The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 11, 1918, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Yh it ycu want is quick relief. Here's
a f.lrv year old remedy that ha3 proven
bM;ct:ci .l for million?. Try it yom self,
pe- Jj JZ?' gSold ly all dnitrpsts.
for Coughs s Colds
Dizzy?" Bilious? Constipated?
Pr.Km's New Life Fnlscausea healthy
i'o-v of Bile and rid your Stomach
and Bowels of waste and fermenting
1-viy prions. They are a Tonic to
your Stomooh and Liver and tone the
general svrfem. First dose relieves.
Get a bottle tod.iv. . . alt druggists.
-, r. :.'.;;. i .
Y! e ri .--imental hand vC 1 1 : e :5."i" th
t a a ' ! i i which :a ro.ii p sed mostly
i .W'r..:-l.a 1' ys. a i of which Koy
M i- ;i n'-rii'ur. in the contest
i i Ii The n i.t-r band-, were the v:n-i..r.-
i l ?i:e tn.phy. which was a sil-
.- !"v;-:- cap. The j nl-.'s were:
JTii'. Harry llrn'.i m and Miss Helen
H h of the i:.uio department of
' Lar. i: A eric. lit nral so-
: y. 'l i e a ost m" the tnomliers of
". .-. ir 4 bund v. ere from Xehra?
. .. alo ! ;!; of tUe regiment
.r This also. The points for!i' ..ire fifty on the
: --: :" bard and the same
. of 1 1, . ir ..-inging.
-vimr:;; hand will sc.n make
.. r o-.. r th-- ..:!. of Kansas and
N ' -a V.... v i concerts and Mr.
K ; li. v s- a y he is endeavoring to
I I i:.-m -.!(': p':: o!i the tour,
i . v. e nay have an opportunity to
' ..r ma
i.a-" v. .Hi-, :r. Charles Oradoville.
. ; 'r;1 for Portsmouth. Va., where
' e :.: i.i i' his s.iu Ci.arle?., who
i - T: . .v ir: t he hospital at that place.
t rioij-dy ill with pneumonia
.-..;..; i v. h i b- i a he service in t lie
. . "! . -";. ha- h.i i.k for some
; . o w .o h ;. j.'.k r,!M."!iia. and
o' . ..." ' 1 .. ' i !eT' i ; A'.a'r.imt. and
a- a -."-( t ! : in'-. t rn ti.-ferred
'o th'-.-itai a: !.-t r.iout h. .Mr.
Cra 1 a ii'.e .'.' ::..t arrive at the
: ' "it:-. 1 is v.;n is ur'il Hatur
: .; v :: i i:
.'r-.. h'.: ;.t. r.r:--K.--. has jut re-
i i : !.': I -. "i her sail John
Jr s - i.o i; a na ::-:hT of t lie Coas-t
; y, :.!! who is located at 11a
' . '- ;.a l writes that he is lik-
iau t i..- --r'. ie.- t'MTe lint-ly. There
t 'a- w. a?h r i warm 1 ike our suni
v .-r. an 1 th:. ; . are .trrow-jni; all the
1 r .:'.; 1. Jo:',' and t!i' other
' w - re !::'. nii; a irreat time. airs
l'r.L.i.s al o is in receipt of a letter
?: : a;, is.!. ?'rs. Julia Kin's", who
i . ri .,.- i :n u;e states, and wi:o
i; a lri.ivi of the soldier hoys, hav-
i .-! hit i!':-!.anu ami r.aviiiR a
i.i'-pe u;n of money, she makes her
' vv" a h mi... for the soldier hoys,
l. r ! t i;a- i iulc, boolcp, and pa
l --s u hu-h ir.ako a nice home for
t'.a J-oys v. h are away from their
"v ti h !a.-.
