The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 02, 1918, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 2, 1018.
Buy Flour and Substi
tutes when you can get
looking after some business, not
withstanding it was difficult for him
to get around.
Mrs. S. E. McElwairi departed last
evening for Greenwood, where she
will visit for a time at the home of
her sister Mrs. K. J. Ethridge, who
is very sick, and will assist in car
ing for her sister.
Miss Fern Grassman of Louisville
was a visitor in this city during the
past week, where she was attending
the institute, departed last evening
for her home. Miss Fern will teach
some three miles west of Louisville
during the coming year.
From Thursday's Daily
Wendell Ileil was in this morning
from his home near Cedar Creek and
was looking after some business.
llnrrv Long of South Hend was a
VOU Will Save money and ; Yisitor in this city, this morning
! com ins down 10 iook aner somt
. business for the day.
Charles Chrisweisser was a visit
or i:i this city last evening coining
to look after some business and to
visit with his mother over night.
Frank Keister was in the city
; last evening from near Manley and
after having attended to his busi
ness matters here returned to his
i Thurman Frans was a visitor in
jthis city from his home near Weep
: ir.g Water, Inst evening having
! some business to look after at Judge
Archer's court.
i L. I. Hiatt or Murray was a mi?i-
.hi .-".i t : I '!'! ' 's Dai; v.
.!. !,ti J. Mv'-iii'M-r
d;.r I'nrk was :i vi
troin mar
-itor in the
Fnmk t.Kiiit' fn r.i Mt el' Murray j
vi -itor in this city
v. - a huine
1 , I - I i i r 1 1 i 1 1 .
Csi'v S. Sr-'Mli-r from n
: al!ri soi:'.
ir :uo;i
biiiiuss at
i 1
this morning.
A. V ' from west
-.' v.a- i :t'r i:i this city
ness visitor in this city last even-
ing coming to lock after some bu.-i-
ne.-s ir.;;jers in connection with his
store at Murray.
J.ur.e-- Hail from east of Murray
was in the city last evening looking
alter some business and also visii-
driving in with his j at the home of his parents Dr. J.
j II. Hall and wife.
S:i:i:T'. of K.xk Hind's was a C. A. Harvey who was in Omaha
. r ilii- t urning for Omaha. J yesterday with hogs which he is
i .. i : ...i. ,iinir tin il.iv in ' shiDniiur to Omaha found a good
s.pio business. j market, and after selling the ship-
Krrno:V from ntar Cedar j nieut returned this way last even
: . . in ti:-.- etty this af tenition in
,i- io :-i me trading and to j Walter T. Vallery and Jacob
..;"! r some bi:iness matters. j j.hner departed last evening for
A. I.irr was a visitor in . tJraitt in Perkins county where they
. iy tl;i - afi;Tivon frr;a hi.-. ' are locking over the country with
:i r Ni-Jiawka. and was look- j the view ot purchasing some lands
attr :"ir.'- bu. ine-s in the city, j there.
i i 'i'i id of Murray. Neb., John Mei'tord of near (Ireenwood
!::!:::: li.e Teach- j
was a visiior in this city this niorn-
;.-. i r ii. a ;.
t f: i - l r ! i ing.
? ! i s Minnie
h h:: bi e?
mi'' n-n- !.
t. 1: 1 1;
.1. M
::e g'.!f.-t of Mrs.
:-..;i:rniil to her hour.'
, ing coming to look after some busi
ness in the citv and to see his
! nephew depart for the training sta
I'etersoii of Manley, ' tion at Camp Funston.
nttendinrr the insti-
!; rt-I last evening tor
;i Manby. win-re she will
, !i!ui'. :-ehool year,
ril.ii! from ii"ar Cedar
. ;. . ; ; i. i : ,,r iti maha t his
... . '. .1. a !"; er some bu -i-r.-
hm:::!'.: ;':e arl m;irii
' ' r. :';r:i-d home this fore-
M . 1 !. IN t-r : of C ii:ir Creek
r i - f t r I . i : i to have or." ot
!:'!lv i';jn-cd. wb ii the car
v. i."-! !: ar.'t l.ouis lie:! was ri-ting
-!'.' !P.!o t! " di:eh a few even
i !, v. ; -i nee.
