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page nr.
Great Events
Of the Yea
(Continued on Page 5.)
i-'x mtrona:iun, u:uc xn North sea vl championship from New York Giants.
IKc. I.".. Armltlce Rg.-'ir.t sigr.eJ
-.v T.'ncKinn .-I -n ovi lr ! r:Y?r!ni'.'!lt
f? tt dcrartmenl
lu. i- ni,.i.. tJt cnrr-ptled Res'
. V . . till 1 1 V . . . - .
A.iinir-i li'irrw n s: e-fneral manager OI
the emergency fleet corporation,
. t- irtin- r.'nif nf ordnance.
German air raid on England.
Jan. 17. Danish West Indies passed un
der sovereignty cf United States.
Jars 22 sh-e sky laws of Ohio. Michl
p..u ana South Dakota held constitutional
h ' U. d. Sjnreme court.
"Jan 23. Women of North Dakota grant
ed limited suffrage.
Jan. 23. President Wilson vetoed the
imn If raticr biil because of literacy test.
lrb 1. Jieuse paired immigration bill
nve nrw.'ent's veto.
j i t. x nuiaiia ana AiasKa proniuitiuii
M U 4.--eJ end governors of Oregon ana
Uri siEtipd "drv bills.
si.. -Senate passed immigration bill
,r i i lent's veto.
Utah's prohibition bill Elgaea
', ;' b. iVOhio senate pM3ed woman suf-
J- 1 -rr- . an Jl M m,il.
if Un-d iJGov. Lister.
ifi IVSenate pt-.sed drastic ecpion-
r- nth Lkota prohibition bill passed.
I"-b. 2lHons. passed senate measure
pr thibitii importation of liquor into pro-t-rii!on
Irrhihit, bill for Kansas passed.
Feb. 22.House rassed amv bill without
Mrgrr Pmral staff and universal traln
5 1? feat an.
Feb. 2v-tfo-.i5e passed senate bill mak
Ir.T citv Washington dry.
Senate IsFei ar! ministration revenue
I M to rnr $.rT0,0.
s Iarch IScnate passed 5317,000.000 navy
"Alarch 4Jixtv-fourth ropjrress expired.
, Twelve I ors bv filibuster prpvente'1
papsae-- ip afmins: bill and much
(jfer imtU legislation.
v'PoV- ton took oath of office In
v i axe. w
r- tedrCh 5' on ar'a Marshall lnaugu-
vA!irVh!er''al grand jury at New
rrf indicte.1 ,aj,tern fuel dealers for
r,-rninal foMrv to raise coal prices,
larch 9. Pflnt Wilson called extra
fusion of corj, for Aprli is.
.iarrh 21. MJent Wilson advanced
l.. T-nr extra:sion of congress to
At" W
'.'IT -Corel jn Pp.clal session
.. aii la great ratrl.
Ariril 9 Surrccourt xipheld -woman's
rnir.iTrurn Trnge pf Oregon, and de-
ia;eu uieai prTins reFtrlctions oy
r. -ears of Hi'-err' for public use of
April 17. Rhndicinnd legislature ex
'- Tri'r tl.J-tf m s to women.
5 - erlnns lolt jn joliet. 111., pen-
-:iry q!!?J Jfenilitarv.
H Jup,- .,.-Hoi!?e river? and her
V"irs HU approprf Srri.O'X 000
V Srate passed d.i-ht savine till.
Iv'J - Rape ri.iVi East St. Louis In more than 2:"isrroes and tvro wMto
jr.! " T-2"6 killed arieavy property loss
'JA'-3l.-Senate reJ rivers and har-
-T41.'- senate pair! Shennard resolu
tlo 'cr na'ional Dihitlr.n nmpniWient
10 vry -"-nrtution. i
A'li -' Z
?c :diers 4 Txcuntv-fonrth TT.
xiJaT ?:r' colore-.DVarted raco riot at
i'-ittt '.U L::i0n fcT,1t company near
fs I r,l
rant rnrfVrntirm i . v,
Pirn ets
twy kss of life.
- -r trar.i,rt Mendi ,mk
In col r
ou . i : S..!th ifrican laborers
nrtarw rr;?: I r ' V Jlt persons killed
suburbs ani
totiado wrecked
April TO. l
plant of Itusr
cty oiKew Albany.
ns ,,51 ammunition
a nwtl y- t '
noo- 1 nriin. r fe. ... "ya"z3 mine
iiiay ii. Lireat ja Atla. -in iln . m:
$3.5oo.f). . r ,-ia-- 1055
May 25.-Thirty V- lost Vnd great
f icrnaoot jn centrvi Illinois
du-hii bed U(i mtUocsi Cf dol-
r : :. .: v .owlls o Texas
ro. nd ?;::( tf a;tepi v -?ti:a profit
tin-i ta i-cd. .
