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TTIURSflAY, JUNE 6, ipi8.
Cbe plattsmoutb louvnal
loitered at l'osto(Ticc. l'lattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
And still it rains.
. rot-
Tin roads are terrible.
' Work or Fight" is still the order.
All roads of service lead to Frauce.
Go the limit in defending Old
S ii. I our hoys the fuel, and they
will supply the steam.
Stand behind the hoys at the front
hut rot too far behind.
Production and self-denial are the
puns that will pet the lluns.
Any bald headed man will be
rlad to tell you that there are no
bah! lunatics.
You can't carry water on both
4-houlders without people knowing it
and there is but little use to try.
Invest your surplus dollars in
Thrift Stamps.
:o: in the American people
is felt the world over.
Tlie Liberty motor of the Civil
war was the army mule. And it
ranlv missed on any cylinder.
A "work or "light" regulation in
Germany certainly would he a cruel
M v to the crow n prince and his
five brothers.
The high cost ot living in Wash
ington is sending office seekers home.
The .ptiir.i.-ts are richt. There's a
briuht side to everything.
Wliat, by the way, is the differ
nce between a formal slumber party,
both of which are mentioned now
and then in small community society
Witnesses from cities where horse
meat is sold say it is hard to tell
horsenieat from corned beef. So
there goes our last hope that horse
meat id ii; lit be good to cat.
Another uncomfortable moment in
a man's life is when he returns from
a week's trip and his wife finds that
ii has u d only one of the eight
clean handkerchiefs siie put in his
grip beiore he went away.
German newspapers are calling
Un the people to go without shoes
this summer as the government
needs the leather. The idea prob
aMy being that German might as
well be barefooted as barefaced.
A Home correspondent hears that
Berlin prisons are full of persons
who criticized the government. Ap
parently the people of Berlin are
better informed about the German
government than they have been giv
en credit loi.
ilowcver, thank heaven, at the
very moment when bombs were
ialhng upon the Ked Cross hospitals
in France, the money was falling
tiiHni the Ked Cross altar in Amer
ica and the tain was falling upon
our uneat fields.
lt very likely is true that the antl
ti inocral ic demonstrations we hear
-f in Ireland do not represent the
s nt iinents of the groat Irish ma
jority Hut in most other countries
imbued with the spirit of world
freedom, the great democratic ma-j-.riiy
would have asserted itself
loi.g belore this.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
t I xil appi. cations, as they cannot reach
Th- portion or tj-.o car. 'IhTe M
nr.'.y one way to cure catarrhal 'a.fnrap,
a:. thit I hy a constitutional rcmeC;-.
arr;..l I-afi.eas is caustd ty an lr.-t.t2.-!i
ror.n-.tiutt of the mucous lining of
xl.f, i;.t:hian Tube. When this tube ia
It. ?a-x. 1 you liv e. rumbling Pound or Irn
j, if r- li'-arit.e. ' when t it is entirely
ti-i. I'afnrss Is the rcsull. Unless the
- :;i:r.rr.a.tion can be r iucod tnj this tube
r'-".T-S to it normal condition, hearing:
vi.i l. ootroycd forever. Many canes of
c-af.Tim r crurnl by catarrh, which Is
ia.rrri conaition of the mucous sur
hC' iiaii's Catarrh SJtf-cine acts thru
he Mocd on the mucous surfaces oi the
We ;:! t-iv( On' ITunrrrl Dollars for
of Vaterrhil .a I'-sa that cannot
tv CM-.-! r 7f irs 'Ta'xrrh 7ldlcne. Or.
tu.Ui lieu A: lr,er!srs. So.
i. J. cu-:'i:v i. CO.. Toledo, O.
A woman never feels dressed up
unless she feels uncomfortable.
Only four more weeks till "the day
we celebrate." But what of it?
Dollars and Determination spell
Doom to the Kaiser. Buy War Sav
ings Stamps.
The more a man reads the Con
gressional Record the more useless
knowledge he accumulates.
Ireland is showing signs of for
saking her errin . ways and return
ing to her good old Erin ways.
The war calls for the team work
of soldier son and soldier father
the hero of tho trenches and hero of
the furrow.
Mr. Creel seems to he one of thosj
rare ones Mr. Lincoln didn't take the
trouble to mention at all he hasn't
been able to fool any of the people
any of the time.
Close observers are beginning to
entertain a suspicion that the "work
or light" proposition applies to
nearly everybody except Col.
velt and Oen. Leonard Wood.
A Kansas City woman told her
club the other day that it is im
possible to ship corn to Europe in
any form. That's what the Ger
mans said about American soldiers.
Every time you hear that the Ger
man Navy is coming out for another
light soon you connect it in your
mind with the same date on which
Satan's private lake of lire will be
used for skating purposes.
When two women begin throwing
catty remarks at each other, it us
ually is not because of any mnn in
the case. It usually is because they
have been good friends and ran
around together too much.
Victor Bcrger's Milwaukee Leader
has called upon the President for a
general amnesty for all political
prisoners of the Berger-Stokes-Gold-man-Berkman-Eastnian
type. The
Leader wants them all freed from
prisons and pending indictments.