' ' C-Mir.j.l h lal er, a
- aii'l very popular youm
i ' '" f-r a h-n:? tiin w as a resi
' it - f thi-. (ity, ;.nd wiio lias a ho:-t
of !: vils 1 ' :e. Wtt united in mar-
li a-- at C!:appe!!. to Miss .Margaret
'. i f iikr.h. .Miss lay. t lie bride
i- ti..- .!-t,:--hter of Uoherf A. Day,
I r.v i'i'-nt of tho Hank of ()hkosh.
is !!: partner of Mr. Connie
.-- !.!:i'r. TJi - hrhie is uti acc'(-m-T
:i he-i : ouiisT lady of the sweetest
t a y.o-e-n an-i praci ot manners,
v;.i';.l in the city a uumht-r
i : ';:. e at the ho n" of !;er friends
a'i -'s ;!irie and Opal Fitzgerald.
Th l ev. ly wedded couple are now
ir t..jr way to the I'a'jitic coast,
v h-re tl ey will May for name three
ii: at !hs and ;tftr which they will
rtur:i to niuKe their home at Osh-l;.-.h.
From Friday's Daily.
Aubrey Duxbury, who is studying
law, and working at other times to
make a living, is demonstrating
much energy and perseverance in
the matter of getting an education,
and is a jolly good sort of a. scout
Yesterday we noticed him work
ing at the Register of Deeds office,
preparing notes for an abstract
which he is making. Go to it, Aubrey,
you can dig it out and make a suc
cess. Here's hoping.
From Friday's Daily.
John F. Wehrbein, Luke L. Wiles,
B. V. Livingston, Will llummell, A.
A. Wetencamp and Ralph Haynie,
representing the council of defense
for Plaitsmouth precinct are work
ing on the ascertaining the value
of the property in this precinct,
for the purpose of establishing a
basis on which to work, for making
requests for the various funds which
are authorized by the government,
such as the Red Cross, the Y. M. C.
A. and kindred association.
l'rcn. Friday's Daily.
William Lau. to L J. She
hanSW'i f.-l 1-1 1. Con
sideration W. D $ 10,000
Alhertina Ost, to D. R.
Frans. X'2 XF.'i- Con
sideration W. 1) $ 1 1 , ; 0 0
Nettie M. Miller to Emma
C. Miller lot 9, block 50,
city. Consideration. W. 1) $1
Sheriff of Cass County to
. J. H. Orr, lot 9 and part
10, Mock 2 Ritchie Place.
I'lattsmouth, Sheriff
Deed $400.00
Henry Lahoda to P. A. Mc
Creary S1, lots 4. 5 and
G. block ICS W. D $900.00
A. P. Pool to Wm. Kraup.
27-11-10 W. D $2S,000.00
H. F. A. Joehiin to David
Straub SHU 2-11-11 W.
D. J $27,000.00
David Straub to W. H.
Mendenhall SF'i 2-11-11
W. D. $:JO.000.OO
F. P. Sheldon et al to V. V.
Straub X Xi:', 24-10-12,
K'i sf:u 1:1-10-12
, W. I). $25,000.00
A. 1). Hawthorne to Karl
Keller Fi SEU 27-11-
ft V. 1) $12,000.00
L. II. Loder to J. S. Living
ston SW'i SH NW'i
."-! 2-1 9 W. I) , $r,1.000.00
w k
i-or hdzzts and Children
?n tSsc For Cve;-SO Years
I'i eai l-'i iil iv'.v Daily.
Aubrey anrt M"ariou Duxbury,
brothers, two of Plattsniouth's lin-
est young men, were at Omaha this
morning and both passed the physi
cal examination resuired, and have
enlisted and been accepted in the
Radio service. They returned this
afternoon and are now awaiting the
call to the service. Thev do not
know as yet where they will be sent,
but think either to Mare Island near
SanFrancisco or to 'the station near
Chicago. These two young men are
both young men of good habits and
high ideals of character, and will
make good servants for the country
in the line which they have chose,
and can be relied upon under all circumstances.
From Friday's Daily.
Tlis morning Louis Leiner, living
west of the city departed for Lin
coln, where he goes to visit with his
daughter Miss Caroline Leiner, who
is in Esther Hospital at that place,
having undergone a second opera
tion for relief from injuries receiv
ed in an accident some time since.
