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    MONDAY, AUGUST 12. 1018.
Pleasant and Plattsmout h. They
are doing splendid work and are
working with a vim all the time.
Chapter F, P. K. O. society of this
city offered to tai:e the July Quota
of Comfort hits. They have not
onlv made hut have filled them
with the necessary articles and they
Mrs. J. K. Wiles as chairman and
Mrs. Fannie Dickson as her assist
ant. The Red Cross Workers are
very much pleased with the quota of
Trom Friday's Iaily. I Comfort Kits ami the work arcom-
Vosterdav afternoon, between the I niuhed bv the P. K. O. Ladies is
. . - -
hours of 2 and 4, the Warehouse of very much appreciated by the Red
the Plattsmouth Red Cross Chapter J cross
v;?s open to the public. During the The Red Cross Workers in charge
appointed hour, there was a number 0f the Warehouse yesterday after
fmm thit ritv. ns well as from the nnnn were Mesdames C. A. Rosen
i. let a oml rndv for shin-
The work was in charre of wixv jx,u.c v jus xv j& rormin
announced that by a series of drives
she was going to get. to Paris and
win the war this year America was
a telling factor. The general view
in the allied camps last March was
that if the allies could hold Ger
many this year oil would be well.
(Serinany has been more than held.
The kaiser knows this and he is
a force of half a million
Flower of His Fighting: Flock to
Number of Half Million Being
Formed to Resist Invasion
of German Soil.
men to lie his "old guard" which
will make for him the last stand of
Prussian militarism behind the
The Old Settlers Picnic will be
held at Union, on August 23 and
24, and the usual big time is in store
With the American Armies, for every member of the family.
arious chapters throughout the rrars. J. S. Livingston. T. E. rami- Aug. S. From sections of the fier- Part ies desiring concessions for these
. . . . . I . . . , i . i n I . r i.iyi tliapn otk twinicr jlrnwil ft I itni'Q ivill ninion rwlil riicc f . If 1 T n
(ftiintv were visitors ar tr.e u are- fit", um. r.airu, r. u. uonennau, r . ami,) m-i n. ......... ,....,., ..... ..o, ....... P
house, bin not as many as therein. Dunbar and Miss Minnie Cuth- certain proportion of officers and J ton, D. A. Fat on or F. W. Young, of
- hould have been to view the splen- man. Tliev were very willing to sturdiest soldiers lor t lie iormation onion, wno win give tiiem all the
Mrnnmnnt and thp enormous Uhnw the Jul v uuota and answer of a force of half a million which desired information
amount of work that is being done anv questions in regard to this is to haveceive special training and
by the chapters throughout the quota or the work that one might nave special orj;aiii;ui iun. nine r. . iuunKl mini iu-ui iimm.
COlintV including I'lattSmOUttl. 1 lie I aSlt. ill S U Of IIU I UR-S ui .UMlittiia n I vaa in i lunainuiiui iasi uruncauaj,
,,,,(. rhntprs nnrchace their ma- tins army, hut only iignters mat tne ana was a pleasant caner at ine
t. rials from the Plattsmouth chap- WILLJUT IN 1G0 IN WHEAT. Kaiser believes can be trusted to the Journal ohice. and while here order
t r and when the work is coniplet-I last. This (iernian force is not to I ea tne imis tor tlie uia settlers ric
d it is sent to the chapter in this! From FrM-iy's ijiiiy. lie used as a hammer in any new I nic, that will be held at Union, on
ritv to be shipped to Omaha. I J- 1 "lgey wno nas oetn in me drive for fans, not to tie useu in August z.i anu 24. i reu says tney
ii.-, MC;nn Mr Vm P-n'rd XVPStern Irtion of the state ior any j,iow against the British, not to are going to exert every effort to
had very kindly brought some
plants from her home, which had
h.-.-n placed in very decorative posi
tions and which added cheer to this
h'i:-y work room.
This room, which is the first door
outh of the Prase Millinery shop,
has b-en renovated, repapered and
ii.ost thoroughly cleaned and made
very sanitary for packing the var
ious Surgical Dressings, Knitted ar
ricles. hospital and refugee garments
for shipment. As you step in and
Mirn to the south, you will find a
.-how cas", containing beautiful
I. cf cf fancy work ar.d other ar
"If. which were left from the Elks
Fair, which was held during the
arly part of the summer. This
t.tney work and articles will be
.-; Id at any time for a nominal price
and the money realized from thee
ales is placed in the Red Cross
Fund. Next to the show case, you
will find the desks of the Chairman
f the Plattsmouth Chapter. Mrs. F.
