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    THURSDAY, JUNE 6. 19 IS.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding , Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
Be Ready For
dWL &n Opportunity
One often hears, "If I only
had a little money I could make
a fortune,'0
Why not be ready when op
portunity knocks at your door?
Plan to place in the bank a
certain percentage of your sal
ary or business profits. .
Then when the main chance
comes along you'll be ready
for it.
Banking in every form.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
; Duck ejya for sale at 50 cents a
fret tin:;. Oldham Stock Farm.
Tom Til so ii and family spent Sun
day at the C. II. Tilsoi. home
Mrs. Lee Farris was looking after
business iu Nebraska City last .Mon
ti ay.
.Mis:; I.ora Far is is able to bo out
attain after having a severe attack
of tensilit is.
Mrs. John llemlrieks is battlim:
with it soirre of the Liberty incasies
this week.
Harry Creamer and family ami
Mrs. U. C. Creamer were Nebraska
City visitors last Friday. - - -
Miss Margaret Span:;ler has re
turned homo after spending a we"k
visiting with relatives at Malcolm.
Miss Yilla Capen is spending hor
vacation :it home after closing a very
successful year of teaching at Uni
versity riacc.
Charlie Chaplin seems to be the
main attraction at the moving pic
ture shows at the Puis &. Cansno
mer hall this-week.
Lester Lee Long suffered a very
painful accident a few days ago
when he bad the misfortune to run
th tine of a pitch fork entirely
through bis foot.
Mr. J. V. Kdimmds was a IMatts
nioutli visitor Tuesday morning,
driving up in bis ear to iT(nu p;niy
his sisier. Mrs. Fields to the train as
she was departing for her homo in
Ohio, after spending the pa si month
vith her brother and other relatives
and friends.
The entire eighth grndo class of
the .Murray school succeeded in pass
ing t iio county examinations, and
will all enter Hiuh School next y;ir.
This sp aks well for the work done
by tne students as well as by Mi.s
Kliea the teacher. The (lass was eom
pised of Chester Shrader. Oustav
Ifmiten, Jack Long and I'earl Rentier.
Summer Underwear!
.... i. m.mumw '!WB3M IT i.i,'V-j"i .... ".'.'..J'Sa
The time of the season has arrived when you will want to
dress for real comfort. We surest you fill your needs at once,
owing to uncertain deliveries in this class of merchandise. Few
merchants arc overstocked on union suits, and while we are not,
we have a fine selection to offer, in strictly first grade garments.
Gentlemen's unions, short sleeve, ankle lengths, all sizes, suit
Gentlemen's genuine Chalmers Poros Knit uuions, suit
Gentlemen's P.-V-D unions, per suit
Centleruen's Richmond make, very fine weave, extra quality..
Poys" Poros Knit unions, sizes 1! G to T.4, per suit
Ladies (unify Cut V nick vests, each :
Ladies extra quality, large size vests, a quarter seller, each
Ladies Cmufy, hue- knee unions, regular sizes
Ladies me: h unions, first quality and worth more than we uk.
La das ti.-'bt knee unions, good quality and undepriced, suit
Mits- o vtits, a lirst quality garment at old prices, each
Mrs. Long and Mrs. Tubbs, both
of Mynard, were visiting friends in
Murray Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. I lee llostetter were
calling on the Murray merchants
Saturday evening.
Miss Mae IJarker, piano instructor
met with her class in Murray on
Wednesday as usual.
I!. C. Creamer and wife and
daughter. Miss Alice and Allen Dart
let t were Sunday dinner guests with
Miss Etta Nickels.
The Women's Missionary Society
will meet with Mrs. Harry Todd on
Friday, June 14th. All members arc
invited to be present.
Mrs. V. A. Kennedy arrived home
"Wednesday after visiting a week in
Sioux City, Iowa, with her son Chas..
who is employd in a garage at that
Chester Minnear has returned from
an extended visit in the east having
visited relatives at Lafayette, Ind.,
and I5rownsville. 111. On the return
trip he spent seme few days taking
in the sights of Chicago, and alto
gether his trip was inueh enjoyed.
