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e riausmouui uarage
For Service Livery fill Hours!
Best Mechanics to Look After Your Troubles
Batteries Recharged!
Radiator Repaired! Storage!
On and after January 1st, we will do a
strictly cash business.
Positively Kio Credit!
Great Problem to Get Enough In to
Supply Demand Jast Now
So;ne on the WKay.
From Fii. lay's Iaily.
Notwithstanding the inclemency of
the weather last, night, every one ot
ti e legislators of the city of Platts
n out h were at their posts eager for
the fray, and there being no objec
tions to the minutes of the meeting
before, an order was read calling for
t-.i extra session on account of there
h iving been none on Christmas eve.
" The first bit of work was the mak
ing of the Farmer's State Bank, a
bank of deposit for the funds of the
The nuance committee not", being
ready to report, the regular schedule
was porsued, going down the line
until the Judiciary committee was
reached, when they had a mite to
say about the house of Peter Claus,
which is claimed to be too long for
his lot, extending into the alley north
and the avenue on the south. The
report indulged quite an amount of
myrtli at the expense of his mule
and corn stalks as well as the old
country style of keeping the animals
so near the domicile. The matter
was finally settled by giving him un
til the first of Hay to arrange his
house to conform to the lines of the
avenue and alley.
When the police committee had
been reached they recommended the
Finding back cf the reports of the
Chief of Police, and the Police judge,
to arrange to conform with each oth
er as they varied in the amounts of
the., fines. This was done and they
w ill review the matter when it comes
from them later.
The Coal Proposition.
The special committee which has
boon appointed for some time on the
proposition of getting coal, reported
that they had gotten nowhere but
were up a blind alley, Avith no one
to answer their appeals for coal. The
mines to which they have written
have not' answered their correspond
ence, and they are much discouraged
regarding the matter. Mr. Johnson
Bonn fr?i
rJhen you can get
eastern Nebraska at.very reasonable prices
and on good terms, that will increase in value
-because, we raise the crops, every year.
Take your car and drive to Sterling, Neb.,
and get back home the same day. Buy a
farm near home that you can look after.
We have tracts of land irom 5 acres to
8CQ acres; any size tract you want. We have
cold several Cass county people. Drive
over to Sterling, Neb., and see us.
Isssiiiliiif Curt In
Phono Red 65.
IL. II .m. MA..
:ASP39 Prop,
seemed to think that the demand for
coal was greater than the supply,
and that the miners under this con
dition did not care to answer their
JIayor Sattler recommended the
going to the County board of the fuel
administration, and seeing what
could be done. In reply Councilman
Bestor said that the "Waterman Coal
and Lumber Company had made ap
plication to the county board through
its chairman, II. A. Schneider for as
sistance in the matter, and then Mr.
Schneider had promised to go to
Omaha personally today and see what
he could do towards getting a supply
of coal for this city. The question
of getting some one to embark in
the handling of wood was discussed.,
and after this had been thrashed
out, by suggesting that all the avail
able wood be used, and that the far
mers be induced to market what
wood they could, the matter was
dropped as regards the wood ques
tion. Mayor Sattler suggested that
the stores close at six o'clock, in
order to conserve the fuel, as a!'
the business could be done by that
time, and if everybody closed it
would not work an injustice against
He also suggested the closing of
houses cf amusement, with the in
cluding of the Pool, Halls, the Mov
ing picture shows a, portion of the
week, and the economizing of th'
fuel used by the people over towr
confining the heating of the home
to a portion of the house, where it
ou!d be done. Buttery said that h
did not see how people could econo
mize much more than they have beer
Councilman- Luschinsky mover
that the Mayer issue a proclamatior
asking that the utmost economy be
exercised regarding the use of coal
and fuel of all kinds, that there be
enough to get by on. This was sup
ported by Buttery and the motion
Bestor said that there were now
seven car numbers in sight includ
ing all the dealers, and that it took
a car a day for the most rigid econo
my, for the use of the city, and that
if the seven cars arrived here in a
week, we would be in just the same
position as we are at the present.
The Finance Committee reported
a few bills, some of which went to
the claims committee, soma were
paid and others laid over.
Bills Paid.
Mike Lutz, salary $15.90
C. E. Hartford, coal 10.00
To the Claims Committee.
