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PA HE 5.
(Murray Department wmm I E MOVIES I Jf
I J . JL j s.v N -AT MURRAY -1 si Iff jG
I want ailiicwslterts Eujtok 1 :? t ,, jm,,,, tu.uinii . i n ? ?'-.' iff . -
I Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers . ' J j "j 'l
w suffers . "Lberty" I ,AdSBWT?SK-st
5flni rAmrUL Abb Den I fe . . , Eli wiir-nnlM
0 -in two reels nil I lOfefff
- "The Burglar" VW
1 ifJt tit MB I MVio cir-lr iY.- Jhc nact fpv I 1VS. " I PC " In vj -gLLirf"." . r y
Lfc Your
Bank Account
Take time by the forelock.
Don't be satisfied with a small
balance in bank.
Deposit every dollar that you
dont require for your actual
Money is safer in the bank
than in your pocket or in your
You 11 be more loath to draw
a check than spend the cash.
Sez us about an account.
XVc do all kinds of banking.
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Oar deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
ii: ) .Mrs. Arthur Hansen spent
with home folks
Offer ?lOf.00 for your car if stolen,
if you are insured by J. W. Holmes.
.liss era Yard ley isspendinjr a
u day with her aunt, Yennie Iiho-
31 r. and Mrs. Charley Creamer
rnt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
V.'. ker Sans. x
Mis. Fr: nk Cam:ell spent the af-U':-i!.'s
nr.e day this week with Mrs.
C:.a-. Woifc.
Mr. G. M. Minford and Mrs. Chas.
5ia;;.irier were visitincr friends in
Weepinjr Water one day this week.
Mr. Mrs. Holt. Shrader came
v v r from Weeping Water last Sun
c:.y ta spend the day with home folks.
Mrs. I'.ert Rout has been numbered
v. nil the sick for the past week, but
:cporu d ;-s improving for the past
A w diiVs.
CI .u ley Creamer delivered his corn
tr tr.e Farmers' Elevator Co. Mon
;iay uf this week, receiving ?1.:J0 per
Ku-hel for it.
Mrs: Dave O'liicin, of Plainview,
Nebraska, has been spending a few
:...- wit!: Mrs. Georgia Creamer, al-.-'j
Mrs. Jennie lihoden.
Mrs. O. A. Davis entertained the
Tl iir.ile Ilee at her home last Fridav !
Fred Condon was an Omaha visitor
Lee Farris is numbered among: the
sick this week.
II. II. Nickels was a Plattsmoutl
visitor Tuesdaj1.
Mrs. Arthur Hansen is numbered
among the sick this week.
Goldie Biel has been numbered with
the sick for the past few dnys.
Mrs. John Hendricks was eallimr
on Murray friends last Saturday.
G. E. Nickels was looking after
business matters in Union Monday.
Chas. Good was transacting busi
ness in Omaha last Saturday even
ing. France Pace and family were vis
itincr with relatives in Plattsmouth
Sunday. -
Mr. and Mrs. Val Gobelman were
visiting with relatives in Plattsmouth
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Speck have been sick for the
past week.
Mrs. E. S. Tutt and Mrs. O. A
Davis were Omaha visitors Tuesday
of this week.
Ederar Creamer has been suffering
Last eveninc: Mrs. F. M. Younr, jr.,
of Murray, su;Fen.'d a very painful in
jury at her homo" as the result of fal!
ip. (".own a fli.uht of staiis. which
caused quite a painfjl contJ-:-,a and
wound just over the riuht eye. Tvlrs.
Youn was just completing the eve
ning work, an 1 f i ii 1 i i . r occasion to
jinproach tht cellar stairway, missed
her footing and fell. Although suf-
t'.-'i'ii- :i !-. -it d"ll f"f.-i ih ttH.i'l-
sh:' aide to ro to
neighbor, whe:-e md'
was summoned, and it
bviZ Iter to this city
aminatioii failed t
broken bones and the
parent was that in the forehead. Mrs.
