The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 27, 1917, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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E. P. LUTZ, Agent, Plattsmouth
From Tuesday's Daily. t
Mr. Arthur Slander of Louisville
came in this morning- and visited
with friends in the city for the day.
Charles It. Troop was a passenger
to South Omaha this morning where
lie is interested in the stock market.
Editor L. J. Mayfield, of the Louis
ville Courier was a very pleasant
caller at the Journal office this mor
ning. Martin Sjogren cf Louisville was
a business visitor in 'the city this
morning locking after some matters
at the county seat.
Wm! Morse of Woods, South Da
kota, is visiting with his father, Chas.
Morse, of this city, and is thinking
of staying here for the ; present. . "
Mesdames Luke L. Wiles and
Joseph E. Wiles were passengers to
Oaiaha this morning where they will
visit with friends for the day.
Charles Beeson departed last eve
ning for Pittsburg, Pennsylvania,
where he will take up work in spec
ial ediions of country newspapers.
Frank Moore departed last even
ing for Burlington, Iowa, where lie
is going for a week's stay at the
home where he lived when a boy.
Mrs. Isaac Wiles who has been
very sick for some time past at her
home west of the city is reported as
having spent a better night last
night, and is feeling slightly im
proved. Mrs. C. E. Noel who has been
visiting with her brother Mr. L. Vr.
Hill south of this city for some time
past, departed this morning for
Council Bluffs where she will visit
for a while with Judge Snyder and
Mr. C. L. Wiles is limping around
on account of while threhsing, one
of the men assisting made a mis
stroke, when reaching for a sheave,
and stuck the fork in Mr. Wiles leg
instead of the bundle which he
wished to reach.
Mrs. Will Daugherty, who has been
visiting at Ottumwa, Iowa, for the
past month, with her daughter, Mrs
II. It. Nelson, arrived last evening
from that place and visited over
night and today with her mother,-
Mrs. J. C. Lindeman, departing this
afternoon for her home at Omaha.
Meadames C. F. Vallery, Cather
ine Itummell and Thos. Starkjohn,
who have been visiting in tile wes
tern portion of the state for the past
week or ten days, returned home
last evening, getting on the train
at Oxford, having been visiting at
Beaver City, Hendley, and the vicin
W. II. Reulle and wife, of Madison,
this state, who have been visiting in
this city and west of town for the
past few days, the guests of W. II.
Heil and others, departed this after
noon for their home in the north.
They visited today wth Conrad Mei
singer, having his son Mike Meising
cr for a near neighbor In Madison
Mrs. M. S. Briggs returned from
St. Charles, Iowa, last evening, to
which place she was called about ten
days since by the death of a sister,
Mrs. Arthur G. Barton, and at whose
burial, the entire family of six girls,
two boys and an aged mother were
present. Her sister had been suffer
ing from Asthma, for years, but had
not been serious, until just at this
time, when she had a very severe,
attack, which it i3 thought super
induced heart failure.
"3rcrn T33nesday's Daily.
Jacob Kreager . and wife, from
eouth of Cedar Creek, were trans
acting business with oui merchants
today, navm amm in with their
Tror WiVs, of near '"Vdat CrPk,
came in this afternoon and depart
ed for Omaha and Council Bluffs,
where he is looking after some
Mrs. Emeline Statton, of Louis
ville, was a business visitor in the
city today, coming down on the
morning train and returning on the
Schuyler train.
Jacob Meisinger, William Stark
john and James Fitzgerald, were all
passengers to Omaha this morning
where they were looking after some
business for the day.
Roy Scott, wife and Mr. Scott's
brother Carl Scott, came over this
afternoon from their home in Elm
wood to look after some business
and returned this evening in their
'"Mrs. Ben. II. Wiles and mother,
Mrs. L. W. 'Nelson. ; departed .this
morning for Glenwood, Iowa,' where
they will visit for some time at the
home of a daughter of Mrs. Nelson,
and a sister of Mrs. Wiles, Mrs. J. M.
Miss Catherine Leiner who has
been visiting at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Leiner
west of the city for the past few
days departed this morning for her
studies at. Fremont, where she is
taking a course in the business col
lege of that city.
Mrs. B. B. Dean of; Glenwood,
Iowa, who has been in the city for
the past few days, visiting with her
mother Mrs. Isaac Wfles, who is sick
at her home in the southwestern por
tion of the city, departed last eve
ning for her home at Glenwood,
Parker Christweisser and wife,
who have been visiting in the city
since last Saturday, with friends
and relatives, guests at the home
of the parents of both, Mr. and Mrs.
