The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 29, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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''Mil I I H I ITIU1L J A 4 A W
Oe plattsmoutb journal
Lntcred at Pustotrice, I'lattsmoutli, Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Save and win the war.
September 'J, school begins.
A good motto: " at Home.
Love is thin '.vht i. faults are thick.
Tho tnly
tulles ever
tackle is
yutis v.ui'U.
By the way, when is McAdoo go
ing to take over the newspapers ynd
ra cur v.-gts?
A hard winter is predicted, which
t he
progno.-d ioiuurs say usuallj" fol- j
f ty hot summer.
If a man is I. is own worst enemy,
it oiichl to bo an ta.-y matter for
him to love i;ii neinl;ior as he loves
hi" self.
Ti:n' "Aiii cnan"1 many things.
F.,r in jtiirice. ji;s now Yankt-e
I;.ni;.' l"::in!- -ee.;:t- Tj be the main
a' tract ii-i! 1:
Some people believe everything
they hear, while others only be
lieve what they want to which no
doubt is the proper way.
A great i.iar.y pat riot ic-o'T.c j
setki'ig politicians are like the boy
v ho wa'-kes his face. He alwas
loaves proof on the towel.
Some day there will be a German
republic that will gladly heip us
-!ebrate the 1th of July, and thai.!:
us for licking the kaiser and his
Why not grab allN the profiteers
and put thenr f:i the" front lineof
trenches? They might do some
rood there.
When the ultimate consumer is
not pleased with the way things are
going, it does not cheer him up any
to reflect that it was not the in-
tuition to please him.
Lightning is very unlike politics.
The great difference is that light
ning seldom strikes twice in the
same place, and if it is a man, there
is no necessity of it a second attack,
to: !
There is no need for worry be-
cause the Atlanta prison "is to full
that federal prisorers must be s-nt
elsewhere. Wo cat. build mere jails
and there are s;iii cr.oi;ili enemies
at large to till a good many.
. :o:
At last it has been thoroughly '
established that honesty is the best
policy. A fellow stole a shotgun !
aud tried to sell it
He was offered J
only a dollar for it, so he returned
it to its rightful owner who reward
ed him with J.
Mds.imilli:;n Harden warns the
KaLr that defeat certain. The
l aei has Ik n kiio-. a mitsbb- of Ger
mane tu some time, but
we sup- '
pose Harden is entitled
credit for disemir.ating
: o t
Whin v. tratiu- contention is talk
ing about'.ng the pric? for hair
cut i' iit ?' 3 , do s it mean haircuts.
r dees it just mri'.u these ludicrous
looking jobs one gets when he pays
fifty rente to have an ex-hedge
trimmer jab a clipper at him a few
times and then holler Next!
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
with LOCAL A Vri.T CATIONS, as the
rannot reach the cent of Him disease,
itatarrii U a JuiliI -ilsise, greatly ic
t'sericed by coniti'uti'-.nal cnostiors. aw;
in orUer to cure i' ym roust take an
internal rem.'dy Hull's 'atarri Medi
cine ii taken intera-ily and act3 t'.ru
the U'joJ nr. the nui'-'jus surfaces of tlie
nysttjin. Hali'd Catauh Medicine was
prescribed by ore I ': : best physicians
j;a I hi country for years. It is com
posed of some of the be.-t tonics known,
combined, with- sonic of the l-cst blood
purifiers. The perfect conitiination of
the insrredltnti in Hall's Catarrn Medi
cine is w-at produces such vondrfu!
results in catarrhal conditions. Send, for
t'-fctirnonjats. free.
i J. CIii":-."K.y & CO., I'rcpB., Toledo, O
AH Dm exists.
To love your neighbor as your
self use plenty of chicken wire.
When the day breaks some men
are too lazy to make use of the
Kishiiig might be called a "use
ful occupation" if the fish would
The distribution of sugar is just
a little matter
among friends.
Horse flesh is among the meats
in Germany. Also, cats and dogs in
some parts of that country.
-: o i -
War Savings Stamps the answer
of a great democracy for democratic
form of government security.
it is worth it is a heep better
u the other fellow have it.
Ab'.ut election time one can mott
always uiiinguisli between a care-
i Icfs friend and a careful enemy.
Spain keeps right on kidding her
self that she can join this German
propaganda or leave it alone at will.
Sometimes Austria is afraid Ger
many won't win the war, and some
times Austria is afraid Germany
I :o:
If four million soldiers in France
is all it takes to do this matter up
right, as General March implies.
then let's go.
