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PAr.E 5.
Murray Department mmm .pewgi
I . J ' W will ap- Ij Jrf5 V ' lAvfettH' fihlt ffleA fvV
B ' pear under this heading. We II tIJy &S V SdT Sri
I 1 1 MM , . want all news Ueu.s Editor I "Siiw&J fflffif- ' fes-vCtf TSjv
K Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers ' I stjx IfV K 7 TT jfV 7T r fT r lb f TT W Y "
- - -- - J Wmw- DIrM& ojr JrJILL
. . . - -- i - J tit i r. . ' li i t
(Jlj Be Ready For '
4?jSJI An Opportunity
ptyj) ' One often hears, "If I only ejgj?
had a little money I could make &juy2tv
&y$ a fortune." jflsalil
Why not be ready when op-
portunity knocks at your door ? ts
Plan to place in the bank a yS
rgp cericin percentage of your sal- rrT
(hw ar2' or business profits. tffl
Then vohen the main chance Aj
& comes along you'll be ready X
0 for it. tyff
Banking in every form.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits ere protected by the State Guaranty, Law.
Al Bartlett was an Omaha visitor
last Monday.
Arthur Crunk and family spent
Sunday with A. Wilson and family.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lon. Stock,
r.n wdr.psihv. Sentember 19th, a
baby hoy.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hendricks were
Miss Bertha Nickels was among i looking after matters cf business in
the PlaUsmouth visitors last Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wehrbein were
calling on Plattsmouth merchants
Leo Nickels and sister. Miss Etta,
were Plattsmouth visitors last Sat
urday afternoon.
. Mrs. Henry Creamer and family
were transacting business in Platts
mouth last Saturday.
il. C. Creamer, who has been re
ceiving treatment for stomach trou
ble, returned home Monday.
Mrs. J. A. Walker and Mrs. Walt
Minniear were guests of the K. N.
K. at Lowiston last Thursday.
Mrs. A. F. Boedeker, from near
Nehawka, and Mrs. II. II. Webke, of
V.'ausa, Neb., were Murray visitors
for a few hours Wednesday after-1
There will be no services or Sun
day school at Lewiston next Sunday,
September 30th. owing to the ab
sence cf the minister, Rev. W. A.
Taylor. ,
Mrs. II. F. Wcnke, cf Wausa, Ne
braska, is in this vicinity visiting
with relatives at the old home, be
ing a puest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. F. Boedeker, southwest of
Bert Cook, of Hoskins, Nebraska,
who has been for the past week vis
iting with relatives and friends, de
parted Wednesday morning for his
heme. He was accompanied by his
uncle, Joseph Cook, who will make
a few days visit at the Cook home
near Iloskin?.
Plattsmouth last Friday.
Robert Good and wife and Gussie
Pullen and family were Plattsmouth
visitors last Saturday afternoon.
Neisou Berger and mother, Mrs
M. A. Berger, of near Nehawka,
wore transacting business in Platts
mouth last Saturday.
JefT Lewis and wife and son,
Lloyd, and daughter, Mrs. Merritt,
were visiting with Plattsmouth
friends last Saturday afternoon. .
Mrs. Dave Lloyd, who is still in
the hospital at Omaha, writes home
folks that she is improving slowly
and hoxes soon to be able to return
Henry Long, who is out on his
farm in Furnas county, writes home
folks that he is up to his eyes' in the
fill whMt nlantinc. He has in 85
acres, and is still sowing.
We are indeed sorry to learn that
our excellent old friend, J. A. Walk
er has been quite sick for the past
few days. He is reported as being
on the read to mend at thi3 time.
There will be a meeting of the
Murray Red Cross society held at
the Murray Library rooms on Fri
day afternoon of this week. The
meeting is called for two o'clock and
all those interested in the Red Cross
work are requested to be present.
Also, bring all the old sheets, bed
quilts and spreads that you have cast
aside, but are washed clean and
pressed, and will be suitable to send
to the proper headquarters for army
purposes. ,
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ve urge you to do.
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belted, color, blue
Infants silk -finish sweaters in blue, old CI "7C
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Mrs. Balfour, of Wyoming, was
visiting in Murray for a few days I
ast week.
Minford & Creamer shipped a car
of hogs to the South Omaha market
last Friday.
Earl Amick is sporting a new Ford
car that he purchased through the
Pollock agency at Plattsmouth this
i. M. Minford went to Lincoln on
last Saturday evening to spend Sun
day with his family in the capital
Mrs. H. L. Oldham and daughters.
