The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 12, 1917, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, NOVEMBER . 12, 1917.
Cbc plattsmoutb Kournal
ter4 at Poctoffle at PUttmth, Nb. aa eeaa-clacs mall statu.
H A. BATES, Publisher
Thieves abound.
Keep your guns well loaded.
No. Iowa ain't "wet" yet.
And the consumer still pays the
Pretty near time to display Christ
mas trinkets.
Pride sometimes even causes a
wise man to make a fool of himself.
The election in New York City re
sulted just about as we expected.
There are many ways to get into
trouble, one of which is to call the
strange lady's little boy a little
The New York election probably
did net attract the universal inter
est that attended the late world's
series, but it wasn't for a lack of
ls the fact that the Wisconsin
teachers association, by resolution,
"deplored" the ill luck of that state
in having a La Follette in the sen
ate affording Governor Phillip an
available hunch?
Another damphool motorist in
the west part of the state tried to
beat the train to the crossing the
other day. But he won't try it
again, and neither will the auto, as
the pieces were so small they could
not find them all.
A patriotic papa in Washington
has named his triplets sons, Wilson.
Taft and Roosevelt. This war is ex
pected to start in ten years. Guess
es as to when it will end will be
barred from this column, along with
those concerning other wars.
According to the federal shipping
board's calculation there is but one
chance in three hundred and twenty
that a vessel leaving an American
port for northern Europe will be
sunk by a German submarine. At
such a ratio one does not take much
'of a chance in making a trip to Eur
ope these days.
The news that the American
soldier, on emerging from the trench
es, first takes a gasoline bath, will
be a great relief to many young
knitters back here at home. The
girls had been uncertain Just how
much shrinking their sweaters would
stand and still be habitable, but
this dry" cleaning process puts the
matter entirely in a new light.
While the United States depart
ment of agriculture has for a long
time been conducting work of bene
fit to city folks, It is now under
taking, directly and for the first
time, to help the city woman in the
work of promoting food production,
food conservation, and household
thrift. To carry on this work thru
demonstrations and thru other edu
cational methods, congress made ap
propriations for women city agents
of the department. The cities thru
their various organizations help to
support the movement, which is
carried on by the department
t operation with the state colleges of
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F. J. CHENEY" & CO'Props.. Toledo. O
All Druggists. '
Hail's Family Fill for consUpatlon.
Keep your cellar doors locked.
Not 'long now till we can return
Some men imagine they are a lion
because they have a big roar.
There is some .faultfinding to
Teddy Roosevelt, but he don't car.
It is costing Uncle Sam $30,000 a
minute to make the world safe for
democracy, but It is worth It.
President Wilson will take no
vacation. The president we find is
almost as busy as a newspapef man.
Some people's religion is like their
patriotism. They never appear to
have it with them when money is
p tor-
There isn't but slight difference
between a buff cochin and some
men the buff cochin has feathers
on its legs.
The declaration of a muttonless
day from now on to the millennium
would not start any revolution in
this department.
Thank goodness, we do not have
to wear gas masks here In Platts-
mouth, and there is plenty of it go-
ng to waste, too.
Its a painful operation to pay a
lawyer a big fee after he has lost
the suit for you. We have an in
stance in this very town.
If you trace the source frqm
which the stone came that hit you,
you will probably be surprised to
find that it was thrown by a pre
tended friend.
Another war feature nobody in
the world could have foreseen or
even suspected two years ago is the
necessity of conserving the rabbit
supply by canning.
"Don't worry," says the pacifist
recalling Napoleon. "History always
repeats itself." The trouble is that
history never repeats itself only
when it gets good and ready.
Regardless of what the Russian
army is wondering about, the Ger
man navy is not wondering what
the British fleet is doing. It knows,
having found out again last week.
Mr. Hoover has directed that no
turkeys be killed for Thanksgiving
this year. We really hadn't expect
ed to kill any, recalling how many
storage turkeys the housewives re
fused to buy last year, and knowing
the same turkeys would be waiting
this year. "
What has become of the old fash
ioned merchant who used to "throw
in" a pair of socks when you bought
a pair of shoes? Maybe he has
moved over into the block with the
other dealer, who used to "throw in"
a pair of suspenders with a suit of
clothes. '
Suffrage is badly defeated in Ohio,
but the result between the "wets"
and "drys" is very close. What
seems strange in this election Is the
fact the election should be so close
between the "wets" and the "drys"
and woman suffrage be defeated,
by such an overwhelming majority.
