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Known To The Nation
$945 F. O. B. FACTORY.
Possesses important feature of design which are found
also in those higher priced cars as embodying the very
latest and best engineering practices. These superior
features, which for two years have distinguished the
Oakland Six as a car of unusually advanced design, and
which are now employed in the latest models of many
of the more costly cars, not to be found in their entirety,
in any of the other cars in the Oakland price-class. As
a result, the Oakland Sensible Six, in the estimation of
the buying public, is raised above the plane of its price,
and naturally is compared to and competes with cars of
considerable higher price than its own.
Oakland info Company
I-- . i:i U'cliu f lay's Haily.
Lust evening Miss Marie. Donnt was
reported as being considerably im
proved from what her condition was
a few days ago. For some days she
was not making the improvement ex
pected and desired, but during the
past day or so she is showing signs
of improvement, which is very grati
fying to her many friends in this
Mr-:. H. G. McCluskey received a
It tier from his brother, Clarence
Hughes, who has been in business in
Ft.' Louis for a number of years, and
who some time since enlisted in the
; navy, but was rejected on the physical
examination. Recently he enlisted
: again, this time, in ;.ihe rrsy,,.-as an
:uto machinist, and passed, he stated;
in the Fourteenth Missouri "Volun
teers. WILL OPEN RESTAURANT. Craig has purchased the
furniture of the Uarclay restaurant,
and will open a regular meals em
porium, with service day and night,
and :-hort orders, which will be served
at all hours. In connection, the rooms
above the restaurant will be furnished
in first class manner, and beds and
furnished rooms will be at the service
of the public.
Eugene Xutzman, son of Hon.
Fred Nutzman, and wife, of Berlin
precinct, when he took his physical
examination yesterday, informed Dr.
Ciudup, of the examining board, he
had a crooked arm, but hoped it
would not prevent him from serving.
The young man said he was extremely
anxious to serve his country, and was
informed that while the local board
v.oul l pass him, there might be some
question as to his passing when he
went to tin- camp, where the soldiers
will all undergo another examination
by an army surgeon. Eugene said he
would try to induce that officer to
pass him, so he could go with the
ethers to the front to fight for his
country. This young man's avowal
is something that all should be proud
of and he is a true-blue American.
Nebraska City News.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 8. The
United Mine Workers of America aie
in hearty accord with President Wil
son in his war policy, William Dia
mond of that organization and James
Lord of the Mining branch of the
American Federation of Labor, to'd
the president today nt the White
1 louse.
Co to Chase county with Rosen
crans Sunday evening and look over
the farms he has for sale. The price
is right.
The Beins homestead, 3 miles south
vZ Flattsmouth. Inquire of E. W.
Beins, or call Phone 4211.
Drs. EUlach Cl Ellach, Tha Dentists
i The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Specialist la
j charge of all work. Lady attendant. Moderate Prices. Porcelaia filling,
i just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized alter using.
Send for nutx sample or Sani-Fyor
1 A mild
11k . h m
. z m
F rill m m
tc: W-ztszzzt. culuotzazzj to ..ortid until cored. MriUtot book on Recta 1 Diseases, vrilii names
aadtsftirucrial'Jof njoro thzz lIKr-ro-uceEt people who have been permanently cured. , . .
'LMMD $4
As The Sensible Six
Frim Wednesday's Daily.
W. E. Rosencrans returned home
last evening from a trip to Chase
county, where he was with a num
ber of men who were looking over
the lands in the west, and to a por
tion of whom Mr. Rosencrans sold
land. Mr. Rosencrans reports the
country looking fine, having just had
some refreshing rains, which have
given renewed growth to the vegeta
tion and crops. Threshing is in full
swing in that country, the wheat
turning out well and of an excellent
quality. Mr. Rosencrans will make
another trip to this country soon.
-i t'r.nn Wednesday's Daily
The Examination Board and Ex
emption Board, consisting of . the same
men, are so busy that it -is impossible
to arrive at anything yet as to who
and what number of people will be
l ejected or allowed exemptions, of the
number who have asked for the same.
Just as soon as they shall have got
ten their work in hand so they can
furnish the information, this paper
will be in a position to give it to its
readers, and we will hasten to do so.
We understand that the people are
desirous of securing this information
and we will put forth our utmost
efforts to supply the facts.
