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    ACE .
JICttPAY, JUHE 18, 1917.
For 4i7 WbocnAorii an Furniture
g-irc5 the soft, rich, hand-rubbed finish which' distinguishes the
most expensive and up-to-date furniture.
With Vtlvo-Tone you can transform your whole home, make all the
furniture look new and modern, and the woodwork in l.arruur.v v.tli it.
Voli-n-Tnr a ... ... .,-. .. ......... , t-i rT.A. 1 1 , t ;TT-c Mift. Velvet V effect
tn r.T. etiT.I-o': rifiii tl:.t fi,r?r.rli rmiiircil . t.-h.iil.'. V iiriji-'i: V. '.Z tilld l.iiliU,
rubtin Ly sa exj..rt.
Frank GobeSma
Wall Paper and Paint Store, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Mission Arrives m Washington to
Discuss Ultimate Peace and
Reparation to Ee Demanded
of Germany.
. Cass County Registration Continued from Page Four
Miller, George ZHfivion
Marlow, K:iy I,evis. ,
McKay, Merle Klton
MoCiiiie, John lMsvin
Olive, Iier Arthur
Oiandcr, I'nrl Walter
Oinn.ler, Kdward William
Germany Reported to Have Agreed to i'wer, Oliver Karl
Waive Demands for Land and
J. M. Stone of Nehawka was a vis
itor in Elmwood on Tuesday.
Wm. Mueller and wife and son mo
tored from Springfield on Tuesday for
a few hours' visit here.
George Miller left on Friday of last
week for Pittsburg, Kan., being called
there by the serious sickness of his
aged father.
Mrs. Wm. Gerbling and children of
Nora, Neb., arrived on Saturday for
a visit at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. G. W. Hylton and other rela
tives. Mrs. Wm. DelesDernier was a pas
senger to Lincoln Saturday to see Mr.
DelesDernier, who is confined in a
hospital at that place. He is improv
ing slowly.
John A. Burke of York, Neb., and
Mrs. Peterson and daughter, Ruth,
and Miss Hazel Malmquist visited at
the E. C. Burke home part of last
week and this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kunz and Mr.
and Mrs. G. L. Berjrer motored to
Eackemeyer, and at the F. Backemeyer
jr., homes, and with other relatives
Mr. Eackemeyer will remain until
Monday, but Mrs. Backemeyer and
children will remain for a month's
visit with August Panska's at Mur
deck, and with William Eomemeier's
and R. Panska's.
Sccres of Plattsmouth Readers are
Learning the Duty of the Kidneys.
To filter the Wood is the kidneys'
When they fail to do this the kid-
ne3's are weak.
Backache and other kidney ills may
Help the kidneys do their work.
Use the Doan's Kidney Tills the
tested kidney remedy.
Plattsmouth people endorse their
Mrs. S. L. Cotner, Fourth & Marble
streets, Plattsmouth, savs: 4,I don't
riesitate to recommend anything
know is good, and I know Doan's Kid
Washington, June 17. Belgium's
diplomatic mission came to Washing
ton today to express its gratitude for
American relief work and tp discuss
with American officials the repara
tion that is to be demanded of Ger
many for its violated faith at the be
f:ir.mng of the war and international
crimes that have followed.
The mission was received with all
the courtesies and probably with
deeper emotions than the ollicial mis
sions of the greater nations that pre
Rector, Samuel Asa
Iticli. Ralph Smith
Russell, Webb I.evelle
Smith, Kverett Vernon
Staton, Lewis Wood
VanCrew, Wilbur
Wallace, Ceorge Kail
'No Indemnities or Annexation" Ever
Sought From Eastern Neighbor.
Klrs Wnril.
Bipffs, .Tames If.
Buscli. Fred II.
Carmen. Kenneth L.
Chase, Clinton J. Au nst Vr.
Canois, licurfi'
Crai;-?, I. Roy
Petrograd, June 17. Via London.
