The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 04, 1918, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray; and Surrounding Vicinity , Especially for the Journal Readers
Be Ready For
One often hears, '
had a little money I co
a fortune. "
Why not be ready
portunity knocks
Plan to place
certain percentage of yo
cry or business profits.
Then when the main chance
cemzs along you'll be ready
for it.
Banking in every form.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
- MADE - TO -
have that rich classy look, that smooth perfect fit and
snappy up-to-date style desired by every gentleman.
A perfect fit every time, regardless of how hard you
are to fit or how particular you are. If we don't fit you
we don't expect you to keep the clothes. A complete
line of samples and styles will be found at cur store
and at the lowest possible prices.
G. M. Mi ii ford went to Lincoln
last Sunday to spend the day with Iiis
la uiily.
("has. Engelkemeier, from near
Weeping Water, was visiting Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Win.
Puts in Murray.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Wehrbein went
to Falls City Sunday where they
rj-ent the day with Mr. Wehrbein's
sister. Mrs. Green.
The Frau-en-verein met Tuesday
of tli is week at the home of Mrs.
Ulo Puis.. There was a god attend
ance and the meeting was a very en-
yable one for all.
'If only Wg&
uld make tt
when op-
at your
in the bank
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wiley were
in Plattsmouth last Saturday.
Chas. Good and family spend Sun
day with John Thompson and fam
ily. Mrs. Sans and daughter, Miss Beu
lah, and sons Chas. and John drove
to Omaha last Sunday. "
Lucille Benedict, of Omaha, came
down last Sunday to spend the day
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Wm.
Rice, west of town.
Ed. Gansemer, A. F. Boedeker and
Lee Brown drove to Omaha Monday
o fthis week. The trip was made in
the car of Mr. Gansemer.
Mm Taylor
They're the best Ii-juse
dresses ever ma del The
material, the style, the
smartness of every gar
ment makes them in a
class of their own. You
couldn't duplicate these
dresses for what they at this store.
Si.75 to S2.50
Come and see them!
, Tuti
door? Vgh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Good were
Plattsmouth visitors last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. "Walt Sans cwere
Plattsmouth visitors last Saturday.
For Sale: China goose eggs,--at 73
cents for six. Oldham Stock Farm.
Mrs. Chas. Fuller has been num
bered with the sick for the past few
Potatoes for sale, at $1.00 y.vr
bushel at the cellar. The Oldham
Stock Farm.
Mrs. Chas. Carroll spent last Sun-j
day with the family of her son, Em,
near Avoca.
Dr. Gilmcre was locking after
some matters of business in the
county seat Monday.
D. C. Rhoden and W. O. Troop
were visiting with county seat
friends last Saturday.
Adam Schafer was looking after
some matters of business in the
county seat last Saturday.
The little daughter of
TVtrQ T .pu-ia line V
. i
been rumoereu
with the sick for the past few days.
Mrs. Dave Lloyd, who lias been
sick for the past few weeks at the
Berger hotel, is improving at this
County Commissioner Heebner is
quarantined at his home near Ne
hawka with scarlet fever in the
Jcsit. I'arrnu c ivlin i : 1 1 on .1 i 11 -
school in Lincoln, came down home
last Thursday and remained until
Monday visiting with home foiks.
There were four cars of cattle left
this station last Sunday evening,
shipped by V. J. Philpot, A. B.
Boedeker, James Hill and Adam
Mrs. Vv'ill Hobach. fron south of
Union, was taken to the hospital in
Omaha Monday, where she will re
ceive treatment. She was accom
panied by Dr. B. F. Brendel.
Rex Young departed Tuesday for
Grant. Xeb.. where he has three sales'
... t,.T- n . I
,--. :; t.....
Lid I t It i i 11 l I ci I X It lilt' i II O
time lie was in Perkins county.
The trained nurse who has been
in charge of the sick at the Ilenry
Creamer" home lor the past fr:v
weeks. was released last Sunday,
and returned to her home in Om
aha. Pcopie in this locality who have
land in Perkins and Chase count is
report that the wheat crop out there
is looking fine at this time of th'
year. Albert Philpot writes that j
their crop is looking except ionaily
The scarlet fever in t Pi is commun
ity is almost a thing of the past at
the present time. The quarantine
will be lifted from the Creancer home
this week. Mr. Creamer -was re
leased last week, and made a trip to
Omaha this week with his shipment
of cattle.
Fred Hild and family have mov
ed to Murray for the present and
will make their heme with Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Puis until the new home
of Mr. and Mrs. Puis is finished.
Then Mr. and Mrs. Hild will take up
their residence in their own home
purchased of Mr. Puis a short time
Miss Eckert, of Omaha. trainod
nurse, arrived in Murray on Tuesday
morning and via the auto route ac
companied Dr. Gilmore to the J. A.
Whiternan home near Nehawka,
where she will remain for some time
in "the capacity of nurse over Mr.
Whiteman, who has been seriously
ill for some time.
