The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 14, 1918, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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rLArrsMouTii semi-Weeklt journal.
Chz plattsmoutb 3urnal
tr4 at lsUfileat FUtUnaouth. NeV. a coad-clu mail mattar.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
momiPTiov pbicbi tu pm tkau ut adtikce
Oh, the snow, the beautiful snow!
Always something new under the
Now. it is a County Agent at a
big salary.
:o :
The farmers of Cass county have
always been able to look after their
own affairs.
The newspapers, many of them,
owe numerous apologies to the
Omaha police force.
1 :o:
The many meatless, wheat less and
catless days make this an ideal time
for you to have your teeth pulled.
After a Miiafor is elected is no
time to lock (he stable door. Here
after fix the bolts before election.
If there is any law to compel people-
to clean their walks of snow,
then it should be enforced to the
letter. No half way business about
In announcing that woman's shoes
will not be so high this year, we
consider it necessary to explain that
it means there will not be so much
leather in the top-:.
Xow let Congress and the Senate
adopt that good old American motto:
"In Union There is Strength." And
all stand by President Wilson in his
efforts to preserve America.
Congressman Mason said the proper
words at the proper time when he
said: "Let us stop our fighting at
home and fight the kaiser!" And the
American people are with him, too.
Secretary McAdoo has the ability
to pick almighty good men for the
work in hand. lie has just made
Gerit Ford manager of all passeng
er traffic during the era of govern
ment operation of railroads.
Some of the old timers can remem-
ber just such winters as this when
eggs were quoted at S cents a dozen
and were a drag on the market at
that figure. lint that was before
everybody wanted to live in town.
Since Director McAdoo has in
structed the railroads to get rid of
a lot of their lesser attorneys and
paid lobbyists, lots of people have
become converted to the government
control plan for railorads, but they
are not attorneys or lobbyists.
The kaiser may not like what the
President says about him and his
despotic government, but the kaiser
knows that the man in the white
house is telling the truth. And be
ought to know, too, that. the. world
will believe the President. History
Mill so record it.
See the studious young man. IIow
solemn be is. His brow overhangs
like the back of a snapping turtle,
;.nd he is as ominous as the first inut
terings of an earthquake. He burns
the midnight oil in great quantities,
poring over-ponderous times until
lie is worn almost to skin and bones.
Hut never mind, be will presently
have ample oportunity to rest. In a
short while he will be admitted to
the bar, and after that he will not
have anything to do.
How's This ?
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for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by HaU'a Catarrh Medicine.
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by catarrh sufferers for the thirty
Ove years, and has become known as tho
most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hull's
Catarrh Medicine acts thru the Hlood on,
the Mrcous curfacer. rxpllln? the ToU
son from Use Blood and healing the dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will pee a
great improvement in your Reneral
health. Start taktng Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine at once and get rid of catarrh. Send
fo. testimonials, free.
K J. ClIEHET & CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by ail pruKKists. 75c.
umpbtii f nrriggviiin r rrrrai
The time is not ripe for peace un
til it can be made permanent.
Hoover is taking the "eat" out of
wheat very rapidly in this country.
Don't get mad if you get a homely
! valentine. Just consider the source.
triot will complain that
victory bread" gives him indiges-
i tion.
March is always a mixture of lion
and lamb, but February seems to be
mostly catamount.
Freedom of speech should be pre
served if only for the service it per
forms in exposing fools.
"I am in favor of peace at any
price." "Yes,"' replied the pessimist,
"but suppose you wake up one morn
ing and find you haven't got the
l One of the new arniv orders
in i
j France iorbiils our soldiers swearing j
i a m i - . -lt l I
jai ine mutes, inis win mereiy uKtne
; the mules more homesick for Mis
souri than ever.
It is a dangerous thir.g to say posi
tively that the submarine menace is
under control, as any woman who
has conducted a campaign against
bedbugs can testify.
Call a number with "five" in It,
and Central will call it back 'fi-eeve,'
because, fi-eeve sounds so much more
like five than live does that there
can be no possible mistake.
"Ladies' skirts, one-third off," is
a sign in ore of Omaha's department
store windows. Some of the ladies
in this town have gone farther than
that in the conservation of cloth.
The story of the mother who gave
her only ?on to Uncle Sam as her
Liberty Loan makes a very inspiring
popular song, but it is hard to
imagine a mother telling it in one
step time.
Thos Omaha bakers are going to
make the discovery that Gurdon W.