Younjr wa taken ic!: home but it
:t'. i i . in'
the hous:1 of a
'al a.- - vtance
was decided to
. where an ex
tiisclose ar.y
only wound aj;-
cov:rs from the effects of
iuiies received in the fall.
At Motl.oi
"The Bandit's
a one-reel Big U comedy
Saturday Evening:,
Show Starts at 7:45 Sharp
Are you going to need a corn planter this spring? If
you are let us call your attention to the new John Deere
No. 999 planter with a few of its many distinctive features:
Well braced steel frame; quick detachable steel runners;
entirely enclosed oil-tight gears; durable roller clutch; var-
ible drop; foot drop; simplified chectc heads; reversible pul
ly, in fact this is one of the best planters for this locality you
can buy. We have only a limited supply in stock and will
be glad to supply you while they last.
i!'n,e in
ftern !
M II ! -
a. te. noon.
rain in
Plattsmouth visitors last Saturday.
Oldham's bejran shipping their
spring pips Thursday of this week,
which shipment covered the territory
of Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri.
James Terrvberrv and familv. Otto
Despite th fact that it j Schafer and wife, Nick Opp and wife,
vas ra;n:nr and theiweather very Frank Boedeker and wife and John
bad. sixteen members braved the j Hansen and wife were Murray vis- to te in attendance. itors iast Sunday, jruests at the home
Charley Wolfe, who has been in the
I '.-pital in Omaha for the past few
v ak. has returned home, and is feel
ii ir f: ii:y well. He is jraininir in
.- ' i.'."' h. Iut very slowly. The many
u-iiii- h'ipe that he wiU son be re-t-l
red to his former jrood health.
;ir. and -Mrs. L. I), lliatt were
Plattsmouth visitors last Sunday.
Offer $100.00 for your car if stolen,
if you are insured by J. W. Holmes.
Elmer Hallstrom was visiting with
relatives in Plattsmouth last Sunday.
Misses Laura Puis and Henrietta
Ci earner were Plattsmouth' visitors
last Sunday.
Fred Meisinrer has been shell inp:
and delivering his crn to the Mur
ray maiket this week.
Louie Puis and family were Platts
mouth visitors last Sunday, quests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George
Miss Anna Jirousek has been at the
home of Mrs. L. I). Hiatt for the past
few days, where she is engraved in
H. C. Creamer is now driving a fine
new Dodjre car that he purchased on April ISth, a nine p und baby
this week from the Gorder Agency -iti. n0th mother and little one are
in Plattsmouth. doing mcelv.
M.r. and Mrs. S. O: Pittman, Miss Miss Gertrude Long returned homo
Gertrude Long, Miss Etta Nickels ' froni Omaha la.-t Sunday w here she
and George and Lee Nickels were h;is hn viitir!- with hrr sistr. Mrs.
Robt. Shrader.
with an attack of appendicitis for j r.;v i.n
the past few days. :. j.j m,.s. Uovd (I
II. C. Lonjr was looking after seme ( v.'ai -re n Wiley assisted by .Mrs. Anna
business matters in Plattsmouth White, entertained the Ladies Aid
Thursday of this week. . j Society of the Christian church, also
Mrs. Myra McDonald drove to j the Missionary Society of the Pres
Plattsmouth Tuesday afternoon for a byterian clitirch. it wi.s indeed a
short vi.-it with f j iends. 'most pleasant afterr.oon f.r both so-
I .; ..: . . . .1 . 1 .. 1 l , .
The little babv of Mr. and Mrs. ....e uc.M.ue: ,.i-.-ei..
Ed. Shumaker has been on the sick ' J'c-port one
list for the past few days.
John Hobscheidt, Jr., and family
were calling on Plattsmouth r.ier- S
r-'iijints hist Saturd:iv eveniaLT. I
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ilenton, who has been sick for
I"--11 . . i ii;'r were tho.-e in
Dili, wI:o has been on the sick l:.-t J Mesdames M
lor tne past lew wet-Ks, out impro- lu-ndriCKs. V
ing slowly for the past few days. Donald
Services at Lewistor. church J-v.m- j D. A.
day afternoon at three o'clock. AjJ.L'd.
cordial invitation is extended to all. ! A . S.
