The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 22, 1918, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Mrs. A. F. Seybert and Miss Ethel WZ
and friend, Miss Grace Smith, of Om-j
aha, took dinner at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Keil Tuesday. !
There was a very pleasant birth-'
day party given at the home of A.
F. Nickels last Friday afternoon,
given by Miss Alice, in honor of.
Murray Dep
ur service
If any of the rearlprs of the
Journal kno of any social
pventor item tf inrrrost tn
this vicinity, and will mail
same to tins oHiee, it, will ap
pear iimler this heading. We
want all newsltemb KoiTOii
What If You Were Buying An
Airplane to Use?
You Would Insist on Knowing All About that Machine
Before You Bought It, Wouldn't You?
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
her brother Gene's 12th birthday.)
Build Up Your
Bank. Account
Take time by the forelock.
Don't be satisfied with a small
balance in bank.
Deposit every dollar that you
don't require for your actual
Money is safer in the bank
than in your pocket or in your
You'll be more loath to draw
c check than spend the cash.
Sec us about an account.
Wc do all kinds of banking. per rent interest on ti ne deposits. deposits are rotcctcd by the State Guaranty Law.
na i
.Miss I.dia Todd is numbered with
M k in is Week.
The Oliiimi:; family :U1, rs. M.
'rak. w .;' Omaha visitors on last
!::::d - (lull's coat on the I .
Yi. m::; read. Inquire at the Jour-
O 'Vu-r.
W.i.ied : l;iy. - pure bred l)u
I';l:s with a pi-diuree. Oldham
.-:!oe. i'arni.
.Mr. a;ii .Mrs. Janii-s I'.iown anl
tv. : 1 . 1 1 i i r rs wi re in Omaha Tues
da of this wee!;.
.Mrs. Ost, of .Memphis, v. as visit in:;
in aii'I near .Murray for a
ys the n:h( week.
Mtv. . '. H-rie-T ::i:l children,
i f -1 i ml; W'a: r, spent Sunday
with -Mr. at"! Mrs. Win. liiee.
rela f i ve
'Irs. II. C. Todd are look-
in.: .Utr -on:.- natters of interest in
hj-i' -s ai.-l p'e-jMiro trip in the
v. e-i-rti art of the state.
.Mrs. I.nli Louhridi;e was called
1 ' it i tills we' k to eare for her moth
er. Mr . I'rov:i. who has been very
: ! . h reported some better for
t !e pa. t lew days.
Ir. an 'I Mrs. (JUniore returned
lroni thir v.esTcrn trip the latter
part el last week. They r port a
iy enj..yolle time all through tliO
the jn'iriiey hot !i tioin ami curiiirii;
ami in the sta in I'erkins ami Chase
i Km; i ie. where the Or. is interested
in mi!;,i' land proposit ions. They re
port all rep conditions in hoth these
eoonfj.s as l Kelvin:
of t e ea r.
j-r.. was
, from I'nioii
i Plattsmouth
was vis-
was a Sunday
Sliest of .Miss
itiir; in Murray last
.Miss iia.el Hwvey
visitor in Murray, a
.Margie Walker.
.Miss .Margie Walker was a Platts
mouth visitor last Friday evening, a
iiii'ri of .Miss Iovcy.
John Hohsc-eidt trucked it to Om
aha Ttie....y morning, with a cow
that was on the market that day.
Minford i Creamer shipped a ear
ioad of rattle and Im.s to the South
Omaha market Tuesday evening of
this week.
Mr-. Minnie 1. Wood, of Lincoln,
ha-: Iseen in .Murray for the pp..-t few
days visiting with friends and rel
fices at the old home.
.Mrs. C. M. .M in ford 'and daughter.
Miss Oula were in Plattsmouth last
Saturday cvenin:;. Miss Clara
Voiinu: returned with tlmnt and spent
Sunday with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker took
i Sunday dinner with lr. and Mrs.
jciiimore last Sunday. The many
.friends of Mr Walker will he pleased
to see that he is improving from
, his re rent illness.