A stirring proclamation placing the Crousp- Clayton
council of workmen and soldiers' : UIWl,,V
, , , . , , I)ovey, Georgre O.
delegates on record as irrevocably op- i,OVey. K.iwai.l crosvenor
posed to a separate peace was adopt- Dui.ois, Krnest K.
ed by the council. The proclamation RRfni'eiKer. Louis w.
Iw-ic nrnmn) ol 1.t A 1 1 of ..o . flPt0 I 1 dll,r JOI1I1 .
Secretary Lansing, Counsellor Polk , Fric-ke. IMwin A.
I 111 I'rt I'll Jl'1'1 MA - rt n-m n .- 1
and Assistant. Secretnrv Phillins. of J""" iaml.lin. Armour
the 'State Department, greeted them
at the station, after which thev mo- . . .. -
, i' ... t ...... at Psem tr.e center ot peace gossip,
former minister of Belgium, which is
Hatt, John V.
Lindon, June 1G. From Stockholm, I HawkenWry, Glenn R.
llei olil, Mat hew Goring
lleiiesh, John
insnivod nnd c:nnntnfuinc mnctlu i n
, ..-. , ...--.. j, I 1 (or it t i..-..,.i... o
en.i'l n vpnnrt .' mn -, Viof ". I . ..
to be their headquarters. ' 1 u i , J , Ka,'nes A11,e, t
Baron Ludovic Moncheur, chief of , . - , , .,
.. . . member of the Swiss federal council, '--!. R-ra
l political bureau of the Belgium , tr , . T, Meisin-er, j. Leonard
1 Inns offered np.npp tn Hikih I .1. i-jiiuih
foreign of!ice, and for eight years min
ister to this country, is the head of
the mission. It is understood he ex
pects to ecnune his efforts in the
jvx, .v . r ........
fl ,. . . , I "iin, .1111111.1
simultaneously a uerne Uispatcli Morsan. Guy w.
asserted that the federal council, see- McUod, Joseph M. iion
ing no chances of success at present, ,;1,''m'1. Pollock
-aiiersun, iwignt t.
........ . . . . I will not. tak'P thf initintiv in nrnnnj. '
unued States largely to the ultimate . l Pedersei John
iit-itcu iu me ui-iiiKt'rerus. - 1 ne p.ostelli, Vineenzo
council, it was said, would disregard I Rk hanlson, Floyd X.
various petitions renuestinsr neace I Ressier, Karl Alvin
Cotner, Albert Andrew
l'avis. Annan Clay
lvorak, Frank Michael
KMer, Orie Ree
Kledge, Charles Ray
Kvers. William Frederick
Felix, Krnest Henry
Frans, Elmer West
Iladraba, Charles Edward
Ilibci, Joseph Michael
Hula, Charles William
Hula, Anton Joseph
Hyde. Karl Columbus
Janda, Charles Clement
Jirousek, Matthew Anton
JiroiiFek, John Josepli
Jelinek, James Robert
Kalasek, Kd
Kalasek, Wesley Joseph
Kolioutfk, Timothy Charles
Kostka. Loin's
Koijka!, John Andrew
Krue-er, Otto Carl
i.indeman. Fred Louis
Lony. Kdward
I.yiK h, Charles David
Martin, Clyde Kdward
Marsik. Joseph
Marshall, Ralph I.
Meisi:i;;er, Klmer Harvey
Moore, Andrew O.
Minor, Lynn Overton
Mulli:--, Kyle Man ford
Murray. Karl Lauranoe
McAlpine. John Floyd
McCart, lOverett James
Mc.Maken, Henry Clay
X. ".veil, Robert Jlenry
Par. os, James
Parker, Krnest Cecil
IV-lster, Joseph
Propst, William Kdward
Rehal, Frank Anton
Rehal, Robert Josej)h
Reiil. Walter James
Ki-n'and, I.eroy William
Kil.n. Piiillip Frank
Roiieka, Peter
Cloidt, John J.'
