The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 24, 1917, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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No. 1914
At Platts mouth, in the State of Ne
braska, at the close of business .
September 11th, 1917.
Loans and discounts (except those
shown on b and c) $
Overdrafts, secured none: unse
cured C. t1. Imiids deposited to
secure circulation
(par value). JjO 000 00
I'. bonds and certifi
cates of indedteilness
on n. d and unpledged 10 0K) 00
I.IlKTty Loan ltonds unpledged...
IUhmU other than U. S.
)onds pledged to se
cure postal saTintrs . S 5 000 00
Securities other than 1.
S. bonds (not inolud
inrstocks)owned un
pledged 7 0S3 31
Stock of Federal Keserve Hank 150
5 Iht cent of sulcriptioii)
Value of banking house
Furniture and fixtures
Keal est ate owned other than bank
ine house.-.
Lawful reserve with Federal Ke
serve Itank
Cah in vault and net amount due
from national banks
Checks on other banks in the same
city or town as r porting bank
(other than Item IT)
Total of Items 14. !.". 10,
17 and Sl04 105 s"
Redemption fund w ith I'. S. Treas
urer and due from I". S. Treas
urer 355 Oil 03
i o;is as
tit) 000 CO
5 OtH) 00
1-2 Kl 31
2 2;V 00
1 1 000 00
4 410 00
7 007 88
3 C40 41
102 22S 03
1 S7S
2 500 CO
S S 10$ 4i
Capital stock paidln
Surplus f und
I'ndtvitled tirofits 5 0-5 44
Ls current cxpt-nses.
Interest and taxes
paid -- - 2 127 27
Circulating notes outstanding. . ..
et amount due to hanks and bank
ers (other than included in 2s or
Tot a! of items L, 21 and
:' ?i o.: no
Individual deposits subject to
check -
Certiti'ates of deposit due In h-ss
than .TO days totlu-r than for
money lorroued)
Other demand dt'ixxits
Total (leniaud ileposiis.
subjvt to lie serve.
?50 000 00
25 001 00
2 i 17
50 000 IK)
1 05 ro
201 4.V. 35
is .V 37
S 351 21.
Items 31. :t2. 33. 34. 35.
37 and J22-
Cev iticates of deiHsits (ot I er t lia.ii
, for money Ixirrowed
Postal Saving d-:xii
Total of time tleiv sits.
subject to Ii e s e r v e
Items X 40. 41 and 42.. 230 74s OS
22S 417 17
2 331 51
., S 5ss lOs' 4t
State of a ' :" ; .
County ff Cass t"5 I. F. K. Si hlatr.cashier
of the alHjve-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the al.Kne statement is true to the best of
. my knowledge and belief. .
F. E. SrHr.ATEii, Cashier.
Correct Attest: A. (. Coi.e,
iK. O. Dnvr.r,
11. N. Hovkt.
Sulcriled and sworn to before me this
1-tii dy of r-epu mber. 1017.
Anna YVahc.a.
Seal Notary Fublic.
My commission expires Iecember 20. 1022
Frmn Friday's I!1-, -
George Parks and family of near
Murray were visiting with friends
and looking after business in the
city this morning.
Mrs. Ernestine Snyder and two
sons, Adolph and Charles Rau, from
near Murdock, were in the city to
day looking after some business.
Jacob Kreagcr, from west of My
nard. was a business visitor in the
city this morning, looking after some
business matters with our merchants.
Mrs. W. II. Ileil and daughter,
Mrs. Rudolph Ileil, were passengers
to Omaha this morning, where they
were looking after some business for
the day.
Mr. Soren Skamris, of Weeping
Water, was a business visitor in the
city this morning, coming to con
sult Matthew Gcring on a legal
John Kaffenberger, from- near Ce
dar Creek, was a business visitor in
this city this morning, having some
matters of business to transact with
our merchants.
Ben Dill, from faouthwest of
Murray, was a business visitor in
the city this morning, looking after
. some business .in connection with
the new home he is having built on
his farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wiles and
daughter, Thelma, who have b'een vis
iting here for some time past, guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
Wiles, departed for their home at-St
Louis last evening.
