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    THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1917.
UC,E fl.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of the readers of th
Journal know of any scx-lal
event or Uf-m of Interest In
ibis vicinity, nnd will mail
same 10 MiisnfUre. it will op
pear under tills tieatllnK. We
want all news items Editor
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j J
L. D. Hiatt was looking after some
matters of business in Plattsniouth
The infant child f Mr. and
Hert Lloyd has been numbered
the sick for the past few days.
Mr. and Mis. W. G. Boedeker
Charles, and Walkei Gilmme attend
ed the circus in Omaha Monday.
C. S. Stone cashier of the Elmwood
State Bank, was in Murray for a
short visit with friends last evening.
Bern To Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Baxter on July 24. a baby boy. Both
mother and little one are nicely.
Dwyer and Glen Todd, Misses
Jessie Barrows and Helen Todd, went
to Omaha Mondav and took in the cir
cus. Miss Clara Young was home over
Sunday visiting with her parents. She
is employed at the Burlington shops
in Plattsmouth.
Jr. Sandin of Plattsmouth, vacci
nated hogs this week for Bob Burr,
Fiank Lillie and (leorjre Bay, seventy-one
head in all.
Miss Mattie Minnier Kampster, of
Indiana, is here visitinir with her par
ents and brother. She. expects to re
main for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. (. S. Ray entertain
ed at dinner last Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Cole, of Murray, and Mr.
and Mrs. Warner and two children,
Geneva and Bobbie, of Gretna.
B. F. Brendel and Pauline Old
were Omaha passengers last
Sunday evening to see Fred Condon
at the St. Joseph hospital, making ar
rangements to bring him home Mon
day evening. An operation was per
formed on his limb for an affected
knee, removing about a pint of puss
and water. With the proper care he
will have use of his limb again.
and family went to
and tock in the tig
A If Can seme r
Omaha Monday
Mrs. Lloyd Gapen and daughter,
Miss Villa, were Plattsmouth visitors
Grandma William Wiley has been
numbered with the sick for the past
few days.
W. II. Puis and family spent the
day last Sunday at the home of Mr.
and -Mrs. Phiiin Ilild.
The excavation work for the new
Murray garage has been started and
Mr. Puis will be found "digging"'
away mighty fast until it is com
pleted. Frank Slichtemeier made a trip to
Plattsmouth Tuesday evening and was
caught in the storm anil fearing to
return home that evening remained
over night.
Irene and Lena Phil pot and friend.
Miss Philena Reeder, of Sheridan.
Wyoming, passed through Murray
Tuesday en route to Plattsmouth for
a short visit with friends and rela
tives. Mrs. Charles Carroll and Mr. and
Mrs. Jake Minniear went down to
Weeping Water Monday evening for
a short visit with Ern Carroll and
wife. A. L. Baker and daughter,
Opha, drove them down to the car.
There were quite a number of
friends gathered at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Nick Friedrich last Sunday
evening for a genunie good social
time and well they knew where to go
for such an occasion. The whole af
fair was a surprise to Mr. and Mrs.
Friedrich, but they were equal to the
occasion and gave their visitors a
royal good time. The evening was
spent in a varied line of amusements,
the program closing with the usual
good things to eat.
Collar and Cuff Sets!
Sheer Organdie Collars, lace trimmed 35 and 50c
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Boudoir Caps, fine Jap silk, lace trimmed 50c
Ladies Wide Flounce Muslin Skirts, good line of
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You cannot appreciate the line of aprons and middy
combinations in our stock until you have seen them.
Hiatt . Tutt,
MURRAY, : : :
Miss Etta Nickels was a business
visitor in Plattsmouth on Thursday.
Threshing is the order of the day
in and near Lewiston at the present
Mis. Will Oliver spent Thursday
with her sister, Mrs. Carl Cole, near
Albert Wilson and Arthur Crunk
sold a load of cattle in South Omaha
last Thursday.
The barn on the farm of William
Puis, sr.. burned Tuesday night, be
ing struck by lightning.
Mrs. Henry Creamer is spending a
few days with her daughter, Mrs.
Walter Sans, east of Murray.
Dea Ilostetter and wife are rejoic
ing this week over the arrival of a
fine new son at their home on Mon
day. Goerge Shrader is running a fine
new Chevrolet car this week that he
purchased through the Wassley
agency at Plattsmouth.