The recent primary cut the feath
ers wonderfully of some fellows who
thought they were in the running
and failed to even get to first base.
Cut such is life in politics.
Ice is the customary shortage ii;
summer, and in winter coal is the
seasonable shortage. What are the
usual worries in spring and autumn:
Thinking about summer and wint
er? :o:
A Maryland berrv picker savs h
protects himself from snakes and
reptiles by playing on a mouth
organ. A man in almost any other
walk of life would bring trouble on
.Doth sides in the work or figh'
controversy before the House com-
mittee seem to forget that the men
in the la!7 call were put under
work or light rule without any pro-
vision in the bill
"Should a girl use powder?"' ask
the Baltimore Evening Sun. As to
that, far be it from a newspaper
paragraplier to say. But if she does
she should observe the well known
adaac, and keep her powder dry.
J I appears that the Germans, by
their late withdrawals, have given
Up all iiy:,)e of ever getting to Calais.
But very likely the German people
still read in the papers every night
tiii'. "Bjiris will be at our mercy in
ten or tttcen dajs."
It is the belief of Washington
that General J'och intends to pound
the Germans hard, all winter. And !
there'll be more of it in the spring,
also. The weather indications are
not very pleasing for the Germans.
To recover from a love affair
The firbt of the new bugar crop
will reach the market in October
in the form of beet sugar. This har
vest will continue the remainder of
the year. Louisiana cane will be
gin to come in about the middle of
November, and Cuban cane about
the middle of December, although
perhaps not iu large quantities ttu-J
til January.
The processes of the German mind
are revealed in everything the Ger
man does. They are as easily trac
ed as the working of one of those
mechanical German toys which al
ways do exactly the same thing
when wound up.
The German purpose in sending
U-boats to operate off the Atalntic
coast may not be clear to some
Americans. They will say to them
selves that the German must be.
aware that he can do no great
damage with these boats. If he can
not sink troop, tdiips in European
waters, close to his own bases, how
can he hope to sink them on this
.side cf the ocean?
The answer must be found in the
whole German reasoning about
America, the reasoning by which he
has deceived himself from the be
ginning of the war. Once on v
wrong track the German never gets
off till he finds himself in the ditch.
I!e has to have a wreck to make him
discover he should have backed up.
Let's trace that German reasoning
back a little distance. Before Amer
ica went into the. war figures were
laid before the kaiser to show th;r
there were 10 million persons ii
America of German stock. A map
of the United States was laid be
fore him covered thickly with little
crosses, each cue representing :
German church, society or other
center of German influence. The
Kaiser studied those figures out!
that map and made a foolish speech
to his advisers, which readers ma
recall, in which he said Amerio:
would not come into the war be
cause the President and C'ongres
would not dare go counter to t li i
powerful German element. He sai
that nobody could bo elected Presi
dent of the' United States whom h
opposed. He aid a number o'
foolish things like that aud believ
ed them. His German mind dh
that to him. It ha been one all'
of the Eentente the kaiser hasn'
known about.
This is the way the German fool
himself. He compiles figures tf
show a result he wants to be shown
and when he sees it he forgets hr
made it up himself aud it knock
him off his mental perch.
About those submarines. The Ger
man knows that with two or Hirer
of these craft dodging about 3, Off
miles from home and no place t'
roost, he cannot hope to strike ai
effective blow at American shipping
With his whole fleet of U-boats, op
crating practically under his ow
guns, he could not give England
death blow, and he knows he can
give one to America. But the Gor
man is acting on his patent syster
winch can't go wrong. You see, h
has studied America. He has busb
els of reports, numbered and docket
cd and filed in order, which are jur
as accurate as those figures and tin'
map which the kaiser counted on t
keep America out of 'the war. H'
knows, from this expensive inform."
tion, that Americans are a sordb'
dollar chasing people, without pat
riotism. That is the way they ar
ticketed in the intelligence depart
meut of the general staff in Berlin
It must be right. Knowing this tb'
German knows that sit the first sier
of danger to his dollars, or his ship5,
or his business the American wil
brj panic stricken and go straight in
in the air. At the iirst sight of t
periscope, or informtaion of a stonr
barge or fishing schooner stink ir
bis own water the American wil"
begin to shriek to his governuien'
to bring his navy home from Brit
ish waters to guard America's
That is the result the German ha?
expected to accomplish. That i?
what his reasoning tells him will
happen. It makes no difference
that all his former calculations went
wrong. That is the track he is on
and he is going to stay qn if till
he brings up in the ditch. K. C.
