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    : R'IAY, MAY 3. 1917.
Murray Departm
If any of th ifadf-rs of th
Journal know .f any ocia!
event or item of inn ret in
t)n.- vi -irii y. ami vil n;ail
sauif lo t his rtfhff. it will ai-r-ear
under iliis li-aiiir sr. We
want allutwsiteaiS Lditob
1 Sob Ktf V
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
!,!SWa The 17th episode of
An-iy Cample!l was vi iitirar in Mu:-j C'-I'.r.e! Sey!)uit was shr.kin: hands i
L L w -
ray Monday.
Mr. a;id Tslrs. Georue Kay were ?Iur
with h:. ntar.v cettnty scut fi lends on
' Monday.
ii?y visitors Tuesday.
Miss Vera Moore waj an Omaha
in two reels
31tcinij Well Attended.
visiter last Saturday. i , .
j ! c s!i Tiir psniiiro p
ln T Kanyoftrrsof ,h. Ill I HI1 ftfl 1 I If I ST A K
W -
ild Up Your
Bank Account
Take time by the forelock.
Don 't be satisfied with a small
balance in bank.
Deposit every dollar that you
don't require for your actual
Money is safer in the bank
than in your pocket or in your
$3 ce rrzore latn t draw
a cheen than spend the cash.
Scs us about an account.
We do all kinds of banking.
Four per rent interest on time deposit?.
Our deposits are protected by the State Gunrantv Law.
e a &r
; an Omaha vis-
A.thur i'vunk was calling on Union
k-p.i:s Mniiiiay.
L. Al. rc 'n as I.e-cn viitinr with Lin
(ir: fri i-d.-- for the past week.
OiTer $lM.0t for your car if stolen.,
if you are insured by J. W. Holmes.
II. R. Nickels was transacting busi
: in I'Littsmouth Monday of this
v. eek.
i'i.jnt Wii-ci looking after
' U..sincss matters in Murray
Monday. '
r.oi.eit (iood ar..l Gus roller, were
; ra'iipe o:i Plaitcmouth"m?rchants on
Wm. Xickeis was iookinp: after some
.natter-- of business in Plattsmouth
TiK -'iay. Fnrii.- went to Omaha Tuesday
t consult a spi'eialist in regard to his
' i--f"-'.re -Xiel::!s. Albei t Your.jr and
O. Pitman were Nebraska City vis
itors la-t Saturday.
H. Creamer has been havinpr
P' -.a earr enter work done at his farm
homo east of Murray.
Ceoipre Shrader anl John Hob-:a;-a
idt were Piattsmeuth visiters
Mt-:i.iay of this week.
C! ;is. Carroll has rented a farm
T' -ar Weeping Water and has com-pu:-el
his spring work.
A ' ::!bo?i was seen passin; over
'.-rv.-.y Tuesday, supposed to have
b.f-n sent from Port Crook.
M:. Xoi-a Walker ami children dc
;:::! the first of the week for Ulit
. vhrc her husband was called
'vim- to the illness of Mr. Walker's
1 n-the".
Mi Ma' eie Walker was a:' Omaha
visitor Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leach were Omaha
visitors Tuesday.
John Van Horn was transacting
business in Plattsmouth M or. lay.
Walter Sand was looking after busi
ness mtUteis in Omaha Monday.
Offer $100.00 fer your car if stolen,
if you arc insured by J. W. Holmes.
Miss Ciara Young: was visiting with
relatives? and friends in Plattsmouth
The rain and snow of the pa.-.t week
is causing a great deal of delay in
farm work.
L. D. Hiatt was looking after busi
ness matters in Omaha Tuesday and
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wolfe were
quests at the home of Homer Shrader
and family last Sunday. j
W. P. Moore and Lee Parriou were;
visiting with O. E. McDonald at Mtir-
: In fir n few !nvt: Inst wocl- ' momr.