Closson, Guy Haviland
Caribuiff, Car Oscar
Daniels, Floy' Dana
Dal ton, Lester H.
Dickson, Ma l ion L.
Dawson, Frederick George
Dal ton, Carl Rfehard
Di.napran, Clarence Kills
Kgeiibeif?er, Carl Klmer
Kdwards, GTen "Chesley
l"ox, William K. Jr.
Forma n, Frank
Forbes, Clifford Monroe
Gentry, Henry Montgomery
Giadoville, Charles
Good inc. lOverett Leroy
(Jrybsky, Kdward F.
Geis. Karl Morris
G!n;:e, Kdg-ar Lewis
Hirz, John Frederick
iTit hnian, Kaymond C.
Holmes, Willis R.
IJild, Kmll Jacob
Holly, Wiliam ICoy
Hallstrom, John Klmer
Hesse, Henry Melchoir
Herold, J'eter Carl
Hunter, Josejh Alexander
Hunter, Robert Ramsey
Isner, Charles Russell
Jones, James Hubbard
Jelinek, Charles John
Janca, James J.
Johnson. Gunnard Iobert
Janda, Charles Frank
Krivanek, 5eor?:e Francis
Kozak, Frank
Koi, August Fred
Kulmey, Charles Floyd
ICnorr, J:oy William
Kalina, Cyril
Kelly, 1-M ward Francis
Rvnoh, William Conrad
I.ushirisky, Otto John
l-am phear, Henry
Laisen, Knud ller.ry
M inner, Lewis Charles
Finder, Kmll
Field, Percy Holcomb
Fischer, Frank
Frank. Monte Carl
HafTke, William Robert
Harris, Kdward Clarence
Herehenroeder, Oscar
Hesse, Augrust GeorRft
Ilob.!on, George Riley
Howe, Kstes Oscar
Jones, .Tames Robert
Klsslirif?, Fred
Kisslir.ff, Louie '
Kopischka, George Henry
Lahoda, Joseph
Lahoda, Charles
Lee, Rewis-Arloe.
Ledf?way, Clarence Kdmund
Lutz, Henry Fredrich
Miller, Frank Andrew Jack
son ' i
Miller, John Patrick
McCulley, Kdward Kmmons
Xewman, Fred
Xiel, Leslie William
Norman, Don Kdgor
Ofe, Kdv.urd George
Peterson John Chariep, Jr.
Pitz, Otto
Preis, John
Rawls. Ii. Glen
Rice, FranJi Mark
Rothmann, William
Rothman, Louie
Salatka, Frank John Joe, Jr.
Sanders, Albert Merle
Smith, Louie
Steinhauer, Henry Kdsar
Stillprer, Amel .August
Streets, Francis Wilson
Torell, KtHyard Gunnar
Vanek, Joseph
Winger, Karl
peace questions rather than to imme
diate war needs.
Millions for Sufferers.
In the latter he will find his wishes
already met. for the United States,
hortly after its entrance into the
war, took over the entire cost of the
relief in Belgium
treasury department advances $7,
500,000 for this purpose.
The Belgium commissioners indeed
are assured of the simplest work of
Ri.sencrans. Kru. e A rli n ton Mason, William Harvey
Scar'orouRh, Theodore M.
0....14.: - il.. ..-i I V.. ...... V.lll l.
oijcimauuii was iJiurnpuy set anut- Shel len ba rj;er. Krnest G.
ter here whether the council had Soennu hsen. Waldemar (
stated its position thus in order to Stewart, '''red c.
clua p pacasse, Theodore
ney Pills nave merit. I have taken
Louisville Monday afternoon, the for- them on several occasions for back-
mer to visit relatives and the latter acn an'1 olncr E1Pns of kidney trou
to visit friends and old neighbors. ble and the have always done me
C. G. Bailev and William John left- Kood- Doan's have been used in our
last Saturday for Hot Snrincrs. Ark.. famil3' oft and on for a long time am
where they will spend three or four.the results have always been satisfac-
weeks in the interest of their health.