Christweisser, Bennet Christweisser
and J. B. Corner, departed last eve
ning for their heme in Havelock.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Leonard Meisinger, returned this
afternoon from Rock Island, Illinois
where he went' a weelc since with
Harris Cook, and Frank Claus, where
drove the automobile of Dr. E. W.
Cook, which had been left here
when he moved away. Mr. Meising
er tells of having had a very enjoy
able trip, going over stopping, at
Des Moines one night and spending
the evening there, and being well
pleased with the big city of Iowa
The next day they only endeavored
to make Iowa City, where they
stopped over Saturday evening and
went to Rock Island Sunday, arriv
ing there in the afternoon. With
Rock Island Mf. Meisinger is well
pleased and says that Dr. Cook and
wife are well and enjoying life in
the city or Rock Island. Frank
Claus, who went back with them
is still in Rock Island, and assist
ing in getting the Doctors household
goods unpacked and into his home
Frank will remain in Rock Island
for some time. -.
From Wednesday's Daily.
"District number 58, . known as
the West Grove school secured the
prize picture offered to the school
which would show the greatest im
provement in attendance over the
preceding year. The per cent qf in
crease was forty-five. This is an
unusually good showing considering
that the school is one of the large
ones in the county and was handi
capped, behaving three teachers last
year. . West Grove school is to be
congratulated on the effort that was
put forth to secure Uhe. good- at
boiidance. . ,
Call Plattsmouth Garao f cr serv
ice. Tel. 20 i. alto livenr. J. E IZzzon,
Prop. . " ' ;
Flags, Flags, Flags, everywhere
they were in Evidence last night at
the Woodman Circle dance given by
Mrs. W. E. Rosencrans, and the dec
oration of the hall, being in charge
of Mrs. M. E. Manspeaker, while
Mrs. Lena Droege, the hustling dep
uty of the order was instrumental
in' gathering- together so large a
crowd of Plattsmouth young people.
The hall was finely decorated with
flags on the walls, on the windows,
on the banisters, the colums, sup
porting the balcony, and even the
electric light dependencies were
trimmed in the National colors, and
with a red cross on each wall, de
noting the purpose for which the
ladies were all working. Each of
fice of the Woodman Circle have in
their turn to give some kind of an
entertainment, and last evening was
the one for Mrs. W. E. Rosencrans,
and well did she succeed in the
achievement of the Idea and pur
pose of the order. Selecting with
care her assistants, she had every
appointment working in perfect
unison. The decorations were fine
and denoted a great deal of work
and study in the designing and exe
cution. The music furnished by a
class of stars, was just what was de
sired, and the applause which
greeted each number on its conclu
sion, was evidence of the manner
in which it was received.
There was a" large crowd present
Music arose with jts voluptious
All went as merry as a marriage'
bell." v
The happy young people danced
and laughed and chatted, as th
hours fleeted away, and no one
could but enjoy themselves, for all
felt with the pulsations of the
music in and out among the dancers.
"On with the dance let joy be un-
No rest till morn, when youth and
pleasure meet;
To chase the glowing hours with
; flying feet."
Take it to yourselves. If you were?
down there where you did not know
but a very few people, being sud
denly taken away from the scene:7!
with which you are familiar, and no
one with whom you were acquaint
ed to associate with very . touch,
would you not like to get a letter
from home? Of course you would.
Such a letter would put pep in you
and cheer you up when, mayhaps
things were looking blue. Now you
who are here, try and write a let
ter, even if you have to write one
every day, it will do no harm. You
remember how you used to write to
that sweetheart or lover every day
and did not think anything about
it, but if she or he missed a day you
thought that was something awful.
Now help these boys by showing
them you take enough interest in
their welfare to write to them and
to want to hear from them. It is
a little thing to you but a big one
to them. Write them letters do it
now, and keep on writing. Cheer
them up; it is your. bit. DO IT.
Henry Zuckweiler and wife, and
son Dewey Zuckweiler and wife, de
parted today for Miller, South Da
kota, where they will make their
home in the future. Mr. David K.
Kbersole will occompany them, and
after visiting for a time there will
return to Plattsmouth. Messrs.
Zuckweilers are taking with them
an equipment for their farm, in
the shape of machinery, that will
enable them to go to work at once,
have loaded into their car among
other things, 'a tractor, with plows,
for working the soiT, which Un
purchased "through D. B. Eberscle.
and when they arrive and have
gotten settled in their new home
will be ready to do what work there
is to do this fall, and will save the
rush of spring work so common
with the farming interests, and
which in a measure can hardly be
avoided as the work has to be done
in the season for it. While the
citizens of Plattsmouth will dislike
to lose these excellent citizens they
wish them unbounded success in
their, new home.