The Missionary societv will ie- en- ' -1:
If. Irlll t'Il IIV lilt' '.J'llllll' il 1 f . I I '. ' '
T T : A i ' l-i T7" 5 'III n.r- ' I
be' ed with the sicl:
.iks in this neighborhood are uijred
Xkl: ErifdrJi-h made a business trip ; t . Cf(R,0. Next Sund.jv the services
to Omaha lasr Saturday. will l e as fellows: Hi'de sehoo! ai
Alt'. Can.-emer made a business trip: -j::0 p. m.; j ublie wo., hip. ;::.v.. R1-j
and so".:, liealey,
'-vhen the' se: men to::c will be "I'a-
ti letisr.i. '
to Plattsmouth Mondav.
Mrs. Lot-is Puis
were Omaha visitors Tuesday. ! :
Wm. Pulr. sr., was visiting with! "'- 'i'his Oat It U Worth Money.
countv seat friends la.;t M.o?a:a
Io:rt Miss Ti
-Cat t.-at this Slip,
p A Political Tramp
j$ a one reel Nestor comedy
Shadows of
Ili.v.-avc) Gmv.-s w ttacractt , - 7 , -'M
SleHieM Ave.. Chbvge, I!!., wntinp: d
your r.r.n:e and u-.ur- .-ss eieailv. Yc
fa a one reel Laemele drama
ousiness in tiie countv seai .ionti:t
Eiunso!i Kiine was looking aft-:ri
prne matters of business in Murray '
Ttifsday. 1
rj- i . - i . i i 1 C
.acK rv-aoer r.ippeu a ia.r w- o. , .,r,ovnd r c-uvhs. roids an 1
hegs to th- S-Uith Omaha market j t., (U;,,; Toh v Kb'ney Pills, and Foley
edne.-uay. j Cathartic Tablets. S ,
John Yardlev was looking a fur I
i one;
,.,v c
ti.' -;--'V-v-!-.rTr
Saturday Evening,
a-v ;k
some matters of ':;.; -ine -m Piatis
met'ih Tuesday.
Ki;iii. h:; was w-il rep: -v--' ;ted in
Piatismoath Mon la in spite of the
rainy wiather.
O. A. Davir wa. looking al'Lv-r .-:ino'
i . :.. .i . .. ,4. C
uus:iivo iiu'.iie! i:i lot. luuni r-tv.i.
Monday morning.
Wm. Troop riveived a sc. t ut
in his ri.uht han.l Thursday, which
severed an nriery.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Cam; bell spent
Sunda with Mr. raid Mrs. An !v
Christian Church Ch'ne;
'Where A,e ibr in of M, :i M-n-t
; ti.'d in the PildeV w:!! be the ser
nvn r--p"e !' next Lord's day.
The evening t : t d v. il! be "The Xe-
ty ' and Importa-a.ce of the Xew
( v rnrr
Mot! rr-' ,':-v "
'irv.l San hv in
e- :-(av be;ri:i at
he 1 5 served the
Campbell and family. UlUQ fif
Terr. Sm'th was leskiag aftt;- some! htrviCj 5j i - sJ-H rj
f i. ? - v - c. r r j t t
business mutter:; m the coaaty seat
fo" a few hours Monday.
Mrs. Wes Hiii and Mv. U 1
vir.t Jo Omaha Tuesday to ca;ul:
Dr. Clifford in legard to their eye .
Frtd W. Meisinger went to Plaits
irotith Vedr:esday -" this wool;, -.vile: e
he nr.'.lc a fev.- hours visit with covn
ty eat friend.-.
Mr. and Mrs. Cir a ley W.dfo and
Mr. and Mrs. A i thin Frei.-e .-pent the
Thef?-, ( :-read Crnsump
tion h . -;. t.iis '. i;c-T'o-jrlh.
day la-t Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Homer Shrader.
Mr. Petty, our M. P. agent, vvh.
has been away on a short vacation,
rotuned home Tr.-.-aav and will take
a linpi r'ar- 0;yr.aians Are Report
td F'mm Ihe aront in France.
up his duties at tl-e denot.
