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Murray Department
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to All
Tf anyoftlie readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest in
tuts vicinity, and will mail
same to ibis office, it will ap
pear under this lieadine. We
want all news ite nan Eiutoh
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
Give Your Child a U. S.
Savings Stamp for a
Christmas Present!
Teach ynur children patriotism us well as thrift.
Civ- liit-in ;ci a $" War JSj.vins Stamp for Christina?..
Tt-ll I!'.p children that while they are at home by
the warm fire on Christmas night, our soldiers 'over
there in Frui.ce are in a cold and flirty trench fighting
for them.
Kvery child who owns one of these stamps has
loaned the government money to help make the std
!ir;; comfortable i.nd give them guns and ammunition
to fij. In cur enemy.
Kvery "kiddie" who holds a $." government "baby
bend" is sure to save and buy 2 5-cent Thrift Stamps
to increase his fortune.
We shall be glad to tell you about Thrift Stamps,
and War Savings Stair. pr. which bear 4 per cent cnra
pruind interest.
43 -
Mutt ay,
You can now buy your Thrift
Stamps at the Murray State Bank.
Miss Pauline and Fay Oldham were
Plattsmouth visitors Tuesday cf this
Dr. Gilmore was looking after
some matters of business in the coun
ty seat Monday of this week.
W. Cl. Hoedeker has invested in
another car, this time he purchases
a second-hand Super-Four Ford tour-
ing car. that will make a good busi- '
Less car and take the place of his '
family car when the reads are bad.
Jesse McVey has been quite sick
for t lie past week, suffering from a
severe cold, and a threatened attack
of ;T.euiaonia. lie is improving this
week, and will poor, be restored to
his former health. j
Mrs. Glenn -Hoedeker, Mrs. T. S. :
Pariows. Mrs. Alfred Gansemer and
S.:ns will give the lunch at tl e '
Library on Saturday evening, Dec. j
'2 2d. The usual good eats and good
time i in rtcrs for all who attend.
Cards have been received in and
near Murray announcing the mar
riage of Mr. I.oven lassie and Miss
Florence Macy, which will take place
at the home of the bride's parents, at
Vermillion. South Dakota, on Dec.
2 4th. The groom is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Massie. of Mt. Pleas
ant precinct, and is a young man of
sterling worth. His many friends at
the old heme will extend congratula
t ions.
w. R. young
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or ncsr.
Telephone 1511 Murray Exchange
eu 7
We hrve anticipated year wants iii the way of merchandise
useful for this occasion, and at prices which will be tempting.
Tt:e ir.o?t beautiful line of Lauier. Handkerchiefs we have ever
r.een. Put up three in a Xraio box 25, 35 and 50c
Single handkerchiefs, neat edger. and designs 5, 10, 15 and 25c
Men's neckwear, a great big assortment of new, staple siiks.
large flowing ends
silk hose, colors champagne, navy, inacK. ana nenu.
o.-int '.) pairs in Chri"rLi.":C3
Men's scarfs, all silk, in the very latest designs and very pop
ular this season $1.00, $1.50 and $2.30
Ladies silk waist patterns, in beautiful stripe effects. Just
enough for a waist. Put up in Xmas boxes $3.50
STTIOXERV The very newest to be had in this line, and
seldom carried by any but exclusive stores. Per box 25 to 75c
Xmas Cards and Booklets, each in an envelope ready for mailing,
in "Each 3 for 5c 5c Each 10c Each
Hiatt & Tutt
ff !
j Mrs. R. C. Ilhoden, from Didsbury,
Canada, spent last week at the Old
ham home.
George Oldham spent a few days
at the Oldham home in Murray the
past week.
Born io Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kronk
an eight pound baby girl, on Mon
day evening. Dec. 17th.
Oldham's shipped eight head of
weanlings last week. One pig crat
ed and hilled for Colorado, objected
to leaving the old heme, and just as
the train arrived he broke the crate
ar.d l;il:ed for home.