Miss Pearle Keefer, of Alvo, who
has been visiting at the home of S
O. Cole for some time past, and who
during the past two days visited with
friends at Glenwood, Iowa, returned
to Mr. Cole's home near Mynard yes
terday afternoon..
V. E. Sowards and wife and G.W.
-Willis and wife, of the vicinity of
South Eend, motored to this city yes
terday afternoon to attend to some
important business matters and visit
friends for a short time. Mr. Sow
ards was a pleasant caller at this
James B. Iligley, who has been at
the Methodist hospital for several
weeks past, where he has been un
der treatment, and where he under--.vent
an operation for kidney trouble,
rtiuriitd home last evening much im
proved, but "still very. weak irom his
long o'.rufefe'Ie with tue disease.
A'l . J. LUrtiuek a l ..'. soc Floyd
of Ogden, Utah, came in '. ais alter-;
noon for a visit with then uncle md' Air. and Mrs. John Korin, of
this city. Mrs. Bartinek and hus
band were both former residents qf
Plattsmouth, but have lived in the
west for some time, Mr. Bartinek be
ing engaged in railroading.
George. K. Staats received a card
from bis son, C. V. Staats, who is a
member of the Fifth Regimental
band, antl who was on his way to
Denting, New Mexico, he being then
in El Paso, Texas. The card states
that they would reach Deming the
following day. He reports that they
were having a good time en route.
Rex Majors, who has been making
his home at Wausa,' this state, dur
ing the. past summer, and who was
drawn' in the draft, came down to
visit with his friends and relatives
last evening before he would have to
depart for a training camp. He will
visit here today, after which he will
return to be ready when the next
call comes.
Frank Maurer, who. has been work
ing at the blacksmith trade at Grand
Island for the Union Pacific railway,
had the misfortune to get one of his
eyes burned from a scale" off the steel
over which he was working, and as
a result he is taking an enforced
layoff until such time as the injur
ed member will permit of his re
turning to work. He came in yes
terday and was a passenger to Om
aha this morning, at which place he
is having the eye treated.
Harris Cook and Leonard Meisinger
departed this morning with the car
of Dr. E. W. Cook, for Rock Island,
Illinois, driving it overland. The
boys are both well experienced with
motor-cars and will make the trip in
fine shape. The distance, which is
some three hundred miles, will not be
made in one day, but they expect to
reach Rock Island tomorrow. The
trip takes them through Malvern, at
which place Harris has two cousins,
and they will stop there for a short
Miss Louise Heidemann, the lit
tle"daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gust
Heidemann, of PlainTie'w, who '. is
staying at the home' of her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kehne,
west of the city, is afflicted with tu
berculosis of the bone of one of her
legs, and is receiving treatment from
Dr. Flynn, who examined the mem
ber with his X-ray machine, and has
placed the member in a plaster cast,
in which it will have to remain for
some time before a cure can be ef
fected. From Saturday's Daily. --. . 4
John Sutton living south ; of Rock
Bluffs, was a business visitor in the
city this morning.
George Rhoden living northwest
of Murray, was a business visitor in
the county seat today.
J. B. Sejbolt, from northwest of
Murray, was a business visitor in
the city this afternoon.
John Lohnes, from near Cedar
Creek, was looking after some busi
ness in the city this mornng.
Walter Byers the road overseer
from Rock Bluffs, was a busness
visitor in the city this morning.
Mrs. A. F. Seybert was a pass
enger to Omaha this morning where
she will visit with friends for the
Ira Bates, from near Cedar Creek,
was a visitor in Plattsmouth this
afternoon, looking after some busi
James Terryberry, was a visitor in
the city thi3 morning from near
Cedar Creek, and was looking 'after
some business.
M. Barger, of Cedar Creek, came
in this morning to take the train
to Omaha, where he had some busi
ness to look after.
Thillip Fornoff, from Cedar Creek,
was looking after some business in
Plattsmouth, having come down on
the morning train.