Last evening Jesse Kohrell, living
in Otoe county, south of Union, and
a son of L. F. KohrelL formerly liv
ing in this. city, where Mr. Jesse
Kohrell was born, accompanied by
Miss Bessie Tyson of Nebraska City,
applied at the office of the county
clerk for a marriage license. When
the permit was granted they asked
to have the ceremony performed by
Judge Beeson, who could not refuse,
and they were soon made man and
wife. The happy couple departed for
their home in Otoe county, where the
groom is farming and where they will
make their home.
From Wednesday's Daily.
The Fraternal Order of Eagles has
issued a challenge to the Benevolent
and Patriotic Order of Elks to play
a game of ball, the proceeds to go to
the benefit of the Red Cross. The
Elks, at their meeting last evening,
accepted the challenge and appointed
Clayton Rosencrans as chairman of a
committee with power of selecting
two others on the committee to ar
tangc for the game.
$100 Reward, $100
Th readers of this paper -will be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure In all its stage and
that is catarrh. Catarrh beinjj greatly
inHiienced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine is taken Internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucouh Sur
,f:inot System thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease. Rivlnsr tha
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in dolncita
TI? PPr'ttors have so much
r.i.h ? iJ"l,.cr,rativo Powers or Hall's
Catarrh Medicine that they offer Ona
Hundred I)ollar for any case that It falls
t0ACUe- SDt TjList of 'eNtirAonlals.
Address K. J. CHKNEY &. CO Toledo
Ohio. Sold by all Drugtfau 75c, Jr'Cl0'
Pyorrhea Treatment.
3rd Floor Paxton Dlock, OMAHA
-Fistula Pay When Cured
system of treatment thst ceres Plies. FLitaU mud
tvtaij. iaaersiii u ui.t r wiuioai 8 Sever iir
iiiud. Acnreflu&ranteedin
OF 687,000
01 1 MM
Initial Contingent of Quota. Sent to
Training Camps Septem
ber 1 to 5.
Provost Marshal Issues Instructions
to Executives of All the
Washington, D. C, August b. The
first one-third of the quota of 087,
000 men drafted for army service un
der the selective bill will be called to
the colors September 1, and sent to
training camps between September 1
and 5.
This information has been com
municated to the governors of all
states by Provost Marshal General
This one-third of the first quota
will consist of 229,000 men.
This will bring the strength of the
United States army on that date up
to about 1,000,000 men.
Crowder's Telegram.
General Crowder dispatched the fol
lowing telegram to the governors of
the states today cautioning them to
make certain that the first one-third
of their quota of the first increment
of registered men is ready in time.
"New regulations governing mobi
lization and the certification of men
from district boards to adjutants gen
eral will be mailed to you on August
9th. In the meantime local boards
w um.o
...v- v.v-w c.wv-u """
nave not been exempted or
ed, either because they failed to file
any claim or because their claim has
been decided adversely.
Strict Compliance Necessary.
"Strict compliance with this rule is
necessary, since on September 1 the
war department will call for r.ot to
exceed one-third of the quote from
each state to be entrained for mobi
lization camps between September 1
and r. Unless we wish to be put in
a position of not furnishing men as
fast as the war department is reudy
to receive them, each slate should
have accumulaed by September 1 :
minimum of one-third of its quota n- t
exempted or discharged. This can only
be attained if local boards certify the!
lists up with great expedition."
General Crowder has also sent ad
ditional caution to examining physi
cians of local boards stating that in
order to prevent the terrible ravages
which result from introduction into
the army of that dread disease of the
eyes known as trachoma, the litis of
every recruit be everted to insure the
absence of this disease and that any
borderline or suspicious cases be re
ferred to an ophthalmic surgeon es
pecially qualified in this line.
Cover Many Pages.
The mobilization regulations refer
red to were in the hands of the print
ers tonight. They cover many pages
and provide for every contingency
that can be forseen in the assembling
of the men for the new army.
The ladies of St. Mary's Guild of
St. Luke's church will have charge of
the Air Dome Monday evening, Au
gust ICth. There will he a 5-rct
picture featuring Jackie Sawyer in
"Sunny Jane," and the admission
price will be only 10c. Don't fail to
see this picture Monday night i;id
help St. Mary's Guild.
Corporal Maldon Brown, Sergeant
Taul C. Sprockcr, and Privates Otto
Lutz and Henry Soenniscen, all came
down from Omaha today in a car, and
visited for a short time with friends
in the city. Corporal Drown and
Private Lutz returnprl thU ftomr.nn
while Sergeant Sprccker and Private
hoennichsen will remain over until to
Mr. A. Picbtrup and Mr. John
Swnon were passengers to Oreapo
li today, where they will spend a few
dayg at the home of.their friend, Mrs.