Miss Marie Davis who has been
leaching school at Morsland. Nebr..
returned to her home and will spend
the summer with her parents Mr.
and Mrs. I. M. Davis. Miss Davis
has not yet decided whether she will,
accept and offer from the western
school for coming term, and will no
doubt teach nearer home next year.
Misses Lydia and Helen Todd re
turned home from IVru State Nor
mal last week where they have
spent the past year, ard where
Lydia was a member of the graduat
ing class this spring. Miss Lydia
was delayed a few days owing to
the heavy roads, ac she wished to
drive her new roadster home which
was a recent gift to her from her
father, and which she has been en
joying during her leisure hours at
Peru the past few weeks.
. 1.35
. 1.00
. 1.45
. .50
. .20
. .15
. .65
. .50
. .50
. TT0
. Tutt,
Mrs. O. A. Davis and Mrs. E. S.
Tutt autoed to riattsmouth Tues
day. Dr. and Mrs. Gilniore and Mrs. J.
A. Walker drove to Omaha Wednes
day. Mrs. Rex Young came home Tues
day from a few days visit with
friends at Louisville.
D. A. Young and Chas. Uoeueker
are having their houses wired this
week for electric lights.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Wchrbein and
family were Sunday guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sans.
Mrs. Robt. Shrader, of Omaha,
came down this week for a few days
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
II. C. Long.
Mrs. D. A. Young and Mrs. V. A.
Kennedy departed last Saturday for
a. few days with friends and rela
tives in I6wa.
Al. Partlett met with the misfor
tune of running a pilch tine into his
limb Monday that caused a very
painful wound.
There will be services at the
Lewiston church Sunday, June 23d,
at 3:00 p. m. Preaching by the Rev.
W. A. Taylor, of Union.
Mrs. W. E. Dull and Gladys Mrasek
were Omaha visitors last Saturday.
Gladys remained in the city for a
few days vi.sit with friends.
Nettie Connelly came down from
Omaha to look after some business
matters in Murray. She reports Mrs.
Connelly very sick at her home in
Monday Dr. Jackson received a
telegram announcing the death of a
lister at her home in Apollo, Pa., at
five o'clock Sabbath evening. She
had been sick for some time. The
funeral was to be on Wednesday, but
Dr. Jackson did not feel that he was
able for the long journey to bis na
tive place about fifty miles beyond
i'it tsburgh.
Monday morning Rev. A. L. God
frey with his wife and their four
rhildreii came up in their Ford from
Dunbar and visited at the United
Presbyterian parsonage. In the af
ternoon Mr. Godfrey took Dr. Mc
Nary -and w ife and -Dr. Jackson to
Plattsinouth. where the McNarys
took the Burlington train to Omaha
.-in their way to Loveland, Colo.
The quota cf Red Cross sweaters
for this place is about completed and
most of them have been turned in
which shows what splendid work
the Murray ladies arc doing. While
speaking cf knitting we have heard
of two great knitters who are well
known here and we believe they de
serve special mention. Mrs. Prenuel
rports that her mother known here
as Grandma Parr of Ind.. has knitted
fifty pairs of socks during the past
few months and Mrs. Spangler's
mother, Mrs. Perry of Mynard has
made thirty-four pairs of socks and
three sweaters. These two good
ladies arc certainly doing their bit
for Uncle Sam's soldiers and it is no
very small bit, either.
Dr. W. P. McN'ary and wife arriv
ed from the east la-st Saturday morn
ing and visited at the United Prer.
byterian parsonage until Monday af
ternoon when they left for their
home at Iovcland, Col. Dr. McN'ary
is a brother of Mrs. Jackson, and
they are the last survivors of a large
family. He is now seventy-nine and
retired from active work in the min
istry some years ago, but consented
to preach Sabbath morning, and gave
an interesting sermon on the resur
rection, basing it on Rev. "0:15.
While he had been in attendance as
a representative of his Presbytery
at the General Assembly of the Unit
ed Presbyterian Church meeting last
month in Pit.sburgh. Pa. Mrs. Mc
N'ary had visited relatives in Xenia,
Ohio and Urooklyn, N. Y.
Home Guard Notice
The attendance of drill Tuesday
evening was the largest for some
time. The officers now have their
commission and under Ihe new rul
ing of the War Department, we will
get some equipment from the state
and with the amount allowed tis by
the county will be pretty well equip
ped. Every member should attend drill
at lei'.st once each week in order
that we may be ready when our arias
and uniforms arrive.
