The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 11, 1917, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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MONDAY, JUT- 11, 1917.
PAGE .3.
i - V
V '
1 IA
liie bij-'fst musical successes on
the chaut:iuina platfrui iu Aiucr-
v f Mmmm m- 1 I usr
: ' ' ' affLL: '"'y
' 111 I fSiS
The Po.!Ifford
is a simple attachment to go on Fords (or other cars) to con
vert them into practical tractors.
The price of the attachment is $145 on Fords and $155
on other cars, much cheaper than any other similar attach
ment. The Pullford does the work of four horses and will do it
in the hottest weather when horses can't stand the gaff.
The Pullford will do the work of four horses and does not
eat when it is not working. If you could buy four good
horses for $145 you'd think they were mighty cheap.
For practical work on the average farm the Pullford is the
very best investment the farmer can make.
It will pull your binder, do your plowing, discing, harrow-
iy, pull your manure spreader, haul your heavily loaded
wagons to town; in fact, it will do about all the work your
horses will do except planting
The Pullford will pull any
will pull and do it easy.
We will demonstrate the Pullford in a few days. Watch
the Plattsmouth Journal for the Notice.
R. C. Hitchman, Agent for Cass County,
Plattsmouth, Neb.
afety First
The Finest Purest, Most Delicious (Non-AI-coholic)
Beverarge Ever Brewed!
The Whole Family Will Enjoy It's Cool,
Sparkling, Thirst Quenching Qualities.
Order by Name Remember
Sole Distributor for Cass County.
4th and Main St. Plattsmouth, Neb.
o o-
o o
today. This famous singins band
provides a rare treat- They play good
music, tliey sing as well, and their en
Plattsmouth Chautauqua starts June 28 and lasts seven days; even big days of entertainment
and splendid lectures, patriotic music, for the price of $2- Remember the dates June 28 to July 4
and cultivating your corn.
load that your two best teams
"Malta" First!
tertaining features are creat. They
have been enthusiastically received by
lyceum and chautauqud audiences in
4. NEWS. 4-
Fred Rose and family went to Uni
versity Place Saturdayto visit rela
tives. Hope St. John went to Peru Friday
afternoon to attend the commence
ment exercises.
Mrs. C. D. Quinton and children
and Mrs. Lester Stone and daughter
ipent the past week at the Palmer
Miss Naomi Adams returned to her
home in Bethany Tuesday, after
spending several weeks at the G. A.
Murdoch, home.
J. II. Stetfens has started a fine
new house on lots north of the school
house. What does John need of a
house. Wait and see.
The remains of Nate Harder, who
died in a hospital in Omaha Monday,
were brought to Nehawka Tuesday
morning at 10 o'clock.
R. C. Pollard is this week in at
tendance at a Hampshire Breeders'
convention at Cedar Rapids, la., hav
ing left Wednesday afternoon to take
in the event.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Porter autoed
up from Union Sunday afternoon to
get Mr. Porter's mother, Grandma
Carper, who will stay with them a
week or more.
Mrs. J. F. Stout, who has been vis
iting at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. V. P. Sheldon, went to Elmwood
Wednesday for a visit with her
daughter, Mrs. R. C. Alford.
The Harder family live at the
Heebner quarry, four miles west of
town, where the deceased had been
employed in the past. The wife and
five children survive. The wife and
mother is blind, and owing to the long
illnes:j of the father, the family has
been compelled to seek aid from the
Workmen finished the floor to the
Lundberg garage Wednesday, and
Mr. Lundberg intends to move in at
once. The new garage has filled a
long needed improvement for the
town, and he is congratulating him
self that at last he will have more
commodious quarters for the public
and a more desirable place of busi
ness. H-H
George Harshman of Avoca was in
town Saturday between trains. He
"vas returning from the western part
of the state, where he had bought
three quarters of land.
Miss Winifred Abernathy returned
home Friday night from Beatrice,
her school having closed. She has
been elected for next year at' Beatrice
with an increase in wages.
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Orton and
family of Fullerton, Cal., arrived
Tuesday morning for a visit with the
practically nil cities of the United
States. Strictly a headline feature.
Last day and concert in the evening.
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
Oiton and other relatives.
Miss Grace Contryman and her sis
ter, Elizabeth Turner, and little
daughter, Margaret, of Schenectady,
N. Y., arrived Saturday morning to
visit at the home of their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Countryman.
Edward Ilenegrar and Miss Emma
Mitchell of Mt. Hope, surprised their
friends last week, May 2;, by going
to Lincoln and getting married. They
will make their home where Ed has
been working.
Mrs. Will Preston returned Monday
afternoon from Burwell, where she
had been for several weeks caring for
her daughter, Mrs. Perl Long, who
has been very sick but is getting
along nicely now.