Nov. elected er of 'New
Tor!:; Sr.( ja;--; there' a ia Oticaeo
mtan s'u:trr.e
Nov. 2T,.-Ten T.pli'-.'.fcifea .VI a Ipomi
k!2!d by hoj.ih 'n M;iw:- u?f.
V"U 1.1 V J. lii I. 1 V .
if oman
. c. j 1 . iiousa ? mi rep j?sta tires
rdopted V-.VM) resolu t fen 1 . ,-prohibition
constitutional am;n,in:tE. ', ,
Jan. 27. President Gonzales n'ifv7l
Rica deposed by military and citizen:,. , J
luarcti 4. ucincse premr.T resisr.u ,
cause President Li Yuan-Hung refused
break relations with Germany.
March S. American marines were lan
ed at Santiago de Cuba and restored or
der. Rebels abandoned tr.e city.
March 16. Czar Nicholas of Russia ab
March 26. Republican government for
Russia installed.
June 17. Irish Sinn Fein rebel prison
ers all rt.Ier.sed.
June 3J. Ilsuan Tung. Manchu empe
ror, announced his cue-cession to the throne
of China.
. July 5 Civil war broke out In China.
July 10. Manchu restoration in China
collapsed. x
Julv 23. Chang Hsun's army surren
dered after battle at Peking.
! July 2T. Convention to draft home rtile
constitution for Ireland met in London.
Oct. 10. Prince Ahmed Fuad made sul
tan of Kgvrt.
Dec. . Revolution in Portugal: Sidonio
Paes made provisional pr.-sident.
Dc 17. T'nion government wndei
Borden victorious in Canada election.
' Jan. 2. TT. S. -Mexico parleys ended,
Carranza refusing to sign protocol.
Torreoa recaptured by Carranza forces.
Jan. 4. Villa defeated la big battle at
Jan. 15. Mexican-American Joint com
mission formally dissolved.
Jan. tl. War department ordered more 2o.00 militia from border.
Jan. 27. President Wilson ordered with
drawal of American troops from Mexico.
Feb.! 5. Gen. Pershing marched out ot
March 11. Carranza elected president oJ
April 23. Villa's main army defeated by
'"'srranza forces at Rabicora.
Nov. is. Villa troops captured Ojinaga
t.fter hard fight.
April 11. Baseball season opened.
- May 2S. Btiuiy Leonard won world's
champion lightweight title from Freddie
A elsh in Ntw York.
June 0. University of Chicago won west
ern intercollegiate conference meet.
University of Michigan re-admitted ' to
w stern intercollegiate conference.
June IS. Karl Cooper in a fituta won the
Dec. IS. G n. Goethuls ad nctingl Jan il Tremendous explosion wrecked
:r.artrmastcr pencral and Ocn. neei" Janadian Car & Foundry Co. plant at
r. 24.-C.-H. Larson. Waupaca. Wis..
Grand American Handicap at Chi.
BeDt. 1. Mrs. F. C. Letts. Chicasro. won F.
women's western golf championsnlp.
golf championship at Chicago.
SeDt. 21. Chicago W bite Sox won Amer- I
league pennant . .
Rffnt . fS. w nrlr Rnnti Tt-nn AT a 1
-- -- - I
Oct. 15. Chicago White Sox won -world'
Jan. 5. Earthquake in Formosa killed I
ingsiand. N. J.
an. 12. Du Pont Powder Co. nlant at i
asKeu. rs. j.. destroyed bv explosions.
jfJan. IS. Colliery explosion in Fushun,
etneuuna. Kiuea HV.
(fan. 2.. Two million five hundred thou-
ina aonar nre in business district of
lisDurgn, ir"a
Feb. 2. Explosion and fire In Chicago I
eb. 3. Thirty killed, 344 hurt in ship
illusion ar Arcnangei.
reo. 10. Four million dollar flp
say Tornaaoes In southern Illinois.
iniucKy, Tennessee, Alabama and Ar-
isas killed many persons.
me 7. Ban Salvador, canital of Sai
lor, and a number of surrounding: towns
-itrujea Dy voic&ntc eruption, eartn
lke and Are.
ine 9. More than 150 men perished in
Uing mine at Butte. Mont.
Bie 30. Water tank fell on whaleback
j-topner Columbus at Milwaukee, kill
1'13 and hurting many.
Jy 1. Niagara Gorge trolley car
P-red into rapids: 28 killed.
