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mmer Goods Time is Here!
9, So
-rr. v"J
! , M.
77ie "Impossible to Do Without" Accessaries!
Dainty Summer Parasols
New ruffled and bordered effects of silk a splendid
variety of charming summer colors and smart novel
Rules of Procedure in Case; Appealed
to District Hoard From County
Boards, Which Can He
War Industries Hoard Announces
People Not Allowed to Ik
. , i
n wm . .hi
li eJll
Fancy Silks from $2.00 to $3.00
Plain Taffettas from 1 .65 to 2.00
Georgette Crepes plain $2.00; fancy. . . 2.25 to 2.50
Crepe de Chine in all colors.
I.ovett Gives Out Statement Declar
ing War on Kxce.ive Prices
For Supplies.
Tho local examining boards, - who
have charge of the matter of granting
exemptions from service, are required
to certify to the district board above
them the names of all persons who
have been rejected on account of not
passing the physical examination;
also, the names of all who have passed
the physical examination, and which
U'oo , .ir..fnn Tl r A,, O r.f
At l i i I ' ' -r r. weil-
wnci.iit.-r mey nave passed successiui-I ,, . .
, ... . " I nite assurance that the American pub-
Jf 11IC VAUIIIUIUUUIl HI IlUt. Ill IIM-Il:,. ,.,..l 11, I .
manner the local boards are required f ir i
n..:f.. 4V, , teenng and that the allied govern-
, , , A, , , , . ments will get their war supplies at
ueen caue 1 uy mat ooani ana wno the s;lme ieeg ftg the UnitfJ g
have not been examined, with their ia contained in an announceincnt to.
addresses. night of the administration's war pel-
uiuc lit 1 nift iay.
. 7 , . Tlie pronouncement was made bv
m mreo uays, subject to appeal as the new war industries board, form
provided, each claim for exemption or Ld last wcek :iS a part of the counci
uiM-iiarKe uieu wun me respective nf n-.tnn:.l ,l0fn , vx,.,, fl,i,
all Park
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Chamlis Giants
v. f
This is the team which played last
Sunday, and which put up a good
game, they will be here for next Sun
day, and will insure you an enjoyable
afternoon. Come, you will not be disappointed.
local boards within three days after
the affidavits in support of the re
spective claims shall have been filed.
Issue Certificate.
Each local board shall issue a cer-
of the government's war purchases.
It made clear the administration's de-
A. - jI
lerminaiion mat mere snail be no
exorbitant war profits and at tin-
same time stated the government's in-
It you cast a stone into a pool it
starts a ripple, that expands in con
stantly widening circles. How like
thai stone is this store, and how like
the pcol is this community in which
its fui tunes are cast.
Our little circle on entering has
v. idt-ncd and widened, and is still wid
ening, and as it increases, so does this
stre expand to accommodate its
broadening trade.
Kut we've only begun. We expect
t grow broader, biger still, with your
help, cf course. To earn this help, we
pkd?e you the same fair dealing, the
same fair service, the same splendid
alucs that have been a part of our
sDre keeping system since the first
ripple t:irtid.
' Silk Hosiery
$1.25 to $1.50
in black, white and beautiful plain colors for sum
mer and the smartest novelties in plain and fancy
weaves. Every pair of durable quality with double
heels, soles, toes and reinforced garter tops.
B v 1 B
Phones 53 and 54.
We Like to Serve!
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required everal stitches to close up.
It is supposed that some careless hunt
cr was nearby and a stray bullet
. truck the little girl in the hand. It
was indeed a narrow escape from ser
i ::;s injury.
Miss Margie Walker entertained a
number of lady friends Monday af
ternoon at a kensington party. An
invitation to the Walker home is an
sissurance of a good time and this oc-c;.-ion
was in ro way contrary to the
eypectatiwn of all the ladies present.