L. I'i'r' i!-.: ;' -m :h of Ko;.
I'.;:-!.- ;:-- lIf;'.ilit visitor ill
F'-'t : mouth this afternoon, and was
1 1.
a ri:
Louis Schutz arrived this after
noon from Kingsville, Iowa, which
is east of Sioux City, where he has
been working, and reports that
crops are abundant in that neigh
borhood, and that the rains were
"J-b nt there.
James Mauy was a passenger last
veiling to Oreripolis. where be has
fume medicine to deliver, and took
an excursion on the Ilurlington en
joying the fine appointments of the
service between this place on
Johnson": special.
A few evenings ago. a flock ;f
sheep on the farm of (Hen Frry
got 4 mt into the right of way of !h
Missouri Faeilic and the passenger
train passing caught them on the
track killing 69 of the flock. With
the price as it is this makes the kill
quite a costly one.
Wm. J. Stohlnian the next county
commissioner for the second district
of this county and Andrew Stohl
nian a brother, George E. Coon
and son Ilalph all from near Man
ley were visitors in this city this
morning driving over with their
car. anel were looking after some
business in the court house.
Charles Trumble of Eagle, was in
the city this morning accompanied
by the family and was looking af
ter some business matters at the
court house, and while in the city
called on the Journal advancing his
subscription for the Journal. Mr.
Trumble is one of the best of the
citizens of this county and is hon
ored and respected by all his
Warren Wiley and Nicholas Klau
rens returned this morning from a
trip covering more than a week in
the west portion of the state where
they were looking over the coun
try, with a view of purchasing
lands or renting some to make their
home there. While they saw much
country that appealed to them they
did not rent or purchase any, but
expect to in the near future.
their car and returned after the mat
ters were attended to.
L. Lockhart and wife arrived in
this city this morning for a visit at
the home of C. Mockenhaupt, com
ing from their home at Orleans, to
see the city and visit with their
friends by whom they lived hi this
city some thirty or more years ago.
From Friday". Hail v.
Fred Warner of Murray was in
the city last evening looking after
some business.
John Harnard of Louisville was a
visitor in the city for the past few
days departed this afternoon for
his home.
John F.arnard was a visitor in
this city from his home at Meadow
near Louisville and is visiting for
a short time.
. S. J. Keames the electrician, from
Cedar Creek was in the city last
evening looking after some business
matters, for a few hours.
Allen Land and family from we?;
of Mynard were in the city last
evening looking after some matters
and dTiing some trading in the city.
Albert Sehaeffer from south of
Cedar Creek wa-. in the city hist
evening, doing some trading an.l
looking after other business in th?
Kay Davis and wife of west of
Murray were in the city last even
ing in attendance at the Wiles
family reunion, which was held in
(I ar field park.
Frank E. Wood and J. W. .Tritse h
were in the city last evening from
their home in Eight Mile drove pre
cinct and were looking after tome
business for the afternoon.
Earl and Troy Wiles were in ti'
city 'yesterday looking after some
business, and attending the Wiles
family Reunion, which was held at
Garfield park yesterday afternoon.
Miss Crete IJriggs who is to leach
the coming year at West Foini de
parted this afternoon for that place
to take up her school duties with
the beginning of the school yeir
next Monday.
William Meyers, Win. Hursc-h
and Edward Doran all from near
Eagle were in the city last evening
looking after some business at the
court house having driven over with
Autumn Style Show
1" i n x
ii dpi a xonraiTinor rn
J) k
and Hand-Made Shapes!
After busy weeks of careful prepara
tion we take pleasure in showing our
New Fall Models, as the most com
plete assortment of distinctive styles we have ever offered at opening time.
We will show all types from brims of extreme width to close fitting effects.
Sailor?, Mushrooms, Large Pokes in Blue, Taupe, Brown and all the wanted
shades. Ostrich, Feathers, Wing and Ribbon Trim.
This is an unusual opportunity to select your new full hat from
this offering of authentic styles!
I'lnm Saturdays Paily.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. L. (I.
Larson, on West Marble Street, was
the scene of a quiet home wedding,
this morning at nine o'clock, when
their daughter. Miss Alma, was
united in marriage to Mr. C. F. Syde
botham. The wedding was simple
in every appointment, and was wit
nessed by relatives and a few friends.
The living room was decorated with
asparagus and golden rod.
At the appointed hour Miss Matties
Larson sang Cadman's "At Dawn
ing." She was accompanied on the
piano by Miss Ksther Larson. Then
the strains of "The Star Spangled
IiainuT" were sounded, at which
time the bridal party entered.