Wattles is food control manager of
this state, and that after he decides
to make a move he is always pre
pared to back it up.
Despite another revolution or two
Portugal is declared fo be still loyal
to the Allies, which shows that
Portuguese revolutions, unlike the
Russian article, bear the stamp of
domest ic manufact tire.
If every householder during the
six winter months would save one
furnace shovel of c-fal a day, it would
amount to L'.j.OOo.'XiO tons of coa!.
This amount would ;;o f ir toward
wiping out. the national shortage of
.50,000,000 tons.
Godmothers lor the American
mirs"s in France have been suggest
ed. The suggestions tame mostly
from women, apparently, since no
body has said anything about god
fathers. Are the suggesters will
ing to put the tho'ce up to the nurs
es themselves?
- :o :
Xow that, the AiuerictUi boys are
up against I lie real tiling in the
w'ir it behooves all of us to back
tlicm in everything and every way we
can. Let's observe the wheatless,
meatless, porkless and loaf less days
and go to work with a will that
means something.
A great many men are reported to
be knitting for the soldiers, but very
likely if the women were all In the
army and the men. all at home knit
ting, the pneumonia death list at
the training camps this winter would
stagger the civilized world, and Ger
many, too, probably.
Secretary Baker speaks eloquent
ly what is in the heart of the Amer
ican nation when he says:
"The sinking of the Tuscania
brings us face to face with the losses
of war in its most relentless form. It
is a fresh challenge to the civilized
world by an adversary who has re
fined, but made more deadly, the
stealth of the savage in warfare. We
must win this war and we will win
this war. Losses like this unite the
country in sympathy with the fam
ilies of those who have suffered loss;
they also unite us to make more de
termined our purposes to press on."
The Tuscania. a liner of nearly
15,000 tons, was a British vessel
under convoy by the British navy.
It was transferring to the European
battlefields nearly 2,200 national
guard troops of the United States.
More than a hundred other such
voyages have been made, since the j tnifj
United States entered the war, andj..m
the Tuscania is the first troop ship to
be sunk.
There is in this fact both consola
tion and encouragement. There is
encouragement, too. in the fact that
the loss of life was not greater; the
losses amounted to only about 4 per
cent of the passengers and crew that
the ship carried.
The thought of a hundred Anieri-
! can boys sent to their death at night
in me coiu. tuaciv waters oi me .vi-
Iantic is bad enough
I!ut the num
ber might have been a thousand, two
thousand, bringing desolation to just
that many more homes.
The war is coming closer and clos
er home to us all. It is no longer
an enthralling if horrible romance to
read about. It is grim, naked trag
edy to be experienced. In our own
lives thus far Ave have experienced
the war mostly in terms of dollars
and cents. In a little while, in the
natural order of things, we shall ex
perience it in deaths and blood and
(ears. What our cousins in Europe
have suffered we too must suffer as
our turn conies. The money we have
given and spent will soon appear as
dro:s by comparison with what we
must give of what is infinitely more
"We shall not flinch nor draw
back on that account. With every
death list that is posted up, with
every tear that we see rolling down
some bereaved mother's face," will
come a hardening of the national
determination to see this war
through and to achieve its objects.
Of all the horrors that we face
we are now again reminded forcibly
that the most menacing is the deadly
submarine. It was this most fiend
ish of devices, striking at our rights
and lives and liberty and honor, that
forced us to take up arms. It is this
formidable instrument oT lullishness
that weakens our power, delays our
effective use of it, threatens our in
domitable allies with enervating
hunger, and stands in the way of our
eerly and decisive victory. To over
come it there is no effort we can af
ford to sp;?re. And the very soul
and essence of our problem is ship;
and speed. .Ship:-; in such' number
hat the I'-boats cannot sink enough
of them to hold us back, hips built
with such speed that they will be
available to curry our troops, our
munitions, our foodstuffs before it is
too late to the ports that yearn for
them. Difficult and grave as are our
other duties, this one is paramount.
The 20-year-old baby probably is
the most consistent Ilooverife. In
stead of eating a big meal, he saves
most of it on his bit.
:o: .
It would seem to the writer ihal.
publishing a testimonial written by
a man now deceased is mighty poor
advertising for a patent medicine.
Kvery time we buy a slice of bacon
we aro reminded of the flag. The
streaks of lean and fat represent
the red and white, and the price gives
us the blues.
Uoston reports a thief who has a
mania for stealing phonograph rec
ords. Maybe he got that way through
too much boosting for a society for
the prevention of useless noises.