W. A. Swatek $15.72
James Wynn 9. GO
Among the bills before the coun
cil was two by the Western States
Construction company, - one for
$229(5.40. for the curbing and gut
tering on Eouth Seventh street, and
another cne for $9371.60 for allow
staple land in South
Sterling, Nebraska
(Slasie Laiflli
ance on the paving of Chicago Ave
nue. These were ok'd by the engi
neer, and after much discussion, on
recommendation by the Mayor and
motion "Weber, and supported by
Luschinsky they were allowed $2,
000 and,$S,000 respectively on the
A bill by J. II. McMaken and Sons
for $1,287.50, was returned and Mc
Maken advised to present same to
the county commissioners.
The warrants which are to pay for
the bills allowed to the Western
State Construction company, were
bordered to be registered.
Some discussion was indulged in
regarding- the removal of some dirt
at street intersections, which the
Western State Construction Co.,
claimed was pla,ced there by Mc
Maken in Ihs excavation, this dirt
McMaken claims he did not place
there and that where the dirt in
question is, he did not have to do
any excavation. Opinion of city at
torney, who was present, was asked
and he said he did not soe how Mc
Maken could be compelled to remove
the dirt according to the contract.
Councilman Buttery brought up a
proposition, of a gas bill of Mr. E. B.
Thrall, which in October was 67
cents, and the bill for November fol
lowing where the gas stove was not
in use, and only one light burning,
and the pipe frozen up a portion of
the time was $6.32.
The matter was discussed and the
lighting committee was instructed to
investigate the matter on motion of
From Friday's Dail.'w-
The Local Board who has in hand
the work of caring for the question
naires, and other work which come
before them, while they are paid for
the work, they have a lot of it to
'o. With thj numerous blanks to
'xik after they have their hands
full. Besides the regular board
there is an advisory member adder
o the board, which is generally the
county attorney, but ia this ca
ithout Day. Like the advisory
board which lias been created this
work which the-count' attorney has
veeu done without charge or re
numeration. Besides this the ccun
y attorney has o make out a blank
"n every case which asks for deferred
flass on account . of agricultural or
'ndustrial occupation. While this i
i fact, it in a way relieves him frcm
ho duties of assisting in filling o
ho questionnaires, and it jvould be
'ncoiisistent for the'cfficer to do the
work and then pass upon the F?.re
work afterwards. This work hft
een done by County Attorney Cole
ind he has steadfastly refused to as
ist in filling out the que3iionnaire3
Mid 5s somewhat censured for Hi? re
fusal, many people thinking that i
r because he does not desire to do
4 he work.
7rom Friday's Dailv.
The long drawn out divorce suit
known as Olson vs. Olson, was ter
minated today when the last of the
witnesses had been examined. Vi
'or Olson brought a suit against h
wife, "Ethel, charging her with cruel
ty and setting out that he wa3 afraic!
if her, as she had threatened hi
life, and claiming she was insane.
There were a number of witnesses
examined and some very rare test:
mony introducd, some of which was
of such character as it would not
keep in warm weather, and had to
be handled extremely careful even
with the kind of weather we are
now having and, by the way, the
mercury stood just at zero in the
thermometer at noon.
After the smoke had blown away
and the court was able to get a good
glance at the evidence His Honor
handed down a verdict, as follows:
Although 'Mr.- Olson had askedfor
the divorce, the decree was given to
the defendant and the costs as
sessed to Mr. Olson along with the
attorney fee for Mrs. Olson. In ad
dition she was given $100 a month
alimony to be paid January 1st, "IS,
and $25 per month thereafter un
til a change in orders shall be made.
Mrs. Olson was given custody of her
-ninor children, " they being a bov
and a girl, three and five years old
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ave been completely cured by the
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Box Paper and Correspondence
Cards at the Journal office..
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application of Sloan's Liniment brings
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iyi kJi m M Z.4 I. 1
Tint ii-
Bolsheviki Still Trying to Induce
Entente to Enter
Great Britain and France, respect
ively, through their prime minister
and minister of foreign affairs, have
made known to the world that the
terms under which the Teutonic al
lies seek a general peace are not
And, backing, up their prime min
ister, the British proletariat, repre
sented by a national labor confer
ence, has reaiiiruica, witnout equivo
cation, -that it is the determination
of labor to continue the war, in or
der hereafter to make the world
safe for democracy.
Fortified bv the known attitude of
President Wilson as to the require
ments of the Uiiited States if the
war is to end and a peace concluded.
the utterances cf Premier Lloyd
Ceorge and Foreign Minister Pichon
and the almost unanimous sentiment
cf the British workers seeming'
make certain that the Teutonic al
lied proffer given in reply to the
Russian Polsheviki, will go for
caught unless it is materialrY added
to and brought into line with the
demands that tie United States and
the entente alTcs have laid down f.s
the concrete basis for the discussion
of peace.