At the usual hour dainty refresh
ments were served. Those present
were Mesdamcs Dick Pitman, Sam
Pitman. (). A. Davis, G. H. Gilmore,
Anna White, W. S. Smith, W. G. Boe
i ker, James Prown, E. M. Steiner,
ef Lincoln; James Holmes, of Platts
rr.'Hith; All wine, of Omaha; and Mis
ses Fay and Pauline Oldham, Ger
trude Long, Villa Gapen, together
with Mrs. Mattie Kamstra, of LaFay
rtie, Indiana.
be kept in remembrance of the occa
sion. Those present from a distance were
Mrs. Jay Grow and daughters, Geor
gia and Susie, of Mansfield, Texas;
Miss I.ovy and the Misses Marjette,
Anne and Martha Hiatt of Sidney,
At the beautiful country home of
Mr.rk White, Mrs. Mark White and
Mrs. Anna White received Wednes
day afternoon about " ladies of
Plattsmouth and Murray and vicin
;. The event was a reception ten
dered the ladies in honor of Mrs. Jay
Giow of Mansfield, Texas, who is a
granddaughter of Mrs. Anne White.
The White home, which has long
been famed for its hospitality, did
ample justice to that term on this oc-ca.-iion.
The house was artistically
coratcd with patriotic emblems and
wild flowers. A program of classical
music furnished the major part of
the entertainment and was a royal
treat to the ladies. This program was
r. rfc red by Mrs. Asch, of Murray; Mrs.
Grow, the guest of honor, and her
daughter, Miss Georgia Grow, and
: Marjette and Anna Hiatt, of Sidney,
Another pleasurable feature of the
tertainment was the delicious three
hrse luncheon served by .Mrs. Mark
ite with the able assistance of
r Frank Gobelman and Mrs.
-e Ray.
Mng the early part of the after
aec festivities, Mrs. Grow was pre
t rt. tT.ltvith a diamond watch by her
r. Mark White, as a gift to
Mr. and Mrs. Mark White have
been entertaining Mr. and Mrs. J.
Grow and two daughters of Mansfield,
Texas, and the Misses Anna, Martha.
Marjette and Lovey Hiatt of Sidney,
la., and Mrs. F. R. Gobelman of
Plattsmouth, at a house party at
their pretty country home, from Tues
day to Thursday.
From my farm at Mynard, one male
hog, weighing about ,100 pounds.
Phone R. L. Propst, No. 54S, who will
call and pay all damages.
Judge James W. Probst of Louis
ville, was a business visitor in the
city today - having business at the
court house, and while here called on
the Journal. Judge Probst is a very
clever gentleman, and in conversation
with the Journal man,-he said that
business in his line was very quiet;
in fact he declared that he had had
only fined one man this summer, and
that man was one who was before
him last February for drunkenness.
This man had been allowed to go, so
he could earn money to pay his fine,
and he hed left, and returned later,
when he was called upon the carpet,
and a fine and costs were put up.
Rosencrans makes another trip to
Chase county Sunday evening. Are
you prepared to make the trip with
him this time? You will see land sell
ing for a price that is well worth the
-I- If you have anything that is
J classed as above, bring it to our $
-1- yards, or phone 505. Maga--l
zines, rags, rubber, metals, and
! iron. Highest crsh market price
I paid. Plattsmouth Junk Yards,
La.coln avenue. Ben H. 'ITar.k- J
iiison. !
tificate of discharge to each person tention to see that industry receives
uy or 10 wnom a claim tor discharge fair prices for its products,
has been filed, in accordance to those I Price? Declared Excessive.
iu.v.-, u.m resuiuuons, u in me opinion 1'rices now charged for materials
ot the local board, such claim has necessary to the industrial life of the
been substantiated as required by the nation are out of all proportion, tho
ruies ana regulations ami the right to statement said, to the cost of produc
n cevt ifien it if A i cVi n ycra Kunn rjK I 44TT ii r L
.. inuiu- hum. u neoiiscionauie proucs, it is
hshed. These certificates may be ab- declared are made on national re
solute, conditional, or temporary, as sources entering into the manufac-
uie case may require. tnre of articles consumed by the pub-
Cerufy Last. he.