! Will Smith went to Plattsmouth
'Tuesday niorniui; accompanied by
jhis two nieces. Miss Cleo Goweu ami
j Mi.-s l.oretla Smith, hoth of Onir,
LVehr.. and were returning home af-
fine at this time
or w i
t .
r Ui'ii eottouwood logs for
I! pot in a mill and will
it !'-. r at t!:e right price.
Murrav, Neh.
a few davs visit in -Murray at
the hom' of their uricie and aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith and
two neit cs drove down to Nebraska
City last Sunday where they spent a
few hours with friends and reltivcs.
Mrs. Mabel Wilkins, of Omaha,
came j down last Saturday evening,
and was an over Sunday guest at the
the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Tutt
returning home Monday morning.
Ncw assortment of Red Seal and Toilc du Nord
Ginghams, in the latest checks, btripes and plaids.. I hese
are an exceptional offering at the price and it will pay you
to stock up now, as they will be higher:
RED SEAL GINGHAM, per yard 35c
Toil du Nord Ginghams, per yard 3oc
Genuine Indigo 36-inch Percales, in stiipeo. polkcr dot
and neat figures, per jard 3oc
Hiatt .
Mother Davis have
the sick list for the
Robt. Slirader was visiting in the
county feat last Saturday.
Alex Campbell was in Platts
mouth visitor last Saturday.
Nick Friedrich and Adam Schafer
were .Omaha visitors Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Wolfe has been on
the fick list for the past week.
Fred Campbell and wife were
county seat visitors last Saturday.
John Sutton was visiting with
Plattsmouth friends last Saturday.
Mrs. A. F. Smith has been mini-
Father and
both been on
past few days.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
(lien Thompson has been quite sick
for the past few days.
The little baby of Mr. ami Mrs.
Will Wiles has been numbered with
i ho sick for the past few days.
(Jen. Kay was looking after some
matters of business in Plattsmouth
Tuesday afternoon of this week.
Merman (Jansemer and wife spent
the day last Sunday with Mr. and bered with the sick for the past few
Irs. Alf. (Jensemer in Murray. dav
Tncl.. Finn lloAman uiio has been Jack .Mc.Nati ami family were
- . . . ..
numbered with the sick- for the nqsfc rlioppmg in Flat tsniout ti last I liurs
few weeks, has been improving thisjlay.
I-. . . . . . .
week. .ilis. Alex Kiiouen tias neen numu
A I I- ll,-lo ,, .tnw,, friinie'1'" " " " ",v 1 1M- i"'01" ,v "
Plattsmouth Tuesdav morning for a
I fr jiwl M tt'll Tluthi Timlin
few davs visit at the home of Mr. '" ' ' ' '"v '
e 1 ..f Al.. I Hi. I.",-,..t f
( in : .lr 1 1
Air -iii.l Mrc CniL-.i -ill.! I.'vsl
I'eter .lolinsou and sons llenrv and
I it,',il r'nmii iljtvvfi t'rrln f)lll:4ll l:i;t I
.. ...Jl.. . . V 11. V ' .1 I.. 1.1. . .... T . .111. .1 ... 1
M onra-i were in i laiismouin veu-
Mimiav In spend the tlav witti Home
inesuav aiternoon.
folk-5 Mr miil Mr Win l.:ilfne
-or. ami .Mrs. .viarun i .ai . ie , ..js . , ; n wifh rllarIy rrailll,r all(1
went over to Iniou'eiie, la., last Jiat- i.u., o,,,i.,,-
.no,., ...... ium., A,rs j xv Vii rll. v and daughter
parents, returning home Monday. .,. K!,r ..,,ri, ,.,,,. sent vis
Miss Lena l'hilpot and Miss Ort-htois last Saturdav.