L. II. Puis went to Omaha Wed
nesday morning and returned home
with a new Fulton truck, for which
he has accepted the agency in this
locality. Mr. Puis thinks this one
of the best all-around farm trucks
on the market, and his territory ex
tends over the greater portion of
eastern Cass county.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to the Murray Horse Co., will
please call at the Murray State Bank
and settle same, where you will
be properly receipted for the same.
iv. e. vi
Always Ready for Sale
Dates -far or near.
Telepaone 1511 Hurray Exchange
If .nyof the leaders of tbo
Journal know of any sooia.1
event or liein of i&tprost in
this vicinity, ami wii) mail
same to this oftioe. it will ap
pear under ttata heading. V.'e
want all newsitems Koitoh
Mrs. Lloyd Gapeu and daughter,
Miss Villa, were Plattsmouth visi
tors last Saturday.
Miss Opha Baker, who is attend
ing school at Lincoln, spent Sun
day with home folks.
A. D. Crunk was called to Deep
water, Mo., 'Monday owing to the
serious illness of home folks.
Misses Laura Puis and Eva La
Ku?, who are employed in Omaha,
spent Sunday with home folks.
1). Hostetter had the misfortune
to have one of his badly cr li
pled last Tuesday in a runaway.
Mrs. J. Wolever, from Iowa, is
spending a few days with her eis
ter, Mrs. D. A. Young, in Murray.
Mrs. McAllister, of, Chicago, is in
Murray this week, visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker.
Mrs. Clara i cung, wno :s em
ployed in the shops at Plattsmouth,
visited with home folks in Murray
! Sunday
! m,.
Loushridge went down to
W;. ouiing Tuesday morning, where
she will be employed as nurse at the
Woolsey home.
Mr. aud Mrs. C. A. Rawls, of
Plattsmouth were visiting Sunday
in Murrav. at the borne of Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Smith.
Ed. Leach has sold his fifty-two
acre farm, east cf Murray, to II. G.
! 1 OUU. 1 IMS IS Kr.OWH as Mie O.U l.Vl'
I Alliscn place. Mr. and Mrs. Leach
will move to their farm down near
Mr. Sole. at one time second
trick man at the M. P. station, here
has been laid ud in Murray for
the past few days ' Waiting for re
pairs for his car that broke aown
on him near here. K is at present
located in Sioux City and lias been
dov.n in Kansas.
! L. C. OberlieE and a team from
the Coiner University, will be at the
i Christian church in Murray next
Sun(lav evening.
interests of the
They come in the
Men and Millions
i movement
Sntcial music and goou
speaking. Be sure and hear them
Bible school at 10:00 a. m. am
preaching at 11:00. Remember, we
have turned: iur.-cioJvaliwid. one
hour. .
Puis & Gansemer are havinu their
rtore l.-ui:ding wired tins week :n
preparation for the new lights when
the current is run to Murray, which
they hope will only be a short time
hence. Preparing for the ij,e.w light
ecems to be the order of nt
the rresent time in Murray. Ointe
a number of residences are alsu be
ing wired. W. G. Boedeker's resi
dence is among those being wired
this week. L. H. Puis is looking
after the work of both places.
Home Guards For Murrar.
The Murray people have decided
to organize a Home Guard company,
and a meeting for this purpose v.ll
be held at the Puis Gansemer hall
in Murray on Friday evening. April, the meeting to be called at eight
o'clock: C. A. Rawls and other
members of the Plattsmouth Com
pany will be present to assist in the
organiatizon of the home company.
Every one interested in this move
ment are requested to be present,
aud render all the assistance possible.
United Presbyterian Church Notes
l'r.Qi) a. m. Sabbath School
11:00 a. m. Sermon by the pastor.
As the church cannot be used for
evening services until wired am'
supplied with electricity, there will
be no evening meeting held, but ar
rangements may be made for a union
service with the Christian congrega
tion in their house of worship. The
annual election of officers of the
Sabbath School will be held next
Sabbath morning.
The Missionary Society wil' hold
its April meeting with Mrs. Oscar
Gapen Friday the 12th.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Walker of
Apollo, Pa., arrived Friday morning
and visited p.t the United Presby
terian parsonage until Tuesday mor
ning, when they left for Red Oak,
Iowa, where they would spend the
day at Rev. William Murchie's and
go on in the evening toward Pennsyl
vania. They had been from hoome
alitiit seven weeks, visiting' first iu
Oklahoma City, Okla., then at To
peka., Kansas, afterward at Denver
and Ft. sMorgan, Colo., and coming
from the last named point to Murray
Mr. Walker is a niece of Dr. Jack
son. Dr. Jackson went to Omaha Tues
day morning and transacted some
business that forenoon, and iu the
afternoon and evening attended a
meeting of his Presbytery. which
completed the work of the met ting
at a late hour in the night, sj that
he tame home Wednesday morning.
The annual business meeting of
ii ah Vt r 1 I o c irrrr ov c n r u-cn that
the financial condtions are good.
More had been contributed both tor
the home work and missions than in
any former year. All obligations
have been met and a small balance
remained in the treasury, while the
canvass for the new year resulted
"try satisfactorily, there being in
creased amounts pledged for the lo
cal work and for the missionary
enterprises of the denomination. Ar
rangements were made at this meet
ing for repairing and thoroughly re
novating the church building, and
wiring and equipping both that and
the parsonage for the use of elec
tricity as soon as the comply is pre
pared to supply the current. Chas.