The K. N. K. will meet at the
church on Thursday. August 9, for an
ail-day quilting. Everybody invited
to come and bring their dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Crunk were
Nebraska City visitors last Thursday.
Remember the Sunday school at
Lewiston Sunday morning at 10
The Murray Hardware and Imple
ment company sold a new hay press
to Albert Wilson this week. This
firm is sure getting their share of the
business in their line over this section
of Cass county. They are entitled to
it, for they are always ready to meet
their customers half way in all their
Barn and Contents' Burned.
The large barn on the Alex Camp
bell place known as the Splitt forty
caught fire and burned to the ground
on Monday evening of this week. The
barn was pretty well rilled with hay,
and it is believed that the new alfalfa
was the cause of tiie fire; there is no
other origin attached to the cause.
One stallion and a jack was also
burned, being all the stock that was
in the barn at the time. The fire start
ed between 1 and 2 o'clock and was
under good headway for total de
struction at the time noticed. The
jack was owned by Mont Schrader
and Charles Creamer. The property
was partially covered by insurance.
The Injured in Auto Accident.
All the boys injured in the serious
auto wreck near the old Young farm
last Saturday evening are getting
along very nicely, all of whom are up
and around with the exception of
George Wiley, who is improving, but
very slowly. He was able to Joe taken
to the home of his mother east of
Murray Tuesday. His limbs seem to
be partially paralyzed from the in
jury, but the physicians are of the
opinion that he will be restored to his
former health in a few weeks.
A. L. Baker was a Plattsmouth vis
itor Sunday.
Celebrates Birthday.
Last Sunday was little Richard
Brendel's second brithday anniversary
and in honor of the occasion the doc
tor and Mrs. Brendel entertained the
relatives of the little lad at dinner
i iiusi: pie.eiit to assist mcnaru in
celebrating the occasion and partake
of the bountiful dinner uere Grandpa
and Grandma Jameson and daughter,
Miss Grace, of Weeping Water:
Grandpa and Grandma Brendel, Dr.
Will Brendel and Will Barker, of
Avoca; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brendel,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Seybolt, A. L
Baker and daughter, Opha
Return Home.
Friday Dr. Jackson returned from
Waterloo, Iowa, and Saturday went
to Dunbar to give the pastor there
assistance in communion services. He
came home from Dunbar Monday
evening will go to Red Oak, la., the
latter part of the week to assist in
services there. Mrs. Jackson, who re
mained with their son-in-law and his
children at Waterloo, will come this
week to Red Oak, and both will come
home early next week. There will be
Sabbath school but no preaching serv
ice at the United Presbyterian church
next Sabbath. For the remaining
Sabbaths of this month Dr. Jackson
will preach in the morning, but there
will be no evening service.
A large assortment of all sizes of
American flags can be secured at the
Journal office. Call in and see them
The subscriptions and ' books of
Treasurer Boedeker for the Murray
Red Cross were checked over and aud
ited this week by A. O. Davis, Dr.
Gilmore and W. G. Boedeker, and the
amount assessed to this precinct. $1,
200, was remitted to the county treas
urer, R. F, Patterson, at Plattsmouth.
The total subscripitons amounted to
$1,111.75. Of this amount $00.00 re
mains uncollected and after remit
ting to the county treasurer there is
a balance of $151.75 left in the pre
cinct treasury that will be taken up
with the home chapter organization
when it is completed, and disposed of
according to their instructions.
Mrs. Harvey Gregg passed away at
her home northwest of Murray,
Thursday evening, July 2(5, at (the
age of 25 years, 2 months, 10 days.
Edna Ruth Shepherdson was born at
Weeping Water, Neb., May 1(5, 181)2.
At the age of 19 she was united with
the Christian church at Murray, Neb.
She had constantly lived a Christian
life ever since, and was well loved by
all who knew her. She often made
the remark to friends and relatives,
that her Bible was a great comfort
to her during her suffering. She was
united in marriage to Harvey Gregg
at Nebraska City, Neb., January 29,
1913, and had been a loving wife ant
companion ever since.