The above caption tell3 on the
records of the District Court, of the
filing of a case by Mrs. Frances
Miller for the quieting of title, and
the confirming of the same in her,
of a homestead, in Weeping Water,
which by a mistake in the use of
improper forms had left the title
For Sale: Good Holstein Bull, 2
yetxs old. Inquire of Chas. H. Hen
nipgs; Ced'a'r Creek. 9-6-tfwkly
Snorihf! for the JonrnsiL
Victor Sherwood, ami wife return
ed las Uj4plng fronnthe east,
where theV have lieert 'visiting for
the past' two ..weeks, at the home
of a sister of Mrs. Sherwood, Mrs.
John Lewis, at Central Station,
Virginia. Mr. Sherwood says that
during the time they spent there
they had an excellent time, but he
wrould not like to make his home
there, as the place is very hilly and
country rough and mountainous.
But he says the. people live finely.
Mr. John Lewis, has n farm con
taining about two hundred acres,
which he farms, and at the same
time has a lease with a company
who produce oil fromthe land, pay
ing twenty-five dollars per month
for the use of the same as well as
farming it besides. This twenty
five dollars per month, is only paid
for the time when the wells are be
ing tested, and afterwards a meter
is put on the pipe linejind one
eighth of the output is paid for.
Before the meter is a branch line
which goes to the house which fur
nishes fuel for the stoves and fur
nace. Mr. Sherwood speaks of his
liking the fruits of that country
and especially the chestnuts and
George R. Reynolds, who is a
brother of Mrs. W. T. Milburn of
this city, and who visited here but
recently was so pleased with this
city, country and state, that when
he returned to his home at Paola,
Kansas, he told the -people there
what impressions the visit had made
on him. Here is what the Miami
Republican, a paper published in his
own town has to say about his trip
to Nebraska:
George II. Reynolds returned
home Tuesday from a trip of three
weeks to Nebraska, visiting his
lister, Mrs. Allie Milburn. at Platts
mouth and also visiitng Lincoln,
Omaha and other cities.. lie says
Nebraska is a wonderful corn State
and the crop is gcod there this year.
Tie saw 5,000 acres of sweet corn.
grown for canning, and wagon
loads of it on the way to market.
Dairying is a great industry there
ind is making that a rich State.
Hay. corn, cream and hogs are the
r-ources of great incomes and good
dragged dirt roatlj everywhere make
travel easy. He' attended the State
fair at Lincoln and says it is the
greatest State fair lie ever attended,
lie i3 nmcji inirpessed with the re
sources and prosperity of eastern
Nebraska and was thoroughly pleas
ed wiili his visit.
We have some choice SO, 120, 160,
240, and 320 tracts or land near
Sterling. Adams, Tocumsch. Elk
Creek, Cook, Burr, Douglass. Vesta,
Crab Orchard, Filley and Lcwiston,
Nebraska. Prices very reasonable
and terms good. Call or write.
Sterling, Nebrasak
will meet in Louisville, on Satur
day, October Gth, at 2:00 o'clock p
m., for the purpose of electing offi
cers for the coming year, and to
transact such other business as may
come before the meeting. All mem
bers please be in attendance.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Corporal Maldon Brown writes
very interesting to 'hi3 former em
ployer John W. Crabill giving de
scription . of Deming, New Mexico,
and says, that he has met a num
ber of the boys from other regi
ments, among whom were Raymond
Larson, and that they like the camp
life fine, but that they have con
siderable drilling to do.
We are now prepared to make your
monument, markers and lot corners
right at home. Cass County Monu
ment Co., W. T. Wassell, manager.
Hotel Riley block, Plattsmouth, Neb.
. James II. Short, who departed
from Plattsmouth in 1885, and has
since lived elsewhere, has accepted
a position with the Western Machine
and Foundry Company, in this city,
and is stopping here jathe Perkins
House, whUe he is waiting for his
household effects to arrive. Mr.
Short finds many changes since ho
left this city thirty-two years ago.
But the changes have been for the
betterment of the citj-, and at this
time this city is on a sure founda
tion than in (the years that have
massed. v
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From Tuesday's liaily.
.Mrs. August Price of Louisville
has asked that the district court
in and for Cass county release the
marriage ties which have and do
now bind her to her husband, John
Price, alleging that he has failed
The Bank With 45
to support her properly, and has not
treated her as becoming1 a good hus
band. She was asked that he- provide
funds for the prosecution of the suit
for separation and for alimony dur
ing the pendency of said suit.
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Bank will open for busi
ness on Saturday, Sep
tember 29. They cor
dially invite everybody
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new banking room.
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- 0i
.J 5