II. Dunbar and her assistant, Mrs. C.
A. Roencrar.s. On the walls have
h.--n placed appropriate pictures
and posters bearing various nation
al mottos. which are an encourage-
fernjsome time, looking after some lands J e utH "to punish" Americans, but J have a bigger time than ever be-
which he h3s in that place, arrived I according to information reaching I fore. They want everybody, both
home last night from Imperial. Mr. the r.lli?d commanders it is being I young and old. far and near, to be
Clugey is greatly pleased with the formed for no other purpose than to I with them on these da3's.
country out there, this being b stand back of the Rhine against an
first trip to Imperial. He has just invasion of German soil. It so hap-
had a quarter of a section of new pens that any allied approach upon
lands broken which he will put in- ti,t. jh:ne would be through Alsace-
Lorraine, on a large part of which
American forces stand. It is this
force the Americans will face when
the French we get ready ta "take
the war to Germany." Come what
tion to the matter of the display of niay between now and that time, the V" Vi-Uv"
na.s in cuy un nit- "umhn kaiser wants to lie sure to have the
houses' and homes. The lack of frf.P with whiih to make a stand
London, Aug. 9. The Canadians
have taken the town of Beaufort,
two and a half miles southwest of
The Australians are fighting fur
ther north, along the Somme.
Small parties of Germans are re
ported to be still in Rosieres, three
and one-half miles west of Chaulnes
but the British are all around them
and their life as fighting men prob
ably will be short. .
The figure of 17,000 prisoners tak
en embraces the number that had
been counted. Of these the French
reported that they had taken more
than 4,000 while the British total
at. noon was more than 13,000. The
French have been doing good work
today on the south of the new drive
and probably have taken many addi
tional prisoners there.
to wheat t!:is fall.
One of the citizens called atten-
Tli1 Stnte of N-brjiska. Cass fminty.
ss. in tho ( ouiitv I'niirt.
In tlie Matter of Instate of Adam
V. Mt-1: singer, Iipwisfd.
To tl Crt'.litors of Said Fstato:
on arc Ilcrchy Notified. That I will
it at the untv I'oiirt Uoum in
I'hi t tsniitiit ii in said Conntv. on the !Hh
dav of September. 191 S and on the lOtli
lay of Oeeember. 1!1K. at 10 o'cluek
A. M. of caili dav to receive and ex-
Gerrnans Realize Danger.
such a display is evident to one who for thfl f;ltiu.riand himself
would pass around through the
town, many places the colors are
out. and as so cared for that they
are perserved in tlu-ir beauty, other
places they are put out and allow
ed to take the weather, the rain, the
sun and soon pre-ent not tho proper
That the formation of such an
army, for such a purpose, and at
such a time when the kaiser needs
all the available forces on the west
ern front what could better show
alloWHiiee. The time limited for tin
nresen la t ion of elaims against said
Kvtate is .! months from the full dav
S.- teinher .. I (. l'Jlv, and th. time
limited for pavmerit of tlebts is One
ear from said :uh day of September
Witness my hand and the seal of
said f'onntv Court, this "th dav of
Ai'srust ifis. .i.:.i:x J. MKICSON,
i St-ali r"ountv .In. lyre.
r.v Florenei White. I'lerk.
Mrs. Eurns' Letter.
Here is a letter that Is certain to
If like in the day of the going
out from Egypt, every one who is an
American had to have a flag out
there might be many who would rot
he passed over.
ment to the Ladies as they work
On the south and north side of the REPLACING LOST MAN POWER
room sht-lvinsr has been arransred in I TO BE TAUGHT AT STAT.L.
fi .n r.a rt ment s in whirh thp month's FAIR.
iu.-.Ta is placed and kept until ship
ped. Kaeh chapter m the county I How Nebraska farmers can com
1 ... . . . 1. 7 .. . I . I
q.iMiaia..u.u.i.u ... c .. , . v t , h t h 0erman hlgh
. n I
are none ;u au. , ,. ,t.. t.i - I ... . . . ...
i ui-iiiu ii'uu iiiai int.- imic tyj ..n orove oi interest to people in tnis vi-
ahout to turn, if indeed it has not -inity, as cases of this sort occur in
already done so. One miy not say Umost every neighborhood, and pe
that the war is almost won. nut one oJe si10u!d know what to do In like
may say that the sun now shines on I circumstances:
our side of the fence. Up to three
weeks ago for months the allies
waited to see what the Germans
were doing; wondered where they
wr-uld strike next. Now it is the
German who wonder? where the al
lies will strike next. The war con
tinue to be thus. Far more in value
Close Up Salient.
