni. sole rc-
! !! ; !'"i 'itcil liy sahl eoiii't, will, on
'.Hi !;iv- f XiVfiiihcr, l:ls. at t-n
i i Io. k in ti. ("ort iionri, at tin- south
l.Mir lie 'omt Mouse in I'lat's-
t i i i 1 1 1 . ("avs Coiiiily, Ncliraska. offer
for sale to the highest lilh r for cash.
ti'e tollowitK? lseli lel real estate, to
u i I :
l.ot l-:i- ven HO P.loek Three C!) in
Ihe illaiie of Mauley, in "ass ('(unity,
Xelraska. u eiord i n Io the pn hi islio I
pl.M I hereof.
Sahl ?ale will I'elliaill dpi 11 for bills
for one hour.
imiin m. i.i-:yi.,
, 1 1 orney.
1:. .ma i : tin.
I leferee.
I wish to announce to the public
that on Nov. the ninth, I will tell at
the barn in Pacific Junction, Iowa,
1 0 0 head of I?ig Type Poland, in
cluding 11 fall yearlings that far
rowed litters this fall, 17 head far
rowed last of February, 17 head
farrow in May, and the balance of
the 100 head will be from this fall
litter. In dispersing my herd of big
type Polands, I am giving the swine
raisers an opportunity to secure
breeding .eed that would lie hard to
equal in this part of Iowa.
I am offering tows that have been
tried, and proven worthy of a place
in t lie best herd.
They are the large kind that pro
duce tiie big type, and if you don't
&r flies
for treatment, and io money to be paid until cured. Write for bonk on Recta I Diseases, with oanie
and testimonials of more tbaalOOO prominent people who have been permanently cured.
DR. E. ft. TARRY 240 Bee Building OMAHA, NEBRASKA
1ach & Wlach, The Dentists j
l-r The largest and
lf8SPi erate Prices. Pcrcekin fillings just like tooth. Iastru-
H3 ?fv. -h it",! l!, ijAjT mnf r.irftil!v sterilized after usinc.
Tilinn riAAD
want to raise the big kind, don't
buy these hogs.
You will be able to buy hogs at
this sale that would not be offered
for sale if I wasn't dispersing my
sale. Write for mailing list. Yours
for better swine,
Hart let t, Iowa.
u;;i. Mini i:
In the Count v Court of Cass Countv,
State of XehrasUa. Cass County, ss.
To all persons interested in the es
tate of William lholivr. decease. I.
hi Ueadins- tho Petition of Johanna
Hiidiir, praying ;. final .settlement and
aliouaijee ,,f ,,,. aciount fihd in this
Cong on the "lth day of Sept em hep
1 : 1, and for distrihiitins and assin said estate.
It is hereby ordered that you and
all p'-i-sons interested fn said matter
may., and do. appear at tin- Countv
Court to he held in and for said Coun
ty, on the 'lst clay of Septem i,.r .. I .
1!MS, at !) o'clock A. M.. to show cause."
if any there I.e. why the praver of
the petitioner should not he granted,
and that notice of the pendency .f
said petition and the hearing thereof
he triyen to all person i n teres! o, in
said mailer by publishing a copy (,f
this order in the I'lal tsmout h Journal,
a seni i -weckl y newspaper printed in
said county, for one week prior to
said dav of hearinir.
In Witness Whereof. T have bcre
unto set my hand and the Seal of
said Court, this l:'th do of September
A. I. I'M. AI.t.KN J. MK.'smn.
Scan County Jude.
r.y fl)i:kxci: wiiitk.
Clerk. ,
Lost The black enameled ring
from front of automobile head light,
between Plattsmouth and Louisville,
probably n to 5 miles cast of Louis
ville. Return to Smith Caragc,
Plattsmouth. . - S-'Utlltw
Automobile Owners!
Do you want to save as, get more
power and mileage, and at the same
time keep your spark plugs clean?
will do it! Sold on a money back
guarantee by
V. m. G E H R T S,
. Fistula-Pay When'Curetl
A mild system of treatment that cures Piles. Fistula unci
other Recta i Disea'S ia a short time, without (tovrre a ir
gical operation. No Chloroform. F'her or other fienrral
acasthetic med. A cure guaranteed sn every -r. i
best equipped denial oflices in Omaha.
R'VTrtl! Dl tU Ailllll
i i r r" '