Little Miss Louise Keister, of Un
ion, was the nower girl, ami ioroiny
May Foster was ring bearer. The
bride was accompanied by Miss Julia
Kerr, as bridesmaid. Mr. llarry
Sydebot ham, of Omaha, was grooms
man. The inarrige lines were read
.y Keverend 11. C. MeClusky, pastor
of the Presbyterian church.
After the ceremony a short re
ception was lulu ami a ngnt outtei
luncheon was served in the dining
room. Here, also, the decorations
were asparagus and goldenred. Miss
l'.ernese Newell, Mrs. It. A. Pates.
Mrs. C. L. Carlson and Mrs.. C. ().
Larson assisted in the dining reiotn.
The out-of-town guests were Mr.
and Mrs. 1. W. Foster ami Mrs. Net
tie Stanton. Mr. and Mrs. II. K. Fos
ter, and children, of Cnion; Miss
Ksther Noyes, of Louisville. Miss
Lelie PutT. of Ceiiar Creek; Mr. and
Mrs. C. (). Larson. f Cheyenne, Wy
oming; Lieutenant Kalph Larson.
Camp McArthur, Texas.
Mr. and .Mrs. Sydebotham depart
ed on the 1 (:( o'clock train over
the P.iirlingtoii. for Lucas, Iowa,
whore they will visit with Mr. Syele
botham's parents for a few days.
The Journal joins with the many
friends of the contracting parties in
extending congratulations and best
wishes for a long, happy and pros
perous wedded life.
Sterling, KSebraska
ri i, m:tti..:mi:t
'im! n t y,
I'i t'i.- ('...nitv I'oiiit nf "a
N r.i k it .
Slai.. !' N.'i.: i;a.
'..i' nt .f i "a 4 . .-
To all i rsons i n 1 it s t il in 1 1 1 cs -lal-
1'iii-illa A. N's, ili'iciisdl:
in I ailing tl... 1 1 : 1 1 f t'har'cs I-;.
N'i'Ms. . raxing l'.r a linal yvl t lerm-ti t
a in I alItuaTi ( his a mil t i 1 - 1 in
this i ; r t . on t!"' I'Ttli day of .nirut.
1 1 V and for d i.-1 1 i ln t ion of rcsidiif of
Mai.- lo sii' li I'l-tsons as are ontil!-d
I Ik i i-Io.
It is h ii l oidi-ri-d tiiat yon and all
l. i sons i n t r t d in said matter may.
ami do. ai-.ear at tla "onnty I'nmt
to l'o 1 1 T 1 in and for said county, on
t!,c itli da of St pl.-nilxT, .. I ., 1H1S.
al la.-i'O o'i l.i. l; .. M.. to s!.oy,
if an tl.i ie in-, why tin- prayer of the
petitioner sho'iid net e ranteil. and
liat notice of the pendency of said
peition ami the hcaliliLC tii-l'of he
i n lo a!! ;ies,,ns nileiesied in said
matter hy on hi i-ii inn a mpv of this
"i 'Ii r in tin- I ' 1 . 1 1 1 s in . ui 1 1 1 Joninal. a
sem i - k 1 ' in-ws pa i-r prinlcd in said
eoiii t. for niH' 'week prior to said day
of l.earinir.
In witness whereof, f have hereunto
set m- ham! an I the sea! of said court
this JTth dav of Ainrnst. .. I .. 1 !U V
.Md.KN .i. i!i:i:siN.
I Sea I l . t'ollllty .Indue.
I-'iori-nce W'liite. (.'Icrk.
mitk i: vini, m-:tti.i-:mi-:t
III !- ) llll 'iirl f ( IINN t'Olllltj,
-lirnstn :
Slate of N-hraska,
ass "oiint-, ss.
"!" all persons i n t r si -d in 1 he statc
of Mary I-'. Welch, deceased:
n reading the petition of Charles
l.amPort prayintr for a final settlement
ami allowance of Pis account tiled in
this cofirt on the L'lth day of August.
1 : I S. ami for linal sett lenient of said
estate and l iscliu r;re of tin- x--utor.