TLf-v. .T.a-- .fin :;i-.d v ''o d. nrl:-d p
1 - i ta o'
TiHiisday for Watei ho, la., w here
they wi re called to the i cLdde of
M:i;c -. King Geor:;e has
jd-rr.-.'d a p' oelamat't-n exhorting the
to ie-'-en tae ccisumption o;
aii'! to the greatest
daughter, who s eangeroa-
rabtv in the
use oi
!V P
W. J. Phiipct d.
v ; u.i
all other kinds of grain.
'fhe rroclamat'en particularly urge?
for Arnold, Cu ter county, i the population to rtdtce the e-n.-
and Oldham one week from next Fri
day. Make arrangements to attend.
L. II. Puis is putting a new floo
in his storage room that he pti '. chased
from O. A. Davis a short time ago.
Louie believes in having everything
around him looking up-to-date, and in
good repair in every particular.
Colonel Seybolt came very near ex
periencing a runaway as well as con
siderable excitement one day last
week, when a colt he was driving got
tangled up with the tongue rf the
vehicle and started for home, but it
did not take the colonel long to get
the young animal straightened out and
to working like an old head in the
! harness.
Martha Washirssiori55
a name which sounds good and the shoe it
applies too, is as good as the name. It's solid
comfort for the ladies' tired fect. ftladc in
many styles, and carried exclusively at the
store of
ykn, whe'
at ming
he went to p. ok : ft'
nneh interest-
bv at least one-fourth
that 1
Omar Yardley n;ade a 1 usiness trip
of the quantity consumed in normal
time -.
fourth an ! largest budget of
to the county ;-at Monday, and. whiie i the ar my has I..-en prepared by Chan-
ihere found time to call at the Jour
nal ofaee and, enroll his name for a
year's subsci iption.
"has Herrtn and Frit;: and Otto
Lutz. son..- of th.- -.(.--.' ;;i!r..-.-. ,,r ii.r. i.:.ia;n to
sidi of Fight Mile, passed
through out little berg in route to the
county seat la- t Monday.
Jonn W. Thonrns was visit!::'1- with
county seat fiiends for a few hours
Monday, an ! dropped into the Jourtrd
office to e-n-oll his i-ame for a year's
subscription to the paper.
Last Ft -day Dr. and Mrs. Jackson
departed for Wateilon. la., to be Hare
before the arrival of their daughter,
Mrs. Few Mt:nn. on S.vturday. from
Alhuqacriu'c, X. M., v.'ne'e she has
sper.t the wi'itr r in a sunltarii:-'. I);-.
Jacks(.n expects to i-onirn a.bout Fri
day. an
x lie ' rerrai wr l.ii-t ur.-s
eellor Fomnav law for ir.tro luction in
the house of Commons today. Although
ihe ioi rvention of America in the
war i ; ix pet ted to reheve Great
largo extent t-f the ne-
ee.-.-ity f fin i7u i::g her allies, the
govctnment's exni .'ulituses for the
pTosent year, if the war continues,
p' f '.rHy v. iU "xcecd the cost of pre
ce ling years. Xew sources of revenue
raa-t be found. The charges; on war
di.l t are increasing and. excise returns
cc diminishing on account of the restriction--
phv-d on the liquor trade.
The house is prepared for an increase
of the levies on excess pi out;?, tobacco
and a m u s e m e n t s .
London, Ma.y 2, p. m. -Foth
th- artilleries were active during ihe
i number of points on oar
will occapy hi : pulpit next j frJT t st. 'Quentin and L-n-
sr.vs todav's efucial -taterr.cnt regard-J
at ! :n - r.i"'v 'lii on iho ! 'rnncn-Ilc 1 rr n n
l' i i - i
-it i u.s v .-i-ramer! Tuesday fro?, t. -Jn the m ig'd.ot hood of Fau-
interest. ng. The bod erie-e-t:., G-man hiding partly was
a earner permit tcii ! u' a few to at
tend. When "the end" and "r.ood
nieht" wr.s thrown en the screen, a
--cry -fe' e-ting a'-grr.v ?-t took d:;ee
oetweon .he hoys
ro v.Toppc.