man, oi omalia, spent the aiternoon ,. (). itamge was looking after
last Sunday with Miss Ogla Mintord. 'some matters of business in the conn
Miss; !)( Carrison, of Union, has ,v s,.at ;,st Saturday afternoon,
been in -Murray for the past few a!!(j Mrs j,,, Hendricks and
days visiting with her ireiend. Miss m;-s t; c; jav were shopping in
.Jessie Harrows. She came up Wed- Nebraska City one day last week,
uesday of last week. j Fnola I'lrich is speinling the lat-
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sans and Mr. jer part of h r vacation w ith her
and Mrs. Ted narrows and families aK!,t, Mrs-. Joe I'.eil. near Mynard.
went to Omaha Monday to attend Farris was making a visit
the funeral of Miss Harriet Harrows. with couiny seat friends last Friday
They were accompanied by Mrs. Jos. ' an,i uhile there paid the Journal
.vans. ;o::ie a pleasant call.
Mrs. Frank llothaway from the Conrad Johnson was in Platts
'lorthcrn part of the state, came to:IluMltIl yesterday, and while there
Omalia Monday to attend the tuner- j t-aih d at the Journal oliice and en
al of Miss Harriet Farrows, ;iini , r,., ,is name for a year's stih
froin Omalia came on down to Mur- j . -rj j,t ion to the paper,
ray lor a few days visit with her vfe have been informed that Phil
brother. Ted Harrows and family. j,, Keil has ordered one of the tine
L. 1 1 . 1 ulo, ot the .Murray t.arage. . v.-lie cars from the Puis garage in
sold another one of those lluilson Murmy. It looks as
Speedster cars this week. This onean,i i,js family wvre
went to Hanker Stun, of Avoca, who a
KeiKJrace. Marie Sophia and Albert
Wagner. Dorothv and Victor Wehr
bein, Arthur Jensen, Elbert and Ow-t-n
Keil. Alice and Will Creamer. Ice
j cream and cake w ere 'served by Miss
"Put n i e where I can look the (Jer-
inians :-vinare in tne lace.
This expresses the desire of at
least one Cedar County patriot
is anxious to gt t into the front line
t ror.ches even before the federal gov
ernment is ready to ask him to go
A. C. Cisney. residing between
Laurel and Sheldon in the southern
part of the county, has a wife and
me leant iful little girl ami is en-
;umi in i ne operation oi a iarin.
For these good reasons he was
! p'ated in c lass 4 under the. selective
j draft regulations. This represents
I a too doubtful an opportunity to ren-
der active service to his country for
Ja patriot of Mr. Cisney 's makeup.
;v.ifh one brother now in active ser
i vic in France and another recently
j dls-.diarg d from services because of
physical disability. On Tuesday he
land iiis loyal wife came in to inter
jview the local exemption board with
ja view of getting so placed as to
have an opportunity to get into the
; war game.
The first question put to him by
the exemption board members was
i to as!: it he had had any special
! training along the mechanical lines
i the board explaining that in this
; case he would be able to get into
'some special branch of the .service.
' "I grew up amongst machinery",
1 was his reply, "but," with an air that
! h. spoke his sincerity of .purpose.
i'!":i'i put me there. What 1 want
j is to get where can look those Ger-
man s s o' b s square
(in Ho' face. 1 want to get in the
: t reaches at. t!ie first opportunity."
j And the good wife evinced her
Puis garage
though Phillip 1'ialiy patriotic instinct by her will
poing to take incness to at once .sign a release.
car pleasure in the future. changing her husband's classifi
i:.s car
"go. Tl'e sti.Ien
s'-en passenger, and he
tied with the make, but
stolen fotne few weeks j; j
car was a 1 1 udson ( nnnt !i
. . .
was sat is
selected a !
mat ! ers
c i t v b
( reann r drove to
i'u-'sday to attend to some
of business. While in .tiie
look" time to call at the
speedster this time. 'journal of'ue and renew for his pa-
L, e Nickels and sisters. Miss Etta'pt.r f;r another year,
and Airs. Wur.teman, and cousin, j Charley Creamer started to Platts
Mis iiertim Nickels departed last .i.out Ii last Tliursday 'with a load
Saturday for Leigh, Neb., the home (1f corn a,t ,,,. ()f his tine black
of Mrs. Wurdcman. where they will dropped dead in the road. The
make a few days visit. Mrs. Wurde- ' j,,ss ,,f a o0(,d Iiors.
la, is- j c:'.! i'ti to class one.