One hundred per cent American
ism is usually taken to mean Araer-
icanism without even a. chemical
trace of a hyphen. The hypheu
est ls a good one, but not the only
one. There's the test of how the
individual or the community stands
toward the issue of honest elections.
One hundred per cent American
ism will not regard with indiffer
ence the stealing of elections. One
hundred percent Americanism knows
that once the integrity of the bal
lot is lost in America, democracy is
i0bt in America. No Amreicau
whose red blood boiled up at the
insolent attempt of Germany to tell
him what his rights were at sea,
will permit an election crook to tell
him what his rights are at the bal
lot box. The whole Nation rose as
one man to hurl the German kais
er's challenge back in his face. Un
less the same defiance meets the
nrrogant attempt of the ballot box
thieves to control elections Amer
ica will be no safer for democracy
after the menace of kaiserism is re
moved than it now is.
Every intelligent man in Kansas
City who read the returns iu the
primary knows that the figures in
rhe boss controlled warda were ma
nipulated. Eery reasoning man
knows that the precinct in the
Kiftli Ward tlmt cast "0.r votes for
Wilfloy and none for Folk was a
i t rolled prec inct. Nowhere in the
or Id do men think with sut ii
liuinimity, and certainly not in the
i'i-Hi Ward. In the First Ward 2.
' ;." votts were counted for Wilfley,
the machine candidate, and forty
even for Folk. In some precincts
f that ward Folk was given ro
votes at all. In one he got two.
':: none more than ten. In the Sec
Mid Ward Wilfley got l.T.OG votes
nd Folk IS 2. In the Fifth Ward
VilHey got '2 . ') 0 5 and Folk 14T.
Turn back to any election, any
rimary. and the same results will
fe f-.juud. The candidate with tie
ndorsement of the bosses of the:e
ctten borough wards gets the unar.
mous vote, his opponent being giv
n a few scattering votes here ai d
here, apparently by way of jok;-.
Turn to the vote on the street rail
vay franchise. It was the sam .
Mways the same.
There is only one word to u- -cribe
this sort of "election." F. i
heft. There is only one word to
'escribe the indifference with which
t has come to be regarded in
ansas City. It is anti-American.
Stealing an election has come to
e a conventional crime in Kansi.s
'ity. Actually it is high treason.
The agent of a political boss who''
dips the padded vote into the bal
The followinK proposed amendment
to the constitution of the State of
Nebraska, as hereinafter set forth in
full, Is submitted to tho electors of
the State of Nebraska to bo voted
upon at tho general election to b-j
held Tuesday, November 3th, A. D.
Section one (1) of Article seven (7
o the Constitution of the State of
Be It Resolved by the Legislature of
tho State of Nebraska:
Section 1. That Section One cf Ar-
iicie beven ot tno uonstnution oi u.o
State of Nebraska bo and the same
hereby is amended by ttriking out the
following words:
"Second. Persons of foreign birth
iv ho shall have declared their inten
tion to becomo eitizens comformably
to tho laws of the United States c -i
the subject of naturalization, at lcart
thirty days prior to an election."
Ar.d inserting iu tho place of tho
words so stricken, the following
"Sacond. Persons of foreign birth
who Bhall have become citizens of the
United States by naturalization or
otherwise conformably to the laws cf
tho Unitod States at least thirty day
prior to an election.
Sec. 2. That at tha general elec-;
Hon nineteen hundred and eighteen
(1918) there shall bo submitted to the;
electors of the state for their approval
or rejection the foregoing proposed
amendment to the constitution relat
ing to the right of suffrage. At such
election, on the ballot of each elector
voting for or against said proposed
amendment, shall be written or printed
the words: "For proposed amend
ment to the constitution relating to
the right of suffrage," and "Against
said proposed amendment to the con
stitution relating to tha Tight cf
Sec. Z. If Buch amendment shall
be approved by a majority of all
electors voting at such election, said
amendment shall constitute Section
One (1) Article Seven (7) of the Cod
stitution of the Stato of Nebraska.
Approved, April 9. 1918.
Attest: Governor.
Secretary of State.
lot box is on an exact par -with the
agent of the German kaiser who
plants a bomb in a munitions fac-
tory or undermines a bridgo over
which a troop train is to pass. Both
are trying to destroy American in
stitutions. K. C. Star.