A country having a great political
party with such a leader as Dr. Phil
lip Scheidemann cannot be given
over hopelessly to autocracy and
militarism. His speech before the
main committee of the reichstag last
week, now published in full in Amer
ica, is, with the exception of some
of Maximilian Harden's writings, the
most notable German utterance of
the war.
Without a seditious word or insin
uation, Dr. Scheidemann told his
countrymen the truth as to their
present situation and the fate that
.uMiuj, mem u mey acnsere to the
.mbitioTis enterprises of the general j themselves.
ttaff. President Wilson, allow to ad- j ; :o:
dress the reichstag, would have ex- ' CLAUDE EVERETT VISITS HERE,
pressed himself dilTerently. but bis !
.... , . , , , . (From .Mmnliv'.s ;;il-.
attitude toward the Germanic races, clause Kvrru, of Nebraska City,
would have been the same. The but formerly of Union, and who i:5
s that Dr. Scheidemann boldly
,., . . ... . .. ., '
yet adroitly set iorth are the
very considerations which Mr. Wil-
ton has been trying to place before
the people of Germany ever since the
war began. Aside from-the moral
aspects oi nis utterances, tlse burden
c f Dr. Scheidetnann's speech v. a:
that, while the allies could not confine-
Germany, there was no possi
bility of Germany's conuuerinir th '
allies. Here !:e sounded the km !1
of Prussianisin. for Prussiunisni can-
not survive failure.
Increasing unrest throughout Ci
many shows that Dr. Scheidemann is
opportunist as well as democrat. No
such speech as his could have been
delivered if the author of it had not
believed that the time was r:pc or,
indeed, if the time hart not been
ripe. More than any other man who
has addressed the reichstag, he has
appealed to the conscience of all
Germany as against the brutal doc
trine of force. Xew York World.
:o :
The la -;t annual report of Secre
tary of the Treasury McAdoo con
tains the following:
"The government must, if neces
sary, absorb the supply of ntw cap
ital available for investment in the
United States during the period of
the war. This, in turn, makes it
essential that unnecessary capital
expenditures should be avoided in
public and private enterprises. Some
form of regulation of new capital
expenditures should be provided.
In fixing the dates and amounts of
the Liberty loan issues the secretary
of the treasury considers not only the
reeds of the government, but takes
into careful consideration the busi
ness of the country and the financial
needs of the country's business.
While no specific authority has
been conferred by law upon him to
pass upon new undertakings involv
ing large expenditures of capital,
labor or material, the secretary
states that banks. corporations.
municipal and state officials have
Mibiiiitted to him pl.-fcs for new en
terprises or issues of securities and
:.hat it is apparent that tho United
States government may count upon
a full measure of cooperation on the
part of states municipalities and
private business, so that no issue of
state or other securities will inter
fere or unduly complete with the
Liberty loan issue.
The secretary ha:; requested 1 he
federal reserve board to pass upon
such proposals as may be submitted
to him and advise whether such ex
penditure:; of capital roquirisig the
use of labor and material and such
issues of new securities should be
undertaken. .Material and labor as
well as capital are involved and both
public improvements and new private
enterprises, entirely proper and
commendable in time of peace, will,
in a great measure, now be consid
ered in the light of and in connec
tion with the governmental prob
lems of finance and other military
The secretary urges that bejore
making contracts requiring the use
of labor and material and before
placing new issues of securities or
agreeing to purchase new issues of
securities the federal reserve board
be conferred with. The cooperation
and coordination of state, municipal,
and private business with the busi
ness of the national government are
important to the success of all and
the winnftig of the war. Treasury
Department Bulletin.
Did you hear that blue bird?
But one
blue bird won't briuj
According to information received
in Washington, butter is selling in
Berlin at $2.25 a pound, sugar at 5G
cents a pound, bam and bacon at
$2.11 a pound, and Ivory soap at five
bars for $1.12. The burden falls
heaviest on the civilians, who must
j support the soldiers and
o hungry
j we!1 qmunted wit h ninny people in
! this citv, was in town todav, I.-iokin:;
. .
j alter some Inisiiit ss preparatory to
,,,s d(iparfar, fr4,m x-braska City
; for Pittsburg. .Mo., where he will
! make his home in the future. .Mr.
i KverH 1 ,i::s s,,1'? hU at x"
i lia -".:a Ci'v. and pur ha -i d si line
eighty acre farei ::'.;!" I'
Mr. Kwreli a::-.' v. ife
eel ! oi! vi n ' and w :
lo:e them, but when (he
it i-. proper i !.!!-;
i ! sburg. Mo.
ve :.aee ex
loath to
Net t er comes
for them to
I arte:.'! it .
j . ti
j : c :. .",
place v e
,'- i-raska in
vain of Mi1:
ving mi that
f" !! hap -
1 H
I pill'. : v.