It is hcrchv ordi-n-d that you ami
all pet sons interested in said matter
may. ami h. aupcar at the County
Court he held in and for said cnun
Iv, oil She nth dav of Sept em Per, A. !.,
Il'ls, at 10 o'clock A. M.. to show cause,
if any Ih.-re ho. why the prayer of the
petitioner should not he yrranted, and
that notice or t he pendency of paid
p-tith:ii and the hearing thereof lie
uiven to all persons interested i" said
matter liv puhlishin:; a copy of this
order in the I 'la 1 1 smoii t h Journal, n
semi-weekly newspaper printed in said
county for One week prior to said day
of hearing.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set Hiv hand and the seal of said court
this 21th dav of August. A. 1 .. 1318.
(Seal) County Judge.
i!y Florence White, Clerk.
otici-: t cHuniToiis
In the State of Nebraska, ;ass Coun
tv, ss. In llir (' ty Court.
In the Matter of the Kstate of Nannie
eiibson. docoaspd.
To theCreditors of Said Kstate:
You are hereby notified that 1 will
sit at the County Court room in Platts
mouth in said county, on the lrth day
of September, 101S. and on the ltJth
dav of December. 131. at 0:00 o'clock
A. M., on encli day. to receive und ex
amine all claims anainst said estate,
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited tor the
presentation of claims .nainst said
estate is four months fr.vri the 12th
day of Ausriist. A. !..' 1918. and tiie
time limited for payment of debts is
one year from said 12th day of Au
gust, 191S.
ttness my hand and the seal of said
County Court, this 12th day of Au
gust, 1918.
County Jude.
I .
We have sold numbers of Cass county, Sanders
county, Johnson county, Pawnee counnty, Richardson
county and Iowa people land in Southeastern Nebraska.
When you buy land in Otoe county, Nemaha county,
Gage county, $75 and up per acre, you are getting
something that will make you a bank account instead
of failures.
'We have some choice 40, 80, 120, 160, 240, 320
and 640 acre tracts of land, with very reasonable prices
and good terms.
We have the iargest and best land list in South
eastern Nebraska.
It will pay you to sec us for a home or investment.
mm I
i.i:;i. mitici-:.
.lohn To. Id. Tillio Tohl. Susie Kins-
lev .;ii: t- W. Kinprslay. 1al-na I t'H
Wii. A. Coirlizer, Victor Thom
as, liama Thomas. .ella J.ast
inan. .lolin Ci.-tman. Sylvia Hoefc-r.
and ' Lawrence lloefor, d fendants.
will lake notice that on the ."lst
day of July. UUS. Harry C. Told plain-
ti;f. iH-K-in. hied his petition in me jus
ti i t i iiiirl if Cass county, Nebraska,
against said defendants and others,
the ohie t and prayer of which are t
i;;:iet tl: title in the plaintiff to the
Southwest quarter, SV l-O of the
Soutticast euartir (SK 1-1 I of Sec
tion Thirtv CPU, Township Ten lo.
i:;1ii;'i' I'oin t--n till, in Cass Count y
Nebraska, on the proiinds that said
tract of land was er roneousl y omit-t-l
from a deed thereon . by Lev!
; Todd. sr.. to his wife. Lydla
Tdd. of date of July 26th. 190.1. and
re-corded in hook 1".. pas? 1-7. and al
so for the reason that plaintiff and his
predecessors in title have had actual,
open, exclusive and adverse possess
ion of said teal estate for more than
ten vears last past.
You are riiiired to answer said pe
tition on or before the li'.th tlay of
September. I'.MS.
I ia ted this ;!lst dav of July. 1918.
Plaint Iff.
P.v I. O. l'YKi:, Ills Attorney.
i.r.i; l .tTic n.
To Pauline Oldham, as Administra
trix of the estate of C.eorprc J. Oldham,
leeased: Kichard Conway Ohlhaiii:
Cuzzn J. Haker: Lacuna Connally:
Pauluie Oldham: Kay Oldham: John .1.
Oldham: Jessie I . Snyder: Ktlison L
Oldham: James W. Oldham: Vera 1 1.
Oldham: Potlv Oldham: Mary L. dais,
and all persons interested In the estate
of Jackson '. oldhatrt. I eceased, In
ludins n-ditors and claimants.
You arc herebv notltied that on the
tth dav of Mav 1U1S. plaintitT tiled a
petition in the District Court of Cass
e'ountv. Nebraska, prayinK amoiiR oth
er things for an oriler to be entered
bv the court directing the administra
trix of the estate of e!eorpe J. Oldham,
deceased, to convey to plaintiff the
Northwest Quarter of the Northwest
Quarter of Section thirty-one trill
Township eleven (111 Kansc fourteen
i HI Cass County. Nebraska, upon the
n:i v merit, of the balance of the pur
chase price in accordance with the
contract entered into between the
nlaiiitllY anil the said Oeorire J. Old
ham, dnriiiir his lifetime, on the l.'ith
dav of Januarv. PUS. ami to have the
title t said land quieted as acrainst
the defendant. All persons interested
in the est. -i t of Jackson (j. Oldham
deceased. i n 1 ud i ii c creditors nd
i-la ima nts.
