The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 22, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, AFItlL 22, 13!S.
Cbe piattsmoutb journal
Kntert-il at IN-stolTk ITat tsmoutli, Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Spring is here.
No mutter what zero says.
To p!'.1 have taken down storm
Hunt up your fly-swatter the fly
"Teiisiis has many advantages,"
rays the enthusiastic reporter. It
dies if it's a close game.
If a wife looked as pretty as a
w idow does she wouldn't have much
trouble in keeping hubby home.
The new style set by a Michigan
woman, who wears her feathers with
t:ii probably will not prove popular,
and was not intended to.
Josh Billings made his hit by his
centric orthography, nut pretty
stenographers are so plentiful nowa
days that grotesque spelling is no
longer funny.
"lkago juries have acquitted
twenty-three women charged with
h'i.-!:.nd-imirder in the last three
y.;irs. What is Chicago trying to
do push Reno off the map?
Mrs. Granger insists that when
her husband hears of it he will hurry
back fmri France and there will be
a shooting. Mrs. Granger should
rot boast too soon. Perhaps he will
do nothing of the kind.
IV.t here's news from the ?a;nc
I'li-.ce that !;oks like heartless profits-ring:
Springfield boys find marbles
end tops scaree and much higher in
rrice than inv years past, and deal
ers s,ny it is because of the war.
A Swedish naturalist says the in-I'-l'igeiico
and industry of the int.
l.nve been grossly overrated. Evi
dontly there are no picnics in Swed
en. NV picnicker ever would dis
count the fa 1 led achievements of the
Kansas hens may be marketed af
lr April 19. the food administrator
has ruled. Also, the back yard
gardener may defend himself and his
estate with a shotgun after that
la1 without running "afowl" of Mr.
Aie the roads between Plattsmouth
and Union in such a desperate con
dition as to deserve the condemna
tion f people in neighboring conn
lies. If so, would it not be well for
the county commissioners to be lock
ing after them?
-Now. if we only had a law com
pelling all young'' girls under 25
years to be at home and in bed by
ten o'clock, what a grand thing it
wt'iild lo for the parents. There
would be no occasion then for the
boys being on the streets then
lr. S. V. Crisap of Nebraska City,
a candidate for congress subject
t the will of the democrats of Thjrd
Congressional District. Dr. Crisap is
n most pleasant gentleman and pos-s.-se-s
wonderful ability. A fine ora
tory and a true American, he has
been for the past year putting in
rsost of his time for the great cause of
liberty-and humanity. We think he
will make a fine race, and the people
will be for him. .
State of Ohio. City of Toledo,
L,t;cas County, as.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that h
! senior rartner or the firm of I'. J. & Co., doing business In tho City
of Toledo. County and State aforesaid
and tht said firm wiil pay the sum of
ONE IIUNDRL;e uollaks lor eacn
nd f very ca-ie of Ca tarrh that cannot be
cured t.v tha U8 cf HALL 3 CATAHRH
b'wom to bc-fors tt.q and subscribed In
my presence, tats 6th nay et uecemoer.
A. U. A. V. lJL,tiAt3JJN,
Seal) Notary Public.
Ilall'a Catarrh Medicine is taken In
tTra!ly and acta throueh the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of th System. Send
ror testimonials, rre.
F. J. CHr.NET : CO.. Toledo. O
SclA by all druccisis. 73c.
Hail a Family fills for constipation.
Decoration Day next Thursday,
May CO.
A little moisture would help nut
on ji bumper war crop.
- A stomach bothers a whole lot of
mch more than a lie does. '
Keep up with the procession and
keep your clock one hour ahead.
Politics are warming up and candi
dates are gradually coming to the
A year ago Cass county had a rec
ord for splendid roads. But no one
seems to be bragging on them this
Several June weddings are rumor
ed in this city, but we are not la
lowed to make them public for a
short time.
Senator Greed will never be en
tirely successful as a politician until
he quits wasting so much time talk
ing politics.
Few women will admit that their
homes ever were invaded by bed
bugs, but most of them can readily
suggest a way to get rid of them.
There is joy in the heart of the
layman when tne doctor is forced to
vaccinate himself, for it's a joke on
him if it "takes," or if it doesn't.