Ben Dill and Chas Tucker were
Platsmouth visitors Tuesday, Mr. Dill
making a visit with his father, A
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pittman, Miss
ot tne m;.-t enjoyable cc-
easions of the season. Ice 'cream,
ca! e and c:fTee was se rved, anJ the
afiernoor. spent in i ..' way. Miss
Esther litce enteif air.ed the ladies
r vi 'iy s,eiect;ons,
sang a
i wnn
lhe i numbei
a nuifii.jr c.f piano
Mrs. Harry ('.-fame
ot excellent .-i.o:
ria Gapen, V"m.
!.m. Bri.wii. .Myra Mc
!. X'iiai.i, Wrj. Wiley.
ii, .. Y. WiTnedy, ('assie
as. Cra.iit'eT, Win, Sporer,
Etta Nickels, Lee and George Nijk- ''" '
.i n:.... ti, H. I.
VIS were 1 iailMliUU'.ii hi; .
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Sutton,
Gape::. V. G.
Boedeker, Get.. Pari s. D. C. Rhoden,
Joseph Dictl, Ona Law tor.. J. F.
iirendei. Rev Tartan. T. S. Barrows,
Iva Long, E. O. Ly
Dak.. Lloyd Gupen.
Will Sevbolt, J. W.
Jacks, n. J. Baxter. W. F.
v ci ! O, .
i iumurtis
V. Ban
Eliza Y.ui.'.r.
:vs, B. F.
mcr. II. G. Twdi
W. E. Dull, C.
Bre.'Hiel, H. C.
, Janes Holmes,
of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Boedeker.
Mr. and Mrs. Boedeker expect to de
part the fore part of the month for
their new home in Wyoming. Cars
haye been ordered and they are pre
paring their goods for shipment this
Martha Washington"
a name which sounds ood and the shoe it
applies too, is as good as the name. It's solid
comfort for the ladies' tired feet. Made in
many styles, and carried exclusively at the
store of
Wil 1 Oliver and wife and Miss
Marie Hutchinson were Sunday
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs
John Hendricks.
Elmer Hallstrom has been talcing
a few days layoff from the Murray
State Bank, making a business trip
in the western part of the state.
i. K. S. Tutt. Frank Reed.
T II n,,-a- O A
Davi.'. Chas. Spangler, Joseph Cook,
T. J. Breruhl. J.tmes fhitchelt, L. D.
Hiatt, Albert Wheeler, John W.
en Wik v. Anna M. White,
Margie Walk-
Noeii, Wan
.Misses Etta Nicl-
or, Mattie G.iien. Henrietta Creamer,
Ciara Y"unu rdarga.rct Moore, Es
ther Rice, Margaret Spangler, Leona
Davis, and last but not lca.-t, the
dear children, Sarah Elizabeth Wil
ey. Margaret Wiley. Margaret Long,
Marv Lvman, Stardey Lyman, Elea-
: ' Mi!.w.,l rT..-.n-...f Flo
At:.. T- X- :. 1. 1 m . .1 . i Iim V i til .llfl , ." i,av j v. .,
.hiss L,ua -ieieis uuiei Luini-u i . ,
c. , ,. . r , , sie Eve ivn .oeii. Murritu
Sundav dinner Harrv L. C reamer and i ',!-!
t:... t...,i,.. -;,a-..i. vi:..- i.i I Ricnard Lrendel, Chas. Spore!
, Lvle
Good, Chas. Gooel and G. E. Nickels.
L. D. Hiatt was in Weeping Water
last Tuesday, making a brief visit
with his parents, who have been quite
nick at the home of their daughter
in that city. They have been improv
ing for the past few days.
Oliver Lloyd sold has saw mill out
lit this we'ek to Elmer Boedeker, who
loaded the same with his goods and
took it to Idaho with him, for the
purpose of cutting up lumber for
erecting buildings on his ranch.