The local boards shall certify to Already the administration is pre-
iVta. illf f.A I. . .-. , . 1 , f .
"iin.i uuuius, i ne names anu i paring ior drastic action to reduce
addresses of all persons drawn by prices, if negotiations with manufac
such local boards who nave not been tuters fail to produce results. Robert
exempted or discharged; also, they IS. Lovett of the war board, who made
shall furnish a list to the district public the statement, declared t!i
boards of those who were called by government was ready for such a con-
the local boards and who have been tingency and felt confident it could
exempted or discharged. meet the situation. If possible, he said,
File With District. it hoped to achieve success without
The local boards shall file with the resort to legislation,
district board each claim for exemp- What Food Bill Does,
tion or discharge, together with all 1" the senate today Senator Pom-
affidavits and papers filed in tonnec- erene introduced a bill to authorize is a simple atachment to oro on Fords (or other cars) to con
tion with such claim for exemption the president to fix the prices of iron, vert tiem into pract;cal tractors.
" ui-uiaigr, iiieiuumu me rCCOrUS I "' ". mJ meir pi ouucis ::na -pi r ,1 l i . r f i i
n- pi iv-c ui mc: taiiacuiiieiiL is j i ij on roras, ITiuCll
FA Sp-Jfi.JtxWNi" I S 1- XJ
- vr-. :,r. -,.tv .isim
The Puilford
Dear papa, we hope that thou art not
But sleeping in quiet rest.
Many are the tears that are shed
while we
Hope that thou art supremely blessed.
e . l i . .. . . lt i ... i A- , ,
ui me pnysicai examination, and also l" ieguiaie men- prouuciion and sale
a copy of each certificate of exemp
Thou art gone from us below;
We hope a crown thou will obtain,
Although we weep we bid thee go,
For we hope to meet again.
tion or discharge issued by the board.
Publish Names.
Within two days after certifying
such list to the district board, the
local board shall post a copy of such
list in its office, in a place accessible
to the public view. It shall give an-
The administration attitude in de
manding that American manufactur-
a request for publication.
District Boards.
District boards will hear anpeals
our dear children. whil thpv from the local boards, and MPrf.;.-
must think original jurisdiction in matters cf
Of you while in Jesus thou dost claims made for the discharge of ner-
other copy to the public press, with crs se to the "Hies at the same
prices as to this government is that
since there is a common purpose and
since the allies are buying their sup
plies with American money, justice
requires that costs be equalized.
Two restrictions, however, will be
A little babe has gone on before,
High up in that heavenly land,
And we do hope to greet thee
With that heavenly, happy band.
Thy sister's tears are flowing, too,
While thy brothers, they must weep;
Thy Savior called and bid thee go,
Now free from toil and pain.
And your many friends, I know,
Are thinking of you when in that
Beautiful land you soon shall see, and
Face of your Lord you soon shall be
hold. Written by His Wife.
sons engaged in certain industries, in
cluding farming.
Notifying the Persons.
After the closftg of the cases the
district board shatl notify the person
of their decision. If the decision I.e.
against the person he shall stand
called to military service. Should the
decision be that the person be dis
charged, a certificate shall be issued
to that effect.
Heat Prostration.
All medical authorities agree that
one of the principal factors which governments force their own produc-
operate to produce the various forms ers to sell to other governments at
of heat prostration is constipation. If the same prices charged at .home is
you attend to your bowels regularly, to protect this government and at the
you exclude one of the most import- same time to establish a system to
ant predisposing factors. Triner's prevent any of the allied nations from
American Elixir of Bitter Wine is the profiting at the expense of its asso-
best remedy you can use. It is pal- ciates.
atable and its effects in case of con- A Harder Problem.