II. D. Kellison from west of My
nard was a visitor in the city this
morning looking after some trading
with our merchants.
D. G. Tigner, of west of Murray,
was a business viistox; In 4the city
this morning, transacting business
with our merchants.
Henry Horn, one of our prosper
ous farmers, was looking after
some business in the county seat to
day, having driven in this morning
Mrs. Robert Newell and brother,
Herold Mullis, were passengers to
Omaha .this afternoon where they
will visit with friends for the day.
Lafe Gilmour, who is employed
with the Western Machine and Foun
dry company, was a passenger to Om
aha to visit over Sunday with his
Wash A. Young, of west of the
city, was a passenger to Omaha this
nftprnnnn trhpro hn la hnvlner some
suppIieAor his ' Wa'g'on' shop west of
the city., ' ? f .." .
Herman Re ike, and two son.i,
ioui and George, drove up this
morning from their horre near Un
ion, to look after o'ii bos'i '.? in
the countv' cjt "' -
Miss Grace Horn and Miss Agnes
Born, who are attending school at
the Sacred Heart College, came
down last .evening to spend over
Sunday at the home of their par
ents, west of the city.
Addison Kiser, of west of Mynard,
and H. J. Comer, of near Union,
were visitors in Omaha this morn
ing where they are looking after
some business for the day. having
gone up in Mr. Comer's car.
George Polin, who has during the
past years been the manager of the
farm some miles west for Robert
Propst, has resigned his position and
moved into the city and will take up
some other line of employment.
J. E. Taylor and W. W. Bird, both
of Alvo, were visitors in Omaha yes
terday, coming down from there to
this city, where they visited with
B. F. Goodman south of the city,
then going on to their homes in the
west end of the county later.
Lewis H. Young and wife, of Ne
hawka,xand Mrs.-Myrtle Rice, came
in this morning from their homes
and departed for Omaha, where they
will visit for the day and then go
to Coleridge, where they will visit
for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Young
will visit at the home of their son,
J. L. Young and Mrs. Rice will
visit at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Gust Louther, and family. They
expect to be gone about a week.
We are now prepared to make your
monument, markers and lot corners
right at home. Cass County Monu
ment Co., W. T. Wassell, manager.
Hotel Riley block, Tlattsmouth, Neb.
From Friday's Daily.
Mesdames J. E. Wiles, P. E. Ruff-
ner, C. R. Troop and C. C. Wescott,
departed this morning for Union,
where they will be in attendance
to -the annual convention of the
Womans Christian Temperance Un
ion of the county.
Mr. Jack Marvin is irjing'to lo
cate his two daugh'.c'rs, who were
taken to a Home For Children at
Omaha from Nebraska City several
yeai3 ago. Any information con
cerning their whereabouts nddrer.s
Mrs. H. D. Black. 9-20-2wkd
From Saturday's Daily.
Lee Fickler is the latest to pur
chase a Reo car, and was trying
it out yesterday afternoon, nor did
it require much for Lee to get on
to the way of running it. Ho is
highly pleased with the acquisition,
and will be highly satisfied with the
operation when he has gotten better
acquainted with it.
Recleaned Seed Wheat for sale.
Inquire of G. II. Will. 9-20-2tvkly
n good 5 mr.Ni old calvts f r
S'-i" Call Platts Phono No. '105-W.
2 twkly.
will meet in Louisville, on Satur
day, October 6th, at 2:00 o'clock p.
m., for the purpose of electing offi
cers for the coming " year, and to
transact-such other business as may
come before the meeting. All mem
bers please be in attendance.
One' ef Interest to Our Readers.
Good news bears repeating, and
when it is confirmed after a long
lapse of time, even if we hesitated to
believe it at first hearing, we feel
secure in accepting its truth now
The following .experience of a
Plattsmouth man is confirmed after
ten years.
E. M. Butterj, stationary engin
eer, Tenth & Walnut Sts., Platts
mouth, says: "Pains caught me in
my hips so that I could hardly
raise a shovel of coal. At times,
there was lameness across my loins.