There is no intensity for any citi
zen who owns land or even a home
in this country of being anything
else but a true American. And every
one who is -so situated knows this
as well as we do. But traitors, are
bound to. set theirs ia the future if
they don't mend their ways before
this war is over. Mark that!
Th hardest thing for a pacifist
to" do is to 'hold his peace.
There is no such thing as any one
man being right all the .time.
v r
Germany will no doubt be better
off some day, if she will throw out
fewer chancellors and more Ilohen
zollerns. -jot-
When something is distinctly
wrong with the food, one frequently
Is surprised to look up in the front
of the restaurant and find the sign,
"Home Cooking."
' tot
Wives, poor things, have littla
enough fun in the world. So, after
you have laboriously obtained her
consent to stay downtown until 11
o'clock, and the game is called off
and you get home before 9, you can't
blame her for laughing at you.
The demand for the retirement of
LaFollette from the United States
senate grows more and more per
sistent with each succeeding day.
Public officials, men of prominence
and patriotic organizations through
out the country continue to demand,
not only that he be .ousted from the
senate by his fellow members, but
that he be compelled by some means
to discontinue his treasonable utter
ances. Just at present he is a great
er menace to victory than the Ger
man army. The abuse of free
speech by such as he will do more
to promote sentiment for the revok
ing of the privilege than anything
else. And there are still a few peo
ple who contend that LaFollette Is
a patriot. None are so blind as
those who will not see. Seward In
"Silent Sentinels," as the women
pickets are dubbed, who have been
pestering the officials at Washing
ton for some time, doing all they
possibly can to embarrass the presi
dent, started in on the job again last
week. They were immediately ar
rested however and placed in jail.
They should be kept there at least
until after the war, for keeping
them out of sight will help the ad
ministration and also 'the cause for
woman suffrage. Americans are be
coming disgusted with the actions of
a hand full of eastern suffragettes.
The "militant" sisters in England
have found more, noble and patriotic
labors since the war started, and
have ceased their cries of anguish.
Let the militant American women
do the same and they will have
done more for the suffrage cause
than any amount of "silent sentinel"
duty will ever do. Albion Argus.
The housewives of America who
are saving food and curtailing the
eating habits of their families are
not doing it because there is any
scarcity of food in this country, but
that they may help feed the starv
ing women and children in Belgium,
France and other countries. Toward
feeding the hungry in other coun
tries they are bending every energy.
The crop reporting organizations in
this country tell, us that the crops
have been bountiful, but they re
port only on the great standard
crops. There are millions of tons
of food supplies that they do not in
clude in their figure. The Review
of Reviews gives much space to con
sidering those unreported crops. It
"The increase In other food crops
is not far behind. The backyard
and vacant-lot garden 'movement,
the first skirmish of this campaign,
xwas started in March and was taken
up by the Stat Councils of National
Defense. Stat Agricultural Colleges,
the National Garden Commission,
hundreds of daily papers, and other
agencies throughout the . country
with the result that millions of fam
ilies who had formerly bought all
of their, vegetables produced this
year, a large, part of what went on,
their tables, thus leaving in the
channels pf trade millions of dolort of prpblematlcal power and the
c3 Li rJ e
Have this effective remedy at hand
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ly begins to absorb poison from the
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; There is no better safeguard against
illness.Try it tonight. 25c. All druggists
lars' worth of foodstuffs to meet the
nation's needs."
It is believed that these unreport
ed crops will be much larger next
year. Patriotic men ana women are
already organizing to push the gard
en crops. There will certainly be
a very large increase in drying
plants and if the good women inter
ested in that can have their way,
there will be a public drying plant
in efery neighborhood. The men
who have been trying to figure out
the values of these unreported crops
are placing it high up in the mil
lions of tons. World Herald.
Saj-s the Omaha Daily Bee: "Col.