The present advance has already
had an important effect upon the
strategic situation. German forces
at Montdidier are now in a very
uncomfortable salient with only one
line of railway to supply them and
that line under crossfire from allied
It seems likely that a withdrawal
from Montdidier may be necessary
if the Germans cannot force the
French and British back from the
ground taken by them during the
past two days.
-T. H. Pollock Oarage-
We have received a car load of Mobile and Polarine
Oils and are making special prices.
We carry a large stock of
We have just received
and are prepared to rebuild and remodel old Ford
cars into
Active In Italy.
London, Aug. 9. British nivi
sions on the Italian front carried
out eight raids against Austrian
positions between Asiago and Can
ove on Thursday night capturing
315 prisoners, according to an ofTicial
statement on British operations in
Italy issued by the war office today.
Every farmer should have a
Ford Truck and
Fordson Tractor!
Come in and let us talk it over. We have a few good
used cars for sale.
Our government want Garages to close their shops
at 6 p. m. week days and not open shops or filling sta
tions on Sundays.
Our Garage Will Be Open Day and Night!
lias its o a n compartment, their work I pensate for the farm labor last in
is placed in their compartment and the war will be shown at the State than the terrain won back from the
the name of their chapter has been Fair which opens September 1st in Hun in the last three weeks is that
piaced at the top of the compart-I the wonderful exhibits of imple
ment. In order that the Surgical I ments and farm machinerv which
Dressings and Knitted articles rcr.y will be found on Machinery Grounds
be protected from the dust, white in the east part cf the Fair Grounds
curtains have been placed at the top The 191S machinery exhibit will b?
of each compartment and when the j the biggest and most complete ever
ladies have completed their work, shown at the Fair if earlv indica-
the curtains are drawn and in this tions are to be accepted. Over 100
way the work is kept cean. The per cent more of such exhibits have
materials are placed above and be- he-en booked than at this time la-t
t.eath the shelving. For the Yarn! year
iri-y nae arraneu an liiaepenoeni With the shortened man power
wooden frame, which is a more some substitute must be found for
eonvenient way of caring for the the needed laborers if nrounction is
I -
yarn. On large tables placed in the to be maintained at its former
center oi ine room as iounu a most i levels. with the urgent necessity
excellent display of Hospital and for increased production it becomes
Refugee garments. Mrs. F. H. Gobel- doubly imperative that facilities he
man is Chairman of the Hospital obtained for doing the work. New
and Refugee Garments Department and improved machinery is the only
:ni .Mrs. j. v.. uoor.meyer. nor as- solution r,f the problems. The wide
M.-fant and they are to t.e com- awake farmers of the state will be
mended on their splendid work and found at the Fair this fall studvin-'
untiring efforts as their displny of
the July quota was a most excellent
Ther are 19 Red Cross Chapters
in this county, namely. N'ehawka,
Alvo, Greenwood, Union, Cedar
Creek. Mynard. Avoca. Murdock,
Iouisville. Eagle, Elmwood, Fair
iew, Manley. Murray, Weeping
Water. Wabash. South Rend
the exhi'ufs on Mirhinery Ground
and profiting as well as enjoying the
good things the Fair has to offer.
Buy Flour and Substi
tutes when you can get
y Tirirrt
P. R. Smith, who fcr the past num
ber of years has been making -hi3
home up near Wausa. was in Platts-
J mouth last Friday evening, visiting
a brother, and went from here to
Murray, where he will spend a few
days visiting with his mother and
brothers. Fete has been very pros
perous since moving to the northern
part of the state, and has done quite
well. He has grown good crops ev
ery year, and this dry one will be no
exception, so he says. His corn crop
never looked better, and the day he
came away they were enjoying a
good rain. He says Mrs. Smith's
health has not been very good for
the past few years, but is improv
ing at this time.
you will save money and
time try it!
1 team of mares "4-and 5 years
old. 1 team of geldings, smooth
mouth. Inquire of Herman Engel-
kemeier, 6 miles west of Murray.
Estrayed, four spring calves, tak
en up on my farm. 4 miles north
west of Murray. Owner can have
property by proving ownership and
paying expenses. C. F. DeJung.
Read the Joamal Ads It Pajx
General Foch is taking the initiative
which, with the help of American,
French and Rritish trcops he will
Certainly the sun shines on our
side of the fence. Fcr the first time
since Russia broke down the allies
no whave a numerical superiority of
the effectives. While for some little
time the number of Americans in
France have given our side the su
periority as to actual numbers, the
recent fighting has brought into line
and support positions Americans in
sufficient numbers the presence of
whim, coupled with the German
losses of the past month, have plac
ed us in a position of superiority in
men ready to fight. It cannot be
said that the American army just
now is as good a fighting machine
as tlie Germans, but we have the
makings all ready and seasoned. To
carry this to a revelation of num
bers would not do at this time.