Miss Pauline and Fay, were Nebras
ka City visitors Tuesday of this
A. L. Baker departed on schedule
time last Sunday morning for his
trip up in the northern part of the
There will be preaching at the
Christian church in Murray on nxt
Sunday morning and evening. A
cordial invitation is extended to all.
Herman Smith and family and
Mrs. T. B. Smith drove to Havelock
Wednesday in Herman's new Ford
car, where they will make a brief
visit with relatives.
Searl, Troy and Frank Davis pass
ed through Murray Monday enroute
to Dayton, Ohio, via the auto route,
where they will spend a few days
visiting with friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Murray, of
Alva, Oklahoma, are in this com
munity visiting with relatives and
friends. They are guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Murray.
Remember the Red Cross meeting
on Friday afternoon at the Library
rooms. Make arrangements to at
tend. All those interested are re
quested to attend the meeting.
S. O. Pitman, George Nickels, L.
H. Puis and W. G. Boedeker went to
Omaha last Saturday to return with
the fine new Super-Six Hudson car
that Mr. Boedeker purchased through
the Puis agency.
The work of picking the apples
In' Frank Moore's big orchard was
started this week. Frtink leased the
orchard to Omaha parties this year,
so as to avoid the difficulty of mar
keting the crop. He will have about
8,000 bushels.
Clarence Moore and family, who
have been working and making their
home on the Win. Schlichtemeir
farm, moved back to Tlattsmouth on
Wednesday afternoon, where they
will make their home for the win
ter. Ezra Albin, who was taken to the
hospital last week, where he was
operated upon for appendicitis, is
getting along very nicely at this time
with excellent chances of permanent
recovery. He is at me si. josepu
The Frau-en-verein met at the
farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam
Hild on Wednesday afternoon of this
week. There were quite a number
of the ladies from Murray in atten
dance, and a very enjoyable after
noon was spent at the Hild home.
W. G. Boedeker and wife and son,
Charles, Ted Barrows and family,
W. T. Hutcheson and family, W. S.
Smith and wife, Wm. Carey and
wife and Wm. Oliver and wife drove
to Nebraska City with well filled
baskets last Sunday and took their
dinner, in the Morton park.
Mrs. James Root has been very
sick at the home of her daughter.
Mrs. William McDaniels, in Ne
braska City for the past several
days. She came down from her home
in Lincoln for a few days' visit with
her daughter, where she was taken
ill. Dr. B. F. Brendel was called to
the city Tuesday to see her.
Mrs. R. A. Bidwell and Charles
Davis of Bolkow, Mo., drove up from
their home Monday for a few days
visit with friends and relatives, and
are guests at the W. G. Boedeker
home. Mrs. Bidwell is the grand
mother of Mr. Boedeker and a sis
ter of Mrs. Anderson Davis.
Frank Root, of Lincoln, was in
Murray for a few hours Wednesday
of this week visiting at the home
of Dr. and Mrs. B. F. Brendel. He
was called to Nebraska City owing
to the serious illness of his mother
and took advantage of the occasion
to pay a brief visit at the old home
in Murray.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Troop and Har
mon Beck passed through Murray
Wednesday afternoon in Mr. Troop'
auto, enroute .to Cddar county, in
which section they will visit a few,
days with relatives and friend3. Mr.
Troop has a sister, Mrs. Lewis, of
near Coleridge, where they will be
guests for a time.
Clayton II. Staples is a lover of na
ture, and every boy especially will be
interested in seeing him and his pro
gram a program portraying the most
beautiful things in life Nature.
Staples is a lover of nil outdoor
sports nnd especially of canoeing. He
ways: "Of all the out-of-door pastimes,
I derive the most benefit from canoe
ing. Here I get a chance to exercise
my muscles and broaden my mind In
my line of work. The pleasures I have
on these trips cannot be excelled or
equaled. It was during the summer
of 1115 that I took a loO-mlle trip down
the St. Croix river, which I shall al
ways remember. The first day out the
young man with me succeeded in shoot
ing five ducks and eleven snipe. .J
caught one "musky" and we felt
highly elated over our first day's sucj
cess. But that ended it, as our Incl?
ceased with the first day. The second
day it rained. How many of you ever
made camp In a rainstorm, in a strange
country? Well, that night and the foN
lowing night we had to. It was nearly
dark before we could find' a desirable
place to enmp. As we were chilled
through, we first nmdo a good fire.