The merchants have igreed to
close the stores each Tuesday even
ing at 8:30, so they may drill with
I us. This may mean some loss of
J business for them, but as they are
j'drV'tbis we diopethcLr-.ciio-'
tomersVwiiybe. patriotic ''enough 'to
do their trading early on Tucsady
evenings. ' The llome Guard will ap
preciate your co-operation in this
; matter.
j A dance will be given for the
benefit of the company in Puis &
Gansemer's Hall in about two weeks.
If any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest in
this vicinity, and will mail
satue to this office, it will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all news items Editor
Mrs. Jos. Cook and daughter Nita,
were Omaha visitors last Saturday.
Mrs. Lloyd Gapen and daughter,
Miss Viaal spent Tuesday with
friends in Avoca.
Mrs. C. I). Spangler and Mrs. W.
S. Smith. Mrs. G. H. Gilmore and
Miss Margie Walker were visiting
with Plattsmouth friends Monday.
Mrs. W. E. Dull, Pauline Oldham
and Frank Condon attended the
Decoration day exercises at Platts
mouth last Thursday.
F. T. Wilson and family motored
to Omaha last Saturday, where they
spent the day in the transaction of
some business matters.
Walker Gilmore went to Perkins
county Wednesday of this week, at
which place he will be employed on
the Philpot & Gilmore ranch for the
Mr.s Lulu Loughridge came up
from her duties as nurs at the
Woolsey home near Wyoming, Mon
day, ami spent the day with her
mother, Mrs. lirown.
Rev. Lovell Massie and wife re
turned to their home in Vermillion,
South Dakota, last Friday, after a
few days visit with Mr. lassie's
parents, friends, and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. James Urown went
to Omaha last Saturday, and while
there bought a new Yelie car thru
the Puis agency of Murray. The
new car is right up to the minute,
with all the new devices of a perfect
car. They returned home in the
new one.
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Campbell from
near Imperial. Neb., were here tb
latter part of last .week, visiting with
their many friends and relatives, re
turning home last Saturday. Mr.
Campbell reports everything looking
fine in Chase county for th? time
of the year, and they erpect to have
the uual wheat crop, should all
conditions be favorable to the end
of the season. They are well pleaded
with that part of the country.
Mr. and Mrs. James P.rown were
in Plattsmouth Sunday afternoon,
driving up to meet Mrs. Lou Trimpey
of Omaha, who wits coming to Mur
ray for a short visit it the Drown
home and Iter many friends here.
Mrs. Trimpey just returned home
from a trip to Deming. New Mexico,
where she visited with her brother
Valdon Drown, who is in the army
stationed at that point. She met
most all of the Cass county boys,
and reports them all feeling line.
Next Lord's Day, June 9, is to be
a big day for the Christian churcfi
in Murray. In the morning at ten
o'clock sharp, we are going to organ
ize a strictly young men's class in
the bible school. 1o bo tuaght by the
pastor. At eleven o'clock a section
is to be reserved for every young
man in the community. The morn
ing subject will be "Christ as a
Young Man. or True Ideals.' The
entire morning service is for young
men, so tell them about it, and boost
by coming, bringing and sending all
you can. Our Children's Day pro
gram will be given in the evening
and will take t lie place of the regu
lar preaching service. A good pro
gram is assured and everyone is
working hard and faithfully, so the
program will be given well.
We want a full house at each of
these services, and a hearty invita
tion is extended to all. Come to
the church that has a message and
a welcome for all.
C. E. 1 1 ANNAN, Pastor.
United Presbyterian Church.
Next Sabbath, which will be
Children's Day, the Sabbath School
and the morning church service will
be combined. The Sabbath School
will meet at the usual hour, ten
o'clock, and after a short session of
the school program for the day will
be carried out. In this the children
will have a large part. There will
be good music in which the choir
will lead. The pastor will not
preach, but near the close of the pro
gram will have a brief message to
the children. As the profTaiu will
begin before eleven o'clock it will be
well that those not in the classes be
there by half past ten. A full at
tendance both of children and adults
is expected and desired at this ser
vice. In the evening the pastor will
preach. The church is now fully
equipped for electrical lighting, and
there should be a good evening aud
ience. Every one is ifivited'to these
services bot h of t Iwj '"'-ujcifrn i jig . ', an d
evening. - ? Congregational ' prayer
meeting is held in the church each
Wednesday evening.