Weather observer S. W. Orton's
records show that the rainfall in this
vicinity for the months of April and
May amounted to more than a foot.
It was nearly six inches in April and
nearly seven inches in May.
Mrs. Lela E. Low, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L..
Lacej' and other relatives left Wed
nesday for Casper, Wyo., to care for
her sister, Mrs. R. C. Davi?, who is
sick. From there fhe will return
to her home at Oakland, Cal.
Joe Malcolm, the Nehawka miller,
was a Saturday night visitor at the
J. W. S perry home. Joe has been in
the milling business for many years
and said he sold a sack of flour a
short time ago for $4.00, which was
the highest priced flour he ever sold.
Mr. and Mrs. William Burrows and
family arrived Wednesday from Bald
win, Kan., for a visit with relatives
and a possible view of locating in
Cass county, as they have sold out
in Kansas and are on the market for
a home. After their many years'
residence in Cass county, we know
they will be welcome to locate here
if they choose to do so.
Dr. F. W., who was called
to Omaha a few days ago to take
het examination for service in the
medical corps of the U. S. army, was
turned down because of optical de
fects near-sightedness especially.
The fact of his wearing glasses that
correct this defect did not allow him
to pass. His physical and medical
qualifications were O. K.
Miss Minna Tuckenhagen went to
Lincoln Monday afternoon, where she
will attend school this summer.
Elma Hall went to Lincoln on the
afternoon train Tuesday afternoon
for a visit with Miss Ruth Kime.
Clarence Heebner, Louis Mougej7,
Ray Cross and Mrs. Delia Anderson
were .Nebraska City passengers
Mrs. H. M. Shoemaker, Mrs. Mont
Robb and Miss Gussie Robb were Ne
braska City passengers Saturday
Miss Adeline Bischof, of Nebraska
City, has been elected for the teacher
of the seventh and eighth grades here
next year.
Ross Crane
Rev. W. A. Taylor conducted the
memorial services in Murdock last
Sunday morning. A large attendance
greeted him and the program was ex
cellent. Miss Leola Graves, of Lincoln, who
had been visiting here with her
father, left Monday afternoon for
Peru, where she will visit at the home
of Dr. J. D. Graves.
Mrs. B. B. Brown and three chil
dren left for their home at Lemoines,
Neb., Tuesday aftrnoon for a visit
with her uncle, M. Lynde, and other
John Brandt, who attended the
Factoryville school, which was taught
last year by Mrs. Nettie Stanton, left
Monday for Lincoln, where he will
attend a Farmers' Congress this
week. Last vear Mrs. Stanton or
ganized a corn raising contest among
the boys in her school to take part in
the state contest and John came out
second in the state. He raised 90
bushels to the acre, which was two
bushels lower than the winner.
.'.-?t.-. WV!.
4 ..... ..... .4.
j Courier
A baby girl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Roman Meier Wednesday, June G.
Miss Alma Hansen, of Omaha, was
the the guest of Miss Mabel Ossenkop
this week.
Miss Lucretia Ward has arrived
from Denver to spend the summer in
Louisville with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Ward.
The young ladies of Eagle gave an
entertainment followed by ice cream
and cake Tuesday evening for the
benefit of the Red Cross movement.
Scott McGrew, whose foot was in
jured ten weeks ago by falling from
an electric light pole, went to Oma
ha Tuesday to have it examined by
an X-ray.
Adam Meisinker. living east of
Louisville, has traded his Ford for a
new model Buick Four. It is the lat
est model and Mr. Meisinger and fam
ily expect to enjoy it very much.
Mrs. II. G. Schwind, of Manley, is
making an. extended visit with rela
tives at her old home in Ohio. Mr.
Schwind and son are keeping bach
elor's hall during her absence.
Ed Landergren, of Greenwood, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Claus Landergren,
formerly of Louisville, has joined the
Fourth Nebraska regiment and will
soan be on his way to France.
The Louisville lakes north of town
are becoming more popular every sea
son as a fishing resort. Last Sunday
the banks were lined with fishermen,
their wives and families accompany
ing them, enjoying the day's outing
and a picnic dinner.
Leonard Wendt, son of William
Wendt, met with a painful accident
Wednesday. While cutting wood with
a sharp axe, the axe slipped and he
struck his foot, inflicting a wound that
required several stitches by Dr. E. II
Wordman to close.
Mrs. Denis Gardner and little son
left for their home near Gordon Sat-
urdav after an extended visit with
her mother, Mrs. Ellen Rathbun, and
other relatives in Louisville. Mrs.
v .. , .
Gardner down from Gordon two
months ago to undergo a serious op
eration in Omaha, after which she
spent her period of convalescence in
i . i i
Frank Gillett arrived on last Fri
day from Wyoming and will spend
several weeks visiting the home folks.