J. T. I'orter, from near Xehawka.
was visiting for a few hours with
Murray friends Tuesday of this week,
It setms mighty good to see John's old
familiar face in and around Murray
now and then, where he lived so
many years and has a world of
AIrs D A Young. Mrs. Warren
Wiley. Pauline and Fay Oldham and
Albert Young prepared the feed at
the Library last Saturday evening.
The meat was rabbit. There were
tihty people ate that evening, and
the proceeds were $12.00.
John Gilmore. of Hay Springs. Ne
braska, was in Murray last Satur
day evening and Sunday visiting
with his brother. Dr. G. H. Gilmore
and family, returning to his home
Monday morning. Mr. Gilmore has
recently disposed of his large ranch
holdings near ITay Springs, and tak
en up his residence in town. He still
enjoys an occasional visit hack to the
old home in Cass county.
Condition Very Critical.
Word from the bedside of Winn
Frown at the (lark?on hospital on
Wednesday afternoon. announces
that he is very low, with but slight
hopes for his recovery. His sister.
Mrs. Rusterholtz, was summoned to
his bedside, as he was growing weak
er very rapidly, with a slight chance
of living but a few hours.
50 and i OC
i . i :
box $1.00
Remember that you can buy thrift
stamps at the Murray State Bank.
i Mrs. O. A. Devis and Mrs. E. S.
Tutt were Omaha visitors Monday.
; For Sale or Rent My seven room
residence in Murray. Mrs. J. W.
! J. A. Scotton is a new addition to
. the Journal's Murray subscript ion
. list thi week.
i James Tilson and A. L. Baker
were Omaha visitors Monday eveu
; iutj of this week.
! James Loughridge was visiting
. with old friends and relatives in
Murray last Sunclay.
j The Murray State Bank is selling
Government Thrift Stamps. Now is
the time to buy them.
The little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Sherman Osborn has been sick
for the past few days.
II. C. Creamer was looking after
some matters of b-usiness in the
county seat Tuesday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. G. 11. Gilmore and
Mrs. J. A. Walker were Plattsmouth
visitors Wednesday of this week.
Miss Henrietta Creamer returned
home from Omaha Monday, after a
few days visit with friends in the
Par Young has been suffering with
an attack of yellow jaundice for the
past few weeks, but is improving at
this time.
Dr. Will Brendel and Louis Mar
quardt. of Avoca, passed through
Murray Monday evening of this
week, er.route to Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Minniear, of
Hartincrton, Nebraska. arrived in
Murray last Friday and will spend
the holiday season with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Mutz departed
Monday evening for Omaha, and af
ter a brief visit with friends will
leave for their new home in Colo
rado. Grandpa Hiatt, who has been very
Ill for the past few weeks, remains
about the same as last week. He is
still very weak and gains strength
very slowly.
Meek Davis, Dr. Jake Brendel and
Roy Howard were passengers for
Plattsmouth Monday evening, where
they attended the meeting of the
Masonic lodge.
Dwyer Todd, Glen Todd, and Vance
Todd and wife autoed down to Peru
last Sunday, where they spent the
day with friends.
Mrs. Gertie Beckner. who was
in the St. Joseph hospital for the
past few weeks, suffering with an at
tack of blood poisoning, is getting
along very nicely at this time, and
will soon be able to return home.
Dwyer Todd was burned quite se
verely last Saturday evening in re
moving the cap from the radiator of
his car, in which the eneririe had
brought the water to a boiling point.
Th'e burns extended to the elbow and
was quite severe.
Mrs. Gertie Becknerfi who was
taken to Omaha on Wednesdav of
last week and placed in the hospital
for treatment, returned home Tues
day morning feeling greatly improv
ed from .the treatment, and will scon
be restored to her former good
AVinn Brown, who was taken to
Omaha last week and placed in the
hospital for treatment for blood
poisoning, is reported some better
this week, but still in a very serious
condition. Hopes are entertained
for his future recovery, but will re
quire some time.