25. Mine explosion at New Water
10I Cape Breton, killed 62.
'.fr. 4. Mine explosion at Clay. Ky.,
kit 31.
-t 10. British steamer City of Athens. I
lng missionaries to Africa, sunk by
fiOjpg mine: 19 lost.
colfcn near North Eranfnrd rronn. a
defied by Are. . I in
is. larce rnrt or saioniKi lireace. 1
malkiiiri pxi0on an at Toklor
-. Million dollar fire In Guayacrull, j
f 1 ro i 1 n-n.i cn,,4 a t 1
ricahousand drowned.
L ixi rai 1 1 1 if 1 s 111 1 u l. a., i
doe'it Baltimore: seven persons killed, j
v in nn ri n 1 or nri nn r-v at . 1
shipl Halifax harbor killed - 4.000 and
wret much of the citv and suburbs.
Dfl 17. American submarine F-l
sunkl collision: 19 lost.
Jan I-William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)
Jan. p.. Sebastian Schlesinger. com
poser.! Nice.
a1 MacVeagh, former TJ. S. attor
ney gtral. at Washington.
Jan. t Admiral George Dewey at
A ash i fan.
Philijloiieau. painter, in New York.
Jan. i-Willia.m d llnrcan novelist.
Feb. Icardinal Diomede lalcoulo at I
fat ia. y
reb. lAl Hayman. theatrical pro-
Fh. nf icorfoi!. lr, Tendon. at
Feb. i Carolua Duron, nainter. at I
Paris - 1
Feb. lMai Rm. Tyderiek runitoD
"Vrri110 , o r?n. I
WlAITnM4 t T lj
V"rY't- . - . 1
niarcn i-.Manuei ce Arriaga. wnnei
president Portugal.
ChMWtff Ferdinand Zeppelin, at
O. w. ;hrie, American ambassador tel is
March Congressman Cyrus Sullowas
March waiter Clark. Americar
landscapeunter. in New Tork.
April z.-tn. Lloyd fence, aipiomai ano 1
April 8.-B chard OI n67. former cccr-1
tary of st . at Boston.
Apni w.-ongressman Henry 1. iieige-
sen of Nor Dakota, at Washington.
April IS.-frn. von Bissing. German gov
emor eene; of P.ol?iiiTn.
Acril Montgomery, actor. In
Chicago. 1
April 21. TT. Parry, member federal
trade comniion. In Washington.
. April 26. Von Hengelmueller von Hen
gevar, forra Austrian ambassador tc
U. S. J
May 10. JVph Benson Foraker, form
er u. es. senr. at Cincinnati.
May 14. Jph H. Choate. lawyer and
dinlomat. atlow Tork
May 13. Bl L. Pratt, sculptor, at Bos
ton, I
May 19. Bta Lockwood. pioneer suff
D. W. Conuck, congressman from In
diana, i
May 22. Hay Lane, U. S. senator from
Oregon. T
May 25. W.t. Miller. formerTJ. S. at
tornev renral Tndiananolis. "
June 1. Johic. Black, veteran banker
of Chicago. 1
June 3. Mrsfcfatllda B. Carse. phllan
hropist end tfperance worker, at Park
.HI II. TS. x . I
Louis Gathmin. Inventor, at Washing-
ln- 1 ... .
June 5. D. t. Potter, evangelist, at
June 12. M:
Terese Careno, pianist.
in New York.
June 16. Rt. Jy. J. A. McFauL Cath
olic bishop of "inton, I. J
June 17. Judsi C. Clements. Interstate
commerce comrrsioner. at Washington.
June 20.. DigL Bell, American corne
al nn.
June 27. Col. tllver Hazard Payne
nnancler. In :tm York.
June 30. WMiii Winter, veteran dra
matic critic, at w Brighton. N. T.
July 1. Wllllail IT. Moody, former as
, sociaie justice q supreme coun.
" July 2. Sir H-fiert Beerbohm Tree,
fBritlsh actor. In frindon.
sociate justice 01 Supreme court,
JuIy 10. Col. B
Herbert, editor Na-
nal Prfnter-Jouriallst. of Chicago.
frbert Kelceylactor.
Tiily 15. Federapudge F. M. Wright at I
t-Yinn Til I I
16. Bo Swetey. assistant secretary
te interior.
13. Archib;
McLellan. Christian
,vJei editor, at
rookline. Mass.
Juiw prof, jta carter, director of
the African
Heist. irla
Acamv of Rome.