I. M. Nord, and where they will fish
a portion of the time.
Chate county will be the banner
wheat county of the state again this
year, fliere is more room for erood
farmers in this -county, and Rosen-
cians & lionner have some choice
farms for Bale. Go with Rosencrans
Sunday evening and look them over.
Michelin and Kelly-Sprictrc!d tires.
J. v.. ji?M'-'V" v " w
Local filews
From Thursday's Daily.
George Smith, from near Rock
Bluffs, was a business visitor in the
county scat this afternoon.
For a mild, easy action of the bow
els, try Doan's Regulets, a modern
laxative. "0c at all stores.
Chas. Ilerren and wife, Philip Hild
and wife and Win. Puis, Sr., were
Plattsmoutli visitors, last Saturday.
Mrs. Jeff Salsberg of Mynard was
a passenger to Omaha this afternoon
where she will visit with friends for
the day.
Vcrner Perry, from near Wabash,
this county, was looking after some
business in the city this morning, hav
ing driven over in his car.
WTm. Ileeney of near Manley, a
prosperous farmer of that neighbor
hood, was looking after some business
matters in the county seat this morn
ing. L. C. Todd of Nchav.ka motored to
this city yesterday to attend to some
business matters and visit friends for
a short time. Mr. Todd was a pleas
ant caller at this office.
Rosencrans & Bonner still have a
number of choice farms in Chase coun
ty that are for sale right. "Rosey"
makes another trip Sunday evening.
Make arrangements to go with him.
Mioses YVilma and Eflie Coguill of
Randolph, Nob., came in last evening
on the Burlington train, and will visit
with their mother, Mrs. Rose Cogdill,
who has been spending the summer at
the home ol Mrs. Jos. Sans, sr., south
of this ctiy.
Mrs. Ceor.ev Perry and daughter,
Mrs. Emil Lamberg of Colome, S.
D., who is visiting with her nu iher,
departed last evening for Louisville,
whcie they will visit with the for-
mcr's son and latte:
Ray Beaver.
brother, Mr.
Ray Parceil of Murdcck was in the
city yesterday ar'.d appealed before
the board cf pv:irr.! for the :tft
, ,)Ut (Md vot W?;ffh enough for hi
height. Iif will hi rnfrt-i'..-!
state er
:min:ng board.
I rank Moore, v. ho lives some ten
mlies south of this city, v. as a busi
ness visitor in the county seat this
morning, a:: ! called on the Journal
and pas.-cd a few moments in plea -ant
coj;v( . : tier, with the Icuinil
num. "
Cfrai u s (ia: ; i
Union, metered
.-'.ut and Ben uctklv of
tins c
!r. C-.irrison v online: to at
tend to some .business matters, and
Ben to tak. the examination fv the
dia't. Mr. Gaiiisoii gave this tiike
a pleasant call.
Joe Creamer of Chicago is visitim.
his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles L
C: earner and faraiiv. for a few
; jjcftvo taking his '.xamipution for ti
! draft. Mr. C: earner thinks he wi
! 'Mill in --, . 4.. . e
the privilege of joining the company
ami reriment he desires.
.eor!re . wno year.; ago livct
west cf this city, tut who with '
p.uw- ir.ov"-d to Oklahoma abo;i
nuie years a::;, t-iiir.:' in I a .-a
from Pratt. Kr.r.. when h;- ha.; hcn
for rorr.e tim- rasl wo;ki-ig. a:id wi!
work among the farmers west f th:
vity, wheiy he formvrly lived.
-Air. and Mrs. Ernest Ahrens an-
T.1 ...1 .. 1 TT . r .
vii, ru-ii, ana .vi r. tienry Jvnabe mi
Xehawka, rr,r!o!ed to this ity yester
day to attend to some impM ti ir, busi
ncss matters ::rd i.-; t v, lth frien Is
for a short tirr.f. Fr.-. Ahrens came
up to take the exariim.tion for th
uiaic. vvniic iier-- .i:. .Anrc?is gave
his oMice a pleasant cail.
f .... r i r- .
vu L. .if.uahcn and lamuv oe-
parted this moniing for Kimball
Kimball county, this state, where Mr
McMaken is interested in a ranch
Tliey are making the trip with a car,
and will make the journey by easy
stages, stopping to camp on the way
and getting an outing of the trip, as
well as seeing the country as they go.