Mrs. Nicholas Opp met with a very
serious fall at her home in Nehawka,
last Monday, in which she suffered a
broken arm. Her daughter, Mrs.
Elmer Beodeker, has been with her
mother since the injury. Owing to
Mrs. Opp's advanced age, her recov
ery will be very slow,
Mrs. Jennie Rhoden has been seri
ously ill at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. C. Gregory, west
r a: t ,i
oi jiurray, sunenng witn a severe
attack cf diphtheria. Her little
daughter, who first contracted the
trouble, is getting .along nicely at this
time, with every prospect for speedy
dioer fer Jim Hill.
On last Wednesday afternoon Mrs.
Glen Yailerv and Mrs. L. McYey
gave a s:vver
The afternoon was .'jK.-nt in a social
way and rial ing fancy work. The
articles made and presented to Mrs.
Hill were placed in a basket and she
was requested to guess theVontents
vl each package. A very pleasant
tiTTo was enjoyed by all. Mrs Yal
lery and Mrs. McYey served coffee,
cake and fruit salad. The guests
were certainly entertained, and those
present were -Mrs. Louis Young, Mrs.
Parr Young, .Mrs. Harmon Beck, Mrs.
Cameron Cathy, Mrs. Will Renner,
Mrs. Charles Mutz, Mrs. Glen Rho
den. Mrs. Harve Grugg, Mrs. Ben
Dill, .Mrs. Jamrs Campbell, Mrs. Ray
Davis, .Mrs. ritz Tigner, Mrs. Glen
Vallery. The afternoon was a very
pleasant one for all.
for Mrs. Jim Hill.
United Presbyterian Church Not'-.s,
The Sabbath School wiil meet next
Sabbath at 10 o'clock a. m., and the
pastor will preach at 11:00 a. m. and
also at 7:30 p. m. All those wkase
obligations do not call for their wor
ship elsewhere are invited .to join in
these 'services.
A want ad will brin what you want,
tents a week.
LiHfi HKU oiint
I f 6 ,
Rc.bc rt Shrader. While Removing
Family to Fort Croak, Loses
A r to and Contents From
A very ur.u i:al incident that led to
the desti uctir.n of an auto-truck be
longing to Robert Shrader, is reported
hom Omaha, where Mr. Shrader is
now located, and engaged in the trans
fer business. It seems that Mr.
Shrader was engaged to move a fam
ily ftorn South Omaha to Fort Crook
and, last Monday, started to make the
trip. One load had been sent on and
Mr. Shrader' loaded the piano and a
number of rugs and other smaller ar
ticles in the auto truck for hauling to
Fc t Crook. It seems there was a
a ox containing reveral Hat irons
placed on the truck, and someone care-le:-sly-th'ew
a box cf matches in this
hox with the flat irons. The jar and
movement of the truck along the road
caused the irons to toss about in the
box and caused the matches to ignite.
Mr. Shrader, who wasr' driving the
truck, did not notice the fire as the
wind was blowing from the direction
he was traveling and prevented the
: moke from attracting his attention.
He noticed, however, that several par
tics residing along the road were try
ing to attract his attention, but
thought they were just waving at him
for a joke and kept right on traveling
alen. Finally when near Fort Crook
a farmer and his wife came rushing
out to the road, and their frantic ges
tures and cries caused Mr. Shrader
to stop, when he discovered that the
rear of the truck with the piano and
other articles was all abke, and just
as he jumper! from the burning truck
the gasoline tank exploded, complet
ing the work of destruction of the
Hoot & Parks,
Contractors end BoitrJer
Atito Turns Over.
No Job too Small or to Large!
Phone 40 or 25
ftlurray, -:- Nebraska
1 B tat".
oki Listen!
You may need an Auctioneer
if so
w. r. Yoone
Henry Rice came very near meet
ing with a very serious auto accident
la;:' Sunday when his Ford car turn
ed completely over, breaking the top
and windshild from the car. Phil
Lambert and Earl Barger were in
the era- with him, and were driving
at a pretty fair rate of speed when
they came to the corner near the res- of Chas. Carroll, the car be
came unmanageable and landed on top
of the occupants, without the slight- pf 3?f rftnffc- flft&rfiSlffl
s still in the ring You will find
on the Murray Exchange. '
Reverse ill! Galls!