Besides her husband, she leaves to
mourn her loss, her mother, Mrs. J
T. Thurman of Franklin, Neb.; four
sisters, Mrs. J. R. Hill and Mrs. Gien
Vallery of Murray, Neb.; Mrs. Lem
Parish of Elmwood, Neb., and Miss
Hortense Shepherdson of Omaha
three brothers, W. K. Shepherdson o
Teigon, Mont.; T. U. Shepherdson of
Larson, Wash., and A. J. Shepherdson
of Imperial, Neb. All of these were
present at the funeral except W. K
and T. U. Shepherdson and Mrs. J. R
The funeral service was preachet
at Eight Mile Grove, by Rev. Hog
gart of the Christian church of
Plattsmouth, Saturday afternoon at
2 o'clock, where a large number of
friends gathered to show their last
respects to the one who had gone to
a better land.
From Tuesday's Daily.
R. L. Probst is energetic in al
things, when he goes after a proposi
tion with the idea of getting the
most out of it, and he is demonstrat
ing this fact by the manner in which
he is handling his business. He has
two threshing outfits, both of which
are running full blast. One of the
machines, in charge of James Speck,
is at the farm of Oscar Gapen, and
threshing out oats, reported to be
turning out a good yield of fine grain
The other is manned by Frank Blatl
zer, working at the Tovey section.
where it is doing fine work and also
getting good grain.
From Tnesdav's Da 11 v.
Mr. Roy Smith purchased a home
yesterday, and will move into it in a
short time. He made the purchase
from W. E. Rosencrans, of one of the
three houses which, some time since,
Mr, Rosencrans secured through Pe
ters & Richards, on West Pearl street
There are three cottages just alike,
which were built year before last,
and are modern in all respects. They
being five-room and bath, with fur
nace heat, containing gas and elec
tric lights, situated on the sewer. The
1 A " .1
consideration ior tne place was
East of Riley Hotel.
Coates' Block,
Second Floor
Cream Station!
Murray, Nebraska
Pays the highest cash price for cream,
poultry, butter and eggs. Let us
deal with yon. We will treat you
J. G.
ER, Prop.
On Thursday, August 2, Honorable
Jaul Jessen of Nebraska City, will
deliver the commencement address.
On that date six students will com
plete the work for the degree of
Bachelor of Education; forty-six will
leceive diplomas; twenty-six, the
Junior certificate; three, the Trainers'
certificate, and 103, the professional
life certificate. Out of approximately
800 graduates from the four state
normal schools during the last two
years, Peru will have graduated near
ly 400.
A line motion picture machine will
be installed in the normal school this
One of the most recent movements
in Peru for the benefit of worthy stu
dents is the organiation and develop
ment of a student loan fund asso
ciation. Already several hundred dol
lars is in sight to start the work. In
terested and loyal friends of the
normal school and members of the
alumni are placing money at the dis
posal of the student loan fund board,
to be loaned at a low rate of .interest.
The infirmary department of Peru
will be really organized somewhat this
fall. A course in the Red Cross work
will be offered by the newly elected
nurse, who is a Red Cross nurse. This
course will be open to the students
and other citizens of southeastern
Miss Rose Clark will do institute
work in Cass county. She is Peru';-;
very efficient teacher of geography.
tne Lass county club had a very
enjoyable picnic supper Tuesday of
last week. About thirty were present.
The carnival for the benefit of the
Y. M. C. A. army fund netted $100.
This sum, added to the contribution.;
of ,the faculty and business men
brings Peru's contribution up to $350
The boys of the normal challenged
the faculty to a base ball game, and
which was played Monday evening
When the smoke of battle had cleared
away, it was found that the bovs had
won, by a score of 11 to 5.
From Wlne?1ays Iaily.
jonn wienman received a message
a few days since telling of the death
of his brother, Dave Wichman's,
daughter, who lived near the city of
Brainard, Minn. Mr. John Wichman
departed yesterday for that place to
attend the funeral of his niece. David
Wichman will be remembered to have
lived here years ago, and was em
ployed in the Burlington shops, but
who left here for .the north, and has
since been engaged in farming. The
daughter is a young lady probably
about 2o years of age, but as to
what was the cause of death is not
Mrs. Ed Johnson, who has been vis
iting in this city, from Denver, and
has been a guest at the home of
Elmer E. Taylor for the past week,
departed this morning for Burling
ton, la., where she lived before mov
ing to this town, over forty years
ago. After completing her visit there
she will go to Oklahoma for a month's
visit with a daughter before return
ing to her home in Denver. After
a short stop in Denver she will go
to California and spend the winter
with her son, William Johnson.