-Manton Earble. American pub-
JuJy VGen. Haflson Gray Otis, owner
Xos Am
Aue. t vtAfAvivi eftAi ta I
t,oi li"im OlTherl veteran church Jour,
nal edltor. rhiol.i.
naTnter .-"VphaeiT Klrchner. portrajt
ifchofcv101" Matz-Cath-
'TrprrT VT?er TJ- S. Senator John W.
Kr" 0lLInla at Ash wille. N. C.
general oflfanaNLGrcy' "" S0VernOT
USVa'nr71a" J.Kenneay. rector of the
SoW tn V'A,-Kem Rome.
9'.'n leano 0f Bulgaria.
WrYan of ffl L'fler. pubhc 11-
bfBawSore". Vne "ector of the port
Zll- !ri?" ero&. Bultan of Egypt
master eTneraifon. former post-
Oct. 20.-Revl Thomas ri
las rv,urgeon, noted
liiinaon prn.crpr.
Or, aTT. S. Senator
O. H us ting
heavTweight c bmpiori. at v.Vn
New York
.-Vr"' eckw. nainter. In
IlolVteln in Lc donnr,8Uan Schlewlg-
of Chicago
Oct. SO. I
rhhirVm. "r har Martin
Oct. SO.-Dr. Tl B.'AnCrn-
Interlachen. Fl
- vMjtjuof,
mfrorn Ma",-' Jo ingress-
Gen. Charles t. Grosvenor form.
rreKsman from thin r" Iorm,r con
retired. " rrairal Sen. U.
Nov. S.-W. H Kendall Enelfsh
Nov. 15. John rvV. Foster formr
turv r.f ctou iJti-1cv former staf-.
i v.' "", .' i, OIiingxon. y
tr,ov. 17.-Aute Rodin. French fip
.V of the nm handler. fonner A. . I
'Dr l r. jWdr. C 1
bureau ot.iaustW. V. -
Dec. 12. Dr. A. T. Still fourfler nf
Dec 16. Henry Clay Barnahee t
Frank Gotch. former wrMtiiT. v..
WAWU VI w ui lu.
i j "
America's first war Christmas in
many years finds the sons of the U.
S. training in camps here and in
France and guarding the ocean lanes
from submarines. Today also is the
fourth war Christmas for the leading
belligerents of Europe and for the
first time in hundreds of years.
Bethlehem and Jerusalem, where oc-
curred the most important events in
the life of Him whose natal day it
is, are" in the, hands of Christians.
Military operations are almost at
a standstill ezcept on the Italian
front where the Austro-Germans per
sist in their efforts to break the Ital
ian line. The British official pres
sure bureau has announced that no
further official war statements will
be issued until this afternoon.
Last Christmastide the world was
diseussine Deace terms offered bv
., ; ?c.
the central powers and it is reported
that this day also may be marked by
nrnffer from those countries held
... . .... 1
the sway or Prussian military 1
autocracy. Peace negotiations be-
tween the Bolsheviki government of I
rtiiSMH nil ii ill" cfiiiiiii uuncis unit
r i .ii- I -
the Russian today will receive an J
ttuenci ivj iiicn ici iiia uuiu me xcu-
tonic allies. I
Professing a desire for peace which J
the entente allies say they cannot I
accept with honor, Emperor Wil- J
liarn declares to the world that his
soidiers must oring a Prussian peace
... ... . i
"by battering in with the iron fist
ind the shining sword the doors of
those who will not have peace." I
American troops in France have
been joined in the celebration of I
Christmas by French children
they send a message of cheer to those
home- American soldiers and
snilnrs will rarticirnt in hnlidav I
x -1
festivities at various camps in Entr -
land and France as well as in Lon
J T- J A I X I J
uuii uuu rai is auu utiici tnics jxuu 1
seaports. m
The political situation in Rumania
said to be disturbed and tjie Bol- I
sheviki authorities in J'etrograd have
recsived reports of a revolutionary
plot against King Ferdinand. In the
. , - , . ,
terntorj - south of Moscow the Bol-
v Ainiw v. ifr. c aaa
oi a,ui vvvv
ivorniioa troops near Bieigoroa. ine
It,,.., - , ..... .
uoisne 1K.1 are aiso saiu to nave ue-
gun an attack on Kharkov
There s a flag in the Church where
we gather to pray.
The sign of the free and the brave;
It will bring to our minds, each re
turning Lord's Day,
Those who go to the field and the
We rejoice in their strength both of
heart and of hand,
We honor their courage so true;
We know; in the time of the test,
they will stand
lr - n. V. floor ii-JtV. ltd TClA t: Vi ? a nnil
Ul & "
They can count on the love and the
pride of each heart.
That at home must abide . for "its
work ;
In the war which must come.
wc 1
must each bear a part.