Communion services will be held
in this church June HOth. at which
time the pastor expects the assist
ance of his son, Rev. W. M. Jackson
of Topeka, Kan.
Pauline Oldham and Albert Young
were Omaha visitors last Saturday.
Lee Brown shipwd a car load of
hogs to the South Omaha market on
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. George Hansen, who lias
been so seriously ill for the past
few we'oks, is improving.
Mrs. II. C. Long, who has been
suffering from the effects of a rusty
nail penetrating her foot some time
ago, is improving very nicely at
this time.
Silas Patterson, of South Bend,
well known to many in this commun
ity, is in the Clarkson hospital in
Omaha, where he is receiving treat
ment fcr heart failure.
A new girl baby arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smith
Wednesday of last week. The little
lady is about the finest in the land
so the happy daddy says. Both the
mother and little one- are doing
There was a little new ladv ar
rived in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Schater last Thursday that
will add all that is possible at. this
time toward making the Schafer
household one of the happiest, in the
laud. Fred says it is the handsom
est lady in the land as some of the
ladies claim she looks just like her
dad. May every day of her life
bring as much joy to the proud and
happy parents as the first.
Visiting With Their Mother.
V. E. Perry and family and Chas.
Perry, from .Malcolm, Nebraska, visit
ed a few days the past week with
their mother, Mrs. Petre Perry, in
Eight Mile Grove precinct. They
drove down in tiieir car and return
ed ' home Sunday. The Perry boys
were for many years among the
niist substantial farmers of Cass
county, and a host of friends
here who are always pleased to see
them. Yerner oniv recently moved
to Malcolm, rtnd has not really ac
customed to the new home.
Perrys In the Army.
Harold Perry, from Alberta,
Canada, arrived in Murray Monday
of this week for a visit with his
grandmother, Mrs. Peter Perry, and
other relatives before entering upon
his duties in Uncle Sam's great army
of fghters. On his way here he en
listed in the coast artillery as me
chanic, and will soon be sent to Fort
Logan, where he will be assigned to
Ins future duties in the World's War.
Mrs. Ferry is also in receipt of . a
letter from her son Walter Perry, of
Orange, Calif., in which he states
that his son. Maurice, has just com
pleted his third year in college, and
in company with fourteen of his
classmates went to San Francisco,
where the entered the officer's train
ing camp, preparatory to entering
the army of fighters to down the
Kaiser. May success attend these
young men is the wish of all friends
back at the old Cass county home.
llrs. Theresa Spohn.
Theresa Nipp Spoil n, daughter and
oldest child of Joseph Nipp and
Francis Ames, was born in Hiid
vheim, Hanover, Germany, October
S, 1S3C, and died at Superior, Ne
braska May 2Slh, 191S, at the age
of eighty-four years, seven months
and 20 days.
As an infant, she came with her
parents to Pike county. Ohio. Here
she grew to womanhood and was
married to Mathias Spohn, June 30.
1S59. She and her husband immed
iately came to Nebraska, as pioneers
tirst settling near Plattsmouth. and
in 1S7G coming to the farm near Su
perior. Since the death of her husband,
she has made her home in this city.
Her children, George, Mary and Will
and grandson Vilas, survive her; al
so one sister Mrs. Eliza Adams of
The funeral was held at the home
Friday May Cist at ten o'clock. Rev.
J. N. Hamilton of the First Presby
terian church having charge of the
services. A Iarge number of friends
and acquaintances were present to
pay their last respects to one whose
life was an example to emulate, in
its kindliness, industry and devotion
to duty.
Interment was made in Evergreen
cemetery. Superior Sun.
Mrs. Spohn settled in this county
when she first came west, living for
many years at Old Rock Bluffs, and
many of the older settlers -will well
remember her. She has a number
of relatives residing in this county
at the present time.
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exchange
Mr. Cream
We Have Concluded to
Buy Cream!