Aug. 3rd, 191S.
Dear Philip aud Family:
Just returned from the front. Re
ceived your letter when I came in
and as usual was tickled to death to
hear from home. I have been ans
wering your letters and am at lib
erty to write at any time. We have
been at the front ever since the first
of June and of course, our packs are
heavy enough without carrying
writing paper. So we do not alwaj-s
have stationary and I think lots of
mail goes lost. Nevertheless I am
(). K. and am glad to hear that you
folks are all well. We had a hot
bath vesterdav and received clean
clothing, feel like a man again. Most
nil of us had creepers. We fight
three armies, German, Mosquitos
rnd lice. But wc are getting away
with all three of them. I suppose
Mm read about the barrage the Ger
mans put over on us the 17 of July.
Farrago means artillery fire where
they shot holes in the ground and
try to dig you out of your dugout,
and in many cases they succeed in
doing it. This might not be the
proper definition, but then it will
give you some idea.
Well I was in that barrage, in a
dugout. If I had not been in a
dugout chances are I would not be
able to write this letter. They shot
everything at us from gass to brick
bats. I did not see any brick bats
b it must have put some over. I
seen everything else. They thought
they had us all killed and was going
to come across the .Marne and take
up a position. But they were mis
taken there were still some of us
left and we mado them do the hot
foot and they are still going. T
think we will get a rest for a few
weeks and I hope it will be near an
end by that time.
I just received your letter of th'e
Nth of July. So I will answer them
both in one. I am sorry to hear
the sad news of Adam. If vou see 1
his wife, give her my sympathy. I
wrote to you once before about a
man named Hirz from New Jersey.
Ho io wounded. Well I will ex
plain about the Brown affair. I
met her son in Omaha, started for
Ft. Logan. He went broke, so I let
him have a little money. He said
he would write to his mother and
her send it to me. So I gave him
your address. I did not think he
I would send it, but I guess he did.
Keep it and buy the girls something
t hey need. I have no use for monev
j over here. Well I am glad to hear
j that the crops are fair and the rain
is bound to come, so you will get
10 0 bucks for your pig. It lias been
raining for the last few days. They
sure have some fine looking wheat
over here, heavy as lead. And be-
fifiPlVa Pnl ou are Sng to neec underwear
be hard to get. We are going to
. prices that speak for thrift:
Men's fleeced union suits
" 2-piece winter wear
" summer suits
ill a
"There is no surplus of woolen fabrics.
The looms are running on government
work and its every man's duty to help
prevent a shortage, thru the practice of
We have a big stock of $18.00 to $30.00 carried over
all wool suits. Do you wish one of thes or a new up
j to the minute style suit.
j m m m a r
lieve me when we drove the Ger-
mans back they are getting busy
and harvesting the wheat. "Well I
will close for this time. We got a
little opening in woods where we
are located and the boys are batting
the ball around. So I will have to
get in. So good luck to you all.
Write whenever you have time. Tell
Pipper hello for me, and that I
would be back by Xmas to chew the
rag with him. Good-bye.
'rom Monday's Pally.
A. C. Davis and wife with their
mtle daughter who have beep visit
ing in tne west ana spending some
time in the mountains, and the
places of interest in the west for the
past two weeks, seeing the sights,
which the ever interesting moun
tains have to offer, returned home
this morning. Having had an ex
cellent time while away, they re
turned rested and refreshed to take
up the work here again.
From Monday's Daily.
E. II. Hybbell and wife who have
been at Mountain View, Mo., for
the past week, where they went to
close the contract purchasing a farm
near that place. They report, like
here, the weather had been on the
Why not protect yourself against
higher prices later on by buying
now what you know you are going
to need.
On Sept. 1 st all our standard Everett blue overalls in De
troit makes advance to $2.5C. We are now selling them at
$2.25. We also are selling a fast color blue, full cut, bib over
all until Sept. 1st at $1 85.
A look will convince you.
a m m a w m w i m a
dry order, but during the past week
while they were there much rain
had fallen. They will expect to move
there as soon as they can dispose of
their property here.
Poultry Wanted!
A car load of live poultry to be
delivered at poultry car near Bur
lington depot, Plattsmouth, Nebr.,
on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, one day only
for which we will pay in cash :
Hens 24c
Springs 24c
Ducks 15c
Geese 15c-
Old Roosters 15c
We will be on hand rain or shine
to take care of all poultry offered for
this winter. It's going to
give you some opening
$1 .45