The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 23, 1918, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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near Nehawka, were in the city this rZtSJ.
afternoon looking after some trad- 13
ing for a few hour3.
Net Ccnlrots 15 7 luil Vmrtm
. - -. . Celt";;-" " r
; : ! Ii:icraI. Not narcotic
Sis i i
i T : ' ! ' . "7! i7!"c:.'..i-.T' f of
r ' - - . .
i": t . ! '-i'v.
v .ivi- : ! vi!V from wt.-t cf
rrrrr.'v i , ; i'., rirv lat even- i
i tr;-. with the :
., . !
i :" -i , ' I.-',:;-. n iTo:.i S ,;it.h H-ic !
- , . , , ...... j. r.0-., cc-ni-
.. .: , . II a': wife "-rc
:-- . 'I.i- . er?'.:"in fr:-r.i their
h.. r ; k :!v.fTs. Ir.oking af
ter j-"ive l.u-ir.r.'n.
Adam .M ici ler from near Cedar
(. V- --i - v:Ta-r in tv city this
rf ' ii :!;' t- lo-.k after some
: - ; :'.: duy.
:. C '.r. ." v;.s a vi- iter in i.
i , ; t it y t!-i:'- aft moon from hi'
: -. .- '.:"!!: rd and wa lookinc
: V- r :. v br. - s t-.jtter..
y . '".t".!" r.. i"n:-!n near
(' ': r "r. (.':". :. b,iin,": visitor
in TM " 'p'l-.i'h. for the day ecr.iir..;r
th7- i. n.i :i the ariy train.
.'. ; V, ::!- : nd wife v.ith
:,.:'-'v"'T. to
' - :- ;hi ' rnltrr where they
'. : ft c r :"' rr, e hn -I n
: '. 1 i v ::
..c c? ::: ; u n! ?.
? r Mr:.! V.'even
-- i " X:rf .Ik. wl'.o arrivrd lat
.V M. J r:.;n : n :r Cedar Creek
::; :i vi -I'T in !".:!: h thi--
!.' : (' 'mi . -vn vri the I'.n-
:;;:-. . i:n:S '.- '.:ng 'after 5- tin:
Ii-e ;v t'"- riy.
:! r' ,- :rr tird F. C. l'reee.
,..,r j ! -.i:. jji -;iy :ivt
j. I ;:t;r ;"-ru- b:i5ne"
;,( i'.:r- I i ; i- ;:!id. Were ?.'!
:: : . !' V.;-l:.,o. arrived
.; ,-. ,-.,:j,.r ,,t tiiPf place. cm-
i! ' ' e;:r f. f the Lil: ;( li;
!-:."-. ; ! '!"' ! : i M I"1 'fH":) t):l 11 V.
v ! ( '. wa- 1 n - r It i 1-er-- iy other 'for !? day.
".frle.' M and i.- .-ired to u e ?.l j .h.hi; H. Living-ten from the we; t
Vh-'-. r:;d t,f the county is a visitor in
Ar- 1'. ;: i f; -r'y who have th city : "i the jury fer the pre"
': e-i vi-itiri-r i:- v:-vilie. v. l, rre , t-nt I erm of court.
triey weie the gue--:-; c.-f Mr.-. Dun's' !!ernian Smith and family from
i f- -J i V. 4i U k.
THn b;g ; janri sasiti of WYoriKG
Tl Government ;,. is -t,. r.t five million dollars creating this splerdid ir
r.irii.ion sys-ern and .viii ;,r-nd tm, ::i ii i ioas on neu aereaire. It guarantees in-t-ir:
ir y ami ii. vi:e, yo-j to l.o.. s;ead !) ,- SU acres, Kivinjj 20 years to reiin-ours-
, charIr.z no interest making no i-ndit.
IY rinns are now a. ; iai.Ie'iieat- U.h town of Deavei anu lO.OOo acres
oi" iicv III be opem.n in the next few months.
020 farmers who se'tieu nbout I't.well, Wvo., on the (ir.t divUion of this
project are enjoying unusual pro.,pe::ty-.some of these farms Lave been Bold
for iV.00 per acre.
lild 1 UnlM
Tor Infants snd Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Gastoria
Bears the
m ;her, .Mrs. Rrcn'.o. there to bid
cod-bve to a brother of .Mr.;. Dean.
Frank Rronko. wh; leaves for Ft.
Riley today.
Mr.-. W. J. Cromer, of Rioomtield.