Roosevelt has given us another epi
gram worth remembering: 'Shoot
the way you shout. It does no good,
says the colonel, to wave the flag
unless you are prepared to back it
up. Every citizen of the republic Is
included in this. Not all can go to
the front as soldiers, but everyone
has a chance to do something to help
win the war. Stay-at-home duties
are not spectacular in any sense, but
they are vitally important. Each
day each of us has opportunity to do
something. Save a little food or a
little fuel; do the task a little
better and in a little shorter time
and thU3 increase production in
short, contribute of what we have
to the general sum of effort, and
not only is the way to winning the
war made easier, but we are all
bettered because we have helped
even in a small way. It is not
necessary to shout to help, but if
you feel that shouting will do any
good you need not hold back. Only
be ready to back up your noise."
Now comes Frank A. Kennedy, in
his Omaha Western Laborer, to say
in his usual frank and open manner:
Here is one registered republican
who hopes Senator Norris will aspire
for re-election. We are just spoiling
for a chance to show him how much
we disapprove of his LaFollette
stuff. If he does not make the race
It will leave a little balance to him
unpaid. Please do run, Mr. Norris".
Senator Norris took occasion to
say in Lincoln the other day "I've
simply got to run again." Why
this necessity is not apparent. The
senator may know, but he doesn't
candidly tell. It may be that he
needs the Job, or it may be that a
sense of duty prompts hlm .to test
the popularity of his La Follettism.
It is undoubtedly the same sense
of duty that prompts Kennedy to
point out the crying necessity of
the hour as he sees it. He will not
be lonesome among "registered" re
publicans, either.
One of the grim humors of the day
lies in the recent action of the Wis
consin veterans in Lincoln in send
ing to Senator Norris their resolu
tion criticising the official action of
La FQllette and asking the Nebraska
senator to vote for the expulsion of
his fellow solon of Wisconsin from
the senate. '
Nebraska is evidently to have put
up to it the test which the governor
of Wisconsin has been trying to
dodge In a most cowardly manner.
It Is to be called upon to vote its en
dorsement or rejection of La Fol
lettism in the senate.
Senator Norris will enter the fight
with au assurance of kaiserite sup-
loyal people of Nebraska will wel
come the test. Lincoln Star.
:o: :
i; ...
t .... .. .i
How do you 'like yours ut thick
and blinking reflectively in its own
comfortable grease or sliced into
thin seductive curls of a dryness in
effable? Which ever be the choice,
it Were well to gratify that craving
once more and have done, lest bacon
the beloved vanish utterly from the
knowledge of man. It is with alarm
that the bacon fancier notes the In
clusion of. his dear desire in the list
of things to be conserved; and his
fears are not allayed by reading of
a restaurant located in a stronghold
of the Pennsylvania Dutch, which
now requests its patrons, via the
menu, not to order the delicacy -the
inference being that they won't
get It even if they should disregard
the courteous request.
O Bacon, where may we find a sub
stitute like unto thee? Our loss wil!
be a soldier's gain, for which reason
we kiss the rod and obey; but what
a sacrifice! Down the long series
of workaday mornings, silently
snowy or musical with summer's
bird-eongs, we face a procession of
breakfast eggs unrelieved, unadorn
ed, unvaried, by a -single curl of
bacon. What campfires innnumer
able will burn and die, what picnic
meals be eaten, at which fragrant
memories of the dear departed will
combine with the wood smoke to dim
the vision and start the tears! If
the war be prolonged, the coming
generation may have to attain its
majority without learning the palpi
tant joy of frizzling the elusive slice
at the end of a stick, and tlien
popping it between (he wings of a
roll fQr immediate use repeat ad
There is no frangrance like that
of frying bacon. There never will
be one that rivals it. It would call
one back from the brink of the Styx,
Charon's canoe in full sight. It can
do more than that it can get folks
up in the morning. Therefore, when
that enticing siren scent no longer
wings its way from the kitchenette
clear into the matutinal dream, it
is a safe bet that more than one per
son is going to roll over and go to
6leep again. Then now will th
world wag on? Philadelphia Ledg
er. :o:-
A series of peculiar "accidents"
warrants the War department tak
ing drastic steps to protect every
important point from German plot
ters. Little heed should be given
the stories that German agents are
engaged in such petty undertakings
as the scattering of tetanus germs
by circulation of court plaster, or
that, they have been responsible for
diseases that have become epidemic
in isolated communities. But there
have been some incendiary fires at
placs whose destruction would great
ly cripple the United States in
prosecution of the war. The United
States knows what acts would be of
great advantage to Germany as well
as the directors of German spies
do.' Docks, ships, munition plants
and every other plant engaged in
making essential supplies; the
sources of water supply of cities and
cantonments, important bridges,
packing plants, stock yards, milk
condensation plants, arsenals and all
public buildings are among the
places that should be guarded by
specially trained soldiers, equipped
to kill skulking spies at sight and
under orders to do so.