R. A. Young, who is still confined
to the St. Joseph hospital in Omaha,
suffering from the injuries received
from the fall in an apple tree is
getting along very nicely at this
time, being able to be up and around
a pcrticn of the time, and is'expect-
, ed home in time to enjoy Christmas
J dinner with home folks.
I The Red Cross Dance given at the
j Puis Garage building last Saturday
evening was quite well attended,
and everybody seemed to have a good
time. The receipts of the evening
were fully up to expectations of the
promoters of the affair, and the so-
j cial portion of the evening was
j-greatly enjoyed by all. Hans Stoll
j and Gus Hansen furnished the old
j fashioned music.
I The United Presbyterian Sabbath
j School will hold a "White Gift" ser
j vice next Monday evening, that is
Christmas eve. The children will
be given a treat, but all other gifts
will be for Christ as he is repre
sented by the National Service. Com
mission of the United Presbyterian
Church in its work among our sold-
' iers. Everyone, young and old will
wish to give something to this good
cause. There should be a good at
tendance that evening.
For Sale: Five Durpc boars. Old
ham Stock Farm.
Get your thrift stamps at the
Murray State Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Puis and child
ren and Mrs. Fred Lutz were Platts
mouth visitors Tuesday.
Next Sabbath at the United Pres
byterian Church the Sabbath School
will meet at 10:00 a. m. and the
pastor will preach at 11:00 a. m. Un
ion services will be held in this
church at 7:0 p. m. when Rev.
Hughes will preach. An invitation
is given to all who can attend any
of these services.
Mrs. F. F. Sans sold her 2 CO acre
farm east of Murray this week to
Orlander Niday, of Randolph, Neb.,
the consideration being $30,000.00.
Mr. Niday will take possession of
his new home moving from Randolph
about March 1st. The deal was
made through the Murray State
Bank, by its cashier, W. G. Boedeker.
Mrs. Sans expects to move to Murray.
Capt. Young and staff of hunters
went out on the rabbit trail last
Saturday, and succeeded in bagging
twenty-seven cotton tails, that were
prepared for the big feed at the li
brary rooms that evening. The
party was composed of Capt. Young,
Dr. Gilmore, and son Walker, J. A.
Scotton and John Campbell.
Last Sabbath evening a good siz
ed congregation attended the union
service at the Christian church. Dr.
Jackson preached the sermon. The
service will be at the United Pres
byterian church next Sabbath even
ing, and the sermon will be by Rev.
Hughes? of the Christian church,
who anounced that his subject
would be, "God's Plan". A full
house is expected.
There will be a masquerade ball
given at the Puis & Gansemer hall
in Murray, on Wednesday evening,
December 19th, the proceeds of which
will go for the purchase of Christ
mas presents for the Cass county
Soldier Boys. The music will be
furnished by Dandesdures Colored
band. The baud with the rag time
solo. You are cordially invited to
attend this dance. Suits may be
ordered at the Puis & Gansemer hall
up to and including Saturday even
ing. There will be plenty of masks
on hand. Make the date now and
keep it. You will have a good time.
Important Notice.
To avoid congestion of the mails:
Begin mailing Christmas packages
Mark the outside of the package.
Have every package which is in
tended for a Military Cantonment in
the mails by not later than eight
days before Xmas.
Have every package which is in
tended for an office in an adjoining
state in the mails by December 17th
and for distant states by December
14th. 2t
From "vTeflnrstlav's Daily.