Finlt r the ;dau'now followed by
he war depa rt men t , Mr. Cisney w ill
more than likely have an opportun
ity to voliiunteer as one of the niem
' hers of Cedar county's next draft
: quota, and he is making his plans
with thai aim in view. His faithful
wife is arranging with t he. assistance
man has been here visiting with
home folks for the past few days,
and the folks took her home in the
George Reynolds met with a very
painful accident last Saturday, when
sure Hit hy the
Mr. Albert Lo;
one of his horses
broke his arm at
kicked him
the elbow.
spending a
her father to continue the farm-
now -a-days is-itu; operations.
larmer. 'j-u, rca worthiness of the above
an and family were j iTK-!dent in which this man. properlv
ph'.cvd in class 1, is earnestly trying
to render service to his country is
emtdii-dzed by the fact that there
are yoi to he round in Cedar countv
few davs at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Ray last week,
on their way home to Skidmore. Mo.
They had been making an extended
atolj trip through Missouri, Kansas. Colo- j ot ur
Urjrado and Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs.
Itremlel accompanied him to Omalia Pay entertained a number of friends
where an X-ray picture was taken
of the injury and the arm set, and
the patient is getting along very
nicely at this time. While the in
jury was very painful he will not
sulTer any permanent injury.
There was another picnic and
fishing party down at the big mud
dy last Sunday composed of Philip
Ilild and family, Louis Friedrich
ami family, Fred Lutz and family,
otto Puis and family. W. II. Puis
and family. L. II. Puis and family,
Fred Ilild and family. They took
with them well tilled baskets and
enjoyed a genuine picnic dinner Htat
was the main feature of the days
days outing.
Alf. (Jansemer. Hen Noel I and
Wm. Keniior returned home from
western trip last Friday. They re
port a tine trip, with plenty of rain
all the the time in the xvestern part
the state, but oh. so dry on the way
Dill and back. The boys spent a few
hours at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Fit.pntrick, former residents of
this community, but now living near
Imperial, and doing fine. They all
look dinner with Mr. ami Mrs. Fitz
patrick. They also made a trip over
into the edge of Colorado, where it
short time was spnt at the Ganse
mcr home, cous.ins of Alf. From
here they returned to Perkins coun
ty, wl-ere they spent a couple of days
witii Frank Vallery. who has been
l;oe;iiii;; bachelor's for the past
summer and looking after his crops
there. The boys report all kinds oT
crop condiaions in this country as
looking fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Johu E. Fitzpatrick
and little daughter, Lois Lucille,
of Weeping Water, spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rice.
at Sunday dinner in their honor,'
among whom were Mr. and Mrs. ;
John Hendricks and -son Vein, Mr. j
and .Mrs. Glen Thompson and little
so George, and Mr. Frank Campbell.
Geo. Kay was looking alter some
mailers of business in Plattsmouth
Tuesday afternoon. He was a pleas
ant caller at the Journal oliice, and
in conversation with him lie tells us
that he has several hundred cotton
wood on his place that he is going
to offer for sale just as they are, or;
he will engage the services of a mill
and will place (hem into a good line
of lumber for anyone that is look
ing for this class of building material.
families, in which probably
three,, four or even five boys of mili
tary age are seeking either by thir
own efforts of those of their parents
to be retained at home because (in
their own estimation) "they render
more good by staying at home UN
The above article is taken from
the Hartington News, and Mrs. Cis
ney will be remembered by many of
the people of this locality, as Miss
Pearl Lewis, who was born in Cass
county, where she grew to woman
hood, and moved to Coleridge about
i ten years ago. lalcr meeting and
marrying Mr. Cisney. They are
sure of the true American iypc, and
the kind of people that will win this
great struggle for humanity.