Reds Do ITct Lc?e Heart.
Nevertheless, the Bo'sheviivi ele
ment in Russia has not lost heart
that something may come frcm the
Czernin proposal for the Brest-Li-tovsk,
peace Conference, at which it
was made, and has taken a recess
until January 4, and meanwhile
Trotzky, the Bolshcviwi foreign min
ister, proposer, -ti send a note to the
entente allied embassies in an en
deavor to have them participate in
further peace parleys, and rlzo in
drafting a note to the peoples of the
Inside Russia the situation still
remains obscure owing to the var
ious reports concerning the move
ments of the Bolsheviki and counter
revolutionarj' forces. One of these
reports is to the effect that an armis
tice between the Kaledines and Bol
sheviki troops has been effected at
Rostovon-Uon, with a central zone
between the fighting lines. Kaledine.
and his Cossacks were among thi
first of the Russian count er-revolu
tionary to take up arms against the
Fishtin? in the West.
On the fighting fronts the British
have inflicted another severe defeat
upon the Turks near Jerusalem
Xorth and west of the Holy Citv
General Allenby's forces have made
an advance of about two and one-
half miles on a front of nine miles
after having repulsed a Turkish atr
tack. The Turks suffered heavy cas
artillery uueis ire in prograss
along the entire northern front in
the Italian theater, the infantry on
both side apparent!' being inactive
except for patrol encounters.
Likewise on the front, in France,
the artillery is doing the major part
of the fighting. The Germans have
not offered battle to the French on
the Verdun sector north of the Caur
ercs wooa since u eunesuay s san
guinary repulse. Snow and cold
weather prevail over the entire line
from Belgium to the Swiss' border.
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nd most efficient medicine for
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dorsement, . '
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li ) i - I I VH
Frnm Thursday's Daily. '
Now that the death pangs of war
have sounded, and in our own Ee-
loved America, the braying horn ana
the screaming fife has sent the stir
ring strains of "DIXIE" and "My
Country 'Tis of Thee" into every
American home.
Calling from our homes, fathers
husbands, sons and brothers, to the
bloodiest battlefields of modern
times, and to the most heart-render
ing and barbarous scenes the world
has ever known.
Among those brave hearts, who
have sacrificed their all and gone to
the front to fight for justice and lib
erty, are our own beloved Sovereigns
of Evergreen Camp Xo. 7.0, "W. O.
W." Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Sovereigns :
John L. Brooks, Edward Ilipplc.
C. F. Baldwin. G. XV. Rennie.
A. C. Carrie. J. D. Swartz.
William Hoffman. Paul Sprecher.
Eugene Lister. Eugene Vroman.
R. C. Lair. Alfred Wilson.
E. L. Murray. , 11. II. Wells.
Glen C. Kiel. Percy Worthen.
Therefore, Be It Resolved, by Ever
green Camp Xo. 70, W. O. W., That
we open our hearts and lives for
these sovereigns, and cherish the
brotherly love which does not end in
this life, nor at the grace.
That we pledge to them our hearty
support, by the extra assessments on
our policies, together with such oth
er "assistance as our circumstances
and opportunities may justify.
Also, that we shall forever keep
sacred the memory of these now at
the front, while we ourselves are yet
peacefully assembld around our home
firesides, and surrounded by those
things which are so near and dear
to each of us.
That our hop(?s a::d prayers shall
be with them, and that they may
scon safely return to the open and
loving arms of their loved ones, to
their happy homes, and to this camp.
Philadelphia. Dec. 27. "Ger
many s greatest and most terrible
enemy," said Major Louis Aubert,
a memb?r o". the French high com
mission to the united states in an
address before the American Histor
ical association in convention here
today "is npt England or France,
or the United States. It is history-
tae written memories of man the
record of her own deeds as it shall
exist for posterity."
From Fridnv's Pnilv
The Lincoln Telegraph and Tele
phone Company, are making some
improvements at their building on
South Sixth street, in the wav of
a stairway at the rear cf. the build
ing in order to get from the lower
portion to the upper without having
1o com? to the front of the building
for the purpose. A. B. Smith and
Herman Teokotter is doing the work.