And the burden let none of us shirk.
I or protection on land, lor saiety at I
Of our noble and brave,
we will
The promise of Scripture will e'er be
our plea,
While we wait for the homecoming ;
'VoafVi flaf U'hn t- m oot t "h
ill XiUL WCT 1U1 fo W L,
Their names and their needs we will
To the God whose goodness shall fill
all our thought.
As we lift up our hearts, as we
There's a flag in the battle, a flag
in the mart, .
A flag wher'er you may search,
A flag in each home, a flag in each
Praise God! there's a Eag in the
Stomach Trouble and Constipation,
Those who are alllicted with stom
ach trouble and constipation should
read the following: I have never
found anything so goodffor stomach
trouble and constipation as Cham-
rsriain's Tablets. I have used them
-ff nnrl on new for the past two
. . ,V.n
years. luej uui mj
of the bowels but stimulate
I .....1 lrr1v 111
IUU nvri auu jl, l.j -
healthy condition," wi
m. - dd -
lilies iia. iitu- l
Jamin Hooper, Auburn, N. Y.
1 1 I . f JL I U P U A
U U l L H L W U
From Saturday's Dally.
C. E. Haynie who has been look
ing after some business at Louisville
for the past day or two
home this morning.
Phillip Fornoff of near Cedar
Creek was a business visitor in
Plattsmouth this morning, coming
down on the Schuyler train.
Leo Smith of Murdock was in the
ritv tnriav lookiner after the fillinc
out of his question blanks, and se-
rnrins- th affidavits which are re-1
quired. I
Henry Heebner came in this morn-
tn fmm cdnr Crpek. wherft he s
wnritine- and denarted for his home
at Murray, where he will stay over
.: t r t . ...l, I
wiss bm uuu, ui, v.uu
has been visitine in the citv for the
' - - I
past few days with her friend, Miss
rotharina RrlirarV rotnrnoil hnmo I
CI t 11 V 1 t I T IVlli WV .bUA.v& W ml
last evening.
William Stochkenski of Murdock
was in the city today looking after
the filling out of his question blanks.
and transacting some other business
in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hild and Miss
Pera Moore of Murray, departed for
Camp Funston, Kansas last evening,
where they will Visit with Emil Hlld
. j..
a uj
Mrs. Wayne Propst of Mynard and
Mrs. W. E. Propst of this city were
tisiuui; n uu iiicuua 111 uuiaua iuio
. i
early afternoon train
a. m. I-omon oi near tieaar trees
v. - as a visitor in the citv this-after-
noon looking after some business in
the county seat and doing some
shopping with our merchants.
w A Griffin, of Corning. Iowa,
who has been visitins at Murray for
a short time the truest of his mother-
in - law Mrs J W Jenkins, denarted I
this mornins for his home in Iowa. I
Opnree trader Wm Reike and
r Pp Harris nf rnion motored to this
L,;.. ,.,f.j fr, Dr.H tn I
sorae important business matters.
Mr. Farris called at this office and
called at this office and
fnr- nnnihor I
n.nccu ilia ouuoi.ii;uuu xw 1
John Kruger who lives near Mur-
-,. hns tims visitnr in
Tlattsmouth this morning in look-
lng after some matters at the court
hOUSe and departed in the afternoon
for Omaha, where he 'will also look I
after some business before returning j
home. I
Arthur Bornemier of Murdock ar- I
rived in Plattsmouth this morning
for a short visit at the home of Mrs.
J. Heinrich, a guest of his aunt, Mrs.
W"m. Jasper and two cousins. Misses
Hannah and Lizzie Jasper, who are
visiting here irom home at Holyoke, j
Coloraao. i
G. M. Pribble of Louisville, ar- j
rived in Plattsmouth this morning
from Ottumwa, Iowa, where he has j
been visiting for the past few weeks, j
at the home of a nephew Mynard j
Purdy, and a brother G. F. Pribble. I
This afternoon he will depart fori
his home at Louisville.
Mrs. C. A. Rosencrans, who has
been visiting in Nehawka for the
past few days returned home last
veiling aiiu yi as ovwuiiiamcu 1
1 j in tt... ci . A I
uer irieiiu wiss r.itd. otuiu,
they were both visitors in Omaha,
this mornine. where they arc the
guests of friends.
Mrs. J. W.-Taylor, of Union, who
has been visiting with her son,
Samuel Stites of Crawfordvjlle, Iowa,
for the past three weeks, returned
home this morning. Mr. Stites. is a
druggist at the Iowa city, and a
brother of the Mr. Stites who for-1
nierly conducted a drug store at Un-
While Arthur Bornemier and Louis
Schmidt of Murdock were awaiting
their train for Omaha, after having
been here for returning of their ques
tion blanks, it occurred to them it
would be well to hear from Platts
mouth regularly and consequently
have had the Journal make them a
visit twice a week.