.en a?:d n i
t " ..
repulsed. Otherwise nothing srecial
occinre'-." J
y Show Starts at 7:45 Sharp
Pari-. April 30. The appointment
of G moral Petaln as chief of staff is
gene- al'y welcomed as a timely re
form, which has. long been advocate:!
by military experts. General Fetain,
as technical adviser of the govern
ment, will occupy vi-tually much the
same position as General Sir William
Rtbeitson in London and will be re-
snrn.-ible for the general conduct of
operations wherever French troops are
In addition to this appointment, it
is understood that the government
contemplates various othre measures
of reorganization, ba.-eJ on an exam
ination of the military situation and
the le-sons taught by the recent op
erations. Petit Parien says that cer
tain services, whose working has been
shown to be defective, will be over
hauled and that changes will be made
among leaders, whose talents could be
more judiciously used.
Are you going to need a corn planter this spring? If
you are let us call your attention to the new John Deere
No. 999 planter with a few of its many distinctive features:
Well braced steel frame; quick detachable steel runners;
entirely enclosed oil-tight gears; durable roller clutch; var
ible drop; foot drop; simplified check heads; reversible pul
ly, in fact this is one of the best planters for this locality you
can buy. We have only a limited supply in stock and will
be glad to supply you while they last.
ftl ur ray Hardware and Implement Go.
11 W J ,
Hard work for Women.
It is doubtful if there is any work
harder than house work. Overwork
tells on the kidneys, and when the
ki.inoys are affected one looks and
feels older than the actual years. Mrs.
A. G. Wells, R. R. 5, Rocky Mount,
XT. C, writes: "I cannot praise Foley
Kidney Pills enough for the wonderful
benefit I have derived." Sold everywhere.
Fggs for hatching. Single comb
Rut? Orphington, $1.00 per setting or
Jo.Oi) per 100. Samuel Goodman,
Mynard, Xebraska.
Itch! Itch! Itch Scratch! Scratch!
Scratch! The more you scratch, the
worse the itch. Try Poan's Ointment.
For eczema, any skin itching. 50c a
Roof & Parks,
Oooirecfofs and Builders
Paiis, Mey 2, L:0T p. m. The Gcr-
; m-m-: mad-- s-.-v ral nttackr. Jast night
dav's o file, a I an-
ie.e i ori ine Ai:-:v front, i
ar;s, of nounecmeut savs tin v were partially
oi r."e
younger boy. "The Arne:
e.wse came the rey-ly. The L.r.,-S j rr?uUv;L In (he Champagne, the
were both boys. The German-: ' F-h ,a r.vo.r,P
in trus section are P'O t.,o- f.,.T ,-.
v l"1 iie.-uate lo make
their stand clear-cut.
The appearance of thr nd'.iiarv
balloons in the er-.-.tern t-i - Tii"
In this city "King Pablo" seems to
have surmounted the throne held by
mornmg about 10:10 o'clock mude us j "King Alkey," as a number of the new
jea.ize that war is a reality. Every- U-ft drink establishments have in
body m town, all th- child-ut installed the hanrv -hoppv" bcrage.
school tooK a good long view at thee K Donat is one of the latest to han-
ouccr looking obic-'? in t!1" In,.,..,.,, ai ,v, r .- i 1 1 i i
. j----- in i... oa u.en.-. ! (Ac the teaming brverafc, and Adolph
lhCir USlance from town Was f.Sti-' G-iro hi..; ,ib:o ,.t'rn inff. nrlix-o wnrl:
jmated from five to seventy-fivo mil- j with the soft love rare, as well as Lew
wnuc in tact one came wbhin thrc-e Euasell. and their natrons find them
and a half miles. Vd-rn at:.- c n
-. "-s a.i ea me joo as oi yore. i
No Job too Small cr to Large!
Phone 40 or 25
fViurray, -:- Fcbrsska
dismissed school in her room to take
If op! Look! Listen!
You may need an Auctioneer
if so
. w. n. mum
s still in the ring You-will find
on the Murray Exchange.