Herman and Fred Dettman of Im-
periol, Neb., came in last Saturday to
attend the alumni banquet and to
visit with friends.
William Deles Dernier went to
Lincoln Tuesday, where he went to a
hospital for treatment. He has been
under the weather somewhat of late,
suffering with kidney trouble.
Oscar Zink is very sick at his home
in the country, having a very severe
case of typhoid pneumonia. Miss
Bornemeier, a trained nurse, has been
employed to care for him.
Noel Tyson left on Tuesday for
Rochester, Texas, where he begins his
work on the Standard Chautauqua
circuit for the season. William Roett
ger is also working for this company.
Frank A. Lenz arrived Wednesday
from Naperville, 111., where he has
been attending school the past year.
His brother, George, and wife and
Miss Rosa Schneider drove to Mur
dock to meet him.
On Tuesday of last week a daugh
ter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Uhley at Alvo, Neb. Both mother and
baby are doing nicely and the par
ents are receiving . congratulations
from their many friends.
Mrs. C. S. Aldrich entertained the
M. I. S. S. club on last Friday even
ing. In spite of the inclement weath
cr, a number were present and en
joyed a pleasant evening, chatting
over their work and listening to the
music. Delicious refreshments were
served. Mrs. Fleming Robb was a
guest of the club. .
n a m r. i jb a mm m iw m m mm - fw
The Happy y?
"Hoppy" yJP
Drink ..
of Vryoming; Neb Tyson, Mr. and
scene of a family reunion on Sunday
and the following were present ' to
dinner: Mrs. Bess Robb and children,
of Wyoming; Nole Tyson, Mr. and
Mrs. Cyrus Tyson, of Omaha; Mrs.
W. Si Waters and daughter, Wini
fred, of Lincoln; Grandma Alton and
Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Alton. It was
the occasion for a very pleasant time.
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. O. M
Ring, William Langhorst, Claud
I Breckenfeldt and John Olsen left for
a western trip. They expect to stop
at a good many places, and finally
wind up at Denver. Their means of
travel was via the Ford method. In
order to be safe they carried enough
accessories and supplies to build an
other Ford car, so in case anything
should break they have the repairs
with them. They will be gone several
weeks on this trip. Mrs. Ring stopped
oiT at Grant, Neb., where she will vis
it the Reed family.
I "V'i V i I-i Ail
Deacon -g
-5i ! -I-
Mrs. Mamie Hudson and children
visited with relatives at Lincoln over
Nick Peterson built a new frame
garage, lxia, tnis weeK lor a. J.
Earll, southwest of town.
C. W. Crabtree of Hastings, Neb.,
visited over Saturday and Sunday
with relatives here.
John Harstock is driving a new
Dodge touring car which he purchased
from Frank Lanning last week.
Howard Mick and wife returned
home Friday afternoon from a two
weeks' visit with relatives at Walnut,
V'e are glad to report that Will
Knapton is able to be out and around
again after an illness of several
weeks. - '
Ernest Trumble has resigned hie
position as clerk in W. P. Yoho's
store. Darwin Yoho has taken his
Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Reit
ter, Monday, June 4th, a son. The
mother and little one are reported to
be getting along nicely.
W. I. Swisher and family autoed
down from Lincoln Sunday afternoon
in their new Overland touring car
for i short visit with friends.
Ollie Ward has accepted a position
as automobile salesman for Ed W.
Thimgan at Murdock, having com
menced his duties Monday morning
of this week.
Mrs. Flora Manker and daughters,
Tamson and Florence of Lincoln, vis
ited Friday of last week at the home
of T. R. Adams; also, a friend of Miss
Manker's, who brought them out in
his car.
Cholera Morbus.
This is a very painful and dangerous
disease. In almost every neighbor
hood someone has died from it before
medicine could be obtained or a phy
sician summoned. The right way is
to have a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic
and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house so
as to be prepared for it. Mrs. Charles
Enyeart, Huntington, Ind., writes:
"During the summer of 1911 two of
my children were taken sick with
cholera morbus. I used Chamberlain's
Colic and Diarrhoea Remmedy and it
gave them immediate relief."
Upright piano in perfect condition.
Price $75. Inquire at Avard & McLean
Shoe Store. 6-1-tfd
lraIM. A.k fnrCIIl.CllVN.TFRH
lUAjlI JIRAKD 1'ILI.H. (or 8&
years known a Best. Safest. Reiiibla
Made byPahtt
at Milwaukee
ith an unusual y
snappy "hop" (
flavor. It satisfies. ),
You'll like Pablo.
Pure and healthful. Li
Ice cold at any
place that sells
by the case from
4&Sk;l til-rkM-tcr't Dlanni hrulA
(riSi 1llla ,n K,d nd iettl
rv TTVi boies, aiii witfc Blue Ribbon.