Roy Gregg of Weeping Water and
Galen Rhoden of Murray motored to
this city yesterday afternoon to at-
tend to some business matters and
visit friends for a short time. While
here Mr. uregg cauea at mis, oiuct:
ana renewea m ubuipi.uu
another year. Mr. Gregg informed
us that he expected to remove to
Callaway, Neb., during tne nrst pan
of Januarv where the Gregg family
will make their home in the future.
Worn TVirluv's. TiallV.
Mrs. Ethel Olson ana cuuareu weie
looking after some business in Platts
mouth today. t .
George A. B. Hicks of Cedar Creek
was looking after some business in
the city today. .
Dr. G. II. Gilmore of Murray was
a visitor in Plattsmouth thismorn-
ing. meeting with the local exemp -
i: i , - j
Troy anu viies irum i
JllWceLiUg WuttT
were . visitors
I - . ... . - .
I TJiattKnimiTli this morninc looKins ai-
liar enmp business.
Mrs. George Wilfong who has been
visiting at the home of her parents
at LaPlatte for a few days returned
home this morning.
Judge Brobt of Louisville was a
visitor in Plattsrnouth this morning
coming down to look after some legal 1
matters at the court house.
Mrs. John Pavis of Louisville was
a visitor in Plattsmouth this morning
to testify in the case of Olson vs.
Olson in the district court.
Frank Prohaska. of Wahoo, who I
has been visiting at the home of his 1
father Fred Prohaska sr., departed I
last evenins: for his home. I
Fred Weidman and wife, who I
have been visiting in this city for j
some time with tue motner 01 wr.
Weidman departed this morning for
1 1
their home at Plainview. I
Wm s, Cpdar Crk
... s Duttcmnniii tact I
a ..sum io 1 iciuvu m
evening and after having finished
his business here departed on the
... ..1
late train for hlS home. I
Ray Hitchman departed this after-
r . , 1 1 ,n I
noon ior wuiaua, uv.e b Lw ,
Q ntt. FnrH Tnnrine
A I U A U i 111 u I
cr for a customer, named M. R.
Rahne who lives near LaPlatte.
Mrs n w. Alexson of Louisville,
came down this morning to Platts-
mouth to testify in the Olson di-I
vorce case which has been dragging
along in the court for the past few
nr,c a a r.,aan nf Tnisville.
..xio. I
...1. i. v, , jn thic tiv I
for the iast few days at the home of
her manv friends and relatives in i
this ritv rlpnnrted last evenine lor I
her home. I
.Mrs. Hugh Stanley of Meadow, j
who has been visiting in this city j
and a guest with her children at the I
home of her father W. H. Miller, for j
the past week departed last evening j
for her home. I
y-. -ri n n , . . ,.:;t ' I
Mrs. C. E. Hill who has been visit- I
insr at Wvmore. returned home this I
afternoon and was accompanied by I
two of Mr. Hill's sisters, Mrs. Glenn
and Mrs. Beuright, who will visit
here for a short time.
Charles McGuire lr.. son of
Charles McGuire sr., w
Charles McGuire sr.. who has been
-ci.i 'anil
piCKlllfe tUTIl UVdl ciuuuiiiuiut auv.
who returned home a few days since,
and begins work at the Burlington
shops in a few days.
Will P. Cook who was spending
his Christmas holiday with his
daughter Mrs. W. D. Glock and fam-
jjy at Malmo, returned home this
morning, and reported having had
an excellent time while there.
jj. C. Anderson of Douglas, Wy-
oming, who is .visiting at the home
0f her daughter Mrs. Ethel Olson at
Louisville, for the past week, was a
rvisitor in Plattsmouth this morning
and returned to that place this after-
Miax clam Fpidler of Nebraska
City, Minnie Buess of Kimball, Neb.,
and Lena Calke of Olney Springs,
Colo., are the guests of Misses Myrtle
and Helen Foster, who are spending
the holidays with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. C. Foster.
FYom Saturdav's Dailv.
Mrs. Dewey Duffield departed thispast few jayS, guests of the par-
afternoon for Bellevue. where sh2lent.s of Mrs. Todd. Mr. and Mrs.
...... . ......1
will visit for some time with inenas.
Charles Thurbin, of Louisville.
. .