In's been vi-itin;; in 1 1-is vicin
ity ami at Mt'.rr.-y. a K'iest j.t the
!,(,: el" it-r piTO'its Win. Nifhols
'- Ptiener to Omaha
r. itrrnor.n, from where ?he poes
e::: pr'.nK'd to Omaha by her Mter
Ktra Xichr,',s.
I.r.:t iveniii?r Art d?parteI
fo: L,.'.;iiKvi!1e. where he went to ?-!r. Dean who is visit in? there,
anrl to vi?it v.ith her brother Louis
r,rou:n, who ia home on a short
vi r-it freni Ft. Hiley. Kansas, before
lii. l:r. rture frrm tliere, to a camp
in the rnrt, preparatory to embark
ing for France.
Frank Mnrtin and tc!i George and
I r.Telvin lloz all from near Avoca.
were in the city this morning ccm
iir to fo the v.hirh h?u been
ivlvertl.-ed en tho J!i--?r,uri Paeifie.
renfi in th relics fr:m Germany
:;n ! the Gc-r:'!! War Paraphanalia,
aTi:! which i? late on arrival. Vv'e
li;;I pubHshe'l uzi r.rtiele callir.c: at
ntin to the train not irrrlvinc; for
' h. :. ' dete. but r-ay'ns? tJiat it womI'1
i-rive lter. hut en accovnt of thc"e
people only ' ein r-ul-.-crierr; for the
Femi-Wot-kly. tl'.ey had net ;is yet
roceivel t!ie word.
Frin Tl:-:r1ay s Tnilv.
Ceoru-e V. V;ill .f I.aI'Litte w.v.; a
v '. it r in the city this afteri.nan
r a fe-;-
tle-j-'e L' jyd from near Xch.av. ka
was a ou"in-.s vistor .in I'latts-r.'
this afternoon.
Gut ! follenherg froiii near Mur-
j ray was a vii-itir in thi.; city this
norn rcicii:;; to look after seme
V.'m. .iaik.- of near Fnion and
Lulher Mead were i.i the city this
mi trine leaking after ron;e ou:;inea;
f 0f. US8
3 For Over
a Thirty fears
li SiM
I iee with naij'S wiiJ nunc fully describe
it Write for them toflav.
R. W. CLEMENT, Local Ticket A2cnt
S. E. E0WAT.D. Innnigrratiou Agent, C. 3. & Q. K.R.
1001 Farnan Street Omaha. Kcbraska
Government Irrigation means water when you i ed i
II. Eoyles of Elm wood was a
in this city this morning,
coming io serve on me jui mi ihk-
. . a . .. r . . 1 1, ,i
present term of court. j
Henry Likewise of near Cedar
Creek was a visitor in this city this
morning looking after some business
matters for a few hours.
JITS. J. M. JOruail was U yimuii m jj
the city this morning from her hMiie .
near Cedar Creek, and is vk iting j4
with friends here for the
r Nehawka U
III. Vnmi HI I V II UlU 11 Vdi au-iui im ; i.
a visitor in the city coming to
serv? as one or me jurors in im-;
present terms of the district court, jhf
John Bergman was a visitor in jH
. . . ! .. . 1. . t '
the city laat evening, from h:s home
west of Mynard. and was looking
after some business for a few knurs, hi
Kelly Khoden of near Murray w:n 1 1
a visitor in the city for a short tim jh
this morninfr. on his way to On' a ha. ; Kj
. V.'
where he is looking arter s;ome .nisi
ness for the day.
Andrew Campbell of near Kock
Hluffs was a visitor in the city la-t
evening, coming in with the family
in their car, to do pome trading with
the merchants.
Samuel Ilehmeier of Avoca and
Ralph Graham, of the ramo place
were in the city last evening, look
ing after some business in the oflice
cf the county clerk.
Mr?. Win. () enkopp. of Louis
ville, who has been visiting in the
city a guest at the home of Mrs.
Fr.Mik Schlater. returned to her
home lat evening.
County Aizent K. L. Snipe; of
Weeping Water wa- in the city la -t
evening, looking a Tier some nut
ters at the court hous.. having driv
en over in his car.
L. D. lliatt of Murray was a visit
or in this city for a few hours la-t
evening, stopping on his way homo
from Omaha, where tie was Linking
after some business yesterday.
Isy Rosenthal. IVlco Light Deab r.
was a caller here yesterday. lie
hurried out cf town as he wants to
see all his Delco Light prospects be
fore the raise in price which goes in
effect Oct. 1st.