Yon are further notified there will
be a hearing upon said petition at the
Disrriet Court liooni In the Court
House, at Plattsmouth Cass County
Nebraska, on the :!rd day of September
mis. at the hour of ten o'clock A. M.
to all of which, ami the allegations of
the petition, vou -will take due notice
Attorney. Plaintiff,
shares, of inn' hundred dollars each,
$' of which shall be paid in."
AUTICI.K Number Six "The indebted
ness of tills corporation shall at no
time exceed the amount of its paid
in capital ami surplus except for
APTICI.K Number Kisht. "The af
fairs of this corporation shall be un
der the control and management of
a board of directors consisting f
not loss than three nor more than
live shareholders, whose term of
office shall be for the period of one
-ar. or until tlu-ir successors are
elected and qualified, not less than
a majority of whom shall be resi
dents of the county in which the
bank is located or counties adjacent
thereto. It shall be the duty of the
board of directors to elect from
their number a president and secre
tary, and select a vice president and
cashier, and they may also select
an assistant cashier and such other
clerks and assistants as the busi
ness of the corporation may require.
The term of office of the officers of
this corporation shall be one year,
or until their successors are elected
ami qualified. The board of direc
tors may adopt such by-laws for the
regulation and management of the
affairs ami business of the corpor
ation as is may deem proper."
And 1 do further state under oath
that the paid in capital stock of said
bank was at said meetinir by a unani
mous vote of all the stock represented
increased from $15,000.00 authorized
to $., Oiio. oo authorized, of which shall be paid in, and that the
full amount of said Increase viz.
$;,000 has been paid in.
State of Nebraska,
County of Cass, ss.
Subscribed a ml sworn to before me
by II. A. Cut limann. Cashier of the
Hank of Murdock, of Murdock, Nebras
ka, this Oth dav of Ausust. 1018.
JKP.llY 10. Jkliniir
Notary Public.
My commission expires March 25, 1920
l Till: llTMICT ( III II I' l' OWs
( iii .m i. m;iik m
i.k;i- NoTicn.
The State of Nebraska. Cuss County,
ss. In the County Court.
In the Matter of Kstntc of Adam
W. Meisiiij;cr, Deceased.
To the Creditors of Said Estate:
You an- Hereby Notified. That I will
sit at the County Court Koom in
Plattsmouth in said County, on the flth
dav of September. 101S and on the 10th
dav of December, 1U1S. at 10 o'clock
A. M. of each day to receive and ex
amine all claims acrainst said lOstate,
with a view to their adjustment and
Allowance. The time limited for the
nresentation of claims aealnst said
Kstate is 3 months from the Oth day
of September A. D. 191S, and the' time
limited for payment of debts is One
Year from said 9th day of September
Wiinfsi! mv band and the seal of
said Countv Court, this Titlt day of
Aucust 1918. ALLEN J. HKKSON,
(Seal) County Judere.
By Florence White. Clerk.
I H A. Guthmann, Cashier of the
Hank of Murdock. of Murdoch, in the
County of Cass, and the Stete of Ke
broska. do hereby certify that at the
regular annual meeting of the Stock
holders of tiie said bank held on the
first tlst) dav or July,' 1918, at which
meet Ins more than two-thirds of the
Capital Stock was represented, a mo
tion was made, seconded and unani
mously carried, that Articles number
Four. "Six and Kight of the Articles
of Incorporation of said bank be
amended to read as follows:
RTICLE Number Four: "Th auth
orized amount of capital stock of
this corporation shall be twenty
five thousand dollars ($23,000) di-j
vided into two hundred ands fifty
m:(;ai. xotick.
To Pauline Oldham, as Administra
trix of the estate of eleorfre J. Oldham,
Deceased: Picliard Conway Oldham:
Cuzza J. Haker: Lacuna Connally:
Pauline Oldham: Fay Oldham: John J.
Oldham: Jessie D. Snyder: Ellison L
Oldham: James V. Oldham: Vera H.