We expect to see them return at the
end of the time greatly benefited.
Word received here by friends of
the Mueller family of Cedar Rapids.
Ia., states that their mother, who re
cently underwent an operation, will
be able to go to her home soon, but it
will be a long time before she is
strong again. The friends here of
the Mueller family are glad to hear
this news.
On Monday Dr. O. E. Liston and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds
and Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Liston left on
an auto tour for the west. They ex
pect to camp out to to have an en
joyable time. They will stop at many
points in Nebraska and Colorado. The
doctor and family will be gone about
Price ;j0c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Cotner recommends. Foster-Mil
burn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
The members of the Ladies' Aid so
ciety are requested to bring packages
for the parcel-post sale on Thursday,
June 28, at the residence of ?.Irs. John
! I.utz. I'ackaees valued at 2." cent.
The Luther League.
Markers, monuments ami lot corners
Best Granite and marble.Also, let
tering done in cemetery. Cass
j- , , .. ' - j
iour weexs, wnue me rest 01 the party : Jlonument Co., W. T. Wassell man-
ager, Hotel Riley block. G-lG-tfd&w
will remain for a number of weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Beckemeyer and
two children of McLean, Neb., arrived
on Wednesday on a visit at the home j
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs
F. !
C , 1 1 1 T 1 1 .
oviuiiu-nuiiu roru louring cars, C.22-,. W. W. Wasley, Platts
We handle a complete line of Automobile
Supplies and
. Goodrich Tires !
Our competent Ford Mechanics insure
prompt repairs!
Welding a Specialty!
On July 1st all cars must be equipped with head
light lenses, which will conform to the new law.
We sell
the best in the Market!
T- H- Pollock Auto Co.,
FORD Authorized Sales and Service, 6th St., Plattsmouth, Neh
- Office Telephone No. 1. Shop Telephone No. 58.
. . Idisavod from the outset iinv r.fTovt
.acft month the . . , , , . Schuldk e. Frank 1 1.
mul:i me unnameu memoer is to pmjt!l i.'lank u
make in behalf of Germany. squires. George w,
Wilson Attacked. Swan. Luther M.
There would be nothing surprising Wynn'. Fre'1 l-
.-11 the iht 1,,. ,.;,;4.i " iJ" lcu oner,
4. rr-v .,, , observers here point out. Germany
for explanation, for argument, or for h
.. ' . ..... . Russia ever since the Muscovite rev-
American omcia.s nave oIution
flermnn nt.itr ?m!in hnvo ?il.-n crr
,.-;M x "
. ..UWH, WltI, cial pains tQ conyince Russian
st honors to the representa-L.r.r.;i ..r i.i:...
uves of that nation which did not delegates that the latter's aims and
ncMLaxe to loose everything1 to save
U r ii i j i
,l Vu - tRen a,iei.u I,st- . Only today the German government's Kukacek. Frank Joseph
"iiiuii wm ue lormany pre- organ, the Nord Deutsche Allegemine i:urbride. cunord clarence
semeu xo rresiuent wiison tomorrow 7Wn r.v,.;,! 4i,,-, Rifrns. P.erl
1 . ..f,l , I ww.v,
-..u Kiiei ni ue receiveu by tne sen- Germany never sought annexations or
aie ana nouse end will be entertained indemnities from Russia, and, there
at a scries oi lormal receptions. forc, subscribed to the councils doc
trine of "no annexations or indem-
VISITED WITH OLD FRIENDS. nities." thouirh the article bints n-
mistakably that this andies onlv to
n . ii. i orter of Union, accompanied Russia
by II. W. Pitman of York, Neb., was The same organ bitterly attacks
in the city Friday visiting with their President Wilson's note to Russia as
friends in the county seat. Mr. Pitman aimed at "inflaming the war passion
is a member of one of the prominent of that country and proving Mr. Wil
families of this county and has resided son's inconsistency.
in iork since eighteen years ago, and
is well pleased with his home there.