Chas. Good, the blacksmith, of
Murray, who has been in the west,
visiting while away at Cheyenne and
Denver, Colo., and Billings, Mont., and
other points of interest in the west.
said that the hottest place he visited
was at Uillings, and that he was
glad to get back to old Cass county
again, lie came in this alternoon,
and after visiting here with friends
for a few hours, departed for his
home in Murray.
From Tuesday's Daily.
Henry Boeck is having a larger
heating plant placed in his cellar fo-
the Boeck building, which comprises
the store of E. A. Wurl and the
apartments above, which Mr. Boeck
occupies and rents. Mr. John Reu-
land is doing the work of installing
the new heater, and while help
short, Mr. Boeck, although now 84
years ot age, is doing tne tending
for the mason. This evidences a
good deal of pep for Mr. Boeck, for V
is a real man's work to tend a mason
and especially where the difficulties
are as great as they are in this case.
Place Sipes' Hog Oiler in Vour Lot!
It is inexpensive; it lasts a lifetime; it is guaranteed to
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Lice spread from hog to hog and multiply most as fast
as you can count; they keep hogs thin and lean looking and
make them restless. Hogs tortured by lice can't take on
weight or develop into stock that bring the best prices, be
cause these pests don't give the animals a chance to de
velop in a natural way.
Murray Hardware and Implement Co.,
From Wednesday's Daily.
Mrs. August Kleesik and two
daughters, Misses Lillian and Ma
thilde, who have been visiting in
this city the past week, guests at
the home of Herman Toekotter, and
at whose home Mr. and Mrs. Kleesik
were married some years ago, de
parted on the Burlington this morn
ing for their home at Bartley, Neb.
Mrs. Kleesik will go home, while the
young ladies will stop at Minden, and
also at Arapahoe, for visits with
friends in both places.
From Wednesday's Dnily.
Raymond Cook motored with his
uncle, Mr. Fred Dreamer and family,
to University Place, Neb., where he
spent a week visiting with them at
that place. While there he will also
visit with his sister, Miss Nelle, who
is now living in Lincoln.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Yesterday James Marucek and wife
were visitors in Omaha, going in
their car, their object being to visit
with Mrs. C. M. Manners, who is at
the Immanuel hospital. They spent
the day with her, and found that lady
doing nicely, and with hopes of being
able to leave the hospital in the near
future. When they starred t-. return
home, the storm of last evening
caught them just this side of South
Omaha, where it was violent, and
nearly blew the car over. The storm
was so bad that they had io stop for
a while, until the fury of it was some
what abated, before they could con
tinue their journey home.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Mrs. A. B. Hass, who it will be re
membered suffered from an auto acci
dent in which she was thrown out of
the car, and which passed over her,
is still at the hospital in Omaha,
where she was taken. Mrs. Hass lias
had a severe time with her injuries,
having had to undergo three opera
tions. At the beginning the broken
limb could not be set on account of
feared blood infection. The thigh
bone was allowed to knit, and after
ward an X-ray picture taken of it,
showing only a thin cartilage con
necting the ends of the bone, which
had slipped past each other. The bone
was broken to be set, which had to
be repeated after a space of time, and
later, when it was found that the heal
ing, was not responding as was de
sired, a piece of fiber tissue for the
growth of bone was grafted in order
to grow a stronger bone at the point
of breakage, j She is now showing
signs of improvement, but will have
to remain in the hospital for some
time yet.
A want ad will bring you a buyer.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Mrs. Robert Roerbach and
child, who have been visiting
friends and relatives in this city for
the past month, departed for their
home in Burlington, la., this morn
ing, where they moved about a year
ago. About a month since, Mr. Roer
bach was taken sick, and they both
came here until her partial recovery,
and some two weeks since, when he
felt he was able to work again, re
turned to his duties.
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We are now prepared to make your
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Hotel Riley block, Plattsmouth, Neb.
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