Apparently there is some unfinish
ed business the Leader wants cleaned
up before sedition disappears from
this land.
Speaking of the kaiser, the British
Saturday Review gets a complete es
say on personal government into this
one sentence: "The truth is that the
most absolute monarch is no more
his own master than the constitu
tional king or the republican presi
dent; each is the servant of those
who keep him In his place." To
prove that, read history and watch
While some people didn't give
as much to the Bed Cross fund as
the rest of us thought they should,
we must he careful in our criticism
and not set ourselves up as judges
of what other people should do. And
we mustn't believe all we hear a. unit
our neighbors, either. During the
last drive the writer was told a
prominent merchant had refused to
give anything. Investigation show
ed that he had given liberally and
stated that if the city fell short of
its .quota,' he would give again, to
make up the deiiciency. Ver pat
riotic citizen, that. It is alright to
condemn the financial slacker, but
before you condemn be sure the ob
ject of your condemnation IS a slacker-
John Dillon, Irish Nationalist lead
er, is accounted an unyielding op
ponent of English rule n Ireland,
hut ho has the statesmanship to see
that the Sinn Fein program of
putting Ireland under the German
heel is not the way to escape the
rule. In speaking against the can
didacy of a Sinn Fciner for Parlia
ment, Dillon declared the Irish peo
ple must correct the impression that
they sympathize with Germany, and
"I am today more convinced than
ever that the Sinn Fein poliey is
calculated to rob Ireland of tho
sympathy of America and all demo
cratic people throughout the world."
That is a true word and the Irish
people would be wise to heed it. The
Sinn Fein view that England's ne
cessity is Ireland's opportunity is a
mistaken view and a traitorous one
when it involves playing Germany's
game; not traitorous to England
alone, but traitorous to liberty ev
erywhere. The Sinn Feiners are not
striving to free Ireland from Eng
land but to hand it over to Ger
many, true irishmen understand
this and are Opposing the attempt.
Americans who sympathize with Ire
land's just aspirations for home rule
underhand it and expect Ireland to
show in this crisis tlKit it is not de
ceived by these domestic enemies
pretending to he Irish patriots.
Kansas City Star.
psssssERiftBicBsa bwsewsswi graagygWH Effiseasawi Kxsaassnsa mmsssosai KBssssmta (accssHxi &u&?j caaai&issia iM:2xxaiM
Genuine, Delicious, Foaming, Sparkling Malt and Hops
s-i-. mrii'.-m tv m c-.-i f. ,' j h- J Si w j- mw-i i:-a e.t.i..i
Labor with fine perspective has
refused to walk into the morasses of
Bolshevist thought so beautifully
camouflaged fcith theoretical soph
isms by the Xearing-Iiiliquit-Berg-er
sort of Socialists.
Labor was wise. Labor knew that
in the lauds to which the "Beds"
would lead them lurked the poison
ed gas of disloyalty, treachery, trea
And with tenacious discomfiture
the American bolshcviki have Kiltie
by little arrived at the conclusion
that their best efforts are sidly wast
ed. It is patent even to the most
abjectly foolish Socialist that Org
anized Labor of the Cnited Stales
stands four-square in its patriotism.
The attempt to prove this a "rich
man's war" died an abortive death.
The effort to prove that "labor was
being exploited" in the war was
laughed oat of existence. The ap
peal to the class instincts revealed
that since Uncle Sam sounded his
war bugles there are no such things
as class instincts, for shoulder to
shoulder the sons of America's rich
are fighting in the trenches by the
side of the sons of America's commoners.
What economic differences there
were in America prior to tho war,
which gave the "Beds" such a har
vest of opportunity for their miser
able propaganda have been consid
erably wiped out by the' appeal to
the primal that is in each mother's
son of us. We have learned amid
the polent things of our times that
we just didn't understand 'each
other's point of view, perspective,
in both houses haa been limited by
the hurly-burly rush of things. In
ishort, we didn't have time (o trv
ind understand the other fellow.
The war has to a considerable ex
tent straightened all of us out. We
have become more thoughtful, more
serious, more just in our concepts,
and as a consequence we have come
to the crossroads where the trail of
Understanding beckons.
Had labor left ith-ciw open to old
suspicions, old sores, old traditions,
old prejudices, old grievances, old
passions it would have been sn easy
mark for the poisoned gas of (he-
Socialistic Autocrats, Nearing, Hill
quit and Uerger.
But Labor in America is too funda
mentally clean and straight to fall
into such a gas trap. It has from
the birth of the American Federa-
tlou' of . Labor bee-n accustomed to'the
gas mask of carelessness in action
and this quality warned in time of
the lurking gases in the Xo Man's
Land of American Bol?hevi3t
thought. -
Gas American Labor? This ganj
Make it Isa Your Own Home
In a Few Minntes, From a
Pure Malt and Mops Extract
These are the days of temperance drinks.
Although non-alcoholic malt beverages, "near
beers, etc., are now being sold in bottles every
where, they all lack a certain indescribable snap
and flavor. But you dont need to miss these de
sirable qualities. You don't need to put up with
those flat, tasteless, lifeless substitutes.