Our prices will give you complete satis
faction. The certainty that you will be
pleased with our treatment gives us the
confidence to make you a guarantee of en
tire satisfaction.
Our desire is to buy your cream and we
will merit it if you will give us a trial
Our prices for butter fat par pound, f. o.
b. Murray, is: 43c cash; 45c in trade.
ills &
Jack West was a Plattsmouth vis
itor Wednesday afternoon.
John llcndricks and family were
Plattsmouth visitors last Saturday.
R. R. Nickels went to Omaha on
Tuesday, from where he took the
train for Imperial. Nebr.
Mrs. John Yardley is spending a
few days with her son, Omar and
family, near Cedar Creek, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robbins are
the proud and happy parents of a
fine baby boy, which arrived at their
home this week.
Froni Monday's laity."
Miss Mabeth Reach, who has been
one of the teachers t the high
school during" the past year deported
last Saturday for her home in Lin
coln. Miss Reach lias made a very
efficient teacher, and had done good
work with the scholars, and espec
ially the younger girls of the hiuh
school. At her leaving, the girls
were like the early Christians with
the apostle Paul, they were con
strained to go with her as far as
Oreapolis, to say good-bye.
From Monday's raily.
We are in receipt of a communi
cation from Uncle Tom Kennish,
who has been visiting relatives and
Our Service
And What Sf Cleans to You
You Appreciate Econemy
You Get It Here
There are two kinds of ecen
omy in buying farm imple
ments. One' is seeming economy; the
other is real economy.
One looks mainly to first
cost; the other looks mainly
to final results.
One makes you think you
have practiced buying economy
when you pay the first cost of
an implement; the other makes
you know you practiced buy
ing economy when jou count
the profits that the use of an
implement has paid you.
One is usually false economy;
the other is alwajs the kind of
economy that pas.
We offer you the real econ
omy in buying the kind that
is safe the kind that pays.
The implements we sell car
ry a trade-mark that is firmly
Hardware and
A miJd
for treatment, and no money to re paid cntil cared. Writefor boot on Ketta 1 Diseases, witii
and testimonials of more tiiau 1000 prominent people who bav: teen permanently cn-ed.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Beo Bulldlne OMAHA, NEBRASStA
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Experts
in charge of all work. Lady attendant. MODERATE PRICES.
1 Porcelain fillings just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized
after using.
friends at Jolict, 111., for the p. t
few weeks. He Mates he is baf -v:
Joliet and going to 15r.okln. N. V.
That he is feeling II. Hi I;, ki n
in all the sights of little N' v York
and next week would bi working t r
our Uncle Sam.
Ki!M M-niliyV I:tily.
Miss Marie HauKsv.orth who h:n
been leaching in the city h-'.pm.Is
here duri.l'J the past year. v. ,t':i the
closing of the school, di parted t'"r
her home at Rurlinuton. and uas oe
companied by her aunt, Mrs. I.
Hawksworih, who will visit Co-re ft-r
seme time, tben po to Rock 1-I.i !,
where she will visit with her daugh
ter Mrs. E. W. Cook and with io-r sen
Joseph E. Hawkswort h. b 'h of
whom are making their bom.- tli-re.
I'l'iini Wednesday's .!'.
West ley L. Flair of L u v il a
grandson of Judge J. W. Fr..b- t de
parted today for Ft. Logan, in re be
is entering the coast. artillery.
West ley before made application for
enlistment with the navy was Umi
light by two pounds and was refus
ed on that account but at this time
ho has been accepted, and goe-s to I he
Colorado camp for the presci' and to
what point later he does not know.
established, wherever farm im
plements are used, as an assur
ance of special CjUality. Tie ir
general use i; due alone to the
fact that farmers everywhere
find real economy in using tin hi.
Their success is based eatire
lys on the better lesults they
give in actual use.
Our service puts you iu the
closest possible touch with tlne
better implements. We keep .1
stock of them right here !;:-
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you take a buving trip to our
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Come in and see lor your.-el?.
We invite your patronage.
implement Go.,
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system of treatment that curp Piir-3. Fistula nti
other Recta IDisea"S in a short time, w ithout a severe sur
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Annftf hti lisH Ari!riiiipflntr(iiTI v,nr... b...i.