Mr. E. C. Goerke and wife of Oma
ha, and Mr. 13. F. Goerke, of Purr,
who have been visiting at the home
of their friends, Mr. and Mrs. J. II.
Donnelly of this city, departed fo;
Omaha this morning. Mr. IJ. I-'.
Goerke, who is the father of E. C.
ijoerKe, win visit wun ins son in
Omaha for a short time before re
turning to his home at Burr.
The government needs farmers as
well as fighters. Two million, three
hundred thousand acres of Oregon and
California Railroad Co. Grant Lands.
Title revested in United States. To
be opened for homesteads and sale.
Containing some of best land left in
United States. Large Copyrighted
map, showing land by sections and
description of soil, climate, rainfall,
elevations, temperature, etc. Postpaid,
One Dollar. Grant Lands Locating
Co., Box 610, Portland, Oregon.
For any itching skin trouble, piles,
sczema, salt rhum, hives, itch, scald
head, herpes, scabies, Doan's Oint
ment is highly recommended. GOc a
o:c uli stores.
A good 30 days of hot weather yet ahead of
us. You need a new hat for that vacation trip
or that stay at home occasion. Buy it now at
25co off. x
New ties ever week
new Cheneys this week!
C. E. Wescott's Sons
Alvo News
Henry Sutlers of Clatonia was in
Alvo Saturday.
Dale S. Boyles was in Omaha Tues
day on business.
George Skiles of Murdock visited
relatives here Monday.
Mrs. Henry Thomas was in Lincoln
Saturday on business.
Miss Hazel Bobbitt has returned
to her home at Stewart.
Rev. M. A. Keith is attending the
Epuoith assembly at Lincoln.
Morris Cnthner is here from Den
ver, Colo., visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mis. Dan MeCurdy went
to Havelock Monday evening.
Sam Cashner of University Place
was i:; town Monday moaning.
G. W. Curyca, Morgan Curyea and
Sum Cashner autoed to Lincoln Mon
thly. Mr. and Mrs. (arence Bueknell,
from near Elmwood, visited home
fclks Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Boyles returned
last week lrcm their two weeks' out
ing iii Colorado.
Mis. Cha:;. Snavcly returned Wed
nesday f'-om a visit of several days
wi'h 'relatives in Lincoln.
Mrs. Dr. Paul
an. I
daughter, Maxine, spent Sunday witii
the doctor's parents at University
.u:s. .. w. .".oiris ana son.
mund, started Monday for Illinois,
-out horn Indiana, and Kentucky for a
month's visit with i datives.
Chas Sheley ar.d daughter, Mirs
Sheley, of Almtnn, Kan., came in
Monday to isit the latter's grand
parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Thomas.
Mi--. P. A. Sione and children left
Vr-dncf day on Xo. for their home
uar La Junta, Colo., after several
weeks' viit with relatives and friends
hei e.
Mrs. Ned Shaffer and :on, Ross,
left 1'iitiay for their home in Denver,
Colo., for a week's vi it with Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. .Shaffer. They went .via
Wednesday evening friends gave
.Mis. A. Christiansen a pleasant sur
prise i:i honor of her fortieth birth
day, by gathering at her home to
spend the evening.
Jehu Foreman accompanied Mrs.
G. P. Kahlcr and sjn, Walter Vincent,
to Lined a Tuesday, where Walter had
his tonsils and adenoids, removed
They returned home Wednesday.
Sunday forenoon a government bal
loon was sightcr northeast 'of town,
which seemed to be coming straight
'owanl us, but suddenly veered to the
noiihwest. The rnronlc were out with
their spyglasses watchui'r it.
Mrs. John Elder returned to her
home in Kansas City Saturday, after
visiting her mother, Mrs. Wesley
Uird, and other relatives for several
weeks. Her brother, Warren Bird, ac
onipanied her home for a short visit.
The Ladies' Aid society met last
Wednesday with Mrs. Chas. Edwards,
vh"'i each lady present wrote to
Mrs. Chas. Prouty, who is in a hos
pital in Lincoln. Mrs. Prouty is im
proving and expects to be able to
soon come home.
Community club boosters from
Alvo and vicinity startetl out Satur
day afternoon to boost for the chau-
tauqua which will be held here from
August 11 to 17. Tftcy visited Eagle,
Elmwocd, Wabash and Murdock.