Mrs. Mary Johnson who is the
financial secretary of the Degree of
Honor Star Lodge No. 4 of this city
ihas received this morning a check of
one thousand dollars for the insur
ance on the life of F. D. Foster, who
died some weeks ago at Otis. Colo
rado, where he was putting in wheat
The check which was fore one thous
and dollars, was delayed on account
of the many different divisions it
had to go through before it could
be issued. Mrs. Johnson will im
mediately send the check to Mrs. Ida
May Foster, the widow of the deceas
ed, who lives at Tacoma, Washing
ton. A household remedy in America
for 25 years Dr. Thomas' Eclectic
Oil. For cuts, sprains, burns, bruis
es. 30c and COc. At all drug stores
Subscribe for the Journal.
jlHI. !! l..I..IMH4?'
j will put out a few pure bred J
! Duroc-Jerscy sows on shares.
s Oldham Stock Farm, Murray. 4
Vy- THE 1MAM&"1 BRANtt. a
I.ttdic! Ab rour lruKrit far
14- i I'IMs in Krd and iia'.d metallic'
.V'y' ''""ei. einl Willi Dhie Rilboa.
feK waC i bLo other ISur f tmp
- 4f I'rrgirUt- .--k tor lli-4'lfKS.TEirS
!! A it t'UtMt PIM.H. fcf
Washington, Dec. 18. Congress
closed down today for a holiday va
cation, leaving behind a series of j
investigations to proceed during the
Both houses adjourned until
Thursday, January when war leg
islation is to take the forefront of
the calendar.
In the last day's business the sen
ate took final action toward submis
sion to the states of a national pro
hibition amendment to the constitu
tion, ordered two new investigations
-into railroad legislation and the
merchant ship building situation
and arranged for disposal of the coal
and oil land leasing bill. January 7.
The house passed the resolution to
remove doubt as to application 01
the new war excess profits taxes to
congressmen and arranged for re
newal of the battle for woman suff
rage, January 10.
To Probe Railroads.
Efforts to rush through legislation
authorizing the treasury to buy
$100,000,000 of farm loan bonds be
fore the adjournment failed. The
senate passed the bill today, but it
was held up in the house to be con
sidered when congres serassembles.
During the recess a half dozen of
invstigations into war activities will
be in progress. Heading the list is
the railroad inquiry.
An address by President Wilson
with his recommendations for solu
tion of the problem is expected soon
after congress reconvenes. Senator
Borah today failed in an effort to
hold congress in session for consid
eration of the transportation ques
tion, a motion to "reconsider the ad
journment plan being defeated.
Several Other Invest witions.
Other investigations, in addition
to those of railroad problems and the
ship building situation, deal with
army and navy war operations, the
sugar and fuel shortages and the al
leged disloyal St. Paul speech of
Senator La Follette.
Some of the congressional commit
tees will work during the holiday
period on the enormous appropria
tion bills under preparation and oth
er legislation, including water power
and other natural resource develop
From Wednesday's Dailv.
J. B. Reeves of Union motored to
this city this morning for a short
visit with his brother, C. R. Reeves,
who has been quite sick with pneu
monia. While here Mr. Reeves call
ed at this office and ordered the
Plattsmouth Journal sent to Carl
Nickels at Union. Mr. Reeves says
his brother is much better.
KYom Wednesdav Dallv
An Italian with a Gondola, or a
Hottentot with a Mud Scow, would
do a good business here at this time,
the streets which are in the main
kept nice and neat, could be im
proved with a good flushing clearing
away the dirt and coal dust which
has settled since the snow fell. The
Christmas shoppers add to the work
of the ones who care for the stores,
by being compelled to carry in the
mud and dirt from the pavements.
It never rains but it pours is the
saying, and that seems to be the
case, in respect to the matter of the
taxi service in this city. Some time
there is, or has been in the past no
one at the trains, and those who de
sire the service, complain because of
its absence. Now we have four cars
at the stations at every train, and
with not enough business for each
to have a little. Q. K. Parmele
is represented by Frank Andrews,
Sam Smith by Frank Boetel, while
John Botel and A. F. Hull are run
ning on their own account.