Though It still mined, this brightened
things up a great de::l. I remembered
as we were packing our luggage up to
tne'caniping site, noticing a haystack
on the opposite side of the river, we
decided to have one eomfort at least,
a hay mattress. While arranging our
bed n large lizard was discovered in
the hay, causing n little excitement
for a few minutes. The third day the
Let them remind you that it will soon be time to decide about
that new range. We sell and recommend above all others the
Monarch Malleable Range
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cause you can see with your own eyes why it is better than others.
Look it over and you will agree with us that
No range made of grey or cast iron can possibly be as good
and no other Malleable Range is made as well.
Even apart from it's solid construction, every woman would
choose it because of its delightful cleanliness. Think of what it
would mean.
No stove blacking needed.
No smutty kettles to scour.
No dust and ashes spilled around.
No fancy carving to collect the dirt, etc.
Let us show you this splendid range.
Murray Hardvaro and Implomont Company,
2v lii&ar
: nv-- 'i.-.
v-j '".V
Crayon & Sar.d Artist. "
rapids afforded .their share of excite
ment, and, though we broke three -ribs
in the canoe, we hnishod our trip with
no further loss."
On just such trips as this one Mr
Staples says he has great opportunity
to stndv nature at all times of the day,
as It actually Is.
Chivton II. Staples is a Landscape
Artist, not a Cartoonist.
To Undergo Operation.
We are indeed sorry to learn of
our mighty good friend, J. A. White
man, from near Nehawka,- being
taken to the hospital, where he will
be compelled to submit to an opera
tion for tumor of the bladder. He
was taken to Omaha last Saturday,
where he is at the present time in
the Wise Memorial hospital and will
be operated on Thursday of this
week. Mr. Whiteman has been suf
ferlng with rheumatism for the past
few months, and the Journal joins
with his many friends in hoping
that the operation may prove bene
ficial to both troubles and that he
will come out of the trying ordeal
as good as new.
Sunday Picnic.
There were six auto loads from
this community who went down to
the banks of the Weeping Water. on
last Sunday and spent the day in
picnicking, taking with them all the
good things to eat that could be pre
pared at this season of the year
Those in the party were: W. H. Puis
and family, L. II. Puis and family
Philip Hild and family, Fred Lutz
and family,-Fred Meisinger and fam
ily, Louie Friedrich and family and
Henry Zuckweiler and wife, Dewey
Zuckweiler and wife and Mike Lutz
and wife from Plattsmouth.
Elizabeth Ferguson, daughter of
William and Agnes Crystal Ferguson
was born near Edinburgh, Scotland,
August 1, 1S39. When nine years
f age she came with the family to
America, locating in Cambridge,
Ohio, where the mother died in
IS 61. They resided there until Ap
ril 19, 1S69. when she with the rest
of the family came to Nebraska
City and locating on a farm north
west of that town in Wyoming pre
cinct, where the father died in 1877.
She kept house for her brother Rob
ert C. Ferguson until her marriage
to John W. Edmunds of Murray,
Nebraska on March 3, 1SSG, where
she has since resided until her
death in the Clarkson - Hospital in
Cnaha at 12:15 a. m. September 26,
She leaves to mourn hoi death
the husband Mr. John W. Edmunds
of Murray, three step daughters.
Mrs. Homer Miller of Plainview, Ne
braska. Mrs. Will Sporer and Mrs.
A. G. Long of Murray, two brothers
Mr. Robert C. Ferguson o Nebraska
City. Nebraska, and Thomas R.
Ferguson of Evans, Colorado, be
sides numerous neices, nephews
and grandchildren all dear to her
She was the eldest of seven child
ren, having six brothers ot wnicn
only the two brothers remain. She
was a Christian woman and a great
favorite with both young and old.
She uniled with the United Pres
byterian church at an early date
while in Ohio and has remained
faithful to the church of her heart
all her life. She was a teacher of a
class of little folks in Sunday School
who will miss her greatly.