It is not generally known that a genuine mait
and hops brew non-intoxicating, but with all the
cheer and invigoration can be easily made at home.
Most people think that such a brew can be made
only by a brewer. But a wonderful new process
enables you to make, at small expense, as palatable
and satisfying a drink as you could wish for. Just
get a package of
Peerless Malt a
from any drurjgist and follow the easy directions which
accompany it. You mix the Extract with 7 gallons of
water and you produce, at small expense, a most
delicious, sparkling, temperance lager, entirely unlike
the usual insipid substitutes.
It satisfies the palate perfectly. You will like it let
ter than you did the eld saloon beverage and it will
be far better for you. Malt and hops make the most
y J fl Y i
Mops I
healthful drink. Your homemade temperance lager
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it better than anything you ever drank.
You can keep it in bottles to be used freely by
your family and friends whenever you like. And
think how cheap it is! You can make this tasty,
"tang-y," foamy, invigorating temperance lager for
Cents IPer (SaHoim !
A package of Peerless Mall and Hops Extract enough to
make a brew of 7 gallons will cost you but $1.50. Where
could you ever get a perfect beverage as cheap as that?
Try it now! You will be delighted. Remember, you will
like it better than injurious alcoholic saloon stuff. Yes, iou
will like it beiler. YOU WILL LIKE IT BETTER!
Call on your druggist tocfay. If he is sold out he can
quickly get more for you from his wholesaler.
ijr-H-gra irwfcyjwrywf bwpw3wbw rmwmrml
ccuhln't do rt in a thousand y-oars?
National Luhur Bulletin.
r.riad and milk will make a meal;
ei will mush and milk.
Uread and Kravy together; po
trtoes and sravy are just as nourish
ing. Toast and fruit are fine for h-eak-fi
.st; but any other cereal with fruit
v.-Ill stay the stomaeh as effectively.
(J! riddle cakes; muffins, all sort of
quick breads, can be filling and ap
prizing without any wheat.
After all, what we have to do is
e; t less bread. Often we eat it to
Convey other food; even use bread
to push mouthfuls upon the fork.
There is one test. Whatever bread
is used for convenience that is the
pk'ee to leave it out.
Habit tells us to use bread; the
body's needs tell us only to provide
suiheien nourishment We must
lcjrn to think in terms of nourish
ment and not let habit hinder us.
Changing our habits is none too
easy. But it is no easy task to win
tlie war.
doing without wheat wherever we
can is one thing we can do to win
the war perhaps the largest contri
bution we can make.
' :&:
What are YOU" doing to help win
the war?
Ti;i; is not a war alone of the.
aimy and the navy; it is' not a war
just for men from HI to 1 years
old; ;it. is. not a :war ''only for thbse
who have tho timu;,and : inclination
to prosecute it. This is the war of
every American 'man, : woman and
.child. This is YOUR war if you
are an American.
Are you doing your bit? Or are
you going ahead as usual, intent
only on your own personal inter
ests, quieting your conscience by
.aying: "The government hasn't
called me "
The government may not have
inenTioned your name. but your
COUNTRY called you the day war
was declared. The defense of your
country is identical with the defense
of your home. The attack of the
German army is identical with the
attack of thugs against your heme
your wife, your daughter. Are you
lotting your neighbor defend your
home without any assistance from
you? Are you that k'nd of selfisfi
coward who lets some one else fight
his battle for him?
When the war is over and people
ask, "What war work did you do?"
wall you be able to answer, "I did my
bit," or will you evade the question
and change the subject?
When the war is over, will you
still have your self-respect or will
you live the rest of .your life
ashamed of yourself and despised by
your fellow men?
Whin the war is over, will you
be honorably accepted by or dishon
orably discharged from society?
If you cannot serve in the army
or the navy, you can help in some
other department. There is plenty of
work for everyone, including YOU.
Chicago Evening Post.
According to the Lincoln Herald,
the right man haa not come forward
yet for governor. I luck is pretty
near right as to McKelvey and
Charley Bryan.
"More in sorrow than In anger"
Is a favorite line among high temp
ered women with a weakness for do
mestic theatricals.
Amber cane, $;).25 bu; German
millet, ?3.50; White Kaflir, $Lt)u;
Sweet Clover, $17.50; Alfalfa "ja.O
per cent pure, $12.00; Sudan grass,
per lb. 2'iC, in lots, 2;le; Rape, l.ic,
bushel, $7.00; navy beans, pk. 2.25;
late sweet corn, $3.00 pk. Johnson
Bros., Nebraska City. (
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f Hold on to
i XL T-J!
our uuiiar
jivhenyoii del ihem
and Keep mem safe
in Our Bank,
I'resident Wil-on told Congress
not to be afraid to tax the American
people. But Congress has no pre
cedent for that, and it remains to be
keen which Congress feara more,
precedent or the people.
Let the lawyers make a slate -of
the supreme judge candidates if they
want to. If the lawyers arc all like
a lawyer or two in. this .town such
slate are easily knocked into a
cooked hat. It was'evcr thus. '
;Marnrers estate
... ; . - ,- c