They pre also running a twenty-five
pair cable from the Telephone Build
ing to the Coronado Apartments, for
the supplying of service to that in
stitution. With the addition of the
subscribers there it has crowded the
lines in that portion of the city.
From Thursday's Daily.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sprecker re
tumou home Tuesday evening frcm
a couple of Jays visit at the home of
Mrs. Sprecker's parents, Mr. and Mr:
L. W. Be Lar.ey, at Blair. On Christ
mas day there was a family reunion
of the De Laney family, the two
daughters, Mrs. Sprecker and sister.
.Mrs. Elton Booth, of Colorado, and
two brothers, Thomas and family of
Greenfield, Iowa, and Donald, who
has resided at Blair, all being pres
ent to enjoy hospitality. Donald De
Laney came down with Mr. and Mrs
Sr.rocker and visited here a day be
fore proceeding on his way to Fort
Leavenworth. from where, in com-
pany with thirty others, he will so
to France at once on special labratory
. . I
work will be wholly of a different
nature than fighting now. Tester-
day Thomas and wife and little girl
stopped off for a visit at the Spreck
er home before continuing their trip
to Greenfield, they going on home
this morning.
Iri the District Court of county.
Vircil Mull is. PlaintifT, v?;. Joseph
larger, ft al. Defendants.
To tno Defendants. Joseph Harper,
ml Jane A. Harper, his wife?, the un
known heirs, devisees, legatee!; per
sonal representatives, and all Vei'sons
interested in the estate or Joseph Jiar-
er, deceased: the unknown heirs, dev
isees, legatees, personal representa-
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the Thermometei
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tives. ar.'l all person? interested in tlie
estate of Jane A. Harper, deceased;
John V. Yoiinj? . and Amanda Younpr,
Ms wife; the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives and
ill iiwnni interested in tlie estate of
John V. Young; deceased; tlie un
known -heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representative and all persons
ir.tet-fsted in the estate of Amanda
Young', deceased; A. J. "Kerr and Julia
Kerr, his wife: tlie unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal represen
tatives a::d ali persons interested in
the ef tare of A. J. Kerr, deceased; the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and ail persons
interested in the estate of Julia Kerr,
ileceastd; Andrew J. Kerr; the un
.nown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all persons
interested In tlie estate of Andrew J.
Kerr, deceased; O. A. llarr; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all persons
Interested in tlie estate of O. A. Marr,
deceased; ;eorre A. llarr; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all persons
interested in the estate of George, A.
Marr, deetased; IX K. Henry; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, and all persons
interested in the estate of D. F. Henry,
deceased: I. Fariand Henry; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, anel all persons
Interested in the estate of I. Farrand
Henry, deceased: Kben S. Wheeler anel
Clara 1. V'l.f.-eler, his wife: the un
known heir-:, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives, anel all persons
intensted lit ti:t estate of Kben S.
Wheeler, deceaseel; tlie unknown heirs,
devisees. J "tin tees, personal representa
tive.s and all persons interesteel in the
estate of Clara I. Wheeler, deceased:
K. Wheeler; the unknown heirs, dev
isees, legatees, personal representa
tives and all persons interested in the
"state of K. S. Wheeler, deceased;
I'htttsmoulh I. anel anel Improvement
company: the unknown claimants anel
the unknown owners of Lots 11, 12, 13
and 14 in IIleck 1. and Lots 1, 1', 3 anel
I. in lleck '2, all in Browne's Sub
division eif Lot 17, in the NG',i of the
XW of Section 13, in Township T2
North. Kange 13 Hast of the 6tli J. M.,
i:i Cass t'uunty, Nebraska.
You and each of you are hereby no
tified that en the 17th day of Decem
ber, 1917. plaintiff filed his suit in the
District Ctuirt of Cass county, Nebras
ka, the oj'jee-t and purpose of which is
to i!iet and cejnfiiin plaintiff's title
in and to Lots 1. 2, 3 anel 4, in Block
J, and Lots 11, 12. 13' anel 14 in Ulock
1, in Browne's Sub-division of Let 17,
in the NK1., of the N'W'U of Section
13. Township 12 North, Bange 13 Fast
of the 6th 1'. M.. in Cass county. Nebr.,
and to enjoin each and all of you from
having ejr eiaimin; any right, title;,
lien or interest, either legal or eiu:
table, in e:- te saiel Ianel or any part
thereof, and to enjoin you and each of
you in any manner from interfering
with plainti n s possession and enjoy
merit of said premises ami fer eeiui
table relief. This notie-e is given pur
suant to the order of the Court.