She will be missed by all, but we
are satisfied to know that she has
gone to the home sh has always
looked forward too and we hope
with tears in our eyes to meet again
when all will be well in that better
She was laid to rest by loving
hands amid a profusion of lovely
flowers, in the old Wyoming ceme
tery by the side of her father, on
Thursday Aug. 27, 1917. The fun
eral services were held at one
o'clock in the United Presbyterian
church at Murray, Rev. Jackson
officiating and were attended by
numerous friends and relatives. The
pall-bearers were Messrs. James
Brown, Chas. Spangler, Will Smith,
Mont Robb, Dick West and William
Entertained Friends.
Mrs. Mary Wilej and Mr. and .Mrs.
George Park entertained last Sun
day Mr. and Mrs. Algeran Wiley, Mr.
and Mrs. John Wiley, and daughters.
Carota, Velma and Nellie, and Miss
Grace Dexter, all from Humboldt,
Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wi
ley and daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth
and May, George Wiley and Helen
and Rose Read. The party from
Humboldt drove up in their car on
Saturday and returned home Sun
day evening. They reported the corn
crop fine all the way up. They also
reported a good wheat crop in their
Mr6. E. S. Tutt and Mrs. O. A.
Davis were in Plattsmouth Monday.
Wm. Oliver and wife were Platts
mouth shoppers last Saturday af
ternoon. .
Dr. G. H. Gilmore made a trip to
riattsmouth Tuesday, where he was
called on business connected with
the County Defense League.,
Jack Philpot and wife and Lee
Brown and wife passed through
Murray Monday enroute to Omaha,
at which place they spent the day.
The fine new farm residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dill is now near
ing completion, and under all fav
orable conditions will get moved in
to in about two weeks.
Oldham Stock Farm made another
shipment of pigs Thursday. This
shipment went to Colorado, Kansas,
Iowa and Nebraska. This will be
the. last shipment until J3ecember,
as it takes all the gilts they have.
They still have a liberal supply of
males of all sizes.
Rev. Dr. Jackson returned home
from Battle Mountain, South Dakota,
last Saturday, where he has been
for the past two weeks receiving
treatment . for rheumatism, with
which he has been troubled for some
time. We are pleased to state that
he was given a great deal of relief
by the stay at the sanitarium in this
place, and we trust he will continue
to improve until restored to his for
mer health.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Mrs. Oscar Gapen, who has been
in the east for the past week, re
turned home this morning, having
visited at South Haven, Michigan,
with her father, Roscoe Dean, and
also at Chicago with her half broth
er Clifford Aagard. Mrs. Gapen was
also at Niagara Falls, and visited
some in the Dominion of Canada,
and says that in all the country
that Nebraska and Iowa presented
the appearance of enjoying the
most prosperity. Even in Illinois,
where she traveled, the frost had
bitten vegitation badly. In Canada
she saw the country looking not as
well as here, as the crops had been
nipped with the approach of winter.
Her son, Oscar, was with her but
had returned home before she left,
and was here a few days !n advance
of his mother.
Obey the Law. Order your Osgood
Lens. Plattsmouth Garage. All sizes.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Glen Boedaker, of Murray, the
genial banker of that thriving vil
lage, has just purchased a new car
which is a thing of beauty and we
hope will be a joy forever. The
purchase was made from L. H. Puis,
the dealer in high grade cars, and
the one purchased by Mr. Boedaker,
was Super-Six four passenger speed
ster. This car is indeed a fine look
ing car, as well as being one of the
best and fasetst of that class of cars,
and will be one which will afford Mr.
Boedaker and family much service
and pleasure.
Paper Plates and Picnic Sets at
the Journal office.
Subscribe for the Journal.
If you have no time to bring them
in to us, we will call. Just use your
telephone. Highest market price paid
at all times.
The first number of the Murrajt
Lyceum course will be given on Fri
day evening:, October 5th. Clayton
H. Staples will be the first entertain
er of the season's program, an
nouncement of which will be found
in another column of this paper. The
ticket committee has been doing a
fine business for the past few days,
and the people are responding read
ily to their invitation to buy. Re
member the date of the first num
ber and be present".
Call Plattsmouth" Garage for serv
ice. Tel. 394, also livery. J. E Mason,
Vallery and Cromwell leave
Plattsmouth e'very Saturday night
at 7:45 for Keith. Perkins and Chase
They have the good level black
soil thai is raising all kinds of
small grain, corn and alfalfa.
. Nobody has any lower prices and
better soils. Ask those who have
been out. 17-swtt
Subscribe fox the Journal.
Our Fall Line of Goods
are Arriving Daily!-
Watch for our largo lino of
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Pels & Gansemer,
? f