It makes no difference how good
a Christian you are or how close you
come to living up to the code of moral
aw, there is a spark of infidelity in
Fire seems to have it in for Omaha
hotels. The Savoy got it Tuesday.
This hotel was put up by Peter Goos,
now deceased, in 188 9 and uncle of
our Peter Goos.
Von Ilindenburg says, "the Allies
forced Germany into the war." We
are a bit hazy as to who started it
but he will find out who forced Ger
many out of the war.
"Lifelike Legs," offers an artifi
cial limb concern, in an advertise
ment which should fall under the
eyes of a great many whose scaffold
ings certainly do not look very nat
ural, i
The German army is reported to be
out of morphine, which reminds us:
What will happen when the kaiser
and-Ilindenburg run out of what
they have been smoking in their
The wife of the Chicago Univer
sity professor took the woman in
the case with her in her house. She
is said to be the founder of the
Woman's Peace Society. Evidently a
pacifist, all right.
There is not a patriotic able-bodied
American citizen in Plattsmouth" but
that should be a member of the
Home Guards. There are many who
should enroll .themselves w'thout
further solicitation.
The hope of labor lies in the op
portunities for freedom; military
domination, supervision, checks,
bondage, lie in Prussian rule. It Is
not through a German regime, but
through democracy, that labor is to
receive adequate recognition a ad its
realization of its rightful place in
the world.
1 'at.ents and copyrights will no
longer be issued by the United
States to enemies of this countiy. In
Sjeed, they no longer 'need crotec
tion, since about all they have been
inventing lately seem to be lies
about the army and the Red Cross,
and no American cares to infringe
on those rights.
President Wilson in his latest
speech made it plain that the allies
will seek no mollycoddle peace by a
devious route, but' only a decisive
peace gotten by force, by the over
throw of the Prussian military pow
er. It becomes, then, the duty of every
citizen of the allied countries to
search out every element of force in
order to bring about this victory.
Though all suggestions are not prac
tical, all are worthy of consideration.
There is a; power which hashet yet
been used and which might become
one of the greatest forces for victory.
It is the threat of subjugation and
it might weaken the foundations up
on which Germany's despotism rests.
This threat is that of economic pres
sure to be applied to Germany after
the war.
This new expedient is proposed by
Lord Sydenham, according to the
London correspondent of the New
York Times. He strongly urges the
announcement that "if within a fixed
period of time the German govern
ment does not agree to suspend hos
tilities and to negotiate for peace on
the terms laid down by President
Wilson, then for every week that the
war is prolonged no German vessel
shall enter or leave any American
port, including the Panama canal, lor
one year."
Such a decree would have either
one ef two effects upon the German
people; it would instill greater al
legiance to the military leaders, or it
would hasten dissatisfaction with
the present regime. In all probabili
ties the edict would tend to impress
upon the German peoples the sin
cerity with which America has taken
a hand in this struggle and the utter
hopelessness of a victory by the
kaiser would be mor clearly discern
ed. Lincoln Star.
The resignation of Count Czernin,
Austrian foreign minister, is an im
portant and unexpected incidont.
It has come about because the
count was convicted of downright
falsehood in connection with his
statement concerning Als?.ce and
Lorraine; rather, not on account of
his falsehood, but on account of his
disclosed attitude toward these for
mer French provinces, for falsehoods
are the regular thing in German and
Austrian diplomacy.
When it was given out at Paiis
that Czernin and Emperor Charles
had written letters setting forth
their belief that Alsace and Lor
raine should be restored to Fraace it
was immediately and emphatically
denied that these two worthies had
done any such thing. This was im
mediately followed with documentary
proof, submitted by Prime Minister
Clemenceau. Thereupon Czernin
was sclectd as a "goat and com
pelled to resign. That the compul
sion came from Berlin is to be taken
for granted, for Austria is now only
a vassal state of Germany. And this
compulsion was applied, it may be
well surmised, not because Czernin
was shown by Clemenceau to be a
falsifier, but because Germany wants
none of her vassals or subjects mak
ing any admissions concerning Al-
ace and Lorraine and German title
to these provinces. Germany has no
compunctions touching the reliability
of any agreements or utterances. She
has carried oh her whole diplomatic
course of late years upon the basest
kind of deception and downright ly
ing. Ambassador Whitlock told the
truth about her when he said, "Ger
many disregards every sentiment of
honor and integrity, everything w-e
hold sacred and dear." Therefore
the world will have no illusions con
cerning the Czernin incident. It is
unfortunate for him because he was
caught, and being caught involves
the disclosure of a sentiment toward
the territorial integrity of two Ger
man provinces that displeases the
German war lords. For thi3 the con
temptible Czernin must vacate his
post and give place to some one with
Hohenzollern sympathies as well as
professions. Fremont Tribune.