Murray Christian Church.
Regular services every Lord's
Day. Sunday school at 10:00 a. m..
sharp. Don't forget to be one of the
"S. S. On Timers." Your name in
put on the list if you are there when
the 10 o'clock Sunday School bell
quits ringing.
Subject in the morning : "Almost
Hveniug Service, at 8:00 o'clock
sharp. Subject. "Can a
Thomas Hcinrich, who has been
making his home at llolyoke, Colo.,
for some months past, and who re
cently sold out his. belongings there,
arrived in the city last evening ac
companied by his sister. Mrs. II. K.
Zavgren. coming to visit with their
mother Mrs. Mary Heinrich and
will .slay for a few days before
Thomas is called to the army.
For any itchiness of the. skin, for
Christian i skin rashes, chap, pimples, etc., try
Swear Fnder Certain Conditions
Every one ot the community ie
cordially invited to plan to attend
our special day for everyone. es
pecially Sunday. Sept. 1. A sermon
especially for men in (he morning.
The ladies will serve dinner for all
on (hi church lawn under the trees
A patriotic address by some out-of-j
town rpeaker in the afternoon. The
Home Guards will attend in a body.
Come tine, come all, to one or all
services, regardless of church, busi
ness, or other affiliation. A com
munity gathering under the aus-'
iViii n's
f.Oc at all drug
! Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
i pices of the Christian church.
'Telephone 1511 Murray Exoanse
If yon had to make airplane
trips frequently and had to buy a
machine for the purpose, you
would take the utmost care in se
lecting it.
You would realize that your
life, to a great extent, dej.ei. ded
upon the judfrmcni you used in
making the selection.
Hiiying directly from a catalog
wouldn't interest you.
You would be interested most
in a machine made by a manufac
turer who w as widely known as a
maker of reliable airplanes.
You would rather buy from a
friend that you know wa inter
ested in your welfare.
Most of all, vou would want, to
see that machine -to go over
every part of it before you bought
The same principles ouht to
hold good in buying a farm im
plement. In such buying, also, m' cb de
pends upon our judgment. Your,
crop prod net ion profit depends
largely upon it. You w ant an im
plement that you can ab.-ohUcly
rely on to help jou make the ino-t
of time.
Why not i ake t be same care in
selecting farm implements that
you u ou Id t ake in select ing an air
"pliuiey It. will pay you always.
Our store Ins every advantage
that .-uciica refill buying rcpiiivs.
Come in an 1 see for yourself.
ano Implement Co,,
Wc Arc Unpacking Our New Fall Line of
111 1 1
t .rf A l3 P7i t
2 y Li H kl
They Are Ready for Your Inspection and Ap
proval. Come in and sec them.
isis z uansemer,
EREisthefannBi ii
I I lighting and
.fe. JL. 1 . .t
power uiain
you have been wait
ing for. It is the
perfected plant
a single unit
that runs with
out vi
bration or
noise and
p erfectly
in F!rrte Vnlt running uml lorn
without pclal foundation.
All the Light All the Power You Need
Come and see it. Compare it, in every way, with
all others. Make us prove to you where it is better,
and more complete in fact, the plant you want.
Perfect Light on the Farm!
There is no need at this day and age of the world for
the farmer not being up-to-date with all modern conven
iences about his farm home. If you were buying an auto
mobile, you would make sure to buy one with the best
lighting system. Why not apply the same forethought
to your home. The Alamo will give you everything that is
desired in the lighting of your home and all outbuildings.
See yourself comfortably seated about your home this win
ter with all the advantages of one of these plants on your
farm. Let me talk to you right now today.
JLj Jril