All the detective skill of the
country should be directed to fixing
the responsibility for offenses al
ready committed and there should
be no hesitancy about inflicting the
extreme penalty of the law in every
case. That penalty is death, as it
always has been in time of war and
as it necessarily must be. The worst
crime a government can commit in
such a crisis is that of feebleness.
Summary execution of proven spies
will have a deterrent effect. In deal
ing with spies the only question to
be considered is specific. The issue
"It's the good Red Crown in
the tank that does it."
Your engine picks up eagerly
pulls smoothly when throt
tled down. Look for the Red
Crown sign.
Polarine Oil stop3 power leaks.
I n m m u-m n J-. U UI HU
af tolerance or leniency is not in
volved. A spy i3 the worst fee the
nation can have and self-preservation
demands that he be blotted out.
St. Louis Globe-Demccrat.
The fact that Merle D. Hay, one
of the three American boys killed in
the German raid upon an American
trench the other day, enlisted in
Omaha from the neighboring town
of Glidtlen. that two of the five
wounded were from the neighboring
states of Oklahoma and Kansas and
.hat three of the twelve captured
by the enemy hail from Oklahoma,
Missouri and Iowa,. brings the war
closer to our own homes in the-comprehension
of the people of Nebras
ka. Deplrable as the loss is to our
neighbors, it is but an incident when
viewed as part of a bloody transac
tion that has involved the lives of
uncounted millions and that seems
to promise the wastage of millions
more. Nebraskans will condole with
the relatives of these sons of the
neighboring commonwealths, and in
doing so will not overlook the dread
certainty that sooner or later tidings
of similar dread import will be
reaching the homes of this state.
But as an incident it can only be
regarded, as a guarantee that what
ever is to befall us of weal or woe
will only be hastened by this pro
logue to the great part we have
planned for our boys in the titantic
Perhaps the consciousness of the
proximity of the sorrows precipitat
ed by this incident may awaken the
laggards among the American people
to the fact that this war is our war,
and that it must be fought out as
quickly and determinedly as possible,
PTtniTTTB -uLyAs.ivw. I I
-??aKftsa wCkt t? (Nebraska) Omaha ft. fr
The Sehawka Mills
arc now Rolling and Manufacturing the
''Letter Roll" Flour needs no boosting,
For on the top shelf it now is roosting.
The best cooks wherever you go
Use this famous flour, you know.
They just set their yeast and go to bed,
For they know on the ' morrow they will have good
- J. M.
C. D. ST. JOHN, Prop.
JOE MALCOLM. Head Miller.
For Sale by AU Dealers
IC 3 Ci.llV.lCfl LI JT
to the end that our country may
never again be called upon to make
sacrifices of blood to the ambition
of a braggart autocrat. Lincoln
Good land at a low price in the
Sunny Uplands of Louisiana; land
that can be made to produce more, ,
and at less expense than the highest
priced land in the North; land in
an ideal climate where Winters are
like Spring and Summers are cooled
by the delightful Gulf Breezes; long
growing seasons; Corn, Cotton,
Winter Oats, Cattle, Hogs, Chickens,
delicious Fruits. Potatoes, Sweet Po
tatoes. Peanuts, Beans, early and
late Garden Truck, Strawberries, etc.,
etc. an immense variety of products
including practically all grown in
the North and many besides. Low
priced land near good, live towns
and cities, with railroads running
North and South, East and West;
land having splendid possibilities for
oil and located less than 100 miles
from several of the largest oil re
fireries in the world. We have al
ready sold more than 45,000 "acres
of this land. Price $20 to $30 per
acre, the last named price being for
a few partially improved farms; easy
terms. Write us for full informa
tion, or come and see us; excursion
rates; American Farm Land Com
panj", DeRidder, Louisiana.
Eye, ear, nose and throat specialist,
will be at Plattsmouth every "Thurs
day" instead of Tuesday. ' This
change is made because it conflicts
with his work at the medical college
at Omaha. 8-13-tfd
East of Riley Hotel.
Coates' Block,
Second Floor