Was 111 tue tlljr mia oiicmuuu
I . . . . .. . .
fv-in" in 'the Victor uison uivorcei
Reward Krevonek, of Meadow
Grove, is visiting in the city at the
home of his mother, Mrs. Rose Kre
Mrs. Henry Born and children
who have been visiting at Benson,
I for the past Tew days returned home
1 -
last evening,
I Charles G. Bailey of near Union,
I was a visitor in Plattsmouth last
ewuB- "u"c "c """" "&
some business.
Mrs. Lelia Duff, of near Cedar
Creek, arrived in the city this mor-
ninsr for a short visit with her
friend Katherine Schrack.
d. M. Seybert of Louisville was a
business visitor in Plattsmouth this j
morning, where he is looking after
some business for the day.
Edward Twiss, of Louisville, was
a visitor in t'lattsmouin mis morn-
I ingt coming down as a witness on the
I oison vs. Olson divorce case.'
p.,.. ,T ...ifp dpnarted
I last evenint? for a two weeks visit
Tiiinftis vw thPv will be
thf? ?upsts of relatives and friends.
Herman Labin, son of Rinke La
bin, of Louisville, was visiting in
the city today, being called here as
a witness in the Olson divorce case
Mrs. A. A. Wetencamp and daugh
ter Maty from west of Mynard were
passengers to umana mis murum.
where they are visiting with friends
Mr. and Mrs. George Shoeman,
who have been visiting with rela-
tives in Louisville, during the holi-
dav season returned home this morn-
j ing.
I T..,in tim.- oiwi u-ifp arrived in
I U UUC Uiuuov .. ....w
Ku: ttiItip- frnm their
iui u "a "s
iu Lome in Louisville and are looking
I ,L i,.,.unoci of t1,o
aiit-r 6uu
Mrs. A. E. Todd and two boys,
who have been spending their Christ
mas holiday with a daughter of Mrs.
Todd at Omaha returned home last
Wm. Ossenkop, of Louisville, one
of the merchants was in the city
yesterday visiting with his cousin,
Frank E. Schlater and returned home
last evening.
Wm. Diers of Louisville, was a
visitor in Plattsmouth yesterday and
after having looked after some busi-
A. 1 .11.. J 4n LI,. V. a I
iii iue city reiuiuuu iu iii iiuiijc
m I
l&sl evenina. i
T. E. Swan, of union, and son, I
Charles Swan and wife, were visi-1
tors in the county seat from near
Luiou. v.cic oum
matters at the court house.
. . 1 j r f
Miss Stella Gooding, who has been
visiting with friends at Roselie for
the nast week, where she was the
. , I
guest at the come or ner uncie rrea
Richardson, returned home
iflgt I
James Patterson, who is visiting
In b itv with his pra n d narent's
Wm. McCauley and wife, for a short
time coming from his home at Ara
Pboe, was a passenger to umana tnis
t-- Lewis ana n. a. liaise, Domijust concluded the purcuase oi an
01 near union, were passengers 10
Omaha this morning, where they are
visiting with friends for the day
and will also look after some busi-
ness as well.
f r Andcrenn and wifp nf Cas-
per. Wyoming, who is visiting at the
..... . . . . .
nome 01 tiieir aaugnter, Airs. icior
uison. at Louisville, were m mis
city today, looking after some busi-
ness at the court house.
Harry Wells of South Bend and
Roy Richards of the same place
were in the city yesterday looking
after some business at the county
seat, where they are getting their
UUCMiuiiiiau es luieu uui
r- : -1 1 . .
Charles Vallery arrived in this
city last evening from South St
I Joseph. Mo., to visit with his moth-
I er, Mrs. Magalina Vallery ana witn
his sisters, Mrs. W. J. Streight, Mrs.
I Livingston ana jmiss Aiatmiaa
Herbert Christweisser of Have-
lot k who has been visiting at the
home of his grandfather Bennett
Cbristwe'pser, for the past few days,
'art t-iening departed for his home,
ar.5 will go from there to Scott I'.l'.ffs
wheit- he will work, he having b-.-'-n
there for some time.
W. T. Adams who is the teacher
at the Jean school, southwest of the
city,, during the holidays has been
assisting Fred Patterson with some
surveying along the river near the
Big Burlington bridge and says that
he now realizes what difficulty Na
poleon had in crossing the Alps.
Fred A. Jones and wife of Ruskin,
have been visiting here, the guests
of Geo. I. Farley and Mrs. J. T.
Bairs. for the past few days Mrs.
Baird being the mother of Mrs.
Jones. Mr. Jones departed this
morning for his home, while Mrs.
Jones will remain for a longer visit.