Oldham: Polly Cidham and Mary L.
You are hereby notilied that on the
22nd day of May 191S. plaintiff filed a
petition in the District Court of Cass
County, Nebraska, prayinfT anions oth
er things for an order to be entered
by the court directing the administra
trix of the estate of C.eorse J. Oldham,
deceased, to convey to plaintiff Lots
one (1) and two (2) and all of Lots
three (3) and four (4) not taken by
Chicap-o Avenue, in Hlock One Hundred
Sixty-four (164) City of Plattsmouth.
Cass County, Nebraska, upon the pay
ment of the balance of the purchase
price in accordance with the contract
entered into between the plaintiff and
the said tJeorpre J. Oldham, durins his
life time on the 10th day of September
You are further notified that there
will be a hearing upon said petition at
the District Court Koom In the Court
House, at Plattsmouth, Cass County,
Nebraska. en the 3rd day of September
191S. at the hour of ten o'clock A. M.
to all of which and the allegations of
the petition, you will take due notice.
C. A. II AWLS. Plaintiff.
J22-6 wks.
In the Matter of the I ua id ia n s h i p of
Amies Haeir. .Mary 11a vir and Cc
cilie Havir. Minors.
Order llMV ClIIIMI.
This cause came on for hiaiintr upon
the petition f Mary 1. Ilclohlavv. a-;
mi.ililian of the estate of Amies Havir,
Mary Havir, and Cceilie Havir, minors,
piayins for a license to sell He- un
divided 1-i; interest of a. h of s.u.l
minors in and to the follow ins d.--scrbed
real estate, to-wit: l.ot- 1,
::. and 1 in Hlock and Lots I n. It,
and 12 In !. all in Duke's ad
dition to the city of Plattsmouth.
Cass county, Nebraska, for the suppoit
and ma intcna nee and -du-ation of said
minors, there not hcintj s a l'liei.-n t per
sonal property to furnish suppoit and
maintenance ami expense- of education
for said minois.
It is therefore ordered that all per
sons interested in said estate mav ap
pear before tiie at the Di-t'iit Court
room in the :aid citv of I "la 1 1 .- inou i h.
Cass county. Nebraska, on the I'.Ird
day of September. I!'s. at In " bu k
A. .M . to show cause why a license
should not be slanted lo said snnrd
ian to sell so much or all of the above
described real estate as shall In- nec
essary for tin- support, maintenance
.Mid expense of education of said min
ors and for their best inli li sts. 'Hiis
order shall hi' published in the Platts
mouth Sem i-' -k I y Journal for a per
iod if four weeks successively before
the date of ln-arins.
Dated this 2:'.rd dav of Ausnst, PUS.
james t. ki::li:y.
Judy;e of the District Court.
oi:hi:ic oc m:itir; o imvutio'v
A mil MM It I TO It
Th State of Nebraska, Cass Coun
tv, ss. In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam K. Fox. deceased:
I Hi rcadins and lilins the p-litmn of
E. !. Dovey Son. pray ins that Ad
ministration of said estate may be
sranted to John McNurlin, as Adminis
t ra t or.
Ordered, that September 1 A. D.
191S. at 10 o'clock A. M.. is assimn-d
for hearins said petition, when all per
sons interested in said matter may
appear at a County Court to bo held in
and for said County, and show cause
why the prayer of petitioner should
not be .sranted; ami that notice of iho
pendency of said petition and the
hearins thereof be siven to all person ;
Interested in said matter bv publish
ins a copy of this order in the Platls
moutli Journal, a sem i-w eck I y news
paper printed in said county for I lin o
successive weeks, prior to said day of
lica ri ns
Dated August 11th. IMS.
County Jiidso.
Hy Florence White, Clerk
Uast of KHey Hold. .J.
J. Coatcs Hlock,
Second Floor.
.??....?-..,?. ??......
llnmo nil
Assets over
Do you know that Home Builders. Inc. U
exclusive in its plan of aG;e invostniont, dif
fering from any Nebraska concern that mav
appear similar?
1. Home Builders invests none of its funds
except under mortae security. It loans its
funds only for constructions of and
other buildings and only w here Home Build
ers takes the building contract.
2. Do you know of any other concer any
where similar to Home Builders, Inc., w hich
invests its funds in mortgage security otilvy
American Security Co., Fis. Afjts.
Omaha, Neb.
E. P. Lutz, Agent, Plattsmoute, Neb.