Welshimer, Chester K.
Woolward, William
Welch. Leo A.
Seeoiul Ward.
Aschcnbrener, Joseph Kd
wa id
Rrady, Jesse Claville
Rradway, August William
Rrady, Homer Kiicnc
Rrinkman, Henry Robert
1il'vn T.n.l Vlio-iielnu
Campbell, Archie Roy
Carter, James Howard
Cernik, James
Chapman. John W.
Cizek, Joseph
Cheval, Frank August Frank Anton
Ciiiincy, Daniel Rernard
Sch wenni-ker, Ralph Lero.s
Sed la k. Joseph Matthew
Seiver. Ion Holdretre
Slatinskv, Vincent
Smith, Fae Kmerson
Soi-nnichsen, Henry Georpre
Stai'tlman, Paul Theodorr
Stanek, Kmll Louie
Sianek, Jos-ejili Wenceslaus
Stennei', Clarence Herbert
Svb(da, Tom Stuart
Svobmla, Frank Joseph
Thackrey, Floyd A.
Tiokoetter, Louis William
Toman, Anton Joseph
Toman, John Hubert Cyril
Wjvoda. Frank
Waitci-s, Ivlsar Marcus
W.::;ra. Jess Franklin
11. VTTSMOl T!l.
l liir.l Ward.
Antos. IVter Paul
Andrews. William
Arries, Major Alexander, I-Mar J)avid
Raikus, Frank
Rrown. Mablon Pourlas
Peal. Harry
Rrisjrjs, Leland Shreeve
Pa jock, John
Peal, Clarence Leroy
Rai;;.. r, i:arl CliiTord
Prinkman, William Henry
Rarki.s, Harry Ray
Christ ianson, Rror Anilrel
Co! ne!-, Clarence C.
Mi: I lis, Ralph Cecil
Mann. Frederick William
Newton, Orval Alphonso
TVrry, Hallie li.
I'armele, Murle AV'oodford
I ankiw, Nick
Ry.. Anton Vincent
Sciver. Jennings Hryan
Stastka. Charles Frank
Suchy, Frank Joseph
Sprecher, Paul C.
Sedluk, James Jacob
Schutz, John Kdward
Shryock, Frank George
Skalak, Rudolph
Sprecher, Pobert K.
Streitcht, Harold G.
Stine, Jcdin Ray
Speck, Fred Vincent
Turner, Ren
Verb ue!. Fred Henry
Ward, Kverett Alfred
Will, Robert Rrvan
Fourth Ward.
Anderson, Guy Clarence
Rarrett. Leslie John Joseph George William
Ruriows, Raymond I:.
Ciiristensen, Soplius Arnold
Cook. Thomas Lyndon
Covert, LeRoy Freemont
Kdgerton. Alfred Karl
Kwenl.erger, William Robert
I Os?. nberger. Anton R.
Kledgj George Grovcr
Farmer, riico.lore Renjamln
Klf Mi Wanl.
Ault. Charles Franklin
Alexander, Arthur A.
liuik, Harvey
Ri inklowr George William
Crook, Guy
Cotner, Kdward K.
PeWolf, William Karl
Pean. Arthur
ICledge, Wesley Haywood
Godwin, Albert Jacob
Grassrnann, Hil". iard
Hough, Herman Joseph
Heinrich, William L.
Koubeck, Frank George
Koubek, Joe John
Maurer, Kugene
Maurer, John W.
Murray, Albert
Mauer, Frank
Maurer, Kdward W.
McCart, Floyd
Gfe, William Henry
O'Ponnell. William Patrick
Patton, Robert Ray
Rentier, Nelson V.