John Long and two daughters wire
in the city this morning from her
heme near LnPlatto. coming to -m
some trading, and also have the
foot of his daughter Nora, treated
for an injury which she received
some time since, and which wa
thoucht to have been a fracture, but
which subsequent x-ray pictures
chow to only have been a dislora
tion. Mrs. U. E. Sprecher and wife who
have been, visiting in Tilair for some
days past at the horn? of Mrs.
Sprecher':; parents L. D. Dulaney, re
turned home last evening. Mr.
Sprecher departed today with the
young men from here going to Man
hattan. K.ii;is for special training
for the Fr.ited States Army, and
were visiting with relatives on r.c-
count of t ho nvr.r departure.
From S.i t e rda v's Ir;:Iv.
W. J. Eihge of Avoea was taking
the exemination this morning before
the local board.
Rev. E. H. I'ontias of near My
r.ard was in the city la. t evening
looking after seme business in the
Leu is Dothiiucr of Greenwood was
a visitor in this city this morning
coming to take an examination be
fore the local board.
Marion Mend cf Fnion w;is a
visitor in I he city this morning,
coming to ttske the examiimt i u be
fore the local hoard.
Lee Kniss cf Murrey, the rural
carrier for that plate was in the city
last evening coming to look afier
'"me business here.
Joseph Lloyd of Murray was a
visitor in this city this morning
looking after some business matters
and visiting with friends.
Joseph Zimmercr of Avoea wa- a
vi-dtor in I'lattr.mouth last evening
driving up to look after some mat
ters at the eourt house.
Will Oliver jr.. of near Louisville,
was si visitor in thi: city today com
ing down on the train this morning
to look after borne business.
Roli.-i Coon and father from near
Manley were in th" city this morn
ing looking after some bosiness in
the city and at the court home.
Leonard Fornoff from near Cedar
Crerk wns a visitor in the city tlis
morning coming down on the train
J to look after s.onio business for the
' Earl Krcpp and Hennings John
son from near Nehawka were in
I'lattsrnouth this morning coming to
take the examination before the lo
cal board.
Frank I'rohaske, of V.'a!r;o, who
has been visiting Iito for :-oine days at the home of his father Fred
Prohaska sr. departed laat evening
for his home.
C. l'etcrson of Weeping Water
was looking after some business at
the court house' this morning, coni-
Here is
cn we openec.
fered. This we have tried to do from the start, but now ve know we are going to get the best, and begin
ning next week we will start the new program running each of these big stars two days. We know that
the people of PlattKinouth will appreciate good pictures. That is why we have booked all the big ones.
The first on the 'ist next fiunday and Monday will be the clever little Ann Pennington in "Sunshine Nan."
After that watch our regular ad fcr the full week's program.
Regular Price of Admission ll and 17c.
n '
inc: to take the examination
the local board aho.
Herman Reek of near N'eh:iwk:i.
wes a viitor in I'h.ttsmoul h, accom
panied by Mrs. Reck last evening. !
Ltid v re looking after some busi- j
ness for the evening. I
Will Anderson and S. Long of Elm-
wood were in the city this morning
eoriiing down with the car and hav
ing some business matters to look
after with Mathew Gering. i
Fre 1 Reverage and family from
northwest of Murray were in the
citv this afternoon looking after
some 1 us in ess matter and doing
some trediag at the store.
The Republicans are h lding a
committie meeting at Weeping Wat
er today, the committeemen and
candidates being in attendance, a
number going from this place.
J. V. Kins r who has been at
Cedar Creek for the past week,
plastering a new house which is be
ing constructed for Jacob Rcuchler.
returned home this morning for ov
er Sunday.
Wm. Spangler and wife from
Weeping Water are visiting with
friends in this city today, having
driven over in their car, and are
looking after some business mat
ters as well.
Wm. Scheifert and August C.
Pautsch and wife from near Louis
ville, were in the city last evening
looking after some business at the
court house, having driven down in
Mr. Scheifert 's car.
W. W. Wasley departed this af
ternoon for Omaha where ho went
fir another car to supply his cus
tomers here, having just now sold
cars tc Glen Campbell. Joseph Camp
bell and Rob Good, all near Murray.
.Mrs. Simon Clarke who has been
visiting at the home of her daugh
ter Mrs. Robert Stivers at Cedar
Creek for some time returned home
this morning and was accompanied
hv her little errand daughter. who
will visit here for a while.
Darrhoca in Children.