Reverse A!! GaHs!
Salisf action Guaranteed
Rates Reasonable
a look at th? big gas bae-s I'tJ a - ...:n i, i. it. i
tie fellows started the rumor that i cgulated fr.milierkcen' Dr. Thomas' Bjj,? frmr.M.ll fohmEra
they. were German Zeppeiyns. and that ! Eclectic Oil for such emergencies. Two . 1 laUolllOllIll , 1180510
Wa.shingtont I). C, May 1. The
enlisted, strength, of the navy now has
leached 8o"2o, within less than Too
of the full war quota authorized.
The marine corps has already com
pleted recruiting its full authorized
strength of 17,100, but both services
will continue recruiting campaigns
without modification, as bills pending
in congress are expected to give the
navy an authorized strength of 150,
000 and raise the marine corns; to ''',-000.
Trouble Entirely Disappeared.
Knudt Lee, Wannaska, Minn.,
writes "For several years my daugh
ter had a bad chronic cough. Xot un
til we tried Foley's Honey and Tar
"did anything produce any great relief.
In a few days the trouble entirely
disappeared and has never returned."
Contains no opiates; a safe, reliable
remedy; children like it. Sold everywhere.
Coughs W orse at Night
The simplot aid cuicker.1 v ;y to vt
fid of a ve;:ria. r.:tkii il i. Xl't couj.ii,
tickling throa'f l:oar.-et vl.ciiv brs.a-,i-ir.
is to take
Foley's Honey and Tar.
In it, you get the curative intl-it net- of
the piru" ff.r i;nJ other hcahr incid ents,
loe'thtT with the- laoilitj i.i a.iJ
laxative action of hftney.
.Jiror C. T. Mi"er. Carnrl-rn, I-J. 3
Quirfrl writes: "I trot.: It, wh broi-
cS.tal affec?:n 3" 4 rfi:Jhr J c""?nlv d.'v stJ
niht. I rook Ko!cv Hrtrv r.r Tar 3-.1 ( rf
KeJ. It i' ire nf lor brnnrhii! cnij ar-.J c' "
1.1 irirrc and I ront!ii.l r' -jt1, , re. ;r. Ii-c-rcss,
ticklir-C throat, aro all yjick'y trlirvrd.
And I)iui:i.-U lAeiywhoi e.
Remember the Journal carries the
finest line of stationery in town, and
can please all in this line of goods.
J A k . . ' i - 1 ' i " A " . iA . 11
East of Riley HoUL
Coatcs' Elock,
Second Floor
Ruy your stationery at the Journal
office, where the line is the best and
largest in Cass county.
t h
Rust.Proof Corsets
in Back and Front Lace
SI.SI.25, Si,50S!.75
They are truly extraordinary
corsets at ordinary prices.
They are auihoritive in style,
light in weight, most attrac
tive in appearance and fit as
a part of the body.
ills & Gansemer.
Drs. LYZach & EYlach, The Dentists
The largest and best equipped dental ofEeet in Omaha. SpecialSiu ta I
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Modert Prices. Porcelaia daiv I
just like tooth. Instrumen's careful.y ieruued u.r:g.
Send for tkek sample of Saai-Pyo Pyorrhea Treatfiient. g
3rd Flcor Paxton Block, OMAHA
an explosion would soon occur.
sizes, 2oc and 50c at all stores.
Route No. 1
L2 y U s?z&
Fistula Pay When Cured
I nm Li tl fW-'fi r.'fc. A mild syste-n of treatment t!iat cure I'ilp. r.ti.: cr.i
ff. l fr-J I f ik..a , U r. in: .
ilical oneraticn. No Chloroform. Ltht or trnrral
. BDaBtneiic ua. v cure Rue rani eea in every cae acccpti-d
for treatment, and no rnoay to he paid until etired. Write for bore on Eerta J frt,ea8. tvitb
and testimonials of more than 1000 prominetst people who bavc been pertnaaratly cured.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Bee Bulldinc OMAHA, NEBRASKA