Rabb, Andrew
Rahh, Michael F.
Roweri, Wilbur
Rhoades, John Samuel
Sheldon, Hiram A.
Sternes, Ray
Stone, Harry Floyd
Schafer, "Leonard
Sitmann, Joseph C.
Sheldon, AVilliam Harrison
Sabatka, Joseph F. G.
Tarns, William George
Vroman, Verdon
Vroman, Allard F.
W?nce, Charles H.
York, Jess
Teuton Intrigues Exposed.
Petrograd, Via London, June 1G.
Fresh attempts on the part of the
uermans to conclude peace wan Kus- Tho men who nartieinated in the
sia nave oeen exposed, with the result stealing of the automobile of John
iL. i ii .l t 1 I me expulsion irom itussia nas Richardson in this citv last Thursd.iv
been ordered of a prominent socialist evening have completed the course of
the law and one of them is headed
for the penitentiary at Lincoln. The
men were secured by Sheriff Quinton
in Omaha Friday and brought to this
city, where they were arraigned be-
internationalist, a citizen of Switzer
land, Robert Grimm.
Two days ago the provisional gov
ernment received from a reliable
sources a copy of a dispatch ad-
Washington, D. C., June 17. Full
ipproval has been c-iven lv thf wnr
department to the air supremacy pro- dressed by Hoffman, a member of the forc County Judge Beeson on a corn-
gram of the defense council's aircraft vli,:5 "-u1 council, to- onmm. plaint filed by County Attorney Cole
board and President Wilson has been P . . separate peace oner and bound over to the district court
asked to put the administration sup
port behind the great project, for
which an appropriation of $000,000,
000 is sought.
Under the plan the United States
would become a crreat elementnrv
training base immediately for all the
allies and enormous numbers of train
ing machines would be turned out
while American plants are developing
a serviceable hnitlo vraft r-.
. - ..M.t. w . tjzm ijv
contained in the dispatch Hoffman re- Saturday eveninir Judtje Ileclev held
ported that Germany and its allies a short sesson Gf district court to
were ready to begin general and im- near the pea of the two men Frank
mediate peace negotiations if Russian O'Brien and Nick Mercuric, and to
lallies were willing. the charge the two offenders entered
Handed to Grimm. a plea of guilty. O'Brien, who had
The provisional government appar- been the leader in the crime, and had
ently was informed that this dispatch stolen the car and driven it to Omaha,
had been handed to Urimm by the was &iven a sentence of from one to
Swiss minister at Petrograd. The seVen years in the penitentiary, while
government requested the socialist Mercurie, who it seems was involved
from there to Union, where they strike
the Omaha-Kansas City auto road, and
will follow that road into Omaha. The
members of the party will reach
Plattsmouth at noon and will have
dinner in this city, where the Platts
mouth delegation will join the cara
van and proceed with them to Omaha.
The visitors during their stay in the
city should be given the hospitality
of the city and a recognition given
them by the civic organizations. With
the large number that is expected
there will be requirements for rest
rooms for the ladies and facilities for
cleaning up ard resting from the trip
before they leave for Omaha.
Whooping Cough.
The state convention of the Ne
braska Sunday School association will
open tomoirow at Omaha, and prom
ises to be the greatest gathering of
its nature ever held in the state. An
automobile caravan from all sections
of the state into Omaha is planned
for the event and the attendance will
reach into the thousands if the plans
of the committee in charge materialize
a, . . . In thls sease it is important tLaN
To attend this convention, from 200 the cough be kept loose and expecto-
to 300 representatives of the Cass ration easy, which can be done by giv-
county association will be present and ing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
expect to make the trip by automo- Mrs. P. H. Martin, Peru, Ind., writes. '
bile The representatives from the "My two daughters had whoopine-
western portion of the county will as- cough. I gave them Chamberlain's
semble at .danley tomorrow morning Congh Remedy and it worked line a
and proceed to Weeping Water, and charm."
next snrinrr V,o k.,i .wcw.ccx oo. u" tuuiLci, AOCICieni m tne attair merely as a companion
.v. uuu i u uiuuusca IU I l j. J j i I "
have the allies readv to litemllv drivo a. U V OKOei.e" lo Qenianu expiana- Gf . O'Brien, and did not have1 any ac-
the Germans from the air.