For diarrhoea in children om
vear old or older you will find noth
ing belter than. Chamberlain's Colic
aiid Diarrhoea Remedy, followed by
a tlose of castor oil. If should be
kept at hand and given as soon as
the first unnatural looseness of the
bowels appears.
Mcdcm five room cottage, well In
cited. Inquire of C. A. Rawls. own
er. 28-tft!&w
For Sale Cotbige on easy terms,
Two lots on North Eight .street $f.r.o.
Will loan money to build. R. I.
Windham. l&w
!?or Infants and Children
Always t-rar;
of the
liiiJlLf 1 J.
Parmele we to'd you we
; CT,T7TTTf, TIjr MTTn nt? rt?T'PT"R
j Kroni jjatur.iay-s natty,
The matter of taxi service In this
city has been spasmotic. some times
there has been a half dozen cars
awaiting at the railway stations for
business, and some time many trains
without any. People have not known
what to depend upon. Charles Til
ton has entered the game, and with
a determination to succeed and to do
so, he is doing all he can to please
the public and give tlu:a what they
are demanding. With the coming
of the cold weather he has seen the
neccessity of closed cars, and he has
procured a new Sedan car. which
will be comfortable even in the
coldest of weather. He makes all
trains with one exception. When
these cold nirhts and mornings
come, you will enjoy the provision
that he has made for the public com
fort. GETS JUDGMENT OF $7,424.40
t'rem Fi'iauy's Dull v.
In the case of Mrs. Emma Kauf
man Palmer, vs. T. E. Pur mole, for
an accounting for telephono stock
placed In his bunds by Wm. Yolk,
and on which he has borrowed
money, which occupied the atten
tion of tin- court for ome days past,
the Jury returned u verdict last
evening, awarding the plaint I n the
judgment or 7 .4 4. P.. This o
has been tried before, and hen I ImcK
from the supremo court. Thi is the
Hot time (hat a lower court lot '
given a verdict in favor ol the pUtn
Chamberlain's Couli UcmcUy,
Thh is not tul one of Hie bel
aud niiihl cHU-ieul medicines lei
eoui;hs, colds, croup and wheopteu
coiu;h, bill Is ul -o phi.u-aul t iKe.
w hich is iiup u liuil s lo'-n a bu dn lpe
must be i.ivcu lo PHim hlldteu
Chiiinln i btiu's innh Huo d b.oi
b. on in u-.e. tor luaui vuii. mi hah
met with imult laov vOoicVei i
mmd tpiitliilii have Imevdav- ln.uvp
Many motliiu.i have btca thet
iiutuulilt-id Ud-u euv wl m
Sciiihv, Chiltlcnlhe. iVIvi , WMte. s
luivn lei-.iut UiU; vhtl.UeM he s
wan loiui CIoUmIm -W Counh
I v -b. I lolled I) In ha (ha bent
tor iou.,hs. tul.U and. ntti
llti --i ti t In tal: kndh adtli nnd
i hi hi 1 1 ii 1 1 i.e. M M btt nod I
hitvu iihoit-i ltd! Ml Itoto einp
wit it il ii l iu i heme .- Phmbor
laln1.. t'oi(;h iiia-.d eonlti'es mo
i.Uiihi or ( i I., v uai vd h
I'M toi bo pepei t'ii i oi-rrepoml
tmi'-ti iap- i Mm ppIm Hip In lb
,1,11(1 ba olrtlbOpirv ronm. Vnu will
fjful Hifcm Uo Wa in (hp elty.
Biggest Peop
Picture Worlds
17 T'
D. W. GRIFFITH (Producer)
intended to give yon the best
From Friday's Pally.
The devil was dancing a 1'ru.ssian
jig in a cozy corner of I Fell, and
bragged of the way he'd run the
earth since Adam and Eve both
fell. He had stoned the prophets
and killed the Christ, buried the
truths they told and in his own
image a Kaiser made, for a thirst
of power and gold. "What a rush
ing biz." the Devil exclaimed as he
wiped his brimstone chin, when an
outside imp with a troubled look
came bringing the war news in.
"What is the matter?" old Nick in
quired as he swatted a monster bat.
"Rehold the Americana are afte
Rill, your Majesty look at that!"
The Devil gazed at the big head
line "Crown Prince's Host Retreat"
as the imp curled up like an old
meat skin, and fell at. the Devil':,
feet. "Unloose h11 the hands of
Hell!" Nick cried; "save Germany
at any cost! If the Yanks should
kill my dear old Rill, Hell it?elf is
lost!" Then Nick fell down in a pros
trate heap, and lashed his tail on
the floor, for the Roches fell by the
Allied sword and the Devil and
Hell was o'er.