Scarcity of Fighting Material.
The German army morale is un
questionably weakening so far as
certain elements which make up a
large part of the army is concerned.
Rut disregarding that and putting
all the boches on an equal plane,
when the Germans started their
drive cf July 15, Ilindenburg had
some seventy divisions in reserve
with which to batter his way to
Paris. In the fighting to date since
then the seventy-three German divi
sions have been identified, of which
forty-eight were brought up from
the German reserve. Of these eighty
sixteen were so decimated that they
cannot be used as shock troops for
at least four months. Sour of these
were put out by the Americans. The
Fifth guard division, Fourth Prus
sian guard, Twenty-third and Two
Hundred and Sixteenth. The Ger
mans now face the problem of build
ing up these divisions with a great
scarcity of first class fighting material.
Hindenburg had to draw heavily
on his reserves, it is thus seen. On
the other hand, Foch hardly touch
ed his. Germany now has twenty
frahs divisions. She can use these
for her promised drive against
Rritain. Rut will she? I think she
will not. Ilindenburg dare not take
the chance with these twenty' new
divisions. It would leave him strip
ped of shock troops to meet another
allied attack.
In boastful . terms Germany had
flux (dysentery). I had another at
tack of the same complafnt some
ihree or four years ago and a few
doses of this remedy cured me. 1
have recommended Chair.nerlain'3
'olic and Diarrhoea Remedy to doz
ens of people since I first uted It."
Sttifr ,f C'iimn County, mm.
In th Matter of the Ktas of Gallant
I takes, deceased:
Ti) t'.e Creditors of said I.state:.
Yf.ii ari hereby notified that I will.
t at the Conntv Court room in Platts-i
iimijth. in said rniinty, on the l'9th ilav
f August, and L'fHli dnv of November.'
A. 1 ).. 1 1 S. at nine o clock a. in., of
neb dav. to receive and examine all
claims asrainst said estate, with a view'
to their adjustment and allowance.'
I The time limited for tlie presentation
months, from the 29th dav of August,
A. !., ID18. and the time limited for
pavment of debts Is one year fror. . .
sai l :!Uh dav of August, 191S. ,lay of July. 191S, Harry G. Todd plain-
Witness my hand and the ..-al of tilT. herein, filed his petition in the IMs-
.nid County Court, this 2."tli day of
Savannah. Mo., Oct. 12. 191G.
'I used a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy about 1 of claims against said estate is three
nine years ago and U cured me of
Our New Filling Station is Now Open and
We Solicit a Share of the Business.
Tel. No. 1.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Mrs. A. M. Arrie3 was a passenger
to Omaha this afternoon where she
is spending a few hours.
.Inly. '.!is.
County Judg-e.
John Todd. Tillie Todd, Susie Kincrs
lev. Jim es V. Kinsrslay, Halena Cos -lizer.
Win A. Coprlizer, Victor Thom
as. liana Thomas, Zella Fast
man. John Kastman. Sylvia Hoefer,
anl Lawrence Hoefer, defendants,
will take notice that on the 31st
trirf court of Cass county. .eurKa,
against said defendants and others,
the object and prayer of which are to
quiet the title in the plaintiff to the
Southwest Quarter. (SV l-4 t the
Southeast Quarter (SK l-l of Sec
tion Thirtv 30. Township Ten (10).
Kanjre Fourteen (U. in Cass County
Nebraska, on the grounds that said
tract of land was erroneously omit
ted from a deed thereon by Levi
J. Todd. sr.. to his wife, Lydla
Todd, of date of July C6tb, 1905. and
recorded in book 45. page 127. and al
so for the reason that plaintiff and his
predecessors in title have had actual,
open, exclusive and adverse possess
ion of said real estate for more than
ten years last past.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or before the 16th day of
September, 191S.
Luted this 31st dav of July, 1918.
HAIfrtY ti. TODI),
Hv P. O. IiWVKn, His Attorney.
Patriotic crepe paper decorations
it the Journal office.
and EmA
Wash Materials for Cool, Summer Dresses at
these THREE Exceptionally Low Prices:
Voiles and Tissues, 36 and 40 inches wide, very special at 19c
Voiles and Tissues, 36 and 40 inches wide, very special at 29c
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There is no question as to the desirablility of this merchandise, and with the
certainly of very much increased prices next season, the thrifty and prudent
purchaser will certainly appreciate an opportunity such as this.
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CALL PHOKES 53 and 54.