There were seventeen autos.
Mrs. Agnes Silverstrand writes
from Hullet, Wyo., to Mrs. George
Foreman, that the season is dryer and t
hotter there than the oldest settlers
have ever known it to be, and even
though they had fine prospects earlier
in the season, they will have no
Mrs. Andrew Christianson citer-
tained relatives and friends who came
from Council' Bluffs Friday morning.
They were Mrs. Martensoa and chil
dren, Mrs. Mary Peterson and chil
dren and Mrs. Olga Peterson and
children. They returned to their
homes Sunday evening.
The I. F. S. club met Wednesday
with Miss Mildred Wagner. Roll call
was answered by their favorite re
cipe. Refreshments consisting of
c range sherbert and wafers were
served. The next meeting will be
held at the home of Miss Clara Dick
erson. The young ladies will enter
tain their mothers at this meeting.
On her birthday, July 2oth. Grand
ma Thomas received a letter dated
July 4, 1917, "Somewhere in France,"
from her grandson, Y ilbur Thomas,
vho is a b.iglar for his company.
Jle is well and not unhappy, though
a little homesick. lie wishes to hear
from his friends, although he may not
be able to answer very soon. His ad
dress is Buglar Wilbur Thomae,
Eighteenth Infantry, Company C,
American force, Paris, France.
Mignonette Johnson was born Jan
uary 7, 11117, and died July 31, 1117,
after a few days' illness, aged C
i months and J 4 days. Funeral serv
ices were held at the home Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. M. A. Keit!:.' Lr-e Prouty sang
"Nearer My God to Thee" and 'Reck
oning Hands," in an impressive man
ner. Burial was in the Alvo ceme
tery. The pail bearers weie: Violet
Jordan, Marguerite Muir, Margaret
Prouty and Velma Jordan. Little
Mignonette was the daughter of Mr.
i.nd Mrs. Robert F. Jthn-on, ar.d be
sides her parents she leaves two sis
ters and four brothers, who greatly
mourn her loss. Di'iing her short
slay with them she was rdways "a
little sunbeam in their home. Their
many friends ex. era!
pa thy.
deepest svm-
Card cf Thanks.
We desire to thank our neighbors
U'.nd friends who so kindly assisted us-
ouring the sickners and death of our
beloved ( daughter and sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Johnson and
giSKsaKSsraEs aiMAaueg'jaa i
Robbing Peter, Patrick and Percy to Pay Paul
Did it ever occur to you that when you buy at a
"Clearance Sale" you unquesionably make a "saving,"
but those who bought during the season have been
paying in advance for your saving?
It is obvious that making a sale of old merchandise
is suicide. Much of the new stock is inferior to old, and
costing much more.
Use plenty of salt with "Clearance Sale" adver
tising this year. Styles are not changing materially and
the business man is not giving away staple merchan
dise at less than cost.
Sec the new
caps in our
miiiimw i mmammmsmm w
pr,m Wert.iesriaVa Da 11 v.
There were six women who went
to work in the Burlington shops Mon
day morning, and five more Tuesday
afternoon, making in all so far, elev
en. They are giving excellent satis
faction, thus far, and more can be
used. It is desired that those who
desire to engage with the Burlington
ccme to the office of the superinten
dent or general foreman, so that it
can be arranged as to what work they
shall be placed at. Do not come to
the homes of the officials, but apply
at the shops, then the placing of the
applicants can be handled to the best
interest of those who desire to work,
as well as the officials of the com
We are now prepared to make your
monument, markers and lot corners
right at home. Cas County Monu
ment Cc, W. T. Wassell, manager.
Hotel Riley block, Plattsmouth, Neb.
W. H. Porter, John McCarroll, Dave
Murray, Frank Brinkman and George
Everett, from rear Union, were in
the city Tuesday interviewing the
corarais-iuncirs in regard to the chang
ing of the Kansas City auto'line. The
gentlemen are deeply interested in
keeping the line straight south in
stead of running west iito Union, and
then south, as the proposed change is
row up to the commissioners.
! To be given at Coates' hall by
I- the De Luxe Dancing club, Sat- !
-I- urday, August 11th. A good
time in store for everybody. J
V Electric fans, and ice cold re-
freshments. Music by Holly's v
orchestra. - Admission, gents,
50c; ladies free.
m . i-
- jjszzeji. tt-ZMsra sssr-
V -