Lincoln, Aug. 8. Federal agents) stipation are quick and sure. It gives I The war board believes that Amer
and inspectors of the Nebraska food I relief without griping and debilitat- I iean manufacturers will accept the
commission say a recent investigation ng. Also for indigestion, headache, suggestion concerning prices to the
has shown a waste of 20 to 30 per sleeplessness, nervousness, general allies without the use of force. It
cent in gathering and transporting weakness, etc. Triner's American feels that the knowledge the govern-effs-
Elixir is sincerely recommended by nient already has power, or can pro
Five per cent waste in shipments thousands who know its reliability. cure ifc from congress, will be sufil
during hot weather should be the Price $1.00, at drug stores. Triner's cient to persuade producers to follow
maximum, according" to federal agents Liniment helps you to do away with the board's suggestions,
who said criminal prosecution may rheumatism or neuralgia. It is ex- The subject of prices to the public
be brought as a result of the inves. cellent for stina snrains. cw0ti,nr.-c presents a harder problem, but ad-
tigation. nnd foliAvoa Via rotio-na ftf I ministration leaders hold that the re
They said similar conditions pre- feet. Price 25c and 50c, at druir duction of prices charged the govern
vailed at Omaha, Lincoln, Beatrice, stores: by mail. 3"c r.ndv50c. Jos. ments in itself tends to lower prices
fremont, Falls City and other shin- Triner. Manufacturing Chemist. 1333- generally.
ping pomes, iney blamed the farm- 1339 5?. Ashland Ave. Chiratro. Ti
er ior not gathering eggs regularly
unci Keeping them in cool places.
. I . .1 .1 -.1
through the federal trade commis- cneaPer inan anY other similar attachment.
sion. Full power to control the sale The Puilford will do the work of four horses and does
and distribution of foods, feeds and not eat when it is not working. If you could buy four orood
St? wV7n ,to the government to- hcrses far $145 you'd think they were mighty cheap.
day in the final passage of the food rr . i i lL r i r nr i
control bill. or Practical work on the average farm the Puilford is
the very best investment the farmer can make.
It will pull your binder, do your plowing, discing, har
rowing, pull your manure spreader, haul your heavily loaded
wagons to town; in fact, it will do about all the work your
horses will do except planting and cultivating your corn.
The Puilford will pull any load that your two best teams
will pull and do it easy.
Pleace Write or Call on Us for a Demonstration.
enforced in selling to the allies. One
is that the allies themselves must ap
ply the same rule in selling to eacli
other and to the United States and
the other is that the arrangement
must be limited to articles actually G. H. Reese, Agent for Cass County
usea ior war purposes.
Restriction Necessary.
Officials hold that the last restric
tion is necessary as a protection to
American industry and intend that no
raw materials shall be sold abroad at
low prices to be made up into manu
factured goods and sold back into the
United States in competition with
American dealers.
The requirements that the allied
ass Oounfy Puilford Company,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
J SELF-STOPPING i 1 D 11 j jgf f
f AIR-COOLED 1 I rnbkt'
t BURKS KER0SEH2 j , . l fl II H I -
fj frjft ' ' DELCO-LiGHT BATTERY m fH4Sff if
Call at office during: day, or be
tween seven and eight o'clock in eve
2- 1- X 2- -f I fI J I X J. ning. Olson Photograph Co..: 8-7-4fdjto .be present.
' ! The members of the Degree of
Honor drill teamiwill meet Thursday
evening:, August 9th, with Mrs. John
Claus. All members are requested
... 8-7-2td
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
, the
Signature of
works for me every day in the year,
furnishing electric light and power!
We have had our Delco-Light in operarion nearly a year,
and it has not given us a minute's trouble and costs very little
to keep up. Last fall when husking corn, it was before day
light and after dark, when we were doing our chose, that the
Delco-Light came in handy. It is the best light any farmer can
get. WM. PORTER, Union, Neb.
Thirty thousand other users deriving pleasure and
profit from Delco-Light.
Two sizes, $350 and $420 f. o. b., Dayton, Ohio.
538 South 25th Ave, - - N - Omaha. Neb