T. J. Todd and wife who have
been visiting in Tlattsmouth for the
i Henry Mauzy," were passengers
I to Omaha this morning, and from
I , , . . ... f
- 1
1 . a ir -t-
nome at iveaiue), o.uu mio. uuu
the children will return for a longer
visit. Miss Margaret Mauzy, accom-
panied them to Omaha also.
Time to oil and repair harness.
$1.00 for oiling where we repair the
harness. John F. Gorder. Platts
mouth. Neb. 12-5-tfd
Car Load of Live Poultry
to be delivered at car, near Burling-
t freit denot. Plattsmouth. Neb-
i on pji jan. 4th, one day only,
I for whidl we cash.
I jjens 19c
J Y0ruie Roosters 18c
qj boosters t..- L12c
Ducks . 17c
Geese 16c
Will be on hand rain or shine' to
4oV nor of oil nHm ffr fn
I r jfj vww.
j sale.
Vf K'
From Thursday's Daily.
At the cozy home of Mrs. Vw
Wetenkamp and son Grant, was tl
scene or, a happy reunion 01 rei;
tives. , Christmas day being also, tt
G4th birthday anniversary of Mr. (
H. Warner as well as the weddin
anniversary of both Mr. and Mrs. (
IT. Warner and Mr. and Mrs. Albei
Wetenkamp. It was certainly a joll
crowd, there being 37 in numbei
that partook cf the bounteous re
rast tne dinner being served u
cafeteria style
Those present were: Messrs. am
Mesdames, Chas. Warner, Will War
ga, Roy Howard. Leonard Terryberry
f ieu -vvomi. n k,. ...
bert Wetenkamp, win uarKer. Airs
"in- weieiiKaiup &r., auu w.aui.
Park Burns or uniting, loa. ai-
nrQ,ci ri,rl .nH Muard How-
. V
u.1 tl, vaiuti IUt A A J ' - . '
n r t I M T ll Hrt I CTT"! rilPTrV V III HI1U
Frances Wetenkamp, Elmer, Arthur,
Glen and Mary Wetenkamp.
Itttttx twt on mx m? pit 1 1 T
wuji rwun avivii vuwimii,
The state of Nebraska, through
their state farm department have
1 eighty acre tract oi iana just a suon
distance from Union, which it will
be used as an orchard experiment
farm, planting it in fruit trees for
the purpose of testing net aione ine
I :: r ,f n loct fhi5
I " iciico ui -
Portion or the state as 10 us auapia
bility, for the commercially growing
of all kinds of fruits. The well
known success which had been
achieved only a few miles from the
location purchased, Mr. Pollard had
made a great success, and it is very
probable that this place will prove
as favorable for the growing and
testing of trees, and fruits as that
near Nehawka which is owned by
Mr. Pollard.
Southeastern Nebraska is gaining
a very envianie reputation anu a
j place adapted to, especially growing
of apples, and that of the choice va
'r""i Katurdav'n Dattv
This morning while R?.Iph Allen.
formerly of Sloan, Iowa, was work
ing in the Burlington shop yards in
a roustabout gang, he had the mis
fortune to drop a heavy plank on one
of his hands, mashing it badly, al
though no bones were broken. The
hand his been dressed and gives
promise of healing up soon.
I From Thursday's iaiiv.
J. J. Johnson, living just out of
the city, is the purchaser of a new
four cylinder Reo Sedan, through
ne agency of T. L. Aniick of this
place. These cold biting blustry
days is just the kind of weather to
test the efficiency of that kind of a
car for winter use. The Reo is a
sturdy car, and with the enclosed
body, Mr. Johnson will hav a car
which will be both a comf t and
one which will give him t!i'; use,
which he demands in a car.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Farmers Mutual Fire
I D t t 0. 1. t r
oz. oiutu insuiomc wuhjohj u.
l Cass county, Nebr., will be held on
I Saturday, January 5th, 191S. at the
Taylor school house. District No. 27,
at one-thirty (1:30) p. in., for the
purpose of electing officers for the
coming year and transacting sucn
other -business as may come before
the meeting. J. P. FALTER,
d26-3tw Secretary.
of Omaha, 53 6 World Herald build
ing, will be at McElwain's jewelry
store every first Thursday in the(
month. Eye glasses scientifically
fitted.- Consult mtf Dout diseases -of
the eye, ear, nose and throat.
Dennison's crepe
paper at the
Journal office.
at the
New Year's Night
Jan. 1st.
Music by the Desdundes Col
ored Orchestra of Omaha.
Given By
You know the good time
that will be in store for you,
so do not fail to come.
J l-I"!"!"!' IIIII
- r I 4.
East ct Riley HoteL
Coates' Block,
. .
Second Floor