Fi' Friday's Daily.
We have asSlired two more large
Tine working tables for our workship
which were placed in the Red Cross
rotns today. These tables make ex
cellent work tables.
We are very much indebted to
Mr. Henry Zuckweiler and Mr. Earl
Stanfield for their kindness in do
nating these tables to the Red Cross
for their work.
' Anyone" having any kitchen or
dining room chairs, they are not
using, could be used to good advan
tage at the Red Cross rooms. If you
do not have any way of delivering
them, call the Red Cross rooms
Xo. 449 and they will get them.
We have made large shipments of
articles for medical use and during
the past week, shipped the February
quota. The March quota is about
nvuly for shipment, so you see they
are workinu: ell the time.
The Workship is being rearranged
in order 1o have more room for the
workers, in fact, it is being treated
to a spring clean-up; in order to
make the room more convenient for
the work.
Mr. Roy Smith, the photographer
has kindly donated $5.00 to the Red
Cross. Chances at 10 cents each are
being sold and the one holding the
lucky number will have the privilege
of having a dozen photos at $5.00.
Mrs. J. W. Bookmeyer has donat
ed a beautiful doily to the Red Cross
and 10 cent chances are being sold
on this doily, the money deriaed from
this sale, to be used for Red Cross
work. We are very much indebted
to Mrs. Bookmeyer for her kindness.
The market will be held tomorrow
Saturday at the room.
From Friday's Daily.
The local board at this place, have
just about cleaned up the examina
tions for the class one, so that when
the call comes all will be in readi
ness, there are perhaps one or two
which will in all probability be ex
amined at some other place. Among
those to take the examination this
morning are, Rcy Hawkins of Green
wood, operator for the Burlington,
and formerly having worked here for
a few days, but whose home- is at
Salem, Illinois. Benjamin E. Hap
lim of Elmwood. Bur Pdggs of this
city, Claude Riggs living just out
of the city on a farm. Martin Welch
of Gretna. Harvey Burke of this
city. Louis Boedelsk. Ben Huffman
and Thos. Boyles of Elmwood. Fred
Towle of Wabash and Charles Cham
plin of Eagle.
From Thursday's Daily.
The fact is with u a large amount
of contagion in the city and some
people are resisting the efforts of
the board of health and (he oflicers
to enforce the health
i ll W;
people are sore because th Chief of
Police tacks the rod eard and notice
to the building-. All citizens shettid
give what aid they could to the offi
cers in the handling "f the matter.
Fi e'ii Frida ' - a i' '
Mrs. Eli Sivay. of Flam in;;. Cdo .
who has been in this city for the
past winter, ami who Las bet 11 mak
ing her home i "1 her son. Frank
Sivey ami family, departed this mor
ning for her mm-a ;n the west and
was accompanied i s far as Omaha by
her son an! family, who went to bid
iier good-bye ara' also to look after
some bust" n;. s at ''oe.ncil P.Iuffs. .Mrs.
John Kopp and dp. lighter Maria ;.I.o
accompanied Grand in a Sivey as fa
as Omaha, and visited there durini
I he day.
r Yin-:
of Iuurdock, Nebr.
Thomas A. Edison, the master inventor, through the Edison
Laboratories, has granted us the privilege of an Edison dealership for
Plattsmouth and vicinity. We have become an outlet to the public
for one of the most wonderful and successful products of the Edison
No doubl you have heard several dif
ferent kinds, styles cind makes of phono
graphs, talking machines, etc. Suppose,
when you had listened to a record of some
,reat singer, tome one should have asked
you if you thought ycu could distinguish
between the record you had just listened
to and the singer who made the record, if
you heard the inside by side. You would
be highly indignant, would you not?
Co'jldiVt Teii Voice from Edison
Re Creation
Would 3 uu icci indignant if we were
to U 11 you. that you cr::v.;ot distinguish tho
voices of jiving ai lifts cr the music of
h u :mn-play c ; mctrurncitis fro mthe New
Edison's Ro-C. cation of them? You might
be juidinei in teciing so untij we confirm
ed the statement v.ith ihe information
ih:l upwavds cvt a million music lovers
; v.d the musie clitics of more than a
1 i a ci 1 it 1 mn
tnou ;r.r.c:
n " : . , --: r,
1 i' - -
:cr,m entatiie Aaiciican news-
J:., .
d.nitted that tliev could not
minutest difference between
living r.rtis: and the New Edison's Re-Cre-ticn
of il.eir art. These music lovers
an.1, critics have h.eard thirty Edison ar
tis!:s put the New Edison to the supreme
t;i:d conciusive lest of direct comparison
i i ll
EfiJH n.'liiL't!! !!5iN''?l
1 fcili 1
U1" 1
Official Laboratory Model
Chippendale Design)
by singing or playing side by side with
its Re-Creation of their voices or the music
of their instruments.
Come Hear for Yourself.
If such testimony' does not convince
you, come to our store and hear the New
Edison for yourself. If it does convince
you, come and let the New Edison con
firm your conviction.
Edison Re-Creations cover a magnifi
cent range of music; the musical master
pieces of the world rendered by the su
preme artists of the world; immortal mel
odies played, by individual artists of re
nown or by famous organizations of mu
sicians; old favorites and new favorites
of all kinds and classes of music all of
these are found among the Edison R.e
Creations. New Edison Stands Alone
Discriminating musicians and music
lovers of the highest culture and refine
ment acknowledge that the New Edison
is without a peer among sound-reproducing
Music lovers of Plattsmouth are most
cordially invited to attend demonstrations
of the New Edison which will be given
daily in-our Edison Department.
Charter N'n.
liiask i ;
;7 la the Mai" m
I he ele e 1" eu i iiess
r '! ua i y 1 a 1 s.
i: i:si u'F.t 'i :s
I,..;il;s ;iiil I 'i.-ecMI nts
tl'iiel.:. s.m ii i i t ies, ji. .lumen t.s,
!nims. ete
Mankhrr ! eise, furniture ami
Currer:' expenses, taxes a'el
interest nai.l
Due from National
and State hanks . . $1 tf'h." 1 I F:
Checks anil items
of eyeliantre ..... F.I.CS
Curreitey r..'
Cold eoiu i:i7.."a
Silver, nickels and
cents 1,(.".k.i'::
aei.i'. ' :. 'm
1 ,::.".'.'!
1 1 i .:. i
'aital stock paid in ? I .".."'I'M"!
Siiinlus fund
Fndivided ju-olits ;:,i)7"..07
1 n 1 1 i i.i ua I deposits
sui.ject to ch -k. .si''.::
Time certificates of
deposit 1 I, 'as.".::.-.
t 'ash ier's r In ck.s "'ifi.Ofi :; I 7,nr-T.r.s
Icpositor's iiara lit - fund... J ..." !.::'
. .sv. ! i.oi
fy iii m&H
lip Pff no
Ik flllli lid.
Edison Diamond Amherola
FSaffsrnouth, Nebraska
tiiiu- and place- of the death of Mar
! '. .;! Ft :.!:.;. V ' ; ! .
Kd. Levis v, h has lavn
v.cst for sote.e thr " wc-hs, where
he is farming near Imperial, nr-ived
here day before yesterday, and this
morning departed for tiieir bonn in
the west this jufirnint; taking v.ith
Iiim the family. They will make
their home at Imperial, where they
will farm,. having entered into a
partnership with IJert l'hibmtt.
itha SheiVcr, a determination of th
j heirs of saiil decvased. tlieir decree of
j kmslijp and The ritiht of the descetit
(p..-. i' t" said real estate ami that the crcdi-
I mi s ni .miii u .i Mirnri oe iorcer mu
ll .1 aim en.iome.i irmn iissriung any
claim u;ioii said real estate.
Sriid petition will h- Jieard heforo
said 'ou:ity Court at its rooms in the
Cilv ef . I'lattsmontli. in said county,
e., t!,.- istli !ay of JIarcli, 1!)1S, at
10 o'cloi-lc a. III.
(15y the Court)
allion .i. i:i:i:son.
(Seal) fJl-oW. County Judge.
-! ici:
Ol' M'lM.IC VM.
t im;i:i
Slate of N'eloaskat
'oiiaty of Cass ) ss:
i. II. A. .u t i ina mi. Cashier of the
a hove nameil hank do her-l.y swear
I hat tin- ilium, stati-ment. is a correct
aim ? rue copy ot the report made to
the State I.a liking Hoard.
Attest: Cashier.
.1. I-:. ;i'TH.tANN, Jdrector.
JiKNKY A. Tooi,. itireetor.
S'lhscrihed arid sworn to hefoie Ii
this Itli day of March. Fits.
ii. v. Mcdonald,
(s"'ll Notary FuLlic.
Try This Tor Sour Stomach.
Kat slowly, masticate your food
thoroughly. Eat but little meat and
none at all for supper. If you are
still troubled with ottr stomach take
one of Chamberlain's Tablct3 before
going to bed.
2" head or good young horsf i-,. All
broke Can be seen at the Tom Til-
son farm home. For particulars, see
Vallery & Tilson. 2-18-d&w
Barred Rock Cockerels for sale. In
quire of C. Li. Wiles, Phone- No.
.'5421. 2-US-tfwklv
To Jr.. I, n . Frederic; :
Von are notilied that No -. . i n l.- r 2''.
rt l.".. Lot s in F.loi U l'.'i in City of
I'lattsmouth, Nebraska, was sold to D.
Ouidjjji; for tax ie!inp'.-iit for yems
Fn.". to and in. Indian Fill. The Coun
ty Treasurer is-e.-.l tax sale c at i !l a i e
No. 17o:i to pi; rcha: '-I', who on ln.eiu-
ln-1- ti, 1917, as:-iuMicd same to livroii
Coldintr. After three month.-: limn
Match 1:. laD. t!ie assignee will ap
ply for deed of said irope-v.
Dati d this n::rd day of F-It la r.v
.ssi '.-, nee.
.oti i: i-'oh ii i:im.m;
In the County Court of Cans coun
ty, Nohtnak'i.
in the matter of tin; Kstale of Mar
tha ShelTi r. Deceased.
To nil Creditors, lleirsi and person
interested III estate of Mattlul
Shefic-r, Deceased. ,
Notice is herrhv friven that nrl the
mth ilav of January, FJK. Samuel II.
Loder filed a Aerified pel 11 ion In the
County Court of Cass county. Jx'el ins
ka. settint,' forth that Martha Sli-fler
died intestate in Cast county, Nohrnx
ka. on the 17th day ot August. 3 S ! I .
neized of the following desitlhed jetil
estate, to-wit: Tin- Soulliwest ouintor
(SW. o? Section riftcrn (l- Town
ship Twelve (U" North, Kaim'o Nhi"
CD laist of the 'Uh 1'. M.. in coun
ty. Neliniiikii: that they nro now the
owners of all of tlm aforenaid IjiihIh
and that they acquired tltlo to all or
the aforesaid real estate tiirouyn uecu
of conveyance, duly executed and ac
knowledged, from the heirs of Marina
Sheffer, rleteased : that no administra
tion of tt estate of tho said Martha
Sheffer has been had in the stat of
Nebraska,' and that not more than two
vears lias expired since her death:
they pray for a determination of the
! i;; i. .Mrrin:
in il.- D: tii.t Court of Cass coiin-
t V. Nehlusk.l.
William I. l-'ollz. Flaiatffl'. vs. .lames
.Llihilis, 1-1 al. Defendants.
To .lames Jenkins: John N'eish: John
Wish (whose real name is John Neislo
I ;-..! Jenkins: Ahiaham Neisti: Adam
Jenkias; Ataii'-w N'eish; Dickson x
Miller, a co-pa ri tiers ii i P composed of
L-oherl Dickson and William Miller:
Patrick Kelley; Mrs. Patrick K el Icy
Otist real nnnie laikiiow in wife, if liv
ing and if decens. d. widow of Patric k
Kelley, deceased; Jaiecs Kane; James
Keane; Mrs. James Keane (first real
name iiiiiiiiiiuiil wife. If livint;- and if
deceased, widow of Janus Keane, de
ceased; Cent.-;!- Wharton; Mrs.
Ceoine W. Vliarton (liit real name
unknown wife, if living and if de
ceased, widow of C.eore W. Wharton,
decease. I; the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal represon la tivi-H and
nil other persons Interested in the es
tate of JanicH Jenkins, deceased; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal i epi esculatives mid all other
persons Interested in the estate of
John .Wish, deceased; the unknown
helr:i, devlseeM, lefs.itces. personal rep
resent a I I vis and all oilier persons in in tin' estate of George Jen
kin, deceased: the unknown heirs,
devl-scex. legatees, personal representa
tives nnd nil other persons interesteu
in the cmIuIo of Abraham N'eish, de-
ieni.e.1: the unknown heirs, devisees
lenHter. perwotial representatives and
.ll other norsons interested in me os
liiie of Adam Jenkins, deceased; the
n.Ui. own heirs, devisees, legatees, per-
x.n.i.t reniesentatives, and all other
pethoiis Interested in the estate of An
drew Nelsh. deceased. Defendants.
Yon and each of you are hereby noti
lied Unit ou the 18th day of February,
P.MS. the plaintiff in the foregoing en
titled cause, tiled Ids petition In the
District Court of Cass county. Ne
braska, wherein eaeli and all of you
lire made parties defendant, the ob
ject, purpose and prayer of which said
petition is to obtain a decree from
said Court removing clouds from and
quieting the title to the following de
scribed real estate, in Plaintiff, Wil
liam T. Foltz. to-wit:
The southwest quarter of the
northeast quarter; the southeast
quarter of tin- nortlLwest quar
ter; the east half of the south
west quarter and the west half
of Ihe southeast quarter, all in
Section Thirty-three Cw)..ToHiisliii
Fleven ill) North. in Kane
Twelve (1) Fast of the th J '.
M.. in Cass county, Nebraska,
as against you and each and all of
you. and to exclude and enjoin you
and each and all of you from ever as
fscrting or claiming any right, title,
estate or interest in and to the real
estate before described and as set
forth in sanl petition, adverse to plain
tiff, by reason of Plaintiff's adverse
possession or said premises for more
than ten years prior to the commence
ment of said action, and for such oth
er and further relief as mav be just
and equitable.
This notice is yiven and published
pursuant to an order entered by said
You are required to answer said pe-
.i.i . - . .
iaiun on or ueiore me 1st ilav o
t.t-H 1.11V .... .1A.-....1 ...:n . .
-.1-..., , 'u uuill will l"C laKC
against you therein.
Pla int iff.
fIS-lw II is Attorney.
On account of the amount of con
tagion in the city at the present time
and other things which were una
voidable, it has been deemed best to
postpone the Red Cross dance, which
had been planned for the near fu
ture, has been postponed and more
definite notice of the affair will be
given in the future. Those inter
ested will please watch the Journal
for the announcement of the dance.
(iciKMai asurancc is authorized that all ockv Mountain .Nation
al Parks, Pacific Coast and Western Mountain Resorts will be open
for visitors, as usual, the Summer of 1918.
A general scheme of Summer Tourist Excursion I-arcs will soo.,
bo- established. This news of mtn-li itiuw.i-o..,,.,. i 1 1
,.. . ... , i""""11,'- ouoiiiiour 1 IP
W esl will permjt thousands to make definite plans for a Summer
sojourn in
THE ABSAR0KA MOUNTAINS Along the Cody Way to Yellowstone
PLAN EARLY-; j,ive us your names for de
scriptive literature, tourist fares and in
formation. L. W. WAKELEY, General Passenger Jccnt
1,004 Farnam Street rwL