The program seems by all means
the most effective way in which to
exert America's force at once in tell
e i . . i iiiuuiiiuicvc ox iiie unci iiciiiu-ictusb uu
;ng fashion," said Secretary Baker to- cifist ' nda.
tions irom urimm, wno was tneir coi- tive nart in the takinn- of the mr
league, inasmuch as, though a for- aside from being in the company of
eigner, he was beginning to play a O'Brien, was fined $25 and costs,
prominent roie in petrograd as tne which will amount to something like
$70 before the matter is settled up
Mercurie is arranging for the pay-
dav. ciiis.1.
..- ... An oiTicial statement issued todav mont .f tVio fin ,.;n . ..t-,.. rrmn t h-nn-, - - I . v... ci.a..Lu
and build thousanrrIr ',eC areS that Grimm denJcd to rom custody as soon as it is settled
out interfering in "W'ZZ T. I mQ members that the bwiss mm- This is very prompt work on the part
ih r u..:,J: -"a"- " ister had transmitted to him such a of Sheriff Quinton and Countv At
wo lvl uuiiuing up our armiesU;.no.-i, t ; u ...t-i ...v..:. I . ..-., ,., . ..
and for supplying the allies with fond i ' ut""ul,w" "1C torney oie and tne securing of the
and munitions. food as a clumsy German maneuver. piea of guilty from the men by the
"The aircraft . . ""ea. Mpe"fu county attorney has saved the county
.n. UICCH! Lilt: UK- I I inirvi ritrr fh.f nh n r, I '... I J LI. 1 ,
rrnna r,f tv .,. I iuucu i. ucmc a consiuerauie sum mat wouia nave
manas ot the situation. Accord inc tn c.i.v.i u i.j a , , . , ,
the best .: " "lul,l"u"" xCAuaeu iu u.- naa to oe expenaeo m a jury trial it
are ahnnt 7 nnn nno 1 ' ter into any such negotiations and the men had stood pat and demanded
e 7Z IS? n?en west" that as a socialist he refused to let it, although there was little doubt of
.-. ,. xue auuiuon ot a himself be made the instrument of im- their guilt
few inff.n 1-ir nr. f r. - .! f,uiiv
v,I1Jie OI great perialist plans.
moral value, won!.! ...- -P-. I . . ...
the foreino. Af n 7 r 1 "e two Kussian ministers report- DANCE AT MURRAY.
0 MVW1UJ1, AiewmOU. Pri to tho ftlhlncf ,.haf CI r-irv.rv.To .v I rrI ..-11 i -i , .
;ind tiino,! v. " v,.-....... . v-v . Aueie wm ue u social given
11 illiTJ' h,W!Ver' m?y Pnation was unsatisfactory. Where- on Thursday evening, June 21, at the
r ""vie uuinciire npiwppn VIP. nnnn .1 r. i-mmiv -..n,,lo.... -..1 I . o y-, .
1..,. j , - . j . I uucuiaic cumuli uiuci z uis oi aunsmeiNnau in iMurray. AJ1
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please leave at the Journal office.
5175 and $225. W. W. Wasley, Platts- f ticulars see or write. Geo. J. Oldham.
Phone 205-J.
The T. J Sokol Dramatic Club
"Far ar a Jelio ECostelnili"
Sunday, June 24th
at 3 p. m. Sharp
sJ Admission 25c; Children 10cw
Oance After the Play
Gents 25c; Ladies Free
Music Furnished by Plattsmouth Orchestra
Plenty of Refreshment)