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Rates Reasonable
l Address
est injury to any of the boys, and on
ly as above stated to the car.
iurray Hardware and Implement Go.,
truck, and it was by a fraction of lews
than a minute that Mr. Shrader es
caped with his life as he certainly
would have ben killed by the explo
sion. The auto truck with the excep
tion of the trucks, was a complete loss
as well as the contents that were be
ing conveyed to Fort Crook. Hcw
ccr heavy the loss to Mr. Shrader he
feels fortunate that his life was
.-pared a." a few minutes more would
have co?t him his life.
Mr. Shrader is veil known in this
counfy, having been born and reared
In the reighboihood of Murray, where
he resided up to a short time ago.
Christian I hureli Chimes.
Route No. 1
The many friends of Arthur L.
Baker, of Murray, will regret very
much to learn that he is at the Pres
byterian hospital in Omaha, where he
was taken Monday evening to under
go an operation for appendicitis. Mr.
Baker was taken suddenly with the
attack and to secure him relief it was
decided to have him placed in the
hospital. Mr. Baker has many friends
in all sections of Cass county who
will most earnestly hope for his
speedy recovery from his affliction
and to have him back with them, re
stored to health.
The Rihle class had a la:vc increase
in attendance last Sunday. The Je--sons
are intensely interesting i.o'
and you can't afford to nibs their,.
Come to Sunday Seh.-o! neit Sun
day. 'm.e topic of the moi !iii.-' Iiscoar.
will he "Seeing the Invisible" or
"Lessons Suggested by the X I !..-.'
It will be shown that mo-'.en: .-ci.-i.-tific
discove-ies refute the claims of
infidelity. The evenincr subjt :'A
be "Rightly Divining the W.-rd
The Bible School will oh- rve Chil
dren's Day on June 1". Tki- wdl
j he in the interest of foreign n:'.-i:.
I The children who wiil take ;ait in
I the service arc a-ked to v: et a
! c! i!i'c;i at 2 o. m. Sat'i'div to l -l
I gin practice.
The Journal lias just r.-ceiced a
new line of American flair sti- la r-
j that are so popular over the co..vt:y
at present. Call in at e : ce and se
cure your supply while they last.
Buy your stationery at the Journal
office, .where the line is the best and
largest in Cass county.
Edgar, the little son of Mi. ; -!
Mrs. Charles L. Creamer, who .,,
been si Jerinir with a sevi re attai I.
of appendicitis, is reported as beiaj
very much improved, which will !.
pleasing news to the f nerds f the
Creamer family. ,
Just Arriving!!
ur LB
Ml ft
Very Splice Patterns cf Thin
as well as, Percales, Ginghams and Calicos!
New and Up-to-Date Line for Men, Women
and Children.
Remember OurGrocery Stock is Always
Up to the Standard!
Pols & Gansemer,
Drs. ftlach & Fiflach, Ths Dentists
The largest and best equipped dentil ofnee ia Oman. SpecialiiU ta
charge of all work. Ldy attendant. Moderate PHce. Porcelaia fili-a,
just like tooth. Instrument carefuby bten.ued alter uan?.
Send for fbek sample of Sani-Pycr Pyorrhea Treatment.
3rd Floor Paxton Block, OMAHA
Fistula-Pay Wfcen Cured
ti'i. F ii pi f's?. A M cystrm of treatment that ceres run. Fistula and
til L3 t2 "iiSVCSV
acastLptic A cure Cu&ranreedir, every car cx-:.trJ
for trcetment. and no tnonev to h paid unti I cured. W ritefnr book on K-ta I P.ein. itii crr.t
and testimonials o! mere tti3 10;0 prociincnt people who havs bees prmsDrntiy cur?l.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 See Building CMAHA, fiCCRASKA