From Thursday Dully.
Joseph Salutka, departed joshi'
day afternoon for Woonsockett, Sa.
Pakota, where he is oiug to make
his home. Mr. Sabatka has lived in
this city for most of his life, and t
one of the best clt liens and we dis
like to lose him. but where ho cat',
do better for himself and family is
the place- for him to go. and wh.-u
we hvso the community there wtll
fcnin. He will twke the farm on
which his brother-In-law- Albert
Pivrost formerly Red. and when he
dted a few mouths slmv.
Plattsmoutfi Auto Tir
and Cycle Repair Shop!
Tires Retreaded Rebuilt!
Good Workmanship!
E-.MEWeS, Proprietor
Krue Building Plattsmouth, Neb.
pictures the market of
Lnti.ti, Mint i:.
tire It. Mini:
HI Will tMKe It'ithv l:;it on tiie
't!i day of .Funf, IMS J 1, rn, j;i I.:.
Vinil!';!!!i fiir-.l her petition in tii-i
lislrk-t I'tnirl ol" Cass I'oiintv. Ne
l'j;i.'k;t, aurainst yui. tie- o.j.-.t atrl
prayer of whkli is tliat si;.- wv.w I
MljHl-rii owner in f.-- .implf of Int.
10 i .i Mock :T,. in I 'la 1 1 si:n ;: ! 1 ;. N. -braska,
i re.l fioui ill ea;iu ol estate
or interest therein of (;,. sai.i u... .-.-.
FJ. I'.inl: an.l tiiat the sai l Ceoi-e I;,
r.ird an.l iill persons ci.imii;:, ,
through or i:nl'-r him l.r- ; ,,-t "a ! !
eti.ioin.-d Iroiii claiming anv ii-;iit or
title or rilit of possession" n.lvei t.i
t!.e title and rights of this piainirti,
her .'teirs or assigns, ami from inter
fering with the peacil'le en.;-:ivm. n t of
sahl lot by the plaintiff. Von ae re
1 1 n i red to answer sail jiftition on or
before Monday the Ith !av of
November. 1!HS, or your default will
be entered therein p.nd the si 1 legations
if said petition taken a tin-.
m:r:.Mi. i:. yvfxpiiam.
Fly R. R. WIM H,M.
A 1 1 erne y.
i.i r. mitici:.
In the County Court of Cavs. Count v,
State of Nebraska. Cass County, ss.
To all persons i n i ercst -d in tie es
tate of William Fm-li-r. dece.isetl.
On Readinir the 1'ititiou of .loi aniei
Rudicr. prayiny: a final sett!, m. m a-i.l
allowance of her account lib-d i.i this
C-Mirt on the l.'th !av of Se p t en 1 1 r
1 SM v. and for Jistri'utinp- an-1 assin
insr sai.l estate.
It is borety ordrrel t!at you an-1
all persons ir.teitsted tn .-.( id mat: .r
may. and do. appear at tie Count v
Court t be Field in and f.-r said Coiin
tv. o:-, the list dav -f Septem l'-r A. ! .
liMS. at o'clock A. M.. to sh.ow cans--,
if any th.-re be. the ma r of
the pe
rioncr snouul not lt i a n t ei teat notice of th-- j'ejideney o
said p.'titbn a;rd Th.e "nca-i-iu- ti-.'-reoi
bi iitven to nil o,-rson interested in
said matter by pnbiisi-.mi; a iy of
tt-'.s order In t!:e V a ; sTnoe t h
a fmi.vci-Kl now;- j.ri-'ted in
said for ono week prior to
srtid i.v of "-e.riTur.
ta W;teess WI.ereof. I lav.- liero
i:nto sc: :nv Jard. and tl.e Seal of
s.- 1.1 v''!'-l, t.'-is t'.th d.iv M" S t-iemb. r
P I-'lv. At.t.RN .1 i:i".t:.--i i.V.
INS" Cuntv Jud:e.
is fi.c-;;v:nvi: wfifti:.
Lost at the Stock Yards. ;. red
steer with white face, weighing from
three to four hundred pounds. No
tify Fred HatTke. Phone 14-tf
A few jrood used Fords for sale.
T. K. Follock. Gangc. 2S-tf
Journal Want-Ads Pay!