H. Doedeker, Sr., J. W. Edmunds, W.
S. Smith and Dr. G. II. Gilmore were
chosen trustees of the congregation,
find will have charge of this work.
Grandma Seybolt.
v-Mrs. L. R. Seybolt, better knovra
by all in this community, as Grand
ma Seybolt. died at the home of her
son, near Murray last Sunday even
in rr. alter an illness covering many
mor.'ths. The funeral was held Tues
day afternoon at 2:00. at the home,
conducted by Rev. P.obb, and inter
ment was made in th Horning ceme
tery near Plattsmouth.
Harriett Amelia Moore was born
Oct tth2, 1S35, at Otisville, New
York. In the year of 1S53, at the age
of eighteen, she was married to Lu
ther R. Seybolt. Two children were
born to them, Mary A. Mutz, of
Piattsmouth and John B. Seybolt, of
Murray. They moved to Nebraska in
the year of 1SC9, and settled in Rock
BlufTs, and in one year later moved
to the farm, where her husband pre
ceded her in death six years ago, and
for many years the Seybolt home
stead. Fcr the past six years she
lias made her home with her son J.
B. Seybolt, up to the time of her
death cn March 31, 191 S.
The remaining brother and sister
have the sympathy of the entire com
munity in the loss of a most kind
and loving mother. Grandma Sej
bolt was a mother whom everybody
that knew -her loved her, and will
be rreatly missed in the community
where she has resided for so many
years. .
John Hobscheidt was looking af'er
business in Plattsmouth last Satur
day. Miss Bertha Nickels was transact
ing business in Plattsmouth last Saturday.
Lilt; umicu jcouj Lti
III fflP ifflflipr I nil Km
il . I?
The Best on the Market for the Price $1420 f. o. b. Factory
Where can you buy one of its equal for the money?
3,000 Pound Capacity; Full 30-Horse Power;
Extra Large Crank Shaft Bearings, 2-inch by 4-inch;
Large Connecting Rod Bearings; Great Water Capacity;
Over Size Valves; Housed-in Clutch, a unit with transmis
sion and engine being clean-cut simplicity throughout.
Where will you find such a power plant in any truck selling for anywhere near the
money that will buy the Fulton.
Come in and Let Us Show You!
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1 2 . . t
anu inspect it. Let us
today for the money.
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Let Us Tell You About the Standard
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Your old worn-out pleasure car converted into a 1 or 2-ton truck for $435.00 or
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en You Think of a Truck Think of Us.
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Your farm implements, taken :
all together, form a great crop
making machine, each, part of.
which is dependent on the oth
er. The whole is no better than
the poorest implement in it.
Poor seed-bed making by an
inferior plow, fcr instance, will
make it impossible for your
planter and cultivator to give
the profit that they should give.
Likewise, inaccurate planting
will lessen the returns from the
best of seed beds and thorough
And a cultivator that will not
destroy weeds and conserve
moisture without injuring the
crop plants cuts the profit from
the use of your other imple
ments. Thus it is with practically
every implement on 5our farm.
Even a single fault in one im
plement will handicap other im
plements and mean the loss of
Murray Hardware
Wm. Sporer and family were
business visitors in Omaha last Sat
urday. The Oldham Stock Farm shipped
out another fine pair of pigs Tues
day of this week.
Mrs. Zach Sbrader has been vis
iting this week with her sister, Mrs.
Taylor, in Plattsmouth.
We take this method of extending
our sincere thanks to the many
friends who have so kindly assisted
us in so many ways during the sick
ness and death of our dear mother.
We assure you that the many deeds
cf kindness will always be remem
bered by us.
floor and we want all prospective truck purchasers to call I
i t -i t .1 i . . i .i i . r
snow you wny we think it is the
Dealer for Eastern
Yours for the
many possible dollars in profit
from your season's work.
The purpose of our service to
you is to help you get full per
formance from every implement.
We carry for your benefit a
full line of implements espec
ially adapted for use in this
section. Each of them bears a
trade-mark that assures the best
of material and workmanship.
With none of them do you have
to run the risk of experimenting
in your fields of letting one
implement handicap the service
from your other implements.
Each is the successful result of
thorough experiments carried
on br the manufacturers under
a variety of actual field condi
tions the same conditions that
prevail on your farm.
Have every implement in
your crop-making machinery
fully reliable this year. Drop
in and study the implements
that we have to help you.
and Implement Go.
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Cat hey
were visiting with Plattsmouth
friends last Saturday.
Seed potatoes and table potatoes
for sale at 51.00 per bushel at the
Oldham Stock Farm.
Having sold my blacksmith si op
in Murray, I take this method of no
tifying all patrons knowing them
selves indebted to me to please call
and settle at once, as I wish to leave
this part of the country.
The Journal delivered at yoar door
for only 10 cents a week.
best truck on tne market
Cass County.
Best Auto Service