You are reiuirel to answer saiel pe
tition on or before Monday the 4th day
of February, 191S, or your default will
be entered therein.
d24-Usw. Attorney.
In the District Court of the County
of - Cass, Nebraska.
Lena Larson, Plaintiff
John Otis Larson, Deifnelant.
John Gus Larson will take notice
that on the 1st day of September. A.
D.. 1S17, Lena Larson, plaintiff herein.
These -are part of 'the new Frannie Unit, on our main line ad-
joining' the successful Powell locality, and tho hunk are watered In f;,,i-pn,n,0t : ..T
t"t same uo eminent m stem mere!
'S I fnniK tliAi-o ruiKii. -i-1.. CCi..
, 7 ' c "u;
octorc March 1st. Act OuiCKLY.
fer splendid deeded lands at low
Colorado, raised this season a $3,600 crop of beans on a 83,200
larm. ijucry What is such land
from $20 to $35 an acre. .
Thousands of acres of divided
the market.
thinking" at
help on.
S. B. HOWARD, Immigration Agt., C. B. & Q. K
1004 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nebraska
filed her petition in the District Court
of Cass count;.', Nelfaska, against sa; i
defendant, the object and prayer er
which are to secure a divorce fi'oi.i
the defendant, anel the custody an!
control of .John Luson anel Kupi-n
Larson, children of plaintiff, and def. 'i
dant; grouneis for divorce alleged in
said petition are extreme cruelty, la. i;
of support of herself and children, 1
habitual drunkenness.
You are requireel to answer saiel pe
tition on or before the 28th day of
January, A. D., 191 S.
By C. A. It AWLS,
d 1 0 -s w 4 w. At t o r n e y .
OIlDIOIl TO snow in
In the District Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska:
In the matter of the application of
Reginald H. Thorp, Guarelian of the
Person anel Estate of Florence Thorp,
a. Minor, for License to sell Real Es
tate: On reading and filing the petition,
duly verified, of Reginald H Thorp,
Guardian of the pel son anel estate of
Florence Thorp, a minor, for license to
sell the following des
scrl'ceel real t states
Tiio uniftviiitd nlao i
f2-45) of the East "half of
ast r:a!f or - tn.- 1
Southeast quarter of Section
the Southwest ejuarter of Sertieui
24. the North half of the North
half of the Northwest ruarteT tf
Section "5 and the North half of
the North, half of the Northeast
quarter of Section '26, all in Town
ship 12, Range 10. in Cass county,
Nebraska: also the undivided two
forty-fifths (2-43) of Lot 2, Block
10, in South Bend, as survey ed,
platted and recorded in Cass coun
ty, Nebraska
or, so much thereof as tlie court may
deem necessary and advisable, for the
benefit of said ward, for the purpose
of investment in interest bearing se
curities or some proeiuctive stock and
for the eelucation and maintenance of
said warel. anel it appearing from said
petition that the minor's interest in
f-aid real estate is a small undivided
portion thereof and the same Is too
for the interest of her estate anel for
the benefit of said warel to convert
saiel unelivideel interest in real estate
into casli anel invest the proceeds in
Interest bearing securities or some
productive stock, or so much thereof
as may not be required for her main
tenance and education.
It is therefore ordered that the next
of kin of said minor and all persons
interesteel in her estate appear before
me at chambers in the Court House in
the-CIty of Plattsmouth in Cass coun
ty, Nebraska, on the 14th day of Jan
uary, 1918, at 0 o'clock a. ni.. and sliow
cause, if any there be, why license
should not be granted to said Reginald
H. Thorp, Guardian, to sell said real
Plattsmouth Journal, a new-spaps--printed
anel published in said co'nty
of Cass. - ,
Dateel at Chambers In sa.M County of
Cass this 14th day of December. 11)17.
lodge of the District Court In and f"T
dl7-Sw) Cass county, Nebraska.
small to render the property etesirable l
as an investment; that said propeitv f
can probably be sold at the present f
time for a fair value anel that it is ft
. - ? ,.,i
v an extension ot ihe canals. Ot
xi it . -11 1 f,.-,.
not laKen uiese win uau.t
prices. A farmer near Akron,
worth an acre? You can bin it
. -
large holdings now coining on
It will nav you to do "some
once. See inc. am paid to
:. t'jt-m&r-v. kl s frs .i-. -:- v v . ."'.. .-.---T -J ; vi .' ' ' 1 ' --; '-
4 .