I. had reason to believe that the
trouble was caused by disordered
kidneys and I got. Doan's Kidney
Pills from the Crescent Pharmacy.
I got quick relief." (Statement
given" June 11, 1906.)
On February 22, 1916, Mr. But
tery said: "It has been two years
since I have had any trouble with
my kidneys and I have enjoyed good
health in, every way. I recommend
Doan's at every opportunity."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for . a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills the same
that Mr. Buttery has twice publicly t
recommended. Foster-Milhurrt Co.,
Props. ...Buffalo. V. Y. - I
In the east window of Weyrich &
Hadraba's drug store you can see a
picture of the Cass county boys as
they looked when they departed for
the training camp at Fort Riley. The
pictures are fine. Go look them over!
The boys are, it- seems, almost ready
to speak to you. All the Plattsmouth
boys are grouped together in the cor
ner near the door. Cet a good look
at them.
Joseph Kaytinar, who lived in
Plattsmouth some twelve years ago,
and who at that time moved to Pocas
set, Oklahoma, where he with his
family have lived since, arrived in
Plattsmoauth last Friday and have
since been visiting with their friends,
Joseph Novotny and family. In Okla
homa, the weather has been very dry
and they have missed so many crops
that they concluded they would come
back north. They will either locate
here or in Omaha.
The Red Cross refuses to lend the
Red Cross name or emblem iii an
nouncements or advertisements of
such affairs unless it has complete
control of the management and un
less ALL the proceeds not the net,
or half are to be given to the Red
Cross. Red Cross costumes at such
affairs are permitted only if the
wearers are members of one of the
authorized uniformed Red Cross
Only those women v." ho are mem
bers of one of the four Red Cross
uniformed corps can wear the uni
forms. No one but a ' professional
nurse, regularly enrolletl and on ac
tive duty in the Red Cross Nursin
Service, has the rigjit to wear the
Red Cross nurses' uniform.
Persons using the Red Cross em
blems on cars when not in actual
service of Red Cross-are subject to
Yesterday while working with a
gas engine, which hail not been do
ing good service, Louis Born, after
having repaired the machine, con
cluded to try it out, and when he
had started it, In tomo way got one
of his feet caught In the gearing
of tjie machine,' which cut the r-hoo
off from the top of his foot, and
j also tore and lacerated the flesh in
, a very severe manner, so much so
that it required fourteen stitches to
get the foot in anything near the
normal. Dr. T. J. Flynn dressed
the injured member and is as easy
as could be expected.
Mrs. E. E.i 2oodwin, mother of
Robert L. Propst who Is making her
home with her son in this city, who
has been sick for some time past is
reported as making nice gains in
health, and is improving rapidly.
This will be good news to her many
friends all over the city, as 'well as
at Mynard where she formerly liv
Earnest Ycrhole was arraigned
before the county court this afler
noon for the theft of a bicycle be
longing to Glen Weaver and plead
ed guilty, as he was round with the
bicycle in possession. He was giv
en sentence to the state reform
school, but sentence suspended, on
trial for good behavior. It was ar
ranged that his brother Fred Yer
hole should stand good for his re
turn, and that the young man
should report to the comity judge's
office every Saturday, and tell what
he had done during the week past.
He was to go to school, and if ab
sent, he should be turned over to
the sheriff, to be taken to Kearney
. Uncle Henry Boeck and wife have
just received a card from their
nephew Charles L. Gyger who for
merly lived here and who to their
surprise is now in Paris, with the
U. S. Army. He saj's he is having
a fine time and had enjoyed the trip
People Speak Well of Chamberlain's
"I have been selling Chamber
lain's Tablets for about two years
and heard such good reports from
my customers that I concluded to
give them a trial myseli, anu can
say that I do not believe mere is
another preparation of the kind
equal to them' writes G. A. McBride
Headford. Out. If you are troubled
with indigestion or constipation give
them ?. trial. -They will do you good.