Another unanswered question:
Why are low shoes so high?
Military opinion in Washington is
divided between two views of what
will happen if the present German
offensive falls short of any objective
that the enemy could point to as a
real gain. One view is that such a
failure would convince him that a
further attempt would be useless and
that the hour for a peace parley had
come. The other is that he wou!d
take , up the strongest position he
could find and prepare for a long de
fensive war.
The reasons for accepting the lat
ter view are so much more numer
ous and weighty that they will seem
to most observers of events to put the
first proposition entirely out of the
running. It is true that Mr. Lloyd
George and others have spoken of the
German command's undoubted pur
pose to throw everything into a des
perate attempt to get a decision ihs
summer. That purpose may be ad
mitted. The strength of Hmden
burg's attack, the numbers employ
ed and the indifference exhibited to
the huge losses amply support that
view of his purpose. He be'ieved
there was a chance to destroy or
isolate the British army, after which
the French could be dealt w'.th in
detail. It was a chance, desperate
as it was, that would only grow
more desperate by waiting, for every
week of delay brought nearer the
support of America's reserves.
Rut to admit that purpose, or-even
to admit that Hindenburg believes
the objective would be gained and
with it a victorious peace, is very
far from establishing that the Ger
mans would have to quit and accept
terms if the chance failed. They are
trying for a decision. Of course.
They have been trying for one for
nearly four years. But when the
Germans talk about a decision they
don't mean that they are staking
everything on a gambler's chance
and are ready to accept whatever
decision turns up. When they talk
about a decision they mean a German
decision. If they fail to get that
kind as they have several times
failed they content themselves with
holding what they have gained un
til the time comes when another
chance presents itself to snatch at
There is nothing to show that Ger
many's military strength is exhaust
ed or that a failure to win a decision
that summer will leave her power
less to go on. It would be foil v for
merica or the Allies to count on
any such outcome of the batt!. now
going on. Germany was never so
strong on the western front as she
now is. The Germans may have
hoped for a quick result from, that
battle, they doubtless are disappoint
One of the Products to
Sharp-Peterson Three-Hi Motor Pu
That actually takes the place of
a team and at the same price. Will
do anything that horses will do and
more. The farm tractor reduced to
its simplest elements combining
engineering features not found here
tofore in tractors. It takes the same
place among tractors that a Ford
car does among automobiles. There
ed that they haven't obtained it, hut
if we are wise we will, not try to
make ourselves believe that because
they have failed to land the first blow
they haven't a second and a third,
and many more, in reserve. Nothing
in the development of the present
battle should change the American
program of getting there just as
quickly as possible with the greatest
possible strength. K. C. Star.
How glorious are the victories
standing to the credit of the kiiser's
famous long range gun! That Good
Friday triumph, with its slaughter of
pious innocents praying In the
church of St. Gervais, was followed
on Wednesday by a fine center shot
into the heart of a refuge for orphan
ed children, four of the little ones
being murdered, and one Thursday
by the dropping of a shell into a ma
ternity hospital, its toll of death be
ing one patient, one maternity nurse
and one newly born babe, while six
patients, three infants and two
probationary nurses were wounded
all to the glory of the kaiser's Gott.
And yet there remain at large in
this country a few asinine writing
persons like one attached to the Met
ropolitan Magazine who keep harp
ing upon the advisability of more talk
on the subject of why this nation,
believing in justice and civilization,
is at war!
This nation is engaged in a mighty
war of defense against the thing
which chortles with glee over the
murder of those new born babes, of
those mothers in the pangs of child
birth, of those orphaned -children, of
those pious worshipers at the foot
stool of a merciful God against the
beast called Fright fulness, spawn of
Prussianism and savagery.