W e ask, we solicit, we beg you, ,
men and women of our city to HELP
in this Red Cross drive for member
ships. DO NOT SAY, its too near Xmas,
or I've so much to do and to little
time to do it in etc, etc, but come
This is the wish we
friends and
Hardware and
to this rally meeting and show your
are willing lo do your bit.
By Xmas day the American Red
Cross must have fifteen million mem
bers. Lacking them, it cannot do all
that the world is crying upon it to
do and do quickly.
Now if never before, all of you.
Should belong to your American Red
The American Red Cross believes
in you. It asks you to believe in it.
Never have the American people
failed in a great cause.
They will answer the worlds cry
of utter distress. They will answer
it, above all, at this season long dedi
cated to thoughtful good will to
works of love and mercy.
The Red Cross does not ask at
this time for large contributions, it
asks you to become a part of it. So
come to our rally meeting tomorrow
evening and be a volunteer to help
wherever you can in this coming
campaign. WE WAlvi ana ask an
who can and will, the Campfire girls,
the boy scouts, everyone who will.
COME to the Red Cross Rooms at
S o'clock Monday night and you
will be given instructions as to what
to do. Let us lay aside something
we really wanted to do "to help a
Sammie's Life.
Do it now, help the Red Cross,
it wants YOU.
To avoid congestion of the malls:
Begin mailing Christmas packages
Mark the outside of package, "Do
Not Open Until Christmas."
Have every package which is in
tended for a Military Cantonment in
the mails by not later than eight
days before Xmas.
Have ever' package which is in
tended for an office in an adjoining
state in the mails by December 17th
and for distant states by December
That lady friend will appreciate r
handsome box of stationery or corre
spondence cards for a Christmas
present. Get them at the Journal of
fice, where you will find thousand
of boxes to select from.
Get your Christmas Boxes at the
Journal office.
for the Whole Family at the Store of
Puis & Gansemer,
A Complete Line of Goods for those seeking
Gifts for every member of the family
useful Gifts!
Nuts, Candies and Fruits for the Children.
Quantity Lots at Special Prices!
Do Your Shopping Early!
aoasxneuc nseo. a cure guaranteea in every case accepted
xor treatment, and no money to be paid until cured. Write for book on Rectal Diseases, with names
and testimonials of more than 1000 prominent people w ho have been permanently cured. 0
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Bee Building OH AH A. NEBRASKA
extend to all our
Implement Co.,
My Tuesday are meatless, my Wed
nesdays are wheatless,
I am getting more eatless each day;
My home it is heatless, my bed it is
All sent to the Y. M. C. A.
The barroom is treatless, my coffee
is sweetless.
Each day I get poorer and wiser;
My stockings are feetless, my trous
ers are seatless,
Mv God, how I do hate the kaiser.
There will be services at the Lewis
ton Church, south of this city some
eight miles next Shnday morning at
11:00 a. m. Rev. . Z. D. Holbrook
pastor of the Methodist Church at
Graham. Virginia, who is visiting
with his uncle George W. Shrader,
and other relatives here will hold
services. Pass this word along the
line and have the church filled. Rev.
Holbrook is an able minister and an
eloquent speaker, being consecrated
to the work 6f the Master. Come and
hear the sermon and help in the
The famous Rand-McNally war
maps will now be found on sale at
The Journal office. These maps
show all the big battle lines, on a
large scale so that you can easily
trace where all the big battles are
being held. We have maps of the
whole western front, also the Brit
ish front, the French front, and the
Italian front. They are 25c each.
Get them at the Journal office.
Christmas decorations at the Jour
nal office.
Cast of Riley Hotel.
Coates Block,
Second Floor
T..T t, T..T..T. T .V l-l
Fistula Pay When Cured
A mild Bystem of treatment that cores Pile. Fistula and
other Recta 1 Diseases in a short time, without a severe sar
fiical operation. No Chloroform. Ether or other genera. 1