Mr. Christian Parkening who has
been sick for some time, and was
so serious that it was 'necessary to
employ a trained nurse, is making
satisfactory improvement at pres
ent and is so far improved that the
services of the nurse has been dis
pensed with. His improvement is
good news to his friends.
From Saturday's Dally.
Gaston Christensen, who has made
his home at Gurley, this state, for
the past year, and who has been vis
iting here for the past three weeks,
departed this afternoon for his home
in the western part of the state,
where he will visit with David Lin-
der and Eric Beckstrom, who are
living there, antl who are former
residents 6T Plattsmouth.
From Saturday's Dally.
Cass County's part of the Omaha
highway is the poorest advertisement
that county can have; except for
mile or two the road Is almost im
passable, is too narrow for any use.
and the culverts are of the stingy
sort, narrow and rough at the ap
proaches, a surprise to people of this
county who are used to wide cul
verts, well marked, such as we have
in most places in Otoe county. Ne
braska City I'ress.
From Friday's Dally.
The Western States Construction
company, who have the contract for
the construction of the curb and gut
tering .and the paving of Chicago
avenue, are making considerable pro
gress, as they now have two blocks
of the curb and guttering finished,
and their workmen are going after
the remaining blocks like the French
drive at Verdun. The company ex
pacts to have the work done as soon
as men and good weather will per
mit, with the ability to gel material
FrMi Snti rday's Daily.
Livingston Rioiiey, who has been
making his home at DesMoines, la.,
for some years past, came in this af
ternoon from Fort Snelling, where he
is in the oHicerr"' training camp, and
is visiting with his'inatty friends' and
relatives in the city for a few days
Everybody Seems to
Be Choosing Beltsacs!
You know those keen looking belted suits that smart dressers sported.
Well, we've got a new "crop" of 'em in from the same makers
with dozens of new style touches that bespeak Fall and Winter. And fab
'rics? We just know you'll be agreeably surprised we knew it when we
picked them out. . '.- - -
s '
There are single breasted and double breasted suits in the new show
ing; with belts all or part way. around; some belts are part of the coat and
some are removable. You never saw. such values for
$52.00 to $37.50
X.T: Uncle Sam
wont let you join the
army, but you can
wear one of the new
military coats. Ask
to see them.
From Saturday's Daily.
Thomas Henderson, who former
ly made Jiis home here, and south
of this city, but who is now living a
few miles from Afton," Iowa, was
into Omaha with some cattle, and
stopped off here for a short visit
with his many friends, for the day.
Mr. Henderson says things are look
im? fine over there, but they are de
siring a' few more days of warm
weather before the frost arrives, for
their corn is not yet quite ready,
but otherwise an abundant crop is
From Friday's Dally.
This morning I. W. Livingston re
ceived from the South Omaha mar
ket 701 sheep, which he will feed on
his farm south of this city. It has
been the practice of Mr. Livingston
to feci a bunch of sheep every fall
C.-ryripht Wl'
The Home of Kojpnhc!nic
i - mwmm. 1
The KuppenhcimerlHouse in Plattsmouth
the Goods
Buying Them!
Wouldn't you rather step
into your home store and try
on a coat before the mirror,
instead of buying from a pic
ture and parting with your
money without seeing the
We have brought to Platts
mouth a complete assortment
of Ladies New Fall Coats in
all the new shades and you
are welcome to inspect them
before our mirror without the
slightest obligation.
C. E.
Wescott's Sons
' Everybody's Store"
it having proven profitable as they
eat what would otherwise go to
waste. Hence, he concluded it would
be well to have a bunch this year.
From Friday's Dally.
At the home of Joe Beirl, near Mur
ray, there is rejoicing over the fact
of the coming of a new son to the
home, whose ability to tip the scales
reaches up to the 12 pound mark.
The mother and son are doing nice
ly, with hopes for the father pulling
Will II. Seybert, of near Cedar
Creek, and family are the proud
possessors of a new Reo touring car,
and UnclJohn McNurlin has been
very graciously instructing the
neices how to operate it, and John
knows how to operate one. for he
has but recently purchased a new
roadster of that make.