This nation is at war because it
knows that if Germany Is victorious
in its onslaught upon civilization the
American people and all the liberty
loving peoples of this earth will be
comes slaves to that beas, that mon
ster, that lkorrible thing. New York
Uncle Sam has taken another s!ep
as policeman of the seas. The es
tablishing of a new naval base at the
Azores, which will be undertaken by
an understanding with Portuga', will
enable the American fleets to wage
a more determined war on the kais
er's submersibles. The provision of
a fortified station on these islands
will mean much greater protection to
both allied and neutral shipping and
will render communication with the
south European countries much eas
ier and safer.
Since the United States entered the
be Manufactured by Auto
A Million Dollar Invention
is a reason lightest, cheapest and
most powerful tractor made for th
purpose. A farmer can own two of
these machines, and double up on
the heavy loads. The picture tells
low center of gravity; drives both
rear wheels; standard wagon wheel
width; steering wheel same size as
rear wheels; turns on its own cen
ter; does not disc like caster
DERBY 50851
will make the season 1918 at my home in Cedar Creek, Neb., for service
Derby is an iron gray Jack, eight years old, stands 15 hands high
and will weigh 1000 pounds. He has an excellent reputation as a sure
foal getter. He is without doubt one of the best jacks ever brought to
ff C Fr Derby $15.00, insuring colt to staud and
ImIIW7 suck. Parties disposing of mares or removing
them from the community, service fee becomes due and payable imine
diately. All care will be taken to prevent accidents, but owner will not
be responsible should any occur.
war the Yankee sea fighters have
played an important role as traffic
cops. U-boats sinkings have fallen
off appreciably, much thanks to the
American ' naval forces. The navy
has indeed proved itself efficient and
that department should be praised
for taking this step in developing its
power in accordance with the magni
tude of responsibility that has been
placed upon it. Lincoln Star.
And now, thgy want to prohibit us
from using flour altogether. Well,
maybe, there is justice in this and
maybe we can get used to it.
Party lines are going to b? ser
iously severad this year. It i. men
who will get the o'tfices, irrespective
of former political affiliations.
"The mention of me becoming
President is humorous," says Mr. Mc
Adoo. There is a lot of grim humor
these days, probably due to the war.
A Harvard historian has discover
ed that most of the great wars have
started in April. How was it, then,
that June became knowns as the
bridal month?
Most of the bad coughing .spells
break out in church and at high
brow concerts. The tickling sensa
tion in the throat rarely attacks a
vaudeville audience.
Ireland seems to have missed Great
Britain's compliment to her young
men altogether. There are some sub
jects of Britain she has not yet deem
ed worth conscripting.
Power and Malleable
wheels; automatic attachment for
self-plowing; short wheel base; will
turn in fifteen feet; gearless drive;
one handle control; a universal pow
er plant that will drive other ma
chinery any . speed forward or back
ward; fast on road work; three
point wheel base; will stand solid
on any ground; narrow tires; works
best where horses- work worst; - has
Wo buy Rags, Rubber,
Iron and Metal!
Second Hand Furniture
of all kinds!
S. CHASEfi, Manager
Eighth and Vine Sts.,
Plattsmouth, ftebaska
TEL. 608
If I Were a Farmer.
If I were a farmer I would keep at
hand a few reliable medicines for
minor ailments that are not so ser
ious as to require the attention of a
physician, such as Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy for
bowel complaints.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds and croup.
Chamberlain's Liniment for
sprains, bruises and rheumatic pains.
Chamberlain's Tablets for stomach
troubles, biliousness and constipa
tion. By having these articles at hand
it would often save the trouble of a
trip to town in the busiest season or
in the night, and would enable me
to treat slight ailments as soon as
they appear, and thereby avoid the
more serious diseases that so often
Five good, large work horses.
Mark White, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Manufacturing Company
weight properly distributed on rear
wheels; operates all farm tools; can
be ruu by a boy or girl; does the
work of" eighty men; center draw
bar pull; no side strain. The great
est farm labor saver in the country.
Always harnessed. Eats nothing
when not at wprk. . All parts acces
sible. Unobstructed view for the