Mir.:! will be j
I heir ..
Constant GiifTcrer Finds Relief.
"I have been a cons'ant sufferer
from kidney trouble and was down
sick in bed." writes ('. F. Reynolds.
4 12 Herrick St.. KImira. X. Y. "1
commenced taking Foley Kidney
Pills. In a few days I wns up out of
bed." Recommended for rheumatic
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The Journal delivered at yoar (loo?
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i'cr Infants and Children
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lic Auction at the
just a little north of Plattsmouth.
Nebraska, on
the following described property, to
wit: 13 Head of Horses 13
One black team, mare and gelding
7 and 10 years old.
One team bay mules, S and ! year:;
One brown mare. 4 years old. in
foal by Sage's Black Percheron.
One gray horse. 4 years old.
One bay horse, 1 years obi.
One bay horse, 3 years old.
One bay horse, : years old.
One bay horse. 4 years old.
One black mub.
One bay horse.
One black mule, ! years obi.
Fan-; Implements. Etc.
Seven tons nailed timothy and red
top hay.
Seven .vds of work harness.
One fot new si ".vie harness.
One ti"W to?.' buggy.
()-,,. iww Xewton '.vae,(?i.
Ope Pain wagon.
One c'd Newton va".on.
One low wbcl wagou and rack.
On extra rack.
One 1 lain iiav stacker.
One Inn- sweep.
On.. 4 -inch walk ine: p'ow.
0"e ic-iuch T.".id Ibudley walk
ing T'b-'
0:i r b-e .ve'!g ?-h.v
One i-koV'-l rl'Jip-v cu!' ivulor.
Oe -prii:;v-' r'p w .ill ing cu li j vat or.
One drill corn planner.
10 head of nice shoats.
Alany other articles too numerous
to mention.
Sale Commences at 10 : O'Clock A. M.
Lunch Served At Noon.
TICK MS OF SALE: All sums of $10
and under cash, on all sums over
$10.00 a credit of from six to eight
months time will be given, pur
chaser giving good bankable paper,
bearing eight per cent from date of
sale. All property must be settled
for before being removed from the
J. W. BASHTJS, Ow-ner.
COL. W. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer.
Children Cry
3?fcc Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been
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.? and
tir s Jr. !Iov no one to deceive you in this.
AVl, Imitations and " Just-as-good ' are but
2xp:r:iiicnb; that trifle vita and endanger the health of
Infant;. Children Experience against E;r;:cri;nent.
t; t i i. - .1
U - 1
i SooUiing Syrups.
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1'he CU:.:'.:r:, aruc.-i 'xlie Mother's Friend.
mmum CASTOR I A always
Bears thz
initio Yois rsvc Aswavs Ooucht
Smiles are cheap spend a few.
Victory bread does not require less
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pany. Manufacturing Chemists. 13.'l;l
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fl 1.
V4 ;
for Fletcher's
ill j Wi
FT". J - .' - ZL . - M
has been made under his i-r-
. . . - -
:titute for Caz
It is plcn.r'nt. It
Signature of
. v .
m&L m lears
Valentine's day Thursday Feb
ruary 11.
: o :
Fa.-hion motto: Camouflage covers
a multitude of sins.
I will offer for sale at Public Auc
tion at my farm, 4 miles southwest
of Myr.ard and 4 miles northwest of
Murray, on
the following High Grade Stock:
CO Head of High Grade
White Face Cattle 60
3.J of which are cows and heifers
that are bred to a registered Hereford
10 yearling bulls that are ready
for service.
Also one Registered Hereford Bull.
5 young horses will be offered for
sale. This stock is all in excellent
Sale Commences at 10 O'Clock A. 2I.
Lunch Will Be Served at Noon, by
W. A. Scott.
TERMS OF SALE: A credit of
eiglst months v.ill be given on all
purchases, with good bankable paper
bearing eight per cent from date. All
property must be settled for before
being removed.
J. R. VALLERY, Owner.
COL. W. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer.
